PCH Slots

3.6 (1.3K)
144 MB
Age rating
Current version
Publishers Clearing House
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PCH Slots

3.59 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 months ago, Southwestair
Love this app, until the update.
I have been playing PCH Slots on and off, and I also enter the Sweepstakes on and off using the PCH site and the slots app, however, when I updated this app this evening, it now keeps crashing every time I try to play. It has never done this before. I hope you guys can fix this, so that I can continue to play the slots.
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2 months ago, Coston Capital
PCH Slots is a really great app! BUT the entire experience gets ruined by all the trashy ads that come through. I don’t mind watching ads. Especially ones from legitimate retailers. I’ve come across tons of things that I’ve purchased or added to lists for future purchases that I wouldn’t have thought of if it weren’t for the (legitimate) ads. For some reason, 90% of the ads that come through are the scammy ones. I’ve actually seen one that showed a person (holding a baby for a nice effect I might ad) claiming “I couldn’t pay my rent so I downloaded this bingo app, played for 10 minutes, and I made over $12,000 dollars”. Seriously? I’ve faced not being able to pay my rent at times so this blatant deceit is simply disgusting to me. And there are hundreds more ads just like that one. The PCH+ app is saturated with these sickening ads and I worry they will associate the PCH brand with this garbage. PCH+, PCH Lotto, PCH Wordmania, PCH Treasure Match, and PCH Slots are all truly great apps and I really do enjoy playing them. I trust and believe that I have a chance of winning actual prizes from PCH. So once more, please stop associating with these lousy ads. It’s ruining the PCH suite of apps and the enjoyment of playing. Thanks so much! (I tried breaking this review into paragraphs but my iPad or the App Store return key is not registering the breaks, sorry!)
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2 years ago, Jacobace1
The dream
I have been playing this sweepstakes for years and the odds of winning anything is very slim to non. Most of the people that I have seen win this are old. We have a better chance of being struck by lightning five times before winning anything let alone a dollar. With that being said it is still free and the possibility is still there. You can't complain about the app when it's free and the possibility to win is still possible. I bet you will never stop playing it, so stop complaining about it. A coworker of mine won $17,000 from PCH so I know it's possible. What I would do with $7000 a week for life will change my life forever and the people around me. Money is nothing when that is your only Objective. What the money can do is where the dream lies and that is in serving and helping others. All I can do is dream and imagine the what winning this sweepstake would do for my family and I.
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2 years ago, Furry146
When was the last winner
I got a big score and it showed my name at the left side of the game , that happened only once now it never recognizes when I get a big score. I don’t think there is a way to win two years of spinning and never once see who wins or if there are any winners. So I occasionally enter but I play with other apps more because I have seen PCH winners and I’m not located where most their winners live. The ads are not worth watching because the advertisements total lies about the intentions of the app games, like the “ Real cash apps” what a joke , I have since deleted a lot of those game apps. I only make sure I enter the PCH ten million everyday, I don’t have to watch apps and it’s the only one worth winning, except they don’t pay you all ten million at once, you have to live for 29 years to get most of the money and then after 29 years you get the last 3 million . To bad you’ll be dead before you ever see all the money you’ve won.
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5 years ago, Countryroad2020
Keep Playing!
There are so many ways to win. You can’t win if you don’t play. Play it all lotto. Keno. VIP games, email entries, mail entries, bonus entries, games, search, just do it. Everyone complaining if it’s meant to be you will win if you think it’s a scam don’t play it’s simple. You see all those people winning true winners that didn’t believe until they won. Some new it would happen it could take months, years, tomorrow or today ya never know. Keep the faith the best part is not knowing when they will come so just keep playing. Love PCH I’m a firm believer that day will come no matter how long it takes. If it’s in God’s will he will make it happen. No luck play in faith! Positive thinking positive vibes people! One❤️
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5 years ago, dawnajwilliams
Entertainment Only
I agree with the assessment of “mickfl30” in that he has reservations about the ability to win any of these games despite his work to improve his scores. He suggests there are “dummy accounts” and he’s probably correct about his suspicions. These “games” are computer games and they perform as they are programmed to do...by Publishers Clearing House. They have a vested interest in ensuring there are few, if any, real winners. The design of all the different games are exotic and very mesmerizing. Win trips, money, pay off bills, $2500 a week for life! It all sounds good since it is just marketing. The goal for PCH is profit making only. Look at all the ads you are forced to watch - PCH is being paid to allow these companies to advertise on these apps. PCH makes a bundle of money and I have no doubt that there are no real winners from these games. This is entertainment only. If winners are shown, they are probably actors and/or relatives of PCH employees. Remember how much trouble McDonald’s got into years ago for “fixing” the Monopoly Game? All the major prizes went to family and friends of McDonald’s execs and they got caught. PCH may or may not be doing the same thing but when you play year after year and can’t score even a $5 spot, something is going on.
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1 year ago, sue baby day
Dreams are made to become realities. We start dreaming about what we would love to have in our lives from the time we are old enough to think. As time goes on we continue to fill our minds with more and more goodness and beauty. We are waiting patiently to step into that land we created. No matter what we go through in our lives, good or bad, must not darken or change our dreams. There is never an option to give up on our dreams. The One who created us dreamed seeing you and me, and so it was. He saw us the same as He is. We also are capable of great things. Don’t sell yourself short. Make it real!
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4 years ago, thedaddyferrari
Good, could be A LOT better.
I’m a big PCH fan, one day, right?!? I just waste time on it mainly. This new app is extremely buggy. After every slot machine, the chance to enter another drawing comes up, I watch the two ads (yes, lots of ads) and then my screen goes black and I have to restart the game. I have no idea if I got those entries into the drawing or not but when I log back on, it shows I completed the last game. So I don’t know if I’m just playing slots and not getting entries to the sweepstakes. It’s frustrating. Guys, please fix it! *Update* Thing thing doesn’t work at all!! I can’t get it to load anymore, so now it’s just worthless! FIX IT PCH!!! plus online you can’t get around the ad to play it so I have to click it every time and it won’t load! So frustrating!! Please see this and fix it!!
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2 years ago, Bom65
Poorly developed app
Not very well thought out and it’s confusing to play. The slots games aren’t much fun because there is no logical pattern to what scores points. Instead of awarding a token for every point scored, you are given some random number of tokens which has no correlation to points scored. SERIOUSLY? What flunky created this app, and what moron at the top signed off on it? On top of all this, the app malfunctions starting around 10:15 pm every night. If this is the only time of day you are able to play on it, you are put at an unfair advantage of ever winning anything. Leave it to a company like PCH, that was caught a number of years ago, throwing out mailed entries into their sweepstakes because the entrants didn’t make a purchase, to create an app that is also incapable of being fair, much less fun or logical.
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2 years ago, esotton
The games are meh, and I get thathe chances of winning are crazy….
How long does it take of dedicated playing on every single app of yours before something happens??? Dang. I play lotto, slots AND PCH+ daily and have been for months now, I supposedly racked up 10,000 daily prize entries yesterday on the lotto game and have spent millions on a single “prize “ in the slots app for nothing. My daily play for the last 4 or 5 months has gotten me nowhere…. VIP elite status I suppose which promises “more cash payouts” but obviously not to me…… idk maybe I just have horrible luck…. Also the games could be a little more interactive in the slot machine…. PCH is obviously the real deal though so that is cool.
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2 years ago, Mojo2nyte
Well… To be perfectly clear,
I Think all of these games are a little bit annoying but I have finally learned how to manage the noise and that has made a huge difference for me! Truth be told, I just love winning the tokens because I feel like they are increasing my chance to manifest large amounts of money and value and I have a lot of fun accumulating my faux wealth! Lol I’m sure that I have much better things to do with my time but, eh… life is what you make it. And, who knows, maybe I will become a wealthy supermodel after all.
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1 year ago, SquirtsUp
Updated review
The issue with foul language in ads has disappeared. Still have issues with ads not closing until the X is pressed several times. Often the X & volume button opens the download page instead of closing the ads or silencing the volume. The skip ads button almost never works. The app will also not turn off all sounds even after selecting to turn off sounds in the app. I often play when watching sleeping babies and when my husband is sleeping. I have to completely turn off my phone volume instead.
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4 years ago, Coastalwave
App Opens But Constantly Says ‘Glitch’
Every time I open it since Sunday, Feb. 9, it says ‘Oops, there’s a glitch!’ when I try to play the slots in order to get to the sweepstakes entries. I uninstalled and reinstalled, same problem. Earlier review: This app is based on the same slots programming that made the earlier PCH App also overheat when using its slot games. Basically it seems to be doing something behind the scenes that is unsafe for the phone! Fix it ASAP!! At least the old app gave us the option of using features other than the slots so we didn’t have to worry about the thing melting our phones — that is gone now. Nice job PCH.
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3 years ago, marcade 2
The Unseen Slots
Why am I having a hard time trying to open up the slots . It’s always Ooops try again and it fails. I do get it sometimes and that’s bc I’m trying different things to get it to work. It’s telling me that I am in portrait mode and I flip the phone and it will not do anything. One more important thing I believe that you should know. I have received a phone call saying that it is PCH and they have sent me pics of the car I am supposed to have one and that I won 3 million dollars. I’m so glad that I caught them clear to the end but I almost stopped playing PCH which I love and have been playing for quite awhile. If you need a number or photos I still have them . Thank you
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4 years ago, GeeGeeMerre
It used to glitch after every time I played and wasn’t able to enter into the sweepstakes. It does glitch a lot still but I am able to enter into every sweepstakes. Pch world as well, I noticed that they are adding to the app. So I am understanding on all the glitching. I am able to enter all the sweepstakes I just feel excited because I’m just going to proclaim now, that I am going to be the winner of Publishers Clearing House! Thank you guys for the opportunity you give us to win! God Bless you All!
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4 years ago, CO427
This app is a joke
Just like the website, this app is a joke. The website keeps reminding me that it has been a long time since I’ve placed an order. Yeah? But I’ve placed numerous orders in the past. Well, It’s been a long time since I’ve won anything as in NEVER. Once during one of the games, I won $20 and the system automatically converted my win into game coins. Those are really useful (insert sarcasm). As far as the app, it doesn’t even work. As soon as I attempt to enter a sweepstakes, it gets stuck trying to load an ad and it won’t move forward. So, no entries for me. As to the validity of actual PCH winners, I have no clue. Perhaps it’s a scam, I don’t know but no longer care. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.
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3 years ago, Unique Day
I Won! I’ve played for Years. 5k LumpSum
I Love it. I Want to Win Big. I Won The PCH Hallmark Home and Family back in 2015. So when there’s an oops or error it means it’s reset (24hour for entries only so start over because it’s past or maintenance during the night) or check the store to see if an update is needed. I use my iPhone so I also turn it off then back on. Easy fix. Publisher’s Clearing House is known for Marketing. There is advertising but the entries are easy. You May Win Too! Best Wishes! 💕 😂 ☮️
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4 years ago, Chefytech
Hey PCH! Why is it that you can’t fix your app?!?! It’s not fun when after each entry the screen goes dark, I have to force quit the app and then log back in! I looked at past comments and this has been ongoing for the past couple of years! You release an update but NEVER fix the problem! Not even sure if entries are being processed. Not fun if you ask me! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it keeps doing the same thing! The only thing that seems to work are the ads! No big surprise there!! No wonder no body ever wins! What a scam! I have been playing every day for nine years and have never won anything! Like I said...what a scam!! Please FIX your app and not make it worse!!!
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4 years ago, laurabby09
It’s happening again where the screen goes black. It was working for a couple weeks and now today the screen is going black again. This app seriously needs a lot of fixing . Or just bring back the old app because that app NEVER had problems for me. And plus it only had sweepstakes mostly and then some lotto games and slots but it focused more on the sweepstakes which is all I do. Please do something about this glitchy horrible app that never works. It works for 2 days then goes back to the screen being black or closing out on me. That’s just terrible. How can I win anything when I can’t even enter half the sweepstakes that are on there?? I’m beyond frustrated. 😩🥺
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3 years ago, gypsyvardo
No support
It’s amazing that I constantly call the IT department and they say that they haven’t heard of any complaints, apparently they haven’t bothered to read the reviews. I have called about games logging me out and the screen going black, they are not even attempting to rectify the situation. Now they have added so many commercials that the app takes forever to play if it doesn’t crash the app or cause it to freeze. You do not earn the entries promised, usually the big entries for life. The customer service people admit that they don’t read the reviews and only repeat the same worthless fixes blame your connection.
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3 years ago, QueenJMF
Way to many Ads
Every since the last update this app has more ads then ever before. You can’t even complete a game of KENOS in the allotted 18 minutes due to the YAHOO ads that run for 40 seconds after ever card and in between every lotto card. The lotto games take forever now, so long in fact you loose track of what numbers you play because there are so many ads between cards. There have always been ads but it was every few cards - now it’s a minimum of 2 ads per card. Only someone that is unemployed and has all day can get through all these games due to the amount of advertising now. It used to be fun to play on this app but now it’s just all ads and very little game play. I understand they need ads to pay for all the prizes but this is past ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Bernice38
Needs work
I’ve played in the past now I remember why I stopped. The commercials are to long, I check out the details if I like I get, if not I’m looking for the arrow top right. Well the arrows takes forever and there’s a game that comes up “Bingo Crush” the arrow is faded you can’t click on it. I leave the game. Also very important the button spin to hold auto doesn’t work I have to push spin all the time. I like when It’s on auto spin very convenient.
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4 years ago, Love 2 Gift
Frustrated Player
I have been a daily player for over 4 years now since I am totally bed ridden. This has been my go to joy! Now it crashes; I reload and it crashes again. After reading all the reviews, I see I have company with that this complaint. PCH! Did it ever occur to you that you could be sued for fooling the public if this is a total bluff? There are many of us who really need, want, and believed in PCH. I have been a RED DIAMOND for over 4 years and even though I’ve played daily, I’ve NEVER won ONE penny!!! I have been made a fool of!!! Shame on you PCH!! You will have bad Karma for what you are doing to the believing public! 😖
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4 years ago, Bobbi McGuire
Keeps crashing
It would be better if the app would stop crashing every 5 minutes! I really liked the old app better for sweepstakes. I don’t care for slots and don’t like being forced to play them before I can play the sweeps. The app also freezes a lot. Then I have to close it, and reopen it. Thus, making me start the whole slots process over again before I can play the sweepstakes. Please go back to the old sweepstakes app or make this one work better! Thank you!
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4 years ago, MermaidFamily
I’ve been on PCH for years. I’ve never one anything. But I don’t give up. I would give 5 stars, but I find the slot game “Pearls of Pompei” to be very insulting and not cool at all. They created a slot game based on the tragedy that took place in Pompeii. They show quaking buildings and little volcanoes, and fire balls. HORRIBLE! Making light of a horrible tragedy where hundreds and thousands lost their lives from a natural disaster is like making a slot game that’s Hurricane Katrina themed or Coronavirus themed. Inappropriate and not needed. Just words of advice. It’s wise to take that down.
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4 years ago, Henderson1107
Running HOT
The app claims updated, bugs fixed. After I downloaded app, phone ran hot. Then, about a week, the app updated again, sorry to say: It’s still running HOT. I am “ In it to Win it !” I need the app to not get my phone heated. Please do some more updates. Just as a comparison, the other PCH apps don’t heat up the phone. Integration of games into one, maybe it’s actually trying to read from an old line to work the game. It maybe a line of information it doesn’t need. Just trying to help, like the game. Love a Winning Game even more! Send more updates. Thank you
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2 years ago, JPWrite
Slots game, etc games
PCH is not having any large winner anymore and definitely not in the Mississippi area. And there are always some things wrong with the game when your chances are so close, error pops up. I have been praying and playing for forty + years and never won. This June is it. I just don’t believe that real people really ever win.
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4 years ago, JaygeSattler
Addictive token farming
I only play this to level up. I have no expectations of winning. You will come close more than anything, getting four of the five “instant wins” and then a wild, which should technically be a winner...nevertheless. I believe pch has rigged this and all other games to keep people from winning. It drives ad revenue, that’s the whole point. I’ve done my research, winners of pch are NOT random. They are picked by race, age & location. Most winners are middle to elder aged, and or black folks. With all that said, have some fun! You’ll never win the instant payout, EVER, but enjoy gathering tokens!
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2 years ago, oh crypto
Love it!
Love this app and PCH as a whole. I’m unemployed and young (32), and know that as I look for employment this is a great way to take my mind off all the stress and have the chance at winning something. When there are guaranteed prizes every day, the odds really are way better than the lotto. And it’s totally free. Hope PCH continues to update and offer even more slots!
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4 years ago, CraCraEmm
Crashes a lot
Some updates are good while others (like this last one) keeps crashing at the worst times... I hope all the entry’s I put I through all the sweepstakes you have on this app are going through... Other then it crashing a lot, I like how it’s easy to use and I get to select which sweeps I want to enter without playing the slot games... which I do sometimes. Thanks!
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4 years ago, mad jack mulligan
I love these games but ever since I can remember, these apps and their website is constantly glitching, games freezing or locking up,slowing to a crawl, or just plane refusing to work, you would think with the amounts of money they deal with that they could afford to have programmers that could get it right, and before it’s even said, I use the latest top of the line iPad Pro, and it runs all my other high end games without any problems, so it’s not my device
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2 months ago, RaptureShrugged
Constantly buggy, flawed and poorly maintained
Like their other apps there’s connection/server issues on a seemingly on going basis. Even deleting and reinstalling like the other apps doesn’t work with slots. Maintenance seems sparse and what little there is creates new bigger problems rather than addressing current ones and overall stability. It’s 3 steps forward 4 steps back. Almost exact same more less can be said for their other apps too. Giving one star is too much I’d say but won’t let you without.
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4 years ago, LisaHT1
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t work properly or else it does work the way PCH wants it to. At times it won’t record playing the games so you don’t complete the series. Either that is so they can say you didn’t enter as you were supposed to or else the app has bugs that needs worked out. But since I was able to log in under a different account and complete the series I’m going with PCH is rigging the apps so people can’t or don’t win. I played days and then it would say tech trouble but other sign in no tech trouble. Cheaters
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2 years ago, D -K -
Never Win anything but fake coins.
I’ve been playing for quite sometime and have not won any cash at all. What’s the deal I have fun playing but it be nice to win some real cash for a change. I’ll keep trying I do have several fake coins though. There are way to many advertisements
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2 years ago, 4555m
To much
When the ads pop up for the slot games I ask out of it it takes me to the app that it wants me to download I opt out of that it takes me back to the ad I exit out of that it takes me back to download the app and it goes back-and-forth for 50 times and will not get out of it it is very tiring I’m going to stop this app as this doesn’t stop if I ask out of it once that should be enough so done with your app
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4 years ago, ddddddd22222
Please update
Multiple adds that last few minutes each in between next game, only need few seconds to determine if interested. The X not coming up to close ad. So long it goes to black window and won’t credit tokens. Have to close app and open it after each. At this rate take 5 hours to get through all sweepstakes. Given up not playing 😔
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5 years ago, Jebusofdenmark
Hoping for an update
So I was happily enjoying the slots for about a week when my phone updated automatically last night. Given that many reviews lately are saying they just updated their phone so it should work then my guess is PCH hasn’t finished an update that works on the current iOS. I am holding out for it because this was becoming a favorite past time.
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4 years ago, Kaaaattttaayy
Too many/slow graphics, buggy
So buggy. It keeps giving errors after I watch all the ads for a sweepstakes entry. Then when it finally does work, even after I refresh the app it still shows that sweepstakes as not entered. So am I entered or not? Pretty annoying. It also has pretty slow graphics so slots takes longer than it should. If the graphics were speedier and not so many graphics it wouldn’t be as bad.
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2 years ago, jackeena
How long does it take!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I could play these games for weeks on end in once not want a single dime what is this a big scam !I wanna win something for what I put in, what is wrong with these people take advantage especially when you have no money saved and you wanna win something so you could pay your bills very sad and I’m not very impressed either I put my effort my energy and skill and not received a penny.
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4 years ago, Sun Shine face
I’m in it to win it
Hey I’m just two diamond away from the top. I really love the games, my friends and family have been telling me that it’s not real. They have laughed at me so many times because I do believe. I now just go into my room and find free time to continue my PCH free games some day I hope to become a winner to.
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4 years ago, Stalkerstyle
Glitching problem
I’ve been playing pch games for 12+ years & never really ran into any problems til now. Glitches at the end when it’s suppose to enter you into the sweepstakes & then it goes blank, blacked out screen. In order to move on you have to get out & come back in again. It’s never done this before. Very difficult & nerve racking to play. Just constructive criticism, all love here.
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2 years ago, DamonNomad18
PCH Slots often does not work properly when using an iPad.
I prefer to play PCH Slots on my iPad while my iPhone is charging, but I often run into problems, such as games not working, the app stopping, or the app crashing, which causes me to start the gaming process over. Today the app kept stopping, so I ended up having to use my iPhone to complete the games. Recently, there was a game that only worked on the last day to enter it. The game did not even work on my iPhone.
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1 year ago, Pops Dubya
App issue
I use all the PCH apps and play the PCH games online. I don’t have any issues with any of the other apps, but this one freezes regularly and I have to restart the app each time. I’ve been playing for about a month and haven’t won anything, but I’m trying to be positive that one day I might win at least one dollar 😁
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1 year ago, dkluebbert
This app needs to stop opening the App Store over and over again while playing!
This app needs to stop opening the App Store over and over again while playing! It is so annoying! This just started happening and it needs to stop! All the ads are annoying enough without having to also deal with closing the App Store every time it’s opened by this app! Stop!
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4 years ago, Rosie Rose 63
Counts your tokens not your numbers
The only thing this app is good for is giving you tokens towards your PCH account. Your lotto numbers never go towards the actual game. How do I know this? Because it used to tell you when your numbers matched. It no longer does and if you go to the website it does not even show you have played any of games. So if tokens is what you want, play on. If you are playing thinking you are actually entering the numbers to win, you are wasting your time. What a joke!
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1 year ago, evmey
I see the writing on the wall; but I keep on trying to win anyway. I have entered and/or ordered things from them for 50 years… YES.. I said 50 years. And not even a nibble . I had to bring my mother home 3days early from a Florida. Why? Because they write such believable and convincing letters that she was the winner. I think it is shameful that PCH would be so devious to old people this way. She said someday it would happen. She never won and now she is in heaven AND can’t win for sure .
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3 years ago, Sweetness709
Who has time for this?
First off I have to say that the ads are annoying. They constantly freeze up when you try to do the sweepstakes part of this game. Also, I actually spent time on my day off playing every single pch app. I was shocked at how long it actually takes. Who has the time to just sit and play this everyday? Even if I was retired, I would find something more useful to do with my time. Not worth wasting the day trying to hope to win a 1 in a billion chance.
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4 years ago, Ounker
I have been playing games for years. Then you say it is changing after Dec 31, 2019. Go to app displayed and it is not the games that has changed it is the slots. One day you can play games as usual the next day the it says you have to use the new app. What’s going on?
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4 years ago, 2Honest4MyOwnGood
If I could call the gaming commission I would. How pathetic is it that you have your game slots rigged that they don’t add your winnings to your balance? At first I thought it was just me not paying attention, then I won 15k and nope, my balance just went down another 2k with my next spin. My winnings were never added into my slot balance. Guess that’s one way to never let anyone get ahead any virtual money on you huh? So I’m giving you 1 ⭐️ for being dishonest. I can’t imagine how fake your sweepstakes may be. Smh
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1 year ago, Themfap
I’ve Ben doing this since January 2021 most of the people that win are retired people that have money, so it kinda seems like a joke and me wasting my stamps, I scratched off two scratch off tickets to win cash and it said guarantee eligibility, let’s see how long it takes to get my money from those scratch off tickets, after this February drawing I’m done completely off I don’t win from scratch off all the money I scratched off on those tickets. It’s so unreal, foreal
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