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User Reviews for PDF Reader: Edit & Convert PDF

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6 years ago, RoughdraftDC
Best PDF Reader, but I still hate PDF
After being in web development since the mid-90s, I have always hated PDF. Adobe can make anything halfway decent much worse than one would expect (look at Coldfusion), and has destroyed the core idea: a readable, pixel-perfect doc, with forms, editing tools, data integration, and all the crap that makes people use it in ways for which there are better tools. All I want is to read a doc without the stupid free reader Adobe provides.
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3 years ago, Hebabaz
great but would be even better w some improvements
i switched from adobe to this app because of how slow adobe became on my mac even tho it's updated to the latest version. I solely used it to view my textbooks and do some little highlighting here and there, sometimes printing but not musch really. AND, let me tell you, the moment i launched this app, it felt so fast compared to adobe. also, it felt so intuitive and way easier to use for someone who doesn't know much about how pdf readers work. What i love about it is the different colors of highlight i can pin on the toolbar and switch from and how it doesn't crash or lag obvs. tho, some improvements for features could go a long way such as improving the pen tool and the drawing tools in general because when i freely draw a line or insert a shape it takes a while to appear on the screen and sometimes i have to close and reopen the app to see it after saving it. also, more printing options could be better as well because the printing box has fewer options than adobe's to be used for printing.
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6 years ago, HomeDocNY
Its OK but...
Im no fan of Adobe, so I tried this alternative but its lacking in some basic features. This does do basic virewing and printing of complete files acceptabley, But… It wont let me print a custom list of pages like Adobe does, Like Print Pages 1,4,7, 12-20, 72. Instead I would have to print each of those pages or ranges, one at a time. First, it starts off im Thumbnail mode all the time, cant seem to turn that off as a startup feature. Only developers need theumbnail mode, the rest of us just want to view pages in as full a screen real estate as possible. Also, the search feature is weird - it presents the hourglass for several seconds as you beging to type the first letter or letters of the search word, and it crashes ofetn after one or more searches. It doesnt highlight the search results on the viewable page, instead it opens a search results thumbnail list on the left of the scren even though search box is on the right and displayed page is in the middle. Also, there should be a navigation pane that displays current page number and first and last page number that lets you quickly navigate to top, bottom or a specific page number.
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6 years ago, Bymatty
Resolution doesn’t match competitors
I was hoping to attach a screenshot to show, but it doesn’t appear to be possible. Regardless, the gist here is, documents viewed on PDF Reader are fuzzy. I don’t know if it’s a resolution thing or what, but the fact remains, when I open the same document (scanned or otherwise) in this app and, let’s say, Acrobat or Foxit, as well, the words aren’t as easy to read because of the fuzziness observed. PDF Reader isn’t alone. I purchased a different PDF editor a couple years ago and noticed the same thing. That editor had/has a lot of other issues as well, but having already purchased it, I couldn’t get a refund. I am eternally grateful for free trials, because I expect to get what I pay for. Why pay for an app that doesn’t perform as well as a free one? I don’t know why it’s so hard to get a PDF app that can actually do it all and do it well. Some have OCR, some don’t. Some share documents across multiple platforms, some don’t. PDF Reader has these features. It’s what I’m looking for, but the documents need to appear as clear as any free app or I won’t purchase it. PDF Reader is one of the few one can purchase via a one time charge. That’s also a huge plus.
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2 years ago, TriggaWarning
I wouldn't download this
The good part it was free. But I guess you get what you pay (or not pay) for. I was trying to compelte a refund request form and it kept deleting the text box. I thought maybe I changed the color to white, but nope - all the text I just wrote dissappeared. The formatting for adding text is off. Then I tried to create a form out of it for simplicity, but that made it worse. The text box was hard to re-size and move. I lost it and deleted the app when I tried to use the signature option. When I finished signing, I had to resize it since it was way too big for the signature line. However, it was IMPOSSIBLE to do so. I've been a Mac user for years and this shouldn't require a tutorial. I should, in theory, just move the dots around the box to re-zise and that's it, but anytime I try the dots on the box are unresponsive. They don't move at all. Thank goodness I tried this with an unimportant document. I will not purchase the paid option now for sure.
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4 years ago, Muugle
Absolutely does not work
I got this application because i receive a lot of .pdf files that i need to convert to either word or powerpoint. I have followed every instruction and looked up every tutorial and none of them worked. I bought the credits required to convert and it still did not work. I would get a .pdf file and try to convert it to a .pptx and .ppt file, but whenever i would click convert it would give me a loading symbol and tell me i could track the progress in the task manager and gave me the option to go there or close the notification window. If i went to the task manager, It would not show up and close the previous window i had just left. I tried refreshing the list but to no avail. if i just clicked the close button instead of going to the task manager, It would not convert and I would just be stuck looking at the .pdf i am trying to convert. this product is a waste of time and money.
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4 years ago, Mikemike0221
Squirrely, but manageable
This program mostly does what I need it to do for free. I just needed to annotate my PDF calendar that I distribute. It does basic functions, but when it comes to editing, it's SUPER SQUIRRELY!! Trying to edit annotations that previously been added to the calendar is SOOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! As soon as you click on text items, even to move it, it automatically changes the text font and size, which then requires me to reset the font and size for every item I have to move. For lines and shapes, if I modify them, they automatically move to another location on the document (the same location every time) and I have to move them back. Thats rediculous. I would pay money to unlock additional features, but not for an application that's so unrefined.
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6 years ago, dan10029
Cannot insert more than one hyperlink
All I wanted this app for was so that I could insert a few hyperlinks into my resume. Long story short, I cannot do it through microsoft word because the formatting gets messed up when I select the export to PDF option “Best for electronic distribution” (which would preserve hyperlinks to the PDF). Anyways, this app (at least the free version) only allows users to insert one hyperlink into a PDF, making it useless for my purposes. Because this is such a basic task, I would expect this feature to be included even in the free version of the app. I have to say I did not really test out any of the other functionality of the application, for inserting hyperlinks was the only task I needed to be able to do.
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2 years ago, Sailor424
Dificult to figure it out
I have used adobe for many years. It is mt old standby when I need something archived. I guess I don't know why people think that an update needs significnt change but this change really makes things much harder. Having used PCs for many years, since the 60s, you can see why I have become used to the Adobe way of doing things, Now you have gone and cganged things soi it is no longeer the great product it used to be. I'm sorry, but while I will probably continue to use this version, I will not be happy with the direction it has taken.
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5 months ago, Skypilota72
Former Adobe user since 1996.
My needs to have a full production PDF (Acrobat Pro) app no longer exist, and Adobe has become too expensive. I use the paid version of KDAN PDF reader, which has more than enough capability to meet my needs, and has the potential to do far more should I need it. The only complaint I have is maintaining an auto login with the KDAN PDF backend. After several days have passed, I have to login again to use it as a paid user.
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5 years ago, Methinkest
How would I know how to rate it.
I haven't seen any changes in what I do, so I don't know how to rate it. So I figure 3 is neutral. I thought I downloaded it and installed it, but I keep getting this square that keeps saying to downloaded it. It is on my dock. I tried to remove it from the dock because that is for my favorite icons/programs. It won't let me. I'm a little flustered. I certainly didn't need a download for gaming. I don't game. Mama ain't got no game. LOL I didn't think it was necessary. It wouldn't quit bothering me, saying it was required. Really? If I could see a difference on my computer, it might have gotten better rating.
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5 years ago, starrJR
Save me…too many pop-up
I had a basic pdf program and it went away. My IT rep added this to my computer and I am very annoyed by all of the pop up’s in Ad’s. Each time I do a pdf, I have to rid at least 2 pop up’s to continue. I am a road rep, and extremely busy and have no patience for this. I am spoiled with my old version. The few times I reviewed my creative options, I would get even more popup’s for info to upgrade. I will delete this apps when I get a chance. I just want basic pdf and not two/three pop up’s for each one I do. I am not a cheap person…just dont need extra for this, so I will delete.
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3 years ago, Joe Buckstrap
Corrupts existing files
This thing corrupted existing pdf files created or filled with Adobe Acrobat. It automatically changed the file name and the first line on the form. I got this because Acrobat X was crashing on Mojave. I solved that problem by loading Actobat 9.5.5 which is stable and perseres the original files. You will have to have the registration key when you open Acrobat 9, if you don't already have it running on Mojave, but then again if it is running you would not need this app. I will keep the app in case I need an OCR and see if that actually works, but as a pdf reader/editor I was very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Callllllllieeee
Literally terrible
this pdf reader app is absolutely awful, i always lose the text boxes that I have written which is absolutely frustrating when taking notes during meetings or lectures. I will write a bunch of notes and try to click out of the box to move on and it loses all the text i just wrote, and i cannot figure out a way to keep it. Everytime i figure out a way to not lose it and i use that same method the next time, that method stops working. You also cannot unhighlight things? this should be something that is easy to do with an app like this so that doesnt make sense. This app is horrible, dont waste your time trying it.
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4 years ago, SandspringsOkie
Works Great for Me
I really enjoy working with this PDF - Ive tried other brands but they like to beef it up so much that I can not operate them! Im an old guy and have had trouble with adobe for a long time - its way beyond my control and seems to be getting worse! Guess its good for some to have a very complicated system! But Im really enjoying getting a pdf that works for me! I just downloaded Dr. Adolf Lorenz 5 pg document and I really enjoy it! No problems!
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7 years ago, Bobboook
Basic version not as functional as Preview for me
I was looking for a way to more easily extract pages from a PDF than Preview, which seems like a pretty basic feature. So, I downloaded PDF Reader and tried it. On clicking the “extract” button, I immediately got a pop up window advertising the paid version. It didn’t even bother to say that the feature I was requesting was a premium one—just popped up an ad. At least for me, PDF Reader is not worth the trouble. I don’t mind paying a flat fee for an app, but I don’t do recurring fees, so the premium options are just not feasible for me.
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2 years ago, Patrickl27
Changes your default PDF Viewer without permission, and locks basic features behind a paywall
This app locks basic features like a tabbed view (available by default by most apps in macOS unless specifically disabled by the developer) behind a subscription, and changed the default PDF viewer to it without permission, and somehow seemed to override my choice to (following their own directions) change it back to the default app (Preview), until I deleted it. Also an ugly not-mac-like user interface, and it failed to save the bookmarks I added to one of the 2 PDFs I tested it with (multiple times).
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2 years ago, SLR-CC
Document Signing Made Easy
No longer have to print out documents to sign and then upload. PDF Reader makes document viewing /signing and printing if needed super easy and fast. Lots of options to find the right signature. Printing or saving documents done in seconds.
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3 years ago, pjh139
hate newest version
This was always my go to for PDFs. The newest version is a PIA and I’m looking for a new app. It’s a pain to use. The new ‘stripped’ interface stinks and is basically useless for how I use it consuming more of my time than it is worth. And I have to search for what I want IF I can find it. After all this time, I’m pdf app hunting again, all thanks to this newest update. I wasn’t pleased with the last one but it was livable. This one? Not. This continues to be a problem child and I have since started to use a different PDF program on my Windows instead.
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5 years ago, BillyVee
This is a criminal operation and the CEO should go to jail!
This app was purchased to convert a single PDF file to DOC format. After downloading the APP from the APP store it required EITHER a %9 license fee, or a $59 annual fee to convert the single document. After paying the fee and licensing the APP, it wouldn't stop requesting the FEE. Next a $10/year fee was reequired to a cloud service (integration to my existing iCloud service). The app still dowesn't work. Now it asks for another $59 per year fee. As an APP developer myself, I can tell you that this is completely FALSE ADVERTISING. Where is the FTC and where is APPLE in regulating what can only be described as CRIMINAL CONDUCT by this fradulent company?
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4 years ago, Sohfeyah
Perfect for Me
Well, all I can say, is thank you for creating a PDF program in which the basics are possible without needing to qualify for a small loan to buy it! The editing allowances within this program are absolutely a dream come true and it is so much easier that Adobe. Again, thank you. (Posted from an Executive Assistant, 25 years)
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1 year ago, xnathan
Cannot unsubscribe once subscribed, Robber Company
I can't cancel the subscription within 24 hours after trying it on windows (I can't find any way to cancel the subscription at all, this is a robber company.), I can only be charged by them, and then use it on macOS, but found that their company has no cancellation The method of subscription, I still can’t unsubscribe after contacting them by email, saying let me contact Microsoft, but my Microsoft account has no subscription, but they did charge my credit card
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3 years ago, Uuggghhhh!
Just OK
I cannot search PDF files for words. It always returns 0 results. Also there is no print icon. And if you use the File/Print dropdown from the top, it only prints part of the page if the file is for a page that is larger than standard. There is no way to adjust which part of the page you are printing or print it onto multiple pages.
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6 years ago, Centralspark
Worked for a minute...
WhenI opened it up the first time I could highlight text, which is the main thing I want it for. (Adobe Reader prints fine and is also free.) However, the second time I went to use it, every time I tried to highlight something in the same file I used the first time, the whole page would be selcted in a light blue color. Noting would get highlighted. I tried a different tool- strikethrough- and got the same results. Headed back to the App Store for something that works.
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3 years ago, mufatsa
Several Times Exchanged Emails with the Helpdesk
Several times exchanged emails with KDAN heldesk to solve my problem. I shared screen video with them, I uninstalled many times, I reinstalled many times, I cleaned my Mac with an applicaiton they recommended, and after all these processes did I solved my problem? No! I am not able to use the applicaiton I purchased! I do not recommend this application. Now I am using Adobe. PS: It suddenly stopped working when I was reading Pdf articles. I tried to reopen and it never opened again.
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4 years ago, rumnjack
There's something better
I'm not a fan of this reader at all. I just want to read PDFs. I have no other need of the format. This reader opens two windows every time it opens. It doesn't remember your settings so you have to x out the Welcome screen every time, too. It may do a lot of stuff (that I don't care about), but it's a fairly ugly interface. It's very cluttered and lacks elegant. They tried (unsuccessfully) to design a masterpiece of the user functions. The focus should be the document, not all the crud that you want to advertise the reader can do.
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4 years ago, MountainMan71
Pain in the rear
PDF Reader is a real pain in the rear with all its pop-ups when I am opening a document and wanting to get down to business! I got it by clicking on something unintentionally and now I can't get rid of it or get to the simple PDF reader I had before. An ad pops up at the bottom of the screen, over my document. A window pops up asking me to subscribe to a plan. Another window pops up asking me to review the app. I wish I could get out of this app!
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4 months ago, LD Hall
Help please
I’ve used Adobe reader for a very long time. When it works it’s great. However, recently all my pdf files will not open and I’ve not changed anything. Please explain to me why I can’t read these files. Thank you
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2 years ago, bonnyblueeyes
Great for my needs
I'm retired but create, read, and edit PDFs. The basic application works fine for my purposes. I'm glad not to pay a yearly subscription to Adobe. If I need more features, I will consider upgrading the PDF Reader when the time comes.
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2 years ago, Aidan Zoe
I don't like it
The constant ads, the repeated inability to highlight, the unpredictability of where my added text will land or if I will be able to add text at all... it's all so frustrating. This is the one of the most most inconsistent and annoying apps I have had, but I need to deal with it because of school. This app works much better for iPad, but that's just not good enough.. I need consistency! Seriously, I get annoyed pretty much everytime I use this app on my computer.
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3 years ago, afgshn g
The fact that even the most basic funtions require a subscription is pure larceney. I shouldn't have to have an anual subscription for a product. I have already purchased this application on my Ipad but it seems they want me to pay for it again on the CPU. Criminal and morally corupt. Adobe already has a corner on the market with PDF, but this level of greed is debasing. The moment a different company comes along with a product I will never use PDF again.
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Might as well use an Internet Browser
The free version has zero useful features. You cannot even delete pages out of a PDF without being prompted to pay... I understand making users pay for certain functionalities, but all basic features in this application require payment. If you simply need an app to view PDF files than this could be for you. Otherwise don't waste your time.
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4 years ago, Story World
Deceptive Subscription... Horrible Customer Service
I purchased a 1-time license, and ended up getting billed annually for a mysterious charge. Not only that, the app will not restore my current subscription purchase. After contacting customer service, I was told to sign into my Apple account. I explained that I ALREADY was signed in, and asked for next steps. They have not gotten back to me in over 2 weeks. I have never before left a bad review on any app, but this is ridiculous. Switching to PDF Expert.
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4 weeks ago, @2!0000000
Encryption not working
I specifically subscribed to use the encryption function but it would not let me use it. Everytime I click the button, the subscribe window pops up even though I already paid for the annual subscription and I'm logged in to my account. What a waste of money. If you charge that much for an application, you should at least deliver that the functions will work. Please fix this issue!
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2 months ago, CJnTN
Easy to Use
It's easy to upload and edit PDF files with the application. It has come in handy especially when filling out form and sending them out.
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5 years ago, alnath14308
PDF reader Document Expert-NOT
Downloaded this onto my Mac. Would not OCR. Would not show images of existing PDF’s full screen, though the thumbnails were fine. I got a very polite response from customer service after 2-3 days. They said thy had some issues but those were resolved, so try again. However, the free trial was over so I did not. Maybe they are OK but the software seemed pretty poor to me. I’ll gve them credit for good manners, though, and that is pretty rare these days...
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3 years ago, SnappDragon61
Hiccups & More
The app is great except for the constant hiccups and glitchyness of it. If the app is already open, i have to force quit on my Mac to then open a new document. That is extremely annoying and frustrating. That needs to be fixed asap.
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3 years ago, Afi Hasanti
Good PDF, Still Not Perfect
As we can't go into the scanned items and change them as we would on power point or word documents, at least we can force the comments and make points we want to make.
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3 years ago, Rael64
Good program. Wanting a bare-bones PDF reader since Adobe is being a jerk about using Reader. Would like less nagging; it certainly will not entice me to buy. But in this tech-y world where nothing stays the same for long, this program is pretty good. Until they change it. Or nag me more.
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5 years ago, mbarry228
Too many pop-up ads!
It is extremley annoying to have pop-up ads on the bottom of every document and when you click the close button another pop-up trys to get you to pay for a subscription to stop it. This is my work computyer and I do not appreciate the interruptions. It doesn't make me want to purchase anything, rather to find another program.
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2 months ago, shujimadebichrng
Charged me without permission
I started a 7 day trial 8 days ago, but by the time I wanted to cancel it, I could not find where to cancel my subscription in the app. With the frustration I thought to myself 9.9/mo is not that bad, however, they charged me the maximum plan which is $64 without even informing me. I wanted a refund but then their policy says no subscription is refundable. Anyway who wants to try out their plans, DONT OR YOU WILL END UP LIKE ME!!!
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4 years ago, MrJoeChip
It'd a PDF reader with some pomp and glitter
it works for me about 80% of thetime. And for a PDF reader that is constntly giving me pop ups to rate it, it does what it's supposed to do I guess. Was gonna give 3 stars but I'll give 4 since it worked a slew of documents and files for an important meeting I had
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5 years ago, Durmeister
Waste of money. Stay away...
I used it once and it worked fine. I purchased a permanent License and after about a week I noticed it had advetising at the bottom. It pops up with a window that says choose a plan??? I've already purchaed it but it fails to restore a previous purchase. I have the confimation email but apperantly they took my money and I don't get to use the program. Thanks but no thanks. I will be working with Apple to get my money refunded. What a joke.
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1 year ago, Tikka newsy
paid for a year and now it wont opwn on my mac. Keeps crashing
not supper happy. When I try to open on my Mac it keeps crashing. I am angry that after paying a subscription to this, I cant get it to work. I would like my money refunded, cant open it cant use it. I have tried deleting and reinstalling it and it still crashes.
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2 years ago, phant92
Great for editing PDF's!
Honestly, for what i needed it for, this was perfect. I was able to open a PDF document, edit it, save it, and upload it for class! 5 stars from me!
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3 years ago, shermantrane
Great PDF Reader
I had never used a PDF reader before and found this one to be intuitive. I don't remember why I chose this particular rreader but I'm glad I did. It does more than I need it to do (so far so good).
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5 days ago, Always TBA
docs made easy
I have used this service for personal and professional use. I love the easy access to needed document, signing and so much more.
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4 years ago, Megan1599
Best free PDF app for Mac IMO
I have used several different free PDF apps for MACs, iphones, and Windows. All were missing features needed for my job. This one is great! I love that I can merge documents to create one file to upload to my client's files in one VERY EASY step.
Show more
4 years ago, Realtor JTodd
Great PDF Reader
Only thing I haven't liked is it holds onto the little pink "sign here" tab/arrow after my clients have signed in Zipform's Digital Ink. I have a MAC so maybe that's the problem with that tab hanging around!! Other than that it's perfect. Yay!!!
Show more
5 years ago, agshane
PDF Reader works well!
I use the PDF reader primarily on a Mac Book Pro. It works without a hitch and has replaced two other PDF utilities. It works as advertised and not complicated to acomplish tasks. Thanks for a great program.
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