PDF to JPG Converter (JPEG)

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Cometdocs.com Inc.
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4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for PDF to JPG Converter (JPEG)

2.71 out of 5
780 Ratings
4 years ago, Cryckeley
Ok waiting to see...
If this actually works I will pay this task is an absurdly normal request from adobe or many other iOS built in functionality. All I want to do is be able to add to my portfolio on Behance while on the couch but they all have to be images. If it works I will update this in the stupidity of 60-90 mins to prove that it actually works when no other app does what it says... yo, if I was the app developer give people one per day and then ask for the upgrade consumer perception is you only way to convert people to buy.
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6 years ago, Fierce Visual
Wildly irritating!!! Avoid!
So I was excited to find an app that can convert PDFs to jpeg. Finally! Then I went to convert a file off my phone. Hmmm. No option for On My Phone. But wait, there is a small print sentence saying click here to add from phone. So I did. What? All I you get is another screen saying you have to actually use the Share or Open In functions outside the app. Except that doesn’t work. So I finally move the pdf to an option I did see in this app, to my iCloud account. Finally I can convert the file. But then....WTFrick??...I can either pay $10 to get it converted in seconds or wait 60-90 minutes for free!! That’s insane. And bad customer experience. And to slap you in the face one more time, the last option you have if you actually DO want to wait 60 minutes is the button CANCEL. Meaning, you get nothing at all for all your frustration. Fire your customer interface design team!! Horrendous.
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4 years ago, pjk808
Paid for premium upgrade - app does not work.
This app does not work as advertised. I paid to upgrade the app for $15. The program you upload your documents to their server. You are supposed to remain in the app waiting que to receive your converted files back. When your files don’t come back timely you are asked to pay for a premium version which gives you the ability to skip the que. I found out after paying for the premium version that the program does not work. I do not believe that the 5 str reviews here are legitimate customers. Can’t be.
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4 years ago, syates21
Astroturfing reviews
This app is a great example of how to fake things in the App Store with astroturfed. Reviews. If you want anything converted in a timely manner expect to be forced to pay $10-15 on an in app purchase. Since I’m not a fan of extortion, I can’t tell you if that will work for sure. However, the one that I tried to let it “wait” for (as though there is some giant queue of docs waiting to be processed by this pile of garbage) failed. Also, I would be *extremely* hesitant granting the authors of this app access to any of your cloud document services as it prompts you to do.
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6 years ago, RedRose115
It’s a trick
I normally don’t write reviews but this experience was SOOO frustrating. I was extremely happy to finally find an App that is free that can convert PDFs to JPEG. Well I download the app and then when I try to actually convert the file to JPEG a screen pops up with no option to choose anything else besides upgrading or cancelling. Basically this new screen said upgrade for $9.99 if you want to have your files converted in seconds. I was willing to wait however there was timer or indicator whether it was working. No clarity at all! This is highly irritating and DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
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5 years ago, lisahound
From file to pics
With update, I see that the quality and reliability of this file conversion app are getting even better. But it has already been on a high level !I am happy that I have finally found an app that converts my pdf books to pictures so fast. Because analogs were too slow.
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5 years ago, Oliver1408
Helpful tool!
Hight quality in converting needed files, great tool. It works with big amount of tools, such as gmail and others, so it makes working with this application really simple and fast! Developers keep this app updated, so rare bugs and crashes are fixed. Useful app, definitely must have for your mobile!
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5 years ago, Alastau
Well, during some years I had to search for different ways to convert from PDF to JPG, because I’m a student who often needs to do projects with illustrative material. Finally I found a great app, that can easily convert without taking much of my time! If you are a busy person, who wants to get a fast result, this app will satisfy you.
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5 years ago, Camille Caballero
Very good, very fast
This is a very useful app for me as I quite often need to convert PDF files to JPG format because often an image is just easier to work with. I really recommend this app to those who often need to upload documents on the internet, use them as a part of presentations and videos and so on.
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5 years ago, alexmatskii
Covert from one to many
This converter is really easy and clear in its usage! Thanks to it I cam divide one big pdf file into pictures for the better performance. The application is very convenient and without anything extra! But vital for me because I do not need to store one huge file but only a couple of pages.
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4 years ago, rockchalk81
Went to convert a pdf and a pop up window appeared with a line of text stating “skip waiting” and a button to upgrade for a one-time charge of $9.99. One other line of text said that by paying the one-time charge you get documents converted in “usually a matter of seconds” on their secure servers. There was no option to cancel, quit or go back so I closed the app, deleted it from my iPad and jumped back to the App Store to write this review...I actually would consider paying $9.99 if they had stated the cost upfront...but not now.
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5 years ago, SavannahC <3
Apple needs to shut this app down. It’s only out to get $9.99 from you. It will say “will take 60 minutes or more to download. Buy app for fast speed” NO! It does not do that!!! Actually it doesn’t even convert anything!! The 5 star reviews on here have to be FAKE! I am going to contact Apple tomorrow and ask them to take this app down. Knew it was too good to be true :( don’t even download this seriously ugh!!!! Sincerely, a very upset customer ... :(
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6 years ago, Peter Mice
Works well
Something that simple can't be bad, can it? Nothing special, just an utility to convert your text in jpg. Free version is pretty slow, but you can just put your phone on table and wait or do something else. There's no crucial need to pay, it works anyway.
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6 years ago, Vlaskoff
Very cool application. It is very helpful. Design are very cool. It is easy to use. It helps me many time when I haven’t access to computer. It converts pdf very fast. It always helps me in the university when I forget my computer. Convert process are very easy. So even kid can do this. Thank for such grateful application
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5 years ago, Elforija
Fast, modern and convenient converter.
The application is very convenient, since you can convert files from DropBox, Google Drive, etc. The application converts files quickly. There are no annoying expectations and uncertainties about the result. Also pleased with the design, nice looking.
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5 years ago, RufaSh
Very cool app
I've been using this app for a very long time with zero issues until recently, whenever I try to make a pdf I keep getting a pop up, and even after ignoring the pop up, it won't allow me to create a pdf. 🙂🙂🙂🤗🤗🤗😄😃😃😃
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5 years ago, hurricaneofthesun
100% recommended
This app is better than another one that makes me wait for a long time. Quick download, took pictures and converted them right away. Especially I like a plain design and graphics.
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6 years ago, sashameme
My new permanent converter
I was looking for a new PDF to JPG converter and of course I've read the comments below this app... Despite bad words about it I've decided to try it and my decision is that this converter works better than any other free application. I recommend.
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5 years ago, katepr77
That app is a good way to transform text to JPEG. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time because you don’t have to use special complex functions to do it. The design is simple but there’s no need for something different in such an app.
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6 years ago, Shavi21
Incredibly useful app!
I’ve been using the app for a while and it’s been working perfectly so far. You may want to pay for the app in order to work faster, but overall it’s incredible!
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5 years ago, Denis Olegov
Useful one
I couldn't understand why many people find it hard to work with this app. I converted so many charts and diagrams just to save the most important information on my phone. It's excellent to work with.
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5 years ago, Mapuk_US
Work with images
Nowadays pdf format is rather popular. But what if you want to change it? And here you can use this converter. Images are easy to change and to work with even on your smartphone. Nice app.
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5 years ago, AlexaMiller
converts fast, in good quality
Pretty useful app if you need to send an image from PDF via mail or messenger. Converts in good quality too. Easy and convenient. Got better with update, more smooth without bugs.
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5 years ago, Dancing Dany
Simple and useful
App works pretty well , it is very simple to use and convert files fast. Personally for me it is very convenient that this app has access to all cloud services and quality of documents is good. Very satisfied
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5 years ago, BryanWake
Pay $9.99 or wait 60 to 90 minutes?
Did you guys really think that by tricking me into downloading this app, and then rendering it next to useless behind a paywall that it wasn’t going to lead to a negative review? For those who don’t understand, this app will require you to either pay $9.99 to unlock “pro features” or you’ll have to wait 60 to 90 minutes to convert a single file. In other words, garbage app. Avoid.
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5 years ago, Jamey Hickle1990
Extremely easy and quick!
Worked first time and quickly. That was a nice change compared to other pdf to jpg programs out there. thank you for a great app.
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4 years ago, Butense89
Support 5 stars
With just one click on your phone, you will convert PDF files to JPG in seconds. I will share this app with my friends and family
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5 years ago, leslieAZT
Amazing app!
I truly enjoy the different types of ways that can convert my files. And it's not very difficult to locate them if you look at the files and where it's saved.
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5 years ago, Melisa2017
I use this App due to my job and it's really handy. It helps me to convert files easy and fast from services like Gmail, Google Drive, DropBox etc. Interface is simple and convenient. Thank you for this great App.
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5 years ago, daisydaniels
Excellent quality
This app converts PDF documents into sets of JPG images for free. I use it when I need to share only one page of a PDF file or edit an image. Anyway, JPG is still the most popular format.
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4 years ago, GraylyHarmony75
Genuinely a God Forsaken App!!
If I could give it zero stars I would. I’ve paid for to be able to convert my files quickly HOWEVER, I cannot convert them at all! The app crashes or doesn’t even show a file whenever I open it. I’ve been trying to convert the same file for half an hour now. I usually don’t review apps, but this one has ticked me completely off. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!
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6 years ago, ksEnyA2303
Nice app!
I tried a lot of similar apps but this one is the best. It works perfectly and I’m thinking of buying it. The app is really useful for me as I need to convert a lot of files for work. The design and graphics are great too.
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4 years ago, Patrick Cates
Paid version doesn’t work for multiple uploads
I can’t believe I paid $9.99 for this app. You have to pick files one at a time and start the conversion and as soon as you have more than 4, it hangs. There’s no progress and you have to stop the co version and try again. Which doesn’t work. Also, there’s no way of clearing out old conversions from the list. Total junk!
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5 years ago, Rebeka Sporer1973
Super quick to use
This app is very quick and easy to use, would definitely use again and recommend to anyone.
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5 years ago, Steven b12
Does exactly what i need it to do, doesn't keep me waiting either. Should improve it to be able to convert several files at the same time
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6 years ago, Prinkles
Very needed and user-friendly
Very convenient app. I’ve already used other variations of pdf to jpeg converters but here it’s possible to convert a file from e-mail or iCloud that ease the whole convert action.
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5 years ago, Xenches
Useful app
I highly appreciate the fact that the converting process is fast. As for me, the quality of pictures is good comparing to other similar apps. Recommended it to all my colleagues.
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5 years ago, kvbnga2
The most important app for me
This app helps me with exams because I can make cribs more quickly and easier. Program has simple interface. Recommend it for everybody.
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5 years ago, Johnpaul Prosacco1964
No complaints!
The app downloaded in seconds. And converting pdf files was a great process all around. Extremely easy to use and has a fast conversion process. Love it so much
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5 years ago, Chadd Armstrong1988
Highly recommended
It is very user friendly. Quick and easy to use, great quality documents! I highly recommend this app to anyone
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2 years ago, Why upgrade for nothing?
Where is the image?
Purchased the upgrade to get instant conversions instead of waiting forever. The downside of this is that the resulting jpg is now nowhere to be found and emailing support doesn’t get a response. Before the upgrade I could find my image but now I can’t find it anywhere and there is nowhere to actually get help.
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5 years ago, Jack Jack Gibson
No restrictions – no pain
It's great that in this app there are no restrictions on file size! I can upload any PDF-file and convert it into an image. Moreover, I can upload files directly from the cloud.
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5 years ago, GraceW3
Useful and simple app
This app really helps me and I often use it. Most of all I like that I don`t have any limits and it makes as well the images of the very high quality
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5 years ago, Agatha Addington
It often happens that I need separate pages of a PDF document. And not just separate but as an image - in order to, for example, add it to a presentation slide. In such cases, this app is really helpful to me.
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5 years ago, innafox28
Such a useful app. It converts PDFs to JPG fast and in a good quality. Besides there is no limit on file size, you can convert any documents online without leaving the app. I’m very pleased with this new tool I have.
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5 years ago, John R10
Absolutely love it
I have been searching for an app that could convert pdf to jpeg but none of those I found worked correctly. But this one does!
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5 years ago, Javonte Steuber1973
Fantastic app
It's very user friendly and easy to use. I have been looking for an app to convert pdf to jpg. This app gets the job done. I would have given this app 5 stars
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4 years ago, Themannind666
Very helpful
As a student with lots of finals and upcoming semester exams, this converter really helps me save. I can read my documents after converting without opening any additional applications. Very good!!!
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5 years ago, JohnPurple187
Helpful tool
Application is extremely helpful! Once I needed to convert PDF picture to JPG, it helped me, and did it fast and well! Awesome tool, definitely worth to have on your device!
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5 years ago, Rose J. Souza
Worth the pay
Consider all the benefits this helpful app brought me, I think it's definitely worth the price. Perfectly converted my documents to images
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