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User Reviews for PDFelement – Edit & Scan PDF

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4 years ago, Manawalk8r
A Cute and useful tool.
I find this app very useful when wanting to edit a document in a PDF format. I can edit the text, use nifty tools, and mark up the document with little side notes. Although some downsides make the app a bit confusing a first, they are pretty trivial. For example, the ORC text recognition tool took about 2-3 minutes to load/read the document (which is most likely due to the amount of text the tool has to recognize). Another trivial problem was that when I was inserting text into the document, I noticed I wasn’t able to click the font type, located at the very top of the page until I clicked the T+ icon. It took me like 5 clicks on the font toolbar to recognize this solution. Also, a popup appeared every time I used an application on the left side-bar that promoted becoming a premium member. I found this a tad annoying. Other than the things I stated, I loved the app; it came in handy.
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5 years ago, Spectrum Technology
Solves my modern PDF verson ancient but lasts forever HP 1320 printer problem
I love my HP 1320 printer because it is incredably durable. 500,000 pages amd still working as good as new. Except when certain PDFs are printed, and the printer criver demands that the printer do something that it can't do, such as "set color space". then the printer stalls. This program can deal with this and several other problems; if necessary, this program will print incompatable pages (necessarily slowly (such as those with certain graphs and images) as bit maps. My problems are solved. I haven't tested its PDF editing abilities because I don't need that capability. Yes, this program is smart enough to print non-offending pages as fast as Preview, and automatically does what is necessary to enable my oldie but goodie HP 1320 to print all the previous no-nos. I wish that I could buy a permanant license (as I did for Adobe Photosho CS6) rather than subscribe, because I will NOT subscribe to software. Just call me an old fogey... Hey, I learned to program an IGM 650 in assembly language in 1958 at the tender age of 14, and was writing AI software in LISP in 1960 on a vacuum tube IBM 709 in 1960. Yep, I'm an old fogey.
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2 years ago, cdinca
Limited Abilty to MAKE Fillable Forms
I needed a make a fillable PDF for an organization as a volunteer so I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I bought the Pro version for 3 months ($30 - on my computer only, their website does not recognize me). I have been able to make a very basic fillable form for my organization. However, the program pretends that it can make the form limit chosen text fields to certain contstraints like "phone number" or even just number. But it doesn't work outside of its own app. Letters can go in "number only" fields, etc. Also it pretends that it can do simple calculations like adding and multiplying which would have been very helpful. Again, it only works in its own app, not when the pdf is shared online which is the whole point. Same with buttons... These shouldn't even be options if they don't really work! So, YES, it did help me make a fillable form and I am happy about that. But I wasted time trying to make the extra features work that would have made the whole experience for people using the form much better. Very frustrating. I could have done just that with a $5 program that I also bought.
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8 months ago, Reaver Dirge
Expensive, Inconsistent Performance
As a full-time PhD student, I frequently need to scan, do OCR, and convert documents to Word. I was excited to find a program that claimed to be good at all of these functions, and I was willing to pay a decent amount of money for it. However, after using it extensively, I've found that it falls short of my expectations. One of the main problems is with the OCR function. It often fails to recognize a substantial portion of the content, which is frustrating because I need accurate text recognition for my research. And even when it does recognize the text, the conversion to Word is usually subpar. Instead of actually translating the text in the PDF to the Word format, it just loads the PDF as images into a Word document. This is not what I need at all, and it makes it difficult to edit the document or use it for further research. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with this product. I feel like I've wasted my money on something that doesn't live up to its promises. As a student, I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on software, so it's especially frustrating when I invest in something that turns out to be a letdown.
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4 years ago, MyOpinionsandreviews
There are many advantages to this application, which takes PDF marking and editing to a new level, the mark up tools are good, which allows elements and highlights but the benefits are the editing of text, which is incredible when editing articles, images, texts and etc., I like how you can edit links, insert different elements, scan PDF and watermarks which is incredible however, if it depends the needs of the person, it is great but I am not sure if people will find the price worth the additions elements that this app provides. 
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1 year ago, Daisy Ocean
Poor value, no novel features
I gave this a try in comparison to PDF Expert and PDF Element. There is nothing novel about this app, and it has several deficiencies. 1. It requires a subscription but provides no more functionality than other less costly apps. PDF Expert, for example, is almost 70% cheaper and does more. 2. It cannot create and edit forms. If this app could create and edit forms as well or better than PDF Element or the even more expensive Adobe software, it would have some competitive advantage. As it stands, I have investigated the feature set and don’t see how it is differentiated from other options. Also, it seems odd that dark mode and cloud storage are two of the five features highlighted on the app store. Those are of marginal interest or novelty in a PDF app. The free Apple Preview has dark mode and cloud storage, for example. I don’t see the value proposition here.
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1 year ago, hducwanderer
A Great Alternative to Others
PDFelement has been a great PDF app to use when I need to do just about anything related. As a couple others have mentioned, having to reauthenticate I'm the registered user of the software occasionally gets in the way but it isn't more than an inconvenience. Otherwise, I only go to PDFelement for all my needs. The feature set for this app is strong with every feature I've needed so far. And intefaces with most software when necessary. Wondershare does a geat job of keeping the software updated and supported. I highly recommend this.
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4 years ago, lindajiang59
Great PDF Editor
I really like PDFelement because of it's features conveniently being located on the left side of the application and how it doesn't require me to search painstakingly through the app or interact to find how to markup, add text, add links, redact, and many other features, such as convert the PDF, combine PDF, crop pages, add background/watermark, etc. On the right side of the application, there are options also buttons allowing me to organize pages, thumbnail, bookmark, search, and change the size of the PDF. These features make it very easy to annotate lengthy readings given throughout college.
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12 months ago, Bob Zyzzyzvyz
Okay, but a little pushy about its features
Works pretty well, some good features. But also some deficits. It's a little pushy about OCRing -- if it thinks there is text, it asserts that the file is scanned (which it isn't always) and tells you to OCR it. And the OCR itself works pretty well, but it does NOT line the live text with the image, it aligns the image with the text it's created. Meaning the original image is messed up. It's also pushy about other features, e.g. PDF to Word shows up all the time. Why? In markup, the left edge of the window is populated with a series of colors -- I don;t need to see the possible colors I can do highlighting in, every time I go to highlight.
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5 years ago, Jenny Hoyos
Glad that I found this app
PDF element is such an amazing app and I'm so happy that I came across this. I was watching Kath Path and talked about this app, so I decided to check it out. This will be very useful for this school. I love all of these features and they are very easy, convient, and helpful to use. I'm so excited to use this application this school yeah to make my assignments look professional. I also never knew that I could edit PDF's until I got this app and it makes it so easy and very easy to make my own PDF's as well. I will for sure reccommend this to my friends and to many people.
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1 year ago, Dyfjidfvjj
An awesome addition to my productivity suite
Is this app perfect? No. But, man, has it been super helpful in 98% of the cases. It does a very good job at handling all types and qualities of pdfs and allowing me to edit the text. I got this app because I needed to translate a bunch of spanish pdf docs into english while maintaining the original format and appearance. This app has performed very well at getting that done. Fast and easy. The OCR functions is great and effective. And on more than one occasion I have used this app to compress a large file size. Very happy with this purchase!
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4 years ago, Queen Z11
Functional and Convenient
Dear all hesitate customers, I would like to get started by calling out all students, professors, collegues, and business users, this app is incredible! In my opinion, I favor this app over Adobe Acrobat Reader because it is fast, convenient, and easy to use. There is no glitching, black outs, or any crashing unlike other PDF editors and readers. I like the easy format of the app where all the icons are on both sides. There are mutiple great plans to provide you with more advanced service and for a good price. Again, do not hesistate to purchase this app!
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1 year ago, CJatty
This is a very problematic program
I bought this program for its ability to bates stamp my documents easily. Well, it wasn't so easy. I realized I made a mistake, and I had to remove the Bates Stamps from some documents. I tried their batch remove program, and it appeared to do so. Then I tried to do the correct Bates stamp. I was horrified to see that the new Bates stamp partially overlayed the previous one. I spent hours trying to fix this with no good result. Now I have to rescan in all my originals all over again. Yay. More time that I cannot charge for. Even more, it is by default my pdf viewer now, but I much prefer my other programs. There seems to be now what to resolve this except to delete the program. What a wast of over $100.
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3 years ago, Eve Gorrell
This used to be a great app
I've used this program for a few years. I took a year hiatus and purchased a new laptop. Rather than trying to transfer the previous version from my other laptop to my new laptop, I decided to download the app from the app store. I can't tell you how dissapointed I am in the changes they've made to the product. I subscribed to the Pro version thinking it would be just as easy as the last version I used. And I was wrong. I doesn't do half the things even half as well as the last version. Don't spend your money on this app. Get Adobe instead. I'm sorry this product has gone down hill. It used to be good but not any more.
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4 years ago, Grateful PDF User
Amazingly powerful
I had previously used Acrobat Pro but after Adobe stopped supporting my paid version, I looked at various alternatives. To my surprise PDFelement offered all the functionality (form creation, redaction, bates numbering, OCR, etc) for a fraction of the price. Only a slight learning curve (still learning a few minor differences), but after a week I'm able to quickly get done everything that needs to be done. If anything the application itself actually seems speedier that Acrobat. Well done, PDFelement!
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4 years ago, mrzzmr
Best PDF editor on Mac
I used Acrobat Pro for years but their full price upgrades and eventual subscription-only model finally drove me away. My main use case is review and markup of documents sent to me in PDF, plus some editing and OCR. I went through trial versions of all the others: PDFexpert, PDFpen, PDFprofessional, PDFreader, Foxit, and Skim, and PDFelement is by far the best. It's the most stable, really clean UI, has the features I need, also excellent compatibility between Mac and iPad/iPhone versions including iCloud support. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Can't find good untaken name.
PDF Element 7 Review
This is a great product! It is hard to find a pdf editor for the Mac, but this is a really good one. I currently use PDFPen Pro which has similar features. Unfortunately for PDFelement, PDFPen Pro is half the price to buy and even less to upgrade plus it is structured to be purchased in perpituity rather than a subscription. PDFelement doesn't have an upgrade option (at least I couldn't find one) and is clearly moving toward a subscription base. I definitely prefer a one time purchase.
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2 years ago, Lisitamar
It works so-so
My experience is compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader in every way: in particular zoom settings, text in PDFelement Pro is blurry and certain letters are off—caused by the blurred effect—so the text is not crisp clear. Also, PDFelement doesn't allow double-click on a highlighted text to open its note: I have to right-click the text and then select "Note." CMD ^ H doesn't work to bring the highlight tool unless the Markup toolbar is active. I am also not able to see WHICH highlighted text has a note. Fast-scroll using CMD down arrow does not work.
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4 years ago, keneen0101010101010101
very usesul and needed
I was on a hunt for an app that could turn my pdfs into a powerpoint. I stumbled upon this app and could not belive that there was one. Everytime i look, i could only find a powerpoint into pdf and not the other way around. To then, find this and find out that i can do way more. I was impressed. I tried it on trial and very much soon plan to pay for the pro. I am a college student and this would very much come in handy for what i would need to do in college. Thankful for this app
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3 years ago, Lyns Robyn
Worth it for students & small businesses
I purchased this as an alternative to Adobe and I could not be happier. I was mainly looking for something with fillable form recognition for my small business, but it ended up exceeding my expectations. I use OCR regularly and have come across no issues. They also offer a student discount, which is very much appreciated. I recommend this to all my friends looking for a similar program!
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5 years ago, SmartAppleTech
Best PDF App
Upon watching a video reviewing PDF Element i was shocked by the amzing features it had, PDF Element is indoubtably the best PDF View and Editor you can have. It is nothing like other Adobe products or stock editors, PDF goes all the way and not only do I highly recommend it, it is mandatory that you have this as a standard day to day application because its capabilities and features are beyond the average. I have only been using this for a few hours and I am proud!
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4 years ago, BOSS728
One of the best
I have had a great experience with PDFelement 7. It is suitable for high school and college students, professors, teachers, etc. I edit notes and add on my annotations with any font, style, or color. It has help me study efficiently, and most improtantly put what I learned together. One of the most things I spend doing on this app is making several study guides using my professor's notes and others. Trust me, you need to give it chance!
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1 year ago, oh be heather
Great Software - be aware of what you are buying.
It is great software, but they will update the programs and the 'lifetime' product you bought may not work without paying another fee to 'unlock' the software. Read the fine print before you opt for the more expensive 'lifetime' access. Other than that, the software is easy to use and very intuitive.
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1 year ago, Plhanz23
PDFelement = productivity
I have enjoyed this app for awhile now; thought I ought I to say so. It seems fairly intuitive to me, although I have not used some of it's hi level features. That's because I tend to keep everything simple if I can. Someday I will get around to trying some of those features because this is a solid program and I expect to use it for a long time.
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3 years ago, Ant:]
I purchased PDF element 6 pro a while back and wanted to upgrade to the current version 8 pro on MAC. Since the very beginning, I had trouble logging into the new software as it does not recognize my credentials... I reached out to support and they were able to help me, however, I was recently logged out of the APP and now I'm having the same issue. I can login and clearly see that I paid for a perpetual license, but the product keeps telling me to "BUY" what I already have...
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5 years ago, dohnjae
life-changing app
I bought a perpetual license from the website which i thought was pricey at first. honestly the best investment i've ever made. It is so much cheaper than most products out there given how often I work with pdf. the interface is designed kinda similiar to MIcrosoft Suite so navigating through the app is intuitive. all possible pdf features are available here which is super neat. really worth the money.
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4 years ago, Mike McMacymacface
Just what I needed!
What do you do when you discover a batch of resumes converted to PDF from Word have a misspelled word in the summary? Go back to Word, correct the mistake, then reconvert to PDF? No! This is 2020! The answer is use PDFelement Pro to make a simple text edit right in the PDF. D'oh! I'm a big fan of the Wondershare video converter apps, and that's why I chose this app over the competition. Also, the OCR functionality with scanned documents is solid.
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1 year ago, ssp720
Getting Better - Problems between devices
I love it on my Mac, but people trying to use my editable PDF's on PC's/Windows/sometimes uploaded to Google Docs have issues. I also either need to purchase another version for my iPad or it is not working on my iPad. I also hate that it puts up this review box everytime I open a PDF for any reason (I have set it as my default PDF viewer) but other than that, it really is a very good program and I've renewed for 3 years.
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3 years ago, Xodimo
Great Alternative to Adobe, but highlighting could use some work.
As a student, I am constantly highlighting and switching between highlighter colors. I have yet to find a good and fast way to do this on PDFelement. Instead, you have to go to the top click to change the color and return to where you were in the document to highlight. Kind of annoying. A little popup window with the highlighter function that could be on the left of the PDF would be nice.
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5 years ago, Wizard06
Great APP
OCR is superior to other apps I tested ranging from low end price spects and comparing to this app. Good quality image/PDF (clear writting)-OCR captures 100% Medium quality image/PDF (some text is faded)-OCR cpatures 90% Low quality image/PDF-OCR will have issue capturing unrecognize text-70-80% The speed of conversion is fast and efficient. Potential buyer considering purchasing the software should conduct their own testing and try different image/PDF quality. Try out conversion process and see for yourself. Suggestion to developer: -When user decides to purchase your software (in app purchase), plan comparison wndow should be bigger (avoid credit card disclosure size) without having to scroll down. Size matters.
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1 year ago, cjaliotta
Clean interface and plenty of features.
I had the paid version with work. I changed jobs and downloaded the free version. Although I miss some of the features and the watermarking isn't ideal, this is still a very robust program and I'm a fan. Will likely pay for the full version soon!
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4 years ago, Leo Babaev
Solves my problem
I used a free PDF editor before and there was lack of features I need so I decided to find something more powerful. I found this app on the Mac App Store and decided to try it. Unlike the app I used before there's accurate OCR, and more editing feature. $60 isn't much for such a powerfull app, otjers are even more expensive. I recommend it to everyone who need a PDF editor.
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4 years ago, AestheticLoser
Really Convineient
This PDF editor is genuninely one of the most simple and convinent ones out there! it’s layout is simple, and i can easily find where everything is. Just yesterday i filled out a PDF for my teacher, and it was extremely easy! Would definitely reccomend to anyone in school, or those who regularly need to sign PDFs.
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4 years ago, Emii 🤗
This app has been such a lifesafer and I couldn't ask for another one. This app provides powerpoints and notes for me at school. Since this app is more faster and has more features is way better than the ones I had. This app is sync to my printer which was AMAZING! I wanted to give a big thanks to Ellen Kelley for recommending this app to me.
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2 years ago, drrorod
Stopped working
I paid for a Professional subscription. Worked fine the first few times but then all of a sudden just stopped. When I tried to convert a Word file to a pdf, the Word file wouldn't load into the drag and drop box. When I tried to add using the "Add" button, all the Word docs are greyed out. When I tried to create using the drop-down menu, I get an error message about my file. My needs are pretty basic: just need something to create batch pdfs and didn't want to use Adobe Pro but now I think I have to go back.
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5 years ago, theweirdgoat
Great Free PDF Editor!
PDFelement 7 is a great and reliable PDF editor. There are a lot of PDF editors out there that cost money, but this one doesn't unless you want to upgrade to the Pro version. However, the standard version is still great and has many features. I would definitely recommend this for everyone looking to edit PDFs easily and at no cost!
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9 months ago, Kdgrandma
Great for a reasonable price
I was a long time user of Acrobat but for most pdf files nowadays, I only read them and occasionally fill out forms so I couldn't justify the monthly subscription price for the bells and whistles of Acrobat. PDF Element to the rescue -- it converts PDF files, Merges, allows me to rearrange documents, and OCR for multiple languages. It's a worthwhile purchase.
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3 years ago, frdthyjffrthvc
Bait and switch. Do not buy!
If apple would allow me to give zero stars, I would have given this app zero stars. I've had it for the better part of a year, and I overall was not impressed. That alone would not warrant 0/5 stars, but I then found that the app auto-updated and asked me to "buy in" again today. I originally purchased the perpetual license on PDFelement7, and so I should not have to purchase the license again. Funny enough, my login also stopped working, so I couldn't inquire as to what happened to my account. This company is not above board, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS APP!!!
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4 years ago, jimmydnh
Very useful app!
This app is so much more useful than the Preview feature on the Mac. There are so many functions that make it easy to navigate the PDF. I particularly the strikethrough and underline functions which I usually never see in other PDF viewers. The interface is also easy to use. Highly recommend for college students!
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4 years ago, Anthony F. J.
Best PDF editor
I'm a student and I need to create and edit PDFs so I needea an app for that. I've been using Acrobat DC and it became buggy recently (especially, on macOS Catalina). I saw PDFelement from my friend and UI seemed nice to me so I decided to try the app. First of all, it works WAY BETTER than Adobe's solution. And, it's 2 times cheaper. So now I use PDFelement as my daily driver. Definitely gonna recommend it to my friends.
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4 years ago, x0christinaa
Easy to use!
Super easy to edit documents with! Every tool needed is on the left side so there's no wasting time looking for hidden features. Can add images without having to use other apps, which is really convenient, but my favorite part is being able to convert it to a Word document when you're done!
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4 years ago, Shane123454
Very Useful App!
This app is extremely helpful for me to be able to take the pdf's that I get from work and school and be able to customize them so I can learn more easier. It is extremely easy to use and it is very simplistic. I would reccomend this one over all of the other PDF Editors because of how useful I found it to be for me!
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3 years ago, MrAustinPDX
I want my icons back
I downloaded and tried out this app. Very well done, I must say, however it changed all my PDF icons to their app icon. I was able to change all back to Preview using Finder but now Mail continues to show all PDFs as thier icon, even though I no longer have the app installed. Their support consisted of an AI chat bot that wouldn't connect me to a human and email support seemed limited to paying customers.
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4 years ago, Caerta
so close, yet so far off
The overall layout is ok, definitely takes some getting used to. The biggest problem with it is how it apparently uses non-standard protocols, algorhythms, or whatever. Printing to PDF comes out garbled (no flatten feature). Opening up files saved from this app in other apps (adobe reader or phantomPDF), will be either blank or screwed up to the point of unreadable, especially if form fields are involved. If they want to compete with the other editors, they either need to get with things and use the industry standards appropriately, or give up. The whole point of PDFs are to be portable, where they will display exactly the same across applications and computers. In its current state, this app is unable to accomplish basic tasks making it completely useless. NOTE: I purchased direct through the website to take advantage of discount.
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3 years ago, Bobcat952
Trial Version is a waste of time
Was looking for a PDF editor to use to fill out Medical forms that are occasionally required for doctors and hospital. Something that is rarely used on a very limited basis. Tried the trial version and it watermarks all your documents and will only allow you to convert 3 pages. I tried to edit some text and it selected multiple sections and then ran all the text together. Not good for the occasional home users. I decided to uninstall it and you can't do that by dropping in the trash bin. Appears to be pretty invasive and very expensive.
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5 years ago, X1000X
Comparable to Adobe PDF Pro
I have Adobe's premeir PDF program on my Windows 10 machine and PDFelement 7 on my Mac. They have the same funtionality including OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Search, highlighting text, adding notes, rotating documents, etc. The paid version of PDFelement is what I'm referring to - the free version was very limited, not much more than a PDF reader.
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4 years ago, Jennymreyes
This app has been a perfect way tobe able to stay orgnzied while doing nursing classes online. Since most of my professors offer a lot of pdfs it is beneficial for me since it always me to have all my documents in one app. This also helps me be able to edit and annotate all my documents while studying.
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9 months ago, mrstee
So easy to use!
I was using another PDF reader and it was just plain wonky and not intuitive. PDF Wondershare is oh, so much better!! I am 72 years old and I really, really appreciate the simple interface. Keep up the good work, everyone! You have a winner.
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3 months ago, kingdrewsea
This application is not very good at converting PDF's to other formats, despite this being the prominent feature that is promised by this tool. Additionally, their website says "30 day satisfaction guarantee". READ THE FINE PRINT. This is only for the free trial and does not apply to perpetual licenses. I am very angry at myself for purchasing this product and not reading the fine print. Save yourself the time and don't do business with WonderShare, they are a shady company. I had to contact PayPal for a refund and I'm very upset.
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4 years ago, 'Bout'a'week ago
Such A Great PDF App
After trying out quite a few pdf editing and viewing application i have came to the conclusion and can say that the PDF Element 7 is an amazing application overall. From an easy to use interface to the PDF editing capabilities PDF element is by far the best pdf editor
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