Peachy - AI Face & Body Editor

Photo & Video
4.9 (127.7K)
232.6 MB
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Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Peachy - AI Face & Body Editor

4.85 out of 5
127.7K Ratings
9 months ago, kassieamber
I never leave reviews
Anyone that leaves any less than a 5 star review for this app, in my opinion, must just be one of those people that’s impossible to please, a negative Nancy do to speak because I straight up never take the time to review anything but I had to leave 5 stars, because this is the best photo editing app I’ve ever used hands down! I started with the free version which I was so impressed with that I decided to go ahead and purchase the premium version for the full year, I should add that I also never ever spend money on any premium versions of any apps, but the price for a year was such a steal, I’d have happily even paid double the premium price and still been just as pleased with my experience with this app! (That being said please don’t go and increase the premium pricing lol) part of what makes this the best photo editing app I’ve ever used, IS the fact that the pricing is so worth it for the premium features! Unlike many other photo editing apps these days that charge an arm and a leg for similar features, thank you to the peachy developers, I just felt it was well deserved to take the time to post a review for y’all despite the fact that I never take time to review apps, weather good or bad. This app is so amazing, grateful for all the work you put into it!🫶🏻
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3 weeks ago, Audavia
this app is literally like a lighthouse, my port in a storm, if u will😭w all the apps today that are determined to bleed every cent they can out of u whether it's w subscriptions or ads, Peachy might be the only one that doesn't. no multiple, minute long ads you're forced to sit through to save ur pic or even just to open the app. no 'Subscribe Now!!!!!!!!!!' popups to click X on every 5 mins. out of all of the tools at ur disposable, maybe only 2 or 3 are behind a paywall, & they aren't the tools they know ppl are getting the app for. Peachy is a rarity. on top of all that, it's genuinely good. all of the features/tools offered perform next to perfectly & are high quality. no weird patches of blurriness where you edited something, no bent cars or walls from where you made ur hips a lil bigger. 10/10 all around, truly a needle in a haystack.
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11 months ago, Vince273273
Insanely good app
It’s crazy that this app is free. It has just a massive arsenal of photo editing tools. It can edit body proportions, facial features, clear acne, as well as use filters/ manipulate lighting. I just have so much fun editing stuff on here because it’s such a versatile app and lately they have been adding new features constantly which I love. They never get rid of old features either which is awesome. I’m confident that this app does the same thing that 12 separate photo apps would do except better. And everything I’ve said is without even having a subscription. I’m a cheapskate so I don’t buy stuff but I’m sure there are even more options if you were to get that.
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3 years ago, Nicoley34
Probably the best for free
Peachy Body Editor is probably the best photo editing app for free on the IOS Appstore that you can download. The app is easy to use with many; many, features such as makeup and smooth features, slimming features, reshape features, and much more that will help improve your photos before you post or share. I personally love the smooth feature that helps you smooth out acne or scars. While I’m here I wanna talk about suggestions/improvements and complaints. For instance, if you don’t do the reshape just right, it looks unrealistic. While I don’t expect this app to be as good as Photoshop or a program like that, I do expect quality. 🙂 Also, y’all can’t get you acne feature right! All it does is censor it out, which is insulting. Like very!!! I also have noticed that y’all don’t have eyeshadow, blush, concealer, etc. US. 👏🏼 FEMALES. 👏🏼 NEED. 👏🏼 THAT. Ty very much. I would also like to suggest way more colors for lipstick and other products that hopefully y’all will add soon. I have ALSO noticed that the tattoo selection is very scarce, yet cute, I would love to see more tats. Just like I would love to see a peircings section! Other than these things, Peachy is just...well...PEACHY! 🍑🍑🍑 When at least one of these things is added, y’all will get 5 stars!
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3 years ago, editingedit
Good app
This app is so good because you get to change the way you look if you want and it’s also A good app to learn how to up your skills on editing and photo shopping if you don’t like the way you look you can change that in an instant and there’s so many options too choose from like a tattoo or changing your face impression whatever you like it’s there. and the person who came up with this did a great job I just wanna say nice work on this app and im glad I took the time to write this review and hope you read it. So yeah nice and good job on the app it’s a pleasure to write this review to you guys good job with everything you do on this app and have a good day and hopefully read this yeah good job
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4 years ago, werttyiop
This app is great!
This app is very useful and it really comes in handy when you want to make some adjustments in your photos, it’s also free which is awesome! This is my first day using this app so I can’t really say too much about this app yet but I really really like this app because I am so insecure about myself and I never take pictures of myself but if I do, I have some sort of filter on and it makes me so much happier with the results and with this app, you can adjust any part of your face or body until you like what you see and the best part is that it’s free! I’m also really picky about apps but this app is becoming one of my favorite apps to use even though this is only my first day using this so I totally recommend this app!
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6 days ago, Robbiek03
On the Go Editor Photos and Video
I purchased the excellent app about 6 months ago and since then I have been totally pleased!! All one gets for the reasonable lifetime price! It’s great they offer this option as other similar apps will only offer weekly/monthly/yearly- this sets InShot apart and Peachy! This application that interfaces with an even more dynamic editor named InShot is outstanding! With InShot I can create a Video on the go in less than 5 minutes that looks like a professional, complex application created! This app is Not complex- yet rivals ALL in same Class with professional editing features!! Just “Professionally”, with a Capital P! Try this app, better yet- Buy it! You will not be dissatisfied!
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8 months ago, Podcaster10
Well. I’m not easily impressed but this is an exception.
This app does more than a ton of super high end editors and filters even available on a full powered M series Mac! I am blow away with not just the user driven interface and functionality but the AI assisted design and functionality is nothing but miraculous on an iDevice. Erasures are just as close to flawless as you can expect. Morphing is totally mind blowing. Fat can become thin, thin can become thick. Spots, blemishes and even acne vanish. All without the hint of any external AI manipulation. IMHO priced too low. Even the free version can stand on its own as I one of the best transformers out there. Bravo. Finally professional developers that really get it!!
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1 year ago, sstormy0000
Acctually had this app for years now
I’ve had this app quite a while had no idea what it was when I clicked on it but when I did a week later I bought the life time subscription I think it was like 10 or 12 bucks back then don’t know how much now it’s literally the only app I’ve ever paid for and still love it I can make myself look fat skinny like arnold swartzanigger (how ever it’s spelled). They should put a different looking icon or give the app a different name Like I thought it was some dirt app for different foods lol. But anyway I really really love this app oh ya and you can give yourself tattoos for street cred lol. Seriously though I love this app
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2 years ago, ZoëTheKitten
Most editing apps make you pay for premium features or only let you edit like two pictures per day. This app? Unlimited edits with all the best features already available. There’s a few premium things, but they’re not necessary at all. Honestly, I’ve tried literally all of the editing apps, and this one is incredible. I love it. WARNING though, because it is so good at making subtle but really beautiful changes, it’s probably not great for people with body image issues, since it will give you your ideal face and body in pictures but could lower your confidence in real life.
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2 years ago, Rogue_Spirit
I love it, but there’s an enormous new issue.
I enjoy this app. I pay for pro, and I use it frequently. However for whatever reason, I'm no longer able to select what album I choose an image from. This means an absurd amount of scrolling through my whole camera roll before I find one image, and then if I’m doing multiple I have to do it over and over again. ✏️EDIT: the change indicated in response to this review simply does not work. When I tap that spot, nothing happens. It is always on “All Photos” with no drop down arrow or any suggestion that I can find my other albums elsewhere. What’s even worse, there’s no way to send in feedback within the app. You go to select “feedback” but it says you first have to set up an email. However, there’s no way on the app to set that up.
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3 months ago, Evvieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
It’s ok
This app it great for all the little details but it is kind of complicated. There are so many little things to change and it can start to look really fake. There is also a lot of thing that you may want to change, but can’t because it cost money which i think is kind of stupid for a photo editor. This app can look cool and can make you look better but if you change to many things then it looks wierd and fake. The app is good in other ways though. It is just not the easiest to use which is why I give it three, I might give it a higher rate if you didn’t have to pay to get certain things. But if you are someone who likes that then this might be the app for you. This just isn’t for me. -Evvie
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6 months ago, AxisGal
Asking as a subscriber -I love this app, but…
🌟Please let us zoom out more so we can pan the image where it’s needed so we can see and edit without the controls being in the way. 🌟Please stop limiting things to detected faces only! 😫 some of us edit more than faces!! 🌟🌟Please let us use the features anyway with a manual brush. Also 🌟Please add actual brush sizes and hardness/feathering dynamics 🌟Let us use brushes for the adjustments instead of just the circle thing, and 🌟Allow us to keep the overlay color for the eraser mode visible if needed for more precise editing! 🌟Letting us use a brush/eraser to fine-tune the AI adjustments would also be helpful and could be beneficial to helping it learn too.
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1 year ago, CristinaMusic
Really like this one!
I needed a dupe for Facetune since they put up a paywall on all their previously free tools. I downloaded about 20 editing apps and this one is the best I found! All the same tools as Facetune but free! You have to watch ads before saving but I don’t mind that at all. The app needs to make money and I’d rather that be in the form of advertisers than me paying a monthly subscription. I also think this app is user friendly and the tools work great! Please don’t change like Facetune did. Keep all your free options for users like me who don’t mind an ad or two.
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1 year ago, RansomedByGod
This is like my eighth try
I just wanted to smooth out some acne on a single picture, but every app I tried either only let you access that feature with the paid membership or just wouldn’t let me save the picture for whatever reason. This app is better than every other one I tried, not just because it let me do the one thing I wanted to do, but it’s easy to use and has a very reasonable amount of useable features for people that don’t wanna pay for it. Definitely the best free photo editing app I’ve found.
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4 months ago, nanajajn
Add feature
I wish this app could save my prefixes so i could have the exact same edit on my other pictures too. Some other apps i use saves the edit i make and suppose i wanna edit another similar pictures instead of me manually editing it again i can just click on the previous edit and the second picture is automatically edited as the previous one. Its a really good feature and this app would literally be perfect if the team added this. Overall love this app.
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5 years ago, Lissa Bella May
Note to all who judges people of acceptance and shouldn’t be using apps like this.. this app is nice. So far no complaints. I enjoy using this primarily for my stomach area where I have stretch marks and tend to be a bit over weight. I do not use this to dramatically & completely change the way I look. Everyone has insecurities and in some way yes you should love yourself and all your flaws, however I find nothing wrong in playing with an app like this, as long as you don’t over do it. So please don’t judge a person or complain if they enjoy using an app like this. Judging others is just as bad. It makes you seem heartless. Thank you 🙏🏼
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2 years ago, Swagdancer
five stars is no where near enough.
I don’t even know where to begin. Peachy is honestly the best app i’ve ever gotten and the fact that it’s free is incredible. From being able to modify your face, to being able to edit EXTREMELY realistic makeup looks into your photos, Peachy truly has it all. The developers of the app also work extremely hard and update the app frequently with free features to guarantee complete satisfaction. Five stars is truly not enough to express the quality of this app. To the developers, thank you.
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7 months ago, SGgamer39
Absolutely Incredible
I’ve been trying different photo editing applications and none of them compare!! Peachy is by far the easiest to use, Has the most features and the tools are high quality! I’m not even exaggerating when I say you could literally make any kind of cosmetic edit and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Would 100% recommend for anyone starting edits or even people who are experienced with editing.
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4 years ago, baddiee_b
Love this app
This is legit the first review I've ever written but I love this app! Editing is easy and self explanatory. Only issues I have are with the color picker, the brush, and the speed. The color slider is hard to maneuver so you have to keep adjusting. Also, when you make the brush as opaque as possible it still isn't dark enough, much less opaque. With the speed, when I've been using the app for a while, it will keep quitting on me. Luckily it saves what I've done except the last thing I've changed. Other than that, one of the best editing apps I've used and I've used quite a few.
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11 months ago, Star126red
Im so happy I found this app
I had took some pictures that were GORGEOUS and later realized the lace was showing on my wig so I was going app to app to see which one was the best thank God I came across this one it was so easy super helpful and it’s not like all the other apps I had to sit and watch endless apps just for them to tell me I have to pay their basic “premium” features thank you very much to the makers you guys are amazing keep doing what your doing
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2 years ago, celedhion
Honestly wow
The fact that this app is free is incredible. Most apps will only let you use features like this one has on a trial basis, or completely lock essential features behind a paywall. And the tools are comparable to photoshop. I'm a long time user of photoshop on the PC, and sometimes Peachy does a better job tbh! Thank you for keeping this app free while also having such high quality tools and features. Incredible, amazing. Thank you thank you.
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3 months ago, jazzchyy707
Please add this for 5⭐️!
I’m only doing a 4 star because I would like to request a copy and paste option for the adjust settings. I hate wanting all my pictures to have the same adjust settings but having to manually do it to every single one. Other than that, I love the app, best ones out there! But makers of Peachy, please! Add the option to copy the adjust settings and paste it to the next picture I edit so I don’t have to do all of them manually! Totally would make it 5 ⭐️!!
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1 month ago, Nicea$$egg
Thank you!
After watching all my favorite makeup apps lock up basic featured I am so glad I found this app. I love how natural the makeup looks, like you put on this morning in the mirror. Please add more free features though and please dont lock up the already existing ones. I can understand the need to pay for things, but please dont become the rest of those apps. I love this app so much.
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1 year ago, Aries 🫶🏻
Pretty good app with few flaws
I took a picture with no makeup on and in general it’s a good picture and angle but my dark circles were horrible and I wanted to edit it and add concealer and eyeliner, I had no problem with the concealer except it costs money (which isn’t an issue for me) but the eyeliner wasn’t adjustable to the angle but only adjustable to the eye shape. And there aren’t enough shade options for the lips. In general I like this app and it does the job, I recommend this app to anyone and everyone 🫶🏻🙏🏻
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7 months ago, CowgirlSwirl
Nice app, plenty options without paying, simple
I actually like this app. It’s simple and easy to use, SO MANY selections without having to upgrade to purchase premium or pro. I like this app and think it’s a great starter app for those looking on how to edit pictures to look professional and real. It’s not over complicated with selections within selections within another selection, so fourth and so on what have you.. if anyone caught my reference from an awesome TV show 😝
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5 years ago, Jp357833
Do cool
I just want to say this app is awesome because you can make yourself look silly but also but also you can make very beautiful picturesOf yourself and your friends and family for your first appearance this app is awesome because you can change anything that you want buy this with you you think this app is $1 million but no It is free. I would never thought how awesome it is I recommend everybody reading list to go and get this app and rate is at five stars because it is the best app I’ve ever done
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2 years ago, isthisnicknamegoodenuff
love, but
Would like if you can make the edits directly to the original photo in your phone. I use Retouch and it allows the edits to save to the original photo instead of saving a new copy. You can access Retouch through the original photo options. more convenient in my opinion. Nonetheless this app has been the best for “reshape” and I love the “Recovery” feature a ton! 5/5!
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2 years ago, Me53
Checking it out.
Every app I have seen wants you to pay upfront or do a trial 7 days then they charge your credit card. I want to use the app with no pressure and if I like it, I WILL upgrade but most won’t let you see if it’s something you’re willing to pay for. This app has a few things free and it seems I will upgrade. Great job!
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2 years ago, malifasent
Much better then others
This app is so much better than any other photo editing app I’ve ever had super seriously recommend this app it’s great I absolutely love it 😍! Oh and for the makers of the app please please please make dark circle remover free please please please I don’t care if the other stuff if free but I really really really want to be able to use dark circle remover. 🥺
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2 months ago, Sanomsk
Absolutely the Best
It’s one of the best apps I have used. The range of features is comprehensive and easy to use. There is something for the face and the body. I also like that they have ways to remove things in the background. I do wish they included some editing options for the neck. Other than that, the app is great!
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6 years ago, Zade123456
This is really amazing
This is good for if u want a certain body but u want it too look like it until u achieve them for instance if u have that last bit of fat by your stomach that u can see your abs just that one little aria is still there like me use this to get rid of that and within a month of working out or however big your situation is you can truly achieve that goal I would recommend just don’t try to look like a Barbie doll ... it’s stupid
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4 years ago, Get this game !!!😋
This app is pretty good.
I gave it 4 stars because I am frustrated when there are so many things to pay for. I am happy with it too,I am now satisfied with all my pictures. I like it because I am a very self conscious person and now I am not as scared to post things now that I like them even more. My only other thing is when I try to use the makeup tool it gets all blurry. Overall good app I would recommend to try using it.
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7 months ago, God is by your side🙏🏻❤️
This app honestly is really good, and I’m not saying it just to say it, I’m being genuine and real with my review. Not to mention I RARELY do ratings and all that but this is well deserved. I love this app and all the things that come included. I am really happy to say that I recommend this app for any sort of editing you want to do to your pictures and what not ! 10/10 💕💕 INSTALL IT BESTIES 🫶🏻
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3 years ago, Bl187956
Really liked this app but recent update....
You guys removed the slider bar on the dark-circle (eye)function, which was way more useful for editing skin defects and eyes previously. Now it’s an unmanageable, unchangeable edit with less nuance and control. Please please please bring back the ability to change the power of the dark-circle (eye) edit retouch!
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5 years ago, jm007633789
Decent photo morph app
Not the first of its kind but the control and application handles pretty well. With the smudging features it would be nice to see a reticle of the area affected but some trial and error will get you used to it. At least the ads don’t interrupt you in the middle of working and so far there’s no limit to how many edits a photo can go through like some other higher rated apps.
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2 years ago, RaenandRust
Almost perfect app
This is such a great app! I love all of the features available to touch up selfies. The only feature I don’t see is an option to change the color of your hair or alter your hair in any way. If they created this feature the app would be 100% perfect. As it is I am very happy even without this tool.
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4 years ago, DisneyMom86
How is this app not more popular???
I love this app! It’s an all-in-one editor. Pictures that were taken at night, you can edit to look like daytime, and it’s so clear! Also, I have so many group photos that I wish I could change a thing or two. Now I can! I am a complete amateur when it comes to this type of thing. This app is very user friendly.
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3 years ago, Rbdfan4life
Great app
This app is great I was skeptical at first because since this is an editing app they usually cost money, but this app did not cost me one cent and you can still use a lot of features without paying. Overall definitely recommend this app for editing photos or even just editing for fun:))
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3 years ago, Clover Mae
I’m confused here
I used this app last winter to photoshop a picture of my dog because my sisters finger was in the photo but whatever, it worked great! However… I’m back here after a year and downloaded it again only to see that once o try to do anything, my screen goes all black and I see the loading symbol of doom for a few minutes, holding the power button or home button do nothing. Then it just turns on and goes on like usual. What’s happening? Is this just for me?
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12 months ago, free da da
Love/ a must for picture takers 🙌
I love this app- extremely easy to use and navigate. Has a little bit of everything you need and more as far as basic touch up ; lighting ; to advanced materials and tools as well - love this app! Litterally use it on almost every picture :) thanks !
Show more
4 years ago, S.:rthr
Very good app!
This app is so so so so fun! I find that it is very affective when I’m trying to edit my pictures. I have had some trouble with a few things in this app though. With the stickers, you can put abs, tattoos, cleavage etc. But I find that when you try to apply abs and other things the skin ton is WAY to light, and it looks pretty fake. Other than that this app is very fun and affective for editing pictures.
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5 years ago, HORSE67901267
Best so far
This app is really good! It can photoshop your body,that part you can do as many times and as much as you want. But if you want abs,tattoos,or more cleavage,I’d have to watch a video and you can only get like 2-3 of each. After that If you want more you have to pay for premium!And after that there is no more,personally I think that’s stupid. But other than that it was a pretty good app
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4 years ago, Grumpy Potatoʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
This app is cool!
I really like this app because you can get most of the stuff for free and it doesn’t cost money. You can just watch an add and get all the stickers in that section. The edits also look very real if you use them in the right places like tattoos won’t look real if you put them on someone’s face. I recommend this app for photoshop.
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1 year ago, Wolfqueenzzz
I love peachy. A thing I luv about it is that you could take any pic and make it turn into BEUTY❤️❤️❤️ but I also luv it bc you get to pull pranks on your friends!!! Whenever I’m bored, I grab my phone and start taking pics of myself and editing and editing them. I really love peachy and I really recommend installing this app. Love maya
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3 years ago, floweraesthetic2
Great app! 👍🏼
I like this app a lot! It’s very helpful when you have to edit photos! The only thing I think they should add is when you take a photo sideways and you want to change the lip coloring, it says no face detected. That’s my only complaint because everything else is great!
Show more
2 years ago, LunaMoonshine1026
Best editing app ever
This is by far the best editing app I have ever seen. You can make ugly photos into amazing, beautiful pictures, all for free! They do have some things that you can pay for, but those are just things that are super extra. Thank you for reading this!
Show more
5 years ago, khloe.palmtrees
I mean it could be better..
Pretty good editing app.... like it could be better. I use it mostly to make stuff distorted because why not lol. I mean like when it comes to editing people it could be wayyyy better. When you’re tryna make people taller it sorta like backfires... either you’re a daddy longlegs or a giraffe lol. So yea it has nice filters but 50-40% you pay for it... so eh it has room for improvement but yea ♡ PEACE ✌🏾
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2 years ago, Official Michah™️
Just Okay,
I’m not quite sure what’s happened to everything since the updates however the overlays of things are very obvious that it’s just that, it doesn’t look natural anymore and the end results are often now making my photos look as if I’m a cartoon. Is there a way to make it natural again or even to add smile stickers with teeth like the others do?
Show more
2 years ago, MissRosieFrei
Great for touchups
I do a lot of before and after photos of brow services, and this app is so great for reducing redness after a brow wax, or lightening up an acne spot. I never want to completely smooth someone’s skin, but this is perfect for me to just touchup a little here and there for my business page on Instagram!
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