Peanut App: Find Mom Friends

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Peanut App Limited
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Peanut App: Find Mom Friends

4.36 out of 5
9.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Kenya A.
In Search of Mom Friends
I'm a new mom, I had my baby girl in March 2022. While on maternity leave I enjoyed taking the baby for walks around the neighborhood, my favorite local cafe or sitting in the playground. I noticed I was a bit desperate to strike up a conversation with moms with new babies. I expressed my desire to make mom friends with a friend and she asked if I was on Peanut - My response was "should I be?" I downloaded the app at that moment and was excited at the potential of meeting fellow new moms in my neighborhood. Since joining, I've had a great experience. I've connected and messaged quite a few moms, I had a meet up and learned we have mutual friends, which was nice. I also connected with a mom, who is coincidentally married to my former co-worker - We're all hanging out this weekend. Not only have I been able to connect and meet moms, Peanut has also been a great resource of info for all things postpartum, baby milestones, health etc. Building a community of moms isn't easy, so I'm happy I was able to utilize the app and meet a couple of great moms. I hope to continue to expand my community using the app and have been sure recommend the Peanut to any new mom I know. Lastly, the app itself is cool. It’s intuitive and pretty easy to use. You can search for moms in your local area, start or join groups based on your interests, and post questions you may have about literally anything; with the expectation that supportive moms/women will answer.
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9 months ago, cestmoirose
Something Just For Us 🙌
Saw this app on tiktok while pregnant and going through a hard time alone. Downloaded the app and was skeptical at first because of the sign up process until I realized it was a security procedure that helps filter out anyone who isn’t a mom or woman. I see lots of negative reviews about having to pay, but I’ve been using the free version and have access to everything on the app. I can still easily connect with other moms, join and engage in groups, create/listen in on pods, etc. There’s so many groups and communities to be part of pertaining to our location/interests and women from EVERYWHERE on here with more love and support than the few rotten apples you’d find on any app. Where you see it, you’d also see us standing up for one another, too. It’s neat to experience different cultures, lifestyles, and ways of parenting and my favorite thing is jumping on pods to talk with other moms and women from all over. I’ve been developing healthy relationships with those on similar journeys and with different backgrounds thanks to this platform. When my own family/friends weren’t there, the women on peanut have shown up for me through the lowest season of my life and I’m thankful for them. A group of moms in my area are getting together this week and I’m excited for it! It’s nice to be in an environment with others who get it. Glad to see they’ve made something just for us. 🙌
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5 years ago, Cute.Witch
Nothing Wrong, But Nothing Great...
Because this is its own social network and not integrated into an already existing social network, the amount of people is limited. Hopefully this app being advertised on the front page of the App Store today will help with that. I’m sure there are a few people who have found real life connections on here, but I have not. Lots of people to chat with online, but when you want to meet up it’s a no go. It seems like we’re in a part of the electronic age where people are obsessed with their phones and don’t actually want to meet in person. Their whole lives are virtual now and they’re not okay with fixing the addiction. The app itself is very well made, everything works well. There is an Incognito button if you’re too embarrassed to say something or ask a question and have it show your name. There is also a block button because unfortunately mom’s can be insane and mean too. Matching up to chat is somewhat like the Tinder setup with swiping and two people swiping each other gives you a Match. No bugs at all so far and I’ve been using it for a month. So, 4/5 stars because the app does what it’s supposed to, it’s just the majority of users aren’t interested in using it to find real life friends like it’s supposed to be used for.
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3 years ago, MariaAlejandra94
Best Mama App!
Being a new mother and making friends is extremely hard. I downloaded this app last year, right before the pandemic hit. I originally download it because I wanted to find local Mother's who I could have playdates with. Then I found myself pregnant again and with an almost four-month old, I just wanted to talk to someone who weren't my husband or mother. I wanted to find other Mother’s who were going though the same thing as me and could relate. At first it was hard to talk to people but I got out of my comfort zone and then the matches started coming in. I’ve spoken to so many strong women around the world. Peanut just got a new update not that long ago, that lets you join group chats called “PODS” and it’s amazing! You're able to even form your own group chats and even FaceTime your matched friends just incase you want to make sure it's the person you're talking to. This is coming from a paranoid mama and it's been such an amazing experience. There’s so many different types of Mama's on this app and the conversations are always good. If you want to connect with different types of Mama's around the world who know exactly what you’re going through, this app is for you. Ever since I downloaded this app, Motherhood has gotten a little easier with all the advice that I’ve gotten. I’ve even made some amazing friends who will be friends for life.
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1 month ago, Lusiej
Safe space for moms
After having my first baby, I experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness. It seemed like I was constantly doubting myself, wondering if I was doing everything wrong. Desiring connection with fellow moms facing similar challenges, I took a leap and downloaded the app after coming across a link on Instagram. Since then, I've found a community of supportive individuals who understand what I'm going through. It's been a two-way street of receiving and offering support to other moms, and it has truly made a difference in my journey. The Peanut app is a social networking platform designed to connect mothers, to share experiences, advice, and support. It provides a safe space for mothers to discuss various topics such as motherhood, relationships, wellness, and more. You can create profiles, join communities based on interests or location, and participate in group chats or one-on-one conversations. The app also features events and meetups for users to interact offline. Overall, it aims to foster meaningful connections and provide a supportive community for women navigating various aspects of their lives. Throughout my journey with Peanut, I am confident and proud of myself. The support i’m receiving in this platform is amazing. I give this app 5 stars because of all the amazing people I met and the support i’m getting, it is also user friendly.
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2 years ago, Autumn from Sweet Peas
A fantastic way to connect, safely!
Peanut is a great way for women to connect, safely! As a postpartum doula, I often tell my clients women were never meant to do everything alone. With Peanut, you can find people who are going through situations similar to your own, and simply having that like-minded connection can make anything more navigable. Those you connect with can offer support, advice, and companionship during big life-phases such as childbirth, motherhood, and menopause. A huge positive for me is that Peanut verifies their users are real women, and advertising isn’t allowed. This alone makes Peanut’s user experience so much better than Facebook, Instagram, or other similar social media apps. There’s no bullying or invalidating here! In the app, you have several different ways to connect; you can post and comment, join groups, message one another, listen in or talk to others during live conversations in a pod, or simply “wave” to say hello to people who you’d like to get to know better. If you are a woman who is going through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, or menopause, and you’d like a safe, friendly social media option to connect to other women in your shoes, this app is for you! It’s free, and it’s easy. We were never meant to do any of these things alone. Sign up and join in on the Peanut App!
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2 years ago, Tink🧚🏽‍♀️
Pleasure for Peanut
During my pregnancy My cousins wife told me about this app. I’ll have to be honest I was a little skeptical at first . The thought of talking to a complete stranger terrified me. I ended up deleting the app . I later redownload it remind myself that I didn’t want to block my blessings . It was very interesting to see all the connections I was making . I was excited to meet her mamas , learn their stories & their purpose for having this app . Now , honestly we are all on this app whether that’s to make genuine connections , need advice , play dates & etc . WE KNOW THIS !!! There were many times were I felt the connections were hit or miss . Other times I’d have great conversions with mamas & then we don’t speak anymore . The way I see it I am grateful for all the mamas I’ve met through peanut . We were placed on my path for a reason . I love that this app offers the opportunity to earn badges , join or create live pod cast ,video chat & so much more. Another great feature is that it offers me the opportunity to meet other moms if I'm traveling. For example : If im in NY the app will pull up potential connections in the surrounding area . I will definitely be keeping this app & i encourage other women to get out of their comfort zone & try it too . 😊
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1 year ago, KellyKell2019
Glitches & Updates Negatively Impacting App
I downloaded this app and joined the Peanut community in 2019, and initially really enjoyed the app. It has allowed me to meet a few mom friends that I shared similar interests with. However, as of recently I have become very frustrated with the app interface, overall performance, and updates. I am very frustrated by 2 particular updates that were recently made. One of the updates prevents users from uploading additional photos. Additionally, when you upload new photos they no longer appear on your profile - I believe this is a glitch. Developers please fix this! The second update that has changed the app in a negative way, is the “expiration” feature that was implemented. It causes your conversations expire within 24 hours, if the person you’re attempting to connect with doesn’t reply within that timeframe. We are mothers…our lives are busy…some of us don’t always remember or have time to write back within a 24 hour period. Imposing this feature can negatively impact a mom’s ability to connect with some really great potential friends. The developers clearly adopted this feature from Bumble and it’s very pointless for their target market. **Developers Please Fix the Photo Glitch! When users attempt to upload new photos, they are no longer appearing on our profiles.**
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1 month ago, raeraebaby1
Fellow peanut mom
Being a mom of three, I know how crucial it is to have a support system, especially during those early days of parenting. When I had my first child, seeking advice and support from fellow moms was invaluable to me. That's why I'm thrilled about the creation of this app. It provides a platform for those who may not have access to a strong support network to reach out for help and guidance. Recently, I was able to assist a mom who ran out of formula and couldn't feed her child. It's moments like these that highlight the importance of having a community to lean on. The Peanut app goes beyond just seeking advice; it's a place where moms can connect, make friends, and support each other through the ups and downs of motherhood. I understand how busy life can get, but the desire to make meaningful connections remains strong. With Peanut, moms can find friendship and camaraderie without the constraints of traditional social settings. I believe platforms like Peanut have the power to make a positive impact by empowering moms to take the lead in creating supportive communities. It's more than just an app; it's a lifeline for moms everywhere. I highly recommend Peanut to any mom looking for support, friendship, and a sense of belonging."
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3 months ago, hannuhbanana18
This app has been a lifesaver!!
I usually don’t do reviews for apps but I love this app so much I just had to! I have been a stay-at-home mom since my daughter was born in 2019. I never had any mom friends and then when COVID hit, I found felt even more isolated and lonely. I knew there had to be some way to meet mom friends in my area. I literally searched “mom friends” in the App Store and that’s when I discovered Peanut! I downloaded the app and right away connected with several moms in my area with kids the same age as my daughter! I was ecstatic to have found such an awesome way to connect with other moms living so close to me with similar interests. Since joining, I have set up play-dates at the park with some of the moms and my daughter always has so much fun. It was a nice to get out of the house too. Fast-forward to now, I have two girls now and still enjoy the app and meeting moms with similar interests in my area. I notice there are new moms joining the app all the time. Having the support from other women in the same stages of motherhood is such a blessing. I love this app so much and definitely recommend it to any mom who is looking for a safe space to connect with other moms! ❤️
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2 years ago, starrynighttt87
App has become ghetto/ incognito needs to be removed
I loved the app initially as I was finding like minds and was able to get answers to questions regarding my little ones growth during pregnancy. It felt safe for a bit and I used to look forward to getting on the app being a SAHM mom can get lonely. Lately people are really pushing their right to choose if they want an abortion which is totally fine but what made me sick and made me delete the app is when women post pics of their passed fetus blood clot on a pad from their choice of medical management (new term for abortion) and are looking for women to confirm it was a success. I’m currently pregnant and it was horrible to see that image. People abuse the incognito function and say nasty things about one another for bullying purposes, perverted content and just flat out wanting to start dram. Also this app doesn’t filter images of women putting their exposed bodies up looking to hook up. There should be an option to remove it from your feed or “opt out” “ not relevant “ like other sites do. I don’t like being forced to see things like that when they don’t pertain to who I am and what I’m looking for in female friendships. Overall the app has gotten super GHETTO and I have no interest anymore. I would give it one star but some women were actually helpful at the beginning so I won’t discredit that.
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3 years ago, RuinsoftheMoon
Useful and inspiring
At first, I was skeptical of this app, but Peanut has really surprised me. I’ve heard it called “tinder for moms” and it isn’t far off. Peanut has a matching system, so if you “wave” at another mom, it will match the two of you, only if they wave back. If you invite friends, you can see you waves for 24 hours, which is really cool. I’ve been using this app for two months, and I already have a ton of connections. You may think that there aren’t a lot of people locally, however this is a growing app and on the daily I see more people joining. Don’t give up as soon as you start! Two improvements I would like to see: • Read receipts being optional when messaging with other users. •Messages to be improved in general, e.g. it is difficult to write long messages, it only allows so many characters and it is very difficult to proofread. It forces many of us to write our messages in notes, and then copy and pasting to Peanut. •A way to remove a connection, quietly. • When editing profile, a way to drag picture order, so you do not have to remove pics and reupload them so you can have them in the right order. Also not a huge fan of how pictures are weirdly cropped in the new profile update. All that aside, this is a GREAT app, and I invite everyone interested to check it out. It is so worth it! If you are feeling lonely in motherhood, especially after the pandemic, you can find so much support and info on Peanut. 🤰🏻🤱🏻
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4 years ago, FormerPeanut
Do not recommend
This app was great for me at first but then I started to see it being a little overly messy with the mothers. I just watch as so many immature women ganged up on one mother and then would report each other and the innocent woman would be deleted immediately. I came to make friends but after seeing that I was no so into it but I stayed on and gave it another chance and finally made a super nice woman but then a lot of mothers started to do the same thing to her that I had seen before accusing her of being a scammer but this nice lady had brought so many gifts for so many woman and when I decided to call out the “ INCOGNITO “ mothers who were harassing her ( they couldn’t even be tough enough or woman enough to show who they were, so they posted the mean and awful things incognito ( meaning secretively ) but I could see who they were and I told my nice friend and she decided to message a woman and ask her nicely if she made the post that could damage her chances to make friends with the other women and the woman reports my nice friend and so does a lot more mothers and peanut then decides to take down her account and because the woman didn’t like that I stood up for the woman they reported me as well. The team of peanut is so lost it makes no sense. I advise not using peanut because even though we’re all grown woman any type of bullying or hate or harassing even in “ INCOGNITO “ it should NOT be allowed but it is on this app.
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5 years ago, BrittSoash
Struggling With Infertility? Do NOT Recommend
If you are struggling with infertility I do not suggest using this app to find connections or advice. While there are many opportunities to connect with other women going through IVF, IUI, RPL, etc. you have to swipe through tons of people who are just starting to try and have had zero issues. PLUS within the swipe/match feature people can share posts so you will find yourself swiping through tons of positive pregnancy tests. As someone who has spent 2 years trying to conceive, has had multiple surgeries, and a failed round of IVF I was hoping Peanut would allow me to browse a community of others in my same boat. There is not an option to filter connection suggestions to only those doing IVF, there is also no way to filter it so that you can avoid seeing positive tests/posts. While looking to connect with others who may be struggling you are forced to endure many, many other bright eyed women who have no issues conceiving and are constantly faced with posts from women asking you to tell them if their positive test is really positive. I have emailed Peanut to let them know how difficult their app makes it for those of us in the Infertility Community and gotten no response. Hopefully Peanut will change their options so that you can filter suggested connections and viewed posts - until then I do not recommend it.
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2 years ago, Purple Crow of Silver Lake
Ehhhh 🤷🏽‍♀️
I joined hoping to meet other local moms in my area with kids similar ages. I tried adjusting the toggles in the settings for distance & kids ages. I would set for within 20 miles but get results from all over Ohio and nothing less than an hour away from me. Or getting results with moms who are trying to conceive/newborn etc when I would set it for ages 7& up. I messaged the app developers with my issues and they responded with not much to be done about it. Guess there isn’t any moms in my area looking for friendships on this app at the moment. Another thing is the incognito- super annoying how many stupid posts come from that. Maybe if they couldn’t hide their identity they might think before they post? Or use the search feature instead of posting the same stupid questions. It is also supposed to have a feature where you can customize what comes in your feed- it doesn’t actually work. My kids are 9 & up through late teens- I don’t want to see the endless posts of potty training, sleeping issues, fertility, being pregnant. I would like to see things for the life stage I’m in now. I guess if you just use it as a newer mom and don’t actually want to meet people in person it’s okay.
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2 years ago, Jmottttty
Cannot say enough good things!
I found out I was pregnant in March 2021. Like most soon-to-be first time moms, I had A MILLION questions. Peanut gave me an outlet to connect with women like me, at a similar point in their pregnancy, as well as experienced mommas who could shed some light or offer advice. It was amazing being able to check in with others when I needed to know what I was feeling was normal or that there was someone out there who could relate to my experience. Through the app I made a few close friends, one of which gave birth the day after me and we still talk everyday! Without her (and the other women on Peanut) I am not sure how I would have gotten through my pregnancy or those first few weeks/months of motherhood when you need all the support you can get! I have a 5 month old now and I still check in on a daily basis to offer support or advice or to connect with other moms who are at the same stage in life as I am! I really cannot say enough positive things as I am so grateful I found this app when I did - it has been a total game changer!
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3 years ago, Britknee1610
Simple and effective
It’s very easy to set up and get going. You can easily make changes later or at any time. It’s basically like a dating app, but for moms looking for friends. You judge off of a picture (or if you take the time to review their profile) and decide if you want to wave at them or not. The app lets you know when/if you’ve waved at each other. It does not show you who has waved at you unless you wave at them too. You can set your preferences to show you people within a certain distance from you if you’d like. It’s a great place to meet other moms looking for the same things you are. You can highlight your interests so other moms with the same interests can see and connect. There are also groups for just about anything you might be looking for from wine nights to ppd support to friends in your local area. If there’s not a group, you can create one! I find the app very user friendly and I have made a few mom friends. We have park play dates or meet for lunch. The app worked for my intended purpose.
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5 months ago, RealisticView1
Not really a fan
It keeps you distracted during the day and is nice to have baby talk all the time and being able to relate. BUT majority of conversations are asking for advice and opinions and I had to delete the account because its always arguments and people being nasty if you disagree with them. Especially the topic of abortion they ask for opinions but will tear you up if they don’t like what you said. Asking strangers for life decisions is weird. So some of the app is cool in perspective but honestly it’s just weird people post about abusive relationships, abortions, divorce questions it’s not what they made it seem. My final straw was someone saying I shouldn’t be having more kids and they hope my son turns out (negatively). All because a girl asked if she was wrong for getting an abortion because she wants to live her life and I said yes that sounds horrible to say there’s adoption or not going on an app to announce this to strangers do whatever you wanna do. But yea I think if your bored enough with your life this is the app for you. If you want to be a mature parent and ask your doctor instead of random new moms your questions then don’t get the app.
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2 years ago, Destininicole
As my boyfriend would say “Thanks 🥜”
Ok to start off with a laugh some may tell you if you know of peanut at all or you’re just finding about it.. at some point someone may say “It’s like Tinder for moms” and while it may seem familiar to other apps designed to connect people; you’ll find the swiping feature “like/pass” etc. However, peanut is a safe environment for all moms and their partners to connect! You can be in any stage of your process, the good, the scary, and even the messy I’ve found that peanut has allowed us as moms wherever we are in our paths to connect as we could all agree motherhood sweeps you off your feet, and even most times it feels lonely. I joined 2021 and in the new year and found my perfect match. As the moms we not only have so much in common but our husbands as well and our children get along beautifully! It has been such a heartwarming experience for each of us and I truly have to thank Peanut or else I would have never met my “twin” 😆
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10 months ago, krazykazoo
Great concept but not a great execution
This is a great concept. We recently moved and I have been struggling to make friends so decided to give this a try. There aren’t a ton of women on the app within an hour of me. I have the settings set to 65 miles max. I get ladies from 1-4 states away and now even from Mexico which is not exactly close. The feed is awful as you can’t control what groups you see posts from. As a mom with a young adult child, I don’t want to see the baby groups or groups from other countries or on the other side of the US. There are other categories of groups that I would like to block. Chat has a word or character limit which is annoying. There is not a way to remove connections without blocking them. Sometimes people don’t respond, you find you have nothing in common, or you have no interest in pursuing a friendship but they don’t need to be blocked. There are a few more filters if you want to pay (price has gone way up for monthly in the past year) but most of those filters don’t address the issues I have listed. Not sure if I will continue to use the app.
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5 years ago, gtfyfh
Best thing since slice bread! Lol
I must say not being from the DMV makes it hard to just jump into friendships with people. My story... I met friends through work then shortly afterwards got pregnant and they dropped me like a sack of potatoes lol So yeah there with my clan :-(. Why do people with no kids think if your pregnant then you can’t hang out or too tired too 🙄. Anywho I came across this app and I must say it was one of the best most refreshing discoveries ever! Whomever thought of this was genius lol. I will say to meet other mothers going through your journey. Getting to share each other’s journey and talk about things that you both can relate to is priceless. Building bonds with other woman and solid friendships are hard to come by. This app has change my social life completely. Meet my first mom (1week apart) this Sat! So I’m super excited and to know that the moms I meet are close by makes for more opportunities to build on the bond. Can’t wait for the time I’m able to take my son out on play dates 😊
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6 years ago, Brightplus app user
Filtering Options
Update: I have been using the app more and I have noticed that I have been finding more people now that I have more in common with. Thanks to the developers for the tips! I feel that this could be improved even more with more filtering options. For example, I do not participate in some of the activities that others classify themselves as liking. Such as drinking. So it would be nice to filter out all of those preferences to search and find people with more things in common such as hot mess or city girl. Also would be nice to filter people if they have any children the same age as my son because then the children would be at the correct age to get along better. (In the app, it does have an option to do this; however, it seems that it does not work. Hopefully that will get more clear in the future.) Hope this helps! Thanks for thinking about a great way to connect with other mommies.
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5 years ago, JamesGang6
Cool idea, bad execution
This is a really great idea to help us lonely moms find friends. However, you awkwardly feel like you are on a mommy dating app—trying to find other moms that will match with you. Then when you do match, they give you the most interesting small talk conversation topics. I do like that they have groups around and they set up dates to get moms out together at a park etc. There is one other dark twist to this app: the feature that allows you to post anonymously. Most of the women on there are berating their spouses/ significant others. I am strongly opposed to “husband bashing” and I don’t think that this should be tolerated. Or to the same extreme other mothers are complaining about how much they hate motherhood, and are probably in a depressive state, but because they are posting anonymously nobody can report them, especially when I’ve seen posts that seemed borderline suicidal. I really wish that they would get rid of that feature, and make the environment up-lifting. I would always leave the app feeling sad, and in kind of a dark place. I definitely will continue to try and make mommy friends the old fashioned way.
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12 months ago, Ericaevelynn
I first downloaded the peanut app last year when my son was born. I’m new to the area I live in so I had no friends here. The app was easy to work with, very straight to the point not complicated at all. I started joining groups that were related to the ages of my kids, the area that I lived in and interests that I had. I felt part of a community. Whenever I had questions about motherhood I would post on peanut and so many amazing moms would respond with so much love and kindness. I even met my best friend on the app. I messaged her and we instantly connected. Fast forward a year later me and her get together almost every week wether it be a girls night, taking the kids to the park, lunch/coffee dates. If it wasn’t for peanut I would of never met my best friend and my first year of motherhood would of been a tough one. 10/10 def recommend the peanut to all my new mamas or trying to conceive mamas.
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4 years ago, SaJohnsonRn
Never shows local moms even though I know they’re registered!!
There is a forum for my hometown I live in with 220 members... yet it doesn’t allow you to see who the members are!! And when I toggle to show local moms so I can FIND some of these moms, it always suggests moms in other states or at least an hour or two away!! I *know* there are at least 220 moms around me whom I’d love to meet but to no avail, it suggests moms further out. I’ve genuinely only come across maybe 6-7 moms in my hometown. This just does not make sense. I’ve seen this complaint a lot online and in other forums. This is such an amazing concept for an app if only it would do its job and connect local mothers! Please fix this so we can meet and connect! This is the second time I’ve downloaded this app because I was hoping this would be fixed. I tried using it about a year ago, and same problem. I don’t want to get to know moms hours away. The whole point is to find moms I can share life with without it being an all day travel event. Please expose us to local moms and fix this!! Thanks!
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6 months ago, nerfitte
This app is a wonderful idea for moms to make connections. However, the drama in most podcasts has been out of control. The drama trickles into other podcasts, and the gossip, bullying, and attitudes continue. You can make genuine connections, but I’ve noticed several moms badmouth each other on Peanut. It’s like walking on eggshells because the women get upset and disrespectful regardless of how courteous you are towards them. One mom started a pod about how Peanut allows moms to trauma dump, and yet the pod was FILLED with nothing but drama. Interestingly enough, most of the same moms who have been in other pods with each other share the same ignorant point of view. A considerable amount of moms are ghetto and act like they don’t belong whenever you try to speak. They don’t even use Peanut for what it’s intended for. It’s bad enough that some mothers already deal with drama at home, work, and their personal relationships. So why create and promote a hostile space on Peanut? It’s like some of these Hosts get carried away with themselves. Do they get paid to be the conversation police? I had no idea that Peanut hired Hosts.
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5 years ago, Jaimelynn P.
I have friends with kids, but they’re all atleast a year older than my 4 month old & that might as well be decades when your baby is that young. I was in major need of friends with babies near my son’s age & peanut helped me find that! I’ve tried other things like mom Facebook groups and even swim classes hoping to meet moms who want to socialize, but have honestly not had much luck with finding people to build friendships with. I’ve had the app less than a week & actually already found someone that happened to live in the same apartment complex as me & we completely hit it off our first time meeting (as well as our kiddos). I have multiple play dates planned out with different moms & have already planned a pool day for a few moms to come over so we can all have a fun day outside with the babies! I am so happy I downloaded this app. I wouldn’t have found these girls otherwise. Thanks, Peanut! 😘
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1 year ago, jennaalexa1
Awesome way to connect with other moms!
My friend recommended this app to me when I was pregnant and I love it! I love the different groups where you’re in a space with other moms with babies at the same stage as yours so everything is relatable, as well as other groups with moms sharing similar interests or moms in the same location. I find it’s so hard to make new friends in your 30s (even in your 20s lol) and using this app can help break the ice a little bit (especially if you’re an introvert like me). The group I’m in for my daughter’s birth month is super active and there’s always a post you can relate to. I love being able to chat with other first time moms whose babies are going through the same phase as mine; especially when you’re up at all hours of the night with your baby, the solidarity makes it a little less stressful.
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3 years ago, Badeauxjo
This app is everything I was looking for ! I moved to a new area in 2016 & downloaded a few apps looking for friends, & it wasn’t until this app that I found something that actually works ! This app is amazing, very quickly I found my soulmate best friend & a podcast full of ladies that’s touched my soul in ways I can’t even begin to explain ! I found myself here , myself that was lost for YEARS ! And it’s so nice to have a safe space as a mother & everyone’s so supportive and there’s something for everyone here. It’s so user friendly & you really meet nice connections. Or if not you have the option to check out the podcasts which are a great way to interact. This app helped me with my mental health , my connections & my spiritual self ! I recommend it to everyone & they would do great to make a second app for just women ,who aren’t moms) !
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1 year ago, Yanagiran
Took me a while to realize you can chat with people w/o matching!
Ever since moving out of the city and COVID, I’ve been keeping mostly to myself, content with a few friends I still could take walks with once in a while, but once I had a baby, I began craving for other moms to talk to, share information with, and spend time with between all the chaos. The first few months, I was just so exhausted that I installed the app, sent a few waves, and then uninstalled it. I came back to it around 5 months old, and immediately found a mom group taking walks around a park I frequent. I’ve been going on mom-baby dates with different moms and babies, and will be going on another one this afternoon. For now, it’s mostly for me, but as the baby begins to be more and more aware of their surroundings, I hope I can use it to find friends for them to hang out with and do real play-dates with!
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11 months ago, Peanut App 🥜💕
Game Changer for women who are or want to become moms! ❤️
Peanut app is a lifesaver for moms, connecting moms-to-be and existing moms in a supportive community. With a user friendly interface and personalized matching, it helps you find like-minded moms nearby. From arranging playdates to sharing advice, the app has enriched my motherhood journey. With informative articles, expert-led discussions, and strict moderation policies, Peanut creates a safe and empowering space for moms. On top of informative articles and live chats there’s also fun groups that may peak your interest. For example, I have joined several groups either for moms in specific areas or food ideas or age specific toddler advice groups 😆. It's a must-have app for genuine connections and support in your motherhood journey. I would like to add that you must also put effort into making these connections! Highly recommended!
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1 month ago, Nursekye
It does work ❤️
I first turned to peanut during pregnancy. I was able to meet many moms/kids. That didn’t happen quickly. It took time and work on my behalf. It was harder for me since I’m a working mom. Most of the other moms were sahm. We got out every other week and the kids were able to play. Their kids just so happen to be younger than my daughter. I got busy along the way, left peanut and recently rejoined. This time, I see more working moms like myself. I’m hopeful that I’ll find another crew, village or network of mom/friends that fit the life I have now as a mom with a flexible schedule and child involved in various activities. Peanut works, you just have to make an effort and be patient. If you never want to meet up with people, it will be difficult for you. Good luck meeting your tribe.
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12 months ago, Jakobi F.
Great for Young New Moms
I’m a young (24yo) FTM and had my baby girl in April 2023. I don’t have a lot of close family or friends that have recently had babies, so it was a must. I first heard about Peanut from one of my Instagram friends. So, I downloaded it when I was in my 2nd trimester. It was so helpful to have it when I was pregnant. I met moms in my area that were around the similar due date as me. We would have long chats about symptoms, meet-ups, and future plans for work. A few of them I’ve met in-person. But the coolest part is I met a good life-long friend who had the same due date as me and delivered her baby girl the same day. We were even texting through our hospital stay and were able to walk alongside each other through the earliest stages of motherhood. So, needless to say our girls were instant besties.
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11 months ago, frecklesthecat
Something for every mom
I’m not the most outgoing person, so motherhood did me no favors, especially because most of my friends had their tubes tied years ago. Once I took the leap of writing a profile, one thing led to another, and boom. The unbelievable happened, and I made a couple real friends I get together with and hang. This was not a small feat for me, so I appreciate this app very much. It’s time we come out of the shadows and find our tribes - whatever style they might be. There are all kinds: young, old, extroverted, introverted, SAHMs, full time workers, moms with lots of kids, one kid, in utero, you name it. I really wanted to meet moms with kids in the same age range as my daughter who learned no social skills during COVID, and this app has made that easy. Now I use it to expand my tribe for both of us. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, MamaSince2018
Best mom app ever!
Being a new mother and making friends is extremely hard. I downloaded this app last year, when I moved to a different state. Being in a different state was hard for me. I had to start over and look for new friends somehow. When I was introduced to the app peanut I wasn’t to convinced. I ended up downloading it and giving it a try. At first it was hard to talk to people but I got out of my comfort zone. I started making matches, having conversations with these mommas and it was one of the best things I could do. Peanut connected me with some of the most amazing mamas who I am now able to call friends. I've also got the opportunity to speak to so many women around the world all with different stories. Sign up and join peanut today! It’s costs you nothing, literally!
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2 years ago, lh well
Terrible app and hypocritical with prejudice
I recently joined this app. I am a business owner . And I have joined groups specifically for those who are seeking a job or opportunity especially remote. I advertised on one of the pages for a remote Opportunity just like everyone else and a day or two later with no warning I was locked out of the account . There was a statement stating that I was banned due to my post that went against their policy . Ummm, I shared an opportunity like many others have , so why was I picked out of everyone and banned for a similar opportunity other mothers posted ! The owner of the app could have kindly messaged me but if she did that then she would have had to remove everyone else’s post and so I guess she’d rather be prejudice. I’m assuming because of my whiteness , she was looking for any reason to ban me. After being banned there was a page to read and check off as stating I read the policy and will never post my opportunity again . Once I checked it off it was suppose to allow me back in , but it did not !
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1 year ago, Tanya DeRock
Great app to make mom friends
I got on this app because i have found it hard as a work from home mom to make friends the “old fashioned way”. I am a very social person and need that connection. I have connected with a few different moms on this app and even gone to a few meet ups! I also love that this app has different communities so you can meet with others based on different views and categories. It is especially hard, being a mom in the lgbtqi+ community to connect with other moms that understand our unique families. I was part of another mom meet up group but a lot of times found it hard to relate to all the husband talk/complaints. With peanut I am able to talk with other moms who have families like mine! The app is very user friendly and easy to use.
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5 years ago, lnreyes2
Great Community of women helping women.
Hey Mommas! 👋 When my son was born, I was constantly filled with anxiety and worry. The baby blues became so much more. It turned into Adjustment Disorder with anxiety and depression. I needed help. Before I was brave enough to go to the doctor, I had this app. Peanut. What a life saver. I got to talk to other new moms and not new moms about what I was feeling, advice about breastfeeding, advice about my son. This helped me A LOT. Peanut is a community of mommas. A community of first time moms, of step moms, of single moms, of not first time moms. It’s a community of moms helping each other. Women helping women, gathering with each other to let you know you’re not alone. Need time to talk to another adult? Schedule a play date with a local mama! Need advice because your baby is sleeping on their belly for the first time? Make a post and ask other mamas about their experiences. Need an estimate on what other mamas have paid for day care? Make a post! The great thing about Peanut is you’re connected to other mamas in YOUR community! Mamas you probably didn’t know existed because we stay inside all the time! LOL! Peanut is NOT just for first time moms either! It’s for ALL moms! We know how hard it is to be a mom. We all need support! Come find your mom gang with Peanut. ❤️
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1 year ago, Jade_Armstrong
Best app to connect with new friends and get support
After I had my son over a year ago, I became extremely depressed and felt alone all the time. I felt like I was going crazy and no one understood what I was going through. After scrolling through Facebook I saw an ad for Peanut, and I decided to give it a shot despite being skeptical. Over a year later, I’ve made multiple friends, gotten advice on post partum depression to baby products, and now I even help other women on the app manage their PPD. It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made and I wouldn’t have it any other way. People on Peanut are there and understand you even when no one else does. If you are a new mom I definitely recommend downloading this app and being part of such a supportive community of women.
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3 years ago, KimberlyR20
Great platform for mamas
I’m so glad I made the leap and joined the platform! As a first-time mom I don’t have much of a network of local moms and am always looking for advice and new friends for me and my little one. This app provides that and so much more! It’s so easy to find other moms close by- and you can even filter if you’re looking for those with kiddos the same age range as yours! So many groups of varied interest to join and learn from. I like that it’s separate from other social media platforms since it stays parenting specific and is great to expand your network in a new way. Plus you can be as involved as you want to be- no overwhelming alerts to keep track of. It can feel a bit like dating, but that’s just making new friends, in general- so fun! Highly recommend it!!
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5 years ago, kelseycwalton
mama who uses it daily!
i downloaded this app 3 years ago when my husband started a full time graduate degree. needless to say i parented alone 24/7 for 2 full years. but having the ability to find other moms who were looking for friends just like i was SAVED my life! since then we have now moved to a brand new area and being able to find moms who live in my same area has saved my life again! nothing beats having another mama who you connect with instantly and i love this app that it gives me the ability to do that! it has helped me reach out and meet other mamas i wouldn’t never met! also connecting to moms with kids who are similar ages to mine and being able to have so much in common just based off our families is my favorite part! come meet new mamas and find new friends for you and your kidos! SO MUCH FUN!
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5 years ago, Linzebug
Real friendships
What a great app! I recently moved to my area and knew no one. I’m not involved in any groups and my two year old keeps me busy. I was told about this app and thought I’d download it for fun. I kind of ignored it for awhile after not having any luck. My husband harassed me every day trying to get me to use it lol. Finally, I picked it back up and made an amazing connection within hours! We chatted in the message app and then swapped numbers! We continued chatting until late that night and picked it up the next morning. We have taken our kids on several play dates and were even invited to a birthday party! We have plans to go to a museum later this week! Peanut has helped me find a really awesome friend that I may have never met! Take the chance and put yourself out there. What’s the worst that could happen??!
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4 months ago, chubbykoalaz
Unsafe filled with creepy men and women also discrimination against races and counties
Although the app is nice for advice and such there’s people stealing ultrasounds and peoples baby bump photos and pretending to be pregnant… there’s also weird men on the app who to my knowledge do and say extremely off putting things the women I dealt with who lie about the pregnancies seem extremely off and predatory be safe if u plan on meeting cause some of the women who I can tell are faking a pregnancy seem like they would kidnap and child or kill u for ur baby…. Another issue is racism and obvious discrimination against people with physical and mental disabilities also not to mention discrimination against different countries there needs to be more monitoring on this website and make it safer for people who have children, who are from other counties including the USA and safe for people with mental and physical disabilities and mental illnesses and also get rid of men catfishing as women with children cus ew
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1 year ago, ash g.c.
Love this app!
I moved from Florida to California at the beginning of my pregnancy and I wanted to meet new people in my area and others experiencing what I was going through - preferably other moms who were currently pregnant or reading advice about different pregnancy symptoms. I was able to connect with multiple women and not feel alone throughout my pregnancy which was extremely comforting and helpful in this new stage of life. This app provides a variety of groups to join including local groups to workout and many more. I have enjoyed being a part of this group and have met up with someone who recently had her baby. It’s been a nice way to connect and explore my new home with a friend that has similar life experiences. Definitely recommend this app!!
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6 years ago, LoveFoxx86
Some questions...🤔
I love the idea of this app and I think developmentally, it's almost there. But I have some questions: Are "New Connections" people who have also waved back at you? Or people you have matched us with based on our common interests? Can we possible have a way to better search for moms? So that we don't have to wait until they randomly pop up in the rotation? I'd like to decide if I'm tired looking at a moms profile, maybe an ignore option that would not show them for a week or so? What's the difference between "chats" and "messages"? They seem like they would basically be the same thing. I have chats going yet "no messages"? I hope more mamas choose to join as the selection of local moms is on the slim size. It's a great idea for an app, and I think more marketing (maybe a commercial eventually) would bring in more people. I never heard of this app until I did a specific search for mom apps.
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3 years ago, slh11192
Muted words and topics are not actually mut
DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE INFERTILITY, MEDICAL TRAUMA, OR A HYSTERECTOMY OR MENOPAUSE FROM A YOUNG AGE. THIS APP IS NOT SAFE. MUTED TOPICS AND WORDS ARE NOT!!!!!! ACTUALLY MUTED. This app IS unusable (changed from is becoming, to flat out IS). It has a section to mute certain words and topics, but it does not work. I have tried contacting support multiple times. This app is not safe. Update: I contacted support well before the review reply ever suggested I should. The response from support made me IMMEDIATELY delete the app. Suggesting I contact support is why I am updating my review. The response from support made it very clear they did not care that their app is so flawed, and it was blatantly, immediately, glaringly obvious they had never dealt with medical trauma or had any form of sensitivity training. I regret using this app at all. Should have deleted it as soon as my friend said it was giving bad vibes. THEY ALSO REWARD YOU FOR BEING A NARC. They give you “prizes” and insulting label rewards for REPORTING people. They literally reward you for reporting trolls… HIGHLY PROBLEMATIC.
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3 years ago, Newsnola
I met my husband through match many years ago. While this app seems cool in order to meet new friends; there are things I would like improved. If it’s going to notify you that people are waving at you or even looking at your profile, then allow a button to go right to those people. I want to see who’s waving at me and reply back. I have 2 kids and don’t have time to go through many profiles just to SEE who’s waving at me. Also, the main page, I want to see a list of the moms, not my main page being 1 mom at a time. Maybe seeing the geography of where they are located or a list of everyone in general or even who’s been on most recently. Have options for how to organize the app. It’s also dumb not to see who’s waving at you unless you wave back. What’s the point. Seems in order to start connecting you need to write something to them first that way they are notified and can respond.
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2 years ago, Kandy0722
It’s a work in process
I’ve been on the App since August 2021. The app is created well. There’s numerous ways to interact with other members such as “chat rooms” or Pods, Groups, messages, etc. There are different social groups you can follow to chat/ask questions and interact with other moms in your State/City/County/Town. Although the platform is its own social media, it’s not as overwhelming like the more popular social networks. There is a feature where you can post in “incognito” mode if you feel to embarrassed and/or uncomfortable about the topic or question. I feel once more Mothers or Women for that matter get more familiar with the app, it will grow a lot more. For me it’s help me interact with other Moms in my area, and also informative. It’s a safe space I would call it.
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6 years ago, RavenOV
Broken App???
UPDATE: My app got fixed, and the response team was very nice and replied to me in a timely and professional matter. I like using this app (hence the 3 stars) but I reported a mom on Sunday for mom shaming, and ever since then every time I write a status it disappears. Same with if I like or comment on a status. I don’t know why it started to do this AFTER I reported the other mother, but I never got anything (message or email) from Peanut saying I violated any terms. If it doesn’t get fixed, I’m just going to have to delete the app, which saddens me because I’ve been having some good conversations with other mothers in messages, but I would like to be able to write my own statuses and like/comment on others without my stuff disappearing. If anyone can please tell me how to fix this, it’d be greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, Mo-nya-jah
Absolutely Helpful!
Hello moms, I enjoy peanut since march 2022 and when I found out this app on instagram I was super excited and happy. I didn’t feel alone anymore. Now I know there are so many moms who are looking for moms friends, looking for support, to feel understood. Moms who are looking for friends for their kids and want to socialize and have some chat with people like them. I am from Italy and I moved in America in January. I didn’t know anyone and I felt sad and alone. Thanks to this app I met wonderful people and one real friend. We really enjoy spending time together, support and help each other, and we found out that our husbands work together and we didn’t even know. I really recommend this app. Don’t be skeptical, give it a try, you won’t regret it :)
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