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User Reviews for Peerspace - Book Unique Venues

4.85 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
5 years ago, nealtucker
Great Service, Incredibly Frustrating App
Service? Great. This review is for the app, which is one of the most frustrating I have ever used. It reloads whenever you open it so your spot is lost. You can search, but it never works. Amenities vanish suddenly and you have to go back to refresh, but guess what? When it does, your spot is lost again, and you can’t search! It’s enough to make you want to delete your account and flush your phone down the toilet. Also, there is no way to share spaces with others. If the service wasn’t so good, the app would be completely worthless.
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2 years ago, Todd M Reviewer
Terrible app and website and functionality
I’ve now booked a couple of times. The good: there seems to be a market for it. People will pay for a nice place to shoot professional video or photos. The bad: You can only add your bank info from a computer. They don’t tell you that it’s needed they will just let you keep booking and never get paid. Even when they tell you exactly where the setup a bank account it located, it’s hard to find. Super scammy. This is designed to be the hardest part of the service…to actually get paid. I’ve been asked by every inquiry for more pictures or of pictures of specific things. There is NO WAY to share additional photos. This is a total fail. There is also no way to edit photos for an existing listing. I listed my place but now understand more of what people are looking for and have tons of photos of my place actually used in production…but no way to share those photos without deleting and relisting my space completely. I had a booking run late and there is no way to add additional time until after they have used the time and left. Then it’s only available by clicking the link on an email. Nowhere on the app and nowhere on the website. How does any of this make sense??? There’s nobody with a full brain on the dev team here and I’m so sad about it. This could be such a cool app and tool but needs a lot of things added that should have been there on the first draft.
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1 year ago, Skooter1185
There service is bogus! Please ensure you read the cancellation policies. Standard 30 days BEFORE BOOKING TIME!!! I toured a venue for 15 min. I cancelled the booking on 30 days but 4 hours after the booking time and they refused to issue a full refund. The host made excuses and refused a supplemental refund. This kind of service is trash and I refuse to use their app again. You see you could easily find the venues and just go book behind their backs but being the nice guy never works. So they basically got 3 hours of free money plus processing fees for a 15 min viewing. Mind you - this is all happening within 48 hours. It’s not like I set on the booking for 2 weeks or more. This app is not geared for the everyday consumer as it appears tailored towards corporate companies and professionals that may have a budget to just cancel or throw away. They’re friendly but it will never be fair. I was told the cancellation fee was a protection mechanism but I was charged $500 for being 4 hours late of cancellation. Mind you - this is my first time every using the app. How would I know it’s that strict?!! Be careful because I’d hate for you to waste your money on processing fees, unwavering policies, and a lack of policies geared towards the end user. I’ll utilize other alternative apps to that won’t cause me this much anguish. Good service should be reflected from the Hosts to the App Developers.
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1 year ago, Basss player
Great service, buggy app
We use this every day for our business and it has brought us a lot of clients which is awesome. Their service is great. It’s probably the best service of its kind compared to the competitors that we have tried (like Gigster and Splacer). The app itself used to work great, but then after an update a few months ago it was riddled with bugs, messages that you have opened will still be marked as unread, you cannot copy and paste individual text anymore which is a huge inconvenience, when you load the inbox page it will often remain blank, or take a long time to load, you also can’t search your messages or search for individual clients, your only option is to scroll through all of your messages (which is an issue if you have hundreds of them), there is no option to add overtime in the app, the only way is to find specific client email notification about overtime which is a huge pain as it gets lost in all the other email notifications and it’s hard to search for. Will update the review once bugs are fixed for sure as it’s a good service otherwise
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8 months ago, Sciarralj
Fix search and location feature
The concept, hosts, and spaces are 5 stars however the app is beyond frustrating. The location function does not work. For instance, I have Winfield, Il selected, I know there are multiple spaces available here but the app shows me spaces in California. Sometimes it’s closer and will show Chicago but usually it’s California or nothing until I research the same location already selected multiple times. This is definitely a deterrent and the hosts are losing money, peer space is losing customers. Also, there’s still no way to search the space it hosts name to find exactly what you’re looking for. It can’t be that difficult to add an updated search and location feature. I C was told last year by peer space that the issues they’re having are because of being new to the area. Well that was over a year ago and if anything it’s worse not better. I see the same complaints on here from users dating 3 years ago! Come on peer space fix this already would you please? I just want to be able to easily find a space to book. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Jabs send
Great concept, needs a LOT of work
This app is extremely buggy and frustrating to navigate. If you look into your favorites list, and click into one of the listings, once you exit out, it doesn’t hold your place in your favorites lists, it takes you right back to the home page which is very frustrating if you’re trying to go down your favorites list to cancel out the location you want to rent. It glitches all the time and hosts are hardly active on here. I’m worried about becoming a host for this reason. I think this app has SOO much potential but they really should work on usability and layout. I HATE what Airbnb did with their new layout and hope Peerspace keeps the fresh and simple layout. 2023 Edit: adding to my list of frustrations… this is a brilliant idea it just needs the right engineers!!! Now i can no longer favorite new listings at all!!
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5 years ago, mrs.reagan
Searching Within Site Not Enabled
I’m a new host. Five stars for this concept and format. Great idea. The content strategy and page architecture are well done. However, it isn’t possible to use the search feature within the site to find specific listings by key-words, description, or Title of listing. Narrowing down a choice for a space selection is only possible by searching for general categories (such as production, or off-site). It takes using filters to narrow a search, which isn’t specific enough to be friendly. Key-word search options are much needed. I saw the problem again from a potential client’s previous review. He initially found some interesting locations and wanted to go back and look at details or pictures using the exact title of the listing. He found there was no way to find them again within the site, even using the exact listing title or key-words he had seen previously . I’ve emailed Support several times asking for clarification to make sure I’m seeing the problem correctly. Though they are friendly, willing, and always answer immediately... seven days a week, they don’t have a solution to expand their search feature yet. Another comment is that the app is limited in function and needs updating. I will update my review if changes are made.
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2 years ago, ShOtTi the Photographer
App is atrociously buggy STILL
This review is not for the service, but the app, which eventually affects the level of service I can provide to my guests. I’m constantly having to close out the app to refresh messages and even have had to delete and reinstall the app several times just to eliminate ghost messages (don’t appear at all) from guests and messages that appear in triplicate. It won’t allow me to add bookings to my calendar so it’s hard to keep track of bookings unless I do them manually. I also currently can’t look at the reviews of potential guests, nor see their contact info when a booking is confirmed. These are all features that were available a few weeks ago. Every week there is a new bug! I’m not sure why they take such a giant percentage of the bookings only to not put money into making sure the app works properly.
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1 year ago, Apple phone !7
App: Great. Host: ehhhh
So I have booked 3x on this app and what will happen is the host will cancel a day before the event, host forgets to block off days that aren’t available or hosts never responds back and booking expires and maybe if you’re lucky all three will happen 🙃. I feel like the host forget that the only way to communicate with their guests/customers is through the app. I have been left on read for days, or I’ll get a “I’ll get back to you later” then never hear back till it’s too late. I’ve even had a place that said it was available then to only hear it was under construction way before I booked and was still under construction when I booked and for my event. Don’t get me wrong, They are other great people and places on the app, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket on this app.
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6 months ago, pasionpozo
Great service, annoying feature
I think the concept and service they provide is amazing but there is one part of the app that is super annoying. I ‘heart’ spaces to add to my favorites and then later go back to look through the list. When I click on a space to look at and then click back to keep looking through my favorites, it instead takes me all the way back to the main front page and I have to go back to where ever I was in my favorites list every time. It makes it hard when I have several spaces in my favorites I would look through consecutively to narrow down but have to go back to the home page every time.
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10 months ago, hjdkkdndkn
Very Dissatisfied
I thought I was the only one having issues with Peerspace but I came to yelp to see reviews to find out that other people are experiencing the same issues. I am trying to book a space for a birthday party and Peerspace keeps cancelling the booking request and saying it is apart of their trust and safety policy. This cancellation left me & the host confused. They logged me out of my account and I am unable to get back in & now when it is time for me to contact customer service no one is available. I have called, sent emails, and used the live chat and no one has gotten back to me. Me & the host were left with no explanation as to why it was cancelled. The host wanted to rent me the space & I wanted to rent the space but we are unable to because of this fault app/website. This is ridiculously!
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4 years ago, MochaMommy312
Great app and service!!!
As an entrepreneur that works from home, Peerspace is a great business tool that helps you get things done when you don’t have a brick and mortar. Ive used the service once and have nothing but great reviews. The hosts that I’ve communicated with were very professional and went above and beyond to answer my questions. Will definitely recommend PEERSPACE to my business associates!
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3 years ago, jtd1992
Asked for confidential information
They asked for me to take a picture of my credit card and send through email along with my government issued ID, after they took the money off of my card days before i needed the space. They then canceled my booking with out returning the money to my card I will never do business with them again and I suggest you stay away and deal with the host directly as the host in this case was far easier to deal with then the company and app. They also have no phone number to call everything is done through email horrible business flow and customer service takes forever to get responses. Got a full refund and of course it takes 10 business days for them to give the money back joke of a company lost my business for all future bookings that’s for sure.
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5 months ago, oopsydaisy74
Still no iPad app!
Guys, I love this service and the iPhone app works pretty well, but it's 2023 and there isn't an iPad app. Really? The experience would be so much better if there was a native app that fit the screen. The orientation automatically gets turned on it’s side when iPad is in landscape orientation, which is how people use iPads on their desks. The small window UI just doesn’t cut it on the iPad. People use iPads for all kinds of things these days, get with the times already, please. The fact that the developer never responded to my original review from 3 years ago tells me that they are not looking to improve the experience for users across devices. Make a dedicated app, please. At least make the iPhone interface lock into vertical orientation on iPad.
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5 years ago, connervarin
Love, but does not help productivity.
I love Peerspace as concept, but the app is quite frustrating. I got some responses from some spaces I was looking into and from the message I could not get back to the space to check out details to ask additional questions. Also following the link in email of the space only leads me directly to being able to message the host- however I am not able to get to the listing. Lastly when I try searching the exact name of the listing everything but what I am looking for comes up. I would love to be able to do this on the go, but it seems you can only accomplish your due diligence if on the website.
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4 months ago, mghnj
Not dependable
I booked a space for a photo shoot and drove two hours to the location, only to find out that the host no longer owned the space and I could not access it. Peerspace still took my money and marked the booking as accepted by the host, so I assumed there wouldn’t be any issues with accessing the space. I have initiated the process of obtaining a refund, but I am still so frustrated and disappointed that this happened — obviously, Peerspace cannot control the fact that the host failed to remove the listing, but they should not have taken my money without confirming with the host that the space was available. This was my first experience with Peerspace, so I’m not sure I’ll be using the app again.
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4 years ago, Appleboydroptigga
Great app but lacks in areas
Peerspace is a great app for creatives who need to find places to express their art. However, when it's time for writing a review or reading a review it would be a lot easier to get there. I'm constantly going to my email trying to check reviews and it just flips me back and forth and usually not to one section of the app. it feels as if it's impossible. Also, I believe there should be a few more search options in the app to help narrow down quickly like the actual browser.
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5 years ago, BreGenesisF
Functionality of the app. is questionable
I’m super excited to use Peerspace but really struggling with the functionality of the app. 3 things I’ve experienced in the last 20 minutes that have caused me to give up altogether: 1. I am in a constant loop of “you are connected through Facebook” to “LOGIN!” to “Sign Out - wait you’re not logged in”. It’s blowing my mind but I can’t save anything due to this. 2. If I click into a listing for more details when I return to the list view the search parameters added are gone. So I have to add that criteria back, scroll down to the option I left off at and then try it all again. 3. In the map view, I can’t input the preference for title that I was able to in the list view. I don’t understand why a varied UI should inhibit me from using that search tool. Looking forward to an app. update! I’ll be keeping an eye out because I’m really excited to get started using Peerspace.
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1 year ago, Lalo_sr20
Very glitchy
This app has potential. But gosh it’s aweful when it comes to searching locations. I’ll be browsing and out of nowhere it glitches and it starts to repeatedly load different locations non stop! The only way I can make it stop is by exiting out and restating all over again. Also there isn’t an option to just search a specific location so you have to go through the hassle to look for it all over again.
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2 years ago, Mosdh23
App Needs Improvement
The design is nice and the app is overall easy to use except for a few flaws: - when I “favorite” a listing then back out of the listing, it won’t show as “saved”, either on the list or on the map - when I input the date and time as a filter, search for bookings, then return to the date and time filter, it resets the setting for date and time, so I have to scroll through and input it all over again
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4 years ago, peachlumo
Average venue , Money hunger irrational price
Some venues look like or worse than an Airbnb site yet charge $300 for an hour- some venues are essentially like some public places which are usually free of charge yet still labeled at ridiculously amount of money per hour. Yes your idea of capitalism in San Francisco = some people pay 1/2-1/3 of monthly rent for an hour use of crappy places that don’t look like good/creative/niche place for photoshooting/ working. Can you be a little more ashamed of this stupid idea? - says a pretty capitalist person myself. The technology side is not worth discussions in the review. Nothing too advanced, just repository and booking system. DUH
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11 months ago, Frosswire Vis
This app is wonderful and easy to use. However, I was planning a trip to go to San Francisco to scout some spots to make a story board. Now, when changing the location back to my respective area of New York, it continuously reverts back to San Francisco. I have deleted the app, logged out and logged back in and still the SAME results. 😩
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2 years ago, jamiejl
Great service, app needs improvement
They recently made updates to the user face but still some issues. As a host, I like to vet my guest by looking at their reviews. You cannot do this anymore. Please bring this option back so that I can see what kind of guest I am booking. Thank you.
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4 years ago, dcbeauty45
So annoying
I liked the app at first because you can easily find what you’re looking for BUT the booking part it’s just so slow and annoying. They don’t have an option to talk by phone, you have to ask every question you have ALL BY MESSAGES and you have to wait for them to answer, sometimes the app show their available dates but then turns out they actually don’t have any date available sooo.... It’s just time consuming. I’ve been trying to book for a baby shower and still haven’t found a place.
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4 years ago, Not worth buying-1234
Not 100% happy
The app is great in general and it’s easy to use. I’ve got a few clients from here but the negative side of it is that it takes more than a week to get paid. They start their process 72 hours after the rental period then 3-5 business days to get your money in the bank. For someone that has a lot of business would be great but for someone that’s just starting and needs the money to turn it around right away doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, Mon5324
Service is great, app is terrible
I love the idea of Peerspace and what it provides to creatives and space owners, however the app is so buggy it becomes near unusable. You’re better off using the desktop website. It’s a shame because I’m sure Peerspace is making enough money to fix their app bugs. I can’t even search properly because everytime I enter a location it defaults me back to phoenix. Then when I finally click on a space, and try to go back it restarts the whole search procedure all over again. Not good.
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4 months ago, Stephan Robes
Bugs not fixed!
Desktop version is fine but everytime i want to sign in on the app it says "this account is already associated with an account, plz use the original sign up method" then, everytime i try via sign up it says "this account is already associated with an account, please log in instead" And its an endless loop and makes it impossible to use the peerspace mobile app!
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11 months ago, taleofawarrior
I loved it!
I must say that this place is extremely magical! I was very hesitant booking due to the bad experiences I’ve faced in the past with booking studios. This place is spotless, esthetically pleasing, and just a Gem to be in. I felt at ease throughout the entire booking experience. I will definitely be booking here again!
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11 months ago, Escore3
App Review
I heard this is a great app to use when looking for short-term rental spaces but, getting my account set-up and running seemed slightly cumbersome. Finally jumped through all the proper hoops, that were not as intuitive or indicated as I generally expect them to be, however, I made it and am excited to rent a space for my next big shoot!
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4 years ago, dancindave87
Great for booking and renting space
The team at Peerspace is so nice and works with you to get your space up and running on the site I worked with Matt and he has been absolutely amazing! Looking over the site it’s so many space for rent and also affordable I can’t wait to get started
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11 months ago, chellllll27
You're better of renting a hotel for cheaper
As a new photographer, the pricing was absolutely horrendous for each location. And then a cleaning fee was tacked on to make it even more outrageous. Something advertising as $80 is truly $500 with the minimum hours and $150 cleaning fee. I'm also disappointed that you have to request a booking and the hosts can take 72+ hours to get back to you. If I'm trying to book clients, I need to know if the location I chose would work right away.
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3 weeks ago, MrMEW4768
Great App but bugs are annoying
Love the app and use it all the time, but there has been a bug recently that somehow signs me out and then I have to log back in. Pretty simple at face value, but then when I have to log back in it says “already associated with another account” so then I have to go to my computer instead.
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4 months ago, xTeejayyy
Log in issues need fixing
Everytime I try to log in using my credentials through the app… it says that “******** is already associated with an account. Please use the original sign up method.” As if I selected sign up. I selected log in each time and it only allows me to log in using safari. I’ve tried resetting password and deleting app also updating. Still the same message and I believe it just need to be updated on the creators end altogether.
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7 months ago, Princess( @LooveAleisha)
Good app but could use some upgrades
Gave the recommendations years ago…. - we should be able to word search spaces - we can’t click on previous bookings TO REBOOK THEM. We have to search our favorites for it. Time waster - we should be able to categorize our favorites -whenever I look at a booking on my favorite list and I go back it takes me out of the list, back to the beginning
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1 year ago, update peerspace
The app has so many bugs, might as well use the website
I’ve been using Peerspace for 2 years now and honestly I’d rather just use the site. The app has so many bugs there’s ALWAYS something wrong. Either you can’t check the DMs or when you click on a name it takes you to an entirely diff thread, or even when you try to accept bookings and it goes blank. SO MANY THINGS with this app. And this was pre- the UI update and now. They need better developers tbh.
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4 years ago, Nixxcole
Fantastic! Unique is currently right .
Ever since I downloaded this app, I knew it was gold ! I’ve booked 2 event spaces through this app so far and it’s been such a breeze and made for amazing events . More then pleased with the quality of the places listed as well as the prices. Offers so much !! Love love love !
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2 years ago, 23jae23
Review for the App
You should be able to type in the studio you are looking for if you know the name instead of having to put what your looking for and going through hundreds of places to find the one you already know you want.
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1 year ago, ThefriendwithnoKids
The space looks like the pictures!!!! The venue already comes with so much life and decor!!! A perfect space for any event you want to host for friends and loved ones!!!! A cozy sophisticated vibe!!! I can’t wait to host my Engagement Party Here!!! A reputable BLACK OWNED BUSINESS ❤️
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1 year ago, jael48
Buggy app
It’s okay but the messages aspect is really buggy. It doesn’t clear the notifications after being read and sometimes it erases previous messages or at least doesn’t show them until I go onto desktop. Also I wish you could send images in the chat in case people left something or need to see something.
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2 years ago, john brotrah
Cancelled my booking just like other reviews
I booked a venue for a party, out of nowhere my account was suspended and they sent me an email saying I need to send them images of my ID and credit card. So basically they just cancelled my booking and took my money and they gave no explanation as to why. I saw other people on here had the same thing happen. Very unprofessional business. Luckily I can directly contact the owner because I met up with him in person.
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8 months ago, Wild Wallaby
Interface issues
The latest version has several interface issues, including an annoying habit of asking you to pick the start and end times when you try to book, after you have already chosen them.
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1 year ago, Thisisthelasttry
Great service, crappy app
Peerspace has been a great way to offset our costs when running a shared artist’s studio. We find lots of renters, and even some new longterm studio mates! BUT the app is kind of awful! It almost never works the way it’s supposed to, doesn’t show me messages, doesn’t allow me to approve or edit bookings, etc…kinda makes me wonder what the point of having an app is if it doesn’t actually help me use your very useful service!
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2 years ago, 72!;&1
Absolutely Terrible App
As a user on both the host and guest sides of the platform, I can say the business is great, but the app itself is horrendous. I’ve put in numerous requests over the past year and a half and nothing is ever resolved. This issue isn’t just the number of bugs, it’s the poor UX and lack of understanding how the customer uses the platform. Peerspace needs to scrap the current app completely and build a new tool with today’s user in mind.
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4 years ago, ddpandy
Loving the app after only a few hour! But...
It would be REALLY nice if the app would allow for changing orientation on my iPad. I find it quite bothersome typing on the iPad case’s keyboard with the app at a 90-degree angle because it won’t switch orientation to horizontal. Other than that...GREAT APP! I’ve already reached out to four great-looking venues!
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9 months ago, perllllz
Helpful service but terrible app
Super buggy for something I use so often as a photographer. Whenever you share Peerspace pages or press back on your favorites page, it brings you to the homepage instead. When you click on a venue and press back, it sends you back to the top of the list instead of where you left off.
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2 years ago, 吉尔达 🐰♡
Could be better😕
I wish there were more types of activity options like weddings. Also there aren't a lot of options for spaces, wish there was more. App is a little slow on loading bookings.
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1 year ago, Marcoforthepeople
I have book 3 different locations in one weekend. One after another was available on the site for the location to send me a message later saying it was already book. The website and the locations are not on the same page. This is becoming stressful make a payment then wait on refund to make another deposit at a different location.
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2 years ago, Jose(really Mexican name..)
App worked great before update
Please fix 2 major things. 1.) I can’t navigate back to favorites once I click into one. It takes me back to home. I then have to click into my profile, then into favorites again. 2.) The minimum hours to rent used to be displayed. Now they are not. This is a big factor when you are looking to book for certain clients. As some host have a 4-5 hour minimum and now.. you just don’t know. Creates unnecessary bookings on both ends. And bonus fix!! Bring back scrolling through photos of space without clicking into it. Newest update messed up those key things
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5 years ago, Danny12554
App needs work
It’s a great concept, especially because I was trying to find a venue for a bday. I had better luck using the desktop version. Desktop I was able to type in exact city I was looking for a venue in. On the App it only gives you certain cities you can choose from. And on the App for some reason I can not pick a calendar date, but on the desk top I can.
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1 year ago, kiiimboslice
Some kinks need to be worked out
I don’t not like the dynamic between hosts and consumers. Why must the funds be taken from my account before even securing the booking ? When the host rejects a booking request due to conflicts etc, the consumers is screwed over in the end before we have to wait for our money to be returned before being able to book another space!! It’s a rip off
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