Peg Jump

4.1 (523)
27.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seventy Nine Lines
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Peg Jump

4.09 out of 5
523 Ratings
9 years ago, scyld
This is a fun game but the scoring makes no sense. My best times have lower scores than slower times. There is no explanation of how the scoring is determined. My best time is 5.68 seconds to solve the classic board with one peg left in the starting hole. For whatever reason that score is over 2000 points less than my high score.
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10 years ago, RF-memphis
Too noisy
Great layout for fat fingers. Would give it 5, but can't stop it from making noises. Even with 'Sound Off' it still makes too many corny noises. To turn off noises you really have to lower phone volume which creates problems with ringers n alarms.
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7 years ago, ParkerinGoonstophville
It is just like the original but, has a few different features that I like. Example: The extra board select and the random gap button it is useful when you cannot pic a gap. Overall GREAT APP!!!😃👍🏼
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5 years ago, shkh748
Fun game; works fine. Weird scoring, not sure what the algorithm behind it is. Would be nice to have a scoreboard showing your highest personal scores and best times. Would be even better to compare against others or race against others to complete the game. Plenty puzzles but needs more features
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2 years ago, non taken username
It’s great the scoring is a little confusing fun challenge I wish there where more free boards but other than that it’s perfectly made
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10 years ago, CluelessAtol
I have no problem with it just downloading it to see if I can beat it faster here than physical board, can beat it in 18 secs just have to try to beat it on here.
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7 years ago, pv2 Bailey
Great Game
Great for its purpose, but the leaderboards need a rework. How is it possible to solve it in less than a tenth of a second? Somethings gotta detect when it isn’t factual.
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3 years ago, javinger
I love the game but...
....My upgrade to Peg Games Pro is no longer functioning. I can’t even select it on the Play Menu. Wish I knew what was wrong. 😔
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9 years ago, Miszyoshi
I like this game
But I don't like the fact that I have to upgrade to use the english board
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7 years ago, DavidRawheiser
Abandoned App?
I get messages from Apple that this app must be updated by the developer. It doesn't look like it's been updated in quite a while.
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5 years ago, JJJJ16
Tell me how on God’s green earth it’s possible that someone got to a single peg in .05 seconds!? Even #20 got there in less than a second. Obviously impossible. Reset leaderboards pls
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6 years ago, Hi from NY
3 stars down from 5
Something about the scoring has changed dramatically since the update.
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10 years ago, :BrownBeaR:
Crashes when I post score on twitter.
Love this game. But, every time I post a high score on twitter it crashes.
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4 years ago, AZ4257
Needs a serious facelift
Old style app, from early days. Visually needs help. Needs better UX and instructions. Why does the bell ring, especially when the puzzle is not solvable? The game is fun but the app needs help.
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16 years ago, Deadweight092
This is a really fun game and I play it all the time (fastest time is 8 seconds). I would recommend this to anybody who ever has or will get bored. I do think that you should be able to change peg colors. SPOILER ALERT Clear the 4th row from top 3rd from left Jump the 4th row 2nd from left with the 1st from left On the 2nd row jump the 3rd row pegs Jump the only 3rd row peg with the last peg in the the 4th row Then use the top peg to jump the peg you just moved Jump the peg on the 4th row 3 over with the peg on the 5th row 4 over Jump the peg on the far right of the 3rd row with that peg Jump the peg on the 5th row 3 over with the peg 2 over Jump that peg with the one to the far right Make sure you are with me you should have a triangle with no bottom Now on the far left jump the one in the third row with the one in the fourth Jump the peg in the 4th row with the peg in the fifth (three over) Jump the 3rd row peg with the second row. The rest I'm sure you can figure out
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6 years ago, Songbird1sr
Bonus points
Still won’t give points for game finished even when leaving one peg. Love playing just wish it would give me points for my work
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6 years ago, King2NH
Hate the ads
I love the game but hate the annoying ads. I would gladly pay for an ad fee version of this game!
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6 years ago, GrandfatherJoe
So far no jumps possible
Maybe some instructions needed?
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7 years ago, talyho78
Not compatible with iOS 11
Please update to be compatible with iOS 11!
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4 years ago, britty kong
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15 years ago, SkierGirl77
Really don't see the issue
I just got PegJump maybe an hour ago because I really enjoy playing the game with my family at Cracker Barrel. Now that I've purchased it, not only I have I discovered that we've been making some illegal moves the entire time (haha), but I have a great little time consumer on my iPhone. I really do not understand all the complaining about the ads, sure they aren't the most appealing thing to look at while playing, but they don't what you would say interrupt play. The only thing I would like to see would be maybe an undo button for those learning how to play. I really love how you can chose different backgrounds, so maybe you could even change the colors of the triangle and pegs to match. But for now I really enjoy this app.
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16 years ago, Duke Lacrosse
Nicely done
This is a very good implementation of a fun, simple puzzle game. Takes only a few seconds to play each round and its pretty inviting to play again and again. I like the suggested moves -- nice touch. I found myself wishing for "undo," though. This is definitely something I can play with in the sandwich shop. Some stats might be a nice feature. After playing this for a while, I've concluded that a good undo/redo feature would really add to the enjoyment of playing this.
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16 years ago, JaxFTW
Now has Ads!!! BOOO
I loved this little game. It reminded me of when I was a kid. I got really excited about the 'update' that was to include new backgrounds. Cool! Or so I thought. What the author fails to mention in the update is that you now get ads at the top of the page. I like my iPhone ad-free thanks, no matter the size. Over-branding disorder? Not me. I have sadly removed the Peg Jump app due to the appearance of ads. It was a 4-star app, simple, free, and unobtrusive. I now give it one star because I just don't think a simple little game like this, which is old fashioned to say the least, should be pushing products in your face. The whole point of playing this simple game is to take a break from sales meetings, kids, daily stresses, etc.. The last thing this game needed was advertising; very inappropriate IMHO. I wish I hadn't uploaded the new version...Sadly, this is a trend that is sure to continue in many other apps.
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16 years ago, Big Buckman
Doing Business
Just wanted to clarify something: doing business requires the transfer of money. In other words: you didn't pay for the application, you got it for FREE; there is no business going on here. If you don't like the developers current business model that displays the ads, delete it. Writing a poor review because your user experience went down because of ads that can be readily ignored on something you didn't pay for is absolutely inane. This game is simple, easy to play, challenging, FREE, and since I am careful with where my fingers go, easy to miss the ads. Thanks!
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16 years ago, Michael-reviews
Good app but a few anoting issues
I love this app. It's just like the little game I made in fifth grade shop class. My only issue with it is the reminder pop-up about removing a peg to begin. I really wish that didn't pop-up after every time you reset the board! It's quite anoying. Also, I just installed the update, and I have to say I'm not crazy about the sound effects. I wish they could be either toggles off or changed to a more peg-like sound. Plus it a little loud when playing over a music or Podcast in the background. I hope these issues get addressed in a new update.
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16 years ago, GNewel
Fun! But...
I really like this app! It is fun, and it gets your mind going. I would really like it though, to not be reminded constantly with "choose the peg you want to start with empty" or whatever it says...and once you choose your spot, and you realize that you want a different one, you shouldbe able total the space again to make it come back so you can choose a different one. Those are just some suggestions, but it is a great, fun game for all ages!
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16 years ago, Breshiki
Simple & challanging
This is no different than the original game, you have a triangle board with holes & pegs and you try to eliminate all but 1 peg by jumping over them (like checkers). You still get to pick where your open hold is at the begging of the game. Then you click on a peg you want to move and the game will show you all your jump options. This version is great for pros or beginners and it's so easy to play that anyone of any age can have fun!!
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15 years ago, RLC819
The Ad Doesn't Really Bother Me
...since I'm focused on the game. We all must realize that advertising helps support the developers so that they can provide a product for free. To me the ad is not intrusive or obstructive. If there were ads and the game was not free, well then I'd find that something to complain about. I'm not too fond of the sound effect, but I turn the sound off.
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14 years ago, jessica1232
Nice Game!
This is the best "I'm bored" game! If you don't know how to solve it, you could play this thing for hours on end. Or if you do know how to solve it, you could still play it for hours and hours trying to get a realy low high score. I am going in a trip to West Oregon from South Nevada and this is what I'll be playing alot! All in all, very good game! P.S. My high score is 10 seconds! Boo-Ya!
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16 years ago, David Solberg
How to get rid of the ad update (if you had a previous version)
For those who are concerned about the ads, you can go back to a previous version. On the Mac, iTunes stores the programs in the User Folder -- Music -- iTunes -- Mobile Applications. Just delete the most recent version and iTunes will then use the older version. This has been deleted from my iPhone. I'll pay for the apps I want with cash, not my time and annoyance looking at ads.
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15 years ago, im14pinball
Good game for free, reminds me of cracker barrel!
Fun game, works well but could use a few more improvements. Overall board and pegs could use a graphic improvement and shadowing, Also could use some closure at the end. Like when there are no moves left it could give you a fun message depending on how well you do. Leave only one peg and you get a fun cartoon or something. Also, have different color pegs. Just as an option. Other than that, its fun, FREE and worth trying out.
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15 years ago, Reviewer1994
This application gives those who are fans of Pegjump a chance to play mobile. This application not only is the game Pegjump itself, but also has some extra features. This application makes the game fun in mobile terms. I would suggest you to download this application. You have nothing to lose.
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15 years ago, JB4HM
This app is the perfect time-burner. It is simple to pick up and play, and quick to stop. It doesn't make annoying noises. And while the original Pegjump was a great game, this app has really come a long way in terms of customization. I find this fun every time I play even though I've only beaten it a few times! Thanks!
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16 years ago, birdjunker
Fun, but ads..
I enjoy the game...I don't understand people saying it can't be done...I played it for 10 minutes and got to one peg - twice. Anyway, still fun... but unfortunately I'll be deleting it because of the ads. If I wanted ads, I'd watch TV. I recommend: charge 1.00 and take away the ads.... you'll get more respect (see: following/money) in the next app you make.... or drive people away with drivel ads... life is about choices mr. dev. I choose to not do biz with you.... listen to your customers.
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16 years ago, jnnycakes
First, the app is free. I understand the developer's decision in using ads to make some money off of something he worked on. No shame in that. I love playing the game. It's fun. One request though. After entering the Settings page, an ad loads at the top of the page, covering up the "Done" button, forcing you to exit and enter the app the again to play. If you could relocate that button it would be much appreciated.
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16 years ago, jfleschn
Full of Awesomeness
Ok the Girlfriends parents were here this last week and I needed something to impress her mother. What did I do? Pulled out my iPod Touch and set her up with PegJump. She loved this little thing and is running out when they get home to buy a touch for this game. No kidding~! Oh and it was awesome for that 3 hour drive to her grandparent's house too.
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16 years ago, minpinminion
Great Game -- But Needs ONE minor change
Make the following change for 5 Stars:  · Move the "Reset Board" & SeventyNineLines/Info buttons to TOP of screen I often hit either button while frenetically trying to win/best my time. I could be close to a new record, and then, OOOPS — I lose everything… Thanks in advance for fixing this -- and for a fun diversion!
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16 years ago, Gekkota
Blast From the Past!
No stunning graphics or amazing animations here! No Sir-eee! Those of us of "a certain age" will surely remember this childhood game. I think that those who are only giving it one or two stars are missing the point. It's a great rendition of an engaging puzzle. If it were any flashier, it wouldn't be the game we all remember and love!
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16 years ago, lsparlin
Pretty good game
I like the game. I truly do. And actually I like the new version better. Thanks for the backgrounds and I'm glad the game can now recognize when you've lost on it's own. But it would be nice if the dialog window at the end could inform me how many pegs were left. And then let me see the board so I know what I did.
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15 years ago, allaboutgadgets
Error messages are better than they used to be.
Pegjump has been improving this game. The "You lose" message has been replaced with "Touch below to restart." At least the app doesn't make you feel like a loser anymore just because you've lost. They still need to polish the messaging and graphics. The random start hole feature is nice.
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16 years ago, Caitabear
I remember this!
I played this game as a child, so it brings back good memories. This game is really addictive. I haven't beaten it yet but I'm sure once you figure out the trick, it will be no fun unless you want to find different ways to beat it. Overall it's a great game that I definitely recommend.
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16 years ago, lucante
Awsome app
I love this app. I was just going through an old box in my garage a few days ago and came across the original wooden game. I played for a bit and remembered just how fun it was. Now that it's on my iPod is just awsome. It functions great and should provide me with many hours of fun.
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15 years ago, outerlimiter
Love it.
I loved this game as a kid (I remember when it was offered at breakfast restaurants to keep hyper children from running amok). And this app is great fun for those times when you just have a few moments to spend waiting in line or just goofing off. :)
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11 years ago, stgaser
There is a colossal bug that impacts the leaderboard. If you don't already know this, you get bonus points for using the same peg consecutively. However, due to the retake move button, you can repeat your bonus point moves. The retake button DOES NOT take back the bonus points. I was able to become the 4th best on the triangle board because of this bug. All top 5 people on this board have been utilizing the bug to their advantage. What to do: A. Remove the retake button. OR B. Fix the bug. AND Figure out the maximum bonus points a player could possibly get without abusing the glitch. Then, set that as the limit of bonus points you can get. Remove everyone who has more bonus points than this from the scoreboard and make them restart again. FIX THIS AND YOU GET FIVE STARS!
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12 years ago, Gee-rated
Funny how all the positive reviews came out the first day...
Notice how all the 5-star reviews came out in one day? Probably friends of the developer… This used to be a 5-star app. It doesn't do much, but since the "upgrade" there are now ads and you have to pay to have them removed. The game might be more colorful, but it's the same game - except now you have to pay to remove ads… or pay for some other features. Leader boards… Big deal. Lame. It was better when it was simpler...
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14 years ago, Mrboostedyota73
Love the game
Well my wife turned me on to this game a few years ago. I was soo excited to see it here. I am soo addicted to it and have never experienced a problem. Beat it 19 seconds trying for much better
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16 years ago, mrfranksclass
Sold out
Granted, it was free but none of my other free apps bombard me with ads for vegas hotels. I'm deleting this because it was enough to spend money on my iPhone in order to enjoy some games at no additional cost. We shouldn't have to endure commercials on the iPhone, free or otherwise. (plus, once you know how to get down to one peg in about 6 seconds, who cares to keep playing? Not like i'd let friends try now that it's got ads running across the top.)
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16 years ago, Arkanoid0
Why does everyone care about the ads?
I found this (simple) game fun, I didn't even see the ads until I read the reviews and checked back. Over all a fun thing to have. Btw, my hiscore is 0:07. Beat THAT!
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16 years ago, FrankieG889D
The simplest game and I remember playing this in Friendly's when I was younger. The only thing that could be added would be peg board themes that randomly change each time you play
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15 years ago, Mar Pedro
It's alright
Glad I read the reviews before updating because on the version I have I do not have advertisements. Hopefully I can figure out how to ignore updates or otherwise next time I plug in my ipod it will update. I thought the game itself was alright, there's just not much you can do with the classic peg jump.
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