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User Reviews for Pelipost - Photos to Prison

4.84 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
This app is amazing, so all you do is pick out the pictures you want to send to your loved one that is in prison, and then pay for the for the pictures (and they are cheaper than going to like Walmart or kinko’s or any other place that develops pictures). Ten you put the information of where your loved one is and send them. When they arrive at the prison there is “NO WAIT” they get them the same day they come in. Unlike if you send pictures yourself, they get to the prison and the prison has to check them and test them for drug's, you know your loved one doesn’t receive them for like a week to a week and a half later from when they get there. It’s amazing! I sent from Pelipost and sent some that I printed off out the same day I sent some from Pelipost and my man got the ones from Pelipost today and the tracking number from the ones I sent was delivered yesterday, and he has not received them yet so let’s see how long it takes for the prison to give them to my man.........I will let you know when my baby gets them.....TTFN
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2 years ago, Missyb61480
5 stars, even though it’s a little costly, bc it’s quite convenient. Additionally, I love how you can edit photos in the app, as well as include a personal note. I wish the notes could be more than 500 characters, but hey, at least it’s an option, && it’s only $1 extra. Mostly though, I am giving 5 stars because of the CSRs, in particular, a CSR named Che, whom was very helpful to me when I needed extra assistance in the past. She went above && beyond. I always love a company that employs amazing customer service reps- it speaks volumes. Lastly, my only complaint, is that even though they deliver the photos in a timely manner, the facilities take FOREVER to distribute them. I wish there were a way that Pelipost could work with the facilities to eliminate the delay, && assist in a quicker distribution to our loved ones somehow. Maybe Pelipost could offer its customers an expedited option, which of course would cost extra, but still, if given an option, I would select it.
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4 years ago, justthehomegirlnahmean
They do what they do and send pics for you so you ain’t gotta go print them out at the rite aid or cvs or Walmart ain’t gotta be all in dem lines and sh... you know you hate them da... lines. Then they just send the mfers. Js .... you ain’t got drop em off at the mailbox or sum get an envelope and stamp waste all your da... gas n sh... you ain’t gotta write the da.. address n sh... and be like dang did I write it in correctly. How much this thing gon weigh n sh..? You just better put the address in correctly make sure they ain’t moved and sh.. you can send up to like 5 photos for 3.99 w a whole a.. message and sh... like wow. I don’t be putting the message cuz I don’t want them all in my da.. business n sh... but I got kinda bamboozled cuz I sent 2 photos for only 3.99. Cuz t get didn’t make that sh.. clear n sh.. like da.. u gon do me like that. But it’s coo doe cuz they let you earn points n sh.. and I got a lot of mfers in prison that be asking for pics n sh.. Js 🤷🏾‍♀️. That’s the only reason I’m making this da.. review for dem pelipoints n sh..
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9 months ago, Ajames88
Delay in receiving
I am posting an update to the below review. Customer support reached out to me and properly clarified the situation, the state I am in only sends or receives the photo books once a month. While it is misleading that the website/app says 5-7 business, when they know this isn’t the case for all states… I understand that it is beyond Pelipost control. I’m glad I was able to get clarification on this situation finally… I wanted to update my stars from 1 to 4, because even though I’m still upset at the false advertising, I am happy with their customer support response that I was able to get. Prior post: I placed three orders between 8/1 - 8/8 and none were received by the inmate. I emailed customer care Peli post on 9/7 and was basically told I’m out of luck - they said that there’s nothing they can do, and that the facility might have them but to wait another 7 days? I couldn’t get a clear answer, and asked for clarity and still didn’t get any. Instead just told that they can’t do anything.
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3 years ago, Greatfulgirlfriend
Bigger and better then the competition!
My boyfriend loved the photos, he said they were a lot bigger than the competition's pictures, an inmate had received pictures from another app I had come across but decided not to use because of pricing. He also said the quality of the paper was great. My only complaint is how long it took for him to get them, although I know with the jail system timing is out of our control sometimes, so I won't even hold that against the company. The price was also a plus, I found it a lot cheaper than some of the other apps that I came across. I also loved that I got to include my own little personal note to be sent out with the pictures. Great app I would recommend it to anyone trying to send pictures to their lives ones incarcerated.
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4 years ago, joan7560
I’m so thankful for this site, when your loved one is in a place such as this, i can see where lonesome and missing loved ones would certainly rain of you every day. Thanks to this site I’m able to share daily events for a very small amount of money, and it’s made so easy that even I could figure it out! That’s saying ALOT! Nothing takes the place of a persons presence but pictures are the next best thing, I encourage anyone that has a loved one in these places , spend the money you would normally throw away, and bless the person you love, that if your honest with yourself, could be you or really about anyone you know in that same position, think about they just got caught!!!!!! Send them pictures, keep them close to what they know and long for. God bless us
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6 years ago, Consumer#1234
Easy, Fast & Knowledgable
I love this app.. it's incredibly easy to send photos to my husband now where as before I was so frustrated with the process I gave up and rarely sent any. The people at pelipost know the rules for every jail so they always arrive and usually within a few days which is amazing in of itself. I sent some pictures that were not within the rules and my husband was told they were sent back & I just assumed that was that but Pelipost was able to adjust the order and resent them in the correct format without any help or additional payment from me!!!! I could not be happier with this app and highly recommend it to anyone with an incarcerated love one. Anything that helps keep our lives as connected and together as we can is a blessing.
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4 years ago, jinj2gether4ever❤️💯❤️
This app is such a blessing
The folks who created this app are awesome they truly are and I’m so greatfull. It helps so much for folks whom have a loved one that’s incarcerated. There’s been so many times that I sent my husband photos and he never received them. But this app makes it to where you can track your photos all the way up until they arrive. So once it arrives then you can ask your loved ones if the prison staff gave them to him. This app has great customer service always prompt on answering any questions or fixing what ever they can to help. Thank you kindly and Sincerely for everything ya all do to make this possible
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3 years ago, glamormama
Great company great pics
I love that this has made keeping loved ones up to date so manning ch easier and quicker! Great company! Ty! The only issue I’ve had is my pelipoints has remained at zero even tho it says I’ve earned 79 for my last order plus 20 for liking social media accounts! I messaged CS so we will see. Other then that everything is wonderful! I have a new baby and this makes keeping my sister updated so simple, even tho I have a printer at home it takes a lot of ink, plus I envelopes and postage and even then sometimes she wouldn’t get them ir they’d find an excuse not to give them to her but photos from Pelipost are always great and she always gets them and saves me time, money, and ink!
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1 year ago, Ugh, Annoyed!
Premium Shipping is not premium..ITS SLOW
The premium shipping is supposed to get to the facility within 3-4 days. But the app will say “shipped” and when you look at the tracking number, it will say “USPS is waiting for the package.” So it takes 2 days to actually get to the postal office, and your order wont get there within 3-4 days. Premium orders should be mailed with priority shipping, but the pictures are mailed with Parcel Select which is cheaper ground shipping…making the process longer. You are better off using the standard shipping and saving your money. I made an order on 1/2, and my friend still hasn't received the pictures. I guess its a waiting game. The app is always glitching. FreePrints is better and faster even with their standard shipping, and they provide glossy pictures without a fee.
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4 years ago, yolandabanda
Way cool
How awesome of an app to be able to share your current or past memories caught in a pic to your loved ones locked away! I love that I can keep my baby bro up to date with our family an my son,he’s not yet met,who’s 4 an growing so very fast! Being able to keep him informed an feeling the love while he gets to stare at pics of his daughters,is such a blessing. Considering he’s locked up for a long time for a totally BS charge that should have been self defense! With a VERY broken backwards so called justice system,this app really helps bring them some norm! Thanks again!!!
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5 years ago, StephanieHeiDot
Considering this is their main business, Pelipost should know that inmates switch units/cells pretty frequently. Yes, I’m sure your loved one will eventually get their pictures.. BUT it would be EXTREMELY helpful if they could make updating an inmates address easy- or even possible!! I had actually contacted their customer service the first time because their interface was below par and a slight mistake was made. I clearly pointed out what had happened and was addressed by a girl who didn’t seem to understand what was wrong. Step it up, Pelipost! It’s not that hard... my husband’s job is in this field and I have a pretty good understanding of the little they need to do to make it better. I have a newborn, so this is helpful not having to leave the house.. but If you can- going to Walgreen’s and sending pictures out yourself is so much cheaper and easier!
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5 years ago, AK47Shorty
This was my first time trying this app and my love was so thankful for the pictures! This is such a great idea. One issue I have is that I’d love to get a chance to review the pictures (after I’ve cropped and edited them) after I’ve placed my order. Since I can only see an icon of the pictures I chose to send it’s hard to make sure they’re being sent off correctly cropped. If this was fixed, It’d be a 10/10. Also, the 20% off deal I caught this weekend was a blessing! I’m a college student so any deals are appreciated! Keep up the great work guys. #FreeMyAngel
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3 years ago, JayAlexandria
Very simple and straightforward
Of all the third party ways to reach inmates whether it be commissary or phone time etc. I think Pelipost is probably the easiest to navigate and process on your own without any confusion. The jail guidelines are not always desirable but that has no reflection on the company because they even make it a point to give you guidelines and find the information very easily. So thank you! I will use Pelipost as long as I need to in order to reach my loved one through photos!
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2 years ago, c buscaino
From a prior incarcerated individual I just have to say that this is such an awesome app! It’s so nice for families to be able to keep in touch with loved ones by just clicking a few times and the results are priceless. It’s such a blessing to be able to receive pictures while incarcerated. Words could never express the joy it brings to these individuals and Pelipost just made it that much easier and convenient to make this all possible. Thank you pelipost for this wonderful app!
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3 years ago, lizzyliz13
Sooo convenient
This app makes it so easy to be able to share special moments with an incarcerated loved one without all the hassle. No need to print pictures and then send. No need to go to a store to pickup pictures then send. No trips to the post office either. The only thing you need to do is choose the pics you want to send from your phone and that’s it. The app takes care of the rest. Thank you so much for making it that easy.
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5 years ago, Mrs.Clint Ross
Pelipost App
It’s an awesome app to use as well as a much easier way to send photos to my loves who are incarcerated, I can can simply just take the pictures on my phones and directly go to the Pelipost app and send them without having to send the pictures to Walgreens and the take them to the postal office let them weight the photos and then pay the amount plus the envelope and stamp with Pelipost it’s simply just one flat rate which I love especially for 20 photos can’t beat the price at all ...
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3 years ago, 126)
This really is an amazing app I can just scroll through my camera roll and I pick my favorite ones I like and I send them to my boyfriend I like this app too because the pictures are like a normal one not no paper and it’s just an easy step I put my card info and the transaction goes through and it might probably take about 6 days to get to your loved one :) hope you enjoy
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3 years ago, jessy56883
Love it.
I use to not send my husband photos. Not cuz I’m didn’t want cuz I did. I just got other stuff going on with the kids, work and home. Now it’s only take me 5 minutes to send them out. No have to run to get a stamp or forget to write on the back of photos. He get is photos once every two weeks now. Plus it’s cheaper then going to the store to print them yourself. Win win.
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3 years ago, MieraG
Super Easy App
Pelipost is the second app I tried to send pictures to my significant other who is currently incarcerated. I noticed that this app sends my pictures pretty fast and for a girly good price. They also have a points system where you can get points from every order. Only thing I kind of don’t like is that it feels like it is a little higher than the other apps, but it is still fairly inexpensive.
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6 years ago, Liciapretty
Very awesome
My boyfriend just had told me about this app a month ago and it is very helpful very quick sending pictures and he get em in no time it doesn't take that long only 2to3 days and they do everything for you I recommend this app to people who tryna send stuff to their loved ones this is the app to do it on very quick better then Walgreens n save you a trip going to the post office all the time 🙌🏽👍🏽
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5 years ago, hollyannj
Perfect app for a busy mom who has a loved one incarcerated
I’m a very busy mom and I never seem to find the time to print pictures to send them .finding this app has made it easy with a click of a button .Im in love with this app I get to keep my love updated with pictures daily so he doesn’t miss any more then he has to .On the plus side I always know when they arrive at the facility so I can let him know .hes happy I’m happy a big thumbs up to Pelipost the easy to use connection to inmates
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4 years ago, Ashley Tarver
Great option
I love using Pelipost to send pictures to my boyfriend. It was easy to set up an account. The pictures have always arrived on the date said. Also I can use my Facebook, Instagram and my device to get the pictures and get them loaded & sent off. Saves tome from having to run to Walgreens and print them and then put them in the mail. Pelipost takes care if printing& shipping!
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4 years ago, Visionary mom
Speedy option
Love the convenience of just downloading photos from my phone and sending them. I don’t have go get them developed and then go to a post office to mail them off. All done in a matter of minutes from my recliner and done, did I mention and fast delivery. I will be sending more pictures more often this way and he is also excited to get more photos on a Regular basis now. Great idea Pelipost 👍🏾
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4 years ago, Fun time foxy is awesome
Love Pelipost!!
I was worried that the pictures I sent to my SO wouldn’t be of good quality. I was happy to hear from him that they turned out Great and were if very good quality. Just put in my second order. I love the convenience and ease of choosing my pictures and sending them from wherever I am instead of having to go to a store. I highly recommend using Pelipost to send pictures to your loved ones.
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5 years ago, Rapinni
Wouldn’t use any other
So far so good. I first tried a competitor and just had issues. With the app and the process. Gave these guys a try and it arrived sooner than they said, great quality, inmate was very happy. This past time I had an issue I noticed right after I placed the order (my fault), i emailed them and they answered on a Sunday. Fixed the issue just like that. Awesome service and awesome product. Highly recommend
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7 years ago, Jakalaki
So easy
Boyfriend asked if I could use this service for sending pics since the email method is just printed on paper not photo paper. I found this is an inexpensive way to send real photos with free shipping for around $1 a picture though I thought there was a less expensive option. It's very easy with the phone app. Just open app. Follow steps and the pics are printed and mailed the next day.
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3 years ago, Shawna0616
Easy peasy!
I’m so glad I found this out! My brothers in prison and he’s been in for a very long time. I’ve never been good with snail mail. Now I send them pictures probably once or twice a month because this is so easy and convenient! Thanks peli post For making something easy when it’s a high stress situation. I have 19 more years to go and I’m so glad that this app exists.
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8 months ago, CBeachEdmond
Send pictures yourself
Ordered 9/12 payed for expedited shipping.. Payed for delivery assurance and have got no assurance. Contacted customer service for them to say we will escalate and I would hear from them in 2-3 business days… and never heard nothing! Was able to talk to my husband and he finally received them over 2 weeks later. You're better off using Walgreens app and mailing them yourself. And don’t pay for Pelipost extra fees because it will still be snail mail and you will get no delivery assurance. Update… and expedited shipping included what?? Snail mail!
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4 years ago, ceecee702
Fantastic communication tool
My brother in law is incarcerated and since finding Pelipost we’ve been able to share so much more with him! Every fun thing we do, pictures of my in laws. When he gets them he says it inspires him and encourages him that he can live a great life once he is released. I especially like writing the little note to go along with the photos...
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5 years ago, 2shorthiphop
Would rate 10 stars if I could
I honestly have to say I had my doubts but after trying Pelipost it was the best decision I’ve could’ve made hea been away 14 years he haven’t seen me so for him to recieve photos from me and so fast they were recieved really brought such happiness to both our lives so thank you Pelipost for bringing much happiness too both our lives
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3 years ago, Uggy*
Thank you, our loved ones still need us
These photos brought my daughters father so much joy, it was like Christmas came early. He even really loved the little message I got to leave! Thank you so much for making the process easy and seeing that he had something to smile about that day.
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5 years ago, JazmnMarie
I was hesitant but gave Pelipost a shot and I do not regret it. They print and send to your loved one but keep in mind that after the photos arrive at facility give it up to 4 days more before getting worried. I always tell my friend to expect it in two weeks because of the inspection by facility. I love Pelipost and will continue to recommend it to others.
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6 years ago, manga1957
Super Service
I have been using Pelipost for almost a year and have always been impressed with their services. The process is easy, really fast and their customer service is top notch. That I earn “Pelipoints”, which results in free pictures, is an added benefit. I highly recommend using Pelipost to anyone who needs to send photos to incarcerated loved ones.
Show more
2 years ago, aj2338
Super easy to use
I just found out about Pelipost and it’s quick and easy , the next day my order was shipped it makes it so much easier to write to my brother than a paper and pen when I want to send a quick now and especially paying for pictures printed .
Show more
5 years ago, marl3y74
Love it!!
So convenient and easy to use!! Quick shipping. My other half gets her pics in about 5 days!! It’s also cheap, even tho it’s really priceless, because something so simple and quick can make someone’s whole day 10x better when they’re on the other side! Saves time of having to go get pics printed and getting stamps etc. AWESOME APP!! GREAT IDEA!!! Thank u Pelipost!! Y’all are AWESOME!!!
Show more
6 years ago, jennarn23
Easy and fast
I used donkeypics before this which was great but I can’t even get the website now because of my location. Pelipost is a great alternative. More expensive, but apparently the quality and quickness make up for it. Love how easy it is.. I. An share our experiences the same day and he gets it about 5 days later. Awesome and thank you!
Show more
2 years ago, Kaniah
Excellent Service
I’ll make this short and sweet - my loved one received the pictures that I sent within a week (including the holiday) and not a single one was rejected. Read that how you want to 😉 I will definitely be using the app again…and again…and again!
Show more
2 years ago, bangtaneun
Absolutely awesome!
Picking photos can be a little tricky in terms of getting them into Peliposts photo picking thing (I don’t know what it’s called haha) but I do genuinely love the point system thing they do and it’s not too terribly expensive for photos. 9 bucks and some change for 20 pictures. I love it and so does my Dad
Show more
6 years ago, mrshuckaby
Love it
I love how fast the pictures get to my fiancé and he never heard of the app so when he got the pictures he was shocked that a app can do it. The people in ther kept telling him it’s not a app that can send pictures but when all the pictures I send get to him. They are shocked and are now telling their family and friends about it as well.
Show more
6 years ago, Ahavasofik
I really enjoy this app it is very convenient and time consuming! I love how I can just click on whatever picture(s) and send within a click of a button and I love the fact that you earn points to be able to send free pics after you send your loved one pictures through this app.
Show more
3 years ago, suhhhhhhhweat
Awesome that we can communicate and allow our family members or loved ones in the jail to be apart of our lives and especially their children’s lives and watch them grow when they aren’t physically able to be there.
Show more
6 years ago, pandacp18
5 Star Truth
I was a little unsure if this really worked but I thought I would go ahead and give it a try since I never have time to send pics myself. I did the free trial which was super cheap and to my surprise my loved one called me so happy because he received the pictures within 3 days. He said they are super clear and GREAT quality. I love this app!!! 5 STARS!!
Show more
5 years ago, melanie1327
I love the app it sends all my pictures and they arrive in a timely manner, the only issue I had with it was another photo attached to pictures the ones I sent and my boyfriend didn’t really appreciate it, so if you guys could make sure that doesn’t happen again that’ll be great because that’s the only problem I’ve had besides that this app is amazing
Show more
3 years ago, 💜🥃
First time
So this is the first time using this and it was so easy and not complicated at all. I’m just hoping that the pictures he receives are of quality because I had used another app and he got a small pic printed on reg paper he said he couldn’t even touch it cause it will smear 😂🤣
Show more
2 years ago, goatslove
I just downloaded this app today so I could send my husband photos and I gotta say so far so good ! Great price well actaully best price I found so far so yeah keep it up guys and you’ll see me again and thanks a lot for helping me reach out to a loved one with photos of our family !
Show more
3 years ago, ronnieb$
Love it super easy
Love this app it’s super Easy to stay in contact with love ones during time away from family when u don’t have time To sit down and write and send pictures use this app and ur good to go you can be anywhere and send them pictures and a letter
Show more
4 years ago, Mom of Messiah
Pelipost reunites is
The inmate that I am using this app to reach is the father of my son whom he hasn’t laid eyes on ever in real life And then only thru pics as an infant so my heart is beginning soften and I’m thinking he should at least be allowed to do so via pictures. Your apps great because I don’t have to bother with stamps printing pictures or sending it incorrectly
Show more
3 years ago, MommaJem
Not sure yet
I just got this app and i have yet to see the benefits but so far I did get 10 points for activating my rewards system. There was however a glitch in the app and I had to re click into the app so I am hoping it wasn’t the app so much as it was simple glitch activity. Further rate to be updated after I have had a chance to further explore the opportunities.
Show more
7 years ago, Ruiz94558
Love it!
Oh my gosh I don't know how I didn't know about this app before! I love it! It's so convenient and now I don't have to go anywhere to pick up pictures when I'm strapped for time. I just change my pictures and send them off or I need to. And it lets you add captions on the pictures and a little message to attach to it, I love it!
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