Pencil Photo Sketch Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (3.1K)
57.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Minerva Studios Private Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pencil Photo Sketch Editor

4.75 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
4 months ago, Cyndy23
Great sketch and cartoon maker
I love this app. I photograph dogs and then turn the photos to sketches and cartoons. They come out excellent. The only drawback is the app has horrible advertisements for other games and apps. You cannot turn them off. You cannot pay a reasonable amount to have the app without the ads and they hold you hostage while you wait for the ad to complete. Super annoying. I still love the app
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7 months ago, nikwax
Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
Sine the demise of the much loved Paper Camera app, I’ve been looking for a replacement that can perform the same functions effortlessly, without a subscription model. Pencil Photo Sketch is perfect! It’s very easy to use, the results are terrific, and there is no subscription! $1.99 to remove ads, and $5.99 for the HD pack, are more than reasonable for this quality of product. Yay! Long live Pencil Photo Sketch!
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3 years ago, Hey Cray 23
I’ve only had it about 10 minutes and it asked for a review BUT in those 10 minutes I’ve printed about 10 pictures with the black and white sketch feature! My boy loves to color and I thought it would be fun for him to color pictures of himself with his friends and family that he hasn’t been able to see because of covid! The filters are awesome and the app is super easy to use. Love it! My thanks to the creators!
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4 years ago, Livelifejoyfully
Easy to use and free? No pop up ads? Yes! All the other similar apps had subscriptions and they were not cheap. I took a chance on this one and it does exactly what I want. I would be willing to pay a one time fee to buy this app. I like to be able to try an app before purchasing. This app is a keeper on my phone.
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2 years ago, ReWriteMan
Initially terrific: now…
Ive had this app for over a year, maybe longer. Loved it. Now, I can only use 1 photo and then I am barraged by ads for games and other apps. I actually can deal with that because I am using a free version. But I am not a gamer. The problem now is I can’t close the ads. There is no ‘x’ or close button. They won’t go away unless I completely go out of the pencilphotosketch app and start over. Then it happens again. Guess it’s time to move on.
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3 years ago, turtleblossom
this app is simply amazing! seriously, i use it when i’m bored and i think a picture would look cute, and it all looks so real and fantastic! i can’t think of a better app to make my photos any more cuter by looking like they’ve been drawn. as a drawer, i feel this will help me draw better pictures! thanks everyone at HQ!
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2 years ago, @davessuccess
Has a TON of Ads! But… I’m impressed.
I think this app wins the award for having the most ads that can be put in a simple app like this but it does a really good job making your photo look like a sketch! I’m using this to make my 3D cities into sketches. its a fast way to do my artwork and I’m impressed!
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7 months ago, Mr.Moblin
Awesome app
This app is so good I love all the different styles you can make your pictures look like is just so amazing. Whenever I use this app for my photos they look so good at the end. For all the people who are considering getting this app I would highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, love it but fix it.
It is Great app and all but I was expecting to be able to actually sketch my photo not have the app do it for me!!!! It Kinda reminds me of Vinkle The app does the edit for you which is unfair to people Who spend hours making edits!!! That’s exactly what this is!!! It’s a little unfair especially for people like me Who work really hard on their drawings hours spent just working on The hair. This isn’t real art AT ALL It’s cheating!!! You’re being really unfair to people ( like me ) who spend hours on their art. It’s so cruel 😩😭😡
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4 years ago, I am a petulant cow
Needs 5 stars
Most apps like this need you to pay, but this app doesn't require that, and to butter up the deal, there is barely any pop-up adds. The editing skills are also amazing and allow you to finish off the picture in a bunch of different ways
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7 months ago, Happylovingthisapp
The ABSOLUTE BEST photo or image sketcher!!!!
This sketch app is the absolute best I have ever used and now I will use no other!!! You have so many different variations of the type of sketch you want the end result to be and they all any choice you make come out amazing!!!! Thank you so much for this app!!!!
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1 year ago, Ugh i hage addssssssss
its awesome but one problem…
This game is amazing! I love using it! But the thing is that i don’t know how to print the pictures. But its very easy and fun to prank your friends on saying that you drew it. Other than printing its awsome! I recommend it to everyone!
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2 years ago, Silenthui
The App crashed before I can see it open successfully
After the most recent update (09/13), the 👆situation happened. I could not use it any more. So I reinstalled the app, which seemed to get the problem resolved. So, I changed my rating for this app. But that is an unpleasant experience.
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2 years ago, Tucson cactus lover
So easy, so useful
Color can be distracting for this ink artist. I love the many options to just see the structure of a photo. And bold and gaudy is fun! My only mild annoyance is that I must hold my iPad in a portrait mode and I usually view things in landscape with my case/keyboard.
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12 months ago, Mindful Creator
Paid version is worth it
I’ve tried several sketch apps and this one is my favorite so far. Easy to use, a good array of effects and the expanded choices with the (reasonably priced) paid version made it even more fun.
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1 year ago, Mark Lessard
Be ready to wait for the premium features to activate
It took 12 hours for the ads to stop and add the hd pack. Spend the money and wait, if you have a need for this it is simple and easy. Work good.
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1 year ago, CA hinson
I use it for my 3rd grade Sunday school students. It keeps them entertained while also giving them something to color.
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4 years ago, lovedylovelove
I LOVE this app!
Pencil Photo Sketch is truly amazing. It can go from adding a filter to a picture all the way to making it look like a professional photo. I 100% recommend it.
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1 year ago, aabbcccdddfd
Luv it
I can get a glimpse of my photos in several different ways from my phone. If I liked the outcome I can easily save it to my phone
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7 months ago, Avo Cadio
Excellent app for sketch art
I’ve used it several times. Ads aren’t so many I can handle the number of ads. Good app gets the job done.
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4 years ago, MizKate in AZ
Good App!
This app is so fun to play with, lots of interesting effects. I love turning photos of my dog into “cartoons”. I sometimes use this app first, then import the results into Photoshop Express or PhotoRoom to create more special effects and/or to add text.
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5 months ago, KWagnerGSXM1
Good job!
Unlike most others, this one has flat fees to get rid of ads, and to add extra filters…. most others I have looked at demand a monthly fee. It works very well and it’s easy to use.
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3 years ago, Wdav
Scam Alert!
Just downloaded! Five full screen ads in a row. Never could get to even see what the app was. Apparently they want you to purchase the “remove ads” feature to even try the app. I usually buy all features after I at least try an app, if I like it. Going through the reviews it is “strange “ how they are all so “similar “ - wink, wink, nudge, nudge!
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4 years ago, writepaint
Some great effects
Most of the pencil effects are too faint and subtle for my taste, but filters and a few color effects gave me some awesome changes and those alone make this a pretty impressive app
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4 years ago, eeflyer
Just Awesome
Thank you so much for this program. It’s great, especially for those of us who can take decent photos but can’t draw to save our lives.
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2 years ago, ruth lucas
Why two stars
I give it two stars because it takes a long time to load it stays black the whole time so two stars. Also I have been into drawing so I thought this would help but in my opinion or if it just my device that not letting the app load.
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4 years ago, Sonikku1991
Helps with tattooing
This app has made my tattooing process 15-30 mins lighter cause of this app, easy to make a basic light pencil like sketch, makes easy for line work and shading.
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3 months ago, Tatertot mom
Zero stars!! Still have ads after paying to remove ads
I actually PAID to remove the ads. And still get ads every time I open the app. It took me click after click of closing ad after ad before the start up screen would open. And I paid to remove ads. Absolute FRAUD. Stay away.
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12 months ago, getanie
Really easy
Subscription for more high tech features
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2 years ago, Galadien
So many ads it’s hard to figure out how to use it
Not worth it. There are so many ads you can hardly figure out how to use the app. Click on the wrong thing and you have to wait through at least a 30 second ad. It’s just not worth bothering. I don’t mind ads, but this is extreme overkill.
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1 year ago, Banker$$
Love this App
This app has so many features. The end product turns out so well.
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4 years ago, A29547
Overall really great!
Overall really great, especially compared to similar apps. My only complaint is that sometimes the image is rotated when I upload it into the app
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1 year ago, Genie71
So satisfying
I love playing artist with my favorite photos. They also make great gifts, as versions of pets or other subjects!
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3 years ago, pre-Monet
A fun and artistic App!
The variety of pencil and color allows me to accomplish and upgrade the color many of my drawings ! Excellent!
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4 years ago, BoopDSnoot
I love it
I tried 3-4 different apps for turning photos into sketches, this is the only one I’ve kept. It consistently can get me what I want.
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4 years ago, dvbiikbfdryh
Nice! Easy to use!
I love it compared to other apps and I have tried quite a few! Thank you!
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10 months ago, Snark Charming
Not bad but…
I bought the pro pack, but now that I’m redownloading the program for my newer phone, i find that the higher def save options are missing.
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3 years ago, Lilynile
Great App
Turns your pictures into a work of art in seconds.
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3 years ago, eightfusex
It works and it’s easy to use!!
Works great!!! I’ve enjoyed converting some of my photos. It’s really cool! Thanks
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1 year ago, Damsel53
Love this app!
I upgraded as soon as I started using it. Well worth it!
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12 months ago, Jiya Jindal
It is so good, You can save the photos and draw with them.
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1 year ago, free in 2021
So user friendly!
This app is fun!! Play around and get lots of cool pictures!!!
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4 years ago, Superhuman 303
My favorite app!!
Please don’t tell anyone that I did not instantly become a great artist. So much fun!! My favorite app. Really!
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2 years ago, slramirez
All it did was made me pay
I paid for no previews of stupid stuff and also for the pro stuff and it didn’t let me download or anything, and the stupid commercial videos kept coming out. I want a refund in this crap
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4 years ago, Gambear3
Like this app.
I tend to use 2 choices more than the others. I like the detail with them. Overall this is a nice app.
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2 days ago, Thea maria
Too many
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11 months ago, Ballslicknutts
Great!! Quickly turns tattoos into linework! Love it!!
Instantly turns any picture or tattoo design and flash and portriat into linework. Love it
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4 years ago, Alicia 62648
Good app
It doesn't do constant adds and trr to get me to buy stuff. It is actually free and good quality.
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10 months ago, iPad-user-93356
Works amazing!
I wanted a drawing of my house to color in. It worked great!
Show more
7 months ago, Ryew16
Ads are so bad
So many ads you can even test drive the app. Probably would have bought if I could have just gotten to the point to see my image. Lost patience with it.
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