Pencil Sketch - Image Editor

Photo & Video
4.1 (126)
36.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dumpling Sandwich Software Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pencil Sketch - Image Editor

4.12 out of 5
126 Ratings
4 years ago, blah hamberger
Amazing but there are some things
So, I was going to print out part of a book that I recommended for my friend to read so I came to the app, this is only a suggestion but I think that it would make this app much more easy to use. First, when you want to print or edit a photo and change your mind about printing or editing that photo you go back of course to find another photo to print, or at least that is what I do. I think the app would be much more convenient if you could go straight back to the camera roll and not reset to the home page and have to click photos and than go to camera roll again. The other thing is, could there be a way that you could print multiple pages at a time. Because I have faced both problems when trying to print the chapter of the book my friend needed. Could you perhaps change the selection of printing one thing at a time to 2 or more things. My thought is, there could be a button and you will press it to print multiple things and select what you want to print instead of going all the way back and selecting another thing to print at 2 or more separate times. Please do take this to consideration, thank you for reading😊 Sincerely, E.G
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5 years ago, MawMawDA
JUST GOT this app... its OK..lots of fun for sure especially if you have grandkids and great grandkids. U can screenshot your finished pic and print it.. Great gifts... and cheap ! Have fun !
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5 years ago, mspepper
Amazing, but now...
I love this app so much! I’m totally in love with #23, and I’ve spent a few days now looking for plugins and actions for photoshop on my Mac that will approximate what this app gives me but there’s nothing out there. So now I’m unhappy. Because the only way to process a ton of photos for my project is to bring them into Photos, import the fairly large files into Pencil Sketch, process them, put them back into Photos, and bring them into photoshop. Nertz! Great app.
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6 years ago, Rico1951
I’ve been in digital imaging for some time now & have used many types of didital algorithms from Photoshop actions to fee apps. I’ve had a more robust experience than with Pencil Sketch. I never use just one app but a compilation of apps! With the pixilated slider it’s easy to import the image to other painting apps to get a truly unique & original work of art!
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5 years ago, In The Spirit of Nader
Confused? Documentation?
Hi, Where is the documentation for this app? Where does it store saved files? How do you get the top functions to have a effect. What do you get extra if you get the HD version? David
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5 years ago, hby788
Saves to the phone, don’t have to send to email
This app works great and it will save to your phone especially with iPhone
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6 years ago, GBYME
For me this app I use frequently , used other one but everything is # hashtags an I’m just so not into that , I’m looking for a Sketch to me it means pencil or or less
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6 years ago, tanyah117
Could use more options but does it’s job and pictures come out great
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4 years ago, sirbradin
No directions
There's no directions you're just supposed to know where things are how to use them if you know nothing about editing will be totally lost I know I was
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2 weeks ago, BJBesties4Ever
Way too many ads and pop ups!
Wish they would just tell you there will be an ad every “xx” seconds or something, why hide it or try?
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6 years ago, jothny
Good app :)
It could have more potential
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11 years ago, Halostang
This app is great and so easy to use. Only thing that could make it better is if there was an adjustment for light/dark. But overall great!!
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2 months ago, clydesign
No app…just add
Awful waste of time
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6 years ago, Hailey Canelli
It ok 😕
It needs more options for free 😕
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8 years ago, BAR112
Surprisingly Good!
Pencil Sketch Free: not many presets to choose; however, on some photos it creates beautiful sketches! Just have to experiment. Then you can tweak your created sketch with Aviary. So easy!
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11 years ago, Monkey heart momma
I heard about this app on the radio and I am so glad I did. It's simple and exactly what we need to change up photos.
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11 years ago, Jordain aka Miss.Kewtie
Hi ppl
Ayyyy this app is tight it has no ads and is very kewl nd will give u what u want. FYI if u use sketch they'll come out normal if u use doodle they come out just as a doodle but the doodle is Gud 2 well anyway it's a Gud app soo bye:-)
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11 years ago, Jaelynn hernandez
I love this app!!!! it's awesome I can't believe I just got it just a second ago and I already fell in love with it. I give this app a 👍👍😆😆
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12 years ago, Faisal aa
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11 years ago, The otherartist
Bet app ever
Cool this app works great Better than most apps this ap is a 10 stars
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8 years ago, Aerostefy
Good app
Tried many apps but loved this one
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11 years ago, Tonya G.
Best app EVER!!!
Literally this is the best and most enjoyable app ever made for photos. It was exactly what I was looking for!!!!!
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11 years ago, Navigator946
Neat App
Didn't know anything like this existed. Should be very useful and fun.
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10 years ago, Redfairy2001
So perfect!!!
What a great app, our family can make such cool gifts!!!
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10 years ago, Nik11345
More than perfect
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11 years ago, WB YOU-ARE-THE-ONE
This is a very good one, no doubt about it
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11 years ago, railroader
Cool app
For a free app this one works flawlessly.
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8 years ago, taph2o
Slow response
Really bad lag with either finger or pencil whe trying to draw
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11 years ago, TimFicarelli
Love this app
Get this app I luv it.
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11 years ago, S. Staples
Very good app!
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12 years ago, Bahonar
Great app
Truly so sweet ^_^
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11 years ago, T Z 1
Fair app - tools are hidden by the ads.
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11 years ago, Sassy0
It's a good app!!
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10 years ago, krickettking
Not what I thought
It's a photo filter app. Not a drawing app.
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11 years ago, Logangrogan
This app is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, Julie Gentry
I like it
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9 years ago, cakewalkblues
Don't Bother
This could have possibilities-but,this version doesn't live up to anything you would like to have.images are "sparse" to say the best about it. I wish I had not wasted the space this app takes on my phone. Too bad for me-but,trust me,you don't want this app.
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