Pencil Sketch Photo Editor +

Photo & Video
4.5 (12K)
6.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tue Nguyen Minh
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for Pencil Sketch Photo Editor +

4.51 out of 5
12K Ratings
1 year ago, Makavelixxan
Hey Apple. I bought this app hoping I can save the pictures needed to help with my needs without the water Mark and it doesn’t let me save. Continuously it’ll say ‘error occurred please try again later’. I’ve been trying for weeks. How can this be fixed?
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5 years ago, NataAzar13
Not As Advertised
The images in the app description do look like the real thing, but there is an ENORMOUS watermark over the entire photograph. Not to mention, the sketch, even in the lowest definition setting, exaggerates every little unflattering detail in the photograph. For example, it gave my friend (who I was planning to send the image to) huge, dark circles under her eyes. I was thrilled to find a free app with no in-app purchases, but this was a complete and utter disappointment. I would not trust the positive reviews if I were you. My apologies for being so harsh. This app let me down and will probably do the same for you. It honestly seems like it could have been a five star app if it were not for the watermark and the horrible, overexposed detailing. May this be your warning.
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1 year ago, Natarator
One big fault.
THIS, would be a very nice app - for MY needs, if it wasn’t for the lack of one very important thing. I would the ability to SAVE the work of whatever would be done in it, but - for some reason - that feature isn’t allowed me. I paid the $2.99 for the Pro version, yet am NOT getting what is desired. No information comes up for the developer’s website, and nor does the support link work. So, I am out of my $2.99. I wouldn’t have given the one star, that I did, but thought that I had to make a selection, there, in order to have the ability to write this.
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2 years ago, Shawndawgusa
I downloaded this app to try it out. I understand that there is limited functionality for free apps, and I fully understand this, and have purchased many applications via Apples store. The Application provides NO benefit, and will not even allow some playing around or exploration of the application. I loaded one photo to process. This one photo was un-useable to even evaluate due to its watermark. There is in-fact no functionality for the “free” side of this application. I deleted it! I respect when developers allow some sort of “play time” with their software, there is none here.
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12 months ago, LG
Love The Effects!
I don’t use it as much as I want to but when I do it leaves me enjoying what the outcome is. I’ve had it for a few year and tell friends to check it out!
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3 years ago, i eat poo maybe
So this game is so bad when I got it in my phone I went in the app and it already asked for a review I pressed canceled and then the app said “use pencil sketch to win a free iPhone” we all know that was fake and heres a funny thing about it because I pressed canceled on the first time I was pressing things to fine the “write a review” and then I had pressed a button it said do you want pencil sketch to go in ur photos i pressed no and the app said there’s a error because I said no -queen of roasting -this app was trash
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11 months ago, PDeYoe
Great for Portrait Artist
Love this app. So convenient to turn fav photos into art work!! Use in my watercolor painting, pumpkin carving, greeting card making, mosaics, etc. …. All sorts of uses!
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4 years ago, Random nickname 11
Don’t upgrade
This app works great as long as you don’t upgrade. I did, and now I don’t get a photo preview. I just have to apply a certain filter, save it, and see what comes out. Also, I lose the ability to tweak the photos. Eventually I deleted the app, reinstalled without the upgrade and everything is back to normal, ads and all.
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2 months ago, Cavemancolorado
Too much like a photo not at all like a sketch
Sketchers supposed to make some lines and figure out the details and things like your nose or she can supposed to be a line. All it was was like a shading filter. There was no converting into a sketch. Also anything that has a permanent watermark should say trial or demo so it’s like misleading to steal my money in time. There should be another category so I can give them another one star.
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5 years ago, scottypa
So dumb
So I have been searching apps where I can color or draw or whatever to myself or anything in my photos and so I got this app and when it downloaded I went into it all excited. But then basically the entire app is u drawing a picture of u from your photo library apparently to draw a picture from ur photos u need to pay which is the dumbest thing ever and that’s basically the whole app if u want to do why I wanted to do DONT GET THIS APP
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3 years ago, Sarah'sScott
What happened?
I have used the free versionFor several years. Recently the ads and become so annoying that I copped up the $1.99 to get rid of ads. However it turns the screen BLACK when I try to use it now. That is not how I expected to get rid of ads! I would like my money back, or response from the developer as to how to get it to work again.
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1 year ago, OMStars
Don’t waste your money
This app appeared to be great and I purchased the pro right away. However, immediately I could tell that there was no way to say the picture. Keeps coming up as error. I will be asking for a refund if the big isn’t fixed with a restart. I may amend my review. In the meantime look for a different sketch app and be sure to read the reviews prior to purchase.
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4 years ago, Mystee Dawn
You literally cannot see the photo for the huge watermark angled all the way through it, from top to bottom of the photo! And you expect people to buy this??? Don’t let the ratings and reviews fool you! It’s apparent “someone’s” had friends and family doing ratings and reviews! Pretty greedy for an app to not even allow you to save the photo, or see it, without a huge “pencil sketch for iPhone” through the center.
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3 years ago, JNC Willis
When I found this app I was really excited, but when I got it however, I found out it wasn’t the same as in the pictures. It had this label right in the middle of the picture. And I’m not talking a little label, I talking a HUGE label! So I couldn’t actually see the picture. Then it says I have to PAY to get the upgrade, but I shouldn’t have to do that! This app is totally not worth it! Only get it if your desperate!
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3 years ago, Gonzo__3
Didn’t know this app had a fee.
In reading what apps are free vs fee, it states if the in the AppStore the app has a “Get” button (as this one does), it’s free. Otherwise it will show a price. So I clicked “Get” but it began to process a charge. I’ve yet to download the app in case I can spare the charge. I did not intend to “purchase” an app, and I would like to insure I am not charged. Unfortunately, the support button leads nowhere. Can you please refund?
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4 years ago, fathy wathy44
Not as advertised
When I opened the app it was nothing like the game said it was I was trying to complete something and then the app just froze and then when I got it to work there was just to many ads I got stressed out and I knew from that point I had to delete it overall I would not recommend this app because it is really annoying to deal with
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4 years ago, Brielle112011201120
One problem
I like i play it on iPad but there is a problem when i put pictures up there is pencil sketch for iPhone wich is dumb why is that there like thats kinda dumb but remove it i don't like and i might uninstall it because ik that it will annoy me maybe not now but i know it will
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2 months ago, Hunter Cali
Thi s app is probably the worst of lol time. Every time I try to open it, even though I have already purchased it, it wants me to pay again.. the annul or outright purchase fee for every use. And then the lining work done by the software is also poor. Overpriced bad app that tries to mile it’s users like am Iowa dairy cow. Don’t buy this. ou will regret it!
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3 months ago, duckytv
Love this!! I put in any picture and it instantly shows me an amazing line drawing along with a slide to darken or lighten. Pow, done. So simple, such attractive line drawings. Just nice, thanks.
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11 months ago, MB13HS
Error occurred
I purchased this app after I downloaded it to get rid of the watermarks and its a joke. While it removes the watermark, you can’t save or upload the sketch version of your picture. It seems like a scam… it just says, “Error occurred, try back later” but nothing gets resolved. My advice? Don’t bother with it.
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2 years ago, pokersharkNate
Pencil sketch
Pencil sketch is pretty good however I think it should have a HD feature where you can turn all pics into HD sketches
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5 years ago, MKH1961
This app is the bomb
I make customized note cards using rubber stamps but the vendor l use needs a sketch of the subject matter. Before Sketch Me, l had to have a friend do a hand-drawn sketch of what l wanted made into a stamp. This is the best!
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6 years ago, tamis ipad
I love the app just wish I could edit with the Apple Pencil
Would like to be able to edit picture with Apple Pencil
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2 years ago, ugrfslz
Paid for Pro
This app has been great to use and I opted to purchase the Pro to remove the water mark. It worked a few times but now it no longer recognizes my purchase. This should be fixed or refunded. Developer, please look at this and update the app.
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1 year ago, Artistik68
This app ha save me so much time!!!! It helps me every day,creates a stencil from just about any image!!! Thank you for this!!!
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2 months ago, mart1951
Stained glass patterns!
This app is great for turning a picture into a sketch which can be made into a pattern for stained glass! So glad I found it!!
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4 years ago, PhelineCat
How's Yours?
Does yours have no in-app purchases listed? Mine too! I suppose we're all supposed to be happy with a …, a …, let's not kid ourselves. That's not a watermark. I don't know what it is but it isn't a watermark. A watermark shouldn't be a slash across the middle of the photo but it that's the way they like things, by all means, show it in App Store! Not a nice UI either so no great loss.
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4 years ago, Bidinbflo
Fun finished product!
Love giving a pencil sketch of a new home to the new homeowner! This helps me get my fun project done. Looks professional!
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2 years ago, fob23456
App doesn’t work!
I bought this app about a year ago and has never worked even after the updates. This developer is this wrong because he selling an item that does not work he should be ashamed of himself.
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4 years ago, Tearbytesbig
Very disappointed. Says it’s free. Download only to find all images will have a huge watermark making them useless. If you want the watermark removed you have to pay $1.99 to use the photos. Just charge $1.99 for the ap instead of false advertising and stop wasting my time.
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8 months ago, Lap pies
Bait and switch
I purchased this app because I liked the way it sketched a photo in the free preview with the watermark, but immediately when I finished the purchase the photo quality changed and I can not get it back. So disappointed
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2 years ago, Ali-Rezaeian
Stupid App!
It was one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen in this field. Not only a ridiculous ad band in the middle of photos but also a low resolution and just few sketch modes you can use. There are many good pencil sketch apps to be used, just forget about this one!
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1 year ago, jay s jay
Not enough
I which the page has more editorial option they were all the same and no t much too chose from as in editing the picture itself just color
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4 years ago, DDCCSS78
Seriously?!? DO NOT DOWNLOAD
There is not one free feature. There is a huge watermark over the first picture you create. If you want to remove the watermark you must upgrade. I hate developers like this. Just charge a darn price for your app! Don’t hide behind “FREE” with in-app purchases if you don’t actually offer something free!!!
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2 years ago, type1mimi
No longer works
I paid the $2.99 and when I try to restore the purchase it doesn’t work. Went to get help from the developer and it takes you to Page Not Found. Waste of money.
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3 years ago, Wpulgarin1
Excellent app
Highly recommend this app. It’s simple to use and makes great sketches. Great work to this add developer!
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7 months ago, Breadbuilder
Can’t Save
I bought this app, and it works well, and it’s fast. This otherwise great app gets 3 stars because I can’t save the results.
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11 months ago, Billiepizza
Paid with restrictions
Don’t think it’s really fair considering that you pay for the app and you still have to deal graphics inside your images unfair I will on download and request my money back
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4 years ago, nikynock1537
Best game
You have so many things to do in this game is so fun I do many things with this app
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7 months ago, DisappointedDebbie150
Yeah, just no. Don’t do it.
This is such a cool concept expect you can’t save it and you can’t print it. What’s the point? So disappointed that I paid for this. Please fix these issues and I’ll be happy to change my rating!
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2 years ago, Artplaygirl
Does nothing unless you pay
I opened up the app today to try it out. Basically I can do nothing with the pencil except touch buttons or load/take pictures. Why did I try this app? Don’t care, I’m deleting it.
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3 years ago, SraMagui
Don’t even bother
This app is no good , I downloaded and it has a big mark across your picture it says download for iPhone , so what’s the use then you have to pay to erase the watermark, no good I don’t recommend it. I had to give it one start to be able to write a review.
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7 months ago, Qcdi
Icons on screen
How do I remove the icons on the left.. It’s on my picture
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1 year ago, Federal st
Pencil sketch
I purchased the ad remove a long time ago. The app wasn’t bring up the whole photo. I deleted the app to reinstall and now it won’t allow me to restore purchase to not see ads. What the heck !
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3 years ago, Big-J831
Want you to pay to remove there water mark
Not worth it in my books. The water mark runs right through everything. Don’t waste your time or money
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2 years ago, Danny Nova
No tech support
There’s no way to contact tech support to ask how to remove the watermark across an image. Can someone tell me how?
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1 year ago, AntonioCarlan
Can’t save. Paying again
Bought it but cant save. Tried to update and made me pay again
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2 years ago, Brother OSO
Piece of crap!
What’s the point in downloading an app if it’s always gonna be watermarked with an ugly advertisement… There’s no way I would even try the pro version if I can’t even make a picture with the free version.
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3 years ago, f{_}ck a nickname
It’s not free
It’s got a “watermark” plastered all over every sketch that makes it useless unless you pay to upgrade. I actually wasted my time by downloading before reading the reviews. I’m convinced the 5 star reviews are fake. I thought Apple is supposed to regulate this stuff.
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3 weeks ago, Jazzie_t
Nice and simple app but the watermark is so gross. Like why does it cast over the entire picture. It’s not even transparent or nothing like have a watermark is fine but this apps watermark is weird.
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