Pendo Note

4.8 (816)
112.7 MB
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Current version
Shenzhen Lychee Isle Co., Ltd.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pendo Note

4.82 out of 5
816 Ratings
7 years ago, mommommommy33
I use this app everyday..
I use this app everyday to help prioritize and juggle all the many aspects of my hectic life. I love the way that the calendar is also right there to see upcoming appointments and obligations. The best part for me, is that even at the end of the day, if I'm looking at a living room strewn with toys and laundry that didn't get folded, I don't feel like a failure, because Pendo allowed me to remember to call the insurance company, pay the bills, etc. without getting distracted by the obvious. My method is to make several to do lists each day, a must, should, and wish list, plus other lists that pertain only to my family. Musts are musts, they have to get done. Shoulds are things you should try to do, but it's unlikely you will get to all of them. Wishes are just that, wishes. Fun things that you like to do, but don't often allow yourself to indulge in. This amazing app helps me stay focused and I love it! :)
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7 years ago, avphd
Great app but wish I could change more fonts
Pendo is simple to use and easy to organize and sync with my calendar. I’m not much for journals so can’t comment on that feature except to remind people it exists. Things I don’t like: the tiny font and color for dates in the main screen for the calendar, though simple in appearance which is good, the light gray in the tabs is really hard to see well on even a iPhone plus. Sure, I am getting older but I have my eyes checked every year and I don’t need bifocals to read yet! I’d use pendo more on my phone if I could control the tab color to help with contrast and change most default fonts and their color between day and night mode. Glad the option is there with notes, etc. But overall despite the truly elegant design, to me the fonts and tabs I can’t tweak ultimately cause eye strain and rather quickly. I’m not saying everyone of a certain age will have this issue. But It would keep from squinting if I could make the calendar font at least a different color for improved contrast and clarity and of course the tabs are great unicolored but if I could make the gray darker in day mode and a completely different yet unobtrusive color in night mode I could actually see them with ease.
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7 years ago, bdlundgren
Great app for everything or one specific thing
I, personally, use the app as a journal/baby book for my daughter. I enter in events with photos, stats like weight/height, funny little things she says, etc. It really does make a great little timeline of her life, plus it continually back-up itself, so I don't accidentally lose anything. I love that you can categorize everything with tags and search for one type like all events or if I just want to see her growth pattern. Another huge plus is editing a journal entry doesn't change the entry date like some note apps. I can see how it would be great for an everyday/everything use also. It would be neat to see Pendo come out with a feature where you could create multiple journals.
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4 years ago, ooooooozozoo
help please
best note&remind app just one small issue:this would be the perfect app if you add'to do''s remind function to 'note'/'note''s functions to 'to do' /make it so that a repeated calender displays as 1 calender rather than as many as the repeated times(for instance,if i set a calender for 9.11 and 9.12,it displays as 2 calenders:1 on 9.11 and 1 on 9.12) currently there are ways of setting a reminder and none of them is perfect:using to do,problem: cannot add images or use 'pencil' functions of note(like underlying);using note,set a tag ,create a to do with reminder and the same tag,when the reminder shows up,look for the note with the same tag,problem:it does not indicate the content when the reminder comes up and takes more time ;using a calender,problem:1 calender displays as many calenders as the times it repeats,ergo,1 calender may display as lots of calenders hence making it impossible for me to get the overview of all to dos. personally i think it is the easiest to deal with the issue by calender:just add an option for displaying 1 calender as 1 calender instead of as many as it is repeated. looking forward to hearing from you.
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4 years ago, htd37
This was what I was looking for
I have been in and out of so many calendars over the years and I think I may have finally found the one I've been looking for. The journal, notes, and calendar fits in so well and I can finally use them all in one place. I wish we could have a drawing feature like in the notes app that lets us freely hand draw into our notes. I think that would be an extra cool customization feature. Other than that, this app is really nice. Its so easy to add new dates with commands and organize things with titles and tags. It also has a really useful search feature too. You should give it a try! I’m glad I did :)
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7 years ago, Schlowago
Like "Bullet Journal" For IOS
I'm a big fan of the ease of use and utility of Ryder Carroll's "Bullet Journal" system, but it has some big hurdles for me. I don't usually have my notebook with me (it isn't pocket-friendly), and my hand-written notes aren't easily searchable. Pendo has, for me, the same sort of ease of use (quickly get down a variety of input: notes, journal entries, to-dos), I always have it with me (iPhone), and searching can be accomplished easily by drilling down through entry type, tags, or the very specific and accurate "search" function. Everything is synced up via iCloud, and backups are saved via email. I can still use my fancy notebook for doodly ideas and such, but important content goes into Pendo now.
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4 years ago, Arin'
Love this but would love if its add...
I installed this a long time ago but just really used it again now. I’m bad at journaling but I need this to keep track on my study list and taking notes. However since I’m bad at typing, it would be really cool if it’s also available in ‘pencil’ mode so I can scribble on it instead of typing. I think I have send a review on the ‘pencil side’ before, but, although the apps show up on my side bar, it would also be really cool to have it available for such a sticky note function that can be pinned on home screen. Or if you make a sticky note apps I def would download it! I bet it’s also gonna be cool like this one.
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6 years ago, Amil77
Awesome !! Best everything!! Best App in its class Hands down!!!
Just now got the app an playing with it for a few min I'm loving it more and more the style the sleek organize ; so far very comfortable to use an let's me organize my thoughts in a clear an easy to follow system ; by being able to organize this way will give such an advantage for ideas to grow, organizing everything to personal thoughts to grocery list, to helping me remember appointments birthdays Aaahhh!!! So great; not getting confused on what's what by everything being together but making sense ; the more i use it the more i like it!! If only i could give more than 5 stars!!! Thank you so amazing!!!
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8 months ago, Ymeeple
Great app for notes and journal
This app helps me to track my thoughts and events in life. Very appreciated that the developer make it feature rich and simple. One suggestion: is it possible adding a feature to enable users navigate previous or next journal and notes by swipe left or right without going in and out to directory to read each entry? This would be very handy for journal and note reading. Thanks again for developing a great app!
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5 years ago, 取名大苦手
Best notebook ever
As a lazy person, this app treats me so well. I deleted all my other note taking softwares after having this. Very user friendly, multifunctional, but not messy. Planning, journal, and notes(tags available) are all aligned in time order and could set the reminding time. Journals could be saved into long pics(easy for sharing)... many functions to explore! Wish that there could be a separate account system instead of iCloud so I could use this anywhere and forever...
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6 years ago, JayVTea
This is the one you need
Very rarely do I find an application that is both functional and a joy to use. Pendo's smart algorithms help process mundane actions that other apps require significant user input to perform. Put simply, Pendo is very well thought out, and it excels, in correlation with the philosophy of Apple, at the user experience. Take 5-10 minutes to learn the ins and outs of the app, and it will take you far -- most apps on the iphone are simply too annoying to use. Keep it up and don't give up!
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6 years ago, Kerri Nick
Image in circles???
[May 2018 | UPDATE] For the longest time I had this app rated at ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Sadly, lest my memory fails me some features have vanished in recent updates. Beforehand, apps I "Shared" from the App Store posted in Pendo with the apps icon in the circle where the "post icon" would be. Having so many of those types of posts that circle displaying the app icon instead of a plain color meant finding it Vs. scan over it til I give up entirely. Please reinstate this "image in circle" on the timeline so I can give my 5th star back. P.S. Apple Watch capability would double your number of users in a blink. And many of us would happily pay for this as a "Pro Feature" if it takes that. Please make this happen. _________________________________ [January 2018] Finally all I ever wanted in an organizer app and I can sort it however I like.
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3 years ago, Prune-meizi
Neat app
This app is a very neat design. I especially like the calendar view with items arranged below, making it very easy to grasp the idea of a particular day. The different categories can be a little bit confusing, esp. with Journal and Note. But all in all it is quite convenient and simple to use. I highly recommend it to those who are in need of a simple and elegant design to keep track of their days. And it is free, so rely doesn’t hurt to give it a try. My only wish is to make the to-do items displayed vertically, in the same way as the other items. It really bothers when I have to swipe back and fro along the screen in a very narrow row, just to check the to-do. Could the developer please give a reply about whether this feature could be made available?
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5 years ago, puzzle💗
Awesome App
I have used this App for almost three years. It is simple to use and manage. Now it has more functions for writing, like font and color, but it is still simple to use. I like this simple style since I hope I can write diary in iPhone like wiring in a notebook without fancy but useless functions. I want to say thank you to the developers of this App, you gave me a space that I can keep writing my thoughts no matter where I go.
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4 years ago, Musicalprincess26
Love it !!!
I love how it separates everything as an actual calendar. Very easy to use. You are able to choose from a variety of options like to-dos checklist and journaling. I believe I heard about this app from Matthew Encina and have been using it since beginning on 2020. I would recommend it to anyone who want to have easy access to their project tasks and/or just everyday things. You can be very creative with this app^^
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6 years ago, cb4700
The cutest to-do list!
I’ve never written a review before, so that’ll tell you how much I love this app! It’s so adorable, and I’ve never seen an app that has this amount of flexibility in the features it offers. It’s great for people who need visual help in planning out their schedule. I’ve left one star off because it would be so helpful to have an option to sort the to-do list by dragging and dropping tasks. If there’s an option to do that already please let me know! Thanks for a fantastic app.
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6 years ago, StarVillalobos
I really love the app. It’s minimalistic yet effective. I don’t like the fact that other apps have annoying pop ups and too much flare. This one Is perfect and the meow reminder noise is just the best! I honestly haven’t had a bad experience at all. The logo is adorable too and I feel like it brings a unique look unlike every other cliché app out in the market. One thing I’d love to see I the future is the ability to write on my journal or note taking with a stylus! I’d think that be so cool. I’d love to have various colors to write around pictures I take. The ability to have various journals would be nice too, maybe like two other? One bullet point style and another stripped. In all, I do appreciate the simplicity of this app!
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10 months ago, Jsong123
This is a very good diary or journal or log, and also a calendar
I think they are really onto something here. I hope they keep working on this and keeping up with things like AI for example. I have used a lot of diary apps and this one is clever and lightweight and it has a lot of functionality that I haven’t investigated yet, so I recommend it and good luck.
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4 years ago, hzfmer
It deserves 6 star
The app has drawbacks, certainly. But this is one of the few apps that makes me think: why some people are contributing to the community, for free? The developers (i heard they are a couple, not even a group/company) must have spent tons of efforts in the app, while they charge for nothing, with such an awesome product. You can feel that the developers themselves are using it, and therefore they know when and where the users feel uncomfortable, and so both of them and users love it. I know people are busy with everything nowadays, but if some people are working on something like this, the world is more worthwhile to live in. P.S The cat icon is okay, em, maybe not that pretty though.
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3 years ago, Teacher633
Love this app...
Until today this app has been a handy place for depositing thoughts and random bits of information. Sadly though, it began crashing today and now it won’t open. Is this happening to anyone else? There is no update available, so I’m wondering if there’s something else I could do to stop it from crashing.
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6 years ago, jsntrenkler
I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. The app works well, has Tags and search. I love that you can have Notes, Todos and Calendar events together on each day, just like a real paper planner. This is fantastic! Keep up the great work! .. If I could make 1 suggestion, change the logo to something a bit more professional.
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6 years ago, Aliveobbo
Amazing app!
I use this app on the daily and it really helps me keep track of everything on a day to day basis. But I wish there was a way to change fonts/font sizes/make bullet points in notes for easier organization. Otherwise an amazing app for anyone looking to keep track of just about everything on their to-do list!
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7 years ago, Moon Highking
Really good so far.
Really really enjoying this app as a writer(not to write, but just to reflect) journal, and calender. Really high quality in many respects. Only thing on my wish lush so far is for the devs to allow image sizes to be adjusted. Maybe by pinching two fingers or something like that. Overall, hope you give it a chance.
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9 months ago, Lullabyiiii
Please help
I’ve been using this App for a few years and it’s always been my fav App for taking notes and journals. I have years of journals in this App. Recently there’s some glitch with the App so I reinstalled it, all my content was gone even with me synced with iCloud and backup on my Google drive. Those are very important memories to me so please help me
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3 years ago, PrincessShosho
Support arabic language please
Well iam Arabian so i when i write from right to left the text drag out to left It makes it somehow not comforted when readed.. And also pllllllease back to the first version where the photos can shrink to mini That’s all i have thank you :)
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6 years ago, Cat Exploxion
So far it has been a great app. It reminds me about school project's,homeworks,tests etc... I also love the journal! I can put cooking recepies,how my day went, and I can express my feelings other than just bottling them up in my brain. It is an amazing app and thank you so much that it was made it makes my life so much easier. 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😅
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7 months ago, Glhope
Compatibility Issue ?
Am seeing a strong correllation between my upgrading to IOS 16.6.1 & 17, and some loading problems in calendar view: digital am & pm times (that typically load above the tag desinations) are no longer appearing. Is this an IOS problem, or Pendo’s? Is this correctable? Am using Pendo ver. 7.0.8.
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7 years ago, 明子
Like an idea on this calendar...
But it looks so busy on alternate calendar look...on the other hand, dates on one side is so simple and boring... Then, icons is so boring on Journal...should have more selective. I got a little tired looking in a way messy looking calendar...don't look organized! Looking forward to improving better in future - more selective would be more fun...and make a little better layout : note, journal, todo, calendar in one screen.
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4 years ago, Chandelier118
A must for productive free spirits!
I use this app every day for my daily task list. I have a LOT going on that can easily get rescheduled and rearranged throughout the day. The flexibility of pendo is PERFECT. Seriously owe a lot of my sanity to this app over the past couple years! Thank you for creating it so I didn’t have to!
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6 years ago, Talia1231
Amazing !!
I’m absolutely in love with this app ! I love all the features from the journals to the ability to adjust it to make it your own. The only thing is having a 7 plus makes it hard to click on the small icons in the settings. I wanted to change a default setting and i just couldn’t get to it :(
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4 years ago, CreativeVfx
Switched completely over
After stumbling around with multiple journals, apps, bullet journals etc. I finally transferred them all over to this singular app and couldn’t be happier! Making great use of the labels and todos, I’ve been able to cut down the app on my home screen. The sync between my iPhone and iPad (for easier journaling)is really fast! My one request is an improved backup, in addition to the email method. Perhaps a PDF version. (For peace of mind) Would be great to be able to attach short video clips too, even a few seconds! :)
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2 years ago, Yyyuuuaaannn
Amazing app
I have been using this app for two years, it’s very good app! It’s smart and reliable, to help me organizing my daily stuff which makes my life easier and effective! I like it very much and will keep it in my phone forever!
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6 years ago, jilliaaan
Please add support for Google Calendar!
Would love Pendo more if I could sync my Google Calendar with it instead of just the iCloud one! Overall I love the app - it's super cute and it's nice to have all my thoughts and tasks all in one place ≧◠◡◠≦ Update: I successfully linked my Google calendar! Thank you so much (*´∀`)♪
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3 years ago, BroKenphaneyeiplier
Little Bug
I’ve wrote a review before and I really love this app. Although I’ve been having an issue where when I use the return key to skip lines the app will crash. Really good app just wanted you all to be aware of this issue :3
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2 months ago, Itlostmycomment
Icloud sync issue
I used this for more than 6 years and it has been great. I always had the icloud sync on. But recently the app got deleted accidentally and it could only recover / synced from icloud partially - only a subset of journal prior to 2023. Is there anyone I can contact to recover it?
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2 years ago, rock enale
Great app. Please add a feature for us
I love this app. It is amazing to view your life in a timeline. My only wish would be to have a password. Please consider this feature in a future update. I appreciate y’all!
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4 years ago, 广告实在是噁心
Love this app, but wish it can record editing history
The thing is every time I make a some change, the journal creation time will be changed to now, which would lost the original creation time. It’s sad for a journal usage. Now I don’t know when or under what situation I had those thoughts.
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7 years ago, wmjray
Give this one a chance
Fast, flexible an quirky. My only request is that entries with images did a better job reformatting on device rotation. But I really do enjoy having everything in one place searchable and tag-able.
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4 years ago, Corynebacterium88
This app has been the best! It’s the most descriptive, organized, appearing, and easy to use! I still have some navigating to do to learn more about it and more ways to use it! I’m glad I got to diggin’ for a new notes app!
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5 years ago, AltheaW11
I’m so surprised that this app doesn’t come as highly recommended ones under the category of diary or planner or to-do list. It’s very easy to use. Doesn’t bother you to pay at all. Please keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Yandzhao
Very good and useful
I really like this app and use it everyday. Beautiful and functional. I donated $5 and hope it will not go away. The only thing I suggest is to make the dates and times on the timeline to be bigger and clearer. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, Movienewby
Why is the to-do list canceling sound kakaotalk?!
I love this app, really easy to use But i found it that when i cancel my to-do list (swipe to left) it sounds exactly same with Kakaotalk message alarm !! I use kakaotalk too so it’s confusing and suddnely feels like pendo doesn’t have their own identity ...
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7 years ago, VillianP
started fall semester of college
And this app is just what I needed to keep everything together and In order. I was having trouble keeping up with my classes, and this is starting to help. Great app very simple and well organized.
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6 years ago, Tatatadadaki
To do's not on widget
To do lists are not showing on the widget anymore after last last update. It only shows "Add a to-do." Why is it not showing up?? + thanks for the super quick update!! Now it works perfect :)
Show more
6 years ago, GeorgeaBrooks
Finally !!
I’ve gotten so annoyed when i have to open multiple app to keep notes, appointments, to-do lists all strait and aligned with one another. So happy this app exists so I can focus on making the most of my time.
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3 years ago, 小不叮冬
The app won’t open again after the new update!!!
As said in the title. App won’t open after update 5.18. Update: Thank you very much for your prompt response!
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4 years ago, pShahShah
Developer Look
The best part is the integrated journal, though I wish i could create a custom list, maybe at the bottom, maybe with a name below the item, and filtering at the top. I dunno. The logo is trash, that’s only part. Pendo is an ok name.
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5 years ago, JoeRecursionjoe
Not color blind friendly
I can’t read the letters on main screen being color blind. I think a dark lettering would help or a different darker background maybe. I cycled through the theme colors and it went from almost invisible to very hard to read. Currently I can’t even see how to add a note.
Show more
6 years ago, onika hossain
Requirement of a password
It have have been better if the app had a password lock , since it has a journal option.
Show more
6 years ago, HVoldi
Paste from gif keyboard??
I’d like to be able to paste from the gif keyboard and customize journals instead of having the preset choices of to-do/journal/calendar. That doesn’t bother me much; not being able to paste gif does bother me.
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