PenFed Mobile

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Pentagon Federal Credit Union
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PenFed Mobile

4.2 out of 5
9.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Jaguarcult
PenFed took over Alamo FedCU a few years ago. I had an account there for an auto loan, & it was convenient as there was a branch in the federal building in which I worked. I no longer work in that building, and I don’t believe that PFCU had any locations here in San Antonio, TX, where I live. I decided to keep my account, as I use it mainly as a “mad money/vacation” savings account. I have been very pleased with the ability to do my business using the mobile app, and even recently opened a checking account after getting a PFCU Visa card & debt consolidation personnel loan. I have a local credit union that I use for my day to day banking, but I’m glad I also have my PFCU accounts for other purposes. The only drawback I can see is that I don’t have the ability to deposit cash into my account, but that something I hardly ever need to do anymore.
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5 years ago, Angela W. - Gaithersburg
Pros and Cons
The new look and feel is pretty nice. But I have had issues with the new app. It froze several times when trying to deposit 2 checks this past week causing me to spend close to 30 min for what used to be a very simple transaction in the old app. Next item of concern, I was either logged out or could not log in using the Finger-print technology. Love this technology, but not if it doesn’t work as designed. I use it on a regular basis with other apps without a problem so I know it is not user error. Also, PLEASE PUT BACK THE BALANCE AMOUNTS WITH EACH TRANSACTION. I cannot tell If my overall balance is updating when many transactions are happening within a short period of time. And lastly, I often move between this app and other apps on my phone while trying to conduct business, I find it VERY ANNOYING that it logs me out the second I leave the page. Your app should give at least a 2 to 3 minute window of idleness before logging someone off. As a suggestion, please list somewhere on your app where we can use ATM’s without incurring a fee, like CVS, Walgreens, and Navy FCU’s. I really didn’t want to have to call and speak to someone while driving home on Friday just to pull cash out of my bank when all I wanted to do was look on my phone before I pulled out to work and know which direction to head in. (For the record, I’m not opposed to chatting with people, but sometimes, it’s a timing thing.)
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7 months ago, we12970@
Buggy app
It’s not a good app. Every night it’s down for maintenance. So if you want to check something early morning - tough luck. It hangs up frequently. It wouldn’t just update. I had to uninstall then reinstall 🙄. And then when I tried to transfer money between my penfed accounts - for days the app said I only had a $20 balance even though my balance was more than $1000. If I went online it worked fine - it was just the app that was buggy. and oh lord - it took 4 emails for someone to open an IT ticket. First they told me to re-boot (like I know nothing ). Then reinstall (that didn’t work) then they told me there was a transfer limit (even though I told them there was no such constraint online ) and then finally someone said they would submit an IT ticket but only if I give them all of my PII in an email. I think penfed is fine - for the elderly or for people who like to go to the bank or pick up the phone and call someone But from an IT perspective they’re FAR behind their competitors. And they were also very slow to raise interest rates. Capital One and other banks run rings around them - both from an app perspective and customer care. That’s too bad because they used to be good.
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2 years ago, msjpollard
This is the worst bank account I’ve ever had. I had to sit on the phone for over an hour to figure out why I couldn’t transfer money out of my account and after being told it was an issue with my card, being HUNG UP on and then speaking to two more people after being transferred a different agent told me my account was overdrawn. HOW?? I just deposited money and the app says my balance is not negative so how could I possibly be overdrawn?! Oh that’s right because this infantile app doesn’t update debits and deposits until almost a week after they’ve been received whenever you tried to charge to your debit card. The count of people I’ve spoken to is now at 6, and I’m still on the phone. I can’t WAIT to close this account and be done with PenFed because what’s the point of mobile banking if I STILL HAVE TO GUESS WHATS IN MY ACCOUNT?! How do y’all actually expect someone to manage their finances with your app?? If I wanted to walk around doing calculations all day I’d keep my money in a mattress. I hate this bank and even more this app and I have absolutely NOTHING positive to say about it and PRAYERFULLY they don’t take forever to close my account because I’m over it. And please don’t get me started on entering all my info into the automatic system only to be told they “can’t pull up my account” I hate it here so much.
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11 months ago, Fart44456
Add a Feature
PenFed App Developers, Add a feature to the app and banking website that would track regular expenses and project balance impact. Allow the user to put in their monthly payments that are withdrawn automatically and/or a single expense they want to keep track of. It would be nice if I could put in my monthly mortgage, car payment, electric bill, credit card payment and other known reoccurring expenses and my salary every two weeks. Then see them pop up with the projected balance. Give the feature and user the ability to look out up to a rolling 3 months. This would be great for budgeting and help some people prevent overdrafts. I’ve used this feature with another bank and it is extremely helpful once everything is set up. So far your app is fairly basic for serving such a large community. This should be an easy and inexpensive addition for the programmers. Thank you for considering.
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4 years ago, NoMoreFeesForMe
Worst bank and app I have had yet!
I was a member of a local credit union that was taken over by another and then taken over by PenFed. PenFed’s online banking and app pale in comparison. They take forever to show your pending charges or to have things clear. It gets very confusing and has caused me to incur several fees from forgetting about charges that show up days later. I understand it is my responsibility to track my spending, but I haven’t had to in such a long time due to technology allowing me to know my true balance immediately after using my debit card. As the bank for our military, they should have the most up to date technology as it is available. They also seem to process things in a way that maximizes the number of fees the customer will be charged. I am in the process of switching all of my accounts to a different bank and cannot wait to have the hassle of writing down every single charge and bill payment be a thing of the past! Get with the times PenFed and update your online presence and processing times!
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2 months ago, Dhhhhug
Updated July 2023: Things are still not going well. They are working with salesforce to update their online presence and it is not going well. Hopefully things will get better by 2025. I only use them for credit card at this point. The travel card is with it, but I might be looking for something else soon if the issues are not cleaned up. Old review: This app is such a disappointment. I have banking apps from other banks that work great... NFCU, Ally, CapitalOne, etc. I thought penfed could put those to rest and I would do all my banking with penfed. No, that won’t happen. Customer service is slow in answering emails - takes at least 3 days. The phone “rang” busy when I called for several hours. The app is lacking several features. If you perform an INTERNAL transfer t takes 5 or 6 days. Not external but internal. External are also 5 to 6 days. Competitors move internal transfers immediately and external within 3 days. Take a hard pass on this bank.
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5 years ago, WNnJN
Summaries are easy to understand and use. For banking transactions however, it takes some practice to use correctly. Items such as credit card current balance and amount due for next payment is not intuitive. It take several steps. One must select account, then choose the amount one wants to pay to ascertain next payment due. It is not displayed side by side in the summary. For $ transfer:Typing in amount for transfer must be entered with out using decimal point. Once learned, it is easy to use on iPad. Usable, but common sense improvements should be made.
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3 years ago, jetlounge
Terrible Mortgage Dashboard Update
“I want my bank mortgage dashboard to show me my home value “, said nobody ever. You know, the same info the Zillow has had for like..10 years? This is the fancy update. Of course, PenFed does not disclose how they derive their estimated home value or how they use it, so the info is less than useless. But here is the kicker ...the genius that decided to add this removed the absolutely ONLY function you need from an online bank...THE ABILITY TO SEE YOUR PAYMENT HISTORY. That’s right , there is now absolutely no way to see when or how your last payment was applied. Was it received on time? Your guess is as good as mine. Was it accurately applying principal and interest? The world may never know. Currently on hold for 15 min to confirm payment was received as the only thing you can see right now is last balance and your next payment. Oh, but they do have an online payoff quote, which will come in handy as I source a refinance with a bank that provides meaningful information.
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2 years ago, B'nuts
External accounts link but repeatedly don’t show up in the app
External accounts link but repeatedly don’t show up in the app. This issue has been going on for months now. UPDATE: I just received instructions from Member Service to “log into PENFED online, click on the transfers tab, then click on the link located just below that says external accounts” …So the linked account has been there all along. A bit BURIED, but there… I just cannot get PENFED to take money from that account and make a loan payment. I did find a TINY “register” link below the above link that apparently triggers a micro-deposit verification process, however when the external account was linked in the first place, there were absolutely no further instructions given to this effect, and therefore was left to the impression that the external linked account was entirely ready and usable for loan payments right after it was linked, I.E no “registration” necessary.
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5 years ago, Mcollelo
Recent upgrade = terrible mobile deposit experience
I've been using this app for years with no issue, no complaints. The recent upgrade, however, resulted in a horrible mobile deposit experience. Developers note: the camera takes sooooo long to take and save the picture of the check. And when in full screen mode is almost impossible to scroll up/down without touching the image (no white space on the outside) so I ended up in the picture viewer so many times unintentionally. Guess what? You can't exit picture mode without taking a picture. If you do, it will dump the picture you've previously saved. I ended up taking the same picture (note I mentioned it takes way too long to take and save) like 10 times before I was able to move on. Please fix. I loved this app before.
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2 years ago, thewesman03
Nearly Useless
Had this account for a little over a few weeks now and it’s pretty useless. I can’t add external accounts through the app, the bank takes ages to deposit from transfers or withdraw money from transactions. There’s even a transaction that was there for a short period of time and suddenly disappeared and hasn’t been debited from my account. The app seems like it hasn’t been updated since Androids were first created and is very clunky. Oh and I can’t connect the account to ANY financial management software (Mint, Truebill, etc) which is one of the main reasons I wanted this account. I gave won stars because the app does tell me my balances so at least there’s that. If you’re looking for a credit union that keeps up with technology and isn’t still living in the 20th century, I’d steer away from PenFed.
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5 years ago, jP5710
PenFed’s app changed the way I bank
I was with the CEEFCU for years and made the trip to the local branch to do my banking. When PenFed took over their banking, I went to the federal building downtown thinking about closing out my accounts due to the distance. There was another client there who did just that. I decided to try the app. It had some bad reviews at the time. That was a few years back. I had one check I couldn’t deposit several years ago and I had to mail it in. I haven’t had any more issues since. And I haven’t been back to the Federal building in years. I’m glad I tried the app! It changed the way I bank.
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1 year ago, Yodawhistle
Dropping the ball
I have been with PSU for over 40 years. I’ve use many versions of this app over the course of time and initially it started off as a very good and useful app. Currently there are too many problems going on with this app half the time it doesn’t load right the other half you have to keep registering your computer you know you use the same computer to login every time. Suggestions submitted don’t get considered. Functions that were there and very useful or taken away without any kind of consideration to the user. overall I’m very disappointed with Pentagon Federal Credit Union I’m seriously thinking about moving to another bank after all these years.
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3 years ago, GKJDCJ
Facial id and transactions
A lot of times I cannot sign on with facial recognition. I have to put in my password and user id. When I can log in especially lately it will not allow me in my counts. It states transactions cannot b displayed. I get sooo annoyed. Then I go into the internet and log on and have no problems with seeing the transactions. I get tired of Turing my phone off to get in the app but it will get me in only that once. I always delete app and go back into App Store to download again to ensure it’s the latest. Sorry but the mobile App is frustrating so I’ll prefer to just go through the internet. Now I’m trying to send and it ask for nickname and I’ve tried 5 names and it says it’s taken try again. See if nicknames are frustrating. I don’t have all day. So none of my names work initials then I tried the name TERRIBLE and that’s taken. Really 😐😡
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4 years ago, JoylLV
I see everything , but can’t complete transactions!
I find this pen-fed app very frustrating!! I use it on my I-phone. It’s very hit or miss (mostly miss) & takes up way to much time! I pay bills at other sites all the time from this phone & NEVER encounter these issues 😡 When I try to transfer money to pay a credit card bill, I’m either told that; 1. I’m not connected to wi-fi 2. the server is not available or can’t connect to it, 3. my credit card info is not accessible at this time. This happens whether I try to transfer money between my pen-fed accounts or from an outside bank account. Pppaleease...All I want to do is make payments. A couple weeks ago, I had to give up & go to the actual credit union. I told the teller that I kept getting told that my account could not be connected to the server. She said something like, “That’s odd, I’m not aware that there’s been any problem” She completed the transaction for me easy-peasy. I would be so grateful if your team would fix this problem. PFCU credit union(although it was named differently) has always been good to us, from the beginning. My husband & I 1st became members as soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood Army Base in 1989.
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5 years ago, Pioneer$@!
It’s ok, could be better
Like the new layout and functionality. I don’t like that the balance after each transaction was removed from the transaction history and you can only see your balance at the top. I like to see it after each transaction like it was in the old version. Easier to find discrepancies that way and track your money. Also, the time late night maintenance takes can be inconvenient. It’s usually the time I have to check my account and I can’t get into to for hours. I was also recently double charged for every transaction I made one week and made my account go to overdraft! Not my fault, but I was charged for it. The money was put back into my account, but not the overdraft charge.
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8 months ago, MikeyP1024
App works ok. Doesn’t have debit/credit card expiration notification.
Alas with both expiring end of month 11 days away some notification in the app would have been helpful as well as notification that cards were shipped. I had to call in to find out delays in sending replacements out due to supply chain issues meaning assume getting blank cards. So now have to call in daily to find out if cards shipped. Meanwhile will have to switch cards for all my subscriptions and put money in my Discover debit account and ensure have the PIN. You’d think Visa could have options to provide blank cards. Is just a network and promoter. I have a FICO score 745 so isn’t creditworthiness☹️.
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5 years ago, Bobertsen
Account details are lacking
It’s a pretty app and the interface is nice. The real problem for me is I have a loan with PenFed and the app (and their full website) are seriously lacking in details about my account. I really appreciated other banking apps that show you on the loan details page not only how much your last payment amounts were but how they were allocated (interest vs principal) as well as your total loan balance including interest. The PenFed app and website only show you your principal amount unless I’m being completely blind and can’t find it. I feel this is very basic information that should be on the account info page. I hope PenFed starts adding these, and more, details soon!
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2 years ago, ZXYbacWVU
The most inconvenient bank app to use
First, the app allows you to select to pay last statement’s balance but does not tell you what the balance was. You need to do researches to find out. Then you make a payment to pay off the last statement but the app still shows that you did not pay and you have to do another round of research to find out that you actually paid. This is the only bank app that requires you to constantly research to find out what you want to know. Even though you eventually find your answers, you have wasted a lot of time. If the Pentagon CU cares about its customers, they should improve to make using the app less time consuming. This is in addition to other defects such as frequent error messages and slow app response.
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5 years ago, NeedBetterToys
mostly useless. still have to use the website.
So they claim the app was better, so I figured I’d give it another whirl. That was a mistake. In using it for only a couple of minutes, there are glaring omissions and errors such that I can’t trust the output. 1). No ability to see statements, only what it considers “recent”. Was trying to see what made up the current balance on a cc. Can’t do it with the app. 2) Some Pending transfers don’t show up in the app. Had to go to the web to make sure the transfers to pay the ccs were still there since the app didn’t show them. 3). In my certificates, dividends and the balance shows up with a negative sign in front. All this in a couple of minutes. Do the app developers believe in qa?
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2 years ago, Mmk01
Poor customer service or just plain incompetent
So I made a phone call this week to get a check. I was getting irritated with whoever that was and said that their system was so backwards that a third world country could do better. She got snippy. Tuesday I get my check and the payee is spelt incorrectly. They have to re-issue, I called about Tuesday and was not informed about the waiting and turnaround. Now it’s Saturday still no check. And the earliest I can get my check is Tuesday when I won’t be able to access my mail for a year. The best solution is to drive 60 miles to a closed branch. Like why did y’all come to NJ if you have no branches or better customer service. This whole experience is worse than living through final destination
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1 year ago, ZaeZae40
No Branch.
I will admit that I had my doubts about this bank at first, simply because they don’t have a brick and mortar branch here in Georgia where I live. I figured they had to be legit simply because they were the ones who financed me for my truck, and so eventually I switched from Wachovia to Penfed and everything has been smooth so far. So again my only issue is that they don’t have a actual branch in the part of Georgia where I reside, the closest branch in Georgia is actually way down in Augusta Georgia and that’s just to far of a drive for me.
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6 years ago, GAK2010
Great Bank, Horrible App
PenFed has a lot of work to do on this App. 90% of the time I cannot get past the login page because it tells me there is a system malfunction. It does not hold up to the mantra they espouse, “around-the-clock access.” It doesn’t matter what time zone I’m in, I have the same problem. PenFed’s solution was to uninstall and then reinstall the App, this along with a couple of changes to my phone worked for a couple days, but has had no longer-term impact. Do PenFed employees not use the App? If they did, this would change quickly. Throw in fingerprint ID log-in while your at it. There is nothing more frustrating than typing in a 12 digit password only to be denied 90% of the time.
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3 years ago, klox0523
Unreliable App
Every other bank has the recent transaction feature for years with no problems. Almost every time I try to check my recent transactions, it doesn’t load. It’s very frustrating. Get with the program’s kinda pathetic. Your app should work sometimes. Most apps work nearly all the time. What’s the point of your bank having an app if it NEVER works correctly? You have blatantly ignored the complaints about this from lots and lots of customers and don’t seem to have any intentions on fixing it soon, since this has been going on for quite a long time now. I’ll be taking my services somewhere else!! Be a better bank to the people who are trusting their money with you. That 4 star rating must be inflated cause PenFed is terrible.
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5 years ago, e1rmxtlg
New Level of Awesomeness
Update has seriously improved this app! App has been freshened up and looks really clean now. Two of my priorities for this app have just been implemented, Touch ID for ease of logging in and PenFed's Bill Pay. Now I can see at a glance which bills I've scheduled for payment, I can see the bill payment history, I can see my list of billing receipients and set up new billers, I can change or delete scheduled bill payments. Basically everything that I could only do on the website, I can now do in the mobile app. Thanx PenFed!
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4 years ago, PIT tookus
Very difficult to use
I have been using the app for years now and while it was originally user friendly, in the past year or so it is very difficult to deposit checks. “Unknown error has occurred” is the message I get constantly when either signing in or when trying to deposit the check after the photos are taken. I eventually am able to deposit after literally clicking repeatedly for 30 minutes. I only bank by app and dread depositing my checks every 2 weeks, hate to go back to banking by mail but the app is a real time waster and a pain in the tookus. I have tried reinstalling the app for updates etc and every trick on the internet (not my phone- happened with my old phone too), to no avail. Not a happy camper.
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4 years ago, Penfed member for 30 yrs
Deposit function broken, lots of bugs
Depositing checks used to be a quick easy task with this app. For more than three months it has been a very frustrating experience. It now takes at least 30 min to successfully deposit a check using the app. I take a picture, it loses the picture. I try to enter the deposit amount and I get logged out. And each action comes with a three second lag. Take a photo of the front of the check, wait three seconds, and then you’ll see that the photo is available to use. I actually forgot how difficult it was the last two times (when I switched a different banking app to make my deposits to a different bank) and tried again today. Same problems. No bueno.
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2 months ago, edwinjrpr
Very satisfied with PenFed, however...
I've been with PenFed since 2020 and the customer service that I've had over the last 3 years has been sensational. I can't complain with not only the service, but the offers and benefits as a PenFed member. I feel safe having my money with PenFed. I'm not planning to leave anytime soon. However, the mobile app is terrible to say the least. It's very slow, sometimes it dosen't reflect the pending transaction and some of those transactions take almost a week to update. Would love a very fast and reliable, quick update application.
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5 years ago, Zortrium
New version is embarrassingly buggy
The old version of the app was reliable, fast, and efficient. I used it all the time, especially the mobile deposit functionality. Then the new, redesigned version came out. This review will compare the new version with the old one. The good: it looks slick. That’s it. The bad: oh, where to begin... Constant crashes, constant error messages requiring complete app reboot, and on top of that, the interface updates for mobile deposit were brain dead and make the entire process take much longer (that’s assuming it doesn’t crash or error out, which is a big if). It’s like they released the new app without bothering to have anyone test it first. I waited several months for penfed to release several updates before writing this review. While several updates have been put out, sadly, the app is as much of a disaster as it was at launch. For a organization that had a great mobile app beforehand, this is an embarrassment. This is a textbook example of form over function, clearly put out by people who don’t actually heavily use the app themselves.
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5 years ago, roseymom
Mobile deposit problem
Thanks for making it iPhone X compatible. I have been impressed with this app up until today when I attempted an mobile deposit. Upon submission, an error popped up to try again later or call PenFed if it persists. Later, during the second attempt, the error stated your check was already submitted and can’t be accepted. The check wasn’t in my account & customer service advised I needed to hand deliver it to my branch. I never had an issue in the past & I'm hoping this will not be a recurring problem.
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10 months ago, hero2xero
Does the job…when it works. Logging in is always a hit or miss. Which isn’t good considering they’re handling my money. At random times it’ll give me the error screen during a login attempt saying “There was an unknown error while processing your request. Please try again and contact PenFed if problem persists”. Then I’ll try in a few hours and I can log in with no issues. It’s annoying that I have to interact with my financial app whenever it decides to work. If this only happened once or twice I could understand. But it’s fairly consistent.
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7 months ago, ZoMylagma
Best Credit Union App
I researched several financial institutions prior to my retirement and this was the best for my needs. I am surrounded by banks and credit union companies in my state, but PenFed offers the best rates for high yield savings and Certificates. I love being able to receive my pension and social security days beforehand, and the ease to transfer funds to my local accounts. The new website is perfect for instant at a glance information and saves me time and money. I am very pleased with the service.
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3 years ago, New user 445674
The App does not show what the website does
To me the following issues make the app useless. Can't use the app if it's not updated nor shows what I could see on the website. Here's why: I received a secure message by email. I go to the app and the main screen shows 2 messages. I tap on the messages and it says "no messages". I had to go to the website to retrieve my messages. I also deposited a check by mobile deposit. Waited the normal two days and the website shows the check was cleared yesterday and so does the message. The website shows the full balance including my deposited check. However, the app does not show that the check has been cleared yet. It does not show a "pending" for the check either. Therefore, the app also would not let me do a transfer of those funds to pay my PENFED loan. It says I don't have the funds. But the website says I do. I suppose I not only have to wait for the check to clear (which it has on the website) but I have to wait until the data gets transferred to the app to show my correct balance.
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1 month ago, almostrelly
9.4.0 is (no longer) broken
App has not worked since release of version 9.4.0- I cannot login from iPhone 13 mini with iOS 16.6. After entering my credentials, it spins for a second and then nothing happens. My credentials work on the website so it is not a password issue. Deleting and reinstalling does not resolve the inability to login. Update: I have been able to consistently login to my account for the last few days with version 9.4.0, so I have updated my rating accordingly.
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2 years ago, Twisted30
It’s good, except log-in
It’s a great app, once you get logged in. However, there are some major log-in issues. If you have only one PenFed login/account and you set-up biometric log-in, it works fine. But, if you have two different accounts, it’s difficult to change between accounts…. And sometimes impossible- I had to delete and reinstall twice! Even though it has a “change user” button, it really doesn’t work well. It also seems to hang up if you try to login using Saved Password. I hope they get this fixed, because it is very difficult to use as it is.
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4 years ago, Peaskilk
Needs minor updates
App is great however I’d like to recommend adding more functionality in the way pending payments display. There should be a place to show a pending or processing payment. Maybe under the scheduled transfers tab. On two occasions I’ve made my credit card payment twice b/c I couldn’t remember if I scheduled it and when I go under scheduled payments or scheduled transfers, the pending payment doesn’t show. So In a panic, I make an unnecessary second payment. I’m happy to flesh out this request some more if you want to reach out to me but this is a piece that is severely lacking in your app at this time.
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3 years ago, Bendingo84
Rarely able to view transactions
I rarely write reviews, but I’m extremely frustrated with this app - I’ve been a penfed customer for over a decade, but the current version of the app has one really annoying bug for me: I would say approximately 75% (I’m being generous here. I wanted to say 9 times out of 10) of the time I am unable to view transactions on my accounts. If I go to a browser and login, I can view them fine. It’s been like this for months - it really has me wondering if the app is this lax, what else is lacking with penfed. I’m a developer myself and want to grant leeway but I think this is ridiculous considering how long it’s been broken.
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5 years ago, bigbadbrams
Loading issues
App has always worked good for me on my new iPhone X and I have updated everything but now the app will not load on my newer apple device for whatever reason. Use my old iPad to deposit checks and the process is slow now. I called into customer service and the lady was nice but said there is nothing locked on my account. I said great still cannot log in online with my newer device can someone help she said we cannot help you unless I’m logged into my account on the app. Lately I have been disappointed in PenFeds stems and processes related to this and calling in for other things. I use to really enjoy this credit union but it’s looking like I’ll have to take my accounts elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Moo to you
They need to change the check deposit algorithm
Right now the algorithm for depositing checks only allows it to recognize a signature on the end portion of the check. I have checks that require a signature in the center of the back and the deposit photos on the app will not recognize that there is a signature. This causes a problem because now I can’t go and cash the check at a local bank because it already has the endorsement on the back that it’s for a electronic deposit only to a specific account.
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1 year ago, MDriverZ
It’s All There, but…
This is, for me, fully functional app. I live nowhere near a PFCU branch, so ALL my banking is necessarily on-line. This app gets it all done, (including BillPay) and I find everything in the app intuitive and easily located. Here’s the but… occasionally actions need an annoying “retry”. This is NOT related to bandwidth problems (I’m usually at home with solid WiFi and Internet connections). It’s just that, sometimes, the app asks for a “do over”. If not for this, 5 stars, no problem.
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2 years ago, DaveM1597
Very poorly designed app done with very little thought
The person that designed this app should be taken at back and beaten. There is no way to schedule a transfer more than five months in advance. You cannot make deposits through the app for more than $20,000 which is stupid because a bank should want as many and as large deposits as you can receive. You cannot do a bill pay for more than $5000. The app is not good at identifying ATMs that accept deposits. I actually regret becoming a customer of Penfed because the app is so poor. It would be easier to have done banking in 1934 then it is with Penfed‘s current technology.
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5 years ago, cohencordero
The design and features of the app are nice, but it freezes a lot. Sometimes the number keyboard doesn’t appear or is waaaay down, and the screen won’t change orientation from horizontal to vertical at times. It can take a good 15 min to deposit a single check. It also freezes or delays on the check photos, at which points my I’ve moved the phone so it blurs. I tried reinstalling and the problems persisted. I wish Pen Fed would add the option to see all check transactions by number like they have on the full website. Good app if things work as intended.
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3 years ago, first and last itunes review
The worst banking app I have ever used
No way to make a payment on my HELOC from the app. My entire experience with penfed on this, my second HELOC with them, has been inexcusably disappointing. Taking my time to write this review as I sit on hold, AGAIN, trying to make a payment. The first time they couldn't stop charging me interest on the $25 they deducted from this HELOC for closing my first HELOC. Then they charged interest in the amount of $0.07 that it wouldn't let me pay and actually took 3 phone calls and a manager to resolve. Same boat now, paid the balance in full lady month but still owe interest and it won't let me schedule a one time payment. On hold more for 20 minutes. The rate isn't worth the hassle....
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4 months ago, Crimsonwolf007
5 day hold for mobile deposits.
App could be better . It’s not always up to date . I deposited some US government checks into my account on a Saturday. They aren’t releasing the funds for 5 days . They say all mobile deposits are five days to be clear , which isn’t always the case . They aren’t counting the weekends in those days . Which is ridiculous considering they have employees that work on the weekends. If they had more brick and mortar locations we wouldn’t have to use mobile deposit as often as we do .
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2 years ago, GLMTRAVEL
Easy to use
I haven’t had any issues with PenFed website. I love everything about them; they have been very helpful and they are always there for us! I’m currently signed up with other credit cards but soon, I’ll be using their credit cards more often. Keep up the good work PenFed and please see other credit card competitors to keep up and match with their offers!!!!
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2 years ago, 2020
Love it this app because the credits cards, checking cards and money transfers are excellent. Also the checking and credit cards are totally compatible with Apple Pay. I have PenFed because in my country (Puerto Rico), the banks and financial institutions not are compatible with Apple Pay, only PenFed because Puerto Rico is associated with the EE. UU. but are have our own laws and rules. PenFed is an excellent option for maintain your financial live healthy, private and secure.
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1 year ago, Hoylemj
4 star
Good app. Log-in ability should be faster. Atm I'm required to tap the password box, click on use saved pw for site, click on the search box in ape pws, type out half of "penfed", then click on my penfed pw info and once it's transferred to the app pw box, then I have to press return on the keyboard. It's the 21st century. Every other credit card app has a thumbprint sign-in option. Lets cut down on the number of clicks & general effort needed to access an account.
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4 years ago, Spender the Great
Retired and Happy
I think the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) mobile application is very well designed and easy to use. Love the way I can sign in to my accounts from my cell phone and quickly access my checking, saving, and credit card account. It allows me to pay bills, transfer money and make deposits with very simple steps. PenFed makes my banking a delightful experience and from the comfort of my home. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, lisbetu
Pen Fed - Strong virtues and weaknesses.
I had a line of credit of $1,000 USD with PenFed and suddenly my life turned up side down and I went into bankruptcy but I still receiving my Social Security pension into a PenFed checking account. Suddenly, PenFed cut my line of credit and erase a pending balance of some dollars of the line of credit. I consider that was not fair from the part of PenFed. PenFed receives my check every month, I consider that a warranty that I will pay any future balance. PenFed has many virtues and I am not planning to move to a different Bank but this deed left a very sour aftertaste in my mouth. I would have been a loyal customer of PenFed but I can only be faithful toward PenFed. Anything in the universe can be faithful. Loyalty is a more desirable virtue; Martin Ibn-Rubain Bencomo
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