PenFed Mobile

4.2 (9.6K)
64.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PenFed Mobile

4.2 out of 5
9.6K Ratings
2 months ago, Magnoliaman1
I use the app often and previously found it quick and easy. I now find that the app often freezes and in most cases requires removal and reinstalling. Secondly, the app is limited in one important feature. Specifically, it should support searches for specific transactions. Sometimes, particularly while traveling access to a computer and the full version is limited so one must rely on the app to review account details. Lastly, the remaining and available balance can be confusing. I know it is intended to show the difference based on pending transactions but some of those are days apart or made by others on the account.
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7 days ago, Mama bear 6919
Terrible App, worse company
App is terrible, constantly freezes and closes, 99% of the time I have to log in on their website to do anything. This whole company is really behind in banking technology. I really hate to leave this review but I don’t want anyone else suckered into this bank. I had a small loan with them for credit building purposes because I heard they were such a great bank. Every month I log in to try to pay my bill & every month my external account does not show up. I end up having to pay over the phone & they will charge enormous late fees. My payment was $10 and I was charged a $40 late fee! Every month I’m told to try again linking my account. I try and it won’t let me make payments. I finally spoke with someone yesterday who told me my account “is not eligible” for ach transfers. I.E : I cannot pay my bill. I was trying to pay it off to get away from these people but they literally would not take my money. She told me I had no other option but to mail a paper check. I don’t even have a checkbook! Who uses checks still? I’m convinced they drag this out every month to be able to charge a late fee. It’s really disheartening that this is a bank made for our servicemen and women. I’d hate to think they are taking advantage of others the way they have me but I’m certain I’m not the only one. Stay far, far away from this bank if only to save yourself the aggravation of a bank stuck in the last century.
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1 month ago, Golf2222
Not so great
While the new update is more pleasing to the eyes, the functionality is just bad. As a millennial, it’s very important to me to be able to do mobile banking. The only thing you can really do in this app without issue is view account balances and transactions. Everything else, good luck. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. When I transfer money from checking to savings, i always get a cannot complete transaction message and to call customer service. When I call they never know what the issue is. Zelle works okay. Mobile deposit doesn’t work. The app overall is very slow. If I want to transfer money I have to do telephone banking… I would expect PenFed being a national brand, they would have much a much better app. While customer service is always nice and friendly, Due to the app alone, PenFed is no longer my main bank. They need to hiring and or invest more in their mobile and web banking.
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2 weeks ago, WLC345
User functionality
I use my phone 90% of the time for this app. It seems to get worse with each update. It’s not opening or working more often than I’d like. Yesterday was a good example. I could not access it all day
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2 months ago, The.SD
The app have 2 problems and one mayor one. Worst Update ever
First the app still missing dark mode pleases. Second the new icon looks very bad, give us the one before it was darker and look more beautiful and sleek. Last one and most important This update have a big problem, now expose all your information at the tip of the screen, full name, account numbers all is expose and there is no way to hide that like before. This app need to address this over exposing information when we need just to see transactions. Let us hide/unhide like before when we need information on the account anyone can se the screen and get the info en public areas. It feel like is not secure now to open the app anywhere cause your information is always expose.
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2 months ago, gsmith601
Awful update
If your primary means of banking is on app, look elsewhere. This new version is not dependable. Been trying to make loan payment (by clicking on “make payment” ) and it just spins and doesn’t go to where you actually make payment. The whole app is very slow as well. Also their updated on-line banking has similar issues. If you don’t have a branch handy, I would try another credit union. PenFed unfortunately seems to be regressing. Used to be a great place to bank with. Surprising that they have let their online/app get so bad considering that seems to be their primary way of allowing us members to conduct business with them.
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3 days ago, SSVenu
Latest update 5.007 fixed many of the members frustrations.
I’m glad many of the members frustrations were identified and fixed in the most recent update 5.007, made by the credit union. This shows that our credit union is making efforts continuously to improve the product. I am positive our credit union will innovate and keep up with competition, member services, and seek the best capabilities keeping the members in mind.
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2 months ago, Coconutcrisp
PenFed App
The app doesn’t work half the time I guess I just was lucky this time. This new version has a tremendous amount of bugs that need to be fixed starting with your personal information that you don’t have the option to hide at the very top . I rated the app with one star because it doesn’t work majority of the time I have to call and it takes them an hour to get me in going through all the steps to make it work and even then if I try to open it back up later can’t get it to work all over again didn’t have this problem with the old version
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2 months ago, BMartindale67
Huge Improvement
The latest PenFed mobile app is a remarkable improvement from its predecessor. It stands out for its ease of navigation and speedy performance. Information is now at your fingertips, organized in a way that makes sense. This app demonstrates a clear understanding of what users need: efficiency and simplicity. Highly recommended for those seeking a hassle-free banking experience.
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3 weeks ago, juelmay
Update Horrible
The latest major update is horrible. I have to delete and reinstall the app every time I use it because the camera function doesn’t work right when I try to deposit checks the second time. The camera comes up, but there is no button to take the photo and no way to get out of that screen without quitting the app. Then I have to reinstall the app to get the camera option working. I’ve also had to sign in 3 times just to get to different screens in the app. Just horrible. Very buggy, as others have said as well.
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1 month ago, Johnnie come lately
I have to agree with the person that said this is the worst All of my data has disappeared for using bill pay Customer service was very nice, but had no idea how to fix it and suggested that I uninstall and reinstall surprise surprise that did not work still having the same problem and no one can help me. How is this OK in 2023 a mobile app should be able to open up allow you to make payments view your information and anything else that any other bank allows you to do Penfed, this is not the move. You need to fix this.
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3 months ago, QueenBxxxx
Horrible App Redesign
I’m not sure who approved this, but the redesign of the app is absolutely horrible. The interface is clunky, takes forever to load, and you have to go through so many pointless pages with one option to get to information. You also seem to have moved most of the information out of the app into a webpage. Not even showing the options within the app, you have to open a webpage to get the different options. What is even the point of an app then? Please rethink this plan. It is a 100% downgrade in every way possible.
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3 months ago, L San Cheezes
Previous Version Way Better
The new release doesn’t show check numbers or photos of paid checks like before (yes, sometimes we write checks and need that info). The font should be larger and/or bolded, or at least adjustable with more contrast; too much space was wasted in making the display “prettier.” Sadly, instead of improving a usable site, the upgrade has taken it backwards. It seems the new developers decided to redesign the interface without canvassing users on features they rely upon.
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3 months ago, this review app is awful
Update version 5004 still did not fix transactions
Back-and-forth with PenFed via email for several days and then they stopped responding. Able to see any transactions using the app. noticed this morning that they released an update. I insured that they update was installed actually turned off my phone and restarted and still unable to see any transactions all blank except for my balance. And they’re still not replying to any of my emails this week. Really awful
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2 months ago, hartpete
PenFed Finally Gave Up Serving Members
With the latest update to iOS PenFed is decided they're no longer going to update this app and leave it looking like a Third World website with no money to hire someone to update it. Or what is more likely, they just don't care. I contacted customer service over two weeks ago, and they have done nothing, absolutely nothing to make this app anything more than barely functional. And their website is exactly the same story.
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2 months ago, Sirenrose
. Where are the powers that be to fix this? Horrible
Too many updates, and sometimes issues signing in, with a message stating to try again later because there is some error. Unbelievable! I wish I still had Aspirefcu never had issues with them. PenFed took it over. I am currently looking for another bank. They take long pulling out the money from my account after I pay my bills with my checking account.
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1 month ago, Mademen11
Below Average
In my opinion this was once a great bank. People complain about nonsense like app freezing etc. I care about real services like rates etc. A lot of convenient services are slowly being taken away for more aggressive commercial bank like tactics like Extremely high credit rates etc. I don’t mind a average tech. I’ll take great service over superior technology any day. Penfed rates at one point was almost half commercial banks rates. Now they’re on par.
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2 months ago, cotakel
suppose a new fix doesn’t work I can’t even transfer funds or deposit checks and it’s been four months now with calls each time to the supposed customer service who says oh it’ll be fixed in an hour and of course it’s not. Then they have the nerve to try and charge you for services that you used to get for free because you can’t access them now and they have to do it clearly, I’m switching banks. Hey.
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3 months ago, MrSamid
Navigation Icons
Some feedback for the devs: 1. Navigation bar icons on the bottom are oversized and pixelated compared to the rest of the UI. 2. App does not respond to the iOS global Text Size settings. 3. App is missing a dark mode feature that corresponds to iOS Dark Mode settings. 4. ATMs and Branch Location needs to be implemented within the app, instead of taking you to a browser link.
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3 months ago, PotterLove18
Issues fixed - delete and reinstall the app
Was having the same issues as everyone else - unable to see my current transactions. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, now it works!!!
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3 months ago, DreDay2181
Quick fix
I had an issue to where my checking pending and posted wasn’t showing up. I deleted the app and reinstalled, and presto it started working.
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2 weeks ago, Dd18173745990
Used to be awesome
The newest addition reminds me of how Microsoft just changes just to change with no clear improvements. This latest revision is slow and not as user friendly. It over complicates everything with sub menus that serve no purpose. Please go back to tried and true version. Please don’t be like Microsoft and change just to change.
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2 months ago, Jedrane
PenFed mobile app
I found this app very user friendly! I loved that I could check on my different accounts, see my up to date credit score, and view the other products that are offered at PenFed!
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2 months ago, Bluebird1574
Terrible Upgrade!
Wow ! I have been having issues for a while even being able to log onto website . I pay by bills on here. This is very inconvienant , when you can get it to download it is so slow! Takes forever and a day to figure out where everything regarding accounts is located . I have 5 accounts with you, this is aggravating! Please fix it!
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1 month ago, Dalimana
This app used to be great. But they did some update that was a downgrade, now every time I try to deposit a check , or Zelle, I need to uninstall and reinstall, as soon as I reinstall, it works perfectly, but if I come back to it the same day , I freezes up again, then I have delete the app and reinstall.
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3 months ago, Daklin
Horrible update!
The latest update Version 5.0.04 is really really bad and annoying to explore the app. Why update if you are going to make it worst? A lot of features does not even work properly now. Please get somebody decent to work on your app. Now this days everyone uses the app to manage their bank account, so its very important you don't go cheap on it. Thanks
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3 days ago, TylersHEREHAHAH
It seems like they went backwards
While the latest version seems to be more modern there are so many glitches and so much waste of space that it is so annoying to use. I wish I didn’t have to use it but I’m stuck! The point is to improve not go backwards. Frustrated!
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1 month ago, owendrakos
The app need
The app need a Dark Mode feature and also a push notification option when you receive your job deposit into your account.
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2 months ago, JSiord
APP is going backwards
App wont save my user name, app freezes up often and i hate that they removed color differences for withdraws and deposits. It seems like a little thing but it much faster to scan and spot deposits when looking for something specific. I think the app is going backwards.
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3 months ago, TomCat234683
Poorly done and PenFed does not care
I have called a few times to explain that this app API isn’t working and each time the phone jockey says “delete and add it again”. I cannot see my checking account transactions but a balance will display. My other linked accounts seem ok. The credit union has very poor technical and customer support.
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1 week ago, SkeeterEMT
This latest update is terrible
This latest app update is terrible. It’s so hard to sign on, Face ID and using password storing apps like 1Password, no longer work. If your try to log in on a computer or on your phone from Safari or Chrome, it won’t open because of multiple bad redirect attempts or something. Please fix this. It’s terrible.
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2 months ago, Flutterby479
Put it back the way it was
I do not like the new look and design of the app. It’s bad enough that the website is messed up. Now the app is almost unusable also. Why did you mess with something that worked? Can those of us that liked the old version at least get an option to fix it like on the website?
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2 weeks ago, Issarod
Missing a key feature
This banking app needs a transaction search function.
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2 months ago, Full of Frustration
App no longer user friendly
I have used this app for years and found it easy and helpful. That is no longer the case. The app is difficult to sign into, won’t do many of the simple tasks like make a payment easily and just generally is hard to use. Go back. The upgrade was a downgrade!
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1 month ago, hvrivera
Mobile deposit not working
After app was upgrade, taking the picture of check to deposit as becomes a pain. Lines won’t show and you have to continuously and slowly move the phone until lines appear. A 5 minutes task has become a nightmare.
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3 weeks ago, 2ga2
Like it.
It was tough to get around at first but once you figure it out it’s great. Thanks again outstanding accomplishment.
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1 month ago, Jdkshjkdn
Improvements great advancement on the Apps but too much crushing on mobile Apps hoping to fix this issue
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3 months ago, Dejalen1
Hate the new app!
This was definitely NOT a pleasant surprise and I received no pre-warning at all that the app would be completely changed! It is not intuitive whatsoever and no longer clearly displays the information that I need up front! Wish there was an opt out button available!
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2 months ago, Maypea
This app is awful! Have the time it freezes and then you have no way of closing the app once it freezes. Went to the Credit Union and asked why I can’t use the app and the response I got was uninstall and re-install again. Seriously, this is the worse app!
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2 months ago, LRBSR
App Review
PFCU updated their mobile app and now Bill Pay doesn’t work. This is a real inconvenience since most people use the mobile app for Bill Pay. Bill Pay of the website still functions.
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2 months ago, Anaheyrbwvs
Penfed bill pay doesn’t work
Why did you change the app, the old version at least worked. I have put in two help tickets over past 10 days and the bill pay functionality does not work.
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3 months ago, BrianEnsminger1983
I like the new look but…
It wont pull up my posted and pending transactions for my checking account. These do pull however for my 2 savings accounts and the o/d line of credit. Please fix this!
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1 month ago, Bloodydeath
Check deposit for app is broken on IPhone 15
When trying to deposit a check through the app; the picture mode is broken and won’t allow you to take pictures of the check.
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2 months ago, Pilotflyer13
Functionality Problems
I’ve been a PENFED user for quite some time now, and this is the very first time I’ve encountered legitamet ISSUES with this new app update. The direct deposit DOESN’T WORK! And trying to pay bills through the app is a hassle. PENFED PLEASE GET THIS TOGETHER VERY VERY SOON! Or else you’re going to start losing dedicated clients.
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2 months ago, Celi900
Previous version was way better
Many things broke in this new update. Transactions take forever to show and sometimes cannot take a picture of checks to deposit. Please devs fix these bugs.
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2 months ago, TurtlePurpleOrange
Fire the developer and start from scratch
App allows access once and then freezes, it's always been buggy but this update just made it unusable.
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4 weeks ago, burnedcielo
Fix This App!
The facelift is beautiful on the app and desktop versions. However, the new app is terrible. For example, I have to constantly log off and then on to do any banking functions including paying my bills and card. Adding the spending summary that’s on the desktop would be a plus! Also, I can delete one payment but not a series. - Long time customer who needs better technology
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3 months ago, SkinwalkerDestroyer
Can’t make payments from the app
4 months later, sill can’t make loan payments from the app. I could understand at first, now I feel that this issue isn’t a big deal to them. Last update was completely useless to this issue
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1 month ago, Ashstel
Mobile Deposit Doesn’t Work
When attempting to make a mobile deposit, the camera opens, but there are no buttons/options to actually capture an image of the check.
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2 months ago, championcommander
Updated app fail
Updated app looks like a step forward but keeps crashing and freezing. Now takes forever to get anything done. Please can I get old version back. It was garbage but at least it worked.
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