Penguin Diner: Restaurant Dash

4.6 (1.4K)
37.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bigwig Media
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Penguin Diner: Restaurant Dash

4.64 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, KatelynEllaF
This Is Where My Anxiety Started
I think this game is where my anxiety started. Those little demons going “heughooo” Waving their little arms around. Don’t you see me struggling, Dave??? Can’t you wait a second before you frown? The line is getting longer and my skates can’t skate fast enough. Curse these sausage fingers. Curse them. But seriously, my fingers are too big so I can’t click the plate fast enough. It’s really stressful. Like, I’m 18, playing a game meant for four years olds. All I can say is that this is NOT for four year olds. This, this is a game that takes strategy. Dedication. Commitment. It pushes you to your finger pressing limits. Can you be fast enough so they don’t frown before they get their food? Can you keep the system in place, or will it all fall to the ground? Can you be the greatest server in the penguin world? Will you reach the money limit before nine o’clock hits? Will you ever get your lunch break??? Ok but I like the game. I recommend it.
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2 years ago, ZS4206969
Oldie But A Goldie.
This will forever get a 5 star rating from me. The immense nostalgia I get consumed with every time I download this game from Time to time is worth every hour I spend playing it. I’ve known this game since elementary age. I’m now 24 years of age and still play. I can not begin to express how thankful I am that It was converted for mobile gaming platform instead of just PC where I originally played it. I only wish more childhood pc games were being converted one of the games I wish so badly for is BEETLE EVO, where you evolve beetles, breed them, fight them, race them. All while playing the game the background music is a linkin park song playing numb. Someone needs to MAKE IT already. OP I hope this gives you a good idea.
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9 months ago, Aokafor
Nostalgic comfort
I used to spend hours playing this game on my family computer growing up. When I saw it as a recommendation under another game I downloaded I knew I had to get it. It’s still super fun but maybe it’s because I am now in my 20s and no longer in elementary school, it’s become to easy and it’s easy to max out everything. Also maybe I’m remembering it wrong but there used to be more upgrades and customizations like pennys costumes, skates, etc. which I think would help keep the game more interesting for longer. I’m not saying make it super hard to upgrade stuff but adding more options and maybe some challenges would help improve the game. Other than that it’s been fun getting back into the comfort of this game and reliving a fun childhood memory!
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9 months ago, tacosandcats3
never thought penguins could be Karen’s. Yet here I am. Why do you tap your feet as soon you get in my restaurant? When I sit you down and you get your order why do you wave your hand faster then the speed of light?? the second I get this order and the food comes out, you have 3 seconds of smiling and then it fades away. In all seriousness, this is my favorite game + the nostalgia. my favorite part might be the tvs changing the first TV: it’s ice fishing second tv: PENGUIN YOGA?? My favorite, the third tv: a news channel showing a ufo crashing. My favorite game and its really fun! I could binge this game my entire life. (If the sounds annoy you, go into the game, press pause and then it says sound on/off)
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4 years ago, lillie k.
Love it!!
I love this game! I used to play this years ago and today I just thought of it and said I have to see if I can still download it. And I could! I’m already at the 3rd place and it’s only been a few hours..(maybe I am obsessed😂). This is a really fun game but stressful and filled with anxiety when you get more costumers. I’m 18 years old playing this game and it says it’s meant for 4 year olds but I don’t know how lol you need to focus and make sure you get the people down seated with their food before they leave lol But anyway a really great game!
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2 months ago, Chineese_Corgi 🤣
it’s fun but gets boring..
this was a super fun game when i first started playing, you have to earn money by waitressing and buying updates and moving on to the next level. i got to level 3 (the last level) in around 2-3 hours.. and i also bought all the updates (9) by like day 10 on level 1..! also the days are like probably less than 10 minutes long so i got all the updates pretty quickly. once i bought all the updates i didn’t have much to do but finish the levels. it got pretty boring just waitressing with no goal. and there’s also nothing to do but restart the game once you finish level 3. a suggestion for the creators is add more upgrades!! make them worth more money so you feel motivated to work harder! and after level 3, or the third cafe, i suggest making pennys boat crash or sink whenever she’s on her way home and she has to like go to a nearby island and make money by waitressing and buy a ticket for a plane ride home or something like that. it’ll make you keep playing and have more to do.
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9 months ago, the skiny hedchog
Where has this been my whole life
This is totally my new favorite game. I can’t believe it’s free so you should totally get it plus it’s really fun. At first it’s easy but as it gets harder it’s a little stressful. When my family went on a boat ride I stayed behind just to play this game. I do think the way the penguins say hello is really creepy but they make up for it in cuteness. There are a lot of annoying ads though and it’s a little glitchy like how the sound kept turning on the off. Over all great game totally worth it.
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1 year ago, Ellecse4529
A Classic That Didn’t Sell Out
I was looking for some old school time management games I used to play on the computer as a kid. Diner Dash is hardly called that anymore and the aesthetic upgrades are understandable but it looks like it’s doing too much to hit that nostalgic feel I was looking for. Sally’s Spa was a favorite, but the reviews were all about how it sold out and is hardly playable anymore. I was really excited when I read the reviews for this game and so far, it’s exactly how I remember it ❤️
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2 years ago, LittleOdessa
Nostalgic and a big comfort to me
Probably like twice a year I’ll re download this game, obsessively play it for a week until I can’t upgrade anything anymore, then remove it off my phone and repeat the process months later. I used to play this when life was a lot more simple. It’s just nice and really comforting to return back to that. It’s a good game with no bugs that I notice. Just like how it used to be on my moms computer.
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2 years ago, Sammy Loves Dogs
I Missed This Game! Bring Back the Music!
This game is really nostalgic for me. I used to sit in my living room playing this name for hours non stop. It doesn’t seem anything changed. The only thing I dislike about the mobile version is the lack of the unforgettable music that the computer version had, and that is the only reason I’m giving four starts out of five. Perhaps it’s for copyright reasons, but if the music could be brought back, I’ll probably become extremely addicted to this game once again.
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1 year ago, kam786251
A Breath Of Fresh Air
God I have missed this game! This and the Papa's games have always been a great way to pass the time in computer lab and the skills you gain with managing time and upgrades actually transfers to the real world, I think this game and Papa's Freezeria helped me manage tickets at an ice cream shop I worked at. GREAT GAME, only issue I have is the ads but nowadays thats typical and these guys deserve the coin so I dont mind Glad seeing this gem again
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4 weeks ago, nostalgic young'n
Among the best of old online games
There is a glitch that won’t load the final results after you’ve finished a level, which makes you have to exit the game and do that level all over again. Aside from that, I love this game! I wish more old online games would turn their stuff into playable apps. Thanks for making this!
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1 month ago, Wendy’sisthebest
This game is awesome
it kinda get overwhelming when all the customers start to pill in . The only complain I have about this game is that to remove adds it cost 5.00 unexpecxeable .!! Overall the game is a 10/10 definitely recommend people to download this really fun to play with friends and everything thank u for reading this♥️♥️
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1 year ago, @wtf.ely
Not sure if it’s the game itself
i absolutely love this game, i grew up playing it. but when the levels are over and i get ads, when i try to exit them out it always ends up saying “cannot connect to appstore” and there’s no way for me to get out of it so i’m stuck replaying the same level over and over again until i finally get lucky enough to skip pass the ads.
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5 years ago, Meh🙄
My childhood game
I remember playing this game countless hours and tried getting the last level. But every time I had dinner or lunch I would have to restart the game on the computer. Now I finished the whole game feeling proud 😂 now that the data is saved in all I’m happy to play this game once again. Awesome game but recommend others to play this and the other two games available.
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4 years ago, cool penguin 2.0
Great Game, but I have a suggestion
No doubt about it. This is an awesome game to play. The first time I even got this game, I played it for HOURS!!! I also really love Penguins, so this game is perfect for me. Though, I do have one suggestion. What if when you moved to a different cafe, you could get more upgrades? I’m not asking this to be apart of the game, but it’s just an idea. No matter what, this game will still be great to me.
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8 years ago, 🙅PsychoLicker🙅
Very pointless game.
I like the game, it's a very good way to waste some time however the game is pointless which lead me to uninstalling it. By level 10 you can ALREADY pay for all 6 upgrades. Those are the only upgrades throughout the game. Yet, you still get money in the bank and you can't even spend it on anything!!! 😤😤 it makes the game pointless! What's the point of earning money if you can't even spend it!!! I've gotten to level 27 and I'm very frustrated. I am so disappointed to say, I have uninstalled this pointless game and I won't be reinstalling it anytime soon.
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2 years ago, C2Cbianchi1
I will forever love this game
Just about lost my mind to learn that I could play this iconic game again on my phone and I’m already back to level 1 for the third time. Loved it as a kid on my parents’ computer and monitor, love it now playing on my phone in my dorm ❤️❤️❤️ Only thing I have to say is where is the iconic music?????????
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6 months ago, Lisa-bai
It’s great but needs a bit more
So I pretty much like this game but like remove the ads are not supposed to be like that much, and since this game is like 4+ or whatever, the ads should be more kiddish but the game is still pretty good and I suggest adding some more future upgrades for example, one day a commotion happens or instead of diner, penny can go to a bakery but once again, the game is GREAT.
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5 years ago, Lovnbear
If you’ve ever played diner dash then you already know how to play this. It’s the exact same concept just the graphics aren’t as good and the upgrades stop unlike in diner dash. To give you an example, I just started this game today and I’ve already upgraded everything that can be upgraded. There’s nothing left to do except keep playing and getting money that you cant spend on anything. It gets boring very fast because the levels don’t get more difficult. It’s pretty much always the same.
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8 years ago, MarshallH66
Fun, Two Problems
This game is really fun, but it is very repetitive an eventually becomes boring. I would be more motivated to play if there were more upgrades available! I have already bought all 9 and I just started the other day! My biggest problem is selecting the food to take to customers. When I send Penny to retrieve the food from the counter, she doesn't pick up the food when I tap it! This causes the customers to wait longer and get angry. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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9 years ago, Nunnzie13
Very fun game to play but I'm having problems with the advertisement after day 5
This game is very fun to play and it brings back memories of me playing this on my old PC. I just got past day 5 and then a ad pops up after every day and when it needed I was treated with the closing gate thing and there were no words so I restarted the game and it did the same thing again I hope someone could help me fix this.
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3 months ago, 😮‍💨🫶🏾
One of the best games I’ve ever played 🤭😁
I absolutely love this game. I have played this game over 10 times. I always deleted it when I’m done with all the levels and I download it back so I can start all there needs to be more games like this. I highly recommend downloading it you will love it…..
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2 years ago, Eggcrashed
Fun game
One you get all the upgrades it feels a little pointless but honestly I just uninstall it and reinstall it a year later when I remember this little game exists. I like it despite it not being the same kind of addictive game you’d fine all over the App Store. You probably already know what the game is like on the computer and it’s the same here.
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3 years ago, Dani Tej
Not one game can top this
Best app of my life. Gets me out of my depressive episodes every single time. I love it. The sound effects really add to it too. I’ve been playing this since I was 5 on my computer and now i’m 21 playing it on my phone. Amazing. “please give me back my girlfriend the penguins stole her” - quote from my boyfriend
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1 year ago, Cadillackid9
The Nostalgia Is Real
I used to play this game all the time, and I got bored of scrolling through social media all the time so I decided to download games, after seeing this a whole load of memories just hit me, now that I’m older I actually know how to play the game right. Overall, thank you.
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2 years ago, Kyleethegamer
Best game to play if you love restaurant simulators and penguins!
So I played the 3D one when I was little and I just remembered the game today so I downloaded it and it is soooo addicting! I'm at the last level eight now but they came in so smooth and the only gripe I have is that we have to pay for the ads to go away
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2 days ago, Shimmyshimloo
Please bring more additions to this game
I love this game so much I grew up playing it and now I play it because it makes me feel peaceful and happy thinking of my childhood. Please can you add more upgrades and couple more features because I wanna continue playing it
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1 year ago, MochiParadise
Amazing but repetitive
This game is so cool, don't get me wrong, but its honestly very repetitive. Each day you are just doing the same old thing. Get the customer seated, here the "heighhoo" thing and get their order, go to the counter after you here the "ding" and get their food. You get what I mean. But, it's really fun, and the stress it gives is just amazing! Highly recommended.
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9 years ago, Super E 02
Oh my gosh... Finally! I loved this game on PC and I'm glad there's finally a mobile port. I've waited... and waited... and searched... and waited. My TV is out so I thought I'd try “Penguin Diner” in the App Store for the 2mil. time, without any hope of getting what I wanted. I did. AND I GOT THE SEQUEL TOO! I AM SO GLAD! Thanks for creating this, I will PAY for the 3rd one if it decides to make a mobile appearance. 🐧🍮🍨🍹
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4 months ago, Lostoneee
Nostalgia Central
I used to play this game on the family computer with me sister as a kid growing up. We always had so much fun and I was so shocked to see there was an app version of it. It’s an exact copy of the one we played and I’m so glad I found it! 10/10 perfect
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2 years ago, AceBeast212
This was my childhood game and I absolutely love it and I would so recommend people to download it and player I play this all the time as a kid and I’m so glad I found it tonight thank you to the I think it’s the developers to upload to the game for uploading it I love this game so much
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3 days ago, LLEsT03
Not working
Honestly i love this game sm, but a lot if the time there is a glitch that when i finish the day and the thing comes clashing down to show me my progress, it dosent show anything. You can only see the door and i have to close the app and open it once again, losing my progress for that day. Is that only me? I need help bc i dont like redoing hard days
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2 years ago, athenammmm8
Random, but fun
Even though it repeats, it is always fun! There’s a lot of apps like this where you have to serve people, make food, or other things like that. This one is a bit easier than others I’ve played, and I think it’s a fun game!
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11 months ago, QueenJ_113
Just like I remember!
I downloaded this because I was bored one night and I’m glad I did. This used to be one my go to games growing and it’s a simple way to pass time. The little penguins are so cute and it’s pretty fun to play, so 5 stars.
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5 months ago, 20jbegley
Love it
Brings me back to when I was a kid and playing on a desktop computer with my mom! As soon as I found the game I called her and she downloaded it and now we’re both playing! My only complaint is that there’s an ad after every level
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1 year ago, TinyRickBoi
The game is fun to play, but there’s a glitch that makes it less so. When an ad pops up and you skip it, there is a glitch that makes the app freeze and you have to close it and reopen. It only happened a couple times at first. Now it is after every single day you play. So I just play one day, and skip the ad which makes me have to reboot all over again.
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1 year ago, Anni_p06
Penguin Pinner old computer game
I LOVE this game, ever since I was a kid. They didn’t change the game one bit on the app! I LOVE how they kept it classic. Only giving it 4 stars because I feel like my clicks didn’t always register but not enough to effect my scores. That just wasn’t a problem on the computer ever.
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1 year ago, kaydean110916
Memories but..
I love this game but i wish there were more levels i think it should be updated with more levels so you can play it forever Lol. Keep the graphics and style the same but add more levels on both games frequently so it doesn’t end!
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5 months ago, gursktrinidy
Good game but..
I finished this game within 2 days, I even paid 4.99 for no ads but i’m not sure if it was worth 4.99 since the game went by so fast and was pretty easy and repetitive. i’m getting the part 2 and really hoping i don’t have to pay to remove ads again since i already paid 4.99 yesterday..
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3 years ago, Dubkidzs
I remember living with my grandmother at a young age, I would have an hour each day to play whatever game I wanted on our old computer. I would always play this one! I’m so glad to have it back again!
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9 months ago, Niclutch
Absolutely love this game it's so nostalgic and requires great tapping skills and strategizing but i remember playing this as a kid and i love it then and i love it now! I didn't know they had an app for this until a few days ago and it makes me so happy!! ☺️🤍
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2 years ago, thisnicknmaethingisdumb
Very nice:)
I used to play this game on a website before I knew it was an app game and it was very amazing. the game has little ads and it’s fun, but can also be stressful which can sometimes be fun if you think about it. but yeah very good game:D
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2 years ago, Wendy1Darling
Love this game!
I love this game. I played it when I was a little kid on a website that I can’t remember the name of and when I found they had an app I couldn’t wait to play. Still fun even after all these years.
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3 years ago, Ali 🙂
Won’t Load
I loved this game, however I was able to fully upgrade the restaurant before even moving cafes. On top of that, I’m stuck on day 22. Once I finish the day, it shows the little garage door screen, but will not load past that. I’ve tried restarting my device but nothing seems to fix it.
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7 months ago, puddinpop62011
Good game
It’s a really good game but there are ads like most game and you have to pay to remove them like most games but there aren’t that many ads so I can’t be that my it’s sometimes stressful but it is a really fun game 🍱🥗🥘🍜🥪🥙🧆🐧
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2 years ago, LucidFrog
Surprisingly Calming
I remember playing this game on my crappy laptop as a kid and had no idea it was an app! It both brings back happy memories and is a surprising calming activity..until it get chaotic but it’s still incredibly fun
Show more
10 months ago, Nala1115
I love this game, but it had some sound bugs. I would play with the sound on and in the middle on the game it would go off by itself. Then a few minutes later mysteriously come back on. Overall it’s a great game.
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8 years ago, no jar of hearts
It's so stressful
I recently discovered that there was an app to the game I loved as a kid! But it wasn't as fun as I remembered, there are only a couple levels and about three upgrades. I have to rapidly push on the food counter to try and get the food customers ordered, but I can't and it makes the penguin customers mad that they're waiting too long, but it's not my fault! It stresses me out to the point where I want to stop playing it.
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6 years ago, Elise205
I was so excited to see the penguin waitress but no😑!!!!!! I was so happy and then It just glitches out! I clicked on the app several times and once it opened, it was being super glitched. I could only see half the screen and something popped up, but I couldn’t see the whole thing, only half. So I clicked yes (I thought it said “restart” but no! I ALMOST bought “no-ads” 😒 I was so disappointed I couldn’t even play. It looks like s great concept but it would be nice to PLAY THW GAME!!
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