Penn Community Bank

4.8 (1.8K)
46.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Penn Community Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Penn Community Bank

4.81 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, voodoo190
Apps fine-however
The atm machine has way too many advertisements on it. I just want to grab my cash , not watch commercials on loans.
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1 year ago, SAEYRE
iPhone app
Provided everything I require. Only wish Customer Service had directed me to. Would have saved me hrs of learning about Penn online before finding. Customer Service needs to know bank app products, cost the bank $40,000 deposit that I placed in another bank. Your branch mgr & over all great branch service keeps me as a customer
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4 years ago, H0H0H
Tough to get to Bill Pay
The recent update makes it much harder to get to bill pay, which I use constantly. Instead now you could check your credit rating very easily. Nobody is going to do that every day. Please put bill pay back where it was.
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4 years ago, Footjob Scott
Easy to use
Always easy to use! Transferring and keeping tabs of my money is a breeze with this app. The ability to write memos for internal transfers helps me keep everything straight.
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5 years ago, Mford4
A real home time bank
I like be the updated banking tools with the hometown feel! I never walk away disappointed when dealing with the staff!
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1 year ago, John traub
Great local bank
Penn community is a good community focused bank run by knowledgeable professionals. It has been a pleasure doing business with them thru the years.
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7 years ago, Avid Audio Book Guy
Simple and Useful
Always works well, presents easy to read view of checking, savings, mortgage, etc. accounts.
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3 years ago, 1jessica3
Easy to use
I love that it uses facial recognition and I can easily check my balances.
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1 year ago, Nikki Vas
Mobile deposit never works
I have to use my other bank for all mobile deposits because this app never accepts the check’s picture. Please fix! 🙏🏻
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4 years ago, pamech440
Not real-time balances.
Have had app show available of over 100 , try to use card and gets declined for insufficient funds. Check an atm and it shows available of 7.50 . App can be hours behind.
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2 months ago, Jayd😂😂❤️❤️
Bank experience
Wonderful experience I have an account in a Bensalem branch all staff very, very helpful and honest
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1 year ago, TreyBeck😝
Check app
Check deposits on the app could be easier. My other bank uses “mitek” and it is smoother
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7 years ago, merrcoll
Been using it for over a year
Sometimes the app feels archaic but it gets the job done! Very convenient for bill pay and transferring.
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2 years ago, MaTeha
The app has everything I need
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3 years ago, shouldbefaster
Bill paying with the app very slow
Why does it take so many days for a bill to be paid when using the app? Sometimes more than a week.
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6 years ago, ljaxe63
I would really love if there was a "memo" spot so when I make transfers I could place a note to remember why. Other than that it's great!
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6 years ago, DeLiiRiuM
Very helpful
An essential
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6 years ago, bryskeee
It's average
Messes up ALOT. Doesn't let me check my balance at times, transfers don't go through sometimes. The app needs work
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3 years ago, nunyurbiz
Spent last 30 minutes trying to capture image of single check back. Not user friendly.
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4 years ago, dsdssddsnnekendnd
Great to be able to see pending deposits.
An improved versions seeing pending deposits would be great.
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2 years ago, amarksmenconstruction
Great experience merry Christmas!!!
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8 years ago, HawkeSHR
Very convenient, great features, mobile deposit..
The app works very well and is a great on-the-go money management tool. Easy menus, quick updates, minimal down time. Mobile deposit is ver convenient. Thanks!
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8 years ago, VidheadjohnE
Update to Penn #2
Everything seems to be in working order. It's a nice upgrade to $2500 deposits as well. I still wish there was a running total after each item shown purchased in each account but overall still good. Last review: Can't log in. Keeps saying "sorry, this app no longer works. Please download our new app or go to our website." Please point me to the direction of the new app. Thank you. Original review: I've been a longtime First Federal customer and I can't begin to express how amazing it is to be able to deposit my checks through this app. I would like to see my subtotals after each transaction, however. Despite this one tiny criticism, this is a wonderful app paired with an already wonderful bank.
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8 years ago, LordBongz
If you use this bank get this app
Much less driving to the bank, app makes it easy and convenient to manage my accounts!!
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8 years ago, Bjlo
Convenience on the go
App worked wonderfully. Did my first check deposit - so easy and didn't have to travel anywhere!!
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10 years ago, Falcon'sRider
Love the Check Deposit Feature!
I've used the check deposit feature and I love it! Now I don't have to make a special trip to PA to deposit client checks from NJ! Saves time and fuel!!
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10 years ago, memaml
Nothing like the simplicity afforded by small local bank
I enjoy the uncomplicated format of this tool from paying bills to transferring funds to rapid replies to my questions.
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9 years ago, ARBart
Handy for depositing checks
This app saves me time for checking balances and depositing checks when I'm on location making sales. I don't have to keep track of bank hours.
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8 years ago, Squallsoft
Great banking app
What can I say? The app does exactly what it's supposed, and it does it very well. Love the Touch ID login and the mobile deposit. Keep up the great work!!
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8 years ago, Cryben
What is happening
I just got this app this morning because our banks merged and it worked fine but now it keeps telling me that the app is no longer supported to download the new app please point me in the right direction I don't know what's going on.
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10 years ago, Blueyedtreefrog
Very Convenient..
The mobile check deposit is great.
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8 years ago, jimdet
This app is totally useless.
Once again we are forced to suffer through the agony of another bank merger. This app is a total waste. You would think if these banks are going to force us to deal with all this aggravation they could at least hire someone who is capable of setting up their software.
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8 years ago, Ft44286
Well thought out!
Thanks for keeping it simple and uncomplicated, this works like a charm!
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8 years ago, Gerry Dougherty
Mobile App
Easy to use, great support and it's a no brainer... One thing that ominous are the friendly tellers at the stony Hill branch. Jean Coyle runs a great Bank. Congrads on the merger.
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10 years ago, Ecopundit
Great! The check deposit was straightforward and a pleasure ... But I'll miss seeing folks at my branch!
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10 years ago, Hermslice
1st Federal App is Solid
Works just like it should. The app is simple, reliable and functional.
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9 years ago, Zuhl3156
It works.
It does everything I need.
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9 years ago, Phumazy
Great app
Very convenient - especially for depositing checks!
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8 years ago, DixieGirlLost
no longer supported?
Today was the first day this app was available. 13 hours after downloading, it is now no longer supported? Please help. There is no new version to download as the error messages advises to do.
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10 years ago, Sfass
Great app
I find this app very useful and easy to use.
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8 years ago, Small feets
When this app was "First Federal of Bucks County" it ran smoothly, I used it all the time. But since the update, it wont work. I've tried to Re-download it, but the same error message keeps popping up. Please fix!
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9 years ago, XOJ1
Love this app!
Banking is so much more convenient now! Thanks!
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8 years ago, First savings customer
App doesn't work
Downloaded app worked once not its saying this app is no longer avavible won't let log in frustrating!!
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8 years ago, Perkasie user
I am having the same error. Really?!? My bank changes and I can't even get into my accounts! Frustrated!
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