PENN Play Casino jackpot slots

4.4 (10.6K)
52.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Penn Interactive Ventures, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PENN Play Casino jackpot slots

4.45 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
3 years ago, amhcih
Not impressed
The customer service isn’t helpful. I bought credits over a week ago, they were never added. I’ve had to talk to customer service every single day. I’ve turned in receipts, and bank statement showing proof of purchase. Still nothing! They finally sent an email stating they found the missing credits and they would be added shortly (that was yesterday), contacted them again just now because still no credits, now they are saying 48 hours. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE CREDITS FROM THEM AGAIN! Oh and don’t expect Apple to refund your money because they won’t.
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2 years ago, Dropmute
the app is unfair, after 9 months of...
after 9 months of playing it gives you a little money to play and then takes it all in one session. you come back to spin the wheel every 4 hours and the wheel never pays more than 1 million chips. the normal spin is always 100k to 400k. Its funny i had reaches out to chat because of a screenshot i had captured on a slot i wasn't paid on, my next log in i was all of a sudden winning everything getting up to 85 million dollars. After that one night of play prob 2 hours, the slots took it all back. You would think dumping 85 million into a couple slot games your chance of winning would be pretty high and i wasn't betting the house on my spins, i was around 250k per spin. I quit playing because i'm not investing my time in a game if the rewards aren't good and the players points given to you aren't providing that much of a perk anyway. Long story short this game is lime dry humping alot of work and no reward. 💥🤯😮!
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4 months ago, bdjavdjdb
What’s going on
I have been playing this game for a while. You get offers to play certain games to get free spins, but then the games the want you to play can’t be found. Like today was play roulette for 60 free games. Low and behold there is no roulette game so I figure let me play all the games with wheels to see if that works so I was unable to get the free spins. I buy coins and they get taken sure I understand it’s a gamble you win you lose but the amount of loses to wins is crazy cause by the time you start having fun the coins are gone. You always get the lowest jackpots and like someone else said the free wheel spin every four hours ain’t even worth playing cause you only get up to like 400k which after about 4 spins is gone. I play this game because I visit the casino and what’s the point of adding my players card if I don’t get no perks anyway. I like the slots but the coins and free games are bogus.
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2 years ago, AngelLeighstar
Lose, lose and lose.
I lose 99% of the time but I expect that. My problem is when I get locked out do to sign in issues. For some reason even when I put the correct password in the system does not accept it. I play on different devices and that seems to bring on issues for whatever reason. I finally win a large jackpot and because I get locked out, and it takes a few days to get back in I find my points are gone, and I have to start all over. I have written to get my points back but I have never recovered them all yet. Another problem is getting signed out while playing. It seems to happen often. Lose when I play, okay, but losing my points because the administrator locked me out for signing in issues is not okay.
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4 years ago, so blessed sierra
The company should honestly be embarrassed to put their name on this game. I feel like I’m back in 1987 using the arrow keys to maneuver the Oregon trail! In fact if the screen were black and green it would be exactly like that! The graphics are non existent, games all the same, not to mention all the glitches and issues I’ve had. I play several casino games owned or sponsored or however they do it, by major casino names and this is awful. Have you guys seen the competition? I can’t even call it that because there is no competition at all. This game loses. Now if you guys could figure out why I’m not getting the points I’m supposed to and make it even the tiniest bit worth playing I might spin a couple times a day. But for now I’m going to go play another game set in 2020. Embarrassed for you.
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2 years ago, BertWillFindYou
Shop is broken
After the last update, the shop will not open at all. I’ve been trying to do my daily spin for a week, but it just keeps giving me the loading circle. Hope they fix it soon because I enjoy this app for the most part. I’m giving the app 3 stars right now because I can still play the games, but will change my rating to 5 if they fix it soon. (UPDATE) They fixed it and everything is working again! Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, boops227
Update problem
Love this game. Yes, bonuses are small. Do like I do-come back every 4 hours to spin bonus. My problem is with the update. Every time I spin the bonus wheel, it will not go back to Home Screen. It goes to store to purchase credits. No matter what I do I cannot get out of this screen. I have to close the app and come back in a few minutes to get to home scree. Is this a glitch or am I not doing something right?
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2 years ago, Greeneyeddi
Crashes without ever opening fully — FIXED
Since the last “update” a few days ago the app is unusable. It crashes before even fully opening. I didn’t spend money on credits only to never be able to use them. Please fix the app that you just broke with your “update”. UPDATE — heard from support that you need to delete the app then reinstall to stop the crash issue. It seems to work as app is opening after reinstall. It would have been nice to let clients know this by a mass email rather than making everyone write to support for the fix.
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1 year ago, Outside is good
Mine locked up
I love this app it’s like a real casino because I lose a lot When you win you win big! I usually have enough money to keep playing for a while. I also like the fact that it’s connected to my players card for Hollywood Casino so I can see my real offers. The only thing I don’t like is I can’t remember my password now and it’s locked me out so I can’t play and when they send me a link to reset it won’t. It gives me a message that I have to go to the actual casino to change my info. My address and email has changed. That is a hassle.
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4 years ago, KelBel1975
App should be removed. Absolutely terrible.
While I understand the previous software version could no longer be supported, this app, in general, looks as if it were designed by five year olds. Hollywood Casino takes in so much revenue, one would think executive management would have at least looked at this app prior to release. Games are not user friendly in any way. The app is nowhere near comparable to the previous version. Users cannot read any verbiage on the games themselves, including bet amounts or win amounts. I’m deleting this app and will not be supporting this awful attempt to maintain a customer base who truly deserves more from an organization as large and lucrative as Hollywood Gaming. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, OCPatD
My Choice Casino
Terrible unstable platform. Can’t play if site is down, which happens all the time. Forced us to convert from Hollywood Casino, a much more stable program that had games that were actually in casinos (not just one or two). A couple of games are ok which saved this from a ‘1’ rating (being generous here). As I said if site is down you can’t play
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3 years ago, OceanCruzer
Meh...Needs improvement
The casino is clean in that it doesn’t bombard you with purchase offers. However, the daily bonuses are small compared to others; the wheel spin is a joke as it is really rare to get a bonus over 1 million credits. I usually get only 100k. That goes quickly on these games as the machines are tight. Not winning is not fun. When they redesigned this app they took away all my favorite games. The new ones are fairly nondescript compared to other apps. Don’t know why I keep this on my device. There are more fun slot apps to play.
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3 years ago, LSUTim43
Stop removing my review of this lousy app
I’ve posted reviews before and they keep “disappearing.” The only 5-star reviews are either fake or from people who have never played any other casino app on their device. This has got to be one of the worst apps I’ve seen in a long time. Slow, crashes often, and out-of-date. The bonus wheel is a joke (as others have stated). I’ve linked my MyChoice card to this app and it has provided me nothing in return; it is pointless. And what is the point of the “badges”? It doesn’t even award them properly. My advice is to stay away from this app until they make some MAJOR improvements.
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3 years ago, mi62844
Hollywood casino
I have had a few problem with some of their promotions but they have rectified in a timely manner . The problem was not in the games but in the rhetoric . They handled very well and I probably was the one in error they gave me benefit of doubt and took card of the problem . I couldn’t ask for anything more
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3 years ago, Hussle Crowe
Not impressed
For this to have names like Hollywood Casino and promoted by Greektown Casino (which shows up in my email every week) the slot games on here are terrible. I play nor seen none of these crappy games they have on here at the casino. I play the Buffalo wheel, Buffalo revolution, Buffalo collection, Buffalo Chief, Lighting Link, Dragon Link, Huff n Puff, Prosperity Drums, just a few of the games I play. Never seen or heard of these games. I’m sticking to Lighting Link, Cashman & Heart Of Vegas. Who have the actual real games that’s in the casino’s I frequent. I have you 2 stars for the effort though
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2 months ago, foremikey
It’s okay, the free spin every 4 hours must be set to never hit any of the bigger wins on the wheel. So don’t expect big winnings. I did have to call customer service. Took care of the problem right away! So, I’ve played this awhile, it’s like the Hollywood Casino in Toledo. You never win. Anyone see the movie Moneypit with Tom Hanks? Download the app, or visit the Toledo casino. I have been there so many times and saw people who wouldn’t insert their Penn Play card, and would win. If their card was inserted they didn’t win. They swore up and down that Penn controlled who wins and who didn’t! Don’t be a sucker!!!!!
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3 years ago, GODforgivesYOU
Not reliable
App often “unavailable for update”, or just seems busy and doesn’t allow you to log on. Does not allow you to go directly to games after spinning Bonus Wheel. i wish games were just in alphabetical order and only 1 icon placed on home page. Badges don’t seem to register, as I have “Visit(Ed) lounge” and casino live, and won huge “1st jackpot”, but have not received badges. Does not message you when you’ve completed a challenge.
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3 years ago, thomas2lame
Were you hoping for MyChoice rewards?
Yeah me too. You won’t find them, you can link your MyChoice account but it doesn’t do anything for you. The free credits (aka Fortune Wheel) will almost never give you any higher amounts, you can spin it every four hours but you’re lucky to get two spins on a machine out of it. These slots are TIGHT. You will go through millions of credits and never even get teased with a bonus game. The bugs are crazy, sometimes I have to open the app 10 times or more before I can get passed the white screen of doom, to make matters worse when it does load half the time it won’t let you tap on anything or load any games. Everything in this app is geared toward making you spend money with very little satisfaction, and no real rewards for doing so. Like many others said, there are hundreds of better options for casino apps, far more polished, far more fun.
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4 years ago, tyap41790
I know slot machines are made for the casino to win but this app is a little sketchy. First off the bonus wheel is rigged so you have a false hope of hitting big free chips. Second a lot of the slots have a high minimum bet so on top of the first thing this causes you to have to buy chips with real money if you want to enjoy playing the slots. I asked the support to give me the odds of each prize on the wheel and they said it’s completely randomized. That was a straight lie because I’ve spun that thing 100s of times and never hit over 1 million chips. Deleting this app and requesting a refund of any money I spent from Apple.
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1 year ago, MamaCheffro
Was My Favorite
This was my favorite casino app, play at least 5x’s a day, however I can never redeem my promo codes so I miss out on a lot of freebies, and it also freezes a lot lately. Have been spending money thinking it would help me win more but can’t seem to get ahead. As soon as I get a lot of credits they disappear. I wish they would work out the bugs, looking for a better casino app experience. I will be sad to leave this one.
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3 years ago, silly chatter
I am perplexed by the overall rating of this app at 4.4. Over time I have built up a significant account balance otherwise I would delete it. The past few months the app has become unreliable. Only a select few of the games open which unfortunately are not games that are my favorites. The technical support for this app is inferior. Customer service is responsive and apologetic, but still the overall performance of this app is far below the others I play.
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4 years ago, Gozzinta best
Many reviewers have talked about the games. I will not; the number and variety of games is sufficient. My low score relates to design. It’s horrible. It’s not intuitive how to change bets, set autospin, and sometimes just play. The game play is very inconsistent from machine to machine. The bonus wheel is very poorly constructed with very old style sound. You can’t tell what your bankroll is unless you play a game. This number should b font and center. And what’s up with signing in every time I play? Surely Penn can - and should - pay for a better designed product.
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4 years ago, Ecvnyc
Worthless app- don’t waste your time
The update is a waste of time. I think one of the other reviews said it best. The developers should be embarassed - this app is slow to open, crashes frequently, and is as slow and stodgy as a computer game from the 1980’s. As the other reviews have stated, this app crashes regularly now. Replaced Hollywood Casinos which was a great app. This sends you in circles - log in, request bonus, back to log in, request bonus, spin for bonus, “thanks for downloading message” etc. Mohegan Sun, Rivers, and Parx all work fine on iPad. Choose those instead
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4 years ago, Rox1242
Disappointing in so many ways.
In addition to many things already said, I was also disappointed with being unable to receive help to resolve an issue with play. Almost every time I got into a bonus round in a keno game, I was kicked out and had to restart and it began the bonus at a much lower amount than I was playing and would not allow me to increase back to where I was. Currently it is stuck in the bonus round and will not let me play the game at all. The app is very good at allowing you to purchase credits but that’s about it.
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4 years ago, Persona24xd
Smart design great casino App
This app is fun and worth the time and money . check out the features it has good design . Hope additional games come in as I’m loving the gameplay and the app has the best sounds . I just love hearing the music . plus it look way better than any other casino app .
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4 years ago, Sparkly10
One star for effort
I know you can’t get back the old games and doing your best. Still, these games do not compare in any way, shape, or form to the old ones. Simply speaking, I just don’t like them. If the real casino games are now like these, it makes it easier not being able to go there.
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3 years ago, LuckyMoonglow
Needs better bonuses-daily rewards, I keep running out & low and can’t play for a couple days! Other casinos offer numerous rewards daily so you always have plenty of money, I do not & will not pay to Order coins for fun. I in-person go to Hollywood Casino in Charlestown to play w/real cash at least once a month, it would also be great if you could tie in rewards w/my card to offer slot-play for the actual casino!
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4 years ago, r,ying shame
Terrible terrible game
I have been trying to get in this game and it send me in a circle, round and round. It tells me to check my email and there is nothing there. I have trying for 2 days and nothing. This the worse game. Fix the problem.
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3 years ago, kyle wellington
Excellent game!!!!!
I don’t have any complaints. Big deal the game freezes or the bonus wheel is low sometimes. I doubt lives will be lost 😁 unless the world ends because I got a free 100,000 and my game froze/glitched. Complain less, be Grateful more! Whoever gets offended by this are the ones who it hits home with! Open Mind
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3 years ago, JaneyTI
Parthenon Quest for Immortality
Hey Folks! Please look into the Parthenon game. The third "free spins" icon never drops as many times I play it; it only drops during a continued cascade if I'm lucky enough for it to drop. Thank you! Keep up the great work. It's the only reason I've given you a 4 star rating.
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4 years ago, Doubledon49
Just thought I would see how long it takes to get a bonus on a game. I started with 10 million and never got a bonus. Went all the way down to 0. Never got one. If you don’t buy you get nothing.
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4 years ago, OIFvet2009
Free Credits!!!
I absolutely love how you can get free credits every day!!! Plus to put the cherry on top... a bonus spin for more credits every four hours?!? What?!?! This is crazy!!! Now I can enjoy all the hit slot machines anytime I want from the casino at the power of my finger tips anywhere I go!! Thanks for that!!
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8 months ago, rasjr582
It’s actual casino games, but free.
Really nice app. Real games, feels realistic even though you’re not playing with real money. Lots of promos. Can buy credits. And you can connect it to your local casino account.
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3 years ago, joannasue1835
I installed this app yesterday. Today when I tried to log in I got an error that said account suspended. What? Also said if I've tried to enter my password more than 100 times, which I did not, ld need to reset my password. OK I'll reset my password... Click on the update pw link, says to Check my email, click on the update password link, it says Check the email, It's just a loop. I keep getting the same thing. So frustrating!!
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3 years ago, deeboy31985
Game cheats
Game is a piece of crap if you bet low 90% chance you will win if you bet big 90%you will lose I tested it to see the outcome I had a few billions in my account I did 10 games betting at 20k I won 8/10 than I did 10 bets at 500k I won 3/10 I had a 20 in black jacks they will have a 12 and just magically get a 9 but if I have a 12 I always get a 10 waste of time never playing this crap again if I can give it a zero star I would
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3 years ago, Srabnavy
This APP support will cheat you
3times I have been cheated of my purchase when Apple Pay clearly completed the transactions. They now owe my over $325 in purchases. I am done. They take no ownership or responsibility for their App issues.
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2 years ago, Corporate Krank
Latest Update wasn’t my favorite
Lots of games, but they could make it a whole lot better if the bonus spin actually worked now. They fixed the spin completes and you could go to games menu now, thanks. But the spin bonus forces you to purchase credits. I looked for a recent post of reviews, no one seems to have posted anything recent about the free spin bonus lockup. So, I am reporting this issue, I mean for all the data your collecting from me, you be ashamed. Please consider testing your updates a little better, the QA guys I'm sure are embarrassed. Waiting for the next update………..
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3 years ago, WhiteBrowFishing
Trying to update my password and I get stuck in a loop of password update email to sign in page to forgot password link to password update email and on and on and freaking on. No help link, nothing. Judging by the reviews, whoever gave this app more than 1 star is either a planted reviewer or one of the rocks that line my driveway. Hollywood Casino should ditch any affiliation with this pile of dog excrement that’s disguised itself as a casino app with actual fans.
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3 years ago, stl00011
I forgot my password and have been trying to update it for a week now. It keeps going back and forth to open email, click on update password, login but incorrect password, supply my email address for the “forgot password “ screen, and getting nowhere. Very aggravating. 3/2/21. So after 3 weeks, still can’t update my password since I forgot mine. I deleted the ap and it did no good.
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2 years ago, jermr88
50% bonuses
I signed up yesterday and made 4 purchases. They are advertising double the credits with a 100% bonus. I received the bonus on my first and last purchase. The 2 purchases in between…. Nothing….. I have emailed and they responded saying they manually put it in again on both but here it is the next day and still nothing…..
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2 years ago, rugh78
Do not waste your money
I’ve been playing this game for about a year, and while it’s used to fun, recently they’ve changed the game to very rarely hit. I literally just spend $100 earlier today and hit free games twice until I was out of credits. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE THIS CON GAME. I’ve never felt the need to leave a bad review on anything ever, but this game has turned into such a rip-off, I figured I’d be doing people a disservice by not leaving a review
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4 years ago, Grammirgrl
No wins here
I like some of the slots on the app but would be lots more fun if you won a little. I actually have won more at the casino on real games. Makes me want to delete
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2 years ago, Fartrunner
I can’t even get in to play
I once enjoyed this app…not as much as the other version. I frequent Hollywood Casino in the St Louis area and liked the connectivity to it. BUT, now I can even get the app to open.. it stays on the loading screen…it’s gotten to the point that I ignore my email notifications for new games and bonuses to play… why waste my time sitting there for the stupid app to work… very frustrated….. please fix soon
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2 years ago, JonesyMan99
App hasn’t worked since I updated on may 2. Crashes shortly after launch. Ten days later and still no revision to download.
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3 years ago, 44sherry
Unable to sign in
Suspended my account. Do not understand why. Tried to reset my password as it said to update my password. Kept telling me unassigned credentials. I have a lot of points accumulated and don’t want to lose them. WHAT HAPPENED????
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2 years ago, Karikat10
Wrote a review last week about being charged three times for one purchase and how neither apple nor the game support will refund my money. The Developer response was…sorry about long spinning times, etc…..What does that have to do with being charged multiple times for a single purchase? This app and the customer support is a joke. And I still want my money refunded.
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4 years ago, Fun player!
Nice games !
Some of the words are very small in some of the games but the ones with white letters are easy to see and read. Very entertaining and fun to play. Nice graphics and fun characters!
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2 years ago, Killa Calvin
Usually good
Usually this app is good it is very entertaining however lately this app seems to have a bug that prevents games from loading. I try to play and maybe if I’m lucky it will allow me to play a game maybe two out of ten tries. It’s a bummer. Hopefully resolved soon.
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3 years ago, Prickly Pear 114
Slow and Password reset does not work
The main complaint is the password reset not working. The app logged me out, several attempts to try and reset through the links did not work. I tried on a laptop and it worked but when I went to use the new password on the app, it wouldn’t allow me to sign in. It said invalid and then suspends the account.
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2 years ago, Big Dave in TTown
App issues
When the app is working, there are a variety of games. Sadly I have to at least remove the app and reinstall it to make the games playable. It’s also had periods where it says I haven’t logged in everyday so the rewards start over. I spend more time getting the app to work than playing. Yes I could delete it permanently, but it’s the only one I am using and will be using.
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