Pennies – Budget and Expenses

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3 years ago
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User Reviews for Pennies – Budget and Expenses

4.62 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Lit fiend
This is a very useful tool
Initially I was trying to use pennies to track everything we/I spend. Sheesh. We’re a family of 6 and it was just loony. Stupid too- I know already what our mortgage is each month- why track that? Realized that’s really not the app’s purpose (which I believe the dev. says in the faqs). It excels at providing a place and a means to manage and track the variable expenses, the ones I can control. So if I reduce expenditure in one area I can choose to save it, stockpile it for another month, use it in a different area, etc. What’s great is that as I enter my expenses (in the areas I track) I am forced to think about how that fits with my master plan. Which I honestly need- in the moment I can convince myself to purchase something, eg, that frankly blows my budget and really isn’t needed. Great accountability. So now- I track the variables I can control and manipulate monthly and it is terrific. Easy. Fast to enter. Intuitive. Adaptable to me. Really like it. Brilliant.
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3 years ago, Brenook Trouilly
Simple and Superior Budget App
I use Mint to keep track of my finances; it has a built-in budget generator and links with my bank account for constant updates. However powerful it may be, the app is extremely dense. It takes time to load and time to navigate to the budgeting section. Even then, the interface is crowded for the amount of information it tries to display! Pennies is ONLY a budgeting app. It JUST does budgets, but it does them flawlessly. It loads almost instantly on my iPhone, and the interface couldn't be easier or more pleasant to use. No, it doesn't link with my bank account. I view that as a strength. Pennies cuts away an extra layer of complication and vulnerable security. And by requiring that I manually enter my purchases, it makes me really think more about my spending habits. All in all, a stellar budgeting app.
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6 years ago, bkmmkb9448
Wow. This app is exactly what I was looking for. Something to simply state how much so budgeted for extra expenses, how much I've spent, and what I've got left. You'd think all the other finance and budgeting apps would have this simple process but they don't! This app is worth the $4 I spent to be able to accurately track my expenses. I'm so excited to start a new journey towards better financial health and I have Pennies to partly thank!! The only improvements I would like are to be able to Edit the Note (Type In a Custom Note) AFTER you've already put the spending in for your budget. And I would also like to color-code budgets, since as of right now, they all have the blueish-green color. Anyway.. can't wait to see where this app goes and the wonderful additions it incorporates! Wonderful app! Buy it! You won't regret it!
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5 years ago, nigelbloomy
Great simple to use app
I have a budget where I live on a weekly allowance. It was so hard to find an app that would work well with a weekly budget instead of a monthly one. This one works perfectly for me. It is simple to use, fast, looks slick, handles recurring income or expenses, handles several budgets (we have one for the family and one just for me), it doesn't connect to my bank account or anything else which is great, it tells me how many days are left in the week which is a nice reminder, it keeps a history of everything I've spent, it didn't need me to create categories or anything like that to get started, I like just being able to put in an expense and a short description and be done. Super simple, super effective, and it looks great.
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5 years ago, Ange Tea
One of my favorite finance-related apps!
I love this app so much. First, the aesthetics. It is beautiful to look at and very easy to navigate. The sounds effects are simple and satisfying to hear. Also, love the colors! Even more importantly though, this app helps me keep track of every single penny going in and going out. And what I *especially* love is how this app is so versatile! If something changes in my financial situation/needs later on, I can easily switch up my budgeting approach. The minimalistic functions allow for a flexible approach to budgeting and encourages “budget creativity” to use each of the app’s tools in their own way. For me this is what makes it fun—you can do whatever works best for you. The only thing is, as some users have mentioned, when you have a longer list of budgets (I have 28), the app lags quite a bit when toggling between budgets. It is somewhat frustrating at times when I am trying to balance my budgets quickly. But if you have fewer budgets or don’t mind exercising a little (sometimes a lot of) patience, then it isn’t *that* bad. I will continue using this app because of the flexibility it allows me for my budgeting needs. Plus, I have tried several apps in the past, and this Pennies one works best for me. Otherwise, the lagging truly would be a dealbreaker because it interrupts my budget planning flow.
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7 years ago, Amb2016
Perfect for Expense Tracking
I have been using Pennies for about a year and I think it is great expense tracking tool for people on both end of the financial spectrum. A person just trying to get handle on their spending and develop some basic budgeting skills, will appreciate how easy it is to keep track of spending. I'm on the other end of the spectrum with a good handle on spending and managing my finances. I appreciate that I don't have to enter all my accounts and credit cards like on some other apps. I manage all of that just fine. I just want to see when I go over budget and track spending trends. Successful budgeting requires tracking spending as we all know, this app is great for just that, and it does it very well.
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7 years ago, Dooksta123
Pennies Privacy Concern
Hi. I love your app Pennies and it really helps me keep track of my spending. I do have a privacy concern, however, that when I put Pennies as a Complication on my Apple Watch, I like it to be in the middle where I can see my money at a glance. The problem is that when the watch is taken off, the entire thing locks but the money still shows. This is a problem because if someone steals my watch, they would know how much money is on me and that would be a problem. Is there a way I can set it so that the money hides when I take off the watch? By the way, the Complication I’m most interested in that I’m talking about is the one that say “Today” and “Period.” It would be great if I could use that safely, again. In the meantime, I’m using a smaller Complication that does in fact lock when I take off the watch.
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3 months ago, BNYTOVA
Life Changing
I had this app on my phone for a few years before finally using it. I was in debt at the time and struggling. Finally, I decided to face my problem and I started using this app. I sure wish I had started it sooner! It got me on track and allowed me to see where I was spending my money and made me think before spending when I needed to save. I have now been using it faithfully for 3 years and it has truly changed my life for the better. Everyone should use this app! It takes seconds to track and you’ll happily see your bank account balances go up when you stay within your budget.
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5 years ago, matmcc25
Clean and simple, but with finicky controls
The app is slick and looks great. It’s easy to use and only gets easier the more you use it. The only gripe I have with it is how finicky and hard it is to swipe on the main screen. Swiping right or left both have the function of switching through your budgets, or if you start your swipe closer to the edge of the phone it’ll go to all your budgets or your expenses. It’s a little hard to operate. Other than that, it’s really clean and simple. One thing to note is that it does not link to you bank account and automatically track your expenses. However, I prefer this more because automated expense tracking often messes up or categorizes incorrectly. That’s just something to keep in mind.
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5 years ago, Team_Tiger
Simple and Effective
I already track all our expenses using Quicken. What I'm looking for is a simple, visually appealing, easy to use app to track how I'm doing in a few specific categories each month. That's something that's too cumbersome on a computer, especially when you're out and about. How much do I have left this month to go out to eat when I'm standing right in front of a restaurant? Check Pennies and boom! Decision made! I contacted the developer and he said that the ability to sync with someone else on different iCloud account is coming soon. That would make this great app perfect. Now my wife and I can be on the same page all the time with our budget!
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4 years ago, HarborMaster22
Convenient, Easy, Reliable and Simple
What’s great about pennies is that unlike other apps you can pull out and see at a glance how much money you have left for the day/month in your budget/account. It is not a complicated comprehensive analysis of your finances. It is great for a spending account. I love how the app adapts your daily “allowance” based on your spending. The app is beautifully designed and is very pleasant to use. I would like to see an account sync version on the Mac with supported security. Sometimes I forget to enter my expenses so this sync feature would help correct my ways. For what the app set out to do the app has earned the 5 stars and has earned it in a beautiful way.
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3 years ago, Aqua62
Simple yet powerful
The *other* budget apps were too complex to be useful for my needs. Good info, I’m sure, but realistically I don’t have time to input all the data they need nor the time or skills needed to interpret their results. *This* budget app, Pennies, I’ve found uniquely practical and useful where it counts. It connects me to my spending and my limits easily and in a visually useful way. Quick. Simple. Check it on the go. Keep it with me all the time. It does one thing really well: monitor spending progress during the budget period (set by user) and warning you visually with colors when you approach or exceed defined limits. This quick glance system easily shows which budget categories I need to be careful with and slow down to meet my goals In brief: I’ve tried on a number of apps but prefer this one because it is easy to input data and easy to read and monitor the results. I want it to do just a few things we’ll. Keep it simple. That it does.
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6 years ago, D9
It’s getting there as budget tracker
This is a great solution for simple tracking of your budget and expenses. Easy to setup and use, the entry and viewing of purchases is very effective. Moving from one budget category to the next is quick, and the context of showing diminishing funds for each is excellent. There is also plenty of ways to set your categories to track (weekly, monthly, etc). Its biggest issue is the user experience such as having to repeat entry of custom notes (“takeout”) and lack of tagging (“family”, “work”). It’s also a bit buggy on Apple Watch..crashes a lot. Nonetheless, the simplicity and clean interface makes this a great app for the single task of tracking your expenses to a budget.
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4 years ago, DisbeLulu
This is the literal only app that I can find that doesn’t cause me to break my budget to have to pay for it and offers custom timelines for you budget!! My husband and I get paid every two weeks but it’s not always on the same day and we are not salary workers so it’s not the same every month. It’s super helpful for me to budget from paycheck to paycheck so I know how much we have left over for fun things instead of unknowingly allowing a random amount of money to a trillion categories. I only gave 4 stars because there is no way for my husband to login to the same account so that we can both see the same budget. That would be the only thing that is a little inconvenient.
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6 years ago, James pk
Great app
After downloading finance apps that I payed for which were hard to figure out. I came across this app for free. So I went with it. This app is logical and simple to use. It was just want I am looking for. You can put different accounts in, set an amount for each account monthly or weekly. Add and subtract your spending. Also in the setting they give you the choice of paying for the app by giving the developers a tip. I was so struck by this I give $2.99. I wish all app would give you a choice to tip or not. I think they would make more money on there apps. Great job developers. I will use this app for years.
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6 years ago, sarahwieder1
Love This App
I have been using this app for about a year now after trying MANY different saving apps. The thing I love about this one is the flexibility it offers because you can create your own categories and budgets for each one. Many of the other apps I tried automatically put your charges in categories and they would often be incorrect. This app requires more manual labor because you have to physically enter your purchases, but I actually think that’s a good thing because you consciously think about how much you are spending. Love the simplicity of the design too!
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5 years ago, siddhwat
Important part of my budgeting
As someone who historically has been super disorganized with my finances this app is a godsend. I use a couple of apps to get everything organized now and they all have their place. They are all great for future planning or looking at the past. The one thing that was missing was the immediate “can I afford this?” With pennies I know immediately what I can and can’t buy. It also has the flexibility of changing along wit my needs of large expenses come up. It’s just perfect. Emile, the developer, is also great at responding to queries and feedback. I couldn’t recommend this more.
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4 years ago, flabbykins
Rarely write reviews.
I rarely write reviews, I think this might be my third one ever. But I love this software. It is absolutely perfect for my needs. I’ve been using it for quite a few years now. I like to keep my budget extremely simple, only two categories, non-variable expenses and variable expenses. And I like to track my budget by week rather than month. Pennies has been excellent for this. It has been a key part of moving my life from a life of debt to a life with enough extra funds to put a large chunk in savings in addition to doing a foreign vacation at least twice a year.
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4 years ago, mynameisreco
Great App So Far, Want Graphs
This app has been a great use so far, and it’s nice to see which “envelopes” are nearing their end and which ones are still full with money. Being able to transfer money from one budget to another is really nice too. For the price, this app is great. One thing I would like to see is graphs. I’m a visual person and as much as I enjoy the minimalistic look of this app, the list of transactions can only go so far for me. I would love to see graphs (bar, line, etc) of my spending and transfer habits, as I love to look at the impact of my expenses and spending habits over time.
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2 years ago, kristie hanson
Finally found a way to start saving
Tried a few of these spending tracking apps. This has been the one that has been so easy that I’ve been able to keep it up for over a year. Before I could not find the extra to put into savings even though I knew I had extra $. Since I’ve started using it I’ve not missed my savings goal at all. So blessed to have this app!!! This one is so simple to use that keeping it updated is doable so much more than the other apps I tried.
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4 years ago, John747$3627
THE best app for a budget
I've been using apps like this for the past several years, to ensure I don't spend more than I have each week. I've probably downloaded 20+ similar apps and paid for five. This is by far the best that I've found. It's dead simple. No useless categories. Set your budget at your desired interval. Enter your expenses manually, so that you're aware of your budget each and every time you buy something. The only thing that could be improved is to reduce the taps required to enter an expense amount. Right now you have to click the New Entry button, and click the Expense/Income button. These could be displayed simultaneously to reduce the taps. Also, cents don't really matter (at least for me, I just round up for each entry) so it would be even faster to have only full dollar amounts, which further speeds up entry by not having to click 00 for each entry.
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4 years ago, The Drayman
New update is fixed for iPhone 5s!
Wow! These folks are great! I complained about the latest update crashing my Pennies in my iPhone 5s and in 24 hours they had the bug fixed and I’m happy as a bug stuck in a rug!! I’ve used the Pennies App for over three years I love the program! When it crashed I was heartbroken; but these folks came through and fixed it! This is an excellent program, it’s awesome. Since I’ve been using pennies I have not bounced a check or overdrawn any one of my accounts! Thank you!
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4 years ago, The phantom 710
So good!!
I was on the hunt for a good simple app to track my spending and I found this perfect app. It’s so user friendly and it doesn’t ask for my bank info. The only thing I wish is to be able to make different categories of spendings on different products. For example, in the debit&credit app, it automatically list depending on specific products. Basically a way for you to see and determine which product you spend the most on, so that you can adjust your spendings on that specific products.
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5 years ago, Thisguywhoplaysgames
Exactly what I need
I’m in grad school and on a super tight budget. Pennies lets me make budgets that are easy to keep up with and even easier adjust when I need to. I have a weekly budget that I use for food and rent, and any left over money rolls over perfectly to the next week. I also have a one-off budget that contains my life savings (it’s not high). It’s nice to see where I am, and I can easily add money or take it out when I need to. Sure, I could look at my bank account for the totals, but it’s nice to have pennies so easily accessible.
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6 years ago, BryanSWxx
People, read the description before you use
I’ll admit, when I first downloaded this app about a year ago, I didn’t understand it at all. Why couldn’t I link accounts/add recurring expenses etc.? I just downloaded it again and as the app says, “this app is for tracking the money you have left to spend AFTER all your bills are paid”. I love reading the comments from angry people that are confused about this and say the app is useless. I love this app so far! It’s really helping me get ahold of my impulse purchasing that adds up.
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6 years ago, Gryphonnaise
The easiest budgeting app
I’ve tried Mint and other apps that connect to a bank account, but none of them are really good at discerning types of purchases right away so that they go under the right category. ex: buying gas (fuel fund) vs getting a snack at the gas station (grocery fund) would still go under transportation expenses in an app like that. I like its simplistic, easy to use interface and its great for keeping track of both cash and money in an account. If you spend under your budget every week, you can’t lose :)
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4 years ago, ZaulAngel
Awesome App
This app was exactly what I was looking for, I could t find it because I was searching “budget app”, this app came up when searching “expenses”. Anyway, totally worth my $3.99. Great functions and I love how it eliminates all the useless clutter. One constructive criticism: when inputting an expense, after inputting a note, it would make it easier if I didn’t have to press the check to finalize the input. But I can live with it. Thank you very much for making this app so easy to use!!!
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10 months ago, carpedivum
Been a staple for a long time
This is one of those apps I’ve had on my phone for a long time. I use it on and off. But always a helpful app when I need to get back on track with my excess spending. Devs… two comments. I would really like to see usage of the new widgets! And most of all, in the widget I’d like the option to see how much I’ve spent in period and for today. It just seems to work better for me than how much is left.
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5 years ago, CjocoDoll
Really Laggy - Unusable
The designed functionality and features themselves are no problem. Aesthetics are nice too. However, the app is really laggy and crashes on me without fail nearly every time I try to make any type of change, making it impossible and really frustrating to use efficiently (kind of defeating the purpose of having this app in the first place). My list is about 23 items long, if that helps as a reference. I wasted at least a good 30 minutes on trying to complete my updates. This had been an issue on my 6S for months so I stopped using the app completely, and when I recently upgraded to one of the XR, I was hoping there would be no issue. Unfortunately, the same issue persists.
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6 years ago, Renamski
I just waisted $4. This is not at all what I expected based on the description. I wanted to do a family monthly budget. This app does not work for that. I suppose you could enter each expenditure individually, but then it is confusing when the default page shows how much you have left for that day. Most of my monthly expenditures are payed once a month, so knowing how much I have for my mortgage every day is not necessary, yet it is on the opening page. Confusing. This app is better if you just want to lump everything in your budget together. I was wanting to keep track of each category monthly, but show it as my family budget.
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7 years ago, cbirn557
Perfect app
I use this for my weekly budget - I use a different app for my overall budget. I’d found I would overspend on little expenses through the week and I realized I needed a way to track that separately. So, within my overall budget is a monthly line item for weekly expenses, which I then have turned into a weekly budget to use with Pennies. Doing it this way helps me keep a really solid handle on my “small” daily expenses and, in fact, has helped me cut back on them. Great app!
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2 years ago, Player(1.34)
Keeps my budget in check
Been using pennies for the past year and I love how simple and easy it is to track my expenses, with other apps I get overwhelmed with graphs so being able to just input how much money I have remaining after bills and just track my spending with the option to choose a spending category works better to keep me accountable. Hopefully they’ll add a widget app for the Home Screen!
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5 years ago, Jeviel
Simplicity. It’s greatest strength and weakness.
Elegant and easy to use interface, but it lacks important attributes. The best way I can describe it is: simplicity at the expense of key features. I would suggest the following: 1. Incorporate Face ID. Currently, it feels as though my financial information is exposed. 2. Make the widget customizable and interactive. Currently, the widget feels like a shortcut to the app. It shows information I don’t need or want to display while my phone is locked. Also, the widget should be interactive in a way that users can enter new transactions directly from the widget. 3. Remove the constant request to subscribe to your newsletter every single time a budget is created. Leave it in the settings as an option or a one time pop up when the app is first installed. Currently it feels very forced. I absolutely love how beautiful and easy to understand this app is. Thank you for the opportunity to use your app and provide feedback.
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6 years ago, jade*simian
Great app with one complication (pun intended)
I recently heard about this app from a friend and decided to give it a go. I must say, I’m impressed; it’s quite a powerful little app even though it’s simple and straightforward. The only problem I have is with the complication on the Apple Watch Series 4 — It isn’t available on the new Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces, which are my go-to faces. It simply doesn’t show up on the list of options when choosing complications. A minor annoyance, but one that would go a long way toward my complete enjoyment of this app.
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6 years ago, Zombieplanter09748857437
This app is for children
This is not a “budgeting app” in a classic sense. This is something your kids can use to see if they can afford to eat out and buy jeans. There’s no serious application for any adult. When I input what I make weekly and my bills, it wants to know how much money I’ll have left after every budget? You do the homework and the app divides the money by how many days are left in the month to tell you how many dollars you can spend a day. This is a childish attempt at a real financial app. Total waste of $3.99. I put in my expenses and payroll for this month and it still says I have all of that money to spend.😂 Nice try guys, the app looks good, but it’s for high schoolers or children, not adults.
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2 years ago, danielandrews
Great feature set, but increasingly flaky over time
The iPad and Mac apps are extremely flaky and slow, and sync on any of the devices have taken a serious drop in speed/quality in the past few months. I used to think of this as a 5-star application but am now looking for alternatives. That said, I am a fan of the rollover budget options and simple entry. It’s a quick and easy way to keep simple budgets.
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3 years ago, MRobbins95
Keeps me accountable
When I was looking for an app to help me stay on budget, I wanted something simple and easy to use. This delivered for sure. I liked not having to link my bank account to yet another app and it is so easy to set your own budgets and categorize your purchases (so you can see really how much coffee cost you this month). Because you need to track your own spending, you have to be honest with yourself on your costs. Keeps me accountable!
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6 years ago, jack3211
AWESOME app for tracking spending categories
I have tried a lot of different apps for tracking spending. I like the ones that take in your entire income amount and balance out your whole budget, but I just needed to track spending in certain categories where I have a lot of variable spending on my credit cards. This is great for that!! In addition, if you do have an entire income that needs to be budgeted, this would be a great tracker. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Seweath
This app is perfect for tracking my daily spending. It does not offer the advanced features that some people may seek but it is perfect for those people like me with simple spending habits. I am mainly using it to make sure I do not go over a certain amount each month so that I can ensure the credit card gets paid off. This app works perfectly for that!
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1 year ago, Cota224
Issues with crossing time zones
I have used this app for years with no issues and loved it. 7 months ago I started crossing a time zone on a regular basis and it throws off certain budgets when I enter the new time zone. Sometimes when I return to my home time zone they will correct, sometimes they don’t. Due to this issue, I need to find a new budget app, but so far I have been unsuccessful because I just want something simple like Pennies that works on all my devices. Very disappointed that a time zone issue is causing math errors and ruining a good thing.
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1 year ago, flyeaglesfly2020
Great App For Tracking Budgets
I have always been terrible at tracking my spending, but this app has changed that. It’s ease of use/custom budgets make it so easy to do, whether on my phone or Apple Watch. I will try out the Mac version too. I tried other budgeting apps like Mint, but felt they were too complex. This app makes budgeting very simple, and I will be using it for a long time!
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5 years ago, NatCunning
Perfect Budgeting App
My husband and I love this app. We use it weekly to budget our finances. Please keep this app going and thank you! One thing that would be great if it could sync between different phones. So my husband and I wouldn’t have to update each other’s apps individually. Maybe it already does this and if it does I would love to learn how to use this feature. I hope this app stays in use cause it’s a lifesaver.
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5 years ago, sustop5
Exactly what I wanted to budget
I have tried multiple apps, most of which connect to your bank account, to help create weekly budgets. The problem is I don’t want that much information I simply wanted to give myself a budget of “x” amount of dollars for each category and this works PERFECTLY for that. I also love that I can use my Apple Watch to plug in my purchases on the go. Has really helped me!
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3 years ago, fake name
Great app, I wish it was possible to share budgets
This is exactly what I need to keep track of my budgets as I spend. The only thing preventing me from using it is that I can’t share budgets with my wife. This app would be incredible if the two of us could have the same budgets shared between our iCloud accounts. An example is, if I spend money I want my wife to see the budget in that category change.
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5 years ago, SportsDeprived
I want to love it
Let me start by saying that this app has changed my finances! It is so easy to stay on track, add and delete budget items, and move money around. The issue is this app always makes my phone crash. I have an iPhone 7, and at least twice a week this app will just randomly kick me out, freeze and then kick me out, or just freeze to the point where nothing works and I have to restart my phone. It’s extremely frustrating, but when it’s working, the app can’t be beat!
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5 years ago, 95smiles
Best budgeting app!
I've been using this app for years now. It's so easy and once you're in the habit of inputting all your transactions it becomes your best friend. I use this for day-to-day use as well as when I have separate budgets for trips or events. I love that it splits up my budget everyday to tell me how much I can spend each day to make it last until my next paycheck. I highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, C.mcc973
Series 4 infograph complication update
Great app—I’ve been using it for years. It’s the only financial app that’s quick enough and requires lightweight interaction. My only issue is that the complication hasn’t been updated to work on the Infograph watch faces on the series 4. Please update the complication, as the watch face I use constantly is infograph modular and not being able to use this complication is a big deal.
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6 years ago, dfall92
Needs an update
I love this ap and was using it religiously when I first downloaded it. However, the past few months it has been almost impossible to do so. Most times when I open the ap it just freezes. If it doesn’t freeze upon opening, it does once I try to enter an expense. I know it’s not an issue with my phone because it’s the only ap I have that crashes like this so consistently. Please release an update and I will be happy to give the five stars that the actual concept deserves.
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5 years ago, Brywhi
Can’t share with family
Really a great app but with one major flaw, which is that you can’t share a budget with your significant other. This kind of defeats the entire purpose, because if only one person is following the budget, then you’re not really making any progress. The only work around the developer suggested is to share an icloud account, which is just plain silly. So yeah, I can track MY expenses, and she can tracks HERS. But if want to know how WE are doing, we have to break out the spreadsheet.
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4 years ago, Bowsertune
The budgeting software for the real world
I was always one to manage the budget by what my bank balance said. WRONG, I was. Pennies allows me to actually set aside money for paying bills, savings goals and the like. It does this all while having a clean, modern look on iOS and the Apple Watch. It's my daily go-to now, for "can I afford this right now?" Thanks, Pennies!
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