Penny Dell Daily Crossword

4.6 (8K)
135.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Penny Dell Daily Crossword

4.59 out of 5
8K Ratings
2 years ago, IndianBomber
Great app, but needs a few tweak’s, still 5 stars though!
First and foremost, I love using this app but it could use a few modifications to be awesome. First and foremost the screen needs to rotate! If you’re anything like me you don’t just use your iPad sitting at a desk/table. You’re probably sprawled out on a Lazy-Boy, a couch or in bed with your iPad propped up. If you’ve got to charge your iPad while doing the crosswords, you can forget about turning your iPad over so the charging cable is on the top, because tha app’s screen will not rotate with the iPad, so you’ll be balancing the iPad on one corner to keep from damaging your cord. Second and almost as needed as the screen rotating is when you are and your want to select a particular square to either put in or change a letter, intuitively you will want to click on that square on highlighted word of the main display to select it. But, alas that is not the case. You need to select the particular square in the word box on the upper right side of the keyboard. I can’t count the number of times that I thought I had selected the correct letter only to see that it had defaulted to the beginning of the word and I was now typing gibberish in. Even with those two things I still rate this app 5 stars. Hopefully the developers will address those issues with future updates
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2 years ago, BWKWJreader
Just like the print versions
Be aware that you’ll need to watch a short ad before loading any “free” puzzle and then watch a second if you decide you want the incorrect letters to be flagged. Not a problem for me. I did purchase one of the available packages of puzzles (the Feb. 2022 book) for $2.99. The description indicated that the puzzles in this package were of “medium” level difficulty. (The 3 free daily puzzles are labeled one each of “easy,” “medium,” and “hard” difficulty). I thought I’d warn any would-be buyer that the package I bought is definitely at the “easy” level at first - then advances in difficulty through medium and hard . The not entirely accurate description doesn’t bother me. If you are familiar with and enjoy the print versions of Penny Dell Crosswords, this app will appeal. Note: MANY of the clue/answers are repeated over and over in different puzzles (including the purchased puzzles) - something that might bother some customers. Doesn’t bother me so I didn’t remove stars for it.
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6 years ago, Sung hero?!
Just had to comment after glancing through the others. I've played your crosswords for so many years I can't begin to come up with a number. You've been my go to remedy for tension headaches after a stressful day at the office or after hauling a van load of kids around to ball games! You've been beside me through a divorce and the chaos of being a Single Mom. There have been many things you couldn't take care of but, hey, I think you've been great investment over the years! Now look at us, you're an App and I'm once again turning to you, this time it's to keep my brain firing! While my hair turns gray and I may doze off every now and then..I tend to ramble a bit and lose my focus. Just wanted to thank you for being there and now here! I think you've been a bargain! If you could just turn the lamp out now....
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4 years ago, Rangerstarshine
Penny Dell Daily Crossword
I have been familiar with Penny Dell Crossword puzzles due to the Penny Dell Crosswords magazines I’ve been buying at newsstands in airports and train stations. I was quite happy when looking in the Apple App Store to find that these same puzzles were available in a free app. I can do crossword puzzles every day for free using the app, or I can buy them in the app’s store and keep them in its library until I’m ready to do them. I can do the ones in my library off line when I have no access to wifi or data. Another thing that is very convenient about this app is that I can do the puzzles at night in bed when my husband is asleep without bothering him with the light. I recommend this for crossword fans at three levels There are easy puzzles, medium ones and also more challenging ones available.
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4 years ago, Mingus Mark
Hands down the BEST puzzle
I used to play New York Times Crossword Puzzle until they got snooty and started charging to play their puzzles. Since then I have tried to find a puzzle app that I really liked without much success. Then I found Penny Dell and it’s the bomb! I love it! Three different skill levels and they don’t charge you to see the wrong letters. All you have to do is watch a short video ad. Many of the other puzzle apps are set to the younger crowd with questions about rap songs and the titles or artists and frankly in my opinion only an idiot would listen to such garbage so I would just wait until the next day to see if they had something more my style. No such problems with Penny Dell. Thanks for a great App.
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5 years ago, Cimmindy
Those ads
The new ad for some very sugary sweet cereal that I would never eat much less give my kids, takes two to three times to run. Sitting through two minutes is not the same as sitting thru a 30 second ad. Is it you or them? And as I just read from another review, some ads crash. Get it together. Or is this a hoax? Are you reading these and laughing? I'm giving you one star. A week or so later... Tonight when I started your game I noticed that the ad was taking a while so I decided to time it. It’s been on for over 11 minutes and it’s not over yet. I know you want us to pay to use your game so we don’t have to watch the ads but this is a bit extreme. I have noticed that there’s a whole new way ads are run and new types of ads, not just for other games. And this is true for other games I play. I have seen this ad many times now (for iPhone photo school) and it’s length varies. So, when I finished a game and the ad started - it was the same ad and was going to run for 15 minutes. Are y’all aware of this?
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6 months ago, TheMythExists
still my daily crossword after 6 years
I paid to hide ads ages ago, and am happy I did-- it's cheaper than buying a physical book of crosswords, and I get my daily fix! It's very nice to be able to toggle the errors and smart step. All that's missing is allowing the screen to rotate -- I don't even need it horizontal as much as I need it upside down so I can more comfortably play while charging, or tilt to pass play with someone across the table from me. Another suggestion would be enabling input with my bluetooth keyboard rather than the in-app onscreen keyboard. Neither of these are dealbreakers, just thoughts on how to make a great app even better.
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12 months ago, Lakdhdyehdk
Great crossword
I enjoy a good daily crossword but I don’t enjoy one so hard that I have to sit with a dictionary in my lap and find words I’ve never heard of and would never use. I also don’t have all day to work on them. The puzzles rated hard in this app are perfect. Occasionally I get all the clues but usually I miss some and after working for awhile I ask for the solution. Many errors are because I use an i instead of an e but had the right word with the wrong spelling. Others are just not knowing. This keeps my brain working, is enjoyable and doesn’t take up too much time. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends.
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6 years ago, fidola13
This is awesome!
I’m so glad I found this app. I’ve used Penny Dell crossword books for years and now I can complete them on my phone or tablet. I find it extremely relaxing and calming especially since I choose the Easy or Medium modes. There’s so many puzzles to do free and for a small amount of money you can but lots more. Cheaper than what I was paying to but the crossword puzzle books. I haven’t been subjected to any ads which has been an unexpected surprise. Although I would have no problem paying a small fee to remove them if they show up.
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7 years ago, Str8 Bored man
Just one thing
I have thoroughly enjoyed this app. It is one of the few that I have actually spent real money on. Which leads to my only real complaint. Each difficulty level for the daily puzzles they want me to watch a 30 second ad. Sometimes even multiple ads per each level. I've paid you $30-$40 for your puzzle packs. The least you could do is allow me an ad free experience. I've actually refused to play for over a week due to the long and intrusive ads that were forced on me. I have no qualms with deleting this app if you persist on forcing me to watch long ads in order to play. If this is fixed, this is an outstanding app. Reward the people who pay you their hard earned money with an ad free experience.
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3 years ago, Ocaoivorew
Awful experience
I downloaded yours because I wanted some easy crosswords, I have used your books, and what I got was one fun and easy crossword. When I tried to do another at medium difficulty, another 45 second ad, then when I asked for a hint ,or something else simple, another 45 second ad, only this one wouldn’t give an X out when it finished, so the only way to proceed is to shut the game down and restart and , yep ANOTHER 45 second ad. I’m sorry, I know you needs ads, but in the short time I’ve had this game, more time has been on ads than playing the game, that’s ridiculous. Just charge a couple bucks and get out of the way. I’m deleting this now , which is a shame, because I like to support companies that are not intrusive with the data they collect. But this is abusive.
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1 year ago, Musaaka
Recyclable and Reusable
Not very happy with this one. It appears PD have taken much OLDER crossword from the past and made a few current amendments and wallah and there you have it an old made new. Except most of the time, the new from old is very far stretch and not a very good puzzle. Honestly, i scratch my head sometimes with the answers they come up with. It’s almost as if they are trying to make a square fit into a circle. C’mon…. Plus it would be great if the developers could make the orientation horizontal for IPAD users with Magic Keyboards. And one last thing, for frequent air travelers, like myself, it would be nice to be able to download all three crosswords to play while in Airplane Mode. ***** PLEASE UPDATE *****
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3 years ago, Dajprof
Fix this app!
I have done thousands of puzzles in this app and have thoroughly enjoyed it. But in the past month or so a bug has crept in that is very frustrating. If I get stuck in a puzzle and I click on the button to watch an ad to turn on errors often instead of playing an ad I get the spinning wheel of frustration like its trying to load an ad but can’t quite get it done. It then locks up and I can’t come back to the puzzle until at least the next day, or else I have to reset my iPad. It’s getting to the point that I’m about ready to delete the app because there are other crossword puzzle apps out there that don’t have this problem.
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3 years ago, Big Trucker 46
Dell/Penny Crossword
GREAT! I love crosswords and these are excellent, especially for travel. I am a regular crossword book buyer. After I finish the ones I have, I'll probably buy some on this site . If the owners of this site read this--YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!! Thanks! My second review: I had to take this app off b/c my old phone was low on storage. My new phone has plenty. I still really like this app . I’m an old man who has worked crossword puzzles for MANY years. This app is great , and SO handy. Thanks again for the great puzzles!
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5 years ago, MovieAddict123
Beginning status = Great!
I’ve only done a couple of puzzles but I’ve really enjoyed the easy puzzles & all the options that make it easy to style them just for me. I can ask for a hint of one letter or even the entire word, turn the sound off or on, change from up & down or side to side. It will let you turn on correction mode so you Know when you’ve made a mistake or wait until the end to know if you’ve got errors. It’s so much easier than trying to keep up with your puzzle book & pencil, since you generally have your phone with you & thats all you need ever!
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5 years ago, Puzzler's Trick
Who Writes These Puzzles??
Again, I ask, who writes these darn puzzles?? Is it one person? A team of people? A computer word-generator?? Whoever or whatever it is, they need to quit being complacent and think up some new words!! I do at least the hard and medium puzzles every day, and I can give you ten words that each have a 75% chance of being in either the medium or hard puzzle, or both: Era, eon, age, eer, ere, ewe, erne, ore, oer, and owe. Not to mention any clue that includes doing something “again.” You can’t just use the prefix “re” before anything and make it into a real word! 95% of puzzles also include one or more clues for a random Greek letter... There are 24 Greek letters! They might as well use the clue “pick a number between 1 and 24”! Not only do they reuse the same clues every day, they aren’t even good! “Before, to a bard”??? These clues are so, for lack of a better word, cheesy! If it’s one person writing these puzzles, read a dictionary! If it’s a team, have more brainstorming meetings! If it’s a computer, supply it with a new database! So I say, pun intended, to whomever or whatever writes these stinking puzzles, get a clue!
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3 years ago, Book Walker
Puzzle good - ad time bad
This puzzle is fun to do. However, about a month ago, it became a pain to get out of most ads. I know ads are needs and they want us to read/see them. I don’t have a problem with that and some are fun to look at. But putting me in a loop when I am trying to exit the ad is becoming quite annoying and turns me off to the product being advertised. At first I thought it was just a developer problem with the ad, but it continues week after week. WordPlay (I think that is the name) is the worst. And the Makeover one follows in second place for keeping me in a loop.
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7 years ago, KatoII
Daily crosswords
I enjoy doing the easy ones because that way I get to finish a puzzle, instead of becoming frustrated when I can't. It is much more fun to win. The puzzles are put together very well and cover a wide variety of subjects. I have been doing crosswords all my life and feel I have improved my vocabulary and spelling capabilities as a result. Good fun and a reward in writing abilities as well. This has been a great help in writing reports which I have had to do for the 34 years I worked as a police officer and supervisor. KATO II
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6 years ago, Cherlang
A fun way to pass the time
Though most people will know almost every answer the first time through each puzzle, it’s still fun to guess the answers. I tend to make it a speed thing: how fast can I finish the whole thing? One knows the puzzles are not challenging from the get-go; they are, after all, intended to be simple. The good news is that one can ask for ore challenging levels, so there’s something for everyone but the true puzzle afficionado. Have fun!
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4 years ago, NP111112
Great app
Good app for daily use. Suggestion- have a timer or show the elapsed time on the display. I do want to report a bug- on the iPhone, when I use the puzzle, there is a persistent repetitive sound from the app (almost like static on the radio) that pulses in and out. The sound is faint but is there. When I close the app, the sound completely disappears. I have turned sound off in the Settings of the app, so there should be no reason for the sound. It only appears when I use the app. Please check and fix it. Excellent app otherwise. Thanks.
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5 years ago, GrammaCajun
Daily user
Update: after the last update, I now get an annoying “loading” screen. Please get rid of this screen. Also, please let the iPhone’s status bar at the top be visible so that I can know what time it is and the battery life and wireless icon. I downgraded to 4 stars until this is fixed. I requested the status bar when I wrote my original review a long time ago but it still is not visible. Thanks. First review: I have been a daily user for a few years now and enjoy trying to solve the puzzles. I was never very good with crosswords but I can handle the easy and medium ones because I know when I put in a wrong letter. I’m trying to keep my mind active now that I’m getting older and no longer working. The only thing I would suggest is that the phone’s status bar with the time and battery status could be displayed at the top of the screen. Thanks for a great app!
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7 years ago, Fridays mom
Love this app on my iPhone
I've had this app on my iPad for quite some time, but decided to add it to my iPhone and just completed my first puzzles. I'm used to ads on my iPad so they don't bother me. I know I can pay to make them go away. The easy and medium puzzles are easy for me, but I struggle a bit on the hard ones, which is good practice. Before installing on my iPad I never thought I could do crosswords from the newspaper, but now I'm obsessed and can't wait to solve them daily.
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4 years ago, Crusade2267
Love it!
A great game! I love how easy it is to type in the letters. It lets you see what word you are working on in another section of the screen so there is no confusion. Also, you can watch an ad to turn on the “show errors” option or choose to get a hint for a specific word. I love that they don’t make you use coins to do this or anything like that. The puzzles also come in different levels of difficulty so you can choose what you want to work on.
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6 years ago, ScottytheMenace
Ridiculously annoying ads
I get the need for ads in a free app, but when you make them stupidly annoying I delete the app and see none of them. Congratulations. Tell your advertisers you ran me off. And no, Mr. Developer Response, I won’t be annoyed into paying $15 to not be annoyed. Make your ads not annoying. The developer response is a perfect example of a scripted answer pasted in for marketing purposes regardless of what the review was about. At least have the courtesy to respond to what was actually written, which was how hideously annoying your ads are, not the fact that they're there. Then again, a developer whose ads are as hideously annoying as this one's are doesn't care about users anyway.
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6 years ago, Jo from Idaho
New crossworder
I really like your puzzle and so far all the things I’ve figured out how to use, hints and everything. I’ve only done or completed one puzzle but it was perfectly at my speed I managed to make only one mistake and I found it a very comforting activity to call me down and relax and yet stimulate my brain a little bit and give me some success. I also like that you have one free puzzle per day because that’s about my speed I think for now.
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2 years ago, TheEvilM
Used to love it
I used to love the app. Been doing it for years. But now they have a dangerous ad in the app. I don’t know why anyone would put a dangerous ad like "Outbrain" on their app. I know they need ads to support their app. But at the cost to their app users??? The ad comes in 2 parts. It comes up with questionable links. The X to click the ad away is hard to click and generally takes you to a questionable "click bait" link. When you finally get away from the questionable link and get back to the game, part 2 of the ad comes up and you try and click that X and the same thing happens! I don’t get how these ads are allowed on games. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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2 years ago, Blessmenow
Penny dell crossword
I really enjoy this crossword puzzle. I work the puzzle daily and often have only one or two incorrect answers. However my main cause of problem is that often I get into the puzzle and it will not allow me to work it. I have to delete the app and reinstall the app in order to use the puzzle is there something that I am doing wrong or is this just a fluke of the app?
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6 years ago, HelenMDallas
Freezes while loading!
I have had to re-download this app over and over again as it will show the little loading circle and does not stop, even if I leave it alone for a day!!! If I didn’t like this app I would have changed apps long ago. Please fix this! I do like having 3 levels of puzzles to do each day and it is nice having the library of puzzles as well. I also like the option of showing mistakes without paying. The very long ads are somewhat annoying, but I’ll put up with them if you fix this bug soon!
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4 years ago, Resphd86
Ads Lockup Games
It used to be that the only problem with the free version was that occasionally an ad would not appear and I would be unable to do anything unless I rebooted my iPad. That still happens, unfortunately (amazing after so many years with this problem!). But the BIG problem is that you cannot get out of a couple of ads at all and play the puzzles. The biggest offender is the Lending Tree ad. Impossible to get out of it or get rid of it. Sometimes it goes away by itself. Usually it is hours before I can continue with the puzzles.
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2 years ago, $3000465cbghjgthjjhgjkj
It’s an amazing app!!! 💫 ⭐️ 🌟 🌟 💫
If your not from the 80s you won’t know some of the clues mean. Other wise it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever had. On first level that you play they will give you unlimited hints and you worry about not getting some right also on the first level that you play there is a setting for that. But that only happens on the daily free crossword. 5 star people that’s my rating! Oh yeah oh yeah!
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3 years ago, stitcher2022!
Fix it please
I really enjoy working these crosswords however something with the app needs to be fixed. It usually opens ok however when you ask the errors to show you get a black screen that never changes unless you close the app and reopen it which must be done several times. Sometimes even that does not work and you have to delete the app, which deletes your progress on games. It is very frustrating!
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7 years ago, Chantraine1975
Fun and challenging for everyone
You get 3 puzzles a day of 3 different levels, easy, medium and hard. The interface is easy to use although if you're a fast typer like me, it will sometimes skip letters and you'll have to go back and correct it. The ads aren't too intrusive. Usually I get an ad when loading a new puzzle. You can also buy puzzle packs if 3 a day aren't enough for you. Overall very good quality.
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3 years ago, Bmartinez504
Too Many Ads
I love doing crossword puzzles and used to buy the Penny Press Puzzle Books in the stores, which had multiple types of word puzzles. I thought this app would be similar but it is not. First, there are way too many ads. Second, in order to enact the error mode, you have to watch yet another long ad and it’s only for that puzzle. There’s an option to make it ad-free, which I almost did. Being half asleep, it costs $9.99 to remove the ads, compared to other apps that’s outrageous. The most I have paid to remove apps from a game is $0.99-$1.99.
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3 years ago, pugrubbsda
Love Penny Dell
These little Penny Dell crossword puzzles are so relaxing and enjoyable, I only wish I had found the online version long before now. Jigsaw and cross word puzzles are my absolute favorite thing to just relax the mind and forget about any troubles you might have. As for the app, I was a little concerned at first how navigation and reading the clues might work but it looks like they have this work out already, nice job.
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5 years ago, caren296
Enjoyably Puzzles
The daily puzzles are thought provoking and anything but easy. I enjoy challenges and these particular puzzles provide them. As for the library of puzzles, I’ve enjoyed them immensely, particularly the hard puzzles. I didn’t think they’d provide much of a challenge, but I was pleasantly surprised...they really make you use your noggin. I really like that I scan close out the puzzles and not lose my place or the progress I’ve made.
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4 years ago, Ducks4friends
One a day..
The interface works well and there is something for everyone. It is not easy enough for kids but adults should be able to find the right level of challenge. I put up with the ads and do the daily puzzles. If you love puzzles and want to pay there are a lot here. It also comes with a few freebies in the library. I like this app because it is a traditional crossword experience.
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3 years ago, ArkansasDruid
I’ve really tried to understand
I’ve been playing this crossword for a pretty good while. And I understand that providing a free game is costly and revenue has to come in. So they do this by providing a space for ads. Totally got it. However, there are a few apps out there (this being one of them) that has turned horrible. You can not exit the ads. No way. It turns what used to be a pleasant way to waste time into a frigging battle with the stupid app and the stupid ads. I would not recommend this to anybody. I’ve even gone so far as enduring this for a long time. No more. App is deleted and review is submitted!!
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6 years ago, Stud Pups
Nice. But had some life setbacks...
Given the fact that my doctor said doing these may greatly reduce my chances of getting a brain degenerative illness, I greatly like it. However, the idea of losing my memory does have some up-sides. I could forget my first marriage, watch Shawshank Redemption for the first time... Again! And hide a realistic Batman suit in my home so when I find it, I’ll be confused and think I was Batman in a former life. Other than that... It’s wonderful.
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4 years ago, MsKista
I love this puzzle app!
I just have one wish, is that it had horizontal/landscape mode, or at least the ability to turn the screen around so the charging port is at the top of the device instead of the bottom. I often do puzzles in bed before I go to sleep, and I leave my charging cable plugged into my iPad while I play. I can't rest the device in my chest because of the plug in that spot. By the way, I've been buying Dell and Penny Press puzzle books for a very long time. I still have many. I've always loved the variety puzzle books the most, with cryptograms, fill-ins, crosswords, logic puzzles, and all the others. I hope you are considering this in the near future. I would pay a lot to do these on my iPad. 😃😃😃
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4 years ago, DebC419
Ads freeze and too much reliance on Greek letter clues
I’ve used this app for several years, and I’ve tended to have very positive thoughts about it. My only annoyance has historically been that the puzzles tend to rely too heavily on the clue ‘Greek Letter’ or ‘Greek vowel,’ or some variation. Seems like a lazy way to craft puzzle. Lately though, the ads have been very problematic. After having watched them, they freeze, and you can’t get back to the puzzle. Ultimately, I need to close out the app, but then when I reopen, I have to watch the ad again, and it freezes again. BLAH
Show more
6 years ago, Jan H in CA
What Happened?
Recently (since an update?) about every other day the Easy puzzles are no longer easy. There are words and concepts I have never heard of. Do you have a new crossword puzzle designer? I used to be able to do the puzzles every day, rather easily as I like, but something has changed. They are more like Medium difficulty puzzles which I would select if I wanted them to be more challenging! I would say it was me except that some days they are like they used to be (easy and do-able) and some days they are not.
Show more
6 years ago, Tien Shang
Awesome for beginners!!
I am a brand new crossword player and I absolutely love this game! The daily games are a great way to play a quick game and work on my skills while the game packs are more challenging and help me to learn new things in the process. I also love the ability to turn "show errors" off to challenge myself and then on if/when I get stumped to see if maybe I made a mistake. Definitely on my top 3 favorite game list!!
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6 years ago, SnickersSiri
Too many ads
The puzzles are great and I enjoy doing them but there are way way too many ads that interrupt the game. I can understand one or two but every time you want to do something with the puzzle choices like hints, you have to sit through ads. Just way too many to make the app fun and I may have to find another app that doesn’t interrupt playing with ads. Please don’t tell me to buy the ad free version - I don’t do that because you can’t get your money back if you decide the app is not for you.
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8 months ago, CFG52
Puzzle lover
I have been a puzzle fan since a child I love trying to figure out the clues to find the answers or how the puzzle pieces fit together. These puzzles are a mixture of easy and difficult clues that Make them a real challenge. Love trying to figure the hard ones out and the easy clues make me feel smart and push on. Keep up the good work.
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2 months ago, FieryGirl57
Love Penny Dell Crosswords
I love a challenge and its nice to know that here i have. Choice. Easy puzzles for days when i just want to spend a few minutes. Medium when i am feeling relaxed and have more time. Hard when i am bored, have a lot of time and need a real challenge. Lol This APP has it all. Buy it so you can be rid of the annoying ADS. But to be fair ads are annoying in any game. I would rather just buy the game.
Show more
3 years ago, barbtoo
Great Puzzles!
I have always enjoyed crosswords. I did them in the newspapers for a number of years, but you could not change the answers easily. In this you can choose to watch ads in exchange for the letters being a different color when they are incorrect. Then you can easily insert the correct letter. Also the clues given are good.
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5 years ago, VWVWVWVWV
Great Variety
I am not a crosswords savant but I am enjoying this. The easy puzzles are easy. The medium ones are challenging. The hard ones I can only solve by cheating (isn’t Google wonderful?). I am a little frustrated by the way in which the letters are entered. When I switch words the puzzle sometimes highlights a letter that is already filled in and I end up typing over letters that are already there instead of filling in blanks. Other than that I am pleased.
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2 years ago, smlndolphn1
My daily brain game
I love that this crossword game has different levels of difficulty!! When I have limited time I can do an easy one or I can start a harder one and continue it later on. It has also helped me to learn how to do crosswords in general by allowing me to start with easy ones and progress from there to medium and hard.
Show more
5 years ago, broken French
Like it well enough
Playing the free daily game, I know I have to put up with ads but it’s annoying all the same. Wish the free book in their digital library had more challenging crosswords. Has three tiers (easy, med., hard) and the difficulty is pretty much “as advertised”. These aren’t NYT level crosswords; they’re from Dell, like what you’d pick up in the checkout line at the grocery store, and to be appreciated as the light diversions they are :) The app has been reliably stable the past two or so years I’ve had it.
Show more
2 years ago, DeeFrank
Enjoyable, with a few flaws
This is the best crossword puzzle I have found so far, however there are a few times when you finish the puzzle then watch the ad and close out, the next day (after watching an add) the finished puzzle appears from the day before. I tried closing it out, but after watching another ad it appears again. Very frustrating!
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