PenToPRINT Handwriting to Text

4.4 (2.7K)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Serendi LTD
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for PenToPRINT Handwriting to Text

4.37 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
12 months ago, the lord of the iphone
Please improve the save button
I’m using this app to convert all my old handwritten stories to digital, and while the app works well, there are a couple of issues I wish they would fix. First, the button to save text means that you can’t edit it any more. Since I use this app to convert my old novels, it would be nice to save the text and then be able to add to it later. Instead, I have to upload everything two or three pages at a time, which is a hassle. Also if you’re scanning a bunch of text and then the app crashes, you lose all your progress. There’s nothing to save your place or recover your work if you close the app or it crashes. Otherwise this app is good for the amount of money you spend on it. It recognizes handwriting with minimal errors. Just wish they would fix the save options or add autosave.
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6 years ago, Phazyme
I just came across this program as every so often over the years I look to see if anyone has accomplished the miracle of scanning human handwriting and converting it to a digital printed text that may be manipulated and saved. Nothing and I mean nothing has worked for me until now. I used it via camera selection and scanned in my wife’s pretty terrible handwriting- about 5 lines of a note she left for me. It was scanned in and broken down into pieces of text and then printed - 100% accurate including punctuation. Amazing. I just noticed a bunch of negative reviews after I write this. My guess is that earlier versions did not work but this one as of December 2018 really does and it is very exciting been looking for this for years. I need to take inventory of guitars in stock with handwritten brief descriptions. Never found anything that could digitalize bandwriting at all. This does it very well often perfectly. Obviously legible handwriting and dark pen will help. Looking forward to the future changes as this gets even better.
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1 year ago, BrujoLoco
Adding automation would be awesome
This app works very well. The OCR handwriting is pretty accurate, although some editorial work is usually required. Since this app - which I think was originally designed for the iPad - will now run under Ventura on the Macbook it is even more useful. However, the automation tools don't seem to be supported by this app, so doing lots of pages of text is still a manual process. If the developer is reading this, please consider upgrading the fine tool to be compatable with Macbook automation.
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2 years ago, Fun007101
For giggles I went to Google to see if there was an app that if I hand write notes I could take a picture and have it converted to text formate and I saw this app and figured I’d try it out! And OMG it’s perfect! I’m planning a trip and it’s so east to use my phone to look things up and write my note on paper but then I wanted to share my note with my friends and was dreading typing everything I wrote down and this app saved me so much time and energy! So much so that after my first screenshot of notes it worked so well that I stopped my trip planning to write a review and I rarely write reviews unless something is above and beyond expectations and this is that time!!!! Definitely give this app a try!!!
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5 years ago, pointeddoctrine
Editing vs transcribing myself speed
To people with excellent handwriting, this is perhaps a viable option. My handwriting is well legible enough for most people to read without much difficulty , though is certainly not as neat as it could be! This app is not a viable enough option for me currently however because my keyboarding speed (70wpm) exceeds the amount of time that it takes me to try and correct all the perceived errors from this app. The app gives me an error about 50% of the lines. Thus, it is more efficient for me at this moment to simply transcribe by typing myself than to simply edit myself. For others, this ratio could easily be different! With a bit more tweaking, I can see this app becoming a great option for myself. Keep going!
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5 years ago, stan3010
Beware- hijacks IOS function
I DL’d 2 OCR apps to try them out. To my surprise, the apps made their own folder & hijacked IOS functions preventing me from rearranging, moving the folder or deleting the folder or app. Also upon touch & holding icon to move it, the ONLY choice the app has is to share it. Sounds like a visit ehh? I returned to home page by pressing the home button. Then tried holding touch on another folder to activate change mode. The “Business” folder “X” delete link was ABSENT. Behaves like a virus ehh. Finally was able to go into app/folder modify mode & opened the folder the app created for itself & deleted all the misbehaving apps. Will check notifications page & others to make sure this wasn’t a malignant app leaving bits of itself to allow hackers access to my personal data.
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5 years ago, X-math
So far so good
I am considering taking my daily journal writing back to notebook and pen. But I'd like to be able to have a searchable digital version, so I decided to try this app. On my brief test, it worked very well. It worked best when I scanned the page from my journal with a separate app, then used the photo input on this app. The prices for premium do not seem at all excessive for this ability. I think I'm good to go with my notebook and pen + digital journaling plan.
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4 years ago, pnnylnskywlkr
Does what it says it will
While it does what it says it will, that is all. If you took a photo and are working on edits to the text but navigate from the app you lose your work - no auto save function. You pay monthly but I can’t figure out why - there don’t appear to be any improvements in the months I’ve had it. The recognition is ok. I know my handwriting isn’t the clearest but sometimes the app just suggests the weirdest letters for thing that look pretty clear to me. It’s saving me time in the long run to convert some physical docs into word docs.
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6 years ago, Frey29
Not perfect, but does work as intended
It doesn’t get a good bit of the words in hand written notes correct, but honestly its better than typing everything out. It’s better with pictures of projected notes. Regardless, it works with my college needs, and it’s cheap. Ten bucks for a lifetime of using it. Honestly, you get more than what you pay for. Even if it’s not perfect, I’ll be using it often over then next four years.
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5 years ago, thier_👻
Wow if only I wasn't so cheap!
This app is great for those of us that refuse to throw out our pencils and pens. It's just easier and quicker most of the time. But this thing converts so fast and do accurately is amazing. Line by line edit is automatic and it's necessary. The app makes a few errors per page and my handwriting is pretty bad. I'm just too cheap to buy app... Or any app. But if you need fast way to convert notes from meetings or classes, give it a test run.
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3 years ago, Stephf197820092015
Love It!!!
I really wish I would have found this earlier this year! I prefer to hand write my therapy notes, but then it was taking twice as long for me to complete my work because I had to type it into our billing system. Im going to purchase it so I can export my notes. I’m excited to try this in the fall!
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4 years ago, Johnny5321
Desrves 0 stars for free version
Terrible job converting handwritten list to typed text. Most of the typed version was so nonsensical I couldn’t figure out what I wrote. I went back and eventually figured out how to edit each line. Don’t bother with all this work like I did, folks, because there’s no way at all to save all the edited text. I knew from reviews that you couldn’t export or save a document without paying for the premium, but considering the fact that you cannot edit and save your edits means that, based on the free version, I’d advise you to stay away from the paid version.
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6 years ago, Robby_Cabrera
Great app. Needs some updating
Does great recognizing my handwriting. Needs to updating. Like you should be able to name your text files you make and you should be able to edit them or copy/paste them to combine them. That would be way better to turn multiple Picture files into one large text file.
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6 years ago, Normalnorm22
Like it!
Although not perfect, I really like this app! I used it to scan some of my school notes and it did a pretty good job. Some papers I had to scan a few times in different angles until it got it right. I think the quality of the scan really affects the outcome so if you’re scanning and don’t get good results, just try scanning again.
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4 years ago, Christopher J. McDonald
Not worth your time
First off, you have to pay to use any of the export features on the app, aka, you have to pay to even use it. It worked horribly and it seemed as though the entire page of notes was completely messed up. After spending about 10 minutes fixing them, I received a message that I would have to spend my money on my one page notes! I am entirely disappointed in this app and would advise and students, teachers, and others alike to not waste their time with it.
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5 years ago, Hetshep234
Absolutely pointless unless you plan on paying for the “premium”
Do not waste your time with taking a picture and then editing this only to realize after you’ve done it that it won’t let you export it unless you pay which is the only reason I downloaded it, to send myself the reports that I didn’t want to type. I figured it would have at least gives like a trail where you could send yourself a few to see if it was worth paying for but it doesn’t. Will be deleting. It was too good to be true anyways.
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3 years ago, 11JET
Works… except it doesn’t.
Here’s my complaint: this app does what it says it will do, however, you cannot get the text out of the app. So you can’t use it anywhere. It won’t let you copy and paste or export the converted text in any way… unless you pay for that privilege. So the free version is useless. I moved on to another app (Handwriting to Text Recognizer) that works almost as well and lets you actually use your own words.
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10 months ago, Homer2112!
I was excited about this app, but it’s super clunky and lost my work
I am not happy. Much of this seems great until I have to Tap And tap and fiddle before I can land the curser where it needs to be. And then, even though I specifically added several pages using the multi page button, all I ended up with was the last page. The other four that I’d had to spend a LOT of time editing were GONE!!! Also I want to be able to do things like underline.
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5 years ago, Ashley Baragona
I love the concept. And it does work well, as long as your handwriting is neat. But my handwriting is pretty messy. I know this, and I knew it probably wouldn’t work that well, so I wrote it out again, neater, but it still didn’t really read it that well. I think that there should be a way for the app to ask you to write the alphabet and a few sentences so it can learn your handwriting and convert it better. Just a suggestion!
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5 years ago, laurel canyon1
WOW technology is so cool
HOW does this not have more fans?? This is seriously amazing!! It just captures all the handwritten lines perfect into text. I think there was one mistake, and that was due to my handwriting. I am definitely going to upgrade, and I hope this app gets a bigger following bc I never want to lose it!
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5 years ago, BulletproofPepper
I like it very much and it will help with misspelling too.
Cursive it Tries work better with regular writing best with block letters. All is simple to fix and faster then typing it in. Photo scan, line up some lines, take the photo, check and edit the lines if needed. Hit next and it goes to text.
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3 months ago, 1111Me1234567890
If I could give negative I would
After taking all the time to fix the mistakes it made when it scanned my handwriting I found out there was no way to share to my files or share with anything. I hope I can take a screenshot and get a better app where I can scan the text to Text. They don’t tell you you can’t do anything without a premium account and then they say you can print online but I’ve tried and it’s not working.
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4 years ago, warpedandwired
I have dsyorthographia...
And It severely affects my handwriting. I tested this app on one of my unlined diary pages and the analysis was nearly spot on. I’m really surprised how well this app worked! That said, read the terms of service. The terms are subject to laws of Israel, not USA or EU law. There is nothing that guarantees privacy or copyright for the user. I’d gladly pay the lifetime membership but for this major gap in their terms of service.
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7 months ago, Andyvause
Pen to print
So easy to navigate through the app. I took pictures of recipes that were written over 75 years ago. I’d say it was 95% accurate to the writing. And the paper was old and the pencil was fading, yet still picked up most accurately. 👍
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6 years ago, Not a fake user
Awesome But Limited
I was really surprised how well this app work. It picked up my wife’s girlie cursive handwriting without problems. The problem is I can’t do anything with it. The free version is so limited I can’t export or save or copy or do anything. 10 bucks is steep, but the app works if that’s what you need.
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5 years ago, Ryster96
Skeptical no more
When I saw what this app was supposed to be able to do, I was skeptical. But it is amazing! I am a teacher and I am going to recommend it to all my students. It is very helpful for organizing handwritten notes in one place in a legible format! I will be using this app every day!
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4 years ago, rich f it
I got this app as a joke just to you around but then I discovered how amazing this is not only is it extremelyAccurate it’ works for other languages like Spanish Japanese and German Rhodes were the only ones I checked but they were perfectly on the dice it’s a grate app I definitely recommend
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6 years ago, corav.Mrs
First time user
Absolutely great, very easy and I’m able to edit while checking line by line! Just make sure your handwriting is very clear and should have little to no mistakes! I prefer writing my stories on paper rather than type. So this is perfect for me!
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5 months ago, Lunt Apple Music
More accurate than other apps!
I tested several apps and this one got it right the most! It’s saved me time not having to correct and add so many additional mistakes that others had.
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2 weeks ago, Nina Z. Will
Life just got easier
I’m old school and write everything down. In meetings I’m the only one with a notebook. I take pretty intricate notes with my own notation process. Wish they had this when I was in college!
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6 years ago, paulawylma
Does not work
I have tested this app out with both rules and unruled paper and with both handwriting and print. It does not work. Even when the lines are lined up perfectly, it reduces an entire line of writing to one or two words. The worst part is that none of the words offered where in the writing! Huge fail. FYI my handwriting is pretty good. I learned how to writing when it was still taught in schools as a graded class. I do not understand how this app has been rated as highly as it has.
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6 years ago, JenniferPE1
Actually does a decent job at conversion but having to take a pic of a handwritten document is cumbersome and requires an outside document. Then, the only way to export the document is to sign up to pay, either for a day or other time. I didn’t try but it might be possible to copy paste the completed conversion to email or Notepad but that’s ANOTHER step that should be unnecessary. Why doesn’t someone produce an app that would, first, allow someone to write on the screen and then see the script converted real time or when the writing is done? Samsung’s S-Note is like the latter. This app has the potential but is now expensive to use over time and requires to many steps to accomplish what it does.
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6 years ago, Janjanjanice1
Pretty good
I have had this app for a while now. It wasn't working so well at first, but recently it significantly improved. It still doesn't recognize my handwriting perfectly, but it gets most of the words right.
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4 months ago, Lelee me
Great and free
Great and free I have lots of college assignments that I write out to collect data for the week. I used to have to type it at the end of the week now I just take a picture. Really a great app.
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4 years ago, Andy Downes
Was looking for a option to digitize an old journal I had written over 30 years ago as the paper had started to turn brown. This app did the trick for me, quickly and recognized most of my poor penmanship.
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6 months ago, tdw0987
First time user
Easy to use and edit if you need to. Perfect for what I needed. So glad that someone was able to make this. Totally makes my life easier!!
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2 years ago, KennedysKloset!
So it lets me convert a photo of text into what you’d THINK would be copy/pastable usable text capable of being used anywhere for anything. But it’s not like that. I guess they thought I just wanted to use their app to stare at it.. but only while I’m using their app. I can’t copy it & paste it… I can’t do anything with it. It’s COMPLETELY USELESS!! Download this after being warned & you deserve to have your time wasted.
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2 years ago, Applefry
Pay to copy and paste
It works but you have to pay $10+ to be able to copy and paste the text it scans. Not worth the money for me but maybe to someone else
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2 months ago, 5humps
My handwriting is garbage
This is the first app I’ve used (tried many) that consistently works. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just really good at taking my garbage writing and converting it to text.
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4 years ago, Locrow
Awesome and hoping for one more thing
Utilizing this to speed up clinical note transcription/writing. The App works great - I send the scan to the computer to clean up any transcription missteps - its really accurate considering my chicken scratch. I just wish it would send the file via airdrop!!
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2 years ago, ktdofsufcgrxt
Just a girl who LOVES axolotls. This app is awesome
OmG this is SO good! Amazing. Everything is free. It works perfectly. I have so much good things to say about this app. I just started using it and I already love it. Jus AMAZING. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. 👍👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, potato turtle3447
From camera to typed text
This was a quick way to get notes into typed format
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11 months ago, Pau Rivera
Easy, well done, and fast
I was looking to extract a text from a book and it was quick and easy. Great to save time!
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4 years ago, e2222
Great at reading bad handwriting
I have really messy handwriting and it can read it with only getting a few words incorrect which is better than I can read my own writing.
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5 years ago, bryghe
Almost perfect
This looks like a great app, and I was able to put in on two devices without paying for it twice. It’s really easy to use, but does it sync between devices? If I could take the pictures with my iPhone and edit them on my iPad, then it would be perfect.
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5 years ago, Great ringtone of fringe
Handwriting improvement
Hi there! When I saw this app, I was excited to try it out and be able to put my story into a document. When I tried it, it didn’t read my cursive and my messy handwriting. I hope you can fix that soon because NaNoWriMo is coming up in November and ahh. I write faster than I type.
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4 years ago, jqmexico
Fantastic app , I highly recommended, makes much easier.
Fantastic app , I highly recommended, makes much easier. I will use over and over , great technology
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4 years ago, atoep
This app has saved my life! It has come in handy especially now that I do online school so I can transfer all my notes to my phone and take them wherever I go!
Show more
4 years ago, DJFDJF
This is an update on the copy
After digging a little bit more, I found that when you select “copy“ it saves the text that page in the settings tab. This is not intuitive but at least copying as possible. So I raised my review rating to three stars.
Show more
5 years ago, Shalelia
I’ve finally found an app that accurately converts my handwriting to text! I then transfer the notes into my files in OneNote and I’m done. It’s definitely worth the subscription!
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