Peoples Bank of Alabama Mobile

3.3 (60)
36.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
People's Bank of Alabama
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Peoples Bank of Alabama Mobile

3.28 out of 5
60 Ratings
3 years ago, JBWren
Pretty basic. A little lacking
It'd be very helpful if there was an option to enter checks written on the account that would automatically deduct the amount. The check number and amount with the ability to add personal notes. I also bank with USAA and their mobile app has this feature. It's super convenient.
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4 years ago, xraygirlld
Don’t ever forget your password...
Not sure if this is the poor quality of the bank or the poor functions of the app and website, but either way it will not do anything when you click “forgot password”. It just goes to a screen asking for your user ID. Then it takes you back to the log in page... basically taking you in circles. So now you have to call for help, but in my case I can’t get help over the phone, so I have to go to the bank.... which is not open... so tomorrow, but I have to work the same hours...... see the problem here PEOPLE!! So much for fast and quick online banking...
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9 years ago, audnachick
Can't Login
Keeps telling me to visit App Store to update, but there is no update! Can't login!!
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2 years ago, Rocfan23
Photo Deposit
Would you please fix the photo deposit so it will actually work! Half the time it doesn’t and since you have to write that Mobile Deposit Only on the back the bank won’t take it when you try to deposit it.
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8 years ago, Chachcrotch
Getting worse
App has been taking forever to login the last two weeks and haven't been able to login at all the last three days, even today after the update, just sits loading. Having to login to my computer every time I want to check my balance or transfer funds is no fun at all. Might be time for a banking change!!!
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2 years ago, ambcob
Needs improving
Love the app….. when it works. There are times when I try to login and it never logs in. It just buffers and this can last for hours. When it does this I have to delete app and reload, which can be frustrating!!!
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7 years ago, Genie Menken
Photo Deposit is Glitching
I use this app frequently. Very helpful, but today the photo deposit feature started giving me an error telling me that I could not be in split screen mode, of which I know nothing about. Five star rating for this app if this was working properly.
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5 years ago, LB0526
Wonderful App
This is a wonderful app and everything is easy to find and use.
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6 years ago, Syddod
App & Banking
App is terrible and I can no longer access it because they have made an update and when I go to the App Store it carries me to the same app that I have. I have had many problems with this bank. Having a Discover debit card is terrible. Some places I go to will it take it.
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6 years ago, Tk1999
New version not working
Keeps taking me to a page telling me to upgrade even though the upgrade has already been completed.
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7 years ago, JBain1
Photo Deposit Not Working
Keeps telling me (when trying to take photo of check) that I need to exit split screen. I don't know what that is on my phone. Fix please!!!!
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6 years ago, Knittinmawmaw
App update
Says I have to update app in the App Store. Went there can’t find where to update.
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4 years ago, FruitLS
Not Happy
I’m not happy with this app. Wells Fargo app is better.
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12 years ago, britanydefoe
Logging In
You will have to allow mobile usage from a computer to use the app since the update, other than that, works great!
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11 years ago, mosssupply
Clean and Functional
This app looks and functions better than half the apps on the store. Checking one's balance has never been easier.
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11 years ago, Steve2262
Great App !
I enrolled my phone under mobile preferences in Online Banking and did not have any trouble getting signed in. Great app for my banking and bill pay needs.
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10 years ago, Savy js
What has changed ????
Have always enjoyed this app, but lately it been freezing up on me and I have to uninstall then reinstall about every time I use it. What has changed????it did good for a while but it has started freezing again.
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12 years ago, Chris Sawyer
Luv this app. More people should get it. U always have an ATM kind of with u where ever u go. Seriously people get this app!!!!:)<3
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11 years ago, Kanefrost
I've had no problems with this app idk what these ppl are talking about
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12 years ago, Encrediblehlcm
Won't work anymore
Since the update app will not let you log on and the app support button takes you to a broken link... Help
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10 years ago, Bhunji135
Did the app crash? Will not load.
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12 years ago, Caleb Garrison
Won't allow log in since recent update
Since the recent update I've not been able to log in. Help!
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10 years ago, Heather Nisley-Adams
Issues with update
Haven't been able to log in since the update!!
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13 years ago, Tamara March
Finally we have an app!
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9 years ago, Donnice Malin
Unable to download
Since the upgrade I am unable to download or view my account. Not very good as of right now.
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11 years ago, Dgt45
Does not allow me to see full transaction descripton
Truncates transaction descriptions.
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9 years ago, tandrpope
Great app! Just one issue
I really love this app. I love being able to see all if my activity whenever I need to. My only issue is the secure access code. Every time I try to log in, it requires me to enter a new code. Even though I tell it to register my device every time I enter the new code. Just started this last week. No problems until then. Otherwise would have given 5 stars.
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12 years ago, RollTide76
Can't login , keeps saying mobile banking unavailable at this time , don't waste your time downloading
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12 years ago, HaleyCN
Downloaded the app and it won't let me scroll down far enough to hit the AGREE box!!!
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9 years ago, Remus mom
Loved now hate
Can't login anymore
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13 years ago, Happy Customer in Cullman
Great App.
Great app! Works as says.
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12 years ago, Twirlerchick0303
Ugg it will not let me log in since the update!! Fix it!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Chino($64()&8(@8yo mero
Great app!!!
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7 years ago, Denitwi
Slow, freezes, just being completely ridiculous. Won't let me log in anymore. Every time now it tells me to get an access code, so I do, and even though I type it in right every time, it tells me my account is now locked. But then I just go to the website and I'm fine. Just save the bank's website in your Safari bookmarks. The app isn't worth it.
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12 years ago, Drama1083
If you don't log off if the app when you're finished using it, it freezes up and you have to uninstall the entire app and reinstall it all over again! Big pain in the butt!
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