Perfect Cell

4.8 (80)
311.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Perfect Cell

4.78 out of 5
80 Ratings
10 months ago, HUNTER X.Y.Z
It's like the movie aliens! But also something new.
Except your not a xenomorph like in the movie. You are born upon mankind and your only motivation is... SURVIVAL!!! takes place in a base with scientists and guys with guns. And has you, the lethal alien killing whoever poses a threat. Great graphics, nice controls, the story is explained much through words but the game just shows great detail that you can figure out the story. And the alien is amazing! Never would have thought of an alien like "cell zero". It's abilities and intelligence are awesome. Forget perfect cell from DBZ this cell is lethal and threatening in it's creepy violent primal state. This game is 10 out of 10. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of this. This is in my top 5 games for iPhone/iPad. But if you don't believe me buy that free demo and if you like it and agree with my word get it and have a awesome time playing! *edit* it’s insane I made this review more than 3 years ago and there’s still been no updates or sequels to this. Such a unique game it’s sad it never took of like it should have.
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6 years ago, Robersssssssss
Map editor
I know you haven’t updated this game in a while but some people still play this game and it would be really cool for you to add a map editor. there would be an infinite amount of maps and I. Think it would really revive the game and get people playing it again.
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7 years ago, vwang0103
Great Puzzle Game
Lovely artwork and animation. Nothing absurdly difficult, but the imprecise movement can make later levels annoyingly finicky. I do wish you could cancel charge moves, but maybe I missed that in the instructions. Either way, not a big deal for a decent game.
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6 years ago, Knightwolf7
Needs an update but still amazing
Perfect cell could use some more levels and maybe even som knew environments and powers. You could maybe even develop the story a bit more. Still an amazing game.
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2 months ago, Pani Poni
Nintendo switch port
I know this game is old but I would love a Nintendo Switch port. I can’t have many games on my phone anymore due to limited space. I would love to replay this on there! Thanks!
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7 years ago, Ganjacopter
Add more levels
Downloaded this game originally back in 2012 and it was lit af back then. Now it's 2017 and you guys still haven't updated it booo! Get on it *edit* it’s October and still no update! Come on! This was a hit
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9 years ago, Joseph Colgan
I beat the game and it was fun.
The only part I didn't like was when you had to separate the cell. The controls when you do that can be frustrating. Glad there wasn't too many sections where you had to do that.
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2 years ago, DudefuseTIB
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazing game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Had for years, can u plssss addd to it maybe a second game for new income with updates resolutions and graphics thru xcode, and a map editor and new levels? Thank u God bless 🙏🏼
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9 years ago, BlkDiamondBoy
Please come out with more levels!!
This is HANDS DOWN the best game I’ve ever played on iPhone. I don’t get why you guys don’t come out with more levels and continue to update this. Makes no sense to me.
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4 years ago, PSN143
Update? / still the best game in 2020
I love this game it is THE best game BUT please add a map editor and the option to chage your cell please update the game IT HAS BEEN forever since a new update but other than that this is the PERFECT GAME!!!
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7 years ago, Chandelin
Honestly if you guys put some time into making a second edition of this games, your old following would explode. I love this game. Who cares about truckers or zombies. Make this cell reborn.
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6 years ago, Keeevinnnnn222244578!
Okay If you make the sequel to the i will love you
When i started playing this game i wasn’t too sure about it but then you guys designed a very sick game dude... good job!
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4 years ago, McpcosmoUS
still good in 2020 / Port it
the game is amazing..the sound the environment. you have to do a console / pc port of this :) good competition to the latest released "carrion". left stick movement X/A dash.
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6 years ago, cbyle
Please update!
Beautifully designed. Please continue to update.
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8 years ago, Treeman
Plz make a new one or more levels
I got this game awhile ago and I love it I've repeated the levels constantly cause they are awesome best GAME EVER!!!
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8 years ago, Bleeding out 111
Superb game
As another reviewer said, just a great game. Please add more levels and keep the updates coming.
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4 years ago, Furivader
Perfect game
Can you make a second perfect cell
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8 years ago, MJBJCB
Make a 2 one!
WARNING SPOILER ALERT: Great game but I want a second one continuing after you break out of the facilitys
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9 years ago, Giddy Jigga
This is a Top 10
Perfect Cell is the Perfect mobile game in every way. Ever.
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9 years ago, ARMED805
"Perfect Example"
The "Perfect Example" of how a good story line, simple UI, clean graphics & character controls
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12 years ago, yung dad
Superb in Every Respect.
In a word, this game is brilliant. Boasting a unique premise and surprisingly compelling plot line, this game is hard to define in that every stage can be played any way you want. Your 'perfect cell' simply has to go solving puzzles and avoid being shot by guards from Point A to Point B. How you do that is entirely up to you. Want to sneak around, hiding in crevices and dodging around armed soldiers? Go on ahead. Want to destroy every human you see (especially once you nab the devastating and gruesome-draw-a-line dash ability)? Be my guest, friend. If you go the stealth route, you get an achievement for no kills, and if you viciously murder everything, they actually give you a tally of how many people you killed vs. how many there were. The fantastic gameplay is further complemented with gorgeous graphics, along with an interesting 3D background with 2D Megaman-esque people in the foreground. Pair all that with customisable cell colours and (it's important to me, for some reason) cleverly titled achievements ('You Perfect Me' tugged on my heart strings), this game is absolutely worth your money, whether you want to sit and play for an hour or play while you wait for your coffee.
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5 years ago, Quimby315
Not exciting...
It’s kinda lame/boring. I was hoping it was more of a covert agent (i.e. Splinter Cell) type of game. $2.00 shot, oh well...
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5 years ago, CA4LIFE
Update this game please
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12 years ago, Edgar Allan Poe100
More Levels Please 😃😃😃😃😃!!
Took me about on and off of 1 1/2 weeks time to complete the entire game! Very pleased and impressed! I found it MORE enjoyable than Minecraft: Pocket Edition 😊😃😃😃!! I totally mean that! Your game is waaaaay more affordable than a lousy $6.99 for the Minecraft game! Anywho, I totally don't regret getting the paid version when it was 100% free! I enjoyed your game very much! I look forward to more updates from you(hopefully in the near future!)! Pleeeeeeease add more levels and more challenges! Can you have the cell split into 4 as one of the challenges? Oh and when lazers are flickering, can you extend the flickering pause so I have enough time to pass by the lazer? I found it extremely difficult whenever there was a very quick, flickering laser that seemed impossible to pass through. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
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12 years ago, Joebuggyboozle
One of the best-looking, best-paying games on iOS.
I had never heard of MobiGames, but picked up their free titles (Zombie Tsunami & Cross-Fingers, also recommended) during the summer sale. If I had known just how fantastic the game was going to be, I would have waited until I could pay for it! This game is one of the most unique experiences I've had on any device, let alone ios. There is a shortage of mature, substantive games on iOS, so it's very refreshing to see something that isn't an endless runner or town building game. The graphic style might remind people of the old LucasArts point-and-click adventure titles. The level layout is always thoughtful and challenging, without ever being frustrated. The gameplay allows for a great combination of strategy and manic gesturing. It's just such a good time. I will definitely be picking up the next MobiGames title upon release.
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10 years ago, MisterMellow001
Getting the love
The quality in every aspect of this game is what makes it a must-have. Smooth and atmospheric, great music and sound effects, good story and conclusion, challenging yet easily achievable levels, lots of variety, and high replay value make it a keeper. In spite of what some have said about replay value, I have had this game since the day it came out, on my 1st-gen iPhone, and it is the ONLY game I still play. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this game. 2.5-D graphics, game-play mechanics, no in-app purchases BS, and it's satisfying to be able to slice lab guards into hamburger (starting with Level 3). Awesome post-death animation, too. Watch them gush blood and twitch around. Slice them up some more! Good wholesome family fun! If there was a sequel, I'd pay top dollar for it without hesitation (unless it had in-app purchases – I don't buy games from developers who have been infected by that cancer. Worst thing that ever happened to gaming). I have to crack up at the reviewer who knocked a star off because somewhere in the game is a "nude woman taking a shower." Blood and chopped-up bodies are great, but nudity is bad. I'll take his word for it, but I can't even bring that scene to mind, and I've played this game through literally hundreds of times.
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12 years ago, Eagle235
One of the best
You keep finding things your little ball of alien can do...the planned dash is just an awesome capability. Splitting in two can sometimes help too. Great graphics, and challenging game play. Really unique interface but perfect for iPad. It will easily become one of your favorites. I look for future updates and new interfaces. Keep up the great work. Has anyone found out how to get past C8. I know you have to split into three cells but after that it does not work. Help! Yes ..finally got past this one.. And it is based on changing from one to three.. Once you get down below it works out.. But it is challenging... Now on the last level.. And oh boy .. Don't make a mistake the machine guns are relentless . Yes the best game on the iPad
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12 years ago, TheAndrewBen
Best underrated app on the app store.
The storyline is very logical and original. You never see that in any game. The 3D environment is great and the lighting is perfect. The controls are AMAZING and easy. At first I thought you could just kill people and easily move on, but NO! They somehow made it REALLY fun to kill people in this game! After a kill, I always have to hit the dead body multiple times like a rag doll, lol. And yes, you are the 'bad guy', so you can kill anyone that you approach. As you go on further in the game, you EVOLVE and do crazy stuff to people! SLICE AND DICE!! (evil laugh) I really want a 2nd game, but since this is a game with a story, I don't know if there is an epic conclusion when you finish it because I haven't finished the game yet. Keep making games like this!
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12 years ago, Kimeon3D
Great game!!
It says 220 meg, but it's really over 300. That's an expensive game when you consider space on your phone. Worth it!! I love this game. Like sci-fi meets splinter cell, mixed with "out of this world", which is another great game. Good mood music and once I was able to split into two cells and control each one, I had to stop and write a review. Worth $3 if you like the games I mentioned. Wish there was an option for a virtual joystick since my fat thumbs can make it hard to see where my squid dude is going. I will have to load this up on my iPad next.
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14 years ago, Stormwraith
Promising & fun game but at a questionable price
(Review is for v1.0.5) Perfect Cell has a lot going for it: - Beautiful looking environments & lighting - Great realistic-feeling physics - Challenging and clever level designs - Super smooth and responsive controls that are easy to pick up - Bizzare protagonist that is both charming and scary at the same time - An amazingly mesmerizing soundtrack It's what I'd imagine a side-scrolling Splinter Cell game would be like (if you replace the spy agent with an alien organism), providing a wonderful addictive blend of stealth and all-out action. But, with the good comes the bad: There's only 35 levels (Even if they look good, it's no excuse to skimp on the content especially with a 213mb file size), and the human character models look "pixely", which detracts (and distracts) from the great atmosphere of the beautifully rendered environments and Perfect Cell character models. With those two negatives, it's hard to recommend to people at such a steep price of $5.99. Make those character models less silly looking and add more level content and you got yourself a wonderfully fun game (or maybe lower that price a bit)!
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12 years ago, Akira Houjou
Worth $3, but be warned...
This game, is brilliant. Great graphic, smooth gameplay, and very challenging. Tired of angry bird? Grab this. Now, I used Angry Bird as a reference because it is about the same idea. Freeroam puzzle, challenging, and fun. But they both share bad things- such as, no replayability. Once you beat the stage, there isn't much things to do. Perhaps you can race against the time, but that gets old really fast. While this game has new style and great idea, it is not consistant. I beat it in a day. To me, the puzzle was not challenging at all. I beat it without killing anyone in everystage, found all the secret, with in a day. So it is short game. Worth $3? With the fun and exotic gameplay I experienced, I think this game worth $3. Not pricy at all. But I don't play this game anymore. After the ending and satisfaction of freedom I felt, there was simply nothing to do. Therefore, I took 1 star off. Great, but not in my perfection list. Try out Lite version. You'll basically repeat that process for 32 times. If you like the demo, you will love the full version. If it gets tired, pass it on.
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14 years ago, FeathersMcGraw
Decent game, but needs orientation controls
The game earns points for atmosphere and some neat gameplay mechanics. It's a little on the easy side – the creature you play is extremely powerful, and the enemies inept, and the puzzles so far aren't terribly hard to figure out. All that is fine, since it is still enjoyable to play. My one major complaint, however, is with the lack of any orientation options. I keep my iPad in the Apple iPad case, and typically want to play games like this with the case in the tabletop configuration, with the Home button on the right. Unfortunately, Perfect Cell insists my home button be on the left, no matter how I turn the iPad, and doesn't offer any option to flip the screen.
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10 years ago, Jerln
Good, but graphics are NOT HD.
It's a pretty simple game- move your floating cell around to dodge obstacles, avoid (or attack) enemies, and activate switches to progress. Fairly simple puzzles throughout, with plenty of action (or stealth, depending on your playstyle). However, the graphics are very dated, and extremely low resolution. You can quite easily see large, individual pixels throughout much of the game, most noticeably on characters such as the soldiers and scientists. Other than that, it's a fantastic game for both action and stealth gamers.
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12 years ago, The_Sprx
Really Good
I like the game. I really do. It is truly a unique game as well. But I do have to complain about the dashing. It DOES take some getting used to, but once thats over, your pretty much good to go. The stealth in this game is AMAZING, probably it's strongest point. Toying with the guards and throwing them in front of orher guards is so funny when you see their reactions. Definitely recommendable. I think more if more levels where made, it would be an excellent opportunity to incorporate new powers that could tie into some kind of battle, teamwork, or co-op online multiplayer would be fun. Overall great game. 8.7/10
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10 years ago, Jdrumr
Best game so far !!!
I found this game loads of fun -Five Star fun- for it's superb graphics, attention to detail, and genius of design. Although I gladly give Perfect Cell a 5S, I didn't get how collecting the green stars was useful. I also was very impressed with the split cell aspect but would want more game play levels requiring a split to survive and to kill. How about adding Y axis game play to take advantage of the cool rooms. Lastly, more hidden rooms, tunnels and dudes to smoke. Sounds like another installment is in the offing. Very nice job overall. Well done.
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12 years ago, Burgersanta
I used to be looking for an app like this- and this app is it. It is good- for plane trips cars- or just riding on the bus-it has puzzles of how tj get somewhere or get past something- it has action all the time and the app IS worth your time. U can move anywhere u want! The graphics are far more better than other apps- this app deserves to be top of the app store- it is just not popular enough, so I've tried to get it in apps fire, since most apps on apps fire go to top 25 on the app store.
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12 years ago, An unhappy customer/gamer
A Long list of problems and how to fix it.
Well, first of all, I would like to say it is a very great and addicting game! But there are some problems, such as when you die, you have to restart the whole entire level again! Then there is your character, you should be able to upgrade it and give it cool special abilities like to fire some kind of objects out of it's body. Now lastly, you should have more than one kind of level that takes place inside a secret base! If you can fix these things, I will insure you better ratings and more downloads!
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13 years ago, DoubleJ169
Great game.
The controls were great, levels were varied and got very challenging near the end, and the game was quite fun! Only thing I could say is that the cell splitting could be more played out. It seems like they ran out of time to include more puzzle levels where you split the cell to activate different switches. Not a complaint, just a thought on what could be included in Perfect Cell 2.
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13 years ago, wowwizard
Best game ever
awwwweeessoooommmmeee game... very easy controls, very fun gameplay, and there are challenges to keep you coming back. One idea if you want to keep people playing this game though, it would be a good idea to add sandbox, where you escape from the water to terrorize the people above, so it would just be slashing through civilians, and military would appear
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12 years ago, Blitz da wolf
Really great game
I don't usually write game reviews, and I usually don't get hooked on iPhone games or even finish any. However, I could not put perfect cell down until I was finished. Now I just want to say how good of a game it is and how much fun it was. Love the story mechanics and everything. Only wish that the game was longer, and I'm hoping for a sequel. 10/10 for this one, y'all rock!
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10 years ago, Mixylplyx
Amazing Game
Perfect Cell is a great mix of the puzzle solving / shooter genre. While it starts out easy, each level becomes subsequently harder. The controls and gameplay are very smooth, and the graphics are top notch. There are NO in-app purchases in this game which is a huge plus. If you enjoy action games with some puzzle solving mixed in, give Perfect Cell a try.
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13 years ago, SuperDumbNerd
Words can't express how great of a game this is...
It's just so amazing... The controls are simple, and that allows for more focus on the puzzles to each side-scrolling level. The enemy classes are few, but the fun is infinite... Until its over of course.... Perfect ending by the way... Great game, any one who rates less than 5 stars, just doesn't get it...
Show more
14 years ago, GuruLunacy
This game is amazing.
I was a little weary at first because of the price, but I'm so glad I over looked it. The only things that I would like to be improved - When your cell is seperated you can still supercharge. And iPod support, though I love the games soundtrack It would be nice to have the option to listen to your music.
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11 years ago, hwilson313
Perfect Cell. Perfect Game.
This game really grabbed me from the first level I played. Probably the only game I've played yet on my iPad that kept me playing it without pausing to play something else on different occasions. Really fascinating and approachable. If I had to make one criticism, it would be that the game was too easy. And they definitely need to make another one.
Show more
9 years ago, Sycotroll
One of the best
I was looking for stealth games several years ago, and this one popped up on my radar. I downloaded the Lite version and had so much fun, I had to get the full game. I play it over and over, constantly trying new things and new ways of going through it. My different ways are primarily: Kill anything moving DON'T kill anything moving Time trials: kills don't matter Time trials: kill everything. Time trails Don't kill anything. Scrape all the dead people together and Draw-n-Dash in a circle, making body parts fly in all directions I can amuse myself for hours with this game. I really wish they'd build a Second Perfect Cell.
Show more
13 years ago, Branden Russell
Very well done
This game is very well done. It keeps you playing by making it a bit challenging. The controls are usually great. Sometimes I die because I mess up controlling, but it's probably me and most the time they work well. The graphics are great too. Could be a bit longer though.
Show more
12 years ago, Troy133232
Skin colors look incredible.
Black is my personal favorite but orange is great too. I have to say, this is one of the greatest games for iPad in my opinion, there needs to be more like this. There is a low amount of levels. But the graphics are incredible and the slice 'n' dice aspect keeps me returning for more, for some reason. Make a sequel or something, Mobigame, please!
Show more
10 years ago, BLUE_CRUSHER
One of the best games.
This game is really cool and enjoyable, i enjoy everything in it. Killing enemies and solving puzzles and more... But after i finished all the levels i started to get a little bored of the game. So mobigame please add more levels or make "perfect cell 2" because i really love this game and i'm looking forward for new content! And thank you mobigame.
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13 years ago, fares.f
An absolute must have!
Beautiful environments and fantastic physics, not to mention the epic soundtrack make this game a must have on so many levels! It marries different game genres which makes the gameplay quite unique and different from what one can be accustomed to. I hope the devs will be adding more content...
Show more
13 years ago, YuukiKase
Simple but awe inspiring
Very beautiful cell. Certainly very fun to play as something other then a human, unlike other games. Game play was simple, although a bit to easy in some parts. Love the idea that one can choose to not kill. Just the last lv. was on the disappointing side; it was like smash bros and jump for your life. .... Overall the game was fun and entertaining.
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