Perfect Hairstyle Try On

4.1 (13.1K)
185.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jorge Gregorio Martin Bello
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Perfect Hairstyle Try On

4.13 out of 5
13.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Irish Colleen 333
Needed a new hairstyle
I've had the same basic hairstyle for a decade. I needed a change but I didn't want to just tell the stylist what I was looking for and hope for the best. Once hair is cut, if you don't like the results, you've got to live with it until it grows back. This app allows me to get a good idea of what I would look like with a great variety of different hairstyles. Do I want to keep my hair long, go shorter, straight or layered, or even change the color if I'd like? I had some trouble getting the hang of using the app regarding the coloring of the hair. If the style I chose was blonde, I needed to make it dark brown hair and I could not figure out how to do that. However, I still got an idea of what that style would look like.
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5 years ago, Cyclelogicalgirl
Bad user experience, annoying to use skip this app
The app is not intuitive to use and so far I have not found any how to guide or tips and tricks. I can’t fit the hairstyles to the picture of me. I tried to change the color to match match my particular mousy brown but the app did not have that shade. I tried to change the saturation of the haircolor and that button did not work. At least I assume that’s what that color button was for as I said there’s really no help included with this app. They had buttons to widen And lengthen the hairstyle but they also did not work. This app was a waste of the money I spent to get the hairstyles. Even just free, it’s a waste of space and time. I occasionally hit the arrow button when I did not mean to taking me back to this flash page for the app. There was no way to go forward back into the app and I either had to upload or take a photo again. It did not save the photo that I was using and so I had to start all over by taking a new photo which was very annoying. The user experience with this app is not very good and the developer should hire a tester or someone to test this app before putting it out there for public consumption.
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4 years ago, Martinsd
Bad, Really Bad...
I hate to be negative here but the point of submitting a review is to honestly share experiences and points of view so others can make informed decisions... Right? This particular hair app. is just awful, unless you are just messing around for fun. First of all, it doesn't make much sense to ask the user to submit a review within the first minute of use. I chose to give it a fair try before writing a review. I took the time to really explore what was possible - really hoping it would help me find a new, updated hair style. Instead... I was quickly frustrated by the amount of ads popping up, and frankly it is hair styles are just to cartoonish to be of any real value. Plus, there are very few free styles to try - I believe about 30. Additional styles are available to purchase. Admittedly I did not purchase any because I was so disappointed with the freebies, it felt like I would just be wasting my money and my time. I guess it is possible that styles that are purchased are of better quality, but I highly doubt it. I hate to be so negative, but If you are looking for a good, useful hair app, keep looking because this one isn't it.
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5 years ago, Mimi2Jaz
So far, so good
I’ve been asked to write this review only seconds after downloading the app so I can’t really say a lot. I think they should let you experiment for 30 min. Or so first. That being said, it appears there are many styles to choose from and the style quickly depicts your face and seems to adjust quite well automatically. That’s a big improvement from apps I tried several years ago so I’ll give it a 4 Ok, I’ve tried this app for a while now and I’m disappointed. I paid the 2.99 to open all the styles. Very limited. Not much of anything for older women. Color choices are just weird...not natural. I feel like I’ve wasted my time and $. Also, no tutorial or instructions to help you get a better natural looking result. I’d give this app a 1 or 2. I expected far more choices.
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12 months ago, Amberlynntodidj
Good stuff from this app. I enjoy using it! Thanks for the celebrity package and for helping me have fun with my friends. I wish there were some more options to play around with and that some of them blended a little better. The colors offered are pretty good but again, wish they blended better. How long do interviews need to be to submit them? There's not much more to say that I am not sure if I can get a chance to get the best out of the office and I am not sure if I can get a chance to get the best out of the office and I am not sure if I can get a chance to get the best out of the office and I am not sure if
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7 years ago, Rinardo88
Hairstylist Opinion
I've been doing hair for almost 10 years and the MAIN issue my clients have with change is the "what ifs". What if I don't like it? What if the color is too much? What if I regret it? So with this app it's reassuring to narrow down different options. Clients that want a major change are my favorite & least favorite lol. Some are brave and embrace the change & some are drama queens that are completely distraught with change. It's my job to assure satisfaction and happiness to make everyone look as beautiful as they feel and vise versa. Thanks to this app I now have a secret weapon to solve the "I wonder what this would look like on me" issues. Score!
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5 years ago, hair for it
Pros and cons so far
The app asked for a review just a few minutes in to figuring out how to work it, and rewards you with not having to pay access to more than just the initial few styles, so my off the top take is that it’s helpful to get a basic idea of styles that work, and I like that you can use your own photos or repeatedly take new ones on the app until you get one you like. You can also rotate the hairstyle angle to align perfectly with the angle of your photo. One drawback is it doesn’t accommodate a round face very well because the face space is pretty narrow, and when I enlarged it, the hair got disproportionately large compared to how much the face space widened. But I’m going to play around with some more styles and see what I come up with. Wish me luck!
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3 years ago, katnyp10
Lots of fun, I’m reminiscing about the 80’s!
Just downloaded this app today and I’m having so much fun with it. I’m still learning but it’s pretty easy to use. Back in the 80’s they actually had booths in the malls that charged outrageous prices for you to try on a few hairstyles and they would sell you a videotape of the pics. Believe me, the technology was nothing like the standards of today, the styles were hideous and they didn’t even fit properly on your head, it was ridiculous! But back then we thought it was amazing! Lol! Wow, things have really changed. This app is “totally awesome”, I’m happy I tried it. So far so good! Thank you...It’s a winner!
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6 years ago, LuxuriousLocks
See how you’d look with different hair colors and styles!
Just take a selfie, and then you can choose from several different hairstyles, and size it to fit your face. You can also adjust the color and contrast. There are probably around 30ish free hairstyles, and then you have to pay to unlock more (which I didn’t do). Took off 1 star because it’s not completely free. There is an ad here or there, like when you try to save a “look” to your photos, but the ads are not overwhelming. Glad I downloaded the app. It’s cool to see how I’d look as a blonde! Thanks to this app I now know that if I go blonde, it will have to be a cool/ashy blonde.
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3 years ago, Trina Victorious
Price and Amount
It is a good app. It has many hairstyles, including everything from a short pixie cut, to a long curly, straight, or crimped, hairstyle. It is overpriced though and you have to pay just to get more than about 25 hairstyles. The hairstyles are also hard to size properly onto the picture or model you select or selected. They can get really big on the face and it is annoying to take 5 minutes out of your day to set just one style when it would still look wonky. They also say it takes less then one minute to do multiple styles. They are wrong as I said above it could take up to 10 minutes to again just set up one style properly.
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8 years ago, Agentk8$
Not too Bad!!
I wasn't sure what to expect as I had tried a couple apps similar to this without any luck. But to my surprise this app has some pretty good options, even in the free version! If it was possible to push the bangs aside on some of the styles or to move certain pieces within the hairstyle to make it suit your face, it would get 5 stars. As it is, I give 4 stars for the fact that without charging me I was able to get a pretty good idea of what different styles would look like, not perfect but darn good! I definitely recommend this app to anyone who's ever wondered what they'd look like, with a new do!
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7 years ago, Nbcdgn
My 4 year old daughter wants to grow out her bangs, so we tried it out. I didn't give it 5 stars because it was hard to adjust the hairstyles to my round face, since all of the models have long, thin faces. It would be awesome if it could resize your picture to be similar sizes to the hairstyles initially-like the one on the passport web site. It would also be nice if there were some pre-set hair colors. When I try to use the whole spectrum, it is really hard to find something close to my hair color. But overall, I think this is a great find!
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4 years ago, Cute Quasar
Fun way to test funky colors!
I’m trying to pick a deep, dark, somewhat wild color to dye my hair, and it will be a big decision given the money, preparation, and maintenance costs. This app has enough different varieties of styles and I love the way I can edit the saturation and contrast of each color — some of these I would not normally pick but if I could get my stylist to do a darker version of them, it would be great. I can also bring in the photos from the app for them to use as a reference.
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2 years ago, LanMonster
Fun app to try out styles and colors
This app is fun and really easy to use. It’s awesome to be able to try out some different styles and colors on pictures of yourself or friends. A good way to test drive a big change you’re thinking of making. Not completely realistic look, but it’s darn close enough to give one a good idea of what the real thing will look like. Can’t wait to unlock more styles to see what cut and style will look the best on me.
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3 years ago, pzzlermom
Fun app for trying on haircuts and styles!
I installed and deleted several hairstyle apps before finding this one. This is the inly one I’ve kept. It takes a few minutes to find all the features and try them but ince you figure out how to use the width and length selections, they look a lot more realistic. Also the color shade selections let you add to the existing color for a more realistic look. I added black over a color too cartoonish-orange and the result was a beautiful light brown with blond highlights.
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4 years ago, MingMing0781
Easy to use app
I found it fun. It was actually easy enough for me the mom to use and exciting enough for my niece to use 💇🏼‍♀️- she doesn’t go to the salon w/out first using this app, to narrow down her decisions about about what style/cut she is going to pick 🙃😊. I will say I was surprised that my husband and my son even found themselves using it to check some new styles and what may look good on t hem both old and new they were thinking of before they went to the barbershop shop💈.
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7 years ago, kmgjjr0510
Love it
For the last 20 years I have been growing out my hair for 5-7 years to donate to a young girl who will never be able to grow their hair due to an illness or chemo. I have super thick hair almost like a horse's mane. So when I get it cut short it naturally curls once all that weight is off. I've had so many hairstylists not listen to me and I end up walking out looking like a clown. This app will hopefully save me from ever leaving another salon looking like a clown. I will update when I get my hair cut tomorrow.
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3 years ago, Norse mom
Like it but paid for all styles and they didn’t open
UPDATE: the developer reached out quickly and resolved the issue. This is a fun app for trying out different styles. I do wish the models were more diverse. It seems odd and inappropriate to have a white male with a dark Afro. I like this app for trying out new styles. Unfortunately I paid the $4.99 to open all of the hairstyles and they never opened. So wasted $5. Hoping the developer fixes this ASAP and will update my review if they do.
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6 months ago, ToastedNemo
I only wanted to see how I would look with shorter hair, so I decided to download this app. The best way I can describe my experience on this app was it felt like a poor quality dress up game I used to play when I was four. The hairstyles are crap, when you take a picture of yourself it flips it, it plays an add EVERY. TIME. YOU. PRESS. A. BUTTON. You have to pay for a normal looking hairstyle that’s $6.99. You have to adjust the hair onto yourself and better hope you have a perfect face shape. You’re better off using photoshop tbh. Almost all of the free hairs aren’t useful at all, unless you want to pull the Karen cut. The worst experience on an app.
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1 year ago, Irishmama20
Truly the most realistic hair style & color changer
5 stars this is hands down the best and most accurate app I have found to be able to see different colors, styles & cuts on me & my sister! Being on chemo & her with Alopecia & now lost all her hair it allows us to see what will truly look good before paying tons of money for really expensive real human hair wigs!! Thank you for this amazing app!!!
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8 years ago, AS925
Not great to actually choose a new style
Might be good as a toy or if you have a skinny face. If you have a round or fat face like mine, by the time you adjust the style for your face width the style is too huge for your head. Adjusting color doesn't work so well either. Dark colors just end up looking like blobs with no real definition. Each time you want to adjust color or try a new style you have to start from scratch. It doesn't save your last color choice so you can reuse or modify it. So you have to hope you can tap the same spot on the color chart again. Buying the full style pack wasn't worth it either. I thought maybe it would provide more choices for thin hair, but I don't feel like it really gave a lot of extra options. It also asks you to review right after the first style and again and again after the first few styles. But once I used it enough to decide it was junk I had to go back to the App Store manually to be able to review.
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4 years ago, bxb47
Good selections
I like that this app gives you a variety of styles to “try-on”. It can be a little difficult to navigate at first but if you play with it a bit you’ll find it gets easier selecting the styles and changing the hair color. Being able to see the end result of a cut is better then just sitting in your salons chair and hoping you told your stylist the right style. With this app you can show them the cut and color so there’s no surprises when it’s done.
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4 weeks ago, fcdus
Ok, hear me out
Idk if I just have a particular set of skills, but if you want to test your hair a lot better, here is what you do: 1) Get the hair you want(doesn’t matter if someone’s face is with it). 2) get a good pic of you facing the same as the guy or girl in the pic! 3) take the hair pic and put it through a free website called “remove BG” 4) once it finishes the loading, go to edit on the right of your picture, and click the eraser, and highlife your person’s face. And you should have the hair and just download it. 5) take the hair, and your face, and take it to a image editor, either photoshop if you can afford it, or photopea(free website image editor) 6) after added, make sure the hair is in front of your hair. And edit at will.
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6 years ago, ChiNga0618
Good only for cartoon-like looks
I want to change my hair which is long to my back. I’m ready to cut and donate it bad looking for a possible shorter cut than usual. The crew version gives a handful of options that, like what others have said, really aren’t normal choices. They’re more for fun nights out or wild hair choices, not every day. Can be adjusted to fit your face but hairstyle becomes distorted if you try to adjust it to fit your own. Also agree with the color change issues. Try to change it and you become more cartoon-like. And yes, you’re asked for a review each time you try to modify any little piece of the hairstyle. Very annoying.
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2 years ago, Daisy44544
Good fun
I was trying this out to consider a new hairstyle but when when my teenage daughter decided to try it out too we had a good time with it. She purposely took a less than flattering photo and we laughed and laughed at all the hairstyle possibilities 😂. I just tried the free part of the app though and I would say that if you’re seriously looking for a new do you’d probably want to upgrade to see more possibilities.
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4 years ago, Az670
Interesting and Fun
This App gives you an idea of what a new hairstyle will look like. The color choices don’t seem very realistic and trying to get it placed on your accurately on your face isn’t the easiest. I do like that it gives you an idea of a completely hairstyle before having the scissors make a drastic change. I was think of going much shorter and I’m not sure I will move forward with that idea after using this App.
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7 years ago, swmboa
Fun and easy to use.
Great adjustable wigs. Perfect for my kids who want to see new hairstyles before anyone cuts. Also a great fun app to play around on for amusement. Definitely worth the price to add wigs. But know you're going to have to spend a few dollars on in-app purchases to really see a lot of hairdos. Developers responded immediately to my review when I couldn't figure out how to adjust the wigs. Great customer service. Thanks!
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3 years ago, kathykitty12534
This is a great app but there are so many ads for a membership you really need to fix that but so far I think this is a great app I really like it and it kills me what my hair look like with different styles and I don’t have to personally take the time out of my very busy schedule to actually stay on my hair to the point where I can’t undo it.
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7 years ago, SKCsssss
It’s okish
The app starts asking you to review it right off the bat before you even have time to figure out if you like it or not. There are not enough hair styles, the color change doesn’t really work (most hairstyles are dark and I need blonde, and you can’t change dark to light), the styles don’t fit your face well even with all the adjustments you can make. In my opinion the app would be a good toy for kids who want to play around. It wouldn’t take a lot f work to make this a good app but as it is right now I wasted $2.99 on it and would love my money back.
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6 years ago, Pixeechant
Needs lots improvement
1. Does not work well with iPhone X because of the upward sweeping. The navigation is too close to the bottom. 2. Also the color slider to choose the color of the hair needs improvement big-time. The slider makes it impossible to get a blonde or brown. There needs to have more options for choosing the color besides the slider. 3. The last thing I don’t like about it is: they have some hair styles to choose from if you buy the 2.99 package. There is by no means, the least hairstyles or even greater styles. Overall wish I never spent the money to upgrade. Not worth even .99!
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1 year ago, Bop meg
Best help
I’ve been letting my hair grow for a long time now. I need to know what sort of hair cut is best for myself now. By using my own photo I know what is the best look with my face shape and coloring. Now that I have long enough hair to do a style that I choose. I want to make sure I choose the right hair cut and style. I am so glad this app allows me to do that.
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1 year ago, toulari
Great way to check out a new You
Over the years I’ve changed my hair style and color frequently. The hairstyle app is a must for me as it lets me view how a new style or color will look on me, before I take the plunge! Easy to use, it gives you a wide range of styles and colors for free and also gives you the chance to update with dozens of current styles.
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7 years ago, ArizonaGirl81
Love it!!!
I'm afraid to go too short-my mom & I look a lot alike & she has short hair...I didn't want to look exactly like her. And if I look like crap, I don't want to see it everyday in the mirror! This app lets you see a lot of different hairstyles & "try them on" with YOUR OWN face, so you know how you'll look BEFORE your hair gets cut! A small price to pay for assurance that you're going to look great!
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6 years ago, Kath2789
My first few minutes on the app were fun! I got to laugh at the hairstyles that looked funny and I was surprised by the ones that looked good on me! This app is very helpful because I am trying to find a new hairstyle that suits my face shape. The only disappointment is that you have to buy some hairstyle packs if you want to see all of the hairstyles and have a bigger array of options. I am overall impressed and please by this app.
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4 years ago, ineedanewdo
Hairstyle app is amazing. It made me look gorgeous. Hallelujah!!!!
I can’t believe this app! For years I have been trying to find the right style.....Well glory glory!!! Tonight it happened. I picked a cute short style that brings out my eyes! My boyfriend loved it but my husband hated it! They talked about it for awhile and found one that makes them both happy! Thank you for making my day😁
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2 years ago, Inga Johnson
Great Hair App!
I’ve been growing my hair all through the pandemic. Now that I am boosted, am ready for a visit to my hairstylist. I’ve had BAD haircuts in the distant past, so when I found out my stylist is no longer in business- what to do? Found this app! My only reservation is inability to change the background of my pics on this app. Maybe I should explore the app more.
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1 year ago, accdefghij
Easy to use app
A lot of great hairstyle options to use, many choices for colors too! User friendly with interchanging styles. Would love the option of being able to see several hairstyles on a photo at a glance in order to compare them as in side-by-side comparisons.
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2 years ago, Mae79828
Fun and helpful!
This was a great way to preview various hairstyles and colors before making the commitment! Wanted to see how bangs would look-so glad I used the app-helped to look at color options as well! Easy to use and it’s fun to see drastic changes before you go making the jump. 5/5
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3 years ago, The OriginalRocksie
I wish I could find something more realistic.
There are no natural colors included. I am a color fanatic, so I don’t mind that they include such awesome colors! But there is nothing that is practical… This app is more for fun and silliness than actually picturing yourself with the hairstyles. The colors available aren’t at all basic, and not everyone is looking for fuschia Or turquoise hair! Not that I’m opposed to it, but I’d like some more natural options as well.
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4 years ago, jtay9343
Beats the competition
I’ve been wanting to do something drastic to my hair, so I’ve been playing with different apps to try different styles. Out of the dozen or so I’ve tried, this one is the best! More color and style options, and better graphics so you can actually get a better idea of how it would look IRL. Glad I stumbled upon this one.
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4 years ago, Phoenix Wendy
Fun when you’re stuck inside watching your roots grow!
App is easy to use and has enough choices in the free styles that you can try on virtually any look. It really makes a difference if you take a straight selfie with very little expression so your face isn’t scrunched you. Great to use and plan how I want to do my hair when social distancing is over!
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5 years ago, hiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty good
The hair styles are not the ones I’m exactly what I wanted but you can change the hair color and you can get a sense of what your gonna look like I think this is a good app to use when your making a bold choice with you me hair and your not sure about It even though it doesn’t look 100% real it’s a good app for seeing how you would look if you were going to get a new haircut!
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3 years ago, PinkPanda911
Daughter trying to decide on new haircut
My daughter wants a new look so this was really helpful to see how a cut would look with her real face shape. Just getting started playing around with it but it’s a good quick way to check it out. It would have been better if it could actually recognize your face shape and fit the hair to it better so you wouldn’t have to adjust it so much but it’ll do.
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7 years ago, Sarcasm Spasm
So far so good
I have only tried one picture so far and asked me if I wanted to review the app. But it said if I gave it a review I could open a hair package for free. So far the app seems to take accurate photos and doesn't distort your face like other apps and you can enlarge or minimize the size of the hairstyle you're trying to place on the photo of yourself. So, so far so good. If I rent problems I will update this review.
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1 year ago, Cici Leva Mom to be!
This app is okay…
Got this app to show my daughter what her hair would look like if she changed the style or hair color. It kind of works but it’s just to give you an idea. She has beautiful natural brown color with light blonde natural highlights. Her hair color is beautiful but of course she wants to change it. I will keep messing with the app it is kind of fun. Definitely could use some improvements but it works for now.
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3 years ago, Mayala2479
Great for visualizing what you can do
Not every hairstyle works for every face and instead of getting what you think will work, it gives a realistic outcome to narrow a drastic or even small change down to what makes sense. Love the color change options too.
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4 years ago, Wichita Falls Chic
Fun app and useful!
I always wonder what hairstyles are going to look like on me. This app takes out the uncertainty and makes it fun to play around too. The free hairstyles are enough to get your creativity going and I found myself smiling a lot while using the app. Thanks for making an easy to use app that helps ladies decide on an important decision.
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7 years ago, Tahliasmom
Nice app!
Super cool app!! I have fun playing with different hairstyles!! It lets me know what looks good and what doesn't. Definitely worth it to check out. Lots of different styles to choose from and you get to change the color of your hair. Too cool!! I'm debating between a few different hairstyles for myself! We will definitely see how this turns out!!
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1 year ago, im_genawest
Enjoying this app!
I like trying in new styles and this app makes it easy to do. I recommend taking a photo where your hair is pulled back in a pony tail as sleekly as possible. Really fun and easy to use. I’m trying to decide whether to go shorter and I will get my answer trying on these styles.
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5 years ago, Pa Bigfoot Project
Love that you can use either your camera or an existing photo to try out hairstyles. And there’s actually a great selection of modern up to date styles in the Basic package. I found one that suits me, along with a color that matches my natural color to see how it looks. Lol I even tried out the wild hair colors with purple and teal! Pretty cool app that I’ll use.
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