Perfect Piano - Learn to Play

4.4 (5.5K)
200.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revontulet Soft Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Perfect Piano - Learn to Play

4.41 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Lizz245
Pretty good but could need some changes!
This is an amazing app! But the adds need to be toned down just a bit…. Every time I try to do another song after I just did one it goes straight to adds. And sometimes even twice in a row! I would like for the make an account to work again but overall this game is terrific! I went from only knowing how to play silent night and twinkle little star to Actual long songs! I would definitely recommend this to adults and children. It definitely helped me know more about piano. Thank you so much for whoever made this game!!!
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1 year ago, Mini dashshund
A piano game
this game is really fun there all many verities of songs to play. Nothing on here requires payment which I find AWESOME 😃😃. I do think that there could definitely be a better amount of things to do of the things on here to do to be updated to be more interesting and lively . But overall I would recommend if your looking for a game to play Thats chill your not looking to play it much or get much experience low key 🔑. If your looking for a fun day to day hype game find a different game. I rate this game a 7/10 I recommend. If after reading this u decide to play I hole you enjoy. ( I know what I am about to say has nothing to do with a review) Have a great day or rest of your day either one and even though it may be hard keep pushing because you have so much to reach for and accomplish no matter the cost to get there if u have to work at a job you hate to get there go but remember before god calls you back home u must have help with you and God put you down there for.😃 have a GREAT rest or of your day.
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3 years ago, Liz's Sam!
Perfect Piano is wonderful - thank you!
So far, considering the very small amount of time I’ve been able to try it, Perfect Piano has opened up a whole new world of absolute wonder for me! When I was young, I was always able to explore music and I learned how to play the piano, as well as a few other musical instruments. But, as time went by, my focus had to be on many other aspects of life, for the greater good of my family and, of course, myself. But music is my greatest passion, as it has been during my entire life, so now that I’m much older, I’m trying to revive it all and, going forward from here, pursue my true passion for music! Perfect Piano is a tremendous resource for me to do that! So, thank you! To be continued..!
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2 years ago, 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😀😀😀😃😃😃
I needed this!
So basically when I was younger I usually LOVED PIANO!!! And I saw many adds about simply piano but it says I needed to pay so I deleted straight away my parents did not wanna pay. When I was 7( my age now) my dad said hey I found a app called perfect piano and I was having a play date and I got it and its freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy but what I was not happy was that I had to take turns with my friend… it was so tearing and boring! When finally she was gone I played this for a while and ta da moonlight sonata was hard!!… anyways I learnd many songs and I abandoned my keyboard and I’m so glad THIS IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have been so bored without the creator!! Tysm for ur hard work!!! Peace out!
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4 months ago, hwang suzy
Ok guys so this app is amazing, it has online tutorials with multiple options and great quality. Also, there are many things you can do on it. I have been using this app for multiple things for my piano class and is very helpful. This app also has a thing called piano circle, just in case if you search for a song in the online tutorial and can’t find it. You can always find in piano circle, people record things and you can too. I personally use this to learn kpop songs form my favorite groups like mamamoo, stray kids, txt, and bts. IT IS free there may be occasional adds, but you can skip them. Please get this app! You won’t regret it 💜😁😎
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3 months ago, travMasta23
Best piano app ever!!
I absolutely love this app!! I’ve always wanted to learn piano but have never really been able to afford one/or a keyboard. It’s also hard to justify buying an instrument that I’m not certain I will continue playing/learning. However this app has allowed me to realize how much I love piano! I don’t really use the lessons or other features, just the free play keyboard. I’ve been able to learn my own way and have been able to play by ear some of my favorite tunes/classical songs! And rarely are ads even an issue. Highly recommend. Would be even better on a tablet, but I use on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, Jdog_jk
Love this app but has more potential
I like that this app was so easy to learn how to work, and for someone who is an expert piano player take it from me if you want to learn this is a good spot to learn the basics. What was a little annoying was when I was trying to search up a song it didn’t have many results. I think they should take the time an effort to find out more ways to learn a certain type of song. Love this I would definitely recommend getting this if u are trying to learn or get better.
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4 years ago, gwfhdhh
The best piano game ever
First found this app I thought that it would be good to learn and I highly recommend it it’s just the best app I wanted to download simply guitar but the app just frustrated me so much so learning the piano is the best and it’s on a device that I can but I can transport and this is something that I can trust so I highly highly recommend it to other people that are working that are looking to learn try this or simply piano that’s how you learn I’m gonna say this I delete all my games this is one of the first games that I downloaded
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6 months ago, 🫶🏽Natalie🫶🏽
Love it but....
This app is amazing for those who want to learn song on piano! But the thing is there are songs that the app won't let me play like I search some up and there is no songs! ٩(╬ఠ༬ఠ)و And I think the ability to be able to make an account should be back!!! I want to really make an account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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2 years ago, Newfoundlost
Best app out yet
I live there is not a ton of interference with adds. You can work on a small section of a song but pressing a button from the beginning of the part to the end and it will play a continuous loop. I wish I went a little slower for the more difficult song but with the loop option it kinda makes up for it. It displays the keys you are playing to make it easier to learn
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4 months ago, SnappyCat4567
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! Just one little thing
Okay, I love this game so much, it is so relaxing. But whenever I try to change the way the piano keys sound like turning the sound into an organ or a saxophone when I try to watch the ads, the ads won’t work. I close out the game many time and reopen it but it still won’t work. So please fix that as soon as you can please.
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1 year ago, rechkslo
Best perfect piano
This is just perfect pino it teaches me how to play music for my little sunshine I got a 100 that is so cool you should really get it then after u learn how to play u get to do it by your self your can go vs somebody it is awesome it isn’t money so if u are learning pino and say u are in the car and want to play just downloaded the and u have your pino were ever u go download now
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2 years ago, theboss214k
Perfect Piano
This piano not only sounds great, but it also helps beginners to learn how to play the piano. I have learned multiple songs on this app including: Still Dre, Havana, Star Wars Theme, and many more. I love the different tones, but sadly you have to pay real money to obtain all tones. :( Overall this app is completely free-to-use and is great for all ages!
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2 years ago, HungrySharkWorldFan2333
Awesome, but could use some fixing.
I love it! I get to play all the songs I want, learn some, and more! But there is a problem I have with the keys. They sometimes are stuck pressed, so I have to press them so it goes up, and it is a bit annoying. But there is no problem I have with this app.
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3 years ago, portita pro gamer
I have played this app for years even when there was no online mode, I have been a vip user for a while I have even spent coins on this game but I am seeing that the app always has bugs when I pair with someone I can no longer unpair it due to bugs, There are also other bugs that can be fixed, please do something update the app, the real perfect piano community will thank you! THANK YOU!
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5 years ago, Nes✝️
ALL most there!
This is a great app! BUT I have noticed that sometimes if I don’t tap the keys in the center it acts as if I didn’t tap it at all.😒 I can live with that, but I LOVE the Greatest Showman, and I really want to learn to play it! I can look at the notes in my phone and play a song on my actual piano! I will give this app more stars when more songs from the Greatest Showman come? This is a great app, by the way!!!!!😍😁😝👍 I can play piano without having to pay someone!!
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2 years ago, 5 sta s
Awesome App!
This app lets you do so much stuff it gives you adventurers of music and you get to play with other people all across the world people from china italy Korea India and much more! It helps it helps your kid learn better and have journeys! It’s amazing. I hope you download this and you won’t regret it!
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6 years ago, EpiTommy
Won’t open
I love using this piano app to give me the starting pitch for a song before I sing. However, the app has not been opening on my iPhone and it has been like this for a couple of weeks. Can you fix this? I want to continue using the app, but I will switch if it is not resolved.
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2 years ago, JDubzASW128
Amazing app!
This app is amazing! I may have a piano at my house, but still! Sometimes I can’t play it! (so I play this) This app is very fun and makes me better in playing piano! This app is fantastic and I also LOVE the Für Elise Song by Beethoven! (I love it almost too much) So thanks for everything! (oh yeah, it is a little hard playing piano on a phone lol, that’s why it’s 4 stars)
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12 months ago, Golfgirlmel
App freezes up during song
This app freezes up while you’re in the middle of playing a song and it’s not because you have to double tap on the same key or anything. Maybe it’s just my phone but it’s annoying either way.
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2 months ago, N.g.d.b.15
Sign up review
If you want to sign up to do the world piano battle or to play piano battle, it says you have to sign in first, so I tried to sign in and it says that there are too many fake users so I cannot make one of my own so you cannot play the world battle or the two player battle so that’s why I gave this a three star review. It actually teaches you how to play piano.
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7 months ago, The Zigg Zagger
Amazing but adds
I love this piano app you can play music like simply piano or just freestyle whatever you want in different instruments .but my favorite part is that you can search and listen to music but almost every time you go into a different section Hope this was helpful Subscribe to zig zagg Zara /Sophia zara Matthew/Sophia elly🤗😀😃😄😁😆
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3 years ago, yoboyEfrain
Best Piano App EVER
I love this app. It's the best piano app I've used. I like how you can learn how to play songs and the battle mode is so cool. I highly recommend this app to anyone that likes to play piano but can't bring it everywhere they go. This is a very good app. Keep it up! A wise man once said this "wow. That was very cool" -Dani
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6 years ago, bearbear101678
No sound
So as it says no sound every time I touch a white key all the way at the bottom it won’t make a sound or even show that I touched it I have to press all the way at the rope of the white note so it would make sound (I have an iPhone 5s) plz fix I’ve had this app for 1 year and this has never been an issue
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3 years ago, CrisLopez208
The app is great it supports midi and is very versatile to those using mobile the only complaints I have are on the online connectivity where you cannot ban a person from a room making them not be able to rejoin it other than that the app is Perfect (haha)
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1 year ago, lps sofie
Very good
This app is amazing it lets you not only play the piano digitally but you can learn two play all kinds of different songs and even record your piano and voice all for nothing and I personally really like the app it is amazing 5 stars ✨ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, Kayla loves word cookies!
Plz read. Developers plz.
Hi guys um. What happened to the create your own account is it broken or something? I’m really upset. I played this game a lot, but look it stopped working for many people. I’m not a fake user. I’m actually playing this game. Today I just bought it and looks like it’s a bad app to be on. Just saying not my fault it’s basically yours. I played this game for years. What’s going on did something happen??? Perfect piano if your reading this look at this problem and fix it please. 😤😤😤OMG YOU DIDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING!
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5 years ago, Minecraft lover 2,000☮️
Amazing but needs more songs
It’s amazing but there needs some more songs and drama music but otherwise 😎it’s cool and I would definitely recommend this app for adults.p.s. I’m 9. This game is very 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✅✅✅✅and 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶🎵 and relaxing I would give this app a 5 stars if there is some more songs hope you are reading this 😀
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3 years ago, 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓷
It’s good
It seems pretty good so far since I bought it, good for learning piano, because I’m trying to get a piano soon, so I felt like I needed to try to learn somehow, and it seems like this app is sorta helping me learn, so, I rate it a 5 star, pretty good and fun, yes, some ads, but still good.
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4 months ago, Undertakerulz10
I like it but…
Was about to post a long rant but decided against it. The app is decent but I hate how a subscription is required for every sound. It’s annoying. A one time purchase to keep them all would’ve been better. I just hate how every app has been on a subscription craze for the last few years.
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1 month ago, Sofia Mailyan
This app
This app is a really useful app for example is teaches u how to play on the piano and if u have piano homework like me and for example u are at a restaurant and u are with ur piano homework but u don’t have a piano this will help with ur homework by being an online piano
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5 years ago, Robloxlover01923
Dev note
Currently in the recent patch update we have saw many new things!😀 V.34 Update is here! We have many things has picking any song in real life we have anything in this game u can choose. Currently I am a developer helper for the game we are making the game 100% better.
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2 months ago, Sagan J
Perfect Piano
I like perfect piano and I learned to play Fur Elise! I rated it a 3 because a 5 would be one that makes me cry because it is so good and I can’t give it a 4 because they disabled the register. I cannot make an account because the Apple ID isn’t working and I refuse to use Facebook. It is a good app and I like it, but is has some flaws so I have to rate it 3.
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2 years ago, Adorablelilfox
Good game but can’t create an account
Ok it’s a great game it’s very fun to play I like to challenge my self and love the songs but I can’t make an account it keeps saying that I can’t create one because of “To many fake users” but overall the games fine I just want an account.
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2 years ago, giovan02382
Very good piano app!! You should definitely download it!
This app is overall amazing. It has a lot of instruments you can play for free and can also play multiplayer. I shared this with my friend and he loved it to! 10/10
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3 years ago, Adi_gamer101
It was fun still kind of is
This game is okay but they don’t have the new songs from 2021 and today O was playing free style I was playing any note it keeps on making noise when I press something and most of the songs kids don’t know
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2 years ago, loveappsonapplestorw
If you think I’m robot you are idiot. I’ve been able to create songs, get viewers, and learn the piano more. It helps me expand my mind because before my mom always wanted me to do so. I love this app and I hope you do to! 🤲🏻😾😾🤕👍🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜😚🤪😙😜😚🤪😙😜😚🤪😙😜
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2 years ago, Aj_plaza
Multiplayer Issues
Hopefully this isn’t to much to ask. Could you do something about players just getting on multiplayer and banging on the keys ? Maybe have there person who is the host of the chat mute the person completely not just for them. Maybe add a report icon for those who literally jump room to room. Kicking out and mute isn’t enough they’ll just close the app and come right back to it
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2 years ago, Gfish BYU!!!!
Please add these features!
Please add features from andriod to IPhone for Piano Circles When I post it won’t let me type everything I want to type, and there is no nearby page for IPhone
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3 weeks ago, ElaineLove13
One little adjustment
So this is an amazing game no paying fees at all which is great but I wish they had more songs that’s it though and the you have to login for stuff but yeah it’s not that bad it’s just a little bit not good
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1 year ago, Qt377665
Good but one problem
I love perfect piano but I can’t creat a account it says temporary but I had it for 2 months and I still can’t create one sooooo it’s annoying but overall love it I suggest you get it.
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4 months ago, yesoyasss
Saying my account is blocked when I didn’t do anything all I did was play and trying to learn piano songs now I can’t log in and thought it was a glitch so I deleted the app and downloaded again but it’s not apparently my account was blocked.I’m not sure what I did all I did was play the multiplayer games and I didn’t say anything offensive all I said was to start the game so we could play.
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2 years ago, ThunderBlightGanon
Doesn’t Let you create account other than having to use Facebook
So I tried to do the multiplayer feature and create an account, but when I tried to do so, I keep getting the error that I can’t create an account because of too many fake user, and that I had to use Facebook. I don’t want to have to use Facebook to have an account. This needs to be fixed.
Show more
4 years ago, Jaron Detty
Great app but one main problem
So this is an amazing app for piano but the only thing that bugs me is that it STILL says account login is disabled and it still is like that. I want to create an account but I don’t have Facebook. So can you please fix it?
Show more
2 years ago, AppStore Mom
Can’t play along on irl keyboard
I read the instructions for setting it up but it still wont work. I connected my phone and electric keyboard via a cable but the keyboard doesn’t register on my phone. Everything else is great I will give 5 stars when fixed.
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1 year ago, purple011314 on roblox
Hi i need you to ban someone
Hi so uh on perfect piano theres this guy named Traxis who is racist but says he isnt. My friend who got banned cause of him sent be the photo of proof but she blurred out the racist so i wouldnt get banned for posting the proof. Please ban him for being racist!
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2 years ago, Jack Robbers
Your reviews are good but every time I try to speak on here it’s somebody I can’t for some reason y’all need to fix the glitch or something
Show more
2 years ago, TJillianK
Simply Piano!!
I love this app so much because I’ve always wanted to be able to play piano and this app helped me so much!10/10 strongly recommend
Show more
2 years ago, surtta
Just this is wrong
I like it it’s just a little annoying when you need to go there and there
Show more
3 years ago, alica p
I hate update
So when i was playing i acidently deleted app before i could use cheap trills it was easy and a whole other songs so when i installed it again all stuff changed my favorite song where hard and some hands wher there i hate it stupid deleplover change it back normal i wish i could give 5 star yall dissapoint me i hate u and new updqte stupid dumas
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