Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

4.8 (172.5K)
261.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Perfect365, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

4.84 out of 5
172.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Averyjaidensmom
I’ve been using Perfect365 for YEARS! Loving all the new features and styles and backgrounds. AND ITS FREE! There are in app purchases, if you wanna go next level, I’ve never paid for the PRO version but I’m sure it’s worth it! I need the money to buy real life makeup so no “extras” for me 😂 I can design my make up and looks for hours though. It’s actually therapeutic for me because I just zone out. Great stress relief and who doesn’t need that in their life? Seriously. So fun and the pictures are high quality. You can do a natural look or go real crazy with huge eyelashes make your lips look like the Kardashians or even change your hair color and those are only a few examples. I could go on all day. Don’t usually take the time for reviews but after all these years and countless pics that make me look like a 10, (I’m really about a strong 7 on a good day when all the stars align 🤣) I figured I owe it to them. Download it. You won’t regret it if you’re into designing makeup looks and styles. Best app ever! ❤️
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6 years ago, HotBlossoms
Sorry this is long but I have a lot to say
I have paid for many upgrades over the years and it was a great app. After the latest update, it wouldn’t open, just crashed on the first screen over and over. Removed and reinstalled and finally got it open but lost almost all my saved makeovers even though I was signed in. It worked for a bit then started crashing on startup again and now it constantly crashes. If I remove and reinstall again I’m going to lose all my new makeovers I just did. I’m so upset! I spent hours on these for other people and can’t get my finalized makeovers I worked so hard on. I WILL give 5 stars once it stops crashing. And PLEASE add a dot marker between the lower eyelid marker and the inside eye corner marker. I don’t know anyone who’s eye doesn’t curve up in that spot. And while I’m asking, please add a contour slider like BeautyPlus. In fact if you can add anything that BeautyPlus has that you still don’t have that would be amazing. Especially the manual Relight option. Also being able to pull on the face to reshape in manual Slim mode and paint under-eye concealer manually (a miracle for any discoloration). And if I’m making a true wish list, I’d also ask for more shine spots on the lipgloss and to apply a glossing technology to the eyes in an improved eye brightener (like the Clarity tool in Relook. Thank you. P.S. I would rather have these changes and have to pay 10 bucks a month for them then even have that point system.
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4 years ago, 👍🏻😃😍
Amazing app,but ave a question
This app is amazing! It’s works so well with few to no bugs! One thing I would like to know is if I get vip upgrade and sign in that my Information won’t get stolen and I will get the upgrade. This app is safe for may apps that I’ve tried have been inappropriate asking you for person information , but this app does not. If you are considering getting this app you should because Even if you don’t get the VIP there is so many options to choose from! They keep the app updated and add things constantly! It actually looks like you are wearing the makeup and the hair color looks real! You can explore other people makeup and favorite your favorite looks! You can also customize your looks in tools! There is a live makeup mirror we’re you can take pictures or videos of you in the makeup you choose. There you can choose to use one they have created or customize your own. You can also share your looks with others! This app is amazing!
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2 years ago, B33333zzz
It’s the only one i use and been using.
I’ve been using this for sooooo long, and times i forget i have it but when i need a quick touch up on some pictures, this is hands down the best go to.. However, there was a time it upgraded and had a feature when you were enhancing your nose, you could resize it a bit. But now it’s like if i touch up my nose, it just gives it a very dark aggressive look and makes it look worse. I can't remember when—but being able to resize my nose was a bit cool too. Not saying anything is wrong with it (my nose) but sometimes in pictures it doesn’t come out the way i want it to even though IRL it’s fine.. They definitely should just have kept the resizing feature, with the whole lining/sharpening it up.. Other than that this is EXTRAORDINARY! It’s legit the BEST photoshopping editing app on the app store FOR SURE (mostly pertaining to the makeup/touch ups) i dont use it too much.
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5 years ago, dennoc_twoeight
Best makeup editor
I’ve tried several apps like this one, but always come back to ole 365. Never lets me down & always looks the most realistic (As long as you don’t have the bars set to most intense.. anyone who uses this knows what I’m talking about), I just have one small issue/suggestion. On the lips tab under beauty tools, I can very rarely use lipstick or any sort of shade on my lips, because the way the facial dots are set, if I choose to add lipstick, a part of it always overlaps my teeth. My top lip is average size, but when I genuinely smile, my lip tends to become much smaller stretched across my lips. There isn’t a way to set the facial feature dots to color my lips without a line of color going over the tops of a few of my teeth. I read another review that mentioned an “eraser” feature, I think this would be amazing as well! That way I could still add lip color & just erase the part that goes over my teeth. 💗
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4 years ago, Dananrsgrl
Used to be a 5 star app! Sad it’s changed.
Something has changed, there are used to be so many looks available under “artists”, now, just today december 24, 2019, Im limited to only these categories: glamour, wild, everyday, chic, and romantic. The artists tab is gone! I’ve not used it in a week or so, and upon goin into the app store it shows a teen update by the app so I’m guessing the change was introduced with this update. Not good. I loved all the different artist makeup looks, and would tweak them as needed to come up with what I needed. I even had saved several of my favorite looks I’ve done myself, but deleted and reinstalled the app to see if that helped, but it didn’t. And now my looks are gone of course. Like I said in the title, this used to be a five star app, and hands down the best makeup app I’d ever used. I’m not sure what’s happened, but I’ll be deleting it and finding another one to use if it’s not fixed ASAP . I used this app to brainstorm and trouble shoot for my job, so it’s rather important that I have access to a good quality makeup app(which this one used to be). So saddened by this change, glitch or whatever it is. .
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4 years ago, alicecatlol
I love it
I’ve been using this app for 5 years and I still love it. I’m quite okay at doing my own makeup and I don’t like to look fake, but sometimes when I take a picture my eyeshadow won’t be as colorful, or my eyebrows will look a little washed out and as for my eyelashes... well those suckers just don’t show up and I don’t like using fake lashes so I go in with the app and I just fix it a little bit to bring back the colors to my look. I also like to use it when I am having a bad week with my chin breaking out. Yes we all get pimples and I’m sure the world knows I do, but when I take a picture to post or send I want to look nice. So I go and eliminate them.
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1 month ago, Slytherin Lennon
This app became useless
I used to love this app. Used it for many many years. I got a new iPad 10th generation and now that I’m trying to use it, it won’t save my pics at all! I chose the save in high resolution by watching an ad and the stupid thing just never loads any ads at all. It just shows an ugly gray square that constantly is stuck on loading. My internet is fine everything else works fine except this app. The app worked fine on my old iPad, and now I went to retry on my old iPad and now it no longer works at all. I’m getting the same stupid bug on my old iPad where it shows that ugly gray square and won’t let me save my photos at all. I tried to use other photos to see if the issue was the photo but I’m unable to save any of my photos in high resolution because this garbage app won’t load up the ad for me at all on any device. Please fix this glitch. I checked and there are no new updates available at all so it’s definitely not outdated. The last time I used this app was back on may 2nd and it worked fine and now suddenly it won’t work at all.
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4 weeks ago, Purple Rain007
Shouldn’t have changed it
I logged into this app today and it looks completely different and now it’s so confusing and annoying like the rest of the editing apps that I hate. I chose this one because it use to be simple , easy and straight to the point and the edits were subtle and hard to recognize in photos. Now, they are drastic and easy to recognize like all of the other apps not to mention they are charging a crazy subscription fee to access it now. Sad to see another great app turn commercial and for profit and now I have to delete it after many years. Goodbye perfect 365 , it’s been great using you all of these years but you came with the AI and all of the extra unnecessary stuff and well, you’re just like all of the other over priced apps that give outrageous photo results great for a Sci-fi movie. lol but not for everyday photos. If anyone knows of any similar apps that compare to the old 365 please let me know so I can download ASAP Sincerely, A former customer
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1 year ago, Cancinilla
I’ve been using this app for many many years, even though I don’t use many looks of the hundreds they offer I was pleased. But suddenly days ago when I was retouching my Thanksgiving pictures I noticed that in the look I use (Everyday-Dainty) they change the color of my eyebrows, I have light brown eyebrows and they turned into an ugly dark chocolate color make them look fake and if you look closely they appear as many many tiny little dots all over my eyebrows with blank spots. I’m so disappointed because I don’t need to fix my eyebrows. Then I desperately tried several others looks in diferentes catalogs with the same result. I hope the developers fix that ASAP, because is the only app I use to fix my eyebags an smooth my skin. I don’t understand what could happen but they need to fix it 🥺 Besides, it doesn’t eliminate completely the underbags
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3 years ago, VivekaViveka
Read the Privacy Policy!
I paid for a subscription only to discover how much of my personal data is sold. Go to Profile>Privacy to read it. Section 5 is an eye-opener (biometrics and pretty much any data affiliated with your account, including personally identifiable data). You can opt-out by checking the Do Not Sell My Personal Information, and you can click the Delete button to supposedly delete stored data, but I’m sure data that’s already been sold doesn’t count so it’s horrible to discover this so late in the process! It’s rare for me to delete an app for something other than performance, but this is one of them. It’s unconscionable to automatically sell such data, especially for subscribers. So intrusive for this kind of app. Hope this helps others in their decision about their privacy and personal data.
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3 years ago, Shopperexpress
AD conspicuously pauses over and over
On the free version, to save a HD photo you watch an Ad. Not bad. What IS bad is over the course of a few months noticing that the same Ad, let’s use the one for Woodoku for example, pauses as if buffering multiple times, prompting you to click the page and go to the store page, only to continue playing again. It does this several times within the 30 second Ad. It’s also been noticed on several devices, on different internet connections. It seems purposeful, which I can only imagine is doing something fishy with Ad revenue and/or visits to the store page... You should be investigated.
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2 years ago, lavendar9
I love this app, but just a few things
I love that the makeup looks so real, there’s just a few things: the lipstick, when I put it on it doesn’t cover up the whole entire lip. Another thing is the eyebrows, I’m not sure if it happens to anyone else but the eyebrows always look blurry, so I just never use the eyebrows, but it’s so helpful, anytime I want or need to take a photo or selfie I can always edit myself if my makeup looks of. It’s a really good app and other than those other things, this app is a 5 star! And plus if the lipstick doesn’t cover the whole lip I can always wear the color lipstick I want. Thx for reading my review!
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3 years ago, abb-squin
Sells Very Personal Data
I think this app is made to appear fun and benign, but read the privacy policy. I’m ashamed I’ve had it on my phone for so long: “ In the preceding 12 months, we have disclosed for a business purpose to one or more third parties the following categories of personal information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household: ...including, but not limited to, his or her name, signature, social security number, physical characteristics or description, address, telephone number, passport number, driver’s license or state identification card number, insurance policy number, education, employment, employment history, bank account number, credit card number, debit card number, or any other financial information, medical information, or health insurance information” Don’t download spyware, if you can help it.
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5 years ago, JenBrowder
⚜️ User Friendly App w/ Great Results! ⚜️
I have been using this app for several years to brighten my teeth and slim my face. Over the last few years, I have had to use the “Skin Softening” feature in order to for some of the WRINKLES I’m developing as I grow into my 40’s. It also helps w/ blurring a couple of scars I have on my face from an accident. This app can be used to “gently” retouch faces in a photo, or can be used to try out new looks for your makeup and hair. You can even brighten your eyes and enhance or change their color if you so desire! I recommend this app and some of the upgrades via “in app purchases”. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and 👍🏼👍🏼!
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6 years ago, Samantha_213
Latest Update is Awful
UPDATE: The app has been updated since my last review, and the face slimmer is still trash. Wish they would just go back to the old format. Don’t use this app anymore. So until the latest update, this was my favorite photo editing app. I’m not a professional, just an amateur who likes to touch up selfies and such for social media. One of the in-app tools I used to frequently use was the face slimmer. It used to perfectly just slim the jawline without messing with any of the other facial features. Now it’s as if they are trying to slim the ENTIRE face, by pulling it in on itself. It completely distorts all the other facial features, and causes the entire image to become heavily pixelated. I wish they would just restore this feature to how it was prior to the latest update, I’m really upset I haven’t been able to find a replacement for it yet in other apps.
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3 years ago, TheEquestrianGirl🐴
Best Makeup App
This is honestly the best makeup app that I have ever used, and I would definitely recommend it. There are so many options for each style, and makeup type. On top of this, it is so realistic and there is really no way to tell a photo was edited. But this is much more than a makeup editor- it helps inspire styles from real brands and also is perfect for this looking for templates to use in their every day makeup. I use this app all of the time, and I really can’t think of any complaints I have! It’s absolutely perfect for so many uses and I would absolutely recommend!
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1 year ago, alischavezOqw
It’s good
I’ve been using this app for years. I don’t so much use it to do my makeup as it can make it look really fake, but I love to use it to inhance my makeup looks in photos when it don’t quite turn out right in photos. I love using the lashes to make mine pop more because I hate using fake lashes in real life and my natural lashes never show up in pictures. Or sometimes I’ll brighten my lipstick if it looks faded in pictures same with my brows. I would recommend but you absolutely do not need to pay for the pro to achieve anything. 🙅🏻‍♀️ I just updated to try and I feel like it doesn’t really do much the free version is just as good.
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6 years ago, danielle pierce
Amazing hands down .. !!
So I’ve used every editor there is from Lightroom to Photoshop... and nothing I’ve ever used is close to as good as this !! No joke I love this app I edit even more in this app then even any other app I tried!! Used this for 3 years and it’s the first thing I download on my iPhone when I get a new one.. I would delete so many pictures even just to keep this app!! I was a former Miss Florida and worked with tons of photographers and they can’t even edit with their programs as good as this one does !!! I’m obsessed ! Thank you for creating this that’s all I have to say ; )
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4 years ago, Stacie Shoneequa
365 editor queen
This app is my favorite out of all of my photo editing. I do a lot of photos and for picture quality and it makes my photos look natural. I don’t like pictures to look over edited, but this gives so many editing options that no one ever thinks I edited the photos. So awesome job to the creators of the app. The only thing I could request is to automatically save your work if a phone call comes in while you are editing and it kicks you off the app.
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6 years ago, kbabieex
Should have an “eraser” feature
This app is amazing and I would give it 5 stars, however there is one thing missing that I’d suggest in order to make it worthy of 5 stars. There really, REALLY should be an “eraser” feature or something along those lines which would make the makeup look more realistic. If I have hair partially covering one of my eyes but want to add eyelashes to my photo, the lashes *always* show over my hair, unless I lower the opacity to almost nothing which defeats the point. Same thing with lipstick showing up over my teeth. We should be able to remove those portions that are incorrect!
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7 months ago, Kasim M K
Best Photo Editor Ever
I used to use Adobe, but that takes forever to make photos that are magazine quality or just quick nicely edited pictures. This is the quick version to semi professional picture editing once you learn how to use it. Huge plus if you’re an editing guru, this will get you quick beautiful edited pictures without brushing or manually changing lighting angles etc. Not at all comparable to Photoshop but for normal use yo impress, it is on point. 7 Stars
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4 years ago, Patricia29/559
Not what I thought
I made the purchase for the pro and found out it has a lot of glitches. It used to be amazing but it now is a disaster. I have you requested assistance and have received nothing in response. If I press on a feature to be edited it blinks rapidly, and it’s not the feature that I tapped on. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. I’m not happy with this app at all. Wish I had not made the purchase for full access. Thumbs down for sure 👎🏻
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7 years ago, Django Ryder
Perfect365 is absolutely perfect in every way!
Love this app so much, it works amazingly to edit selfies. Anything you can dream of changing in your pictures to make yourself look better? This has it! I love everything about Perfect365, it's so flawless, just like it makes me look! Never deleting this app, I end up deleting most of my apps after I get bored of them but this one will definitely be on my device for a long, long time. If I could give more stars I would, best editing app ever! 👍👌
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10 months ago, alyssamaddaloni
Perfect365 is Perfect👍🏼🤩
The title says it all. I love this App, I’ve had it for a while especially to help my make up clients see which looks they would love the most & suit them the best. also a hair stylist, so I love the hair color changing feature. I love how you can blur or change the background since there are creeps all over the Internet. I love everything about this App. I subscribed to it so I can access the Pro features & the same with the Perfect365 Video App! ✨5+ 🌟’S ALL THE WAY!✨
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5 years ago, Gvalentine14
Been using this app for 3 years
Been using this app for 3 years, found it randomly and fell in love with it! I don’t do makeup looks really, just clearly up some blemishing and under my eyes. For those of you complaining about the default makeup look, you CAN go to your original photo. Once you upload the pic and it defaults, just scroll from left to right, the first photo will say “original” and just click on that and then you can edit your picture.
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5 years ago, Really Rilly
I don't know what happened...
So about a week ago I downloaded this app thinking it would be interesting, the reviews were great it seemed great with no problems at all but when I opened that app it started lagging but I thought it was normal since most of my apps were laggy, and after that I closed it without using it, and then the day after that I opened it to use it but it said "This app doesn't have access to your photos or videos" i went to change it but it would't let me this has been happening for the past week I don't know what has happened or if it's even my fault please fix this or at least tell me what's happening I hope my review has helped even a little bit. Have a nice day 😁
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3 years ago, Ms. Dorian
Doesn’t work across devices and features have changed
I purchased a year membership and the app doesn’t recognize my iPad and iPhone as both having a membership. I don’t like this. I would like to use this app on BOTH devices. Also, I noticed the ability to slim or enlarge specific areas of your face by dragging the areas you’d like to change (to make smaller or larger) is not available anymore. Now, you can only adjust using the sliding bar, which changes your entire face. This doesn’t work well for asymmetric faces. Not everyone’s face is even and can be adjusted the same on both sides at the same time. I’m very disappointed!
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2 years ago, its_dwest
Keeps crashing
Used to love this app when I used it a bunch a couple years ago but I’d stopped editing and posting as much since then. Tried to use it yesterday and today but it keeps crashing while I’m working on a photo. Same photo both times, and only managed to edit eyes and teeth before it crashed so wasn’t like I had a ton of edits on it that would overload the app. Every time I came back, the photo hadn’t saved my progress at all. Unsure if I’ll continue to use this app of look for another unfortunately as it’s too time consuming to start over from scratch each time… :/
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1 year ago, Tikitorch!
I love this app.
It is not just for young girls trying on make up! My friends and I are between 50 and 70 years old. I love using this app on their photographs that I take at different events. They are all amazed at how beautiful I can make them look, and they all love it when I send them their retouched photos! This is a very fun app, and I am an artist so I find it very easy to use! Thank you so much and thank you for making this app free to use! Mattika Rosenthal
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4 years ago, scrappygranny1952
Having the most fun with this while making great pictures. Once you try it you will love it.👍
Having the most fun with this while making great pictures. You can make your self silly or beautiful. Once you try this you'll always use it to better your pictures.I have so much people ask what I use, some times I tell them and some I don't. I love this and it helps make picture look awesome
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6 months ago, N/A725
Best Makeup App
I really love this makeup app. It is the best one. There is one change that I was not happy about. They used to let you purchase individual pro features as a “one time only” purchase. Now, the only option for all pro features is a subscription. I would prefer that there would be a “one time only fee” for individual pro features. I hope they bring that back. I would make those kind of purchases. I can’t afford a yearly subscription.
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6 years ago, debncusa
Excellent Photo Enhancement
I love this and enjoy beautifying my photos as well as learning makeup ideas & tips! Though I haven't yet explored dramatic and/or purchased "Looks" they definitely are available but not required. Five Stars for the ease of using this App and the many awesome ways to create your own looks for any & all photos you like! Have fun & be creative, then share the photos, keep them @ the App home page & try out the virtual makeup in real life.
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6 years ago, MorganReed
Where is the upload button???
Every time I start to use this app, I click around so many times looking for the upload button and waste a bunch of time before I find it. I still haven’t found it today and it’s been about ten minutes. Very frustrating! This should be the most apparent function on this app and it is very far from that. The app is so cluttered with way too many choices and ads. It’s very confusing and difficult to find the way to delete a change I want to make, too, once I do find the upload button, that is, by randomly clicking every clickable area on this app.
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2 years ago, chelofolyfe
Love but runs my phone HOT
I love this app, I’ve had it for yearssss and depend on it but it runs my phone HOT😅 my phone gets so hot it could probably burn you if you left it on your skin. It gets super hot just halfway through editing one photo. My brightness will automatically dim to cool itself off and it’s so dim I can barley see the picture anymore 😅 I have to take breaks in between each photo so my phone can cool. So I love but y’all gotta fix whatever makes my phone work so hard it’s BURNING 😭
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4 years ago, News you can believe
This used to be my favorite app but now, it’s terrible! It’s impossible to get in touch with the developer nothing goes through! Maybe they will read this!I don’t have the free version I paid for it and it works terrible when you go on tools and ask to use eyeshadow, you get eyebrows, try it again, same thing🤦‍♀️ Deleted app & reinstalled it same thing! 😡
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1 month ago, Slime lover2
Pretty good..
This app is overall pretty fun but I have a few complaints. First of all, they advertise for 365+ a LOT. Second, you can’t edit videos without the plus. Now onto the positives. The quality is incredible! It’s so fun to experiment with looks. Also, you can see makeup artists designs. I also have just 1 suggestion: I think it would be really cool if just people who use the app could post photos of looks they create. Overall, pretty cool editing app!
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6 years ago, Lisa Eve Gordon
Simply the best!
I've worked extensively with every make up app available and this one is without question, the absolute best! It's quick to learn, easy to use and has so many options that you can feasibly create millions of different looks! One of its most ingenious aspects is the ability to save your favorites and simply apply that look to any photo you mere seconds! Making Perfect 365, second to none!
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6 months ago, jennorosz
Great app to have!
I have always been very self conscious about the color of my teeth because of years of smoking when I was a young adult. This fixes that and so many other little issues. I enjoy just playing around with it and sending pictures to friends and family. I highly recommend this app to anyone that loves taking pictures and, of course, SELFIES.
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2 years ago, Jihnnyconstable
Please update
It was great until they started playing an ad before saving your photos. Now the ad constantly makes the app have to restart, so the pic you worked on doesn’t save. This is so frustrating. This basically makes the app not usable unless you pay to remove the ads, which is ridiculous. Please update to save before showing the ad, or fix the ads so they don’t make the app have to restart. I can’t use this app and actually save my photos anymore.
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5 years ago, LenaLLL
Doesn’t work at all
I just downloaded your app and it doesn’t work at all, meaning: I can’t login, I can’t buy features, I can’t save, I can’t do virtually anything! It always just says: can’t connect to the Internet, or can’t connect to the iTunes Store, or can’t connect to the App Store. This is so incredibly frustrating!!!!! What do I do??? I’m using iPhone 6S Plus. I’ve lost a picture that I semi-retouched because I couldn’t save it. What is happening? Please, help me! Btw, the Internet is fine, every other app on my phone works, App Store and iTunes Store open - no problem! What can I do to fix this? Or can you fix this? Can somebody explain to me what’s happening?!
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6 years ago, Paperfiddler
So disappointed in the changes
I loved being able to add whatever I wanted - just a little blush, or just a little lipstick - but when I went in to give myself a little blush today, I was instantly smoothed beyond recognition, with heavy duty eyeshadow I’d never wear, and NO BLUSH! When I changed it back to the 🚫, it left me with white sparkly eyeshadow above and below my eyes. I don’t want to have someone else’s makeup, I want to have control over what I choose. Apparently all I get now is a face that someone else thinks I should have? I’m sad you changed this app. I’ve used it for years, and loved the control, but I guess I’ll have to find a different one. Really sad.
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5 years ago, Josiesears
Awesome app!
This is a really great app, I love everything about it. It’s so realistic! Makes you look flawless! Although I am having a few difficulties sometimes the app with crash after I’ve worked on a photo and loved the way it looked! I don’t want to loose my place and start over for it to do it again! This app will be a 5 star if you guys’ could just make it stop crashing. Please and thank you!!! 👍🏽
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2 years ago, Candykins0624
What happened to the previous app I was using
Something has changed it isn’t the same app I used a week ago I don’t like it I’m having trouble using it what happened here I could use the app so easily before now the format has totally changed and it’s unbelievably difficult do use can someone text me what could be wrong here I’m not aware that I changed anything are used this app for the last few years and it was wonderful I can’t make heads or tails how to use this new one it seems as though it’s been modified I don’t like it
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6 years ago, Thalinor
Garbage Ads (No paid option to remove) CRASH APP
You're garbage SPYWARE app keeps crashing every time your useless ads popup. In case people don't know (google it!) the windows version of this app has been reported to have an ad based VIRUS included with the installs. This version is riddled with ads and you can't remove them by paying. Even if you pay to save unlimited photos the ads still show up. You basically pay for ads if you spend money in this app. FYI I don't click on ads you slobs; they are useless. This app should be pulled from the market, any app that's paid or had paid IAP shouldn't be allowed to double dip with ads. Scummy.
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1 year ago, vabrowncoat
Great… when it works
The editing features are awesome. You can practically be a new person, or just fix up some perceived flaws before sending that selfie. Using the free version, you get most every feature with a few extras missing. However. Sometimes the app just shuts down in the middle of use. Sometimes you try to save a photo in high definition and it simply won’t save, no matter how many ads you watch, again assuming the ads will even load. It’s hit or miss. When it hits, it’s a bulls eye. When it misses, it’s an air ball.
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5 years ago, Ravenrain13
USED to be a great app 😢
I used to love this app and have had it for a couple of years now. But after the latest update every time I try to open it and load one of my photos to edit, it simply crashes and closes. Not sure what they did but they should’ve left well enough alone. 😢😢 Don’t waste your money time on this app now unless you see recent positive reviews or company statement of where they’ve fixed the update glitches. I see in the reviews I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Hopefully the company actually reads these reviews and fixes things. Definitely was a fun app to have. I hope they rectify the situation ASAP.
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3 years ago, Andraleis
Wow. Okay so my friend showed me a picture of her and she looked soo good! I asked her what app she used and she said Perfect365. A week later I decided to download the app, and came across great options on how to make my picture look better. I also ❤️ how you can change your hair color because I’m a blonde but I’m more of a darker blonde and I want to have lighter hair. But anyways love the app. ❤️😘😊😌 👍
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1 year ago, Farahparis
Picture perfect makeovers
I love this app! It helps perfect and edit your pictures to give professional quality pictures. And it’s fun to try a new makeup techniques to see how they would look on you. Great App. I would like to see the hair portion improved. Especially a fill in for the hair like on the eyebrows. With a customization of color and dying options.
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3 years ago, elle98754
consistently impressed
I never leave reviews. but I have been using this app over facetune for many years, and through all the updates and (understandably) increased advertisements for “pro” options, the free app remains incredible to use without disruption or trouble. absolutely love the detail for beauty options and will continue to use and promote this app.
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