PERFUMIST Perfumes Advisor

4.5 (458)
17.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Frederick Besson
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for PERFUMIST Perfumes Advisor

4.53 out of 5
458 Ratings
2 years ago, Lollatorz
Very good but could be better
I really really wish there could be a section in the app to keep personalized notes about fragrances. Like a personalized journal of private notes based on each fragrance (that you own or may not own). The overall app could be improved in terms of speed and content fluidity (menu loading takes a second). Another thing that could be added is a feature where if a fragrance is not present (either the producer is still small etc.), users could add manually improving the overall database!
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1 year ago, app is a lifesaver
This app is amazing. If you love perfumes, you need this app.
This app is seriously amazing. They have thousands of fragrances with their olfactory universes, top, heart and base notes and reviews for each fragrance. As you rate and add fragrances to your list you will get suggestions based on matches to your preferred olfactory profile. You can also create lists such as “I don’t like”, “I love”, “to buy”, etc so that you can keep your list of fragrances organized and keep up with what you have tried and one you like or don’t. As you rate perfumes it will also help you to build your olfactory profile as percentages so that you get a better sense of what you like in fragrances and what you don’t. The information that Perfumist provides on each perfume is extensive and they work hard to make sure the info provided is accurate and as in depth as possible. They also have a 10/10 customer service and IT department. I have run into very few issues with the app but each one of them as been promptly addressed and resolved and any time I notice a perfume that I am interested in learning more about or rating is missing, customer service is quick to respond to my request for it to be added and to get it live on the app. I absolutely recommend this app for all perfume enthusiasts!!
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8 months ago, SummerStranger
Potentially Perfect
This app would be incredible IF it functioned correctly. It has so many great features. A large catalogue of fragrances to explore with vivid descriptions, many list options including custom lists that you can name however you like, and personalized recommendations for new fragrances based on your lists/collection. It’s exactly what I was looking for. But at this time it seems to run/load incredibly slow even on a stable internet connection, and I’m also having trouble adding perfumes to my lists. I’ll get a pop up saying they’ve been added, but they do not show up in said list. There are also several error messages of “session time outs.” I hope these issues can be fixed, because it really would be a great app and I don’t see many other apps out there like this for perfume.
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1 year ago, Addicted to birds game
Frustrating- but potentially promising
Love that I have a place to catalog my collection and fragrances I’ve tried. However- this app crashes consistently. Also, there has been an update- which LOOKS like many things we’ve wanted. However, no access to lists and history of what we’ve marked as like/dislike or what’s in our collection or additional lists we’ve made…..because everytime I try to access this, it crashes. So for right now, this serves as a search engine. The whole roll out of the new upgrade was clunky and a disaster. It took over a week and several back & forth emails to be able to log back in. Only to not have access to features before crashing. The programmers are wonderfully responsive- but the App itself is woefully short of a functioning app. I spent hours updating and cataloguing my discoveries- but I can no longer access them. I’m hanging in there in hopes that this gets ironed out. If it does, they need to add a way to shop only from certain markets…ie North American ect. Additionally, adding a spot for personal notes, rather than just reviews. Additionally, it would be nice to search fragrances by aggregating fragrance notes, similar as with fragrantca website….thereby isolating more than just one note.
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1 year ago, JJ-Jo
one major flaw
I was looking for an app like vivino but for perfume. So far this has been useful for looking things up based on certain notes and keeping track of things I want to try. But it’s had a MAJOR flaw - reviews are capped at 150 characters!!! I want full reviews! I want to know what notes stand out to people, what the dry down is like, comparisons, nuance, history. That’s hands down one of the most helpful things on Vivino and these details are super helpful in picking out a perfume. I also wish, like vivino, there was a scale of which notes get mentioned about a certain perfume the most and the least. Maybe they can add these features in future iterations…
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4 years ago, Knobhead99999
Interesting perfume app that constantly crashes.
I tried the browse option without registering so I didn’t experience everything the app has to offer. First, a problem. I managed to hit the ‘review’ option for a fragrance I didn’t know, and found no way out of it. I had to kill the app and start again. The reviews can be uninspiring and dull. Reviews like ‘best of the best’, or ‘great fragrance’ don’t help anyone. Perhaps there should be some notes on how to write a good review. The matching perfumes option is interesting. I’m not sure it’s reliable, as one of my luxury fragrances had a Mary Kay women’s perfume as a close match, and another a $20 fragrance from Brazil. The results are intriguing though and kudos to the developers for a comprehensive fragrance list. I found a fragrance through the notes search that was discontinued 50 years ago! However at least one of the fragrances, and the house that makes it, isn’t in the database. When I registered to use the app it crashed. Now every time I try to open the app I see a momentary notification asking for location information before the app crashes. I removed and reinstalled, and the same thing happens. It’s now impossible to use!
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6 years ago, BGuzel
Personalized Taste profile option missing
Great App with lots of perfumes to choose from. However, there are improvements to be made such as: - create a personalized list of perfumes currently owned by the individual. Then offer recommendations with similar scent profiles. This includes notifications for new perfumes which may match the scent profile of the individual. - once in the category of a particular perfume brand, it would be nice to select a different view. Scrolling through individual bottles and bottles becomes cumbersome after a while.
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2 years ago, BHSLIVE.COM
Not working / ERROR
Here’s how I was welcomed after downloading the app, IDK What the problem is but the app refuses to load “ JSON could not be serialized because of error The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format. “ Update: Changed the review to 4 stars, it’s a great idea and I see a lot of potential, UI is a bit off to my liking but worth giving it a try fragrance enthusiasts
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6 months ago, NicnameTaken3846381
Could use some work
This app seems pretty cool and looks like it has potential. However there are issues. For example I saw that my gender (it says genre for some reason) was male. I could’ve sworn I selected female, but I try to change it. It will not stay as female after I select validate. Also, when you request to add a fragrance that is not on there and you are selecting the strength, there are 2 eau de cologne options and no eau de parfum option. Hopefully this will be updated and fixed. It seems pretty cool otherwise.
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6 months ago, Subbeast
Prefect Scent app
As a collector all I knew was I liked to obtain scents not only for smell but for for the craftsmanship of the bottles . With perfumist my understanding increase and not my understand my collection also. Believe this app can do some much more looking forward to the creator doing more with it, a paid version would be good with some great feature like lectures and videos from designer houses etc.
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4 years ago, Eightsixsevenfivethreeonine
Great app
I love this app! Some bugs to work out and as others have mentioned, it’d be wonderful to have more features like ability to see your collection in a list or grid rather than scrolling through. But the huge database and existing features for creating lists are terrific. Thank you! ETA: They are also so friendly and responsive to suggestions! Wish I could give another star!
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4 years ago, Eli426
Amazing little app!
This is great for keeping track of what I have in my collection and for making lists of scents to try! I use this just as much as the fragrantica website. I love this app so much! Please, please make a feature to view “my perfumes” on a grid so that they’re easier to all see displayed out, rather than having to scroll to the right over and over. Other than that, great job!!
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4 years ago, Smilsdo1
Lacking in independents
While a very robust and data filled app, the lack of independent perfume companies is frustrating. Would love to see more entries for Alexandria fragrances and inclusion of some great brands like Happyland Studios, Genre parfums, Scentual Obsessions, etc. These brands offer clones and original scents that surpass many of the designer and niche products in the market I. Quality and price structure. This is a huge undertaking and I do appreciate the work put in so far. Kudos.
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2 years ago, DJ Neilly Ray
If you are a perfumologist.. or even if you’re somebody like me who loves perfumes and colognes this is the best app forLooking up the history of that smell, learning what the notes are upper middle lower, checking to see what is similar to, reading reviews, discovering new smells - there is no other app that is as comprehensive as this app! Trust me I have been there and deleted all the others.
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5 years ago, InMyOpinionMinion
Poor search functionality
I like the app but the search functionality is lacking. The search engine doesn’t find the exact fragrances I’m searching for. When searching a fragrance, I’m always left having to scroll and find it myself. The search engine doesn’t find results based on the relevancy of what was typed in the search bar.
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5 years ago, BoondoggleBliss
Great Potential!
This app has great potential. I’m actually very excited to have found it. Simple to use, clean lay out, great directory of brands and fragrances. However, it lacks the thing that will get you to come back to the app over and over and I know exactly how to fix that. 1 Starr off for that. Besides that, my favorite brand of fragrance is not there - ATALIER COLOGNE (Vanille Insensée Cologne) 1 Starr off for that. I do hope more work is done on this app because I need a more robust version of this app in my life.
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4 years ago, VScents
Love this App!!
It has definitely improved over time. I love how easy it is to look up designer brands and fragrances by name. Descriptions are included and perfume notes are nicely listed. I enjoy being able to create different lists and add fragrances to them. The only problem I currently have is that I cannot rename the list or delete it.
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6 years ago, laurelw
Stellar App!
It’s GREAT! Now when I’m interested in a fragrance from home I can look it up to see what the fragrance is, save it to remember to check it out along with the suggested fragrances. Just what I was hoping this app would be. I actually looked for it hoping to find one and this is the ONLY one that list the foreground and background. Thank You!
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2 years ago, oniazul
Loving it but it’s keeps having errors
This is a great app especially with the notes information. But there is a persistent error stating “URLSession Talk failed with error and timeout.” Hope it’s gets fixed, it really helped with me finding other perfumes I would like.
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5 years ago, an old tooter
Rebecca Kitt
I was thrilled to find this site. It’s easy to use, and I am enjoying using it to preview perfumes I want, educate myself on the notes of perfumes I have, and to read reviews of other perfumistas. Writing reviews of my own impressions of fragrances I’ve tried is fun too. Thanks for the free education! 😊
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1 year ago, Havinlottafun
Are you going to update the app?
Hi, I really love this app I use it always. Looks like the last time it was updated was a year ago and I tried to search a couple of perfumes and they are not in there.
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5 months ago, N0US
App won’t load
App worked in the beginning but now it won’t load. Absolutely love this app and extremely frustrated that I’m unable to use it
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3 years ago, iGarni
Super Useful
I was surprised from the first try. Super useful, easy, nice database, it recommend a perfume similar from what you like, shows how strong the perfume, and what kind ingredients in it. I’m definitely recommending this app for all my friends.
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4 months ago, hOllyWOOd ;p
Good but could use some improvement
I wish the app would factor in what fragrances you don’t like when updating your scent profile. There will be fragrances that I’ve placed in the “don’t like” section and they’ll still show up as a 90% match.
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5 years ago, gracedoe
How do I order
How do I order for a perfume here not his app?? It should be at least an app to get your perfumes ordered not just an app to look up for a perfume but can’t get it ordered there A great app but it should be an app we can order for it
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4 months ago, MrMegan91
Not useful for sugestions
I downloaded this because I was looking for an app or website to recommend perfumes based off of what I like. This app gave me 10 suggestions, 4 of which are discontinued and most others are brands I don’t think I could get or sample. There is no way to clear these out or expand to see more.
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2 years ago, sldeyo
Excellent app
For quick lookups of notes and finding out which fragrances are complimentary or similar to the one you are looking for. This is the standard. Great work!
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5 months ago, rockolona
It doesn’t work
I’ve had this app on my phone for a few days now and every time I click on it to launch it, it just stays on the intro page. I have tried to let it load for a few minutes once, it’s literally not launching. I was really looking forward to using this app so hopefully this issue is fixed!
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3 years ago, M55ksa
update and upgrade
The app is so good but it needs upgrading to be more friendly using and you need to fix the bugs.
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2 years ago, Another Kabam'd user
Great app but has room for improvement
Needs an option to view your current owned perfumes as a list or grid with a count number.
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5 months ago, Scawolita
Was loving it until it completely stopped
I’ve been using this App most daily for a few months, and all of a sudden it won’t load past the welcome page. I’ve restarted my phone I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, and it is still the same. Super unfortunate.
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1 year ago, Bradley1600
Wont let me register
I tried to register and it said unknown error, I deleted then re downloaded the app and the same issue occurred, please fix that
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3 years ago, coldasicee
Back again!
I understand. I apologize for going into panic mode. This app really is helpful. Now I can check out the latest and greatest perfumes/colognes
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5 years ago, Wickedninja8599
The new update is SLOW
The new update looks good, but it is unbearably slow to search and add things. It’s also very slow to tap on options and other things in the app. Takes a long time to change screens. Definitely need to polish this one up. I have the XsMax, so it isn’t because I have an old phone.
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5 years ago, NodiraSaidov
Very informative
I love this app. if you want to learn more about perfume, this is for you- it shows base-heart-top notes with the pictures. Found new alternatives to my high end perfumes ;)
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4 months ago, Freshlook21
So far, I’m loving this app. It gives a better insight on fragrances I have in collection already and the ones I have a interest in exploring one day.
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5 years ago, Nimoy77
The answer
This will answer many of your fragrance questions. This is so useful. Very easy to navigate. I work at a fragrance store and this app make me look like a genius.
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3 years ago, Darara-
For the fragrances lovers
I use this sometimes and compare it to fragrantica. The issue with the app is it doesn’t show longevity, silage, gender, price value, and season. If it had those built into the app, id always use this.
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4 years ago, jason4343432321
The app has a bit of issues with performance. Lots of great information and it has a well made layout.
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6 years ago, Alshammariban
Love it but I need other features
I would like you to add the news of perfume around the world I would like to the deals around to be included.
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6 years ago, Dorian_Grayr
On the right track
Just needs more work and info. If it were somehow modeled more on Fragrantica or Basenotes you’d really have something. Perfume is art!
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5 months ago, Kasey_9870
Very Good App!
I just wish there was a scent of the day option like some other apps have.
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5 years ago, Chiddysparxx
Very user friendly
I like the app, very simple and user friendly. The pictures and descriptions are neatly put.
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3 years ago, zamanov_q8
Must have 👍🏼
It is the best app for who seeks of fragrances and perfume oils. However, it would be better to add creators name and search for fragrances by creator.
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4 months ago, Phabeon
It’s a good idea. Just needs better user friendly design and mobility.
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1 year ago, It's crackin
Not able to register
I downloaded the app and tried registering, but I keep receiving a small pop up stating unknown error. I tried to set it up with my apple iCloud email and Facebook but still can’t open an account. Please fix.
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4 years ago, ნკკჯბჰჯკკ
I updated app last days and can not use it after update on my Iphone 5S. Help me please
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1 year ago, Alaa.soud
The last update not good
The last update not good its always asking to update and it’s already updated and the search not correct
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3 years ago, purple2354
Creating an account is required for start using app. They ask too many questions for creating account. And then there’s no option to delete your account.
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5 years ago, تميميه
It just amazing
But we want more update and full
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