Perpay - Shop and Build Credit

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Perpay, Inc.
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7 months ago
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User Reviews for Perpay - Shop and Build Credit

4.54 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
4 years ago, TheVeryHungCaterpillar
Awesome. Affordable. So Convenient
Basically they give you a line of credit based on your direct deposit and bank info to use for all sorts of things. Men’s and women’s, home and office, electronics, musical equipment, tires, baby gear, and whatever else you could possibly be looking for are available to shop. Then you change your direct deposit info to reflect pay being taken out of your check for only the specific amount you are going to pay each week for the item(s). Go to work. Bam. You’re done. Every week you’ll be making a payment and you don’t even see it leave. Items ship quickly (with the exception of my drum set I ordered before Christmas. I think I got lost in the shuffle around Christmas time.) Everything comes in factory packaging brand new and haven’t had a single issue ordering everything from microphones, recording equipment, AirPods, a Pearl drum set, and I’m about to get a drone. As you make “pays” that money goes straight back into your available credit so you can order more. Great service. Good support.
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10 months ago, diamond J$$$$$
Pretty cool
I actually like the app the only downside of it is that they only have online customer support which can be time consuming honestly just have patience my credit score did go up and I’m on my 3rd or 4th order and already looking for more items I don’t max out on limit so once I’m done paying these two items off I seen a cute purse I’m dying to get I also notice these items are up for grabs very fast they can be here today and gone next I did over pay on an item and I got my money back after a few delays of a response I’ve also had to return an item and was fully aware of the restocking fee maybe be more lenient on that due to the fact it’s only one be picture they show also I’ve missed a payment only a couple days late because my payroll needed updating due to a higher amount being withdrawn from my check and I was able to pay with my card on file so now I’m back on track did get a approve with the credit card hopefully they make the major minor changes but my over all experience isn’t bad credit went up have different things to chose from honestly if people complain about what’s already in written I assume they can’t ready regarding their customer service response not being done in a timely manner well per pay hope I continue to do business with you :) AND FOR THE PEOPLE THINK MY REVIEW IS FAKE IM ACTUALLY REAL LOL
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4 years ago, CW24793
Interesting Concept
App is a fidgety and a bit awkward to navigate. I had to hit the search bar in several different places to finally get the keyboard to pop up to type. Easy sign up process and approval. They ended up adding an extra $350 to my approval amount once they got my pay stub. The payment process is....different. Payments come straight out of your paycheck (NOT your bank account). They give you an account/routing number as another direct deposit to setup with your employer. Your items won’t ship until they get the first payment from your paycheck on payday. So if you place an order on your payday then you’ll have to wait until your next paycheck for the order to complete (and another 3-5 days to receive the item). That’s up to 3 weeks for delivery (for biweekly paid folks) from the time you are wanting to place an order. In a world with next day delivery this isn’t very competitive. However if you are on a tight budget, can wait a bit and like payment plans at 0% interest then this is for you! I used it to buy some nice sunglasses that I don’t need right away.
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4 years ago, PunCrocs_805
Policies change without notice!
A month ago I would have probably rated them higher so if it wasn’t for a policy change they enacted without prior notice, they would rate higher on my part. I enjoy the service and I have been a customer for a while so there are certain benefits you receive while being a consistently well paying customer in good standing, like not having to wait for your first payment to post before they will ship your item, as long as you have an open order that’s in good standing. Well after this virus outbreak they withdrew that policy, requiring every order to have one posted payment prior to shipment, which will leave you close to a month out from receiving your item, depending on when you purchased them. My car was broken into and items stolen right in front of my house so I purchased security lights and cameras to protect my home. So here I am, waiting for my payment to post just so my item can ship, while my home is vulnerable. Had I known this prior to ordering, I would have purchased the items elsewhere. Had they just let their customers know of the policy change, I could have avoided the delay.
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1 year ago, Codiishyannn
5 STAR!!!
I love Perpay, you have to link your direct deposit and they give you a line a credit, the payments automatically come out before your paycheck even goes to your bank. You do have to take your card off Perpay or take the Perpay off of your paycheck by your supervisor/app you use to keep the payments from coming through once it’s paid off, but if by chance they do keep coming through Perpay let’s you withdraw the money to your bank or keep the money on your Perpay to spend as credit. I have bought a brand new PlayStation and a brand new DEWALT weed eater and they both work perfectly and I always received what I ordered. AND it boosts your credit with each payment you made, when I made my first order with the PlayStation, and I finally paid the last payment, it raised my credit 106 points. My jaw dropped. Anyways, Perpay is definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone!! Download this app!!
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4 years ago, kay kay kit kat 1234
Not like other apps that offer the same service
The ap itself is ok but the service isn’t great. Most of these apps allow you to shop at stores you choose with merchandise you want to have. This ap offers older and out of date merchandise the Clarisonic Mia 3 was available and that is off the market everywhere else and replacement heads are available but they want full price. I looked at the other offerings you can buy and they are out of date and no longer available through their manufacturers and for a high price. Yeah you can finance them but it isn’t worth it with the items being offered. Other apps like klarna and Afterpay offer the same service with no credit check but you get to choose what retailers you make purchases from so that you can take advantage of sales and lower your total cost. I wouldn’t want to buy the items offered here let alone at the price they are offered for. Also returns are horrible they charge a percentage of the total price for restocking and other fees for the return so if you buy something you don’t like your still stuck paying for a percentage of the item plus a fee. Ripping people off isn’t a good way to get business.
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2 years ago, Ron628_2000
Don’t do it! Perpay will send you the wrong item.
So I ordered an Xbox Series X for my son and Perpay took two payments for my workplace. Then they shipped what I thought would be a Series X and it wound up being a Series S. My son said he wouldn’t mind keeping the Series and I asked Perpay to credit my account and they refused. They want me to send back the incorrect console first instead of letting me keep it(which is still sealed by the way) and then they will send me the correct console. Hmm..that’s not how this works. They want me to continue to pay for the Series X even thought that’s is not what they sent. Apparently I’m not the only customer this has happened to and those people where able to have Perpay send them them the correct console first and the the customer send back the incorrect console they received. Also Perpay said if I don’t send back the Series S within a certain time frame that the manufacturer will not accept it and I’ll be on the hook for paying for a Series X that I never received. People will say, just send back the Series S. I’d love too..but once I receive the Series X which I’m still paying for. Lastly, most of these positive reviews, aren’t real.
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5 years ago, TheeAllen
A Gem Discovered
So I came across Perpay via Facebook advertising just scrolling my feed. To be honest I was pretty skeptical on how it would work out (in theory is sounded cool at least) but execution seems to never work for these types of services. I am happy to report after a little frustration/work getting the direct deposit bit completed + waiting for the next pay period to roll around my orders shipped out like clockwork. I’ve paid off 2 orders so far, placed another 3, and it’s all worked so well. Lots of stuff to pick from for gifts without having to drop fat cash up front, and I just spoiled myself with AirPods because multiple orders doesn’t mean your amount goes up you just pay the same amount for a longer period (easier on my budget because I just don’t see it). All in all very very satisfied/relieved, and they give you fair ways to increase your $$$ amount just follow the rules!
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1 year ago, SH@DOW87
Good app but needs more work
I got to say thanks to my brother I know about this app. I’ve been trying to find a build credit while our shop app that can be able to approve me because I’ve been trying to for the past long is I never get a sept it and I finally found something like this I got to say thanks for giving me the chance. Although the only issue is they don’t have a lot of choices to purchase from/regarding to the products another issue they don’t have a lot of info about the items they do have on the app following with the prices I did a little research and they charge more than usual/original price, which is a little disappointing. They also only put one picture of the product. I believe this app needs a lot more work even though I like it just for the fact that it helps me build my credit which is the main thing I want it does at four just please, add more products
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1 year ago, PrettyQ1
Perpay Platform
Honestly, when I joined perpay I was skeptical about the platform because some of the items are overpriced. But I learned how to budget and not go beyond a certain amount. Perpay has made a difference for me it has helped me to buy several items that I love all at once. Your account is reviewed ongoingly and they increases your spending limit once you are consistent with your direct deposit payments. I especially love the fact that all payments are direct deposit related so you should never have a issue to keep up and make on time payments. They have also launched a credit card I signed up for it and I was approve. This is a great place to shop, it would be nice to have better type of shoes for women. But other than that I highly recommend.
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11 months ago, hilby123
So I loved using this app when I needed it , paid off our items and everything was fine, me and my husband noticed money was still getting taken out even after it was paid off . So I looked on the app and noticed that they have it to were if you pay an item off and don’t stop the direct deposits it will go into like a savings account and you can either use that balance towards another order or withdraw it and get it sent to your bank, we noticed we had a couple hundred saved and we honestly needed the money so it worked out , we withdrew the money and they said it would take 5 to 7 business days to get in the account ! HAVENT SEEN A DIME SINCE AND ITS BEEN ALMOST 3 WEEKS! I contacted my bank, they told me they didn’t see anything on their end, and I’ve been trying to get ahold of Perpay but got little to no contact ! Mainly crickets! I’m so upset because we really needed the money and it should be this hard! I loved the app but can’t in good conscience give this app any star other then 1 at this point
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5 years ago, gkvcb
You need patience
I’ve just gotten the app, overall it’s not a bad app but you need to have patience. As soon as you sign up it’s going to ask for all of your information. You can browse through items as if your going to be able to make a purchase just to find out that you need to upload a paystub before purchasing. After your paystub is uploaded, it’ll make you wait for approval from 1 - 3 business days before you can find out if you’re able to make the purchase. Although it does not check your credit score, nor does it require a lot of nonsense to be able to purchase. All they ask for is proof of income and a little information about you and your good to go. Overall it’s a great app. If you work everyday and don’t have time or money to buy the finer things in life, this app is for you! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me to buy.
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1 year ago, laffytaffyjr
All I can say is Winning with a W!
Anything you can think of they got it per pay pay day baby. It’s all simple and easy you pick out the merchandise you want. Then you put in where you work and give them your information for direct deposit and it’s a done deal when you get a paycheck you make a payment you don’t ever miss the money. And it’s hassle free but the real part is it build your credit they report to all three credit bureaus so when I hear of somebody wanting to go to Rent-A-Center or Aarons, I say this you start with per pay and all you gotta have is a payday they ship anything and everything big or small from tires on your truck to a coffee maker on the stove. Download Perpay today let’s make way for what I got to say. Have yourself a Perpay day
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8 months ago, anlgkwlnd
Perpay is incredible!
I was obviously skeptical at first, I’d see the ads on Facebook and instagram like everyone else. I’ve had horrible credit for all of my adult life so I was expecting another denial. I was approved for an initial credit line, I made one purchase as a feeler. The best part is that it’s linked to your payroll so as long as you can maintain your employment, you don’t have to worry about missing payments. My credit line increased, I was also approved for a credit card through Perpay that works just like any other credit card. My credit score is jumping quicker than I’m able to notice, and I’m getting more “Approved” messages. I recommend this to anyone who’s struggling to establish or rebuild their credit
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4 months ago, gOoBa_21
I’m only giving 2 stars because the app was good for a little while.. So I’ve been using this app for over a year. Have made multiple purchases totally about 6-7k. Well I recently tried to purchase a Mac book with my spending power of $1200. Was told it was eligible for active shipping. Went to purchase it and it said it had to be approved.. which was weird because I’ve bought serval things with active shipping, including a TV. But I was like okay, it’s fine. I’ll get approved, I been a good customer, always made my payments. (I pay more than my minimum required) went and looked this morning and it was denied.. not only was it denied but my spending power disappeared.. went from $1,200 to -$163!! I will finish paying what I owe & then I’m DONE! I’ve never been so upset and disgusted by an app. I’ll take my business to finger hut or somewhere else.. not to mention you have to chat via chats & they take FOREVER & a day to respond
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2 years ago, Mr. Doug A.
Good & Bad
I have enjoyed my Perpay account for the years that I have had it, it has been well worth having for the most part, the items I have purchased have always come in a timely manner & having access to quality products without having to pay the full amount is was best about having a Perpay account, my only issue with continuing to have the belief that I would one day soon receive a Perpay Credit Card, but it seems that I must continue to order items to gain points to get closer to receiving one which just doesn’t look like it will ever happen, there is just either a lot money to spend or finding as many people as possible to get a Perpay account to gain points, but every week I see my position to get one fall back which makes me say I’ll never receive it
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3 years ago, skylarsmom3109
Has gone down hill since 2020
I have been a customer since 2018 without issues until last year. I have canceled many orders for birthdays etc because the order no longer get approved within a 1-2 days as they say. I have now been waiting 11 days for an order to get approved. Not even shipped just approved. Last month, the rep told me there was a glitch and would be fixed and order would be approved as normal, that was a lie. The reps give canned response answers but don’t help too much. I now have to upload a paycheck stub each order which I never had to do until last year. I do this immediately but never get my orders approved. Please don’t plan on ordering Christmas gifts or anything you need within a certain time because you will not receive. I am really going to pay off and close since it’s not beneficial to not ever get an order approved when been a paying on time customer for 3 years.
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5 years ago, paddlewhacker1982
My go-to!!!
I love, love LOVE having the option to purchase things on perpay! It comes right out of my paycheck and with the payments broken down into an optional number of payments, I don’t even notice the money missing. Did I mention INTEREST FREE! Something to consider if you notice a price tag higher here and there. Especially for those who find it hard to keep up with due dates (me). I’ve noticed the product selection growing also!! I have purchased my Apple Watch, iPad Pro and pencil, and a MacBook Pro, among other things down to my favorite Dolce and Gabbana perfume!! Everything in perfect condition!! My credit is less than perfect and Perpay has been my saving grace for those expensive items I want but don’t want to fork out a chunk of money at once!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, yesssssjesssssss
Love prepay!!
I HAVE the worst luck when it comes to TVs especially now with how sensitive the screens are. I literally have gone through 3 in over 2 years!! Because the screens are so tiny anything get inside there. It’s gross to admit but I live in an apartment with roaches (the small household kind) and you can’t return a tv that’s broken like that. So I was able to just purchase one and pay it off using my paychecks ! It only took a year and it even helped my credit build as well which has been awesome to say the least. Perpay is great if you need something and don’t mind waiting for it to come in. If you wanna make a large purchase on something but don’t have the money now do this! I swear by it.
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4 years ago, D.J. H
All The Time it Takes
I love the concept and was excited to make my first purchase. In order to see if and how it works I got a simple mattress cover for $26 a pay check. I go through the steps of registering a bank account, then wait two weeks for the first payment to hit the account. Finally $26 in the account and I’m ready to arrange delivery. I get an email sorry your items is no longer in stock. So I ask is there in item similar that is in stock? Basically got the answer “I don’t know go look.” So I find another item and proceed to check out a day or so later. Now I have to verify with a pay stub? I just got approved for item you don’t have. Why do I have to verify my pay stub like I’m buying something brand new? It’s a great concept, but this is becoming more trouble than it’s worth. If this is how it’s going to be every time I try to order something; NO THANKS!
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10 months ago, Missed pay date
Missed payment accusation
Perpay expects that when you set up a payroll withdrawal that it takes just a week when in fact it takes two pay cycles that includes if you make changes. If you are paying weekly. There are no instructions for new purchases that tell you that you need to arrange to make the payment manually until they feel you’ve missed a payment. The option does not even appear in the app until the payment is not made. They only want you to make the payments from your payroll. Then they increase your limit but because of said missed payment they won’t allow for another purchase until the fist purchase is paid in full. So I will no longer use their services because it’s a scam. When payment structures are normally made monthly there’s is weekly or biweekly depending on your pay cycle and are only reported if the purchase amount is over 200$. To help build credit.
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3 years ago, sarasays...
Tried purchasing some Christmas toys. I was “approved” before even shopping with them. Placed the order and it says I need to be re-approved basically and asks for my pay stubs or benefits statement. So I uploaded my benefits statement. It was almost immediately rejected. They then ask me to upload pay stubs, which I don’t have. I give them even MORE documentation for my Social Security benefits. (At this point I’ve given them everything that can possibly be printed off and screenshot from the Social Security website). Guess what? Denied again! Telling me I still didn’t give them the right documentation. Honestly the week long back and forth, with yes you’re approved, oh wait now you’re not, and no all your documentation isn’t good enough for us crap is just old. Never again. Perpay is deleted from my phone. I’ll spend my money somewhere else. Perpay is a scam. They got ALL SORTS of personal and financial info out of me and all I got was lost time.
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5 years ago, theregoesmyeye
Perpay is amazing!
Perpay has been the best thing to happen to me in awhile! I have set aside money to go to Perpay, and then I buy luxury items like televisions, cologne, pet accessories, etc. My direct deposit from my employer pays off perpay and I don’t have to worry about it! I’ve bought over the course of a year and a half almost two thousand dollars worth of items from them and every time I am happy to do business with them. They even let me get a cat bed and new bowls for my kitty despite me already having an open order with them! So if you’re looking for a way to have better items in your house and not have to worry about having to pay them, look no further because Perpay is exactly what you need.
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1 year ago, abolinger9315
What’s the point??
You either over pay, or they don’t count your payments. They have no real customer service number. Only email, and when u do email them it’s a waste of your time. They don’t even help with the issue you emailed them for. And u get random people responding. So they have no idea what the problem is. I’ve been at it now for 3 days cuz I’ve paid more than $80 on my account and not one of those payments have counted to paying off my items. Oh don’t worry if your thinking of paying off the balance, good luck cuz they don’t know how much u have to pay and u will never get a clear answer. Go to help line all you see is people asking what to do cuz they over paid. They will keep taking your money even if it’s paid off. I’m never using this again. It’s not worth the price nor the hassle of paying items off. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS APP.
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2 years ago, mir2.0certified
Makes no sense as to how they are in business… read the reviews online. THEY ARE TRUE ..There is no reason a company should be allowed to obtain a great deal of information from an individual and then decline with prof they can afford their ridiculous prices .. There’s no reason you should have to wait until your pay check for stuff to ship ..The purpose of an app like this is to put a little down to get what your want without paying in full up front. And then they take it straight from your pay check. Since when can’t someone just use a debit card to manually pay for that stuff… Taking out of someone paycheck and having access to do so is a bit invasive. They make stuff more difficult than it has to be and wonder why people complain. If you sign up, give your information and then get denied, just be aware your information may get leaked somewhere.
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6 months ago, djstylez88
The Best Credit App Ever
I like the fact that the orders ship out to you fast. As long as you are actively paying the required amount and up to date on payments they will ship your item fast. After using for a while they offer you a credit card which was so helpful at the time. The only downside I have is that u have to schedule a time and day for someone to call you there is no direct calling line. That would be Awesome if they had that. It would hep others understand exactly how the app works rather than them apply and ordering and not understanding what to do and having no customer service to call
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1 year ago, Rikki Bobbi717
app is a joke
this app is a joke! they charge WAYYYY over the amount for items. i was going to use it to build my credit a little i saw an ad for the pokemon nintendo switch i was like alright i was planning to buy one anyways. they’re $400 everywhere maybe $450 if someone is taxing. this place wants $700 for it! absolutely insane. if they added on $100 i would have been like sure i understand but an extra $300+???? thats crazyyyy. there are plenty of other apps out there that you can build your credit on that are way better. another review also said they have extremely outdated items. i would recommend finding another app if i were you. you can also find apps that build your credit based on things you already pay for like rent and stuff like that. would definitely check those out before you waste your time and money on this one.
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6 months ago, DDLove
It’s decent service
My only real complaint is the limited options. Sometimes the products they have offered not the current generation of the product or they don’t have all the versions or colors that are offered so if there’s something very specific that you were hoping for they may not have it. Other than that it’s fine. I’ve been able to increase my credit and buy gifts for other people and myself. I would not suggest this for big purchases. The premium is a bit on the high for those but low to mid range are perfect.
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7 months ago, mom of 5 life
Out of stock
I had like 5 of 6 items that was out of stock after they had already received my direct deposit. I was asked to replace items. Before I had even picked a item I got a email about a box of trash bags being delivered when I didn’t even order them. I send out a email for them to cancel the order. So i decided to order a twin bed frame. And apparently I sent the item number in wrong but told them a twin and they were sending a Queen. After I emailed and got that fixed (I thought) they sent out a full size frame. When I caught it I emailed them back but they said it was too late. And then proceeded to tell me there is no return. What am I going to do with it considering I don’t have a full bed?!?! So now my question is do I need to to change my direct deposit because the bed amount is a lot cheaper than my original order that couldn’t be filled.
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4 months ago, Lyssapwi11
App needs improvement
I love the way it works and the system however the app needs a lot of improvements. You can only select one category but not the subcategories that are listed. Also they only show one picture of all products. So whatever you wan to buy, in order to know what it truly looks like, you have to type in, or copy and paste, the product title into Google and then you can see different angles of the products that you’re trying to buy through Perpay. And even some specs that are not listed on their app. So it would be helpful if more information was provided on the products and also more pictures of the products. I think that’s strange. And very generic. But again I love the system. And how it works.
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4 years ago, Cmgsrgpsgmeg
I’ve bought several things from Perpay and all of my orders have been a breeze until my recent purchase, the Apple Macbook. It has been 3 weeks since my order that I’ve made payments on and I still haven’t received a tracking number. I usually receive my orders in a week and a half MAX but usually arrives within a week. The current status states that it’s preparing to ship. I’ve reached out to customer service who tells me that it’s due to COVID. I bought 3 items in June and had no problems receiving them in a timely manner. This laptop is for my small business. I am just deeply disappointed. I’ve asked if they can just tell me when the item should arrive to my home, they told me that their shipping partner said it shipped on 9/11 but that they’re still waiting on tracking information.
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1 year ago, Caasi C
Highly recommend
Ive been with perpay for a few months and I only have good things to say. The hardest part of the entire experience is setting up the direct deposit. Once that's done, sit back and relax; The hard part is over. Sure it takes about a week or two from the initial deposit but the items you purchase come super fast and as advertised. Plus, my credit score has increased 29 points simply by my direct deposit payments on the merchandise! I absolutely recommend if you need a trusted platform and a second chance. Give it a try, i did and i love it.
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3 years ago, Lova_Flaka
Really helped my credit score
I suffered from a very low credit score. In the beginning this app gave me a decent amount to purchase with and, due to the convenience of having the money drafted from my place of employment before I get my paycheck, I didn’t have to worry about forgetting a payment. My credit score has jumped up 42 points and the amount I’m allowed to use has gone up a decent amount. I recommend this app if anyone is attempting to build their credit. The choices of items on here are amazing and I’ve had no issues with any of the products I’ve received.
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11 months ago, LyndsaySh1982
Lesson learned
I’ll never use this again. My payments changed half way thru the agreement to a higher amount. Customer service is impossible to get answers from. No one could tell me why my payments increased from $25 to $40 without warning. I changed jobs and it was impossible to get the information I needed to get the direct deposit part going again. There’s no option to pay with your bank card so my payments were late due to poor/slow responses from the sub par customer service. There’s no phone number to call, just a very hard to obtain chat. I’m glad these payments are done because I’m washing my hands of this. There’s many more user friendly platforms that offer the same options with much less hassle.
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5 years ago, SlicKiller96
Amazing service
Okay so I’ve been using perpay for several months now and I’m giving the company a 5⭐️ rating for the amazing service they provide but I can only give the app a 3⭐️ rating because I’m constantly running into a frozen screen or buttons that don’t work I wish I could blame it on an old slow phone but I’ve got the apple 10Smax so it’s not a hardware problem. The app could really use some update to work out the bugs and streamline it a bit more just to cut back on the sticky screens and buttons not working. Again love the service and the company just wishing the app worked as well as the service provides
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2 years ago, Product Reviews 1000
Easy payments & Great Choices
Setting up payments takes a little bit of time but not too long, once payments are set up, everything is a breeze and extremely easy. Many products to choose from including quality products, not cheap products like most websites. Monthly, weekly, biweekly payments are small and very manageable for most budgets. Overall, my experience has been great and the products are great. I highly recommend this company to everyone I know, I will stay with this company and keep making purchases for years to come.
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3 months ago, Caleb “Lil Kite” Jarrard
Absolutely loving this website
One of the main things that convinced me to try this app out was because I needed a cell phone. My cellphone went out and I had been looking at one on here. After evaluating it I was paying almost exactly the same every month as I was on a 2 year contract with Verizon, and since the phone is carrier unlocked, I just put it in straight talk. I get unlimited talk text and data, and I have a phone that I can afford and not have to stress making the payments on because they’re linked to my payroll
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3 years ago, lilgojira
Just started using…will leave a second review
I signed up and was approved $1k. I set up my ADP but received a message saying that my account doesn’t support this action and that I’d have to contact my payroll administrator to continue. I was given the option to manually set it up with instruction they provided. I’m hoping it works as I will be paid soon. It will take about 6-8 weeks for the PS5 to ship out once a payment has been made. Would love feedback on the manual direct deposit route. I can’t find any experience on this online.
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4 years ago, I WANT MY MONEY-per
I wish I can give zero stars, I purchased a chest freezer and they received my first payment 2 weeks later still no tracking and then they received my second payment contact them and get the run around because they don’t have a way to talk to someone on the phone and the chat bots just give you automated answers. Week 3 I get a tracking number but no movement I guess to stop me from asking questions. Now it’s week 6 and third payment and no product and no tracking movement and customer bots don’t have a answer. So I said I want my money back and the scammers tell me that they can’t guarantee a cancellation after first payment. Excuse me!! I’m not someone who just decided I don’t want it because I got it and change my mind. I was paying with the expectation of getting what I’m buy right away. STAY FAR AWAY!!!
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6 months ago, melissa22574
Perpay Review
I just want to say I really love PerPay! I was so upset when for the second time I tried to order an Apple Watch and for some reason it was lost. The first time was through a different company that was willing to lose a customer instead of trying to help. But, I have to say when it happened the second PerPay did not hesitate to accommodate me by replacing item. I was extremely happy when I got home and I had my package. Thank you PerPay for not dismissing my concerns. I will definitely continue to be a longtime customer. Melissa Pierre
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2 months ago, Alonnia Marie
I love Perpay. It able me to get nice things and pay it little at a time to pay it off. They also help me build my credit by taking the money out my paycheck so I don’t miss a payment. It’s like layaway but you get your item before you pay it out. All they ask for is the first payment then your item is shipped to u. Then they also able u to get a credit card with them when u almost done playing off your items. I bought five this from them and I love the fast shipping process.
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2 years ago, Anderson vardell
So far I’m very pleased with the tires a couple hundred higher then should be and still make a profit but I understand the fact of convenience there got a little bounce in them and the tire place I used had to balance them twice to get them good enough to ride some what smooth like there repops plus I had to pay for the mount and double balance because that didn’t come with it as it states when you purchase it as far as delivery and payment wise it’s on point is why I gave 2 star cause it cost an extra 140 to mount and balance rite which I was understanding came with purchase of tires then the price wouldn’t have been so bad but it did not so total price ended up costing me same as a higher end tire
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8 months ago, I❤️me4
Great but app has a lot of bugs
I love ordering items from PerPay, it’s just that app can be a bit annoying because it has many bugs in it. When you click on links in the app it says the page is no longer supported. Also when you click on links nothing pops up. Sometimes I have to restart my phone to get the app to work right despite the app be updated as well as my phone being a newer model. I think the app developers should do some enhancements so it’s not that many bugs and glitches in it because it is quite a lot.
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3 years ago, jamiep1225
Easy to use and beneficial
Perpay is easy to use, they have a pretty good selection of goods, and most of all you can build your credit while shopping for things you need and love. Obviously there’s a markup but in my opinion it’s worth it to be able to pay over time and build credit at the same time. Plus it automatically comes out of your psycheck. How much easier could it be? I’m sold. I’m on my 5th purchase and will continue to use them for certain things down the road. Thanks perpay!!!!
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6 months ago, UkraineGuy101
To: Developer/ Whomever this may concern
This app is a great concept and I really appreciate the way it is setup. However, the chat functionality needs to be completely revamped to ensure a smooth user friendly experience. We all feel left out in the dark when it comes to customer support as we can only call or email and sometimes it is hard to reach someone. The Perpay credit card is also a great concept but the execution is subpar. You need to implement a new feature on the dashboard screen to view your perpay credit card information, balance , statements etc. but instead, there’s literally nowhere on the app where you can view anything about the credit card. After I submitted $100 direct deposit payment to receive the card, I have no further info in regards to how to use it, what the implications are, and shipping information. I think overall the concept is great but the prices are well over retail. Some items are reasonable while others are outrageous.
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3 years ago, James B Dublin Georgia
I would say it is super easy and self explanatory on the sign up process. It’s a great app for a little extra help and tight budgeting individuals and families but could be more affordable and include more items for purchase using their app. The shipping it’s super fast once approved compared to other knock off apps trying to compete with Perpay. The only plus I would have to say is it news to grow to be more affordable and not include more items but other than that it’s one of the best apps on the market. Thanks Perpay for being awesome!
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10 months ago, 11Poppy11
Don’t, just don’t
I was referred by a friend I work with, to help build credit. I’m gonna let you know right now you’re probably paying over 100% interest for everything that you buy here. Not even kidding. I’m paying $700 for an Apple Watch Series 8 those watches are $350. You have to wait until you get paid and then it takes like a week to get to you. When I received my watch, I opened it and gladly put it together and put it on the charger until I realized it was the wrong size someone shift me the wrong product. I will also let you know there is no customer service number there is no prompt help. You will be waiting days to hear back. Save your sanity, save your time and your money and go somewhere else.
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3 years ago, AmbeeCee
Great service terrible technology
Perpay is a great service that I use regularly. I really like being able to make a large purchase and be able to pay it off over time. The only issue I have with Perpay is the cheap tech behind it. The app is aggravatingly slow and glitchy and unfortunately so is the website. I’ve been browsing many times and just gotten tired of waiting so I gave up. Considering how reliable the service has been I don’t let this deter me from using it but it would be great to see an investment made in this side of the business.
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11 months ago, Zebbisdead
Great company
If you work a consistent job, want to build your credit, and want big ticket items PERPAY is the place. I’ve been with them over a year and half and have ordered multiple iPods, Xbox’s, and other items without any hassle. I link to my direct deposit and they receive a weekly deposit without having to set it up weekly. They report to credit bureaus which has boosted my credit. Great company, highly recommend and will probably use forever.
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10 months ago, AceSole
The app is legit and you can buy a lot of things and even receive the credit card. I’ve done my direct deposit for the credit card but I have no way of seeing my limit, no way of keeping track of my spending or how much money I’m putting into it, I also have no real HUMAN SUPPORT I can use to figure out what’s happening. Just for that I recommend to use it unless they make they fix the chat rooms and their response times. App is okay like I said but good luck if something bad happens to your Money and need help. I still have been trying to contact someone for help for over 2 weeks
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