Pet World Premium

4.3 (72)
255.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tivola Games GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pet World Premium

4.33 out of 5
72 Ratings
5 years ago, ncmomto2
Love it! But some problems. You should get
I luv this games sooooo much! I think it’s sort of addicting I also play dolphin 3D u have to get that too! One of the problems I experience is they use the same names over and over all the time. The second problem is I have this little foal I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I still have it. Otherwise this game is awesome I totally recommend this game! Luv it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Thanks for creating this game Tivola! It’s awesome! And yes I agree u should be able to name pets. This has really nothing to do with this,but ur games r awesome but SERIOUSLY why do all the games either cost lots of money or have in app-purchases I luv ur games I know u probably want to make money but SERIOUSLY at LEAST LET US have some free games that have all the things on it!! I also think u should add a part on this game where u can adopt a pet ur self and have a house and can interact with ur pet Plz read this review a think about what I said Thanks, Lynx7676
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4 years ago, Harmony Lynn
Love it! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
I played this game for so long! And I recently Remembered that I used to play this game, I love this game so much! I’m glad I bought the premium! It’s worth it! Here’s just A few tips that I think would make it better! I think maybe since the Fish have treats, Can the Guinea pigs and Hamsters have treats too? Maybe you could have the guinea pigs have apple slices that’s what I used to feed mine when I had one, And the hamsters.. maybe like A type of seed, like A sunflower seed would be a Good treat. The other thing I would like is some more different types of furniture. But anyway I love this game so much! And I’m glad that you Guys keep added more things! I do kind of miss the supply shed and all.. But I’m glad you guys changed it! Because I would have to go back and forth to it. I do miss the well too.. I’m glad you kept it, It’s really cute! Anyways! Thanks for whoever read this and I hope you guys take my ideas in to consideration! Oh and There is a little bug. Sometimes when I open the game, there’s animal that I have chosen not to be accepted in the shelter and then I check the thingy and it none of the animals I chose to not be accepted in the shelter are chosen To be accepted in the shelter, Sorry if that sounds confusing! Please Respond! :3
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5 years ago, madelini-guatamala
This Game...
Please respond to this message! This game is an amazing game. It shows you responsibility and you can get to know each pet. It inspires people to adopt new pets! I must address some issues. First of all, the dogs. The dog are different colors, but they are all the same dogs! I’d like to see some new dogs! For example, pugs, huskies, Great Danes, and German shepherds! I would love it if you could also allow players to stay on the game and not have to go to the next day every 10 minutes. I for one, like to feed all the animals once every three game days. The good qualities of this game are that it is fun and you have many different options on things to do! It lets you play with your animal, feed them, give them away, and so much more! I highly recommend buying this app, it is very fun and even lets you help them when they’re sick! You get realistic options on what to do to help them and you pick which one is the best! Please respond to this message: I have a question! Are you working on an update? If so, what are the things in the update? Will you consider the things I have said? Thank you!😊
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5 years ago, ava bavs
This game is fun and I like animals but here are the changes I think you should consider
Like the people should go inside and not be on the clip boards and walk around and take there time and pick a pet And also for the premium you have more animals keep in mind and it takes a long time to clean the cages let them go outside and groom them AND diagnose the pets too and the pets should play more in there cages and not sit there like pet: “ oh there’s a human cool”. And instead of a reindeer LIKE WHAT A RIENDEER AT AN ANIMAL SHELTER and a squirrel as someone’s pet just NO HONEY did you run out of animals here’s a suggestion chinchillas, ferrets, different fish small kittens and baby animals with there own nursery oh and maybe. In the out door places you could add toys and huts for the bunny’s oh and mud for the pigs oh and we should basically run the place and be able to hire people Thank you for reading it took a while Plz consider this in the next update Ava.S
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5 years ago, colorlover896
Friendly suggestions:)
I love this game!! But it gets boring after some time. i love the new animals added but i don’t understand the reindeer part, only because it’s not christmas. i would love if more animals were added daily 😩 i also suggest a zoom out button so you can get to other animals faster and see where they are. i also would like to see more customers to make the day worth while or at least until you give up because i’ve always wanted to try and get as many of the animals adopted as possible but as soon as the day is over more animals take up all of the empty slots again. i like how they used to pop up over a stand of time like customers popping in to adopt an animal. specific breeds of animals would be really cool as well! it would make the game realistic along with the layout that i hope gets bigger in the future :)
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5 years ago, relishhh
Ferrets and chinchillas!!
Great game, I have loved it for a long time. I am obsessed with the animal diversity. However, there is only labradors for the dog aspect, and in other games you are capable of creating multiple dog breeds. Possibly even customers seeking specific breeds? Also, maybe a different cat model, like a long haired cat or even a hairless cat. Maybe more reindeer and foal coat variations, as well as some new animals such as chinchillas, ferrets, lizards, rats, sugar gliders!! Thank you for continuing to be so active in the upbringing of this awesome game! 💖💖✨
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5 years ago, wolflover290
Love this game but it needs more
I LOVE this game but I feel like it needs a bit more. First of all, I think the dogs should have more breeds. I gets pretty boring when it’s only one breed. Speaking about breeds, I thought that it would be cooler if you considered being able to breed the animals. Just a little something to make the game better. Sorry if it’s to much or stressful. I just really thought that would’ve made the game better. Please consider my requests. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH IF YOU DO ADD THOSE THINGS IN THE GAME
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5 years ago, Jvnorth
Could give it 1,000,000,000 stars!
This is one of my favorite games that I ever played. It’s cute and fun. But I wish the horses didn’t always have the same names, Jumper, Avalon, and Furry. And also, I want it to be different dogs instead of Labradors. Other than that, I ❤️ it! 🐶🐱🐰🐹🐦🐍🦎🐢🐑🐐🦌🐴🐷🐿🦔🦊 P.S. Those are the animals in the game! Also, the animals, when they play outside, they don’t walk around the yard like they used to Edit: Thanks for fixing that!
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5 years ago, b a b y p e a n u t
Few More Ideas 💡
I absolutely love this game, but after a little while it gets kind of boring. What I would like to see in the future is more game interactivity. Like maybe add in if one of the animals has a broken leg we can help wrap it or if an animal is sick help with the medicine. And maybe once a week go out and look for animals that need help, gain their trust and take them to the shelter. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, Annalynn plummer
I love this game!!!!!!
I play this game constantly and I absolutely love it. Everything about it is amazing! I don’t think I would add anything else except for having other people maybe feed your animals every day as well. But overall I absolutely love this game I play it every day. Thank you so much for updating it I love all the new animals!
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3 years ago, Milamber55
Great game but could use a few fixes
This game kept me entertained for hours but it stopped working and I had to delete it to get it to work and I had a game that was 150 days in about and there is also a few guest requests that don’t make sense like I had a customer ask for a animal that can live in a tank but fish was not suitable
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5 years ago, ❤️🍔🤣🐍
To the game developers:
Hello developers and everyone else, i LOVE this game so much and I have only one complaint. the dogs: U only have one breed of dog, while other species differ I know u can’t just snap ur fingers and make a million different dogs in an instant, but try to add, pugs, pit bulls, Great Danes, fluffy dogs and big dogs too. This game is so cool and this is the one thing that upsets me. Thank u for ur time.
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5 years ago, goldens🐶4life
Great game but...
I love playing this game. But it would be great if there were more variety of dogs that just Labs. I would like more breeds like German shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Setters, Corgis breeds like that. And I think you should be able to name the animals and the clipboard should tell wether the animals is a male or female. And there should be litters for the animals. Otherwise I love the game.
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8 months ago, Dihda
LOVE THIS GAME I hope you haven’t given up!!
This game has been so nostalgic for me I loved it as a child and still do. I hope you continue to do little updates as I’m sure it can build up a large following 💕 🥰
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4 years ago, kerra kavalas
I like it
I’ve been playing this game for a while and i remember the old models and how realistic they were. Especially the dog and cat. Personally I’m not a fan of the new cat and dog models. They’re just too cartoonish for me. But i really liked the old models because they looked more realistic. But other than that i love this game.
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4 years ago, Balid13
Great game, but crashing
Hi my game is crashing when I go to do the first step in the tutorial, I have tried everything, delete all my storage, reboot, etc I even factory reset my iPad but nothing seems to work please help I payed money for this and it's not working:(
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5 years ago, xtorybear
too close and personal
this game is great and pretty fun. my only complaint is i would like to be able to zoom out more. its as if i cant see as much as i would like to and it would give me a better idea of the layout. other than that, i like it
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5 years ago, kittie763
Pleeeeease read
I have the full version of this game and I love it but it would be cool if you could name the animal and higher helpers to give the pets attention also make pets become friends with the other pets Cheers,me
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5 years ago, Camilllla7889
Love this game but one thing
I love this game!! And all the updates are amazing but when I tap on the gate to go to the next day, it doesn’t work so I’m stuck on day 2. Is there something I need to do, or..?
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5 years ago, ultimate pooh fan 1000
I love this game but can you add pet fish and can you bring more types of breeds of cats dogs and many more types of animal breeds and can you bring in baby’s for all animals thank bye !
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5 years ago, Rach204
I wish you could interact with the animals more and I wish people could adopt more than one animal at a time
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5 years ago, The purple trumpet
Newer is not always better
I hate the new version of this game. The mechanic of going back to the storage thing every time made it special and made me feel more responsible. I miss that old mechanic... you ruined the game by revamping it :(
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5 years ago, Palmetto mom
Boy or girl?
You should add a gender slot on the info sheet. I always feel weird when I name a cat Ellie and wonder if it’s a boy. Love the app byyyyyy!
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5 years ago, 2018kingmi
Realistic and Fun
Compliments: I love this game; it has a sort of realistic monotony in its level of individual care for each species that I really appreciate. I sort of liked the older version’s shed with the items you had to go and select, but this update taking those extra steps out of the equation while freeing up room for more animals really helps the gameplay. This game really makes me feel in charge of an animal shelter. Criticisms: When a potential pet owner says he/she owns a farm and would love any pet, that should include the reindeer. The word “any” implies this inclusion, so I don’t know why it’s not a thing. I’ve just stopped taking care of the reindeer, altogether, because it feels useless. Some of the cats’ models don’t match the pictures on their clipboards. Namely, the domino and the Russian blue cats. Their pictures show yellow eyes while their models have green eyes. It’s appears that there was a change in artists with the old artist for the clipboard pictures having a more realistic style and the new artist having a more cartoony style. I prefer realistic art, but the cartoony pictures better represent the style of the actual animal models you see in-game. The dogs’ facial animations while being petted/brushed are unrealistic to the point of being unnerving. I believe this is due to the large, light-colored eyes with squinting that deforms the eye-shape. Some names repeat excessively. Their seems to be a very limited pool of names for each individual. In conclusion: This game is very good, and any critiques I have are very minor issues not all may share. The updates add good features, and are well thought-out. All in all, you did well on this one, Trivola: Good job :)
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5 years ago, cute kitty panda bun
Best game ever!
I love this game so much. No problems with it at ALL. I’ve had this game ever since I was 2. It’s awesome
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1 year ago, Twirls eu
Farmhand and health check buttons
Where are the farmhand and health check buttons?
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4 years ago, Sheera27
Amazing! Just A Few Suggestions
This app is GREAT! I’ve played it for years and never have been tired of it! Back when I used to play it a couple of years ago, it was SO exciting, and almost every single day I would check my updates to see if you added any new animals! It is so realistic and fun! I have a few suggestions that in my opinion would make this game ten times better though. 1. Treats for ALL the animals. Some animals, like the guinea pigs, hamsters, and turtles don’t have treats, and I think they should! 2. I think there should be a bit more variety when it comes to breeds. For example, more colors. Especially for dogs and cats, it would be cool to have different breeds so you would have a more fun variety. 3. More interaction. I used to love just watching the animals in there pens, because they would interact with things in them. I feel like there should be more of that, like the animals laying down in their beds, or eating/drinking, or playing with their toys, etc. (yes I know a few already do that but I think there should still be more). 4. I also think it would be cool to have genders for the animals, and it would be cool if we could have babies (like puppies, kittens, baby rabbits, etc. [yes I know there are already foals]) 5. Lastly, it would be fun if you had a bit more interaction with healing the animals. Like, depending on what sickness they have, giving them a shot or using bandages and other things like that. Just so you know, I understand that these are very high standards and updates for these things would take a very long time. I am just giving you ideas to make this an even greater game. THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU READ MY WHOLE REVIEW! I KNOW IT WAS LONG! Keep updating! Great game! P.S., I would really appreciate it if you would reply!
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3 years ago, Reviews are funsies
Respond please! Hi Tivola! I have been playing your games for FOREVER and I LOVE PetWorld! I love the update where they removed the time limit, allowed save files, deleted the animal shed and added naming! It definitely made the game much cleaner and more fun to play. I do have a few suggestions. 1. More realistic diagnoses for reindeer 2. Different dog breeds 3. Options to turn off cuter dogs and cuter cats 4. Ferrets and rats or mice 5. Different parrot breeds 6. Make your own shelter I want to talk about 6. I think a tile system could work. Maybe being able to place down animal pens, sheds, and flooring tiles. This way you could have a custom animal shelter! It could be an unlockable, maybe having to get to day 10 on a save, or you could get it right away. Adding a challenge mode could be fun too! Challenge mode could bring back the aspects of the game before the huge update, such as a timer, shed, having to throw dirty bedding away and get water from the well. That way players could still play the challenging original game. Thanks for reading! :p Edit: It would be great to have a house in the game. Maybe if you save up enough money you could buy an animal from the shelter and keep it. Going online and buying others’ animals for your home and shelter would be cool! Maybe you could set an animal up as “not for sale”, and anyone who visits can’t buy it. You could also set an animal as “request only”, making it so if you want to buy it you will send a request to the owner of the shelter.
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6 years ago, Cindog1
Some problems
I like this game but there are some problems. Sometimes at the end of the day new animals will appear in their cages sick needing full care and with their cage dirty even though I hired the helper in the morning. Second, the achievements tab is wonky. It doesn’t record any reptile, turtle, pig, or horse adoptions. Nor does it record how many days I’ve played, and some other achievements. And sometimes the app crashes while in the achievements and when I reopen the app, the new sick animals appear. Third, I wish there were more people coming to adopt, who had different requests than the overused ones. Last, it would be really helpful to have a couple more slots to hold animal care items, and a longer day / period that customers can come adopt pets. I came back to this game after years of not playing. I was happy to see more animals and the cage cleaner option, but the problems are still very much there. Thank you for reading!
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11 years ago, Megsters123405
This app really is a fun game to play. The graphics are great and it can be very addictive. Some people have expressed their feelings that this game needs to have more features within in, I agree with them too, but right now the game is fine without the extra features. But with the cost of the game it should add the extra fratures. One thing I don't care for about this game is that I paid $5 for it and now that the reptile experience has been added I have to pay more money for it( I know it's only one dollar but honestly this game is not worth $6 all together). If you would want more people to buy your game you shouldn't charge the extra dollar for a feature that is such a small change. I paid $10 for a pc game that had a bunch of things that were better than this game. So $6 for an app on an iPod that doesn't have as many great features on it isn't worth the money. You might as well go and buy the $10 pc vet game that has so many awesome features on it. To me it would be a much better deal. This game is great for those who don't mind a game that never progresses or adds new things something like dinner dash where the game just keeps going on and on without any new exciting things being added as the game progresses. It really is a fun game but with it being so expensive I would expect a lot more fun features.:)
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6 years ago, HowlingTornado18
O wow, okay, I admit, I got very exited to purchase this game, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. But later, you knew this was coming, I began to realize certain problems. Here are three of them, hope you find the time to fix these. 1. Every time I give an animal a diagnosis, it’s come to the point where I just look at the bottom of each of the options. If it says “a vet should look at it” then, well, you just choose that one. It’s ALWAYS the answer. I know you want it to be easy for younger players, but cmon, challenge us a bit. 2. It got sooooo boring after a while! You can’t name the animals, or play with them when they go outside, or even NAME them. It got to be very boring to go, grab each tool needed for each certain pet, which took forever, and clean their cage, then do that 24 times over, then sell some of them. Boring. Even for me. 3. WHY!? You can’t really feel connected to the game. You have no interaction with the pets as I said earlier, or any pets of your OWN for that matter, also, this is a popular request, but maybe add quests? Find a lost limited audition animal, go on quests to maybe... get medicine for your pets? Take them to the vet? Go and talk to some other AIs? SOMEHING. I know this game has potential, and I hope to see it get better in the future! 😀🤞
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7 years ago, Pony lover 🐎💙123
Fun game
I love this game, it's very interesting and the graphics are very good, the animals look pretty realistic, the animal markings and colors are beautiful (although I would love to see more) I was thrilled that there was a foal because horses are one of my favorite animals, but I will say, the fact that it says the species is a Colt bothers me, a colt is not a type of horse, it's what you call a male foal, but I understand this game is mainly for 10 year olds (I'm not being rude I'm just stating a fact) and I am 14, and I love this game, I got the free version a few years back (I was 11, or maybe 10) and loved it, I paid for the full app and loved it even more, I had it for awhile on my moms iPad but everything got erased somehow (on the whole iPad) and I completely forgot about the app, last Fall I saw the app on the AppStore and instantly downloaded it (the free app) than a few weeks later I got the full version right before I went on a trip, it's one of the few apps I can think of that you don't need wifi to play that's still a great game (Pocket Frogs is great too) anyways, short story long, I love this game, thanks!
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11 years ago, Barsz13
Fun for animal lovers
Great game for animal lovers (adults and kids) The graphics are good. I do not have many complaints about this game (hence the 5 star rating) update I would personally enjoy would be the addition of litters (baby animals) Also a lot of the animals tend to look very similar. It would also be fun to edit the names of the animals, those tend to repeat as well. (But those are just silly little things that would not make or break the game) Overall i would recommend this game to anyone who loves animals. I would suggest buying the full version since there are more animal breeds than the free version. UPDATE: Game is getting a bit monotonous. The challenges are a bit boring. (give 50 hampsters a home) the same people with the same stories come in everyday, even the animals all look the same and have the same names. The game needs a little spicing up or im not sure how much more i will play of it. Hate to have wasted my money.
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11 years ago, Needs ton more
It needs more
It's great but I wish you had to treat animals and buy their medicines and have to actually do stuff to help them recover. I think it would also be neat if we could buy toys. It would be awesome if we could groom and treat the animals. I also think some animals should come in pregnant. It needs birds and more horse types. We need to be able to know the sex of the animal and be able to name it. We should be able to move the stuff in the animals pens. It needs more decor and we should have wallpaper and new floor types. And how about baby animals! It would be nice if we could give the animals collars and I.D. bracelets while they're in my care. We should be able to see the animals in their new homes. But the thing I really want you to know is it feels like a cycle. Birds would be great too. I think families and couples should come in instead of just one person. You know what I think this would change the game too much you should make it just like I'm describing and combine it with the game to make petworld plus how does that sound? The game also keeps shutting off unexpectably
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11 years ago, Peace2green
It is ok
It is an ok game. It needs to add more things like it should have breeds. When u look at the clipboard it should tell if say we r talking about dogs, it should say maybe weimaraners, collies, Dalmatians, German Shepard, etc. It should also have more animals. We should have our own life like having our own house and maybe adopt from our own adoption center. We should be able to go around town and look for lost animals. And there should be a down town where we can buy supplies. We should maybe even be able to I inspections at people's houses to make sure that they r not abusing their animals. We can have notifications that signal an animal is being abused. There should be more decorations and more people wanting to buy animals. We should be able to go to other people's adoption center and adopt from there. I think that the game shouldn't have the coat care and should just let u do it if u want to. The game also can get slow at some points. But other than that it is pretty good. I hope u like my suggestions. ;)
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7 years ago, Blue pretzel
You should be able to visit the animals 17 adopted in their owners homes I have animals dropped off to you that that you found someplace or they can't take care of their animals anymore you should also be able to walk dogs cats ect. there should be fish do you still have your own home and they should tell you how the animals in your care happened and you care and you should be able to find animals or people should be able to call you and say I found this in my in my yard and can I take a little girls or boys should be able to come in your shelter with their parents and it kind of costs are Mayhan you should be able to groom dogs and cats and guinea pigs and hamsters and animals can get sick if they are not cared for and I said you get sick you should be a vet in your building and you have to help them make them get better
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11 years ago, Kab2214
Love this game BUT
This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it, but sometimes it tells me I can't adopt an animal out because it needs more care, but the animal is fine. Then I leave the pen, come back, try again and the animal is adopted!! It's bizarre and very frustrating. Also, the star award system confuses me. I'm not sure what some of them mean, and am I the only one who has never had ANY visitors under age 10???? Also some of the people who adopt animals in this game would never be allowed to in real life. I used to dismiss people all the time because I thought they wouldn't be good pet owners, but then I realized the game doesn't care either way! I think it would be cool if part of the game involved us deciding who is a proper pet owner and who isn't. Just a few thoughts but this is a great way to kill time and have some fun! :)
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11 years ago, PrincessRoxy907
Fun but What else is there to do?
This game is really fun. But after a while of doing the same thing over and over again it gets boring. I hope they update and add new looking dogs and bunnies and just different breeds. Maybe put in a leveling bar, so after you adopt an animal it goes to a XP bar and you unlock cool other animals. I have already bought everything in the decorative section and now there's not much to do, but I love playing it. But there just needs to be more. Maybe add in birds, and reptiles. How about pet rats. Yes maybe your saying their gross. But their cute haha I have pet rats. But anyway. This game is fun, best game I have ever played. But I just hope they add more to the game. Because doing the same thing over and over again isn't really getting anywhere. Maybe also add going out and walking the dogs. I don't know. But I just hope they add more stuff to the game. :)
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10 years ago, Hopeful249
Good game, but has some bugs
I love this game, it's so fun and cute. However there are some things that concern me, and it's not coat colors. It's impossible for me to get the perfect care achievment on this game, no matter how well I care for the animals, the end of the day rating does not give me a full care bar. Treats bounce back sometimes with a beeping noise, when I try to feed them to the animals. When I examine an animal sometimes it takes two tries to highlight the proper problem, though I have selected the right one. When I try to adopt out an animal sometimes it rejects it, saying it needs more care, though I have given it perfect care. Finally, I never see visitors younger then ten, but there are achievments listed for serving those. Please fix these bugs, I love playing this game, and really want to have perfect care. Thank you very much.
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10 years ago, Cupcakeheartscookies
Really fun but a few suggestions and comments
I love this game! But someone said there is a pig? I've played this game for a long time, but I've never gotten the pig. Anyways, this game is amazing! The graphics are awesome and I love how you get to decide which pet the person takes home and they actually take the animals. Here are my suggestions: 1. More colts! I'm getting tired of the same colts. How about adding: Roans, black, white, Appaloosa, pintos, and Arabians. 2. Actually rescue the animals! The animals just appear in a pen at the beginning of the day. 3. Can you try adding in a few more dog breeds? All the dogs are labs. 4. You should be able to take the dogs for walks. All you can do is throw a toy to them. 5. Name the animals! The animals are automatically named. 6. I wish you could check on how the animals were doing in their new home. 7. It would be great if you could walk the colt around on a halter, train it, and ride it once it is big enough. 8. It would be cool if you could customize yourself. 9. I wish you could actually cure the animal instead of saying what has to be done. 10. There should be fish, frogs, and mice. That's all my suggestions. Other than all that, it is a great game. 😃👍❤️🐶🐱🐹🐰🐴🐍🐇🐎🐕🐈🐾
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9 years ago, Skye1312
Great but needs improvement
I really like this game however it is getting a bit boring doing the same thing over and over. I think more interaction would be fun, such as being able to examine and treat the animals ourselves on the vet table. Also if we could train and breed the animals! Having more stables would be nice to allow more horses and also to be able to ride the horses. More dog breeds would be nice.. And it would be nice if we could get puppies and kittens and other baby animals to look after too. More interaction from the people adopting the animals would be nice such as them looking around at the animals and choosing them and then we help with the adoption process. I hope that this gets taken into consideration so that this game is even more fun :)will then give it 5 stars if these improvements are made
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11 years ago, :-)
Pretty good
I love animals and I was so excited to play this game. Now I'm on day 10 and its getting extremely boring. I wish that you could buy a car and drive through neighborhoods and find abandoned animals and take them with you. I think that there should be more animals pens, because one pen for a foal just isn't enough. I hate dismissing people if I don't have the right pet. Sometimes I can get a pet adopted in a minute, and you shouldn't be able to do that. They need real care, and in real life they take over a week to be adopted (not saying that it should take a week). There should be other breeds of dogs except for black labs and golden retrievers. I wish the professor would say something else other than ur an important asset to Sunflower. After you have taken care of all the animals, all u do is wait until someone's interested to adopt or wait until the day is over. Getting extremely boring.
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7 years ago, doritil
Good but needs improvement soon
I've played this game for a very long time, and It's much better than most. Although here are my issues and recommendations: - Whenever you go back the next day, nearly all of the cages refill with animals. Could you possibly make it so you only have a little more animals that come back each day? - Same old, same old. Maybe add a few quests or maybe some interesting issue with the shelter or a animal to spice things up. - The animals often have the same names, same looks, and same breeds. Try adding elderly animals and young animals to the gameplay, maybe you could nurse a runt puppy until he's old enough to be adopted? When there is variety, it makes things interesting. People could come into the shop looking for a certain breed of dog or bird. - New names, or at least, could you name a few pets? - More interactive!! I want to help heal the animals, and I want to give the animals specific personalities. Maybe you could save up on adoptions to get some sorta hamster wheel or yard cage for outdoor activities with rodents? - BABY ANIMALS - You can never, ever finish up doing all the animal chores in time. Can you pleasseeeee add some help? Maybe you can save up and get an assistant of some sorts?
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5 years ago, Beauty22298
Just a few Ideas 💡
The new update was fairly decent. I love when you add new animals into the game. But, as everyone else has noticed, the animals aren’t moving around outside anymore. It’s something minor, but it needs to be fixed. Another minor bug is that one of the guinea pig enclosures is glitched. There’s no guinea pig in it, and it can’t be cleaned or tended to. Secondly, I wish that there would be some empty pens each day, so that you feel like you’re actually doing something when you adopt the animals out. It’d be nice each day to have maybe between 10 and 15 adoptions, and then still have 10 new animals each day. That way not every pen has a new animal every day. Also, more variety with dog breeds would be excellent. This is one of my favorite games ever, and I’d like to see continued improvements.
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5 years ago, Glowing filly
Ok to start off with I love this game so much!!!!! Ok some I have some game suggestions so I think that maybe instead of looking from the sky maybe we could be a person that can walk around and take care of the animals and that the customers are in a line in the front to get animals and I think that you guys should add mini ponies and adult horses and ducks and I also think that you should have a hatchery for all of the animals that lay eggs and then they can be added with the other pets that are already out in the enclosures I also think that you should add puppies and kittens and maybe some of the animals could have their own babies and they could be in the same enclosure With the mom Please add these suggestions Thanks for reading Love, Glowing Filly🐴❤️ Ok so I love the new update I absolutely love it 😍 but every time I let the animals out they just stand there and they don't play around like they used to and I have another suggestion you should have more colors on the animals like different coat colors. For example the dogs the only colors I have seen are golden,black,and brown anyways hope u can fix the bug and maybe add my suggestions
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11 years ago, AndiSofia7
Love this game!! I have a few suggestions that I think would really make it even better! -more color and sizes for the horse and be able to ride them -have puppies and kittens and put then together with their siblings -different breeds of dogs,bunnies,cats, reptiles, rodents -add fish -add little play booths where we can put a client in with the pet of their choice and see if its a perfect match by showing a heart over the person and animals head -put like a wash rack to bathe the animals -a mini vet section so not only can we diagnose the problem but also treat it ourselves! - obstacle for the dogs and horses -grooming tools for all animals -maybe a close up when feed feeding snakes and lizards through tongs -kinda like a sims thing but show the people when they come to adopt and let them actually interact with the animals! -make it to wear after we achieve a certain amount points or depending on how many days and animals have been adopted add another enclosure or part to the shelter to gain more animals! This game has sooo much potential to be a fantastic game! Itd prob make me play it 24/7 if at least some the suggestions are put in an update!! :D and id def rate it 5 and definitely recommend this game a lot more!
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9 years ago, Ash_the_fast
This game isn't for everyone, but it is definitely for me! Before you spend $4 buying this game, try the lite version. If you like that version, then get this one. The lite version includes: hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. The full version includes: hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, birds, and foals. I had played to lite version on my tablet, I deleted it 'cause it got a little boring. But the full version is NOT boring. I had gotten an iTunes gift card for Xmas, and I used it on this game. Even if you don't have a gift card, this game is still worth $4! I love the game! Try the lite version. If you like that, then you'll LOVE this. It is so fun! I love helping the customers and taking care of the cats! It is definitely worth a try!
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11 years ago, Cocoannabean
AMAZING:) and I have an IDEA
So I really LOVE this app and the graphics are SO cool and I play it for like hours at a time! I have looked at your other games and you do have a dolphin one, but it is more of an adventure game. I know how hard and time consuming it is to design a game, but I think that you should make an ocean version of an animal rescue! Like with orcas and dolphins and whales and sea turtles and beluga whales! And then you could like have a boat and drive it out to sea and find animals in need and bring them to the rescue and fix them medically and then take care of them!!!! I would pay like $8 just for this app and tell ALL of my friends about it. So that's just an idea if you are going to make another app.
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6 years ago, MacBeth36
I Love This App
I really love this app, it is very entertaining, and and has the most animals out of any other app I've seen. It is a lot of fun to play, and has always been a favorite of mine. This is a really neat app. But it does like all apps need a few changes. For one, I thought the older dogs where so cute!!!! Put now there just ugly and scary, I also don't like the newer cats, please, please, please change them back to the way they where. I understand you want the game to have a challenge, put it took me a hour to do the whole shelter, I think that's a little to long, so I thought it would be great if you could earn money, and hire caretakers to help out. I really like how many animals your adding, I do think that these would be very nice to have too, foxes, ferrets, different tips of dogs, like Dachshunds, Pomeranians, and German Shepherds, and, maybe raccoons. I think there should be another horse stall, maybe instead of the Reindeer, also I think it would be better if the Reindeer could be adopted by anyone not just the elf. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you don't think I was to critical, and take some of my suggestions. Thanks a million, Nora K. P.S. Keep up the good work!🐺🐾
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7 years ago, Sksldh🏅🏅🍠🎪😬🏅🍠
Great app
It's fun for all ages and really addictive! I love how you can pet, feed, and sell animals. It's really realistic. I also love the people who come to adopt the animals from the shelter. There's a lot of of repetition though. If you don't like repeating things over and over and over again than this might not be the best app for you. I wish there was a little more things to do. And I don't like the time limit either. I know you can still work after 16 minutes, but I don't get the point why it's there. Also there's a lag that starts my day at 8 minutes instead of 0. Well, anyway, this is a really fun app. This is a review from a kid 10 years old. 😊 Ps: huge warrior cats fan!!
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