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PetDesk, LLC
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for PetDesk

4.85 out of 5
350K Ratings
4 years ago, 10 but whose counting
Love it!
I love this app! My local vet posted the app on their website and I decided to check it out. This app is exactly what I needed. I have several pets and trying to remember how much each of them weights, how old, or which brand works better for them was some times a challenge. I used to have all of it on a note stored to my phone. Sometimes I couldn’t find my note. This app really helps me keep track of everything. I schedule appointments, order monthly flea meds, set reminders to give monthly meds, and so on. It also keeps a history of all the visits. It allows family sharing which is nice. BUT... I wish it had a way to give access to others. Maybe like teams, or members kind of thing. That way I could add my husband, and daughter and they could also see or schedule appointments, or give meds when needed, check to see if meds have been given yet and so on. And basically have access to all the same information for easy communication when you have a special needs animal. Our furry additions are members of our family and our family is not just me.
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6 years ago, RagenS1
Nice, but needs a bit of coding help
I like that you can schedule appointments and have an easy place to organize most of your pet’s information. There is a fairly annoying bug in that you cannot delete old messages and continue to get reminders—even postcards!—for things already taken care of. For example, the practice forgot to save two of my pets’ records, even though they had them, and set a reminder for me to provide them again. I did. They had them. PetDesk had them. The reminders were deleted from the practice’s systems. But PetDesk continued to remind me about them and there’s no way for either myself or the practice to delete the message with reminder out of PetDesk. You also cannot add OTC medicines to the pet’s medicine list from the user’s side, creating an incomplete record. Finally, you can only add one note per pet, and that is limited to a certain number of characters. This is prohibitive and again leads to an incomplete record. As pets age, people need to be able to track weights, breathing records, and will have increasing questions for vets, all of which could be stored in the pet’s notes... if you could have multiple notes with unlimited character text boxes. Very close to being a great app. Fix the coding on these few things, and it will be ready.
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5 months ago, Toasted1
Good app but not without bugs
This is a great app when you are able to sync with your Vet. We had trouble with this but the vet took care of sorting out. A couple of issues on the "to-do" list mostly related to syncing with your iCal. First this app doesn't seem to update dates if you miss a dose or off by a couple of days. You would figure it would recalculate the next due date for something like heart worm and update it in the calendar but it doesn't. Next because of this lack of updating dates when you try to manually edit the to-do it doesn't sync to iCal (even though sync is switched on). This provides a challenge because if you forget to change the calendar you now have 2 dates to figure out which is correct. Lastly in the completed section of the app it seems to not register that you checked the box off in a completely different date and marks the history as the scheduled date and not the actual dosed date. At least when checking the box it should ask when the dose was actually given. Too many holes in this app to actually make it worth using, better off using reminders.
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4 years ago, JacyBates
Great app! A small flaw though.
There isn’t an option to message my veterinarian through the app. However, I don’t know if that’s the app itself or my vet may not have it set up. Other than that, the app is very easy to navigate, very user friendly. It lets you view everything from vet records to prescription medications and their ability to deliver those as well as other food or vet recommended products. My vet’s address, phone number, and photo of the clinic itself make it very easy to contact them via phone. You can also request appointments in the app. I’ve used it to make appointments and order medications to be picked up from the vet, but I may start ordering them to my home monthly due to my work schedule. It’s hard for me to get there during the day so the delivery will be a life saver. If there were an option to send a message to the vet for questions about care or other needs, or if the app developer(s) can explain why there isn’t that option, I’d rate it the full five stars. That is really my only qualm about the app. It’s an amazing app and I have recommended it to other pet owner friends of mine and will continue to do so. Great job y’all!
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2 years ago, DogMommaCharli
Good but not great - Suggestion
I like most of the things about this app. It’s pretty easy to use, my vet seems to like it, I can easily see some of the information I need. However, there’s a huge missed opportunity. When I make an appointment, I want to be able to put in notes to list whatever issues my dog is having and keep that for future reference. It needs to have a place for my vet to add diagnostic notes, instructions, etc and a weight tracker. There was an old app that had this and is no longer available but I loved it. Made it easy to see trends and remember all the problems we had dealt with. With 5 current dogs and 5 no longer with us, it’s hard to keep track of and remember ever little thing that I need. Also, while I love the lab results being available, I have no idea what any of that means. I would love for my vet (or me) to be able to enter notes and translate all of that into something understandable to someone with no medical background. Finally, I’d like to be able to “archive” a pet’s profile when they pass on rather than delete it. It just seems harsh to remove them, but maybe losing 4 in two years made me over-sensitive to that.
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4 years ago, Annie kates
The best and most talented and caring
We found Newport Animal hospital through a friend when our nearly 11 year old Westhighland Terrier was diagnosed with n stage kidney disease. Our other vet misadvised us and basically wrote our Willie off. Dr Andrew confirmed his critical kidney disease however he took him off unnecessary medications which he had been put on by our other vet, he proactively started IV fluids on a daily basis to aid his kidneys, he gave us food that was healthy and Willie liked (He did this 2 times) and he and his colleague Dr. Amy, along with his technicians and people at the front desk were and are so caring, thoughtful, and skilled! We are so grateful that we found this animal hospital which delivers state of the art personal care to our dog, that we will bring our other dogs to them from here on in! I have experienced many animal hospitals and veterinarians as we have had dogs throughout our lives but Newport Animal Hospital with its bright and talented doctors and caring and skilled staff is the best I have ever experienced!
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1 year ago, HoltzyPi
Dr. Little (who’s not very little @ 6’11”+)
STAFF; They are very accommodating! As some know, I have a hard time getting around, they always have someone come out to my vehicle & carry my pet(s) inside. They make you and your pets comfortable starting as early as making the call into the office for the appointment. DR. LITTLE; He is very “knowledgeable” about diagnosing the problem and treating it accordingly. He treats your pet with respect and compassion! He also explains the treatment plan so you can understand it. THE FEES; Oh even they can’t help with the rising cost of medications for your pet. Thankfully they do have plans you can apply for which are interest free over quite a long period before they add on interest! OVERALL; Dr. Little is a third or forth Generation Veterinarian, there is “No” Doubt in my mind, this young man has followed in the footsteps of some very intelligent doctors! We will continue to bring our pets as long as he’s in practice!
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4 months ago, Dud/Wil
The Wilson Fur Babies
We have been coming to Dr Schuler for 13 years and they have taken care of all dogs and cats and have done a fantastic job!! All of my animals have loved all the Vets and Staff very much!! When I lost my Riddick over the Rainbow Bridge they were all very comforting to the family and sent us the sweetest card which we appreciated so much. I also want to give hats off to the Front Desk ladies who do a wonderful job of taking care of not only the Fur Babies and there owners!! I am not sure if I am spelling Renie’s name right or is it Rainy but she is an outstanding employee who goes beyond her job to help the customers and of course the Fur Babies she is definitely an asset to your business! I just want to Thank each and everyone of you for all your service and time when we come here!
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2 years ago, ER_Nurse/mom
Not inclusive of farm animals, doesn’t track pets history
I was very excited when my large animals vet began using this app. Until I realized that there isn’t a species option for “goat” “cow” “chicken” “pig” or “duck”. I have had to register all of my goats as “dog” because when the “other” category is selected there is a glitch which will not let you advance through the rest of the pet profile. All of my cows are registered as “Horse” again, because of the same glitch that doesn’t allow processing with “other” selected. Also, I really expected this to function as a “MyChart” for pets and when my vet came to the farm I told them I was so excited I would be able to track vaccinations and health exams through this app. They looked at me like I had two heads. They told me they don’t have a way to input information into the app, and they didn’t even know the practice had begun using the app. So, maybe I can kind of make appointments, but it’s really disappointing otherwise, and not farm friendly or inclusive.
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5 years ago, soccermomx1
Great care of all 4 legged family
Have been going here a very long time. Dr Schrader fixed my lab Xena when she got hurt. Then later when she was dx with back leg meniscus dr Findley helped her and helped us in how to care for her without surgery. After that visit I transferred all our 4 legged family members here. Dr Findley has helped many of our family to better health. This time we saw dr Brian K He was very nice explaining everything. Apollo liked him also. The staff are nice and make a fuss over all of their patients. We have needed help in the past for payment of a problem and they were very accommodating. And never once did we feel that were bad fur parents for asking for payment plans. I have recommended this practice many times over the years. Thank you for help with problems and just routine checks
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5 years ago, thorjr65
Always updating
Tried to enter information, went to save and get the red sign telling me that they are currently updating my experiencce with even more features. On a Monday morning? Really?!? For hours?!? Is the app gonna make me some breakfast too? It should if it takes that long to upload new features. Or maybe the app was not ready to roll out and the vets bought a pig in a poke. OMG! Got an email today from PetDesk apologizing for my bad experience. The asked that I email their customer support so they can get more information. Well, how do you like them apples? It only took a month and a half to respond. That has to be some kind of record, I’m sure of it, especially whem snail mail is faster than your email. I know, your site was updating with important new features! That’s the ticket! I won’t be sending an email to support as I approach retirement age, and I suspect I’ll reach that age long before support can possibly respond. I’ll just talk to my vet and explain it all to him. He is the one that is ultimately is adversely affected by a bad app.
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3 years ago, Guessohw
Love the app and it’s functionality!
A few years back our local vet switched over to this and at first I was hesitant, but we’ve use this app countless times and it is incredibly simple with great functionality. You’re able to go through and select your animal that you need to bring in. Do you have the option to select what is needed such as a follow up or an emergency etc. which is very nice. Once you’ve selected what you need at that point you go through and get your animal all set and when you show up they are ready and expecting you. You’re also having to go through here and get medication orders taken care of which is also very nice. I don’t know if you’ve got pets I would definitely say this is a must have app.
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3 years ago, Cruz Crew Girl
First Time Visit
I was impressed at the service of the staff and their efficiency. Coupled with warm greetings and professionalism. Dr. Treated my bunny Mocha with such care and educated me on the treatment of fleas which I was shocked because Google seems to think bunnies don’t get guess. Boy, were they wrong. I’m was anxious about Mochas bald spot on his head but after the Dr. assured me it was fleas I felt so relieved because it at least it wasn’t depression or dental issues. Mocha was given an inflammatory injection and is now home resting. I was able to buy the RX right from PetCo and two supply from PetMeds. I was happy that Mocha has a new Dr and staff that love him. Oh the exam price was so affordable. I’m super happy it did not cost that much. Thank You South Shore Pet Clinic! Bunny Mocha says hi.
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3 months ago, Jes858585
Main features do not function
The most important feature, connecting with your vet (and other providers) does not work. I work in tech, and am very familiar with general and advanced app functionality. Although clunky, the app does allow you to search for providers. But once you find the provider, you cannot select them. What I assume is a processing wheel appears for a split second then disappears, with nothing actually being selected. There is no way around it. Without this feature the app is essentially just a storage space for you to manually input information about your pets, and nobody really needs that. The other features, like manually adding your pets’ details, function very poorly - having to click in very specific parts of the fields for it to become editable, lag time after clicking on something, pages closing upon completing certain fields. It just seems like no thought went into the design of it.
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6 months ago, Leo the Yuty
Flawed but Lovely App
A great app for recording stats on your pets, like their age, weight, and diet. You can set alarms for their medications or feeding, and it works effectively for all sorts of pets (I use it for my dogs, cat, turkey, and chickens, but the features would be equally useful for animals like tortoises, snakes, fish, rodents, or rabbits). However, there are a few clunky features, especially with setting reminders. I feel like you should be able to set your pets into groups for reminders. I like being able to remind myself when to feed my chickens or dogs, but they always eat at the same time, so I just have to choose one animal to represent all of them instead of being able to place the reminder for multiple animals at once. But for the most part, this is a great app.
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2 weeks ago, tmaMCO
Could be much better
I began using this app several years ago after my dog’s vet began using it. I just had to remove my miniature schnauzer after he passed away and, although the procedure to do it is straightforward, I find it to be insensitive. You could have the app reply to the request with a list ok 4 or 5 possible reasons for the removal including “Diseased” and if it’s checked, the app could then reply with a short condolence. Instead the dog’s name disappears and that’s it. Also the “To Dos” list is basically inoperative. The completed items just shows a list of items that were completed 2 years ago. I don’t need the app to make appointments with vet service providers because I can call them directly. To me the most valuable feature was the “To Dos”. If that doesn’t work then I’ll remove the app.
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5 years ago, Braiden Psiuk
Surprisingly Well Implemented😃
I was not very excited to use the PetDesk App when my vet recommended it. But, after giving it a try, it’s been fantastic. I haven’t noticed any bugs, and it’s been very reliable. I can see a quick-glance view of my pets, and all the important information regarding my pets gets filled in automatically and remotely by my vet the first time they have an appointment. It’s one of those diamond-in-the-rough apps, where there “rough” is more like “Ruff!” GET IT cause it’s like a dog barking HAHAH I’m so funny. But yeah, awesome app! I look forward to keeping track of the health of my pets with it. The medication reminders are very helpful as well; after trying PetDesk, I’ve never forgotten to give meds!
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5 years ago, LokiMar2018
Multiple locations
I like the app and I rate my Vet highly. However, there was one problem that I experienced with managing my appointment via the app. I made my appointment on the app and subsequently realized that it had placed me at my Vet’s location that is 45 minutes away, instead of the one 10 minutes away. I called the office and they changed it for me. Later, I received 2 confirmations via the app. I confirmed the one I wanted & cancelled the other and I received a confirmation of my appointment at the right one. However, when we arrived for the appointment, my cancellation of the wrong appointment had wiped out my good appointment as well. They worked it out for me, but I think that this app is not built to handle multiple Vet locations for the same entity. Perhaps this issue can be resolved. Thank you.
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5 days ago, auntie beans
The EMR comes to vets
The electronic medical record has done nothing but degrade the patient and physician experience in health care for humans. I hate to see it metastasizing into our otherwise wonderful vet care. Though the animals don’t care, I sent a message days ago about a medication issue and have heard nothing back. Fortunately something I was able to work out myself (I think) but the lack of response doesn’t reassure. I do not blame the vet. Human docs hate the amount of time EHR takes — my PCP shouldn’t be emailing me at 9:30 pm— and how it paradoxically distracts from the physician-pt connection and doesn’t focus of actual care, bec these programs are developed to prompt and capture chargeables. The human ones don't convince us that they consulted people doing the care. Yay, progress. We’ll see what happens.
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6 years ago, Anonymous33445
Looks amazing but...
The app is very intricate and well managed. I love how you can add reminders and to-do lists. I bet these features are amazing and I would rate it a higher rating but unfortunately the app will not allow me to add reminders of any sort. I was only able to add my pet profiles and providers. It won’t let me add any sort of record/reminder of given medications, vaccines, etc. Every time I fill out every field for the reminder and click create, a pop-up that states “Sorry. Request failed: bad request (400)” appears. At first I thought it was because I didn’t fill in every field but that wasn’t the case. Plus I deleted the app and downloaded it again, nothing. Please sort this problem out, I would hate to leave this bad review over an issue that can be resolved. I really want to be experiencing the app that most of the pet owner community is buzzing about!
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4 years ago, ethemoon
Great app but needs a bit of work
I use this app a lot since I have many pets to keep track of. There are a few things that need to be addressed and would love to see updates for it. You cannot put notes in as the type box comes up and blocks the view so it is useless. You cannot see what you are viewing. The reminders are very confusing and when I am late for something, I don’t know if it sets the reminder again for the date when I actually finished the task or what I had scheduled. I really do not know how that works at all. Also I would like to put in how many months for reminders. There are some that are due in 9 months but have no way of putting that in. The option is either 6 months or 12 months.
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2 years ago, Axel & Winston's mom
New Pt visit
From the moment I called for appointments for my dogs, Axel and new puppy Winston. The staff treated us with kindness and professionalism. The building has super cute curb appeal, the flowers etc spoke to me. Front office and the exam room was tidy, clean and welcoming. The entire staff ( I wish I knew everyones names) was knowledgeable, kind, and friendly. Dr Patterson was very approachable and again super nice. I feel they treated us with respect and took their time listening to us and our concerns. All the staff answered all our questions, eased our concerns and made us feel like we mattered. Thank you so much, for taking care of our pups. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. The Schillers
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3 years ago, glqkardinal
Great for Medical Appointments
Loved this app because it helped me find good veterinary providers for my rescue. She has some medical needs but most of her care is maintenance. This app has a great feature for keeping track of meds for dogs with a complicated med schedule. The main improvement Id like is a scheduler for foods so I can remember what supplements (or human foods) I add throughout the week to make sure my pup gets a balanced diet without feeding her the exact same thing everyday. I want to be able to look back and make sure I haven’t been too redundant with supplements and she has a diverse diet that keeps her happy and out of emergency vet visits. Shes also older, so I want to have a record of her food so I can make adjustments as she ages.
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4 years ago, tara2477
Awesome App!
Such an easy and hassle free way to request med refills, make appointments, etc., etc. I imagine it helps the busy vet office out, too so they’re not bombarded with phone calls for things that can easily be handled via the app. Very user friendly, no frills or confusing hoops to jump through to get what you need. You get feedback for every request you make so you know the office staff has received your inquiry. I also love the paw some rewards. As someone who buys medication regularly it adds up! I haven’t cashed in yet but I’m already up to the max amount required for a free office visit. All in all an excellent app that makes managing your pets needs very easy. Two paws up for me!
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5 years ago, ali_gator04
User friendly, reliable, and CONVENIENT
This app makes the busy pet parent’s life so much easier! It’s user friendly, reliable, and best of all, convenient! You can manage your own pet profile(s) and how you’d like to communicate with service providers like groomers or veterinarians, and it makes it easy to have everything you need organized into one place. You can schedule an appointment and even request your pet’s records with the touch of the button - no need for a phone call. I use it both as a dedicated dog mom and as a team member at a veterinary hospital and can’t say enough good things about PetDesk. Their support team is also very accessible and knowledgeable.
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5 years ago, TakeAnotherChance
Visit for Chance
Our visit for Chance, our 12 week old German Shepherd, went perfectly, we got there, was greeted promptly and friendly, we were taken back to a room and didn’t wait even 2 minutes when the Doc came in! Chance was looked over, given his shots and we were released right away! Awesome!! Then when we were checking out, I was short on funds and was able to pay on my next payday, which was in two days. They had no problem with my income info, the prices were right, and trusted me to pay them back! I love this place, Riverview Veterinary hospital is the best around!!
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2 years ago, SMBaer
So Frustrating!
This app is a fabulous idea, but it’s rarely correct. I get hung up on pretty much everything I try to do on it. The appointments are never right, I get reminders for appointments that have already passed (as in months ago), and just now I tried to update the picture on my puppy’s profile and got stuck in the picture selection process. I can’t get back to the profile page, or any other page in the app for that matter. Now I just have to wait an hour or more to get back in and try again. The only thing it seems to get right all the time is trying to sell you pet health insurance. It’s frustrating to the point that I rarely use the app anymore. Unless I’m in the mood for an unnecessary challenge, I avoid opening it. Honestly, I wish my vet would just hook up with another app.
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1 year ago, mrsfigg56
We suddenly lost our cat and we were getting email reminders to refill medicines that we no longer need/ were kind of upsetting. My husband has been attempting to unsubscribe/ close this account to stop the emails from coming. When he initially requested this to be done he was asked for a reason which he gave. We then got ANOTHER email asking why we want to cancel this account. I understand that information will be lost when the account is closed and you want to insure there’s no issues. But just MAYBE when someone tells you their pet has passed away you don’t need to send insensitive emails asking for a SECOND time why we are closing the account???? If we ever do get a pet again in the future I will for sure never ever sign up for the junk again. Thank you for your insensitivity.
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11 months ago, Princessliberty80
The pet desk app
This is a great way to keep track of appointments and thing on ur pet or pets. Also if u have questions u can email them and someone will get back with u if not and emergency then i suggest u call them. There a great team of drs and techs and receptionist. They cared for my last dog from day one till the day we put her down a few weeks ago. Now we have a new pup and picked a dr to follow us thru. Love this place they are everything u would want to have loving ur pet from day one. Highly recommend place to go and to send friends and other family.
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2 years ago, JJia22
Unreliable, can do more harm than good
This app is used by my vet to manage appointments and communication. It failed at the latter miserably and, as a result, put my pets’ health at risk. I took our newly adopted cats to the vet on 9/12. The vet prepared parasite medicine on the next day given their test results. Even though I enabled all forms of push notifications in the app - banner, email, text - nothing came. Unfortunately, the vet put too much trust in the app and didn’t call me until three weeks later noticing the medication had not been picked up. For god’s sake, the worms are not hurting the cats too badly. If this were some more serious illnesses, a delay in weeks could have really jeopardized their lives! I will certainly find another vet after this experience and hope the next one does not use the same app.
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8 months ago, dfuimmo
Nice Office
Everyone was so nice. They even worked my puppy Desmond in to their schedule, he was actually tagging along with MacIntosh my senior guy. First visit with Vet since moving from California. They did not rush me at all through out the visit, very patient and caring. Explained everything - answered all my questions. Gave me different options for tests and bloodwork etc. no pressure or guilt. Doctor even called the following day to see if any reactions or questions or concerns. Very impressed with the whole experience. Overall great experience and exceptional service.
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6 years ago, DCLove101
Stick with calling! Another wasted trip because of PetDesk
We scheduled for a dental appointment in advance on PetDesk for a dental for our cat. We drove all the way to veterinarian one on the scheduled appointment day but were refused because of PetDesk appointment glitch—this is NOT the first time PetDesk app has screwed up appointment scheduling. We already know that for a dental appointment you have to only click on the Dental option (do not click on other options) or it will not book with the correct appointment priority type of availability. We drove over 50 miles with our senior cats again for a wasted vet visit and had to schedule in person instead of the PetDesk app. We are so upset and disappointed and FRUSTRATED with the PetDesk Ap. Our cat really needed his dental and we miss work (Which enables us to PAY for the vet visits) to take our cats to the vet.
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2 months ago, Shadytechie
Need to fix flaws in updated version 9.01
I have been using the Pet Desk app for a few years and had been satisfied with appointment scheduling. I downloaded the update upon prompting by the app and am so disappointed that I am thinking of deleting the app. Here are the issues: 1) Privacy & Cookies-there is no option to NOT accept all cookies. If you click on the Privacy Policy thinking there might be an option to decline some cookies, you will be stuck in a multi page legal disclosure without an option to choose certain cookies. 2) Scheduling Appointments-I reluctantly chose “ Accept All Cookies” after several attempts to find a work around to not accept all cookies had failed. I tried to schedule a technician appointment for my pet and wanted to schedule in 1-2 weeks time. I was only offered dates for this week (of which no appointments were even available) and could not choose a date past April 11th. I did not experience these issues prior to the recent app update. At this time, I cannot recommend Pet Desk until the aforementioned issues are resolved. AND NOW, This app is not accepting any nickname to submit this review. Shady!
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4 years ago, Reenie514
A review for the PetDesk app
I think the PetDesk app has changed. Or a few things that was on it before that I no longer see. It is not changed for the better. I was very happy with it before, but not now. Things that have changed: 1. I can no longer find my Pet’s lab work, testing, etc. that has been done. 2. I was able to see older Appointments, lab results, x-rays & even older medicines. But I cannot locate them now. It was nice to be able to have that info to compare to prior studies. That way you knew if your pet was getting better or worse. 3. If you could give a little instructional video of how this app works that would be great. Please please turn the app back to the former version.
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2 years ago, Carolina Cali of Stonewater
Best Vet
I've had dogs for my entire adult life and this is the best animal clinic I've ever been to in 20 years. All around, 100% satisfied with the treatment she receives. They take time to thoroughly explain everything that is going on with my dog. They have taught me about diet, about her chronic issues with her ears, and about the medications they offer. I have never felt like they are in a hurry to get to another patient they spend all the time I need with them to make sure we get the best experience out of your visit. Highly recommend this practice.
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5 months ago, Allienf
Basic but could be better with few improvements
Overall, great user friendly app. However, I would LOVE to be able to upload files from the get, have a record tracker document area in it that can refer back to such as vaccines instead of just showing upcoming reminders/schedules. Would also love to track puppy’s weight as we continue to visit (I know you can put the weight in the profile but can fluctuate / if a puppy they are growing). I’ve been trying to find another app to keep all health records but would love to be able to do it all in one.
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1 year ago, Avidvreader
Not enough explanations
My primary interest in this app is to see the lab results for my cats, but you have to be a vet to understand the information. If a result is above or below the standards there’s nothing to explain why and/or what the significance is of the result. Most are just initials, for example WBC, which I assume is white blood count, but there’s nothing here to help you as a pet owner. In my personal blood results things that are concerning appear in red and an explanation is given along with a recommendation to discuss with your doctor. With vet costs equal to and exceeding personal health care costs more information needs to be provided to help pet owners make educated decisions regarding care for their pets. Regarding the other sections I can more easily call my vet directly to get the information.
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4 years ago, app is driving me crazy
No SMS message
Really needed a prescription yesterday. Was told by my vet I would receive a text message. I did NOT. I did receive message in app and email (neither of which I was checking), but no SMS. And yes, I do have SMS turned on in the app and yes, my cell phone number in my information is correct. Not sure what the problem is. So now I am sitting outside my vet’s office a day late waiting to get my pet’s meds. And I have now tried a dozen “nicknames” in order to send review, all of which are taken including a random list of letters.
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6 years ago, Stephanierl0413
Super helpful app!
It’s really easy to use, and so helpful. You link it to your vets account for your pet(s) and then you can see all your pets info. I just got a notification today that my dog is due for her rabies vaccine, which I probably would have forgotten about, if I hadn’t gotten a reminder. I know a lot of vets send post card reminders or call, but to me a notification on my phone is faster and more efficient (for both me and the vet) so I love it. Also they sent me a “Happy birthday” message for my pups birthday a few months back which I thought was sweet!
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6 years ago, Jenak79
Most caring veterinarians you can hope for
We have been taking our pets to PMC for years. We couldn’t have been more blessed to find the most caring and knowledgeable staff anyone could hope for. They explain step by step what they think and how they want to proceed. Weather your pet is seriously ill or is coming in for a checkup. They all have helped our family go through some of the most difficult times in pet ownership. They treat your pet just like you would, a loved and important family member. Thank you PMC.
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8 months ago, Kovgun
There was a mix up on the location(which admittedly has as much to do with the PetDesk app saying the wrong location as it had to do with me for not checking and confirming.) They we’re still able to fit us in despite the location mix up. Other than that, the assistant(?) that helped us was both nice and professional, great job! It all went pretty smoothly and they showed respect and patience to the dogs. Altitude is expensive but they do match up their services with that price
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3 years ago, Abcedia Frangelica
Glitches Led To Lost PawPerks Points
During the overall time I’ve used this app with my dog’s vet/daycare/boarding services I have accumulated nearly 35,000 points. Due to the app’s numerous problems I am down to less than 800. Each time the app glitched I lost points. The vet clinic tells me “the developer is working out the problems.” I’ve yet to see the return of my PawPerks points. I know I didn’t use 27,000 worth of rewards. I’m not holding my breath in hopes of it being replaced. Just a need-to-know for the app developer.
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4 years ago, Trackerguy
Design Flaw? Developers not responding.
I use a password manager and my passwords can be pretty long. It requires a copy/paste function for the password input box, since the passwords are just too long to type in. This app does not let me paste a password in the input screen. I’ve never run into any other app that has apparently disabled the paste function to input a password. Perhaps it would work on a desktop, but not on my iOS devices. Don’t know if this is by design or accident. Without being able to log in, the app is pretty useless for me. Update. Still no changes and no reply. I don’t understand the purpose behind any app that doesn’t allow a password manager to input login credentials. It’s almost as if they are encouraging weak passwords. Still won’t use that kind of app.
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2 days ago, IngaGaminga
Like the insurance, app is useless
I’ve had this insurance with a wellness rider since my puppy came home 2 years ago. It’s excellent coverage! The speed at which claims are processed varies between 2 weeks and 2 months. Totally arbitrary and frustrating to know when I can expect reimbursement. I wish my vet took the insurance directly. The app, on the other hand, is slow and freezes, and more times than not I’m forced to go online to submit or view anything. I decided to delete the app after attempting to see what progress had been made from a claim they’ve had a month. Oh sure, they keep sending me apologetic emails, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still waiting. Get this insurance, and skip the app!
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6 years ago, Kaylakkkkkk
Best Pet/Vet App ever!
When my Vet (Parkview Per Clinic in Glendale, CA) sent me this App, I was immediately impressed! I asked all my pet owner friends if their Vet uses this App, they ALL said no! So I showed it to them and they too were also very impressed and said that they will be recommending it to their Vets. I love that it has all the vaccination reminders and dates. It keeps both my dogs’ information at the tip of my fingertips. You can also add a picture of them! There are so many Apps out there....some useful and some useless. I have to say this one is more than useful! I love it!!
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1 year ago, BJohnstone
I’m so happy to have found your clinic. I use to have to take the Bottle Babies to your office & saw how caring everyone was. I decided to take my old stray cat to get his ears cleaned and the bad Matt’s out of his fur. Everyone went beyond being kind, helpful and so caring. I love that the cats are separated from the dogs, the decor was over the top cute, the staff is so informative, kind, and caring. I will recommend you to every cat owner I find & will be back for all my fur babies cars. Thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart.
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4 years ago, PetMoma
Appointment review
The only issue we had was that we didn’t get a response to our Pet Desk appointment request for two days and then olnly following a phone call to see if I could reach a real person which I did. The appointment was made via phone and we received confirmation via Pet Desk. I DO WANT to GIVE YOU SUPER HIGH MARKS for the new protocols due to Covid 19. It was seamless and Better than pre Covid. No waiting in the lobby with other pets, no wrestling the dog on the scales, or trying to hold the dog while getting my credit card out of purse and processed. Your protocols were super simple and I hope they continue after Covid.
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3 years ago, Iwannabanurse
Best place ever!!
Everyone is so kind, compassionate, and sincere. They truly love animals. Plus, the vets and the staff are knowledgeable. You could easily mistake any of the staff for a vet. They know their stuff!!! Also, they have been with me and my family through new fur babies and the loss of my precious Harley. They knew and felt what I was experiencing, and helped make my last moments with him priceless. This is the best place ever!!! You couldn’t find a better or more caring vets office. I will never go anywhere else.
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2 years ago, shadowpixy
Seriously. It’s 2022 for crying out loud. And yet…
You would think that in 2022 that people would be able to create an app that would except alternate characters besides just letters, because not everybody only has just letters in their name. If we’re supposed to be an all inclusive global society, why can’t people write apps that will accept an apostrophe? And that’s not just it. There are a multitude of languages that use characters that are not just letters. Even languages in the United States that are not just letters. It’s infuriating that at this point in time everybody is still forced to conform to basic English instead of being able to spell their name their proper, legal way.
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2 years ago, reviewer 57890132
Not a fan
I used this app to schedule my dogs appointment at the vet and gave a window of like 10:30-2. The appointment app then told me I had a time at 1 o’clock. Then 2 hours later it sent me another email telling me my dog had an appointment at 3. I called my vet to confirm the time and they stated I was in at 3. Later I got a reminder and a request to confirm my appointment at 1. I called again and they stated that she in fact did have an appointment at 3. So it scheduled my appointment during I time I did not request and it scheduled an appointment that I did not have. Don’t waste your time with this app, just call your vet and get it scheduled it’s way less painful.
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