Petfinder - Adopt a Pet

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User Reviews for Petfinder - Adopt a Pet

4.81 out of 5
30.3K Ratings
1 year ago, sha mitch
Dogs adoption
I looked on view love different pic of the dogs and cats very adorable and funny story. I never one ever use but I really wanna to take out of my pet dog plans soon as possible. Hopefully take deservedly rush. I can’t waiting for heard what they saying do explain how I able to do bring small dog. Very touchy wow. Amazing story reading onto the Petfinder app on the website. Interested will do getting dog. I’m bipolar depression. I need emotionally support dogs first must’ve been bring live shelter homeless long story. I thought and tries looking for dogs have available or not. Don’t give it up for them. Don’t missing it. Always and obsessed yeah. I don’t wanna to other whoever get deserve right now. Looking forward to heard from you. Rush for sure of course! Stay positive and prayer 🙏 please really helping ! Am dad disability. Everyone Okay call me, when you could have go to must’ve been please leave a message just know that find out how ? Okay have a blessed day! Nice one. Kersha Mitchell
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2 years ago, Xaurthaon
Let me sort out what I don’t want/haven’t liked
This app is great, but is could easily be so much better and more useful if it let you swipe left or right toward what dogs you either do or don’t want to see again. That way, you don’t have to wade through the same profiles you know you aren’t interested in pursuing adoption with when you go through the app multiple times looking for a dog to adopt. You can favorite dogs and shelters, but you can’t exclude them, which makes repeated searches less easy-you keep on seeing the same dogs you know you’re not looking to adopt. And it’s harder to check back to see new profiles. Also, some shelters have certain rules that will exclude people’s family situations. It would be great to take those shelter’s listings out of the results. Additionally, and tangentially, you should be able and to exclude breeds that you don’t want to see. Regardless of how you feel about breeds like put bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman’s and other such work/guard dog breeds, adoption is about finding the right fit for dog and family, so if a family doesn’t feel comfortable having a certain breed in the mix, it is an easy fix in the app to try to exclude that. I got it, mixed breed is never a guarantee, but there are enough honest listings that say that the dog in profile has some/most/all part of these type of dogs that it would be better to not waste people’s time including these dogs in the search results.
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3 years ago, jk62007
Needs an option to refine search by location
We are searching for a puppy and I have used the website for awhile. There’s lots of information about animals, breeds and more and I appreciate that the site is tied to shelters and not breeders but I do have to log in every time and sometimes multiple times during the same search. Last week I decided to see if there was an app that would make our search easier. While the app provides all the same information as the website I was disappointed when my favorites from the website did not transfer to my favorites on the app despite using the same log in information. I was able to search for the pup by name and add them that way but it’s time consuming. I was also not able to refine my search by location and unlike the website the app doesn’t appear to sort by distance. The farthest search you can do is 100 miles and the next option is anywhere. We are willing to drive up to 300 miles but not necessarily across the country. When you search “anywhere” you have to open each profile to see where the animal is located and since there are so many dogs it’s too hard to find one that’s near us. For now I am searching on the website and keeping my favorites in the app. I do like the app and find it useful but I think it could be even better!
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7 months ago, Cacalescales
App is fine, but you wait and hear nothing.
The app works fine, and is a nice tool for viewing a lot of dogs in one place. That’s not the problem. The problem is the rescues. You can spend an hour+ filling out their application forms, and never hear a thing, while the dog remains on Petfinder unadopted. I understand most are staffed by volunteer, but you would expect some level of professionalism from an organization that deals with the public. Many want home visits which is completely unnecessary, especially if anyone is willing to pay the $200-$400+ fees they’re asking. Adopting a dog should not involve giving strangers access to your home. I don’t know how a lot of these places run their business but they really don’t seem to want to adopt out these dogs. They make the process more difficult than adopting a baby. Also, the rescues don’t always tell the entire truth. Some of the dogs are markers, or biters, or runners. This is never disclosed. There seems to be quite a level of trickery or dishonesty with these rescues. Also, some dogs are posted, and when you ask about them you’re told that their fosters have decided to adopt them. Understandable, but not really fair. I also believe that some hold back dogs to adopt to certain people they already know. There should be a way for App users to rate these establishments so others don’t waste their time.
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11 months ago, corsophoto
Love the layout, though there are sign in issues
I love the way the whole app is laid out and I was able to access when we went to the shelter to adopt a cat. My main issue with the app is that it makes you go through like six sign in screens before it gets to your account. Then it will not stay logged in, so you have to do it all over again. Once you have seen the pets and narrowed down your faves who you might go back for, you want to unfavorite a few, you get kicked out repeatedly. Aside from that glitch, I would give it 5 stars. It would really be revolutionary if the website itself had one really rigorous adoption app you could fill out that would stay on file for like 6 months so you are pre-vetted (pun not intended) and you don’t have to keep filing out apps if one or two situations don’t work out. I’m not about being too lazy to fill out all those apps but I was not in love with having to bother the people that I listed as references repeatedly with calls. It would be nice to pare down that part of the whole adoption process on an already awesome website.
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2 months ago, Bad Blood by Talyor Swift
AMAZING!!! Love it buuuut
I love this app. It had many features that help me with finding the dog we need and want. The only issue I’d say if the filtering, needed add-ons, and not being able to report “rescues”. For the filtering, I added I only want a small dog but I still have to add the extra filter. It isn’t the most needed thing but I feel like it would help having your inquiry details be the filter. Something I feel that should be added is seeing if the dog is hypoallergenic or not. For me, shedding dogs is something I can’t stand, but I feel like adding that for a filter could help. Lastly, we visited a “rescue” which with a close eye, we realised it was actually a puppy mill, not a rescue. We were going to report them by weren’t able to because there wasn’t a way to. I feel like it would be a great add to be able to report rescues if something was wrong or worrying. Generally this app is amazing and works perfect and is helping me beautifully.
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2 years ago, wholistenstothisgarbage?
Nothing wrong
I have only had this app for a couple of days but so far nothing has happened. I really love this app i think though that one thing should be fixed and i just have a few suggestions. First you shouldn’t have to update the app or sign in to like a animal what if I can’t make an account. I think that should be fixed and everything’s really good I just want to say a few suggestions. I feel like their shouldn’t be so many places to like press it should be two things not so many like a home area and a search on the home should be everything besides search. Also actually one thing I hate how it auto corrects what I put I had even turned off auto correction and it still auto corrected me I’m not sure if It only does that to me.
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3 years ago, Babycats1017
Keeps Crashing
App keeps crashing! Every time I find a Kitten Rescue I like, with several beautiful cats & kittens, I will scroll through the various profiles to see which fuzzy face speaks to me. Once I see that face, I click on “view profile” (there’s a brief pause) & right then is when the whole app shuts down. In order to get back to that specific profile, I must redo my last search, find a cat that I’ve previously favorited (from the same rescue,) go to their profile & then click on “see shelter details” in order to get the full list of pets & re-find the kitten I was looking for. This has happened several times in the last 24 hours, making the search for my new pet EXTREMELY frustrating. I have to agree with another reviewer too, that there should be a general Pet Finder application for all users. If you’re interested in three different pets from 3 different rescues - you’ll have 3 different applications to download, fill out & email. Not to mention there is no link in PF. you must copy the url into your browser in order to get to each application. I’m sure that I’ve missed out on cats because I couldn’t get the application finished soon enough. Please listen to everyone’s reviews & improve this app. It’s a life-saving service for animals & in many ways, for people too. It would be a shame for someone to give up on their commitment to adopt, because the app is just too frustrating to use.
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1 year ago, justaregularhousewife
Good, but can use some work
i don’t typically write reviews (this would be my first one in all honesty), but i’m the most familiar with this app. though please note that i’ve only used this app to browse dogs that are in my area - not to communicate to shelters or rescues through (or even to search for other types of animals that are on the app). overall it’s a pleasant app that updates every night at midnight! the filters aren’t worth their salt if you’re only looking for a certain type of dog because it severely limits your options to shelters or rescues that take the time to fill out those sections. one of my favorite local humane societies often has great dogs for adoption, but never fills out those sections for filtering so their dogs never show up in a lot of searches. i suggest just selecting your dog size, age, and gender while selecting “dogs nearest to me” so that you can see all the potential dogs you can meet in person. 😀💕 my biggest pet peeve is the dogs the app recommends to me. there are certain dog breeds that i’m just not interested in adopting, yet they get recommended to me anyway despite me trying to put breeds on my “HOA breed restriction” list in the about me section. as for the crashing and constantly being asked to log in, they seem to have fixed that and i’m much appreciative of that. 💕
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3 years ago, TwirlGirl85
Well, it was kind of helpful...
PetFinder has been my preferred website/app to search for new pets. It’s very clean, easy to use, and I like that I can use it on both my phone and PC. But there are a few kinks that definitely need to be worked out. 1. As other users have said, even if you log in with the same credentials, your favorites don’t sync between devices. 2. It would be helpful if you could rule certain breeds out of your search. My apartment complex doesn’t allow several breeds, so it’s time consuming to comb through all the results to find breeds that are allowed. 3. The latest update to the app is a deal breaker. I don’t know what they did, but after about 5 minutes running the app, it starts severely lagging, and within a minute freezes up not just the app, but my phone as well. A pet search app should not bring my iPhone 11 Pro to its knees. So unfortunately, for the time being, I’ll be switching to WeRescue as my main pet search app. I hope PetFinder can work out the kinks, since I really like their app/website.
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3 years ago, Eleemay2012
amazing updates
I had given up on this app —- but then the most recent updates! The new map feature, user navigability/UX, ability to search by housetrained, good with cats, etc. are all FANTASTIC features. Makes it much easier to look for our new addition 😊 Next helpful update would be to have an option to mark a dog that you are not interested in, and maybe then it would be filtered out of your search results for at least two weeks or a month. Might also be helpful for shelters to see those analytics in terms of what pets are getting turned down or whose profiles need more info. Thanks so much for the amazing and helpful updates! Loving the user-friendliness of the app now.
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3 years ago, midulin
Imbedded ads cause crashing
This had been a very robust app until recently. Ever since the most recent update, I’ve been able to filter and scroll through about four or five dogs before hitting one of the imbedded ads in the scroll feed. The first ad - no matter what it is - will cause the app to freeze for 3-4 seconds, after which you can continue scrolling through pets (unless it freezes entirely and closes out). Once you get to the second ad - no matter what it is - it freezes and the app locks up and closes out. This has been happening every time I have attempted to use the app in the past two weeks. This renders the app virtually unusable as, at most, I’m able to see about 10 (out of let’s say 75 filtered). At this point I’ll need to switch to a different app as we are actively looking to add a new dog to our household. Hopefully this will get fixed soon, or the developers will offer a paid, ad-free option.
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2 years ago, WisdomofPearl
It’s okay…
I want to like this app a lot and I do like the idea behind it, but there’s at least a few things that should be fixed/changed. Whenever I open the app and try to favorite a shelter or animal, it tells me that I need to sign up or sign in in order to do that, even though I have signed in at least 10-15 times. I agree with other reviewers that you should be able to hide profiles that you know are not a good match for you or your family - it takes SO much time just to scroll through pets you aren’t looking for. And finally, this app is just overall super buggy for me if I select more than 1 to 2 filters - I’ll have opened maybe three profiles and then the app crashes, then I’m forced to login again, and then the cycle repeats. I’m sure the app will be great once I can access more content!
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3 months ago, Hytiouh
Never any responses from the shelters
We’ve applied for a few adoptions and never hear anything. What’s the point of the app? 1 star. The app should be removing shelters who are known to never reply. It take some planning and discussion to adopt a pet and it’s a real let down when you don’t get responses. Update — got this canned response from the developer: "We're so sorry to learn of your experience. Please know that each shelter and rescue maintains their own adoption inquiries, and we'd recommend reaching out to them directly to follow up on your applications. Thank you for thinking adoption first. " So, I can appreciate the position they are in, but as I stated in my initial review above, if there are enough complaints about a particular shelter or a shelter is known to not respond, that shelter should be removed off the app. Many shelters are staffed by unpaid volunteers; kudos to them. With that said, all the volunteer hours won’t amount to much if animals keep coming in but the inquiries are not answered. This apps should assist in the wider pet adoption community by removing non responsive shelters and ensuring those of who really do want to adopt, and give abandoned pets a forever home, are matched with shelters who will meet me us halfway . . . after all, while ensuring animals are fed and cared for is a priority, I would assume the primary end goal is to find a permanent home for these pets.
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3 years ago, kookerhonj
You need to add a lapdog or lapcat filter!
I love ❤️ 💕 this app and I hope you do too! There is two problems I would like you to help me with. 1: you NEED TO ADD A LAPDOG AND LAPCAT FILTER!!🐈🐕 l’m begging 🥺 you PLEASE!! The other problem is that whenever I try to get onto the app, it crashes and I get kicked off and that is really annoying!! So I gotta go get on safari and search it up to go on it and that makes me really really 😡😡 but I like the app and I found my new little dog 🐶 on it. Now we’re searching for a lapdog and that’s why I think 🤔 you need to add a lapdog filter.I really do love the app and don’t ever destroy it.I hope you read my review and that you change the things I asked you to change.
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6 months ago, Leafquill
Crashes often whilst doing very basic things
This app needs to do one thing very well: allow the user to scroll through long lists of dogs, cats, or other animals up for adoption. However, the app begins to slow when you get to maybe the 15th pet on a list. It will scroll past about 5 more before crashing entirely and closing the app. Your spot on the search is NOT saved—so once you open the app again, you will have to scroll through those same 15-20 pets to get to where you were before. But then once you’re there, you’re once again at risk of crashing the app again. It’s no wonder some rescues list their long-term dogs as new listings every morning; if they relied on people being able to scroll far enough to see a month-old, two-month-old, eight-month-old listing, then the dog would never see the light of day again. Pet FINDER? Not so much.
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4 years ago, Steve'sDad'sCousin
The dog days are over
I once had a simple happy life, perusing through a plethora of good boys in any spare time I have. Pet finder was my most used social media app. But this was all changed with this atrocity of an update that is discriminative against those individuals using an iphone 6 or less. So imagine this - you search for dogs within your area, scroll a bit, find one youd like to inquire more about. You click, scroll through the pics, imagine how great your life would be with said dog, sigh and hit the back arrow to look at more dogs. Nothing happens. You hit it again. Nothing happens. You do this multiple times until youve convinced yourself it must be your fingers fault. But youre friends try too and your family does and your coworkers do and NO ONES FINGERS WORK. my life has been destroyed by the fact that the back button no longer works with this update. I guess I will just have to get a new iphone.
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3 years ago, Beasters712
App crashes
But for the app crashing with no warning, this app is pretty well designed. I am hoping the crash problem will be remedied with the newest update. A couple of suggestions: I would like to see some indication of which pets must be adopted in pairs. It isn’t immediately obvious in some cases, and I would like to wasted less time finding the perfect pet only to dig through information and be disappointed that adopting just a single pet isn’t an option. Another thing that would really help is to expand the profile options beyond just the three currently available. As stated above, having an option for “single” and “doubled/bonded pair)” etc. would weed out pets that aren’t relative to the search Lastly, it would be nice to be able to choose what adopters are not looking for. For example, if I don’t want a black cat, find a way to not show those. I realize I can go in and check all the colors except black, but it seems inefficient. I hope these are helpful. Overall, I think the site is great. I like how regularly new pets are updated, the map feature, breed and color selection.
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3 years ago, Too Beast
Good, but needs some refinement
This app is very useful, but I find myself constantly re-searching for new dogs every few minutes. I would love to use the notification feature, but I cannot figure out how to set that up... it seems like you would have to save search criteria but I cannot find that option. So, I went to the website to save search criteria. That works well... except the website and my device don’t seem to be linked even though I have logged into both with the same credentials! Recent searches and favorites do not show up in both places (nor do multiple phones with the same login share this information!). What is the point of logging in if I cannot use these features? For reference I have logged in using Google.
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3 years ago, Just_a_gurlgamer
Helped me find are new puppy
This app is great and very user friendly. It helped me find a dog that met all families requirements and within a couple days we had our new puppy! She is so sweet and she is perfect for us! But if there’s one thing I could change it would be additional health icons. For instance, the puppy I got had a fractured knee and kennel cough. We didn’t know until we committed. So what I would ask is a little box in the description of the pet saying what health problems they have currently, and if they are being treated. It would’ve saved us the trouble of running to the vet the second we got her. Other than that I love it!
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3 years ago, Devildante21
Insufficient filters
This is a searching app. The search should be more dynamic and should allow for more filters. For example, the distance filter caps out at 100 miles. There needs to be more options for that. Increase the distance the user can search by; lower the increments; let us search by a state: like show me all pets in the state of Florida. Create better sorting algorithms. The sort doesn't even work if you set the distance to anywhere. I set the distance to anywhere, and hit sort by nearest, and the first result was in California and I'm in Florida lol! Let us sort by age. Let us apply double sorts. Let me find all dogs in the state of Florida sorted by distance and age. Allow sort by breed, etc . These are some basic and crucial features all searching apps should have so users can find anything they are looking for.
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2 years ago, eightmillionmaddies
Super helpful!
I’m thinking about adopting a cat, and this app is really good at finding me matches and valuable info. To be a “good match,” however, you need to be exact about your preferences - if you don’t have a lot of specific preferences (i.e. age, gender, etc.) you might not match with specific animals. Not a huge deal, but just something to be aware of. I also had trouble getting the “find similar looking pets” feature to work, but that’s a new feature and also not a huge deal. Otherwise, this is all laid out really nicely and is great for me.
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5 years ago, Echo0217Chloe
Needs updates
It’s a great app and I think it’ll work amazing if you adjusted a few things. First, make it so you can search for multiple things instead of one option. For example, instead of just large dogs, you can click large and medium sized dogs. And same with the age option. Second, if a dog is adopted, it should be updated immediately and the dog taken off the site. Having a dog up for adoption on a site when it already has a home can cause a problem. Also, put more in for a dogs personality. Like whether or not he’s housebroken, can handle other animals, can handle children, can handle both men and women, and is easily trained or something of the sort. It would make the app easier to use.
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2 years ago, Nolessthanill
Petfinder is the undisputed leader, but so buggy
I only downloaded the app because the website wasn't working. When searching rabbits, it is not possible to sort by animal name, so if you had a rabbit picked out, you cannot find it again without going through all results. I tried and failed many times, so I cannot create a profile and save favorites. Furthermore if you sort by one particular shelter, the app crashes every time. And if you see an interesting shelter on an animal profile, you cannot click it to see other animals at the same place. That being said, Petfinder is the convenient place where almost all adoptable pets can be found and a lot of essential info is available on each animal.
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3 months ago, merryshykathy
Finding a dog
I’ve been trying to find a dog local, but I have no luck with a smaller dog that is close by without driving a long distance it’s not Petfinder’s fault. It’s more like understaffed at the Allen County Humane Society here in Lima that is the problem. They are not working with the dogs and dealing with trust issues. It is hard to find a small dog that I am looking for more like a Pagar Chihuahua for my dad since he can barely handle my dog Ginger, which is a bigger dog he needs a small dog because he lost his dog to kidney failure named Charlie, which was a pug/beagle mix.
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1 year ago, Jonatron
Not trusted for dog search
While swiping for dogs is fine, don’t expect the information to be remotely accurate. They state labs and husky as small breeds often. Breeds are remarkably incorrect as well— will cause major problems for families looking for specific breeds or trying to avoid breeds and sizes. If you’re searching for any type of dog that you will fall in love with, then this app will help show you a lot of available rescues. However, if you have limitations with either home, legal, or other children/pets, this app will steer you in the wrong direction. Do note how many profiles will say that the dog is child and pet friendly when you can clearly distinguish the breed and breeds history of not playing well with other animals or small children.
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1 year ago, gtnovini
The Match
We so appreciate the service that helps match people to the right pet. It helps you learn about the individual animal temperament current skill set, the breed and the story about the new pet’s history. We also love the photos. We know it takes a lot of time and individual attention for each animal. But it is so helpful. We also appreciate the information for contact about the organization and how to proceed with adoption. So informative. We know there’s a lot of devoted time for each animal. Bless you in your work as it is greatly appreciated and helpful.
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9 months ago, srtevnm
AWSOME way to help shelters and look for pets!
This is hands down amazing. I LOVE looking at the pets! (Which by the way is super user friendly) I would recommend this app to ANYONE who wants to help, adopt, or just look at cute pets! Have a good day! 🌺 Edit: I still love the app! My only problem is that I am looking for a FEMALE hamster, but it sometimes says both male and female in the profile so I can’t determine the gender. Other than that, amazing app! (Even if you have to deal with the heartbreak of an animal you want not being available anymore)
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4 years ago, Cash option
Please check Yelp before you use a rescue
I was shocked to see what I found when I checked yelp about a few "rescues" that advertise on this app. Please if this can save just 1 person from a broken heart and extensive vet bills my review was worth it. It's a neat app but should implement the ability to report these sham rescues out to just make money! 5 stars because it is easy to use. But please add the ability to let users give rescues a rating system. Until then do your homework check yelp!
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3 years ago, SharaChes
Search filters insufficient or broken
I do not understand, all these years later, why you can only search up to 100 miles and the next highest option is everywhere. Ridiculous. In the app when searching “everywhere”, it will not organize results by closest to farthest away - even though that is a a filter option, it does not work. Neither does “farthest away” and why the F is that a filter option anyway? No one needs that. I also wish they offered a filter for excluding breeds - this may be for political reasons, but I have a baby and don’t want to include certain breeds. It would also be great to have a “purebred only” option, but this is also probs for political reasons.
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4 years ago, Sassybun
Takes too long to load
I really want to love this app, but it glitches too much and takes minutes to load each photo for a pet. When I first go on it, it’s a little slow but works fine. But after looking through maybe 5 or so pets it’s stops working and won’t load the pictures on the profiles anymore. I can usually be pretty patient and wait for them to load. But waiting 5-10 minutes to view each pet profile is too long. If this problem were to be fixed I would use this app a lot more. It’s just unfortunate because there are not many animal adoption websites as large and wide ranging as petfinder, but I find myself using it less and less.
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9 months ago, Echolocate
I like the app but beware of scammers
I suppose it’s very difficult to get these and keep these types of people off the platform completely especially when it is so lucrative but I’ve had to deal with 8 scammers in the few weeks I’ve been here. Some as bold as to ask me for money out right. The second that happens know something is wrong as there is never suppose to be any exchange of money with the guardian of the animal. I do commend though the people who work in these agencies as they are mostly volunteers and selfless it seems.
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4 months ago, ubhjghivgyufut
Not the best.
I honestly don’t like how this works. Had a bunch of dogs that I hearted, had my heart set on one dog called Crosby. We were a good match and it said he was available and just the dog I was looking for. Then when I had my hopes up, I look into the pet and even contact the seller and then it tells me that the pet I wanted had been adopted. This happened from dog to dog. And when it wasn’t telling me the dog was availabale when it really wasn’t, it was hard to contact the sellers. If you would, they wouldn’t email you back or respond. We searched this place for years and couldn’t find a good pet. Ended up buying our puppy from the LoveJoy Foundation.
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3 years ago, wishesluna
Took out the best part!
I used to like this app even with all its glitches. I especially loved that you could hide animals you didn’t like. This made it so easy to see new animals as they appeared and kept you from reading the same animal profiles over and over. But in the update you took out this feature and now the app is no different from the website:( please put back the option to hide pets. Also I have the same thing to say as everyone else, please make it possible to search by state or 200 or 500 miles. The option to eliminate breeds would be very helpful as well.
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3 months ago, skbehhxbj
It was great until it wasn’t
I’ve had the app for about 2 months now, and to start it was great! However, earlier this week I suddenly was unable to load anything. Every time I open the app it tells me I have no internet connection and to try again, every other app on my phone works, I am connected to the internet, I’ve turned my phone on and off, I’ve turned my router on and off, I’ve tried using data, literally nothing will work. The app just gave up, it won’t load any animals in my area, it won’t let me search new animals, and won’t load my saved animals. It was so great until it wasn’t.
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2 years ago, AmyAucello
We found our 2 pups through Petfinder!
Our family wasn’t really ready to get more pets. But I said I was just looking at Petfinder for fun. I was. Honest. But soon I had a favorites list I was swooning over, and it was kind of inevitable. The whole family fell in love with 2 dogs in particular. Dominic was at a shelter and Bernice a rescue. Both are the sweetest pitties. We’ve had them both for almost a year now. No regrets!!! We love our sweet pups! Thanks Petfinder!! 😊
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12 months ago, Silvascreen
This app is crap: bad for Animals
WARNING: Scam Alert. There is no way to flag or report scammers because this app is a scam itself. If your serious about finding a pet don’t waste your time with this app. Most of the pets have been taken from the dog pound then are resold for profit claiming they are a “rescue”. Your better off going to a local animal rescue than to deal with this group of scammers. Shame on you Petfinder for creating a platform for people to profit off of the local animal rescues and people who actually care about animals. WARNING: all pets come with a secret “re-homing” fee of minimum $500. Why? Instead of breeding it’s much easier to get them for free to resale. These pets are already have shots and are neutered for free!
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3 years ago, TheNewSK
Constantly Crashes
I want to love this app so much since so many shelters and organizations use it, but within minutes mine will crash (sudden exit to Home Screen with app having to restart once it’s opened again losing search progress). Doesn’t seem to matter whether I search by a particular rescue, past criteria or just browse without filters, it quickly crashes. For me, within 2 minutes or two navigations. For developer info: I’m using an iPhone 7 updated to the latest iOS, I intentionally leave lots of space available to try and run things more optimally. My wifi is strong and stable. Not sure what may be causing my troubles.
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4 years ago, ChemTunes
New version is worse than previous
I find this app totally useless. I used the previous version to monitor updated pets at a rescue organization. I can’t even search that organization on the new app, even though it had breed listings. You can’t set alerts and you can’t search for organizations beyond 500 miles. This totally discourages specific breed adoption; people who are familiar with and would travel to pick up a breed pet they are familiar with will be totally frustrated with this app. Good thing we have 2 dogs and 2 cats, as I don’t need to search for myself. But I have friends and relatives who’ve asked me for help Searching. PetFinder, you’ve dropped the ball.
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11 months ago, inkAddiqt
Too ‘buggy’ to be useful
Even after the most recent update (24 hours ago) the app is still too temperamental and buggy to really use effectively. -The app will randomly kick you out mid-search and won’t work right until you actually restart your phone. -While searching, it will suddenly show that all the posts are no longer available because the animal has been adopted. It says it could also be an issue with your internet connection but it happens whether I’m connected to my WiFi, someone else’s Wi-Fi, or using cellular data…LTE, 4G, 5G, 1 bar, 4 bars; doesn’t matter.
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1 year ago, j1872b
Generally works
This app works generally but if you scroll to far, it freezes and fails; or if you switch search functions it does the same and if you try to scroll back to where you are with the same search features, it basically shuts off. It’s a little frustrating… mine as well use a desktop to search. Also if you’re searching the age range of 3-8yrs, it gives you dogs that are 2yr old… Not sure why the glitches or the filter errors are happening constantly, it’s a pretty useless app if you can’t scroll through the options of adoptable animals…
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2 years ago, Andy65846646363
Great job!
Love how u keep us up to date on the latest dogs and how you’re putting good owners and very good dogs together. Also love the filter aspect. If there if one thing I think u could recommend to rescue groups, please put up more than one photo. I’m sure we've missed out on some great dogs because the group only posted one hard to see photo. Show your pups in their best light please. Multiple photos!
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5 years ago, ACD & GSD Lover
"Saved" posts do not update
This great app allows me to search on my phone with perfect ease (the website is not compatible with cell phones). However, I am really off put that I cannot search the same things. There is not an option for "housebroke" or to set a distance. You simply put in your zip-code and it orders from closest to farthest away. I do like being able to "save" dogs but once saved, they do not disappear after the dog is no longer available and when the post is edited, the new text and pictures does not change in your favorites.
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5 years ago, Jelyca
App will not let me select a couple breeds
For some reason, when I try to filter by breed—specifically Yorkie Yorkshire Terriers OR Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog—I get NO results ( and these are two breeds I am interested in.) This used to work a few months ago but not recently. I have tried in combination with both male/female, all sizes, all age groups but nothing. I try other breeds or breed groups and I have no problems. I know there are dogs from those two breeds up for adoption because when I search by a breed specific organization (e.g. Save a Yorkie, Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue), there are many results. I would love it if the app developer can check out why this happens.
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6 months ago, EA Sp0rts
Gosh darn sweetycakes.
I just adopted my cat from this app. Her name is Whole Foods. She has Down syndrome aids and hiv. But it did not say that when I adopted her, I am gonna take her to Pennsylvania and leaver her there with all the other cats so she get more cool sexually transmitted diseases. Please tell us when cats have Down syndrome hiv and aids so this does not happen again. Just like when I got my dog off this app. It said it was a Rottweiler. But when I went to pick it up it was a horse. Please do not tell us we are adopting a dog but when we go to pick it up it’s a horse. I named my horse dr. Dray. And coke to find out this so called dog has autism and ran into my house and broke my windows. Love- Franklin Clinton.
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7 months ago, ⚆ᴥ⚆
Good but has some issues
I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a furry friend or a home for one however the app has some issues like sometimes you may not be able to add or remove a pet from your favorites and sometimes a pet may be posted twice I also think there should be a bonded pair option for anyone who’s looking for one and so that way there’s enough information on both pets! Other than that great app👍
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1 year ago, Mi2Je4
I love the idea of adopting a pet from you all but, it’s difficult to do so, not being able to speak to someone. Then you all want one to fill out paperwork about why they think they’re a match for a. pet when, PetFinder matches you to a pet after submitting your adoption papers. I’ve filled out the same exact paperwork approximately 6 times, please review and fix this glitch it’s annoying and a turn-off for wanting to deal with PetFinder. How could you want one to adopt so desperately then never follow through.
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3 years ago, Coffee Fiend 10
Poor search features
First - thank you for having photos and bios for pets available for adoption. This makes it so much easier for families to review selections when each member is available on their own time. However, the search features need improved and/fixed. It would be great to be able to search by state or at least in distance increments more useful than the app/website have. The alternative would be to fix the sort by distance feature to actually, you know, sort by distance. Another improvement would be to list the pets by their expected full growth size. I keep finding labs, huskies, etc in the small dog group because they are currently puppies. Please also add a button to remove dogs no longer available from my saved/passed dog lists. Opening each one just to see they are no longer available is tiresome and frustrating.
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4 months ago, Addi_tehehe
Why pet finder is a must have for people looking to find new oets
Pet finder is great because it lets you search the kind of animal your looking for and it will tell you all the information you need to know about the animal, like how many miles away it is from your current location, its gender, name, and age. The only thing that I don’t love about pet finder is that it doesn’t show you weather the animal’s cost or not or how much they cost. I recommend this app.
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3 years ago, girllawgrad
Thankful for this app!
I loved using this app to search for a pup and it eventually led me to my sweet fur baby! The shelter I got her from did not have much of an online presence so finding her would’ve been nearly impossible without this app! I would have really loved a filter option for apartment-friendly dogs or low-energy dogs though. And a way to keep track of which profiles you’ve already seen would’ve made it much easier to make sure you see new postings more quickly.
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