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3 weeks ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pexels

4.86 out of 5
24.7K Ratings
2 years ago, sahil bowani
Not works in ios 12.5.5 !! Please help 🥺
This app won’t opens in my iPhone 6 with 12.5 iOS version please fix this problem I really need this app for uploading my stock photos and videos . Web page is also doesn’t loads in iphone 6 .i have to use my friend’s device to upload my content on pexels. But i’m giving you 5 stars because pexels is better than others and free to download
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1 month ago, ejnox
Quality photo but Poor search result & Buggy app
I really like what Pexels offer both photographers and viewers. But Pexels app for iPad is terrible for a few things: 1) Download is broken as of May 2024; 2) Search results are not comprehensive & when you search for more than one word, the result shows contents of one or the other keyword, never both, despite being very generic keywords (ex. summer night) or using + between keywords; 3) Suboptimal UX - If you do searches one after another, you have to back out of *every single search results page* before you can get back to the homepage. Also, if you press a photographer to browse more of their contents via finding one of their works on general search result, then select another work of theirs from the photographer’s page and go back to browse more of that photographer’s page, it will just take you back to the general search content. This means you have to click on the photographer’s name AGAIN, go to their page AGAIN, then continue browsing.
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1 year ago, frindshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Great app in all, but…
Pexels is an amazing app for people who need photos or videos for edits! I just got the app a few days ago and I am in LOVE!!! Until this happened… So I have only downloaded a couple of videos and photos and now Pexles won’t let me download ANYTHING! It’s so frustrating and annoying!!! :( I thought this app would be amazing!!! (It is…) Please give me some feedback on how to fix this- or if y’all could just fix it. I can only download photos now but not videos! I love this app so much but it’s so aggravating when it never lets me download videos! I am a Pinterest creator who loves high quality horse content. If you have any intel on what’s going on, please respond. I hope this gets fixed soon because this app has SOOOO much amazing potential to be even BETTER than it already is. Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, Sweetbeats33
Offline half the time
Not sure why this app is not connecting to my Internet services half the time. It’s update option doesn’t work half the time either. I got on the website because it was advertised somewhere on social media that this pays you per view on your photos. But after signing up I see that is not true that you can only get payment through donations. I’m surprised it doesn’t put a watermark on our photos. Really anyone can take and redistribute any photo you place on this app. I’m thinking about taking them off as it is pointless to use this app as a means to make money off your photography. I feel really bad for the people who actually do this as a living/as a professional. If I had an actual camera and I took photos for a living I will not put them on Pexels.
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2 years ago, PhelineCat
I need to do this … yet …
I have 20,000 photos on my phone and thousands more elsewhere. I can see "Pexels is for everyone" on the App Store page right now but … how much editing can I do before I submit? Can I "fix" a bruised petal or "clean up" my cat’s nose or my messy table before I submit the photo? What if no one wants any of my photos? Does that happen? It’s a relief to see photos from phones are welcome. (?) Accepted. I’m not sure my Canon … what is it? does better than my iPhone 11 Pro Max or even my iPad Pro 12.9, at least in my hands (with 2 broken bones, an amputation and a lot of forgotten information).
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9 months ago, Eden kaulitz
Please read !
Ok so I really thought this would be good but it got on my nerves so quick I don’t even know how it has five stars because when I got on it, it asked for my email and I put in my email like 5000 times and it still wouldn’t do it and other different accounts and it still wouldn’t let me it wouldn’t let me do anything and I couldn’t even make a project without it asking me to put in an email or my iCloud I found this really annoying and I’ve already done it on my other phone. It still won’t work. I don’t know if anybody else had this problem so please fix this. And I put in a lot of information and I wish I hadn’t so if anything happens to my accounts I’m suing y’all 🤗!!!!
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2 years ago, nxnxnxjxjdn
Their customer service is non existent and takes it upon themselves to delete accounts.
My account got hacked and I was trying to regain access to it. I’ve been using Pexel personally for work and for my business. I’ve made several attempts to contact them but their has been NO replies. They only care if you use their service, outside of that, if you have any account issues they will just ignore you. UPDATE: THEY DELETED MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Upon providing evidence that I was the owner of my account they deleted my account without my consent. All the photos that I acquired and saved are gone. DO NOT download pexels because they DO NOT care about their customers. Just use Unsplash.
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5 years ago, dhduxhxhbjs
Perfect app for photographers and artists!
Perfect app for photographers and artists for exposure, users for beautiful high-quality photos. I have been using Pexels for various art projects and it's easy to access to artist's info so I can leave their info when I use their works. However, since two days ago, Pexels app began to crash when I try to view the photo, it enlarges and turns into complete white screen and I can't interact with an app anymore. Please fix this bug for next updates otherwise, I can't use Pexels anymore now :(
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3 years ago, danisark
Love Pexels.
I follow their website but never thought they had an app until I needed to do something with my phone. I needed some pictures to use but downloading from the site wouldn’t give me that nice quality I want since I am using a phone. I tried the AppStore and luckily found it. It’s really inspiring app. No competitor for this app. I wish I could give you the Milky Way instead
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4 years ago, lovekillhannah
Could be great
I really love Pexels. I was glad to find it. However it's a mess. This app is garbage. It barely works. It crashes constantly and you lose where you were in the search so that once you come back you have to rescroll through all the photos you already saw to get to where you were. Which brings me to the next issue. Half the time it just stops loading. There's no way a broad search like portrait, face, person, has only about 100 photos and then hits a no more to load bar. This app seriously needs work. I never review stuff but man is this a dream come true and nightmare all in one
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4 years ago, Jenna1234467894836182949583
I came on here to confirm my assumption that this app has a terrible rating and I’m shocked to find that it doesn’t. It has such a wealth of amazing reference pictures but it is so difficult to make your way through them and I am constantly frustrated by the amount of swiping I have to do just to get through a few pictures. FIX UR UX!!! I should be able to click on a photographer and see their most popular photos not just chronologically it’s really frustrating to see 80 pictures of a man in a tracksuit before I get to anything else for the really talented photographer. LOVE the concept hate the execution!!💖🤍
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2 years ago, Cmndo brndo
Taking my photos down
As a creator this app is terrible. My photos have almost 500k views and over 2k downloads in about a month. So far, I've gotten one donation of $2. So basically, thousands of people are using my photos for whatever they please for free and they aren't even required to give photo credit. The incentives to use the platform as a creator aren't enough. Also, their copyright infringement vetting is awful. And then when you finally report copyright infringement, customer support takes forever to get back to you. And the process for appealing it is ridiculous and almost not even worth it.
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4 years ago, [email protected]
App Crashing Problem
I love this app! The photo variety and search option makes its easy to find a unique image for your marketing or personal social media. My only problem with this app is that it crashes every few minutes and it makes it really frustrating. Can you guys fix this bug please?!
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10 months ago, Alainainthesky
Used To Be Great, Constantly Crashes
The app worked great for me for a long time. It was my go to app for photo references for art making. For the last six months or more, it constantly crashes, freezes up, struggles to save photos and make new folders. It’s a struggle to use and I have started using other apps instead. It makes me sad, because Pexels has the best quality images out there, but the app is almost unusable. I even tried to reach out to customer service and update my app but neither have been helpful.
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1 year ago, 13kstanley
please add a home button…
i love pexels! i use it for many references for artwork and such, but one thing i find annoying is that there isn’t a home button, so if i have been looking at photos and clicking the reccomended I have to hit the back button a thousand times to get back to the search or home screen… its not intuitive. I wish there was a button to take you directly to the home page on ALL screens… thats just basic UX design
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9 months ago, Lemon_Drop21
Love it !
It’s amazing I can find so many pictures for my e-commerce store. I can be creative right from home, giving my store an authentic feel and look without having to search the world for a picture to take. This saves so much time. Thank you photographers of Pexels !!! You are very much appreciated.
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4 years ago, Honalulula
Amazing- but with one major issue
I love that I can download images and videos straight to my phone to use- it’s like a dream come true! However, the app is super finicky and sometimes it works great, sometimes it crashes about 30 seconds in every time I open it. It can be VERY frustrating but at the same time I love Pexels and the ease of which I can use the media I find there when it isn’t crashing 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 months ago, Brolickkar
I almost ALWAYS… NEVER leave a review, BUT!!!!
As a creative sometimes I find myself overloaded with different aspects of a project. And to have this reliable source of top quality brill to work with is like having a camera op all over the world! This app is a game changer and a vital go to tool for production value!!!
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1 year ago, Agimne
Needs to be fixed. Otherwise it’s trash.
Whoever is running the feedback on this app much just ignore their customers would be horrible at their job. The app does not let you do anything. Every attempt to login does absolutely nothing so you can’t save anything you can’t upload or download anything fix this app. Can’t login or do anything automatically deleted the app. This is absolute trash. I don’t know what your development team is doing but it’s definitely not working on this app.
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2 years ago, Staci J. Shelton
Best site EVER. App stopped working.
I get asked to log in every time I launch the app. Then get immediately logged off and can’t access anything. I don’t know what happened. Pexels is literally the BEST media content site in the game. Wishing you massive success and hope the app issues get resolved.
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4 years ago, ckgypsy4
Love that this is an app now
I’ve used the desktop version for years. Only qualm here is that you cannot edit/delete collections. Other than that I love that you can choose size and download directly to your phone. This is my favorite place for stock photos.
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5 years ago, LaVon_Page
Great place to get out there
I am a photographer and I like to upload my photos on here because it really does help photographers get out there and let others see their vision and what they see. Would recommend for anyone who is looking to get their photos out there!
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2 years ago, Shadx77
Unstable / lacking
Not sure if it’s the iPadOS 15.5 update but on this 2018 iPad Pro videos will display off margin with a white vertical band on the right side of the screen. Rotating the ipad and back will correct it. sometimes videos won’t play and rotating the iPad will also correct. The major annoyance is there’s when going back to search results or out of a collection, it always starts back at the top instead of going back to where you scrolled. There needs to be some filtering options. IF I’m on someones profile with a bunch of collections, I can’t filter. Then once I’m going through them and then going back out of them, guess where I’m brought back to (major annoyance)
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3 weeks ago, HiitsJonny
Great to view but not download
I’ve used Pexels’ web site on my pc to download videos before and love it. Since I travel a lot, today I thought that maybe I’ll search the App Store if they have an app. They do! But for some reason I’m unable to download anything, gotten errors and it would not work with Canva through the app itself. Seems like I’m not the only one having download issues.
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1 year ago, kfrance10
Downloads fail
I’ve been using the app for a few months and have loved it however the past couple of weeks it has not been working. All of the downloads fail and/or when you try to download it says complete but nothing downloads. It’s really a pain to deal with. Like I said it was working properly for months and I didn’t complain at all until the past three weeks. Hopefully they can fix this soon.
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2 years ago, jace emard
How much you helped me
This app im using for a bunch of stuff } hi my name is Jace and I’m 10 and a aviation nerd I’ve never seen a such a good app in my life you’re app helped me get more subscribers and confidence thank to all the working people ho have made this app thx so much again
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4 months ago, JanTail
Photographer seeking content
This is such a beautiful way to share our work with each other, i've been downloading but I can't wait to upload my own work!!
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2 years ago, The_Glow_Cloud
Fix widgets, please!
The widgets just aren’t working, they’re blank. This is how I planned to discover photos and creative images from others daily. It’d also be nice to see a medium size (horizontal style) widget as an option, if possible. But yes, for now, they’re not working. I’m on iOS 15.5 on an iPhone 13. I love the concept of the app, so I’d really appreciate it!
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1 year ago, Theo Bunt
Downloads =\= Likes?
Great app, reminds me of original instagram. I wonder why the download option doesn’t automatically like the photo. From a creator’s perspective, if someone liked my photo enough to download it, I think I should also get a like, no? Just a thought..
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2 years ago, JosephAW
Great content but not intuitive interface.
I’m able to download content from the website but from the app I’m not sure, I download a video and go into the files app and nothing is in there neither is it visible on the iCloud, not intuitive. Update: found them in the camera roll but they were way back in time based off of the original submission date of your website. Would have been better to use the current date so they would have shown at the top. Maybe provide an option to download those into the files app instead of the photo album.
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1 year ago, AndreaJMissy2020
Great App!
Highly recommend, and useful for any business logos, company pictures/brand photos, phone wallpapers, etc. It’s so easy to use. You can download, and like your favorite pics to save them. One of the best apps ever!! ✌️😎💯
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1 year ago, Defeattheodds
Love this site and the app
There isn’t anything out there better…It’s so easy to use, I don’t use anything else. It works perfectly ever time and huge selection for my needs.
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3 years ago, de_eldge
In love
I honestly love this app, I’m a photographer, video editor, and music producer. They offer a lot of royalty free content such as pictures, and videos, so when I need something to spice up my work I usually head here.
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2 years ago, niya parks
shut yalls yappah
its giving fake,scam all that😤. i downloaded for video enchanter to make quality better. when i went in the app it looked like pinterest, immediate 🚩 in when i already signed up account telling me to sign up over and over again and be my friend both download this app and we saw the exact same photos when we scroll down. DO NOT WASTE UR ⏰ OR 💵. whoever made this can shut there mic and kiss my grits goodnight😟😟
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3 years ago, Fihhjtcvdswqqfbjo344
Frustrating at first
In the beginning it would not download or show images. Close it out and reopen for an improved (and less frustrating) experience.
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9 months ago, AnthonyH1000
Takes 5 minutes to load second page.
4 devices, 4 different connections, nothing loads, I get 1 page even though there’s “34k” photos that match my search query, it takes 20 seconds for the home page to load, and took the app 2 minutes to log me in. My internet connection is 300mb down, 50mb up. It’s an app issue. Website has the same issue.
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2 years ago, Bklynguynyhere
I downloaded my first, and it went to IG as. Reel, but every one after I tried To DL it won’t completely DL, and it can no longer let me send to IG as a Reel just story and sometimes I can’t sent anything to IGfor anything, I tried my iPhone and iPad for which both devices are updated to the latest, I even shut my devices off and restarted and both devices still give problems sending to IG from using pixels app
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2 months ago, Palala_101
All time Favorite App
Getting all these premium pictures for free with out making payments just free that really amazing.I use it for my iphone,mac and desktop wallpapers i really love this app 👍
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2 years ago, B. Tiggy
Love Pexels
I’ve used the web app for years and always enjoyed it. The app makes it just as easy to get footage. One suggestion: filters for video orientation like on the web app!
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5 years ago, R_of_Sunshine
I love this app. Super easy to use and absolutely the best way to get beautiful backgrounds that are free to use. I also use it with my students so they can get professional images for projects without a big hassle.
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1 year ago, ChristusRex
Great app, videos not downloading however
I’ve been having issues with the app for the past two days or so, each time I attempt to download a video it fails. Awesome app for stock footage though.
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5 years ago, SuperLaura2728
Artist out there, USE THIS!
I feel like this app has a lot of pictures that would be really cool to draw so I really recommend this app for artists so they get references that they can draw and it’s a really great app and website!
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3 years ago, musclepimp
Easy to use!
There are some talented people out there. Here is where you’ll find some of them. Thanks to all who share their work.
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6 years ago, ewhitish
Love Pexels, app needs work
I love using the web version of pexels - it’s always my go-to for stock photography but the app is pretty glitchy. The pages don’t scroll fluidly and downloading an image either doesn’t work at all or takes a very long time. Hoping they make some improvements because I’d love to use the app.
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3 years ago, DivineLeaders
Love the new look!
I have to say, wow. I am in love with the new design. I have been using Pexels for quite a while now and I have had zero issues. I don’t see myself leaving Pexels anytime soon, keep up the great work! - DivineLeaders
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5 years ago, jbboulder
Latest version fails
Love the app. The latest version allows you to view maybe view a couple dozen photos and then closes down, every time.
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2 years ago, WillSuko
Weird content promoted
I used to use this as my default for getting photos but they started promoting very strange images on the home page. It seemed like there was some internal conversation about being more woke and it was pushed hard. Now I use Unsplash.
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5 years ago, Sunkisst219
The best
This is really the best free photo site there is. Also, the app works perfect and it allows you to access all the main features. I wish there was a way to sort by landscape or portrait!
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3 weeks ago, Ya Boy Adam
Stopped working
Great app until downloads stopped working. Gets stuck on 96% and says “download failed try again.” Major bummer. I tried uninstalling and redownloading to no avail. Love the app otherwise just wish it worked.
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11 months ago, Hemalac
App glitchy but great website
I love Pexels concept and content but the app gives me Device Not Connected error on wifi, data, and on multiple devices and networks. I have to force close it a couple times and then it works. Very annoying. I just use the website now.
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