PFCU Mobile

4.6 (426)
25.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Picatinny Federal Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PFCU Mobile

4.62 out of 5
426 Ratings
5 years ago, njdawgsrock
Great staff
Great bank !!
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6 years ago, Gauge Grafix
The visual refresh looks nice, but lacks some features
The new light blue visual skin has given this app a much needed refresh (The splash screen still has the dark blue background though). However, there are a couple of things that stand out and could use some attention: 1) Although both the ledger and available balances display, there isn’t a way to view the pending transactions, only those which have posted. 2) Instant balance is a great convenience, however logging in to check the ledger could be streamlined with Face ID support, which everyone else seems to have. It should be fairly easy to implement.
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5 years ago, Heists haycocks
Sudden issues with the app
This app has been working fine for years and recently (last 3-4 days) it’s been having issues showing I have no network connectivity, repeatedly. Sometimes it works when I shut down the app and go back in. Others will let me get to the page I need and then show the error. Today I tried to delete the app and downloaded again with no change. I hope someone fixes it soon as I use the app daily.
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11 months ago, Jessee343
App Hardly Works
So many issues with logging in - it always prompts me to call a phone number when I’ve entered my information for assistance. (The information is correct because I can log in in a browser, just not the app.)
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5 years ago, NJYogamom
Terrible APP
Honestly this APP is horrible. It does not work. This has been months. Worked at first and now continues to give an error when attempting to enter the password. Have tried to reload it and it continues to fail. Fix it! I can’t comprehend why there is no fix as of yet...
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7 months ago, butufngd jkhb
This app is terrible. The credit union is great. I can never sign in during the early morning. Always gives me errors
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4 years ago, efua tee
I noticed there was a$5 fee from my saving. I don’t know why.
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4 years ago, Tfulp487
New App
New App doesn’t work. Doesn’t let you login
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11 years ago, Raj485
Good App
Nice app, provides all the basic functions.
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11 years ago, htaylor33
Worst app ever
This app worked once and has not worked since. Keeps giving error message. Was nice the one time it worked. Have re downloaded it and still doesn't work. Been weeks since it worked. FIX IT!! Also add mobile deposit like all the thee banks. We are seriously considering moving banks for the convenience factor of mobile banking with so many other banks!! Fixing the app so we can actually us it would be a great first step!! I don't even want to give it 1 start but have to to submit the review!!
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11 years ago, lyn6282
Never been able to access app
Since it came out, I hv not been able to access the app. I even went to the bank to see if they can help me. They did print out instructions and still I put in the correct information and it keeps telling me that I hv to out the correct password. It is just better to use the safari to access ur account.
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8 years ago, Myeeeag
Not working
Please make compatible with ios10 because I can't use the app and it's very inconvenient.
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11 years ago, 99735
Works fine for me
Quick and simple app. No issues logging in.
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11 years ago, Groovy Librarian
Very Basic
But oh so welcome! Glad to see this app, much better than using the net on my phone. Thank you!
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7 years ago, nosniborEdsel
Can't login
Wow this app is awful I can't event login, I try and it goes in loop, these people cant even fix it, it's been going on for about 3 months now. You guys need to find a new developer quick.
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8 years ago, Nix 2577226990
Does not work with the new upgrade iOS 10 can someone please fix this! ASAP so we can use the app!!!
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8 years ago, O 12345
Can't log in
The app won't accept the answer to my security question. It just keeps asking me the same question over and over again
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11 years ago, Aiwa112
Crap App
This app has gone down the toilet. It has become really really slow and is far behind other banks apps
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11 years ago, Vikk23
Iphone5 is not supported
I called my lender several times. Its been 2 weeks and I still cannot get the app to work on my iphone5.
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8 years ago, SFD1982
Not compatible with ios10, always locks out, always prompting a call to bank to unlock it.
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1 year ago, Harvey Vaughn Senior
Awful layout and app development
There are numerous issues wrong with the current version of the app that never seem to get fixed. Whenever you login there’s a90% chance it won’t even let you sign in and you’ll get an error code. On the slim chance are ARE able to sign in the load times are excruciatingly difficult. Not to mention the help number that is provided leads to a pharmacy of some sort asking if you need to refill your prescriptions. Whenever you try to transfer any funds to your savings or checking (or vise versa) you’re given a white blank screen. App needs total reform from paid developers and not someone told on a whim to make a banking app.
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