Phase 10: World Tour

4.8 (472.1K)
411.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mattel163 Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Phase 10: World Tour

4.83 out of 5
472.1K Ratings
11 months ago, madi Fooler
Amazing but 2 things..
Firstly I love this game. It’s very easy to learn and understand plus it tells you exactly what you need every phase. On top of all of this it’s very fun to try to figure out what card you need and have the hope to draw the card you need, but there’s a few things that need to be adjusted to say the least. Firstly it takes way to long to wait for the volts to charge.. for example to play a single phase so 5volts is 25 minutes.. just to get the colts to play 1 phase. I get that this is enticing you to buy volts but most people don’t have the money to buy these things all the time. Secondly the computers aren’t very “fair” I’ve had multiple games where one of the computers just wins first round before I even get to place cards now I get the point is to challenge the player but I’ve spent almost 3 days on the same level and replayed each phase like 5-6 times EACH, which is just crazy. In conclusion how many volts each phase needs OR how long you have to wait for the volts needs to change to make gameplay more fun to play for longer periods of time. Also the computers need to be dumber to say the least or just be given the same sort of hand as the average player. Thank you and I hope you take these ideas into consideration for future updates.
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1 year ago, lajdhdyd
Lightning volts
I love this game and it’s very fun to play. I’ve never had any issues out the game nor any crashes. It’s easy to navigate through. There is one thing specifically that I don’t like about the game and that’s having the play 5 volts per phase in each level. I think that’s way to high especially for users that will play for hours upon hours. You have to wait 5 minutes just for 1 lightning volt. I believe it should be at minimum 2 volts. Some levels have 8 or more phases and some will have to be repeated two or three times. I’ve been stuck on a level for almost 2 days because I kept having to repeat it and would run out of volts to play. I understand they want us to buy more and all but I shouldn’t have to buy them everyday. This is something we do for fun’s me in our free time not a day job. Even with the volts at 2 per phase each level if we didn’t want to wait for the volts to recharge we would still have to buy more so there would still be money being made from us. It would be. I also think waiting 5 minutes for 1 volt is ridiculous. If it’s going to be 5 minutes at least let it be for 5 volts so we can at least play one phase to keep the game alive rather we have to repeat the phase or not, it would keep us playing even longer than what we do. This obviously is just my person opinion but I’ve talked with plenty of other players that agree with these issues but we’re not the developers of the game nor anyone who can make decisions on the game play.
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1 year ago, ItalianMommyof3
Computers win too quickly
Second time I’m leaving a review saying this. Technically the game itself is pretty great. My favorite game until recently, and I’m about to delete it. Once you get so far in the game, the computer wins way too easily and quickly. It’s not about skill or even luck. The computer wins on their first turn, or it lets you get ahead a few levels and then the computer wins immediately every round and you have to start over, over and over again. If you win power ups or buy them, go ahead and expect to lose. I’ve started hands with double skips and 2-3 wilds, and still lose right away without a chance to even play. If the creators are trying to make money by getting people to buy things, it’s not going to work. Why spend money to get things when the computer wins right away? It’s not even fun anymore. This game used to be my go to to unwind and relax, but now it’s just frustrating. I wouldn’t mind getting beat by the computer even more than half the time, but you don’t stand a chance anymore. It’s not that each level gets harder. That would be fine if the sets you’re trying to acquire are harder to get. But you can’t even try because the computer wins right away. It’s setup to slaughter you especially if you have wilds and skips. If you’re ahead the first half, the rest of the game is not even getting a turn or only getting 1-2 turns. The creator doesn’t even respond to reviews. Why have a game that people can’t even enjoy?
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1 year ago, Blondesanta
Not enough energy
This is a fun game with no glitches. Same as every game, way too many ads. My complaints are 1) energy is not restored fast enough as you gain 1 energy bolt every 5 minutes and you need 5 to play a round. That amounts to a lonnng wait time to get enough energy to play. 2) you cannot buy energy with your coins. You can buy gems with coins and in turn use gems to buy energy but you need A LOT of gems to buy the energy which will only get you a few rounds of play. 3) the maximum energy you can achieve is 50 even if you leave the game overnight. That will get you about a half hour of playing time and then you wait for another 30 minutes to store your 5 coins to play one more hand. 4) it takes a long time to be able to open the treasure chests to get more coins, gems and energy, like every few days. Ultimately you need to be a bit more generous with your energy so we can play longer. Or make it so one hand doesn’t cost 5 energy bolts. I refuse to spend money on these games so I just have to quit after a short time and wait to restore that energy to play another hand. Just turned on my IPhone to play and walla!! The energy was full at 115 bolts!! What’s up with that?? I appreciate it but why doesn’t the same app on my iPad only have 50 max bolts. Too bad I don’t play on my phone! Will never use them in one sitting. On my iPad I am done playing in 15 minutes with only 50 bolts. Please make a few changes to enhance my playing time!!
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1 year ago, Tarcotti
Cheating computer!
I’ve played Phase 10 my whole life. This game is the same with a little variety. Ads are not as frequent. It’s great that you can play against computer or random people or friends. However, the computer definitely cheats. A challenge is fine and expected. It’s NOT expected that a computer gets their full set of cards from the very beginning of EVERY round. Some yes, not every round. This only happens the longer you play by the way. The developers can probably hide behind a simple sentence like “it’s supposed to be a challenge” However they cannot hide behind the proof I just saw. I’m playing against 2 computers. Computer 1 is tied with me 2 levels higher than the computer 2. 10 point difference, last hand, down to the wire! The losing computer (2) is on all cards of one color. I lay down my meld (got my set- all I need is to discard the remainder of my cards before computer 1 gets their hand down). So I just try to give Computer 2 what they need to make them go out before computer 1 as well. I lay down EVERY color for them more than once. There’s only 4 colors, not hard to keep track of. They don’t take a single color!! They keep drawing from the draw pile. Then of course, computer 1 gets their hand and goes out by discarding everything they have, and I lose by 10 points. So if in the round, the computer finally doesn’t have the hand right away, it does this instead. Enough. Deleted.
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1 year ago, slickfruit
Fun at times but Rigged
To me making a card game such as this “hard” is not simply keeping the cards necessary to win from the real player. You play the computer unless you go to the arena and somehow I’m much better at beating real people than I am the computer. The straw that broke the camel’s back was something that has happened on more than one occasion. I happened to be dealt a good hand and needed a 2 to complete a set of five. Not once, not twice, but THREE times the person after me discarded a 2. If the phase calls for odd, trust that you’ll be dealt mostly evens and vice versa. I’m sure at face value I sound like a sore loser but once it happens more than half a dozen times in a row, you start to see a patter. There are skips to be played, let the initial hand not work in the players’ favor, whatever, but it’s hard not to feel like the game is rigged when you play against the computer and constantly lose. It’s Phase10 not chess there’s no strategy so if you lose over and over and over (I’m talking you’re on phase 1 of 5 and everyone else is on phase 3 or more) to a computer but win a decent (read: normal) amount of times with real people that doesn’t mean the people you’re playing with are dumb or luck just happens to be on your side. It means the computer you’re playing against, that deals your cards and controls the deck, has the upper hand. It’s a money ploy to get people to buy gems and wilds and etc. and I’m over it.
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9 months ago, dallysgirl333
I recently got this game and realized how addicting it is. I enjoyed playing in my downtime and it helped me unwind but now I can’t even get past a level (that includes multiple sub levels) without having to play three or four times. I understand the computers gotta win sometimes but there’s no skill or luck anymore. This is just a set up for failure because the computer wins the level directly after cards have been passed out. There’s been multiple occasions where I’ve been able to win some of the first sub levels and then immediately after the computer takes over and wins the remaining levels. This forces me to have to play the same level over with the same outcome. Which then means I have to wait to complete the level because I run out of the lightning bolts. So the level ends up taking a few days to get past. I have no issue losing to the computer but when I keep getting the same cards when I draw… it’s not fun anymore. I don’t care about losing in any other situation but this was supposed to be a fun, relaxing game that I would want to recommend to others. I don’t even want to play anymore and find myself spending less time on the app. I don’t even wait till I run out of lightning bolts to stop playing. I just think more people would enjoy it if the tasks got more difficult and the computer didn’t win every round.
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3 years ago, crow30
Would give 0 stars if I could!!!
This game is NOT Phase 10!! If you are a fan of Phase 10, the card game, this is not for you. I have played the actual card game Phase 10 for probably 20 + years. The previous app from the previous licensing was better and actually attempted to have you play the game. THIS app is solely for the purpose of many you pay and pay and pay. It saddens me that the owners of Phase 10 sold their rights (soul) to have this done to the game that so many loved. I cannot fathom all the good reviews. They must either be ignorant of the actual real game and the specific 10 phases that are apart of it OR they are bought off in some way. I tried the game even in this mutilated form and it’s not good even for what it is. As others have said the computer cheats. The “levels” deal the same cards and if you don’t play how the developers want you to you won’t be able to get any stars. The problem is, that means sometimes you must do the opposite of what you would do in a real game in order to win. This is likely to make you use up “energy “ so you then have to pay to get more. Also, since this app makes up a bunch of “phases” that are not in the Phase 10 game, it is not accurate to call it Phase 10, Phase Infinity ♾ is more appropriate. The previous app was just a nice way to play the actual game Phase 10 solo against computer opponents. You could just play the whole game. It wasn’t perfect but it was better than this abomination. RIP true Phase 10 app. :-(
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4 years ago, Pair2117
Has Potential, But Falls Short
The game is fun at the start because they give you extra energy to get you hooked at the start, and ads don’t appear as much. However, once you continue playing for awhile, you quickly run out of energy, and ads are after every single hand, sometimes lasting 30 seconds. It takes 25 minutes to load enough energy to start a SINGLE hand. That’s ridiculous. It takes $2 to buy enough gems to play 6 hands. You might not even finish a single level in the later journeys with that much money, which I think is unacceptable. Considering other fabulous strategy game apps, such as Settlers of Catan or Seven Wonders, are available for $5 or less, including the entire game capability, this whole app just feels like a money grab. You can pay $3 for the apps to go away, which is fine, except it doesn’t solve the energy problem. You just have the honor of paying $3 for something you still cannot pick up and play for as long as you wish. If this game had a reasonable price tag to play it unlimited for $5-10, that would be reasonable, but unfortunately it just feels like a money grab. On top of that, as most of the other low star reviews address, the computers seem to be dealt better hands, and I have seen computer players pick up cards that do not help them, and discarding them for the next computer player to pick up. Overall, disappointing in the end, for a game that has so much potential.
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5 months ago, Me8644521
Algorithm Is Broken
While the game is fun and a nice alternative to the real card game it has 2 major flaws. The first issue is the energy system. It takes way too long to get energy to play. You play for 10 minutes then wait for 4 hours to refill. The main issue is the algorithm for Journey mode is broken. The first ten levels are fun to play, fairly easy to win and you get plenty of wild cards. Then it starts to get a little tougher and then after about level 15 it’s no longer fun to play. I started keeping track of the glaring issues in gameplay. The computer becomes impossible to beat. Not challenging, which is fine, but impossible. Since I’ve been keeping track the ratio of wild cards between player and computer is 9.8 to 1. Yeah, the computer gets almost 10 wild cards to your 1. One game I played against 3 computer opponents they received a total of 43 wild cards and I got 4. Also the computer very frequently makes their hand on2 draws or less and I think I have twice after level 10. I wonder, of all the legitimate 5 star ratings how many of those players paid some money to the app. Maybe if you keep feeding money to the game the algorithm changes. This is just a money grab for the developer. I’d rather buy the game and play a fair algorithm and enjoy the game than keep feeding the meter. Great game but became unplayable so I’ll probably go find something else.
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3 years ago, kitre135
Have to purchase boosters
I love this game, however, when you get to the higher levels it is almost impossible to win without having one or more wild/skip cards. When you're playing the Journey mode, the "computerized" players will lay down in one or two (of difficult) rounds and there is a small chance to win unless you have incredible luck (or bonus cards). Given these can be 2-5 sets, chances are you won't "luck out" that many times. Again, really like this game, but I'm finding it harder and harder to go back to unless I want to start spending money. If anything let the game not be so difficult on the second "world". If it gets really difficult in later "worlds" it would make more sense. From reading the other reviews it seems like you are losing the players that have advanced because of how much the "computer" is cheating. No one gets dealt 3 wild cards every hand in a level. There is also no way someone can CONSISTENTLY go out without ever being able to have a turn. Waste of bonus cards when you aren't even allowed to play. If I would've know this earlier I would've never spent money on this game. I guess keep getting new players who have yet to figure out that you can't advance very far without spending money…
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11 months ago, Bets777
Support is as ridiculous as the game
I keep trying to find out WHO goes first. It’s the first bot who immediately goes out. Next round, same guy or maybe the next bot, who goes out or blocks me. Because I’m an analyst and goofy, it became a challenge to figure it out. Not the next player, nor who has the highest losing score. It’s not who had the most cards left or the fewest. I’d say 70% of the time, it’s a bot. Watch a video for a power up and you don’t need it, or you’ll still never get what you need. Need seven one color and set of odd? You get dealt two or three of the same color and three 12s. Meanwhile, the bots have everything, including lots of power ups you don’t get. Or you need your cards and they keep dealing to you what the next guy needs to go out, so you end up discarding what you need. It’s crazy! As for support, report a bug you know is a bug and they ALWAYS tell you to clear your cache. Ahhh, first, I’m on my phone, not a PC. Second, it’s not a browser based game. And you rarely, if ever, get your stuff back. Have you read the reply’s on the reviews? Always the same. Losing is part of the game…yeah, so is winning. Sorry you didn’t get to use your stuff or you don’t get what the bot gets…If enough people complain, they might want to look into it. It’s clear it’s a Chinese company, if it was the US, we’d all be winning, or at least they’d give us a participation emoji!
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2 years ago, KAM@1127
Unfair computer opponents, need energy to continue playing
I am giving this app 2 stars because the first couple of rounds were fun but as I went further in the game I noticed a lot of flaws. The computers are not fair opponents, I find it increasingly challenging to even make it to the end of my round when the computer already has its phase complete as soon as they pick up their first card. I understand some rounds you get lucky but every single one? Then the discard pile for example has a 12 that i dont need so i dont pick up from there but when i go to the pick up pile guess what number card i get? A 12! Happens frequently so i cant say its a coincidence. The same cards usually get discarded by the computers so when you are doing 7 or 8 of the same color its hard to compete because the pick up pile doesn’t produce the card you need and the cards discarded by the computers arent what you need and you have to play the same round several times to be able to finally get a chance to win. Also because it becomes somewhat predictable what the computers will discard the game becomes tedious and not fun. I also find the fact that you need to collect a certain amount of energy to play ridiculous, especially since it takes so long to gain enough energy to play a decent amount of time. I love the card game Phase 10, really disappointed that this app doesnt live up to that.
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3 months ago, Grafixx01
The game is cool, well made and I like how there are multiple sets hype have to get to beat the level. Problems… there are a large number of them. First off, it’s not playing against other people. It’s ALL NPCs. Second, it’s really funny how after like level 10, it seems that the NPCs just have all the luck… and I mean ALL the luck. They will either always get dealt the hand they need to progress or get it within the first two or three card pickups. Yet the actual player, well let’s just say it doesn’t happen. How could NPCs know like what color you need and NEVER drop it but you NEVER also seem to pick it up from the pile. Or if you need a number, you usually pull numbers from the other end of the stack but NPCs manage to ALWAYS pull what they need? Got to level 17 after install and uninstall over like a month because of how irritating it is to play. The time for multiplayer is ridiculous. People like legitimately just sit there doing nothing for half their time just to make you wait as well. They’ll drop a card or draw right away, then sit there waiting, just letting time go and then eventually make another move. I’m not sitting here for like 10 min to play a game like this waiting on someone to move, they should get like 30 seconds, not over a minute. Uninstalling for the final time because obviously the devs don’t care and are only in it to make money.
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3 years ago, PitcherSSO
Blatantly lopsided
Edit: 3 months after my review below, I downloaded the game again. Not much has changed. However, to be fair, I grabbed 4 decks with my friends and played along in real time with the game as an experiment. We followed the stated demands as far as needing a run or certain amount of colors etc… Results were pretty easy to come by, as rudimentary as the experiment were….. no player was able to make 4 or more levels after being 4 levels down, no one was able to amount any real comeback after one person had amounted a decent lead, however, when playing against the game this is not how it played out. You will still find the bots, or computer players to suddenly have all the required cards to advancer overtake, despite all norms of randomness being expected. Not even funny how one sided the matches are against the computer.... so many times they are delt exactly what the round asks for, or close with a wild card, when you get delt absolute garbage It’s near a statistical impossibility for the same player to get “4 odd of a same color AND a run of 5” in the hand immediately delt, and have the run on cards to go out in the first hand 4 GAMES IN A ROW. Dev just stop trying to explain it away as random when it’s clearly not. Look at all your 1 and 2 star reviews and fix your algorithm to make it truly random… deleted for the SECOND time. I really want this game to work, but it’s not fun when the bots are clearly given the edge.
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1 year ago, shnsis
I would love to give this game a 5 star rating but the facts is that it’s not a 5 star game. For one it take way too long for our energy to go all the way up to 50 if I am being exact it take 4 hours for our entertain level to be full again. Also I love the mini games we get to play but having to use 10 special cards just to get something in the mini game is very annoying. Like first of all we rarely get any special cards and if we do we never get to use them because the boys have already beat us; two the mini game uses too much of the energy; and three we never get enough of the energy for the mini games. I also don’t like how it could take me 50 tries to beat a level but only takes one try for the bot to beat it. I also hate that when I beat a tour I only get the boarder to my picture and never a change in cards like why do we have to earn them through special events it makes no sense. I think it would be better if instead of using 5 energy we could use 1 or 2 that way we can play longer without having to pay, watch ads, or wait. I love the how vibrant everything is though very eye pleasing. I also love the fact that we can play with people from around the world. Another thing I love is all the different mini games that we can play for 30 days.
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1 year ago, BrittTalley
Fun but needs work
Like others have reviewed, the energy needed to play EACH phase of EACH level is set too high. We have to wait 5 minutes for 1 bolt of energy but we Need 5 bolts to play one phase. Computer gets all the best cards and lays them out on first hand or the computers lay skip cards on human player so many times in a row that you can’t get past a certain phase. The computer finishes all the phases in the level before human player can get out of phase 1 or 2, by then all the bolts of energy that were stored up are gone. Even after purchasing the game, they don’t give many opportunities to earn more energy, nor foot prints to dig for prizes, nor gems to pay for energy and it’s lengthy ads to get extra bonus cards to play against the computer which you lose immediately because the computer lays their whole hand down and eliminates all of their cards on the first play. It super frustrating. A little challenge is welcomed but when I play games it’s to be a way to blow off steam not get more upset or frustrated. They just want players to continue purchasing after paying for the game to not have ads. Still depend on ads. All the side games to earn energy are limiting too or a waste-you play and get nothing more than you get something. It just needs some balancing.
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3 years ago, GameIsCheating
Fun but starting to cheat
Like others have said, the computers are starting to cheat so much after the first world or the second and that will quickly irritate me, especially when I use my wilds and fancy skip cards I save up just to have a CPU clear before I even draw, or skipped 3 turns in a row and unable to do anything as they clear on me immediately when my hand had so many points. And what is with them always getting two or three wilds and doing the hardest phases with color runs so quickly while I rarely ever get a single wild on those?! But tell me how I just finished one game where I had -15 points, Kadin had -25, and the other computer was a phase behind us. Kadin cleared, but I only had 5 points to eat which means I definitely had less points than him. But apparently Kadin clearing on that last phase means he won the entire game, despite how I CLEARLY had less points and we BOTH did the last phase together! That makes no sense whatsoever! If the winner is based off having less points when multiple players hit the last phase, like every other round I had won beforehand and playing with friends, why does somebody else clearing the same phase but with MORE points in the end give them the win?! At this point, I’m quickly getting sick of playing if it’s going to cheat like this. Glad I never spent a dime on this app or I’d be even more frustrated.
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4 years ago, BaconManiacEatAlot
Fun for a while
Fun at first. I finished the 1st journey and then went back to finish each level with 3 stars. Could only accomplish 2 stars on the last level - oh well, I moved on to the 2nd journey. Started becoming obvious that the computer always seemed to have the correct cards right at their first move, but I continued to play. Ads are generally able to just X out of them - sometimes you’re stuck waiting the 30 seconds. Then came level 25. Unless you’re spending money it has been impossible for me. Sometimes I’d start out ahead but then one player magically always has what they need and flies through every round and wins. I’ve lost all interest in this and will never revisit it. It’s not fun when you don’t have a chance to win; the other players always seem to skip you or have a handful of wild cards while you jut need 1 more to hit the phase; you are trying to finish a run of a color and the winners are going for the same color; you are going for a set of 4 and others are going for the same number; you throw down a 12 and now you keep picking a 12; the list goes on but I think you get the idea. It’s worth a download for a while but not a keeper. The score means nothing; if you tie a phase then whoever finished it first is declared winner even if you have zero points and they have -5000 points. Enjoy it while you can. Once you hit your brick wall then move on and don’t look back.
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2 years ago, Flymug
Decent game but ads don’t credit powerups, energy taken when you can’t play
The game itself is okay, but I would guess that over 60% of the ads I view for powerups just stop playing mid-view and show a black screen. The frustrating part is this occurs after the game has taken your energy tickets to start a new phase, so you’re just out of luck on using those because you have to quit the game when the ad stops playing. There is even a new ad that just loops - there is no exit except for a split second flash of an exit X and then the ad restarts. Try as I might, I can’t get the ad closed fast enough in that split second, so I’m just out of luck on getting a powerup and the game has already taken my energy tickets for the phase. I could forgo clicking on the ads, but I’m also noticing an increase in the number of black cards/powerups the computer opponents have per hand - so me having to skip the ads because they don’t work doesn’t seem fair, especially during events that require those. Not sure what’s going on that they can’t get their ad functionality together or change the taking of energy tickets to not occur until the phase actually begins, but it’s certainly reducing the enjoyment of playing in general and with events.
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7 months ago, pecanblazian87
NPC Players are Definitely cheating
Technically the game itself is pretty great. My favorite game until recently, and I'm about to delete it. Once you get so far in the game, the computer wins way too easily and quickly. It's not about skill or even luck. The computer wins on their first turn, or it lets you get ahead a few levels and then the computer wins immediately every round and you have to start over, over and over again. If you win power ups or buy them, go ahead and expect to lose. I've started hands with double skips and 2-3 wilds, and still lose right away without a chance to even play. If the creators are trying to make money by getting people to buy things, it's not going to work. Why spend money to get things when the computer wins right away? It's not even fun anymore. This game used to be my go to to unwind and relax, but now it's just frustrating. I wouldn't mind getting beat by the computer even more than half the time, but you don't stand a chance anymore. It's not that each level gets harder. That would be fine if the sets you're trying to acquire are harder to get. But you can't even try because the computer wins right away. It's setup to slaughter you especially if you have wilds and skips. If you're ahead the first half, the rest of the game is not even getting a turn or only getting 1-2 turns. The creator doesn't even respond to reviews.
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3 years ago, green808angel
Feels as if the AI’s team up on you
I don’t know if its purposeful or due to poor planning, but I have gotten to the level 4 of the second map so I have been playing this game for a while. At first its fun, but then it gets extremely frustrating. The bots always seem to have a bunch of wilds and skips and will take turns skipping you (even if you are not in the lead or have placed cards). I would understand the team skipping if you are ahead of them or about to go out for that round, but from the start of the rounds they will steam roll you with those skips. Rarely do they use it on each other, the only times they have is when I’ve already been skipped for that round. The other thing I noticed is they seem to work together. Once I do manage to make the phase, they will discard cards that the other bot can use to go out. I know it seems ridiculous, but when you can’t go out first because the bots are literally handing the win to each other, its obviously a ploy to get you to spend money to get the skips and wilds. When a game seems like the developers built it for the bots to team up on you, in an attempt to get you frustrated and spend money; thats when its unplayable. I know developers need money to support the game, and thats the games purpose. But making people either spend money or leave because you cant win due to cheating bots; you should really work on the balance.
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3 years ago, viceroykg
Obvious that the cards are stacked in the developers favor
When I first started playing it I really enjoyed it. I started wondering if the people I was playing against was a computer and not real people. It became obvious when I got stuck on a level and my opponents never changed when they completed all the tasks. It also became obvious that they always had the correct cards and seemed to get them quickly. That changed after I spent $4.99 for the star pass. I thought ok money well spent but also unfair. I finished my first journey. I started the second one and low and be hold they wanted me to pay another $4.99 for a star pass! Then I got stuck at another level where I’m playing against the same avatars and they’re always winning. I’m frustrated and upset because I love playing this card game. So I was excited when I found the app but I think the developers only care about money. I get that’s what they’re in the business of but to build a game to be unfair is wrong. The game has potential especially if we were allowed to play against real people not a freaking program. As of right now I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone unless they have a large disposable income. I would also recommend that Apple and Google Play look into the app to see if the developers are cheating. Now if the developers listen to all of the negative reviews and make visible changes I’ll change my review. I won’t hold my breath though.
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4 years ago, Joemizer
Game is fun but super unfair
I’ve enjoyed playing phase 10 with my family for a while now so when I discovered this app I was really excited to play it, the first week it was fun and addicting but after that it’s not even worth playing. The computers cheat so badly, 9/10 they will have exactly what they need as soon as the round starts while you’re lucky to even get a set of 3 and if you’re one card away from going down the computer before you will do anything to keep you from going down, you’ll get skipped 2-3 times in a row or the computer will just pick up a card from the discard pile and immediately discard that same card to keep you from potentially grabbing a card you need from the discard pile (which is smart gameplay but they do it before they even go down so it’s like they know what you need). You’ll play on the same level over and over again for hours or sometimes days even only to get one star when you finally complete the level. And another bad thing is it takes 5 energy to play one round whether you win or lose and it takes 5 minutes to just get one energy so when you’re out of energy you have to wait 30 minutes to just play one round which you’ll most likely get set within the first 30 seconds of the round starting so it’s not even worth trying. This game has lots of potential to be a really fun game but the computers need to cut their cheating crap and give you a chance to enjoy it
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3 years ago, Anonymous12@
Rigged, money-grabbing, and frustrating.
While I enjoy the creative new phases in Journey mode and the limited time events, I have to echo what most people have been saying in recent reviews. The game-playing against computer players is RIGGED! You can’t claim “all cards are dealt randomly” and “all players are regarded equally” when the CPUs are constantly magically phasing out AND ending the round on their VERY FIRST TURN all the dang time! Or when they’re dealing US like 3 skips IN A ROW while they only skip the other players once! It takes me forever to pass levels. Don’t even get me started on the energy system. You should not lose energy if you win a round! It takes 5 energy to play one round, and the automatic regeneration maxes out at 50, giving you only 10 TRIES before you have to wait half an hour to play again. The developers should increase the max regeneration or make it where you only use energy when you lose a round (well really they should do both, but since they’re money-hungry, they would probably only do one if enough people complain). Definitely don’t spend real money on energy because of that point - such a waste. Then if you want to play with actual people, you have to spend coins every time, so it discourages you from playing with actual people often so you don’t burn through all of them.
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5 months ago, Doodle jump/finger physics fan
Fun well made game ruined by ads and energy
This game is really fun and a neat twist to an enjoyable card game, Phase 10. The app itself runs very smoothly and has no issues. However, there are so many pop ups that ruin the experience completely. I get prompted to play an unrelated event/game that I do not care about after EVERY round. It is also very difficult to close out these forced popups because they do not let you close out for a few seconds, and sometimes make you interact with the random game event. I only want to play Phase 10 and not a random game that has no place in this app. It also is ridiculous to spend 5 energy per PHASE, with only a max of 50 energy. This makes it impossible to play the game for more than 10 minutes at a time. Energy also restores way too slowly meaning you have to take a break for hours. It would be much more reasonable to use up energy per attempt at a level rather than for every individual phase. An offline mode or ability to play with friends without spending coins would make this app 5 stars. I would even pay a 1 time purchase to have unlimited energy, or the ability to play offline or with friends. However, I will not buy microtransactions which RUIN an otherwise well made app. The energy, ads, popups, and FORCED gameplay events ruin the app. Let me play Phase 10. I and many others would even pay money to do that.
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4 months ago, LocalLazyBoy
Painfully rigged in computers favor or just horrible coding
I don’t know if it’s “rigged” and I’ve seen the developers response to some reviews saying it’s random, but either it’s rigged and they are lying or they have horrible coding and don’t even play their own game (or at least play without the boosters). The easiest way to realize how rigged it is, is to force close the app every time the computer goes fully out (all clear, rounds over) and you don’t. Close it before it tallies points and it’ll reset the hand / phase like it didn’t happen. Now if it was truly random, being able to put down shouldn’t be an issue if you reset enough times, as the cards you are dealt are also changed, and there should be times the computer can’t put down. In reality though you can play 15+ do overs of the same phase and still have the computer put down in the first 3 rounds in every single hand while not being able to put down yourself at all. True random would make this statistically impossible, but rigged random makes this pretty normal. The game itself is fun, it’s phase 10 at its core after all. Just be warned you’re going to feel cheated more often then not and know that what they really want you to do is spend real money on wilds and skips. You can even change any of your cards to a wild mid-match. Instead of being pay-2-win it’s pay to have a fair chance.
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4 months ago, Emilyspencer
Almost every level is hard
I do think it’s a good game and I love the multiplayer/online part. That’s really the only good part though. The game levels are hard for no reason. I got stuck on one of the hard levels for 3 days. Now I know it’s hard, that’s why it has the skull that’s the whole point, but 3 days worth? And I’ve been stuck on regular ones for extended times but I noticed that one the most. It would be more fun if you could choose your difficulty or it just wasn’t as hard. I get not winning every time but it shouldn’t take me days or a whole day to pass a level. Regular levels are meant to be easier, that’s the whole point but they are what I think the skull should be. If it wasn’t for the online id give this one star but the online is so much fun and you can tell your playing with actual people. You don’t loose constantly but you don’t win constantly. I feel like that’s how the levels should be. Computer shouldn’t win every time then after a while it gives you everything to win. ALSO so many of those levels you don’t even get a chance to play a card because the computer has all of them to win the round. It’s probably a money grab so you buy more energy stuff and power ups but it shouldn’t be.
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3 years ago, star4056
I would give this game 5-stars, however, a huge drawback is that the free lives for the journey mode doesn’t last very long and it’s very costly if you want to keep playing. I typically don’t mind paying for extras because I know they have to earn money somehow, but I spent about $25 which gave me maybe an extra hour of additional playing time (give or take). This is because in the journey mode you play against bots and it’s very one-sided. Those hands are almost always stacked against you so it’s very difficult to win and advance and that’s where the frustration is. If the cards were evenly distributed when you play against the bots it would be the best game out there, but it’s not. It’s also very expensive if you want to play in a room with your friends. The Multiplayer is fun because I love to play against actual people & there’s a better chance of winning. I’ve been able to play for hours & the frequency of getting free lives is great because you can save them up, which you can’t do for the journey mode. The concept of this game is really good & it flows nicely. I have to say, it’s one of the better games I’ve played thus far, but it’s just too darn expensive for me. If money is no object, I would say this game is for you.
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1 year ago, boomrbu
The game is fixed
The game was fun at first, but the further I’ve gotten into the levels, the more I it seems the game is fixed. If you want to progress through the level, you’re required to purchase wildcards or skip cards to have even a slight chance. I can go through a hand several times and predict, without fail, when a character will lay down and then go out, while I sit with a hand of rainbow mess. Without fail, if I need an even set of something, I’m literally dealt all odd cards. In the next hand, if I need odd cards, I’m dealt all evens. Need a set under 4? Guess how many 10s, 11s and 12s I draw for the whole hand! Need cards over 9? Guess how many 1s, 2s and 3s I draw while the predicted character goes out within a couple of draws—or less. The side quests are also out of control. There can be two or three little side games going on that you cannot ignore. You are forced to go through them to get to the next hand. Sure…have some side games if you want, but let me choose if I want to participate. I paid to not have ads, so at least that works. The game would be much more fun if you made the card dealing truly random. I’ve played the game IRL and haven’t had this much trouble getting through a phase on my worst days. And make all the side quests optional. Don’t force me to learn about them.
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4 years ago, itsallonesandzeros
Totally rigged
This game is not a random dealt card game. It’s not fun when the computer is set to win a certain number of times and your own skill at keeping/discarding is pointless. The computer players are clearly given an advantage and I have experienced several times an impossible hand by the computer players. Other times i have received exactly the card I need only after being stuck on a level for several rounds. The timing of it working out for me is suspicious. There have been rounds that the computer player draws one card and can all of a sudden play multiple cards and win after nothing else has changed on the table and in the previous turns the computer couldn’t play. Several rounds will go by where the computer player is not able to play and just discards. Then all of a sudden they can play 3 or 4 cards out of their hand and win when nothing else has changed to make that possible. Knowing a card game is rigged is not fun at all. Glad I didn’t pay for this. Deleting. Oh, and the computer player pics are hideous. In response to the developer’s response, you are a liar. No way is this random. Just the fact that in each Journey game there is one computer player that goes way out ahead of the other computer players proves it. There is one who is set to win in each game. It couldn’t be more obvious. I have NEVER seen one computer player pass another computer player.
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3 years ago, jennastrutt
Completely rigged.
It’s fun at first… until you realize how it works and see the patterns. Believe the other negative reviews talking about how rigged this game is in favor of the computer players - and not only are they favored, the decks are often stacked against you so strongly that there’s no way you can win in a reasonable amount of drawn cards while the computers quickly get all of the cards they need to end the phase (on occasion they’re dealt all of the right cards in difficult phases before you even have a chance to play a turn). Not only that, but the game seems to be trying to insinuate that in “multiplayer” mode they’re searching for other human players for you to play against in exchange for a gamble of various amounts of coins. Think again. These are also computer players - I had the hunch because I saw the same patterns and advantages given to the computer players in Journey mode, but it was confirmed when I had to close my screen to tend to something and I came back to realize that turning the screen off stopped the timer I had to play my turn. These supposed human players were still waiting for me to play my card 1/2 hour later when I turned my iPad screen back on and I was able to continue to play through. Why use names and avatars that look like they belong to other human players if you’re not playing human players? Deceptive.
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2 years ago, Not like they listen anyway
Do yourself a favor and don’t download
So for the Journey mode, you have different levels. 1-30. After you complete lv 30 you start at lv1 again only it’s in another scene. The main issue, once you get into the second section of the game, the deal your opponents all lay down hands. You don’t even get a chance to play. You will have for an example, a run of 5 and an odd of 4. You have to get 5 cards in consecutive order (I.e 1-5) and 4 odd cards (3,5,7,9). You will get dealt four 12’s, two 4’s, one 5, two 6’s, and a 2. Yea you may have a 4,5 and a 6, but you have to get rid of all four 12’s because you can’t use them. Which means you can only get rid of them by disgracing and the game never last over 4 rounds. 90 percent of the time, the opponent makes there phase on the first round and you are lucky if they don’t go out. The amount of lay down hands that are dealt to the opponents is ridiculous. This game isn’t anything like a real game. No one gets lay down hands this much. You can’t change the difficulty so you are just stuck playing the same level over and over again. I absolutely love phase 10, I play the actual card game with my family all the time. This is nothing like that, do yourself a favor and go get a real deck of cards. It’s less stressful and it’s fun with the family. Definitely deleted and won’t be downloading again.
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5 months ago, Idgaf1626/893023873
Could be an amazing game but needs to fix algorithm!
A huge fan of phase 10, a very fun family game… with that being said, the computer players are given way too many wild cards and/or they complete the phase within 1-2 turns. I understand that it’s more than possible for that to occur in real life (I play this game often with my family) but it happens way too often in the app. The algorithm isn’t adding up! Almost every single time I start a new phase the computer completes their phase within 1-3 turns and I’m lucky if even finish before they completely discard. On a side note, what is the point of coins? The diamonds are what buys things within the game, so why the heck do the coins not buy the diamonds??? Definitely a design flaw. I have 800plus coins and no diamonds. The coins need to busy diamonds or be used to buy the things that the diamonds can buy. Another side note, the mini challenges that kinda relate to gameplay are immensely stupid. If I wanted to roll dice and watch me go around board i I would play a board game, if I want to decorate a Christmas themed entry way I would download a design game. I would spend that time and money perfecting the game that people actually download to play. Just saying.
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2 years ago, .,.,.,.,.,....
As a company, you are fully aware of the expectation people have for your products and sadly this game delivers more disappointment than pleasure. I like the game of Phase10, I like how you attempted developing a game to convenience the experience with themes and creative levels…but you lose me completely with how you have designed the game levels and how much money you ask for your app adds. I’m sorry, I’m also trying to figure out how I spent money on ad-free, and was free for like a day…what exactly did I pay for because the amount of ads I get is ridiculous- I’m just slowly growing disgusted with the app. I know you see and hear from consumers. You can’t tell me that you haven’t heard about the way the computer coincidentally is winning in ways that in normal game play just does not happen-I can be up 3 rounds and on my last level and boom, here comes the cpu with a 4 round win streak (for the 3rd time) and I may have drawn/played 3 cards out of all those rounds…and I lose. I could keep going…just know-I’ve complained before, I’ve downloaded and deleted…took a break for a while…tried again…and let’s just say this is my third, and probably the last time…. Like I said…disappointing. Do better with this please-you’re spoiling my entire experience, and I’m sure I am not the only one.
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3 years ago, VaderT
Does it look rigged to you??
Alright. I’ve read a lot of the reviews that said this game was rigged. And I agree! After reading a lot of them, I went back to the game, and started the next round, as I was waiting for my energy to fill back up. The game started. 2 rounds later, Sabin completed his phase. THREE cards left. Ok, no big deal. One round later, I completed MY phase. Yay! Was able to place a few cards, and had ONE left. Oh look! Teresa skipped me. Shucks. Well, that’s understandable, I’m close to winning. Sabin’s turn. End of round. (My skipped turn, I can play next round), Teresa’s turn. Sabin’s turn. Um… Sabin skips me again. Teresa’s turn, she discards. Sabin’s turn. Oh, he won.. Out of the whole game, I got 2 turns. So, developers, how is it that random and fair? I understand you saying that, but can you not see how it looks to the players? To us it doesn’t look random and fair at all when we get 2 plays per phase, and the AI gets 4-5 plays, and then wins. If you’re saying it’s random, can you make it MORE random? That way it looks less like you’re trying to infuriate and frustrate your players. Also. Fix the energy system. It’s just as unfair. It should be 5 energy per numbered journey. Not 5 energy per phase. It’s unbalanced. If that was the ONLY thing you fixed, the game would be 1,000,000 times better.
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10 months ago, cathcart5
More about money than a game
This is a well executed game, and it was very fun … Until it became obvious it was more about the money than about the game. Shame on Mattel for partnering with a company that is so interested in digging money out of users it makes the original game disliked instead of remembered fondly. In the beginning, I loved playing against the computer players, even if they have the advantage consistently. What is irritating, and ultimately makes the game boring, is the constant demand for money in order to get any additional advantages. Most other games of this type that are well done provide more frequent ability to earn advantages, and I don’t mean earned by watching ads. Here there are very few, infrequent, unrelated. Therefore, there is no actual drive to keep playing if you don’t want to keep paying or watching ads. I could complain about it being unfair, but of course it is. They are all unfair, but this game is consistently slanted to provoke a human to lose in order to encourage use of advantages and power ups. It is the constant pop-ups, with the default preset to use cash only power ups and no settings to tune defaults, that makes it boring. Too bad because I could’ve been a lifelong player; instead, this was a two week excursion to boredom and disappointment.
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3 years ago, haiehwbrkdj
Star rating is fake!
I don’t see how this has over a 4 star rating! I have never read a good review of this game! The reviews are correct this game cheats! You play for a bit and it’s fun then it is impossible to win. The computer has laid down and gone out without me being able to play three times in a row and then when it is my turn to go first I obviously can not go out on the first turn and then the computer will go out on its turn. This is a reoccurring cycle. I will then buy the star pass and I have a chance at winning (a chance doesn’t mean I will actually win just seems more fair) for a few levels and then back to the same cycle. Everyone understands the developers want to make money but there is a freaking limit! I keep coming back to this game every few weeks or when there is an update but after over a year and countless updates there is still NO CHANGE! The developers obviously read these reviews and say the same thing over and over again “the computer is fair the cards are random”! Ha ha ha! Yeah right! Just like when you play poker with your uncle and he will lay down 3 kings and you have 2 in your hand! And he swears he doesn’t cheat! It is obvious that the developers don’t care about the user! Thanks for ruining one of my favorite card games and replacing nice fun childhood memories of the game with anger and frustration!
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2 years ago, Rose Morrison
Pause 10
Only giving 3 stars because it’s nearby impossible to get all the stars on each world you go into. The computers you play up against is always winning. They will make you think you will win the game and then on your last round you will never get the cards you need and then the computer will block you until the computer wins a hand leaving you with -90 points and you need to be under -65 to get all 3 stars. You then use your hard working money to buy some cards to block the computer thinking this time you got the computer and again you will not get your cards that you neeed. I am about to delete this game and not play it again. I will give this game or that last star I need 2 more weeks and if I do not get it bye bye to this game. I’ve spent a whole month trying to get my last star and it’s not happening…. Edit: After reading everyone's well almost everyone’s reviews it seems there is no way of winning this game because ftom the very start of when this game came out everyone’s been having issues of how the computer always wins. People who reviewed the reviews say how sorry they are but have not fixed the issue. Well ftom today forward I will never spend another penny on this game. In fact, I may just delete this game and go play skip Bo. Good luck everyone and pause10 you lost another customer
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1 year ago, Tennislover94
Too many ads, and unnecessarily complicated
I ~never write reviews but this app is so annoying I decided to. I love phase 10 (the actual game) and it’s one of my favorite card games. The app’s interface is very nice i.e. the graphics look very clean and like a lot of development went into it (the graphics are very nice, kind of like candy crush). But there are so many complicated things in the app. There’s “energy” which you need to spend to even play one round and gets replenished with time. So if you want to play for longer periods of time you either can’t (wait for more energy) or I think you can buy more energy with gems (which you can buy with real dollars or get through random points in the game). In addition to energy and gems, there’s also coins, I think they are used for buying random things. The app has so many different parts to it, like a garden to buy flowers, a section to get pets (??) and a cafe for buying food (??) ?? There’s several places you can get surprise gifts/coins/other things but it’s very confusing and so unnecessary. Kind of reminds me of FarmVille-esque games (which I do enjoy). But why does a card game need all this? There are tons of other card games on the App Store that are fun, simple, and have ads and I think that’s how phase 10 should be.
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3 years ago, tenacioust_afrochic
Willing to Update My Review upon Improvement
I have to agree with the “Has Potential” reviewer. While this app does have good things going for it - the creative new phases, the limited time journeys, the coin arena - it also needs some work on the coding side. I can’t imagine the difficulty of coding something to this level but in the end you are coding for UE and it’s not hittin like it should. As players we KNOW when the deck is stacked against us and it is extremely frustrating. I’ve found that usually when I’m dealt cards I have the opposite of whatever the phase is - if I need runs, I have sets and vice versa. Also there does seem to be a timing to how good or bad I’m doing like streaks of bad luck or good luck. During the bad luck streaks - there’s nothing I can do to win. Now this doesn’t always happen and sometimes I’m getting the miraculous hands with 3 wilds. But more often than not - I don’t get skips or wilds and the computer gets multiples of them and seems to easily hit the hardest phases ( like a set of 2 and a set of five). I will continue playing and look forward to updates that address the issues the reviewers have indicated( I don’t have time to get into pay-for-play and the energy debacle) I started playing about a month ago and it seems like some complaints in 2020 reviews have already been addressed.
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4 years ago, moejo5370
Yin/Yang...............Great game/Terrible game
It starts out like it’s gonna be the best game in the world and then they hit you with the reality that you’re never gonna win a game unless you’re dumping a ton of money into it. The first journey you start is pretty easy and as you get to the end of it you start to notice the computer ALWAYS finds a way to win. You will start a hand and miraculously the computer has drawn one card, it’s first card, and has completed the phase and has gone out before you can even draw a card. It gets worse in the second journey, ads popping more often, the computer blowing through the phases while you struggle to get the one card you’ve needed from the deal or the computer having 3 or 4 wild card a hand and you never seeing a single wild card. I love card games and Phase 10 is one of my favorite! But this version is ridiculous. I am now on the third journey and I have learned that when the computer starts beating you way too easily you can close down the app, kill it and go back into it and it resets it back to the start of that hand, not the beginning of the round. This has will help a little when the deck is stacked against you. I still have this game on my phone and will continue to fuss and play but be warned that if you download this game your frustration levels will go through the roof.
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4 years ago, meg3627
Seriously could have made this app better if allowed to play with friends
Seriously!! How can you let one or both or all of the computer players automatically have all the cards they need to pass the level!! And seriously the stars! I have played the same levels several times, I win and have less points than the computer players and I only get 2 stars? You have to go through every level sometimes 3 or 4 times before you can beat the computer! It’s insanely frustrating!! Plus you have to have diamonds to buy energy and the coins are useless unless you want to play other people but even then you have rude people telling you to hurry up when your turn just started! Plus you lose more coins when you don’t win and each level the amount of coins to play is outrageous! After playing a few levels you start to see the pattern of the computer players. And seriously 5 minutes for 1 energy is freaking ridiculous!! 50 diamonds for 5 energy bolts! Also 50 bolts max?? Why can’t you make it a 100 max full capacity?? Really!! You have to either pay or wait 25 minutes so you can play one round and lose!! Why don’t you make the game better by letting people play with family and friends virtually like we would be doing at any family gatherings! If you weren’t so focused on taking money from people, maybe you would have more people playing.
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2 years ago, Misskaylss
2nd Review
Writing another review because my last review was never posted for some reason. Again, if I could give this game ZERO stars, I would. As you’ve seen in all the previous reviews, this game is rigged and all the computers are cheaters. If you are playing against multiple players, it seems that you hardly ever win unless you play the same level 20 times. The cards are not dealt at random no matter what the game makers say. Explain to me how the computers all have MULTIPLE wild cards in their hand?? I’m talking 2-4. Also explain how the computer draws 1 card and miraculously can lay down their hands and be out before I’ve even drawn a card? That’s not how this game even works in real time. Also, I’ve noticed as you’re playing with multiple computer players, no one runs out of cards until all the computer players have laid down their sets. I’ll complete the set and will draw all these random discard cards and we are all going in circles until the last computer gets to lay down their sets, and then those players run out of cards. You can’t win at this ridiculous game. I hate it so much. Don’t waste a DIME on this game either. They take your money over and over again just for the same stupid outcome, to never win. I’m mind blown how this app has 4.8 stars. It’s garbage. No one likes cheaters. At least make this game fair!!
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1 year ago, Djddjfnwjh
Fun but…….
Fun game, love the different variations to complete levels, but you run out of energy way too quickly and the AI is on an insane level. 5 volt (energy) per leg of anywhere from 3-8 legs of a round is way too much energy consumption for the game to be even remotely enjoyable on a long term basis. Especially when your going up against 3 AI characters at once. You can spend days on a level only to fail it because the AI magically gets dealt the cards needed to complete a set while you wait round after round for the card/cards you actually need. I don’t mind watching a video for energy but you only get 5 volts which lets you only play one leg of a round. Then it’s back to the waiting game for more energy. Like every other free game in the App Store it is geared to get you to spend money. I understand the model but still can’t for the life of me see how it works in a creators favor. More often than not it just turns players off to the game and we wind up just deleting it. Hopefully the developer comes up with a fix, or a more creative method to entice players to stick with their apps (other than “give me your money!!!) that start off so promising them miss the mark with the execution.
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2 years ago, Brandon I. J-J
Strong Start, Terrible Finish
As said by many other fans of the card game, the game is fun at first. But as you progress through the levels, it goes from fun and satisfying, to frustrating and unbearable. First issue is the energy. It takes 5 minutes for a single energy, 25 minutes for 5 energy, and over 4 hours for full energy and for what? Within 5-10 minutes, it’s all gone and it leaves you waiting another 4+ hours. Second issue is the cards dealt as you progress. The computers you play against (as it seems) tend to phase out instantly. Meanwhile, the cards in my hand are the exact opposite of what is needed. For example: If the current phase is “run of four and four of one color,” my hand would consist of pairs and multiple different colors. Then the deck of cards seem to favor the computer rather than be unbiased. Third issue is the fact that every individual game that you play with your friends and family charge you each time. Of course it can be solved by simply playing against players from around the world. But for those who want to virtually play the game instead of physically playing, this could be a huge obstacle to overcome. This is indeed a fantastic game, but these are issues that must be solved to ensure that those who don’t wish to spend money in-game enjoy it as much as those who do.
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4 years ago, Fernardo
Glitchy, money centered, and unfair!
Everything in this game is designed to get you to purchase something. 5 energy just to do PART of a level, even if you beat it. Most games, you only use energy or lives when you lose a level, but this one you use 5 every time. Not to mention it is 5 minutes to gain back ONE energy so it’s about half an hour for every PART of a level. Including the fact that since the computers often go out before you can even draw a card it takes several tries for each PART of a level, it’s very clear that they are trying to get you to purchase more energy or gems that you use to purchase energy. Also, I have noticed that lately when I do multiplayer, when I get back in the app, I have 0 coins. There was once when I had over 500 coins, lost 320, then returned and had 0. And just now I played a multiplayer match with 100 coins when i started. Won the match, won about 300 coins in it, but now is showing I have 0. Even though you cannot do anything with coins but multiplayer, it is a nice way to pass time while you are waiting half an hour to try your level again. Only reason I am playing this is because of the quarentine I am so bored. The only reviews I see for this app are negative yet they have a 4.8 star rating. Another glitch perhaps.
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3 years ago, Jackalope13
Such a scam!
Don’t download! Basically 2/3 of the way through the first map game changes big time! To get three stars usually can’t get more than 50pts the whole level which means you can’t lose even one phase. And good luck on that. Suddenly all the npcs have like 2-3 wilds while you have no black cards, and at least one of them will get their phase if not go out within 2 turns if not go out. It’s all to get you to buy way over priced black cards. Moreover, the ads are nonstop, and the few ads with rewards for some reason the only ads that never work. Except the gold ones. Oh and there’s nothing to spend the gold on. Been doing last level of the first map for two days keep resetting because there’s no way to get three stars when by 3/6 almost all of us have too many points because of the one person going out so fast. In conclusion the game is rigged to make you spend a little early before you realize it’s rigged. Don’t fall for it. Update: It’s clear they know the issues. Spent 20min going through reviews all saying same thing I did for over a year. Not one positive written review. Which leads me to believe they just scamming their star reviews. Hope some tech savvy person goes through the coding and proves their fraud saying it’s random cards for everyone and npcs don’t help each other.
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2 years ago, AndiDoerf
Great, if you like losing
This would be a perfect game for people that like to lose and like to waste money doing it!! Phase 10 is my favorite card game to play with my family so, my husband and I downloaded this app to play against each other, we even paid to get ads removed but we are both so disappointed! To play each other it cost coins but you have to pay for each phase instead of paying for 1 game (10 phases) and most games where you play against friends you don’t have to pay anything! When you play against the computers in journey mode it is so blatantly rigged against you that it’s not even fun. The computers almost always have just the right combo of cards dealt to them and will “go out” before you’ve even had a single turn, which if you’ve ever played the real card game you would know that is a rare occurrence but in this app it happens in about 1/3-1/2 of the hands you play. This is even more frustrating because you have to use 5 “lives” for every hand/phase you play against the computers and if you win or purchase boosters like wild cards or skip cards then the chances of the computers winning the match before you even get a turn goes up even more so you’re money is essentially being stolen. I’m deleting the app, I’ll stick to playing the physical card game.
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4 years ago, 5ashp91
ETA: I hate this app so much that I periodically check back at the reviews to read how much other people hate it, too. It’s therapeutic lol. This is the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. I have never been so frustrated by an app. To the developers: if you’re going to give another “tHe CaRdS aRe dEaLt RaNdOmLy” or “aLl PlAyErS aRe ReGaRdEd ThE sAmE” response, don’t even bother. It’s honestly insulting. I by no means expect to win every hand, but when I’m skipped 3 times in a row for 5 hands in row while every other player magically has the cards they need in the first turn for every single phase, it’s obvious that there’s a problem. Y’all need to be taken by the geese for your ridiculous responses. All of these people are not wrong. Your game is the problem. I have loved phase 10 since I was a kid, so I was super excited to find this app. Unfortunately, it’s very frustrating bc the bots almost always have all the cards for their phase in the first turn or two, meaning you hardly even get to play. You use 5 “lives” to play one single round, and more often than not, you don’t even get to play that round bc the bots phase out immediately. Also, y’all are delusional if y’all think I’m about to pay actual currency for a handful of lives that are useless bc of the way the game is set up. Y’all would be better off charging one time for the app
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