Philadelphia FCU Mobile

4.8 (10.8K)
56.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Philadelphia Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Philadelphia FCU Mobile

4.85 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Peanut2017_
LOVE THIS APP!! This needs to be fixed
This app is berry convenient and easy to use. I love using it. However, the only problem is that sometimes it won’t let me transfer money from my accounts. I always get the the “this transfer is unavailable” and I don’t understand why because I have money in my accounts. So I don’t know if this is a bug thing that needs to be fixed. That’s the only issue when I need a quick transfer and then I have to go to the bank to do so
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2 years ago, PFCU fan 4eva
PFCU Credit Unions for ever
PFCU is the best. I’ve always tried to bank with a credit union and was so happy to open my account with PFCU when I moved to Philly long ago. The app has made banking easy, especially through the pandemic. It is always reliable and I’ve never experienced a time when it was down or not working!
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5 years ago, evelyn7221
“Cash back offers available” notifications :(
Please please please, add an option to the app settings that gives users the option to turn off push notifications for “Cash back offers available”. They pop up several times a day, basically every time you close the app a new one comes through. It has a strong boy-who-cries-wolf effect on all your app’s push notifications, which is quite bad when people rely on those push notifications for things like low balance alerts. Please give us the option to turn off just “Cash back offers available” notifications in the app settings.
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3 years ago, jjunejayk
Pfcu app is not up to date
This app is great for simple things such as transfer money between accounts and pay loan. Other than that, this app is not up to date with the other mobile banking apps. Other apps for example, I can check my Fico credit score, I can transfer money to ppl that don’t use the same bank as I do and most important, I can open another account with out going thru so much. My direct deposit drops 8 am in the morning instead of midnight. Which is kinda annoying.
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2 years ago, Mrs Khristopher Allison
Easy App
I think the app is easy to use. Love the ability to deposit checks. What I would absolutely love in this app is to have a memo option when making transfers. When I do transfers I know they are for good reason but most times I forget why. If a memo bar was available that would be great for customers to look back to see why they made the transfer.
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2 years ago, Sarkin Musulmi
Fantastic Application
I am now gradually knowing how to use the “Mobile Deposit” system provided by the E-Banking from PFCU. I love the App that gives me many ways of transactions without visiting a location, and without it, I have to be traveling from Vineland, Mew Jersey to conduct any transaction. This is one of the best options of easy banking.
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6 years ago, rllopez1
Mr Lopez
I love PFCU for many reasons. I use to bank with Wells Fargo for many years. One day I found myself in a jam going through hard times, I ask Wells Fargo for a small loan and they denied me, and I had good credit. Long story short I walked inside PFCU and walked out with a signature loan and an auto loan and I wasn’t a member, how cool is that! I went back to Wells Fargo and closed my account. Thanks PFCU for everything.
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6 years ago, Sean Reed 21
Account Names
Great app. One change I would make is in regards to linked accounts. Would be nice to view account names to transfer between. Currently just see account numbers when transferring, not sure which account is which until you go into the transfer screen.
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2 years ago, hemperoni
Bad e-deposit feature
This app is generally okay, but recently the e-deposit feature is pretty much impossible to use. The screen blurs asking you to rotate the phone in order to take a picture- you can’t exit this screen now without closing the app, and you can rotate your phone again and again and it doesn’t register that you are indeed hovering over a check in the correct spot to take a pic. Please fix this bug!
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3 years ago, Jeniegirl930
Great Bank
Pfcu is an awesome bank. The app is very convenient and easy to use. I’ve been banking with them for 6yrs and I’ve never had a problem that they didn’t fix immediately. Have nothing but good to say about this bank.
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7 months ago, Patpatpatppppp7777
These reviews have to be fake. The app is borderline unusable.
Since I started banking with PFCU, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve opened the app and it actually showed my account information correctly. I have been unable to access my account through the app almost the entirety of my time being a member with an auto loan. These reviews are almost certainly written by paid actors or bots. Please make the app actually show account info as an absolute baseline minimum.
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2 years ago, irish seeker 336
Easy to us to pay bills and transfer funds
The app is easy to go on and pay bills and also transfer money between accounts
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5 years ago, cassfrumctrl
Love it
A bit of a run around to set up but once you have it is it honestly a life saver. It saves so much time and makes transfer and monitoring your accounts so easy granted those are the only features i ever use. 10/10 recommend tho
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6 years ago, Ilove_heart
Very easy to use
This app is not bad considering that it is a credit union. It hardly ever has problems. Just wish I am able to do a few more things on the app. (I may just need to look around and see if I can do the things I want to do.) It is also very easy to use and navigate around.
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4 years ago, KaylaN322
Very good and reliable. I’ve had the app and bank account for a while now and it’s great, no overdrafts, rewards for paying subscriptions on time. Will recommend
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1 year ago, pressed4tym
Fix the mobile deposit feature
Apparently the app doesn’t recognize checks even when the picture is crystal clear. Second time in a couple months that I’ve had this issue. I canceled the deposit and my other bank’s app accepted it with no problem.
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4 years ago, matrangam
Something is broken
I’m getting an alert that says “Application Error” when logging in. Also the 2FA systems appears to be broken because it also shows the same dialog when attempting to change passwords.
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6 years ago, AM Grayson
Mobile deposit
I'm so happy that the mobile deposit feature is now available in this app instead of being a separate app process.
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3 months ago, Choc215
Been my bank since I was a teenager
Always had a great experience with this bank. Can’t wait to sign my children up with it as well.
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3 years ago, kjtkeezy
Pfcu app review
Fast login and interface is also good as well. Only problem is face login can act buggy somtimes and require you to use it but still make you put your password credentials in anyway.
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4 years ago, Derrick1980
The way to go!
I love this app. It has given me control of how and when to pay bills and a accurate amount of what I have available.
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2 years ago, "Purple Flower"
New online Customer
Hi, I am enjoying,using my PFCU,card:Just stating using the mobile app,it’s pretty cool 😎.I even paid a bill from using my mobile app;I reviewed my b at lance,it’s as blessing: Thank you,PFCU,staff, Stephanie N.
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6 years ago, ChuckCh
Serving me well
This app has made my banking, bill paying, check depositing etc. so much more easy and time saving. It’s very rare that I have to go into an actual branch.
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2 years ago, BrittJet
Can’t get past the bot page
I have been having issues logging in from the app for about 2 weeks now. Every time I log in I am directed to a “confirm you’re human page” and after following all prompts, I am still unable to log in and given a generic error message.
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4 years ago, RobW521
App quits when Bill pay selected
I have always used this app with very few, if any problems. Last night I updated iOS to 14.3. Since then, the app quits immediately when I select Bill pay.
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2 years ago, Temle AZ
Great service
Always able to access my account and get support if needed.
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2 years ago, 100 real talk
Very helpful
I called they answer questions and walked me through everything
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3 years ago, toroo1
Excellent service
This app is easy to use and very valuable for keeping track of all transactions. A+
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4 years ago, Deloreslane
Best app ever
I love this app. It’s so reliable and keeps me updated with my account. The text alerts letting me know when my account is low is the best. So happy I downloaded it.
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6 years ago, Urmainde
Almost worthless for check deposits
I am wasting so much time trying to deposit checks
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5 years ago, msj2020
My. review
I love this bank for many reasons, but the fact the ATM doesn’t work on weekends is disheartening. I work in restaurants and depend on it. Unfortunately, I get hit with fees because of it. They’ll be my #1 bank if they fix this. Help me now, ya hear!!!!
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1 year ago, Smosny11
Great bank
I’ve been very happy here I haven’t had a problem I couldn’t get help with. Great staff great customer service
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3 years ago, CLynn827
Greatest of all time!
This app has made banking life so amazingly simple. Thanks for making this app so user friendly ♥️♥️♥️
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6 years ago, Lovejesus7
Great service
Thank you for this great service and everything is very easy and convenient
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10 months ago, Dayanna the diva1234
Ruth H.
You are the best. I financed every car I ever had with you, due to your competitive rates. Your customer service is the best. I love using your banking app.
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5 years ago, Tony Parisio
Simple, clean and easy. Being able to deposit checks from home is great!
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5 years ago, The Elusive Artist
Cash back alerts need to GO!
Please take away the cash back notifications. They’re EXTREMELY aggravating and personally unnecessary. They drive me crazy! I can’t stand having constant notifications, especially regarding a feature I don’t even utilize! GET RID OF IT ! STAT!
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6 years ago, Mrwest90
The Greatest Banking Sysytem
I have been a member of PFCU as a child and as long as I live in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas I will always be a member of PFCU. Credit Unions have a better banking system than National Banks.
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6 years ago, Bethbri
This app is very user friendly. Anyone who is nervous about doing banking online is able to use this app.
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11 months ago, cm2squared
I’ve been with this bank since 2007 and it is the best. Not going anywhere else!!
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5 years ago, veauna
This app is the most convenient app ever. Easy to manage and even easier to securely access!
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6 months ago, hasaan 🧚🏾‍♂️
Works most of the time.
I get this application error message every now and again. It makes me unable to view my account or make transfers. It is very unethical and unprofessional… yah
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6 years ago, Fhyfhdghvd
Cool app. Keep me updated on my balances. Only con is I wish they offered the ability to see pending deposits like you can in other bank apps. Otherwise i like it.
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6 years ago, Lex_pleasee
I do everything from my app. I love that I don’t have to make a phone call for a thing!
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3 years ago, khi flames
Satisfied Customer
This is honestly the most convenient bank app ever!
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3 years ago, Kgee!!
Safe keeping.
My assets are acutely in order at all times Love the credit union...
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4 years ago, Wp.zayy
I like this bank because I can see my account any time
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7 years ago, Just Reezy
Great app, but...!
I really enjoy all the features available but believe there should be a check cashing option.
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3 years ago, M. Daguerre
Why an ad?
I don’t like having a Turbotax advertisement on my accounts screen. It’s annoying on the website, but more annoying in the app.
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4 years ago, Justreal2
Satisfied Customer
The app is easy and fast to navigate! Makes banking simple.
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