Photo Booth

Photo & Video
4.3 (716)
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Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Booth

4.29 out of 5
716 Ratings
5 months ago, The YouTuber Moody
Fun but….
The app is fun and all but I wish there were more filters like on computer and I think it needs a video button that would make it more enjoyable and funny to send to your friends and that would be very appreciated. Could you please put more filters on iPad like on computer because there’s more filters on computer than on iPad and also I think you need to be able to get it on phone too because some people might have a phone not not a computer, so yeah I think that you were able to get it on phone but you’re not! And it would be very appreciated if you added more filters like dizzy, loved alien and all crazy things!
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4 days ago, FNFGamer75
I like it but…
Why is it not on iPhone? Also there could be more options like plump cuz me and my sis had fun with it, but considering there’s only nine options, we got bored of it quickly. Also there should be a video option. Also why not a countdown option so you could take a pic with it far away? And it should be a iMessage app too. Also there’s a lot of reviews asking for these same things over and over, from probably 2016 to 2024 (I said probably that doesn’t mean definitely yes) so that probably means you haven’t been listening to us, pls add these features as a big update, that will be greatly appreciated and me and my sis will love it! But for now without those features, I’ll give it 3 stars, 5 stars if you add these things. I’m surprised there’s no bugs though. You should also remove the name X-ray for that one filter, and add a more reasonable name, considering it’s not a real x ray and you can’t see through it. But no matter what everyone says about this app, never remove it because it’s great. But that’s all. It’s still (kinda) good either way. Bye.
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2 years ago, Juliathesinger
Super funny app!
This app is very funny and I made a ton of hilarious photos with it ever since I discovered it. I love photo booth, but there are some things that I recommend for this app to make it better. First, I think that there should be an edit button for drawing on it. I know that you can do that in the original picture app, but it would make it a lot easier. Second, and most importantly, I would love it if you made a video button. That would make photo booth much more enjoyable and lovable in my opinion. I know that the app was based on pictures on a photo booth, but videos would mean that you could make not just photos, but videos too. I think that that would make a big improvement for photo booth. Thank you for understanding my recommendations and for making such a wonderful app!
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2 months ago, Jumpo the cat
Brings me back
I have to say that there is truly nothing like this and I have tried to find all types of things like it and can’t seem to on my iPhone but it is nice to get a throwback to what my childhood was all about and I highly recommend it if you want to have fun and at the same time have various sections and things to choose from. This is great to see it is still around and to have a blast with my friends and family. And most importantly to come back to them and see what you made previously, (to this day I still laugh at some of the hilarious photos I took when I was younger 😂). Hope people will see this and know that it is a great app to have fun with.
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1 year ago, pusheen and chicken lover
It’s a very fun app! I just have a few suggestions. First I think that you should be able to get it on an iPhone too. Second I think that you should be able to video on it too(I don’t know if you actually can video and if you can that’s great! I just can’t find it). Third of all I think that there should be a count down on it. Thank you
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2 years ago, wsjjoi
Good but you can add more
First off I love this app and off and on but you really have to add more stuff I get that you guys only wanted that many things but I don’t mean like you could add more stuff on it and it’s really good and stuff but I think you should add more things on it and like add more detail like you can take pictures but it doesn’t go to you like your actual picture thing and yeah I wish that you guys could like just add like more Dove and stuff like that and like yeah I mean like you guys really have gotten yourself into a lot of things and that it’s really good for you guys and your business and stuff but add more stuff like add the stuff into the actual camera app that would be really cool so peace out.
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8 months ago, That One Chihuahua 🐾🐾
All you need to know
Hey! It’s fine. Here’s literally all you need to know about this app. There is no subscription. Completely free. It’s good. Nine funny filters. My personal favorite has to be squeeze. Life hack: you can drag your fingers to aim the source at one spot, especially w/ squeeze on the nose, HILARIOUS! my friend tried this, we got a hoot outta that lol. I would like more filters. This is a very standard app. Addicting. For some reason, there is no video option. Devs, I recommend. I would love to have that, I’m not getting some camera dude to take a pic of me. Overall, it’s a fun app, very funny. I actually have a pic from this app as my phone wallpaper. It’s an incredibly easy app to use, and it saves your pictures to your photos. As soon as you open the app, it takes you straight to the filters conveniently. Obviously there are better and worse apps. Overall, 3 stars. Bye!!
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1 month ago, ROSIE FOX8931
Awesome but one day…
This app is super fun and allows me and my sis take pics together we have such good memories on this app but one day my camera completely stopped working on All apps that allow pics and hasn’t worked for one year if anyone knows how to fix it pls tell me because the cam does not work on camera FaceTime or photo booth
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9 months ago, totally not mei
SUPER FUN! but theres just 1 thing!
i love all the filters and fun styles, but can you make a video one with the same filters? because i would like to record doing poses and sometimes, i can make a good one but i have no hands to press the capture button! so, maybe make a video one or a countdown like the camera app. thank you so much!
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4 months ago, Unknownperson234
Good but…
Listen, this game is fun but I have some suggestions. First: The option to make a video. Second: MORE FILTERS Third: Maybe have the option to print out 3-4 photos fourth and final: the potion to add texts, have voice affects for videos and to be able to send them to people. I thank you for considering my thoughts
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12 months ago, higgthjfvjhkr
Yeah, it’s awesome.
Whenever I’m bored I play in this app. Funny filters, although if you are on a PC, you get more filters. I would like more filters on mobile devices. And whenever my storage space gets full, I delete my 200 photos of one of my paparazzis🤭. Thanks for the app! Never ever take away this app please.
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7 months ago, SkylineK
Make it for iPhone too!
I love this app and will use it to make funny photos for close friends and family in the contacts part of my phone. It’s hilarious for my dog too. I just wish it could be used for iPhone as well. If you just have the initial grid, I bet you could just swipe to change the different camera filters
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2 months ago, TBRNfig
Good however….
I love to take silly pictures but needs more filters cause it starts to get boring cause I try all the filters but I want new filters and I tried looking at an older photo I took on this app but then my screen went black it could use some improvements bur it’s decent
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2 years ago, truely_honest
Apple doesn’t try or care anymore
Photobooth was cool when the iPad 2 came out in 2011. But now the filters aren’t up to par with apps like Snapchat Instagram or TikTok. Tons of choices compared to the limited choices with photobooth. Wished apple added more filters or brought some over from the Mac version iPads nowadays are powerful enough. The last change to this app was the icon like I said in my title they either don’t wanna try or don’t care
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2 years ago, patel-nishie
Good but..
I use to really like this app!! I saw it on tiktok and it rewind to my old memories! But the sad thing is that it won’t work anymore on my iPad!! I really want my old memories back. If there is a way, can you guys please update the app so it is on all iPads up to generation 8??? I would really appreciate it if you guys did that. I would give a bad rating cause if it but I loved this in my child hood. And everyone in my class wants this app back to bring back their old child hook memories. Please bring the app back- -Nishie Patel- —Please bring the app back to generation 8—- —Thank You—-
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1 year ago, Kittyyyyyyyy!
Veery fuuun!
I love to use this app with my 7 year old brother! I’m 9 years old and I used this app to make memes with my brother! But one thing I want you to add, I would love that if you put more effects to this app such as, make your face your favorite animal and become anime and chibi!
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2 years ago, Beconsg
It kinda funny
I mean I’m 9 and I go to this place called boys and girls club and you are allowed to bring your iPad iPhone but I’m the only girl that brings a iPad and people who didn’t bring something watch’s me and I show them this app n they thought is was fun
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1 year ago, baguettes845
Great and super funny
I always use this app and take funny pictures of myself, my siblings, my cousins, and my parents. It’s very funny but I do wish you could take video on it. Otherwise, it’s a really great app and you should download it if you haven’t already! :)
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9 months ago, Why is this taken?
I like it, but need some upgrades
It’s super fun and all but can you like add some other stuff to it like adding some games to it and then like you can put the photos online for people to see properly but it kind a need to upgrade
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11 months ago, Lexislam
Five stars, but a problem!
I love photo booth so good I’m hilarious funny too but the problem is we need to add video so may you please Add that and we also need some more filters. Some of them are boring, but they’re all fun. You should add animal filters, funny filters
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2 years ago, Mc sparkle girl
Please get the app
It is like the best camera app ever you don’t have to just use a normal camera there’s more kind of cameras you can use some filters are funny and two of them change the The color of the screen of the camera Best app ever🤩
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10 months ago, App-Reviewers Inc.
Hilarious! From The #1 Apple Fans Squad
Great! So many types of faces to make! Best on is definitely straightforwardly gonna be Light Tunnel. Problem is, there aren’t enough boxes. Only 9? Meh. You can do better, Apple! Try to make an update and manufacture 50 or even 100 faces! Overall:4.9
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2 years ago, suh dg hdsrgbjkf
Absolutely love this app but can add more
I love the app, it so funny and me and my sisters have fun playing with the filters. But I feel like there can be more filters too. It just feels to small, but I always get a good laugh at the ones we have.
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2 years ago, APPLE_OZOBOT_(2020_GEN.)
Great for kids when they are bored!
This app is great for kids who are bored! But…. If this app wast on iPhone, it would be better for us. Also, if you could record a video for the ‘mirror’ effect, we would be very happy.
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1 year ago, 😁😊😘
Good but needs more 👍
This is a really good app but I think that it needs more things that you can do to your pics. Over all it’s great you should totally get it and I really hope that they add more to it. I’m a YouTuber and I use this a lot so ya it’s good 😊
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2 years ago, sofia loves foxes
So this app is amazing for kids cause it can pass time and it’s really funny for everyone even for adult like me but there is one thing I don’t like about the app it doesn’t have a camera timer please ad this update Thank you and god bless everyone 🙏
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2 months ago, Thadnhb
This app is scary. I tried to use the stretch feature, but it stretched me up. I use the squeeze feature to get me squished back into shape, but it squished me in the phone. I’m still in the phone please help. This is very scary would recommend.
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1 week ago, lily:the writer
Boring but fun…
I wish there were more filters. On the computer, there were so many cool emoji things that I want back. Otherwise, it is an amazing app, and I have nothing more to say. Other than ADD MORE FILTERS, I’m good. Please make more filters. 🙏🏼🥺
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2 years ago, dhhshshgs
Must read this and please respond!
So I saw this and it took me back to when I was a kid, but I really want more filters and also it would be cool to have a game maybe to use to get a certain filter. Please respond to tell me if you will work on this app! Also add recording options!!!!!!
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12 months ago, kiki I am minions biggest fan
I love it more then Roblox!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This is my fav app because it is so funny and my brother/cousin (he just feels like my brother) always makes the most funny videos and I even did it on my Abuela! she looks like a troll!😂 so……..Yeah…………Bye Felicia!
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1 year ago, Amanda7397
Great app
First of all I had lots of fun with this app second it brings me lots of joy and happiness and that’s it I recommend you download this app if you to see how funny it is!
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2 years ago, HorseOwnerLove
I love this app so much! It is so funny and I die laughing when I use it. Nothing is wrong with it. I makes me and my family laugh all the time. Thank you so much
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7 months ago, Ali1865
This is a very funny app! I took a picture of my cat, on duplicate, and she looked like a weird chinchilla, or just two chubby cats 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣! Anyway, I have no changes for this app. 10/10
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11 months ago, Emi al las
Love ❤️ the app but can you add more ?
So here is my idea is share photos to other people so to make them laugh so hard if you tap a photo 2 times. And add more themes
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2 years ago, poopycrayon9322
It’s GOOD, but many things are wrong.
So this is a good app, mostly for kids. But a thing I don’t like is how it’s only for Mac & iPad. It’s not fair that their don’t an iPhone app for it. Another thing is, most of the effects don’t add up. Like the X-Ray, it’s just different colors and not really and X-Ray. It’s good an all, but not the best.
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1 year ago, TD2.0 (Eliana)
U will love this….❤️❤️
U will love this app it has nine different filters! It’s free no ads and it has kaleidoscope, thermal camera, mirror, twirl, stretch, squeeze, light tunnel, and normal! Download the app now and you will see if I’m wrong alright bye!
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3 years ago, suemyusmbue
Ok but needs some help
Frist of all it is funny don’t get me wrong. But the heat vision is really bad it doesn’t even show you heat signatures like when you turn on the stove it doesn’t even let you see the 🔥. And the X-ray it just black and white lights. But over all it is funny 😄 and fun to use.
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2 years ago, I love jesus! 😊😁😍❤️
When I was little I used to take a lot of photos using this app, and it just brings back so many memories 😂🥺 Overall, it is just amazing
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8 months ago, PIPpy and livvi
Super fun
It’s very interesting you can do funny filters and send some to other people so you should get it
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2 years ago, Red muted
silly App
Disarm so many photographs and I can make funny faces and it squeezes me and twirls me and stretches me and makes me shaped like a kaleidoscope and x-ray and a light tunnel or just normal even a even in the mall
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11 months ago, ROBLOX GIRLL FROM 2019
Not good
It’s I’ll give this one star it can waste your money just for this stupid thing just to look at yourself on these little rainbow colors and all these kind of things to change your face but on other apps, you can use these, so this is just a waste. Please don’t buy this is a very bad I don’t like this.
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3 years ago, Crystal M~T
Photo booth
I am writing this review because I would love the developers to make a version of this app for the iPhone 8plus and not just for the IPAD
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5 months ago, dedlkdekl
Black screen
Hi I think there is a problem with the app it only shows a black screen.
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2 years ago, bug Autumn❤️
Funny 😆 But suggestion..
I think it be really good to add groups you can share funny photos and text and stuff like that.. it be cool!
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1 year ago, Drakgo4Eva
My son Kaleston is embarrassing me with “photo booth”.
My twelve year old son Kaleston took a photo of me using an unflattering filter from this app, “twist”, and posted it on all of his social media apps and people think that I look horrible. My daughter, Kaleinda, is claiming that she is planning to do the same when she is old enough to have social media. (She is currently eight).
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4 months ago, 🍏🍎🧃APPLE!!!!!
Half of my photo album is filled with pictures of me with this filter it's amazing recommend it for all ages no inappropriate stuff really amazing
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1 year ago, 14688473
I love the funny and cool things you can put and take a photo. Though I would like if you could take a video. 😺but I think it’s a really good app.
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2 years ago, batty5558708753
Please can you add it for iPhone I want to use it for my phone but otherwise it’s awesome I recommend it
Show more
2 years ago, bobojo21
No wifi
Me when the wifi runs out
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2 years ago, 𝐽𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑎 𝑔𝑎𝑚𝑒𝑟꧂
Good but
This app is good but I stopped using it a long time ago because you couldn’t even put photos from your camera roll and too little effects.
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