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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Collage - Collageable

4.76 out of 5
442.7K Ratings
10 months ago, all sunny
No Xmas templates. Disappeared from last week
No Christmas templates. Had the template last week and now it’s gone. Plus other templates. Only have 4 now. I renewed my subscription and I’m short on templates. What’s wrong with it. I have just a couple templates. Lost my icon on my phone and it says I canceled my subscription. I did not and it’s paid till Dec 23. I tried to get the icon back on my phone but it won’t go back. I can open it when I type the name it but can’t get the app back, plus only a couple of templates. What’s going on with it? I’ve been sending messages but no response from you. I’m paid up and want to use some templates. Help!
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3 years ago, Empress Noir
Nice But Overrated
This app has a lot to offer, but isn’t worth the hassle of constantly charging your account weekly subscriptions (why would anyone pay at least $4 a WEEK to put pictures in frames?). Not to mention there are around 10 different levels of subscriptions, none of which are explained beyond the pricing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to at least put in a sentence or two description of the varying levels and what each offers? Sorry, I’m not going to spend my money going on blind faith that I’m getting my money’s worth. This is entry level stuff, key info that should’ve been provided but wasn’t... Kinda makes you wonder. Also, I have been unable to use any of the collages I have created in the app on a computer (as a background or other image). The file is there, and you can view it, but that’s all you can do. I tried with several different files and several different ways - none of which worked. What good is a collage that you can’t use? I guess I should be thankful that I was able to use the file as my phone background (just kidding - this is yet another entry level mistake that this app makes, I shouldn’t have to be ‘thankful’ for squat), but that’s the only thing I CAN do. All in all: not worth the money and certainly not worth the effort. I’ll also be checking to make sure I don’t have the horrid subscription charge issues so many have had. Use the free trial, then boot it to the curb.
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4 years ago, mistery texer
I hate it
I absolutely hate this app. I have had it for less then a minute and I already hate it and that’s saying something. Why do you have to buy every thing just to use this app?! Like just have it so you have to pay for everything or you can’t use it!!!!!!! Or make everything free that’s an option. Why do you have to download or send ONE just ONE not the whole thing just ONE little square to some one and then not being able to use the whole picture? Like that it just straight up stupidity. You guys need to make this app SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmuch better to get me to use it. And I was excited to get this app but first I looked at all of the reviews and looked to see if there way any hidden in app purchases and what do you know there is!! Wow nice one on satisfying your customer no I’m not even going to call them a customer you are tricking every one whole purchases this app I am never going to get ANY and I mean ANY thing from your company EVER again. Do I make my self clear? Make this app better, NOW!!
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11 months ago, S. R. Owens
Saving photos on app
This is a nice app and I like all of the collage options it gives me, even without the premium. I can put together a collage, change up some colors, and all of that. I would be more likely to give it a five star review if I could save my collages on the app. Because then, I could probably go in and edit them rather than having to re-make them. If there is already a way to do that, I just need to figure out how. But otherwise, that would be a nice feature to have. Because then, if I didn’t really want it in my photos at the time, I could save it on Collageable and save it later, or never. That is my only complaint. Otherwise, it’s a great app and even though I’ve only had it for a short time, I’ve really enjoyed using it and have already made a few cool collages.
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7 years ago, lez0n
Not so good...
I downloaded this when searching for a simple and elegant tool to collage photos. I was looking for an app with customizable layouts so I could really frame the subject matter within the space on the collage they were placed. I chose this one because it seemed the most promised based on reviews and description. This app has an excellent array of templates, but it is hard to fine tune them to the photos you are using. I am honestly having a hard time understanding all the positive reviews based on my personal experience with the app. I also have the following concerns: 1. Crashes VERY consistently. I had to restart my first attempt at creating a collage 4-5 times at various stages of completion so it's pretty much useless on my iphone 7s. 2. Navigating tools and undoing things such as positioning and scaling photos to fit the collage is tricky. The controls lack finesse. It's too easy to lock in what you do so you have to start a project all over if you make a mistake with crop/scale. 3. The ads are very frequent and obnoxious. They interrupt your workflow once you're up and running. I would be glad to pay a reasonable price for the ad free version provided it was a quality app that did its job well. I feel a bit bad for leaving such a negative review. I actually found myself trying to like this app, being ok with it, but the more I tried to use it, the more frustrated with it I became. I hope it improves with future revisions.
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2 years ago, Hzievshxkajz
Low res—For social media only?
I downloaded this app because I wanted to make a collage of images to use on some 16:9 PowerPoint slides. I like that you can select the output size as well as having a variety of different frames/number of photos that can be used. However, there doesn’t appear to be any way to change the output resolution. I tried making a collage and saved the image, and it was 619 x 348. Maybe this would work for posting on social media, but for viewing on a computer or PPT it is way too low resolution. The file was only 105KB. Additionally, as I was customizing the sample collage, an ad automatically played in landscape mode and afterward the app wouldn’t switch back to portrait mode no matter what I did. This was annoying because the app is much easier to use in portrait mode.
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5 years ago, tramps.trouble
Negative ten stars!
Well apparently I was scammed by this developer as well. I downloaded the app thinking it was free of charge...I didn’t realize it was a subscription since it never asked me which one of the dozen plans I would have chosen. It just graciously signed me up for the $4.99 plan and charged me. Thankfully I caught it the first time and I have cancelled the subscription. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this app. Don’t download it, it isn’t free!!! I do intend to contact Apple about this as well. I was never given a choice of monthly plan or even told it would cost in the future. However, when I went to cancel there were many many different plans I could have chosen. Even a $2.99 plan. Still don’t want it but it would’ve been better than the $4.99+tax that it did charge me. Hmmmm I wonder if this company pays their taxes on all these lil charges??? I was forced to give it one star...I would really like to give it negative 10 stars.
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8 months ago, MAXYMUS45
Hi, my name is Max I want to say that this app is so much better than a lot of these apps on here, it has everything that a person needs in a photo app, but there’s just two things wrong: 1. When you’re placing your photos into the sequence, why does it start out random, it’s very confusing to me and maybe a lot of others; the sequence should go from top to bottom always. 2. Why do we have to pay for some of the stickers when you could just make the inside items free, but pay $5 for the whole app. I’m sure after these small fixes, you’ll start to see more people liking and paying for this app 🥰👍🏾 Thanks for reading, if you did read, and hope you think about my advice.
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7 months ago, random girl713
Life saver
For some of my classes I need to submit pictures of my work that I’ve done on paper and some teachers have a hard time being able to see all the pictures when they’re submitted one by one and won’t give you full credit it you do that so I love that this app allows me to be able to put multiple pictures together so they can be viewed at the same time and the pictures aren’t grainy when you zoom in they’re still crystal clear I would absolutely recommend this app for purposes like this cuz all you really need is the free version and it works wonderfully
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6 years ago, theirishscion
Fantastic little scam they’ve got going here.
My wife evidently downloaded this app in February of 2018 to try it out, and was evidently bamboozled somehow into agreeing to a subscription (doubtless with the developer following Apple’s exact guidelines for doing so to a T, thereby obviating themselves from any culpability, as the scoundrels are so quick to point out in their responses to these reviews), perhaps believing she was buying the full version of the app as a 1-off transaction? She at any rate has no recollection whatsoever of this happening, and deleted the app shortly after originally downloading it. However their $4/month charge kept rolling along, 8 in total, $32+tax before I caught them and cancelled the “subscription” Absolutely repugnant behavior. Next stop is a call to Apple to lodge a formal complaint and tell them precisely what I think of this developer and their alleged product. It’ll be interesting as well to see if this review ever makes the light of day.
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3 years ago, Liz4310
I downloaded this app, it asked me to subscribe and said there would be a 3 day free trial. I chose this and within the hour they charged me. I contacted their services and they said there was nothing they could do and that it was likely my fault suggesting that I had used it before and the trial can only be used once. I don’t remember ever using this app in the past but even if I had it is insane that the app can still “offer” the trial if I had already done so before and then just charge me anyway without warning about not being eligible for the trial. They told me this was apples problem but I would like to know how they are going to fix this if apple chooses not to as apple wasn’t the one that scammed me, they are. Obviously they make money from these apps so you can’t tell me they don’t have my money to return. Avoid this app and their shady practices or they may just steal your money and blame it on you.
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4 years ago, PLM-DE
Update: kinda frustrating
Okay so yes you can bypass the subscription offer by exiting without answering. And yes it has more frames and options than the last app I used for years. Yes you can adjust the frames, which I do like. But the thing that got me frustrated was, as I adjusted the frames, the pictures became unadjusted. And then when I was trying to pinch them small again (very carefully since they were so small to begin with) it was CONSTANTLY popping up with the adding pictures screen and I had to exit every time I touched the picture to try and adjust it. I gave up! Because pinching them also made them crooked and I couldn’t quite get them straight again. If the developer could add an option to automatically make the pictures fit or straighten that would be nice!!
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3 years ago, Amanda_gamer
Good but the update ruined it
Hi there, I loved using this simple app to create Ed stereoscopic photographs in frames to make an image but ever since the last update I have found this app only slightly reliable. When I go to zoom in on my image in the frame it casually turns the image, enough to mess up the stereo photo. It was never like this however. I used to be able to crop and zoom slowly and with patience until the images were perfectly aligned. Now there is no way to fix it if this happens and I have to completely restart the app if I want the image aligned again. Please fix this! But put it back to how it was before. The cropping sensitivity is off the charts- and this is the only app I can find which provides the simplest frames for me to use.
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3 years ago, LilyH🤠
Overall pretty good
I’ve had this app for eeehhh a month maybe more, I’ve made a couple collages with it and I always love making them with this app. Though it’s annoying that not all of its free, majority of the things that are useful are in fact free. Many different free formats to choose from, ability to change background to ANYTHING, good controls for moving around a photo. Not a huge fan of how when moving a photo around, the border ig changes shape in a way but that’s roughly my only complaint. If there were to be a future update, I’d love to see something where you can change the picture sizes on your own :) I will definitely keep this app for a while!
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3 years ago, HvnlyDevilish
This is by far my favorite photo fun edit app. I have not tried or used a whole lot of them and this is my first collage I’ve ever done and I’m rating this after my first try with this app. But I have to say this app makes it easy and not overwhelming to use. There are way more options than I will ever use or even thought about using but the layout of it makes it simple to choose a layout and add other edits if you choose. It’s neat. You need to at least check it out.
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2 years ago, Mr. T-Wrecks
Don’t download
The app has UNSKIPPABLE video ads at random times. After the video ad, it displays another ad and the X to close out doesn’t appear until ~10 seconds later, meaning you have no choice but to view the ad for 10 seconds. There’s an option to send feedback to the developer. However, the ‘Send’ button doesn’t actually work—Go figure! Be weary of anyone conducting business this way! Also, there’s an option to Rate the app in-app—doesn’t work! Funny enough, every single little thing pertaining to a subscription works PERFECTLY! 🤔 The app also tries to trick users as soon as it starts up. They make it seem like you have to purchase a subscription in order to use the app, but that’s not the case (there’s a small X in the upper left hand corner to close out). Don’t support slimy, disingenuous developers/scammers!
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5 years ago, Mulcbone
SCAM - Regardless of how the developer responds.
Like many others I was duped into a ridiculously expensive subscription fee for this app that is long since deleted. The app developer is making a killing off this mediocre app because many people will be unaware of it siphoning money from your account. Sure, they’ll respond that they followed the letter of the law and they’d “love to help me out” if I contacted their support line. BUT, they NEVER sent me any emails regarding the subscription. How many subscriptions do you have where the developer never contacts you? Right. None. Except for the ones where they want to stay hidden. Oh, and don’t count on Apple to fix this. They make money off of this as well and don’t care if you missed the fine print. At the end of the day they know there’s nothing you can do aside from leaving their company. Which you won’t.
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2 weeks ago, Fishing trip
Forced Pride Theme Template
I have Enjoyed this App for 6+ years. I just received a pride month notification. First notification I’ve received in a while from the app. When I opened the App & went to templates you FORCE me to select a pride theme WITHOUT THE FREEDOM to skip or X out of suggested theme. I have never been forced to select a USA theme template. People have the freedom to express themselves & show their PRIDE because we live in the USA. What we all do is our own choice. When you take away the choice is when a problem occurs. Never forget where you come from, where you are, and why you have what you have. Notify users of all special days/months. But don’t force anyone to do anything.
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6 years ago, Questioning Human
So I got this app thinking, “why not give this a try?” So I downloaded it and well, I started to make a collage, then as soon as I was about to see it and finish editing, a thing for a subscription popped up and I was trying to find out like trying to see what I had made so I want to head and started scrolling up and down trying to figure out what was like if it was just a glitch or something so I went ahead and exited out of the app and tried at it again and to my surprise as soon as I got to the same part/area or whatever, about to see what I was going to make it showed up again so I don’t know if you guys have like something going on but if it’s going to be free from the beginning you should probably have it cost money before people download it thinking it’s gonna be free.
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5 years ago, MichaelfromDenver
Scam alert- can’t cancel during trial period
I have spent over an hour trying to cancel the trial period. The app says you get 7 days free trial and you have to cancel 24 hours before the trial period ends. However within the apple itunes subscription, it doesn’t provide that option. It tried chat support with apple, and the support person said I can’t cancel since it’s free. I repeatedly explained the situation ( it’s on.y free for 7 days - well.. 6 days really). So he gives me the direct link to the Collageable support. While I’m chatting with apple, I completed the Collageable form and when I hit submit, I get a lost internet connection message and the form was not submitted. Tried repeatedly, while chatting with apple. Apple chat rep kept telling me to talk with the app developer and then ended the session.
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6 years ago, goddessbj
Lots of options for collages, app support doesn’t work
I’ve used this app a few times to create collages of different configurations, but the ne control remains a mystery: how do I resize text? Also, what does the middle slider do when editing attributes of text? The ones on either side make an obvious difference in horizontal letter spacing & transparency, but I don’t see any change with the center one. I tried contacting app support via the link in the App Store, but the site page (which is just “send an email”) always returns a bogus error about connection lost while asking for name/email on a completely unsecured page.
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4 years ago, MuffySinclair
Dude, you’re not Netflix or Microsoft Office
I originally purchased the Pro version. It stopped working, would only save weird zoomed in clips. Went to see if there was a update, and now they’re subscription only. Who does business like that? What would you think if you bought a BBQ, took it home, grilled a bunch of steaks, and when you went back to get more propane the store said you now needed to pay for an exorbitant monthly subscription to use the grill you already bought? I know subscription service is the new go-to revenue model, but let’s put this in perspective: you think I should pay $98/a year to make a couple little picture collages a month? That’s $30 MORE per year than the entire Microsoft Office Suite. That’s MORE than Disney+, and only $1 less per month than Netflix.
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6 months ago, Paulene <3
Lots of features, frustrating to use
For veteran iPhone users (which most of us are) we understand the fine line between the different ways to touch things in an editing app. From press and hold, to tap once, to click and drag, etc etc. From my UXP, every time I would tap it would lead to a direction I wasn’t intending. Basically, one tap wrong and you would have to go BACK to your edit. Now very small, but this happened about 50 times. There is also the idea of zooming in and out. Now in collages where you may have to deal with small frames, both fingers have to be within a practical centimeter apart in order to properly zoom in and out. A contrast to this would be instagram stories where you click on the main image with one finger, but you can zoom in and out (enlarge or shrink) with your finger not needing to touch the icon. Little things. Overall decent app.. but for 4.99/week and a tedious UXP like that has me searching for more user friendly apps. Thank you for reading my feedback!
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6 years ago, MaebyF.
Frustratingly Intrusive Glitched Popup Ad
I understand that there needs to be ads in the free version, and I don’t have an issue with dealing with those while I decide if I’d like to buy this. However, I was working on a project and had chosen a bunch of photos, fine tuned the balance and the frames, and put a ton of work into it, when a Casino Blackjack ad popped up. There is no option to move forward or close the ad. The only option is to click the ad and follow through to the App Store, and even downloading the advertised app won’t close the pop up. The only option is to force close the app and lose all my progress on the current project. I certainly won’t trust the app to give it a second try. Very frustrating, so I’ll be moving to a different app.
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3 years ago, memawmoonpie
Wrong subscription info
The description states a couple of different subscription options, however when I got the app it only gave me one, 3 day trial then 4.99 per week! I only got the app because the details said it was a week trial then either a monthly fee or a slightly more discounted yearly one. Neither of these were offered or available anywhere once you load the app. Very misleading & enough to make me change my mind and go with another
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3 months ago, Niniyala
My personal opinion
I really like this app. It’s simple and not complicated. I tried other apps and it would be so difficult to combine more than 2,3 or more photos in the same image and not leave parts of the words out, or my face, however this app didn’t cut off anything. I got my photos in nothing is being cut off, and for me I call it more than simple because I finished the image in such a short amount of time. So thank you.
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7 years ago, hapling21
Too many bugs
In the past I haven't had much trouble using the app (aside from it making you restart if you make a mistake) but recently it is only allowing me to choose from a select few of pictures from my camera roll. I just remodeled my house and am trying to do before and after pictures so I've been using the app a lot and it was working just fine earlier. I have tried deleting the app and re downloading it along with restarting my phone but it's still only giving me access to a few pictures out of a thousand. Would be a great app if so many bugs didn't keep popping up.
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2 years ago, Fazrook
Can’t even use the app without signing up to pay
Can’t even try the app it immediately opens to screen pushing you to pay for the app. Plenty of free apps out there so I got one of those instead of this one trying to make me pay before I can do anything to even try the app. Update response to developer. I could NOT close out of the immediate subscription screen that you get blasted with as soon as the app is open. I tried to get around it and couldn’t. You should remove that and allow someone to try it for a set amount of time before you pop up a subscription. I deleted the app and downloaded a better one that doesn’t try and force feed me a subscription
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6 years ago, daniroxanne
Trying to trick you on purpose to pay
By downloading this app they automatically sign you up on a subscription service with little warning. You get “one month free” and then charged every month after. When you go to cancel they make it almost impossible and junk through all these hoops. The link to unsubscribe is hidden within multiple different links and in the middle of a word heavy terms and services page. They’re clearly trying to trick people into unwittingly paying for their app and everything about it is an unethical money grab. If you want a real app that’s worth the money focus on making it actually GOOD and not tricking people into paying for it. Super grossed out by my experience and this company.
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6 years ago, DP1118
Everything worked out smoothly some stuff was locked but it's actually a really good editing app I'd recommend it if you like a picture editor or just love the editing pictures or just need to edit a picture that is the app you need to get all the other apps that I tried I thought I found an app that actually work but I didn't tell I found this app this app is just awesome and awesome and great and happy and cool so I'd recommend getting this app awesomeness awesomeness awesomeness awesomeness
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1 year ago, ittybittykabob
Simple to use and understand
This is so annoying. I love that I can use the collage part for free so I appreciate that but whenever I try to move and adjust the photo, it’s too sensitive and takes me back to previous page to select photos. Every slight touch and it takes me back to previous page !! They should change it to “double tap” photo if we want to change collage photos or have a “back button”. This is easy to use and not overloaded with extra fluff.
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3 years ago, CatieWilk94
App crashes nonstop
I don’t know why I keep giving this app so many chances. I’ve downloaded and deleted it so many time over the past couple years. I finally give up and will find another collage app. Not only is it super frustrating that whenever you try to readjust a frame, it makes the frame super small and it’s so touchy, but the app crashes all the time right when you’re almost finish editing it. I’ll spend over 30 minutes trying over and over and over again to make my collage and when you try to adjust a frame, it will freeze then just close the app altogether, losing everything you just did. So annoying!
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6 years ago, iPhone user 1274026
Be careful of this scam
How do I report this app to Apple for fraudulent activity? This app will give you a one month of free subscription, then automatically sign you up to an auto-renewal membership. Of course, most people will install the app, then agree to the one month free access, not knowing they are automatically subscribing to an auto-renewal membership. Most people did not want and did not know they signed up for this, but this company and its developers are ok with taking advantage of these people, putting blame on the users for not reading. Read their responses in other comments; they will blame the user and Apple’s subscription model. They will not take any ownership of how deceiving their app is. This app is a borderline, if not, a scam.
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4 years ago, Cotton Candy Queen 10
This app is awesome
You can choose any photo you want from your photos and it is really cool the stickers are amazing but the sad thing is the really cool stickers have to be bought so if the person who made this app is reading this can you make some of the cool stickers available for free because is you have to buy then then I won’t buy them. So the person who made this app could do that, that would be very kind and helpful.
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4 years ago, Omgodcholesterol
I absolutely love the edits, there are so many choices for the collage shapes and how many photos, you can still do a lot without premium as well! Also, just play around a bit with the settings and you can make some beautiful edits! I love the fonts for the text, and how you can add a shadow and border! Also, the designs put in for the outline/background are beautiful and fit perfectly with what I need. 10/10 recommend!
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4 years ago, TMek618
i love it but a save option so you can re-edit it later would be very nice, and would get this app 5 stars because when you go to go back and exit, it asks you if you want to exit without saving it first and even if you already like saved it to your camera roll, it still asks, and but it should offer and have an option to save it in the app for re-editing at a later time. this feature would be absolutely awesome and would get this app the full 5 stars it so greatly deserves!!
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5 years ago, christianomari
Shady, shady, shady
I paid a one time fee for Collageable pro. Now, that app has now been removed from the App Store. So, in order to use Collageable, I have to pay 4.99 per month. Why? So you can remove that app too? 🙄 I don’t use the app once a month. I understand that you have to make money, but it needs to be parallel with value and it is all kinds of shady to have people pay for an app, then remove it, only to offer the same app for more money. It’s literally like buying a dress. You don’t wear it a lot , but it’s cool. Then, when you go to wear it, the designer has taken it from your closet, and now tells you that in order to wear the dress you have to pay for it again, not once, but monthly. Nah, I’m good.
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2 years ago, SaltwaterBuilder
Frustrating to use, clunky.
I’ve been looking for a different image collage app for a while, and I was quite disappointed when I found this one. There are so many features nearly every other editor app has that this one fails to give! There is no snap grid, nor any kind of grid at all to even center your image back upright, you can’t change the length or width of the text borders, and the choices to do anything are so bare bones it’s frustrating to find why anyone would see this app as useful. Not even mentioning that you have to join the subscription literally to use slightly different collage layouts, That’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, MomoRusso
Good from the start
I just got this game it it makes it rly easy make collages. I’ve been looking for an app like this is it is perfect. It allows you to add many details like text tags well. The only thing is that tho there are several collage types I feel after a while I will get sick of just boxes I’m different formats. There should be things like a heart split into parts, or other shapes to represent different things. I hope this will happen and app support will respond. ~Thank you
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5 years ago, Evelynda!
Adjust some things on this app!
I don’t like that you have to pay just to do a collage like what I’m only going to use it once or twice but why pay for something you’re not going to use for the rest of your life! People are probably going to forget about downloading this app and having to pay each month at least $5! This is a waist of money, now go and get one for free! And for the person who made this app warn people first that they have to pay to use this app and not wait until they download it and be upset! I’d rather know I have to pay before then taking the time to download this app!🤭😠 𝙞𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙩𝙧𝙮𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙤 𝙝𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙖𝙥𝙥 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙖𝙙𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝙤𝙣 𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚!
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5 years ago, sondyj
Only OK when it was free. Deleting now that it costs!
This app used to work pretty decently for making collages— it had a lot of choices and was easy to use, but it would occasionally crash when I got to the final product; I learned to screenshot my final picture instead of relying on the app to save it, and it worked perfectly- problem solved! But I opened it today, and all of the sudden it’s a $4.99 subscription?! No, thank you! Not to mention, it just asks you to pay $4.99 but doesn’t clarify if that’s every week, month, year, etc. Feels like a poor attempt to scam longtime users of this app out of their money! Thanks for encouraging me to finally download a collage app that doesn’t crash.
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5 years ago, ziawatcher
I uninstalled the app awhile back because I only needed it for one thing, and at the time I accidentally bought the subscription. I thought by just uninstalling the app I would be free from the subscription but nope, here the app is still trying to bill me $5 and because I’m broke right now and all my funds need to go towards bills and food, I can’t pay that off and update my apps! Plus the way I accidentally hit the subscription? I was trying to tap on a certain thing of like, 2 panels maybe? And when I did it popped up just before i tapped it and the pop up to confirm or deny the subscription never came up. I’m sorry but 1 Star and somebody please help me to get rid of the subscription
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4 years ago, Ellie_Sadie
Frustrating to use and printed out weird
I downloaded this app so I could make a collage of pictures for my locker. It was frustrating because they kept asking me to buy premium and I almost accidentally did. I made my collage and some picture were cut in half virtually and they wouldn’t let me crop them, so I had to restart and choose a different style collage. I decided I would print one collage that I made for a test, the pictures looked nice virtually but they printed out weird. It didn’t even cover 1/4 of the paper and all the pictures were cut I half. Very disappointing I recommend using another app.
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3 years ago, Janmouse66
Subscription charges weekly although it sounds like monthly
I have been charge for at least two years every week for 99 for this app. I would like to find out how I can get my money reimbursed or why I’ve been charged every week to use this app? I read the description it sounds like it’s a monthly subscription. I would like to know how I can go about getting a refund for some of these because I feel the description is unclear. I recommend that nobody sign up for the subscription until they are absolutely clear as to what is included in this. I made a mistake by signing up for this and not realizing I was being charged every week.
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6 years ago, bring-the-old-snapchat-back
Charged for a subscription I did not want!! VERY UPSET
I downloaded this app trying look for the a good way to make collages. After realizing I found a different app, I deleted it after the same day of downloading it. Not knowing there is a subscription fee at all. It charged me $5.30 to my debit account without any notice even after I deleted the app. This is not fair and not wanted for not even USING the app for more than one day. I do not want any subscription and would like to contact customer service to FIX THIS NOW. This is ridiculous. Never ever want to associate myself with this company and this app ever again if and after getting this situation fixed. VERY UPSET and UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE
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7 years ago, JustReviewingInc.
Great App, except... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
At the end of "framing" the pictures, it pops up with a bar on the bottom of the screen that says like doodle, quotes etc. After u chose a quote or a doodle and u hit the submit button, u might realize u don't like it. To edit the quote or the doodle OR the picture, u would have to restart. Other than that, I have no problems with this app. It is 90% designed to perfection. The other 10% I did not add into that, it is the part about restarting to edit after hitting the submit button!
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7 years ago, Harley🐾
To many Ads
I do like this app very much and use it frequently, the only huge downside to it is that it bugs and closes out after I'm almost done with an intricate collage. It also advertises itself every time I open something. For example, when I open a new format and put in pictures that are all the way in the back of my photo roll, the app will close and delete my collage. Then once I open it again it will say "do you like Collageable?" And I have to click "Yes I do!" To get out of it. Does anyone else have these problems?
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4 years ago, Mrs Lipscomb
Wow this app is amazing it’s helps me with creative ideas and wallpaper and the quality is so good to i am so amazed in this app I could use it every day if I wanted to but there is one thing but it’s not that bad so I hate it when the free trial add pops up every time I make a move but let’s put that aside and that’s why i put 4 stars instead of 5 but 4 should be good right??..... but that’s my review hope you get it soon with all the review you guys probably get but hopefully this is a good enough review for you guys bye bye👋
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4 years ago, Faustus89
Annoying Ad
I understand that if it is a free app, that it needs to have ads so it can make money. However they put the ads directly at the bottom with a button that looks like it will take me to the next page. Hit it everytime and I go into the ad and takes me out of the app. Not very user friendly. When you do the collage, you can’t adjust how it places the image. Maybe that’s a premium feature, so disregard this statement. Honestly, if this were the only issue I would have kept it. Not keeping it long enough to use the rest of the features, because of ad placements and how deceptively it looks like it should be for the app.
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6 years ago, ❤️a RaNdOm PeRsOn❤️
Good, but there’s an issue.
Overall I really like this app. I think it’s so good for making your pictures look really nice, and it’s somethings very helpful. The only thing is, that you have to pay money. I guess I can kind of understand why you would have to, but it just makes no sense. All you do is change the coloring of the pictures, add fancy outlines,and add stickers or other things. On the topic of stickers, the eyeball stickers do not look real at all. They are to big and vibrate. But in conclusion, this app is nice, and would be amazing without the cost.
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