Photo Cut Out Editor

Photo & Video
4.6 (6.4K)
508.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
丽譞 牛
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Cut Out Editor

4.6 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Livelifejoyfully
Does what it says...
It does what it says to cutout image so I will give it a 5. BUT had to buy this in order to be able to save to a png. I am still playing and discovering new things about it every minute so I would say there is a learning curve. Seems to be very similar to photoshop and I believe that is a good thing for a phone app. Lastly, not sure what the quality and resolution of final printed project will be and am hoping to not be disappointed. I left a review because I only buy apps with fair and honest reviews and want to be helpful to others who are considering purchasing.
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1 year ago, uwu will find you
This is is outstanding, my daughter uses this app and she likes it. Even I use it, Although you should add a “edit section” where you can edit a video. This is the best editing app ever. I also sometimes prank my brother by removing my face on a photo then sending it to him. I would like you to keep up the outstanding work and Work hard🥹! Make other apps like this please 🙏. Thank you for making this app developers. 🤩your work is too good to explain 🥹🥹😌😊 Bye have a great day and night everyday
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3 years ago, ttip82
My #1 Favorite Photo Editing App!!!
I’ve had this app forever and I absolutely love it! I recommend it to anyone who asks me about photo editing apps, but I haven’t seen it on the App Store in a very long time. I considered myself lucky that I have still been able to use it on my devices, however, I just recently got an IPad Pro and was extremely disappointed when I realized that it I couldn’t use this app on it. But now I’m able to! Thank you to whoever is responsible for making that happen!
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5 years ago, TitansMan97
PhotoCutout app review
I love this app. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars from me is because there is a still problem with the font colors screen. When you select a font and want to change colors, all the color options are shifted to the right and you can’t see or use half of them. This has limited what I have been able to do with this app. I’ve started to have to use other apps where this used to be a one-stop-shop. If and when they fix the problem, I will give this app a full 5-Star rating.
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7 years ago, Peepingukulele
Just Download - it's amazing
Ok I love testing apps, so I download mostly free ones all the time. Out of the past 5yrs of app testing, this app has reached the top of my short list. It's so stable it runs great even on an outdated iphone 4 with the storage almost full. I can't find free software for my computer that matches the convenience and accuracy of this app (and I have gimp, photoshop, Inkscape, etc.). If you want to save a lot of time when it comes to clipping masks (cutting out parts of a photo), then this is the app for you.
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4 years ago, Dinkabus
Cryptic and overly complex
I’m sure this app does quite a bit, but figuring out what it actually does and then learning how to actually do it is nearly impossible on the fly. Take for instance cutting a selected region once you’ve finally figured out how to pick a target which should be one of the easiest things an editing app can do...... THIS DOESN’T Simple cut and paste requires a tutorial? Really? No Thanks Most folks really don’t have time for a PHD in a particular app. If like me, you use several editing apps, the tell tale sign of an overly complex app is when you come back to it later, you're unable to navigate what should be easy because you’ve forgotten how it works at all! If you intend using this app, plan on a steep learning curve. It is NOT user friendly nor intuitive whatsoever. It’s too confusing and there are much more useful apps that do not require developer knowledge to operate. I have many such apps and am not a novice but this is over the top as far as being non descriptive which translates to not being able to get this app to do much at all.......
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6 years ago, Created in love
Highly recommend
It’s an amazing app and great for editing your own photos in the background but when it comes to editing a sky in the background it leaves an unrealistic film of blue over u whether you cut yourself out or not, other than that something I didn’t know is that you need to pay for most of their pre-made backgrounds which I don’t think is worth it, but besides those two thing it’s great and fun and the most you need for a flawless picture is 1.99 and some creativity ( I had to pay two dollars to access my library)
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7 years ago, EstabanEsquire
Tactfully Designed
The mark of a good app is that, in its wake, you delete the 2 or 3 "wanna be" apps that you've accumulated in your search for the "right one". This is such an app. With a myriad of tasteful and operationally savvy samples and textures, along with a "cut out" tool that was so intuitive that it seemed to guess (correctly) my intentions at every turn, this app not only streamlined my project but also inspired wonderfully subtle ascetics that I would not have employed otherwise. Hats off to the team that developed and constructed it. Much gratitude.
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6 years ago, Bernardhhi
The Best Photo Cut App!
This app truly excels at its job! The speed and ease of use is remarkable and the ability to refine the cut out around fine straggly hair is totally awesome with very professional results. The recent addition of Eraser mode, Cut out mode and Magic Sky are icing on the cake. My only complaint is the last update appears to have removed my favorite 3D background effects. Hopefully the clever folks who make this great app will put that feature back in -
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5 years ago, bbg102b
Love this app but could still use some improvements
It does exactly what it says and I am able to edit tons of photos. They also update the app fairly frequently, which is nice to see. One thing I wish they could change is allowing the user to zoom in on the “background” image when they are pasting a “cutout” photo. It makes it difficult to move your image exactly where you want to when you shrink it down in these situations, which could easily be solved by allowing you to zoom.
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7 years ago, Bobbyjoemcg
Best one I've tried so far
Only a couple of improvements need to be made: A tool to draw straight lines. Many objects to cut out have straight lines (such as product photos). It is hard to draw a straight line with your finger on the cutout edge. A straight line tool would help a lot. Or even a pen tool as in Photoshop. Saving an image should be simpler. The "Share" button takes you to the FX page, or to an ad to unlock features. It is not like saving in other programs. Otherwise it's a nice app and the scribble tool works well.
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1 year ago, AWSOME as a fox
Best editing app i could ask for
This app has honestly been the handiest, most versatile editing app for a phone i could image. All the tools work extremely well for me, and the fact its free AND works so magnificently is something that makes me tell all my friends about it!!! I’ve used this app countless times in the past to make funny photos, arrange cute moments, ect. And i lust love this app so so much
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3 years ago, Jerald Williams
Great App
Needed to work with new iPhone. Currently only works with older phones. This app works great. Still needs to flow a little better between screens. Also get rid of the set default background. Use a black background or solid color. Need to be able to create folders for personal stickers. Takes to long to find what I’m looking for. You have to scroll for ever.
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4 years ago, boba kitty
Really great app
This app is great for getting new background making really cool affects on this app is so great I can’t put it into words yeah so this app is really great you should definitely download .Personally I use this as a kind of app to outfits or list just some really cool art pieces so yeah this app is really great I know I’ve been saying that a lot but you should definitely download it.
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4 months ago, dragonsnowqueen08
So far not impressed
I bought this because it said it would be able to connect 2 pics into one and so far have not been able to to work. Editing does not allow me to erase the background fully of the images, and then it will not allow me to paste the two images into one. I can get one image done, and I have found where to add the second image, but I cannot get the two images to merge into the one photo.
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4 years ago, MooseTheDJ
It's not even remotely as easy as it looks on the tutorial. Secondly, it's not very good on the phone, so be prepared to have an iPad or don't get this. Third, I only I still use it have about a 20% success rate of capturing an image clearly. The only way it really seems to work if you take a photo against a blank wall. If you are out and about in the city with a noisy background you will get a jagged or pixelated finish which is unusable and almost on fixable. Is there a request my purchase, but it has limitations for sure.
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7 years ago, Jess_shortie
Doesn't work well for removing clutter or people
Probably works fine if the photo was taken in front of a super simplistic background, but don't expect it to work that great to try and remove clutter or other people. I have a picture of my daughter that I love and was looking forward to cleaning up, but wasted 30 mins trying to do it before just giving up and deleting the app. It was lousy at trying to edit out the stroller, picnic table, and other people behind her head, although was moderately ok at removing the plain colored gravel around her feet.
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4 years ago, F BQ2
Horrible app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So one day I went on App Store to get an editing app and I saw this app so I waited forever for this to download and than when it downloaded I tried it for the first time and it was the absolute worst app I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you want to rip your hair out from being frustrated😤😤😤by an app you shouldn’t download it. And when i was doing the cut out and get a new background thing I can’t ad a background without paying 15$ every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, The Original Pratzie
Used to be great
Now the imported images are skewed and off center. Looks good when you are making and then when you save they get all messed up. Also when importing photos, they scale down REAL small, I’m gonna start using another similar app that doesn’t have these issues. Hopefully the developer addresses the problems.
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6 years ago, APP6A
Perfect App for Me
I needed a good background for a photo ID for college; most other apps have me erase the background myself which causes me to be cut out in a very awkward way, specifically around the hair. This app is perfect, it was able to take my full body and splash it on a nice clean background for me to be able to use my preferred photo for my ID card. Just what I needed.
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3 years ago, Lord P.rad
There is no better app for this kinda thing. Its user friendly and fully loaded with what ever you want to do to photos how ever it needs an update and has been buggy lately i paid for it years ago and now use it as a free app on a new phone. Its also free of ads. Keep this app alive its 👍🏻💯
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6 years ago, j-man15
Still using it
I bought this app on a slow day at work. I had this great idea to crop some of my friends into random pics. This was atleast 6 months ago and I still use whenever I get bored. Its pretty simple to get a grab of. And has many features I am finding out. I definitely have and will recommend this app.
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7 years ago, T.Donnegal
Super easy, super fast
Watched the brief but thorough tutorials that come with, and after that, was able to do exactly what I wanted quickly and easily with multiple images. Don't know how it will keep working over time, but so far, great app. Bought the inexpensive unlock feature so I could use my own photos for background.
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1 year ago, Stephhhhhh33452189
Great app
My favorite app hands down. I have purchased additional features just because of how great it is but this is the only app that allows you to create so many things for free. I really recommend using this app over all others on the App Store!
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2 years ago, Fastfingers0007
Best and Easiest PhotoCutout
Thank you so very much for this excellent and superb photo cutout editor!!! I can't express to you how much subscribing to this app means. It will save me so much time in photo editing and save precious space on the server, in addition to faster load times for my viewers. I hope to be able to continue this subscription for a very long time!
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1 year ago, Vk411
It seems good so far
I have only been able to use the app a couple of times. But the couple times I’ve used it seems to work fine. I still need to figure out how to utilize most of the features when I find some time. But a couple times I have had to use it. It works great. Thank you!
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3 years ago, DMag142
Does a great job
I used this for a while and then something changed. I couldn’t do the cutouts for a while. Hoping a future update would fix my problem I kept the app. It is working again for me and is one of my favorite cutout apps.
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4 years ago, HighrisKTG
Unlike some apps that are “free” to download but you have to pay to use... this one is free to use and save pictures! Obviously there are some options you might need to pay for but it’s optional! I love it! Only app that I rated them because I liked it! The app didn’t even ask if I wanted to rate it! Love ittt
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8 months ago, Joseph Campos
Depends on version
Loved the older version, simple, a little blocky UI but easy to navigate. After this update I don’t find it as easy to use and seems like some options got dropped on the cutting room floor. But I guess everyone has to move forward but such a drastic change to the operating system dropped me from a 5 to a 3.
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7 years ago, Nyu2010
Easy, clear, functional app
I downloaded several apps for photo editing and this one works. Others are too complicated and some function doesn't work well. I like the hair refine function a lot. I hope the background option can be more
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8 years ago, Pvq2525
Perfect app
I've been looking for an app where you can erase the background of a photo and this is the best I've tried. The possibility to select the size and the offset of the tool is great. And the response of the cursor is very good. I also like you can zoom in into the picture and do fine details.
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4 years ago, awesoMe12385
So quick and awesome! It gives you bunches of options on what you would like to do then it takes 5 minutes to complete! You don’t have to put your info in there either! After you download the app you can immediately get started!
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5 years ago, 129394&4
This app provides a lot of stuff! I love it when I edit stuff! If you are reading this get this app it is so helpful when you don’t like the background! I love this app so much! My friend suggested it to me and it first I didn't like it but I learned most of the buttons and how to cut it out and boom now I love this flippen app!
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4 years ago, PunchingBag
4.3 out of 5
Excellent program. Straight forward. Few wants and needs though. Choice of fonts is nice. Overall tools are an A-. Wants & Needs I want the ability to lock down elements once I have them placed so I don’t accidentally move it from where it is and an Undo button for it as well. Better text field to work in and ease of editing it. I want to be able to manipulate the text field itself. Make it longer, taller, squished, whatever. Easier to navigate system and ability to create separate folders for your own custom stickers. Add those and I’ll increase the rating to a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating.
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5 years ago, FunyunRob
Love this app!
I’ve been using it for years now and I’ve never had any real issues with it. I mean sometimes the image gets squished when I try to add a png to an image in the final render, but I work around that! I still love this app and will continue to work with it for a good long while!
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6 years ago, Michael Mirtica
Best app for cutting out parts of an image to create a transparent graphic
I use this app all the time for Graphic Design on my iPhone. The transparent PNG function along with the magic wand tool that you can also slide to adjust, saves so much time rather than manually adding and erasing the masks. Definitely recommend!
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2 weeks ago, Clark711
Works great ! Easy to use...
NEW ! Now has One Click Cutout. Quickly remove background, create transparent PNGs with finger or stylus Not difficult to use. But probably best for those who are a bit nerdy, perfectionist, about their photos. I definitely am.
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3 years ago, NYSICILIAN
I used Pixomatic for years. Was thinking there has to be something better. Believe it or not, I had tons of things to do today (Sunday). Spent the last 4 hours using this app! So many possibilities. So easy to use. I’m 57 and it’s easy for me. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 5 thumbs up
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4 years ago, TheEtherBunny
I’m Impressed!
This is my first time using this app. It is a lot easier, faster, and more intuitive than the app I have been using to cut out images. There are a lot of really awesome affects. It’s totally fun to play with and I could foresee using it to create professional looking projects.
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4 years ago, StitchGuy
Can’t Beat This App at Photoshopping
The greatest for what it does. It’s also free!!! You can spend hours on end looking for a photoshop app as great as this one and you won’t find a better one for a better price even at that. This app is so simple, easy, and it gets the job done. Very Reliable!!!
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8 years ago, SonTungMTP94
Amazing app
Photo Cut Out Editor helped me remove any background of your image and maintaining transparency with just a few clicks. Very friendly to use for beginners, just touch where you want to remove. It makes my edits look very professional. I do not dare to dream that my final results might be very beautiful!
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8 years ago, MeDee47
Works great but
The app works great, but they really should warn you ahead of time that the free version doesn't allow you to load your own background. I spent a bunch of time cutting something out of a picture to place it in my own and then I couldn't. They're not gonna change this, cause that's how they get you to pay. This review is just a "screw you guys", not expecting any change.
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6 years ago, GlobeRoamer
Easy to use!!
Great results! The only reason that I rated it 4 Stars is because I can’t access my stickers up front. I’d love to be able to start with a sticker and add a background. I’d also mike to be a pot export one sticker at a time and not all of them when I only want one.
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5 years ago, ELUL1320
Help! This is a fun app but no support. Have asked question in app and when coming back here to hit support it states no longer available. Can anyone here tell me how u are erasing backgrounds? Only thing working for me is my finger and dinger of course doesn’t allow me to get close to head/hair etc. Have a tool your using that works?
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5 years ago, yoshi212324252626
Absolutely amazing
It’s actually is really good and it’s free and doesn’t have ads and don’t always every five seconds ask if you want a subscription and I don’t think they even have one 10/10 recommended and no am not some fake review
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7 years ago, Ehitscooliguess
Easy and convenient!
I used this app for my ID photo for college and it was required that we have a white background. Since I don't have white walls in my house, this app allowed me to crop myself into a white background. It was really great using it! Thank you for the app!
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5 years ago, RozaUniverse
Love it
I love this app. Easy to use. Does a great job at removing backgrounds. Usually it’s a complex process but this does a great job considering you just draw a line over the thing you want to extract. Boom! 20-30 seconds of work for a beautifully extracted image with a transparent background.
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2 years ago, Jessa CA-CA
Cropping person out background
I had great pictures but had people always in background. This app was easy to use and worked great!
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7 years ago, LAFcomingsoon
Not bad. Like any other
It's good. No harder than any other background eraser. It's always better to just use the software on the computer to do real jobs. But what would be cool is, with the refine (which is cool) is if we can do an undo a little at a time like in the other edits. If something happens and you agree up you have I state all over again. That's not cool.
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8 years ago, Marthinus Delport
I find the app extremely easy to use and a lot of fun to play with. Editing backgrounds out of pictures and making a dull pic look great are some of the features I use. Thanks for a great app. Can't wait to recommend it for my kids.
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