Photo Eraser - Remove Objects

Photo & Video
4.6 (14.7K)
150.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
AI Photo Editor Lab SRL
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Eraser - Remove Objects

4.6 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Gwyn1210
if you’re confused with all the mixed negative and positive feedback, read this!
hi! so I came across this app when looking for an editing feature that allows you to simply erase things you don’t want in ur photos! specifically for removing the little yellow box when screen recording a photo (i like to screen record and screenshot my photos so my pics don’t flip!!) and this app did the job. i’m not sure why people are getting so heated, if you actually read other people’s feedback you’d see that the creator explained why the app wasn’t working for them. basically the people who wrote the bad reviews wanted to get rid of stuff that was in the back ground, which this app doesn’t exactly support. there are other apps you can get for that! this app simply allows u to get things that are more close up to the camera and noticeable. the fact that this app is free and people are still being so mean about it surprises me please just be more grateful. the fact that you’re even writing a review for an app shows that you’re living somewhat decent of a life if you or your family can own that kind of technology. to the creator: thank you so much for creating this app and having it be free, i’m sure you’re a lovely person! good karma’s a thing a promise:)
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5 months ago, SavannahBeardog1234
Amazing app definitely get if you need to erase!😁😆😁
This app is wonderful I love using it! I have been looking for a good app that can erase without it looking blurry, and this app works amazingly! I thought this was going to be another crappy editing app but it the complete opposite. I definitely recommend getting this app if you need to erase. My only problem is you can only edit once a day which is pretty annoying but besides that I love this app! 😆 😁 😊 Edit: okay… so I just tried going on and apparently there is a TIME LIMIT so uhhhhhhhh yeaaaa I don’t really know what to say. Oh and also I just went through a bunch of comments and some of the hate comments are saying it’s blurry when you erase this doesn’t happen to though. So yea.😬😁🤔
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3 years ago, ZGDfounder12
GREAT APP!! Just fix the X!!
This app is really good. But there is one thing that needs fixing There are ads after every other edit. I understand that you need the ads to make money and I don’t mind them all that much. But here’s the problem, it doesn’t let you X out of it 70% of the time. You click on the X repeatedly and it does nothing. So then you have to close the app in order to close the ad which also deletes whatever changes you just made to the picture. This gets really annoying when it causes you to make the same changes 5 times. Please fix. And to all the people who are complaining about how it just copies and pastes whatever is next to it, what are they supposed to do? It doesn’t know what’s behind the item! The item is covering it! It makes me mad that you guys are complaining about something when there aren’t any other options for a COMPLETELY FREE app that’s not for professional work. I really hope this problem is fixed but overall it is a great app. Thank you developers and I’m sorry that you guys are getting seriously unfair complaints. I would definitely recommend!!
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3 months ago, vthnfroiucbbeufj ubfec
Do not get if you don’t want to pay money
I was editing a photo of my family and I and I took 30-45 minutes making it look absolutely perfect and I was waiting to see how the final product looked but I kept pressing the x so the was parochially my fault but then came me to trying to finish it and I press the arrow to go forward and guess what I see.. pay 5.99 to see the finish product! I was so mad and upset that I spent most of my weekend editing and when it came to finishing I had to pay, and right now in my life I don’t have a lot of money so why would I pay something that looks like an ai took it instead of looking real? It’s great if your into that I just really really don’t recommend it and I hope that other people have a good experience with this app because I did not. Anyway happy Good Friday! But yes do not get this app if you want to pay extra for lots of things 🤦‍♀️
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10 months ago, Nice Nice Karen
So far, so good
I was ready to be disappointed again because I thought I would have to pay something. I appreciate there is a free version that worked great! I’ve only done one picture and I’m hoping the free version includes the most important functions for free and stays fun! Not complex and frustrating! Or that I need to purchase an upgrade to get a feature that I can get for free on FB, IG, etc. EDIT: Spoke too soon! 🤪😠 I was informed by the app that I used all my free uses and would need to start my free trial. That’s fine, I’ll do that but I am going to set my calendar to remind me to cancel.
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2 months ago, lavendergaze
ai filters DON'T work for poc people
I got this to remove marks and it worked great, but I wanna talk about something else in this review. There's a section in app that allows you to make a photo of yourself into a cool character with different styles using AI, and I decided to mess around with it for fun. Cool right? No! I'm mixed (but I primarily look Asian and have black hair + dark brown eyes - tldr I don't look white at all), but when trying to make myself into a cartoon character, I just turned into some unrecognizable brunette with green eyes. This happened with multiple filters and then I gave up. If you can't do silly AI photoshop right, please just don't do it at all! Or fix it, I'm sure many poc using this would prefer not to turn white when they just wanted to see themselves pixar style.
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2 years ago, Nickname or No Name
It’s a great app, just blurry…
I got this app and it is great! I don’t know what all the other reviews were talking about. Not being able to press the X on ads to skip them? That’s ridiculous! Unless I got this a little later and they fixed that problem, but skipping the ads work fine for me. The only problem is that whenever I erase something or someone, it just gets all blurry. I know they don’t know what’s behind that object, but it kind of makes the picture worse more than it makes it better. I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone because of that. Other than that it’s a great app Easy to figure out and use!
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1 year ago, hiilovemyfriends
I think it’s amazing because you don’t have to buy premium it’s like you it does a lot of stuff to help me with like thumnails, and important things it really helped me throughout the years. I totally recommend you download this app. if you are a YouTuber or you have a a lot of photos that you need to edit but you can’t find the right app. Please download this app I’m not trying to make like an ad about it but I hate ads. If I saw this review myself I would download it. I totally recommend download now!
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1 year ago, Defnotabbs
I’m Actually Stunned!
I’m stunned with how well this erases things you don’t want in a picture! This app is so well put together and so easy to work with! I’m in love with this app and it is truly the best editing app I’ve ever used! The reason I’m rating this 4 stars instead of 5 is because you can only edit one photo a day without payment! This is so frustrating and annoying because this app is so amazingly useful and I would use this for hours editing photos if I could! Please fix this for people who can’t pay to edit more photos a day! That would be amazing! 🤩
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2 years ago, no no no hate update
So good but just a few things
So this app is so good and better than most but just when you are trying to delete something next to something close to them or it it gets blurred so I understand you can make it perfect but just know this problem is not very big but also the person who is saying this probably has ocd so it bothers me more than some people but this is a good app thanks!
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7 months ago, i liked this game a lot
Best erasing app
I’ve been looking for an app that can erase things from my pictures for so long. This is the only one that lets me erase and save it for free! Plus it does such a perfect job. And yeah there’s a premium version, but I can still do what I need to do without it. I think that’s why this is the best photo editing app. Highly recommend especially for people who won’t spend money on an app like this -Hannah Tise
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3 years ago, SNGmowg
Kept Crashing
The app is great, but it kept crashing on me. In the middle of my editing, the app crashed. I had to start over again. It comes to a point that I had to save the picture in the middle of editing, then open picture again and continue editing, save, then open picture and edit, save, open and edit, etc. before editing is completed.
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2 months ago, Bratty review
Effective & Satisfied
I didn’t buy any features. Only use this app for the Eraser feature to remove unwanted backgrounds or random people in photos. It’s works really well, it’s not blotchy or blurry. For free users only, you can use it up to like 3 photos a day..I’m never in rush to edit pics so idc but if you’re a content creator or blogger you’ll probably want to pay the $$$.
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3 months ago, ELECTRO GAME001
Grate app
Sir, this app was grate i need more features In this app for better editing and performance. I’ll give 5 fo 5 rating totally awesome!!! I want to say something, You should add back button. After edit a photo i have to close the app for edit another photo. It’s so terrible. I’ve running on ios 12.5 so i cannot update your app regularly. So i’m sad now.
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11 months ago, ellie✨💎
AMAZING but one little complaint
absolutely no complaints!! it’s completely free (u can use it free or with premium) my one and only little complaint is that there is like a daily limit if u are using it free. it’s kinda annoying sometimes but overall it’s a great app! highly recommend😊
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2 years ago, I'm in love with my puppy
It’s okay
It’s OK but it won’t let you save the changes you made the picture and it isn’t free. You have to do a seven day trial sort of thing and it’s 2.99 a week I mean who would spend that kind of money on something as tiny as this. I’m just giving my honest review it’s not great but the changes you make are kind of cool except for the eraser it just blurs out the parts you erase it just doesn’t work very well
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2 years ago, ALA CRAZEL 😜
Very good eraser app!
Out of all the other eraser apps I tried, (3 eraser apps) this one was the best! There’s no premium you have to pay, sure the quality may be affected but that’s nothing a photo editing app can’t fix. There are some things to know before using though. For best results, a smaller sized eraser works better than a larger size, and the eraser works best on well-lit skin, and may make shadowed areas look strange. All in all, great app!
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6 months ago, ..tori
Extremely horrible
I used this app a few times to edit my photos and the results were just okay. It asked me if I would like to start a free trial that I would NOT be charged for after the trial, so I clicked yes. Ever since then, I have been charged $4 a week for this app I don’t have an account for/don’t even have downloaded. I don’t understand how they got my card information, and there is no way to email the support team or end this subscription. This app is HORRIBLE and I have lost almost $50 in this subscription I did not want. Please be careful.
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3 years ago, Noelle from JanaJan
Please read the whole thing
I think this would be a great app but it’s not working when ever I click on the photo I want it goes to and ad and after the ad it makes me click a photo again and that keeps reaping that over and over again like 20 times until if finally works and when it does work it works I would give a 5 star but because of the glitch it gets 3 stars
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7 months ago, by:Elsie
It’s okay 🫠
They make you pay and if you don’t pay you only get to erase things out off 2 photos a day. It does a decent job erasing things but I don’t think you should have to pay to erase things in more than 2 photos it’s so sad that you have to pay to erase things in more than 2 photos but if you didn’t have to pay I would like it way better so overall I’d give it 3-4 stars.
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9 months ago, Time girl,
You need to fix it now
Some peoples parents won’t let them buy it so you should make it normal like most of apps just let them use it. How much does they want? Let them use it we don’t have to so let them I’m going to have to give it a bad review and I’m going to give it a three star until I see no money, and all that
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6 months ago, Terrie H.
The software is so incredible, I downloaded it and within five minutes I already edited and removed backgrounds and added Guy on three pictures! Blows my mind how simple it is, and how quick I think I’ll keep my trial going into a subscription!
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9 months ago, 𝐙𝐨𝐞𝟏𝟎
This app is very good! The one thing that I LOVE is that I doesn’t make you pay!!!!! The only changes I would say to fix is that when you clear it it’s a little blurry. You should definitely 💯 get this app if wanted! I’m just so amazed that you don’t have to pay a cent(if you want premium you’ll have to send money) 9/10 😝
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1 month ago, A. the cat
Amazing, but just one thing
When in, you are able to do like, 3 ai filters a day unless you pay for it, which no one wants to do! But otherwise, amazing app. BTW when you get the cartoon filters, they look nothing like you, I have brown hair and my character had a blond bob. Most of my cartoon ones were kind of ugly.
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11 months ago, Gebads31
Pretty good
The app was pretty good however for the free version you can only edit a few pictures per day. The quality of the eraser works better on some pictures then other but it does get the job done. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who needs to edit photos free and fast.
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4 years ago, Cinz211
Worst app ever!!🤬🤬😡😡 (DEVELOPERS PLEASE LISTEN)
So I wanted to try this app out for a TikTok trend. So I tried to use it and it didn’t even work! It was all blurry, my phone was broken up into smooth creams! I just feel like that this app SHOULD NOT exist! It is a terrible app! If you want your app to get good reviews, then fix it! On the commercial it was working perfectly for the other people but in real life it DOES NOT work! And you all only have BAD reviews because this app needs to be fixed! I hope I never see this app for the rest of my LIFE!!!!!!
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4 years ago, kaelyn_9876
To much adds😐
This app is really good, you don’t have to pay, but the problem with this app is when you erase something like two times,there always needs to be an add😑probably I need to pay or something but that the problem I have been having😕 but it works fine and it’s a really good app👍🏽😁 but pls can y’all fix your problem??😪😆
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1 year ago, Mel the mayo
So this app is like my main photo editing source, and the only problem with it is that when you have people really close to the thing you dont want to erase it looks kinda weird. But other than that it is fantastic!!!!💖💖💖
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3 years ago, BR4IN G4M3S
I couldn’t use it
I couldn’t use the app because after every time I edited the picture i got an advertisement. I usually don’t complain about ads but these ads wouldn’t let me exit them and had an x that was impossible to click. Other than the ad problem the editing itself would have gotten 4/6 stars, it isn’t that good because it always leaves traces no matter how detailed i try to edit it.
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2 months ago, shiva hatami
I am very satisfied with your app ,thank you so much , but I can not afford to get the premium ,
And one week is very short and I need your good eraser every day but for a short time , and can’t afford the price ; even though you are greate🌹 Sincerely, Shiva
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1 year ago, Yenfhenfhrnyf
Pls red
It is a good app but………… It is blurry! It wasn’t blurry for one thing but everything else was blurry, so if you don’t want a blurry picture then don’t get this. Also it is $2.99 a week not month, but week so it is just buying something that is overpriced and blurry!
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1 year ago, Bgfddff
I’ve been using this app with so-so results. It worked well for my needs. They have upgraded a couple of times and they have improved this tremendously. Works well. Thank you developer and keep up the good work. I’m saving the fifth star for their next upgrade.
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8 months ago, Everett Poppvich
To everyone who is looking to get this app
To everyone who is looking to get this app it is soooo good I would 100% recommend this app because you can get premium or get free and they are both perfect I have no complaints
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8 months ago, Jboyguy
Haven’t used much so could change
I wasn’t asked to pay for the enhancer and it was incredibly high quality. If app balances free and paid then this could be the best way to edit photos.
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2 years ago, augustbirdisjult
The worst app ever
This is the worst erasing app ever it blends really wierd and it’s just not good it doesn’t work at all do not download this app i have another app like this but it’s way better I don’t recommend this I give this a 1 star if any of the other reviews are saying it’s bad they are right. Ok so I hope you see this and I realize that this sounds a bit rude so please just fix it I don’t wanna be rude I just don’t like it I hope you fix it and maybe I’ll try it out
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5 months ago, arzadija
Best photo app
This is such a good app I needed this but the other ones always were blurring the things I tried to erase but if you guys can can you make atleast 5 pictures in one day if you guys don’t wanna that’s ok thank you
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2 years ago, Bunny Lover -softball
It was bad read to see why and get this fix
It was super bad the only good thing was it erased but leave it blurry like really blurry so it was not looking good till I got mad I deleted it I don’t know how people would think it a good app for me it sucked geez for this app to get better tell them to fix that after blurry result please plus the ads couldn’t skip/exit them so I had to watch it I hope they get this fix and thank you for your time 😁.
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1 year ago, Fdny1219
Love it..?
Was having a great time with this app updated and I got nervous. E-mailed developer last night and this morning I received a reply, followed his instructions in settings and everything went great. Great reply time and knowledgeable team. Thanks
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10 months ago, Kawaii-Kylie
Pretty good app!
It’s pretty good and not that bad so I’m giving five stars since I can use it free and not really have to pay! Good app and recommend also if u have restrictions on your device and wanna use this app u can because it’s 4+
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1 month ago, yv b u bu
I’ve been scrolling on the AppStore for an eraser that you don’t have to pay for and this app is exactly just that. This app is the reason why i could get rest tonight and i want to thank the developers for that 🤍!!
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5 months ago, Kenz too
Try it out
Me and my sister have played on this for like not even a long time because you have to pay to play on it all day witch gets on our nerves we can only play on it for 10 minutes each day you should try it out but you have to pay money
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4 years ago, lifewithpuppies
Ok so I got this app for TikTok. Another version of it made me pay so I improvised. I found this app! When I went to the reviews they weren’t that good... But I decided to still give it a chance! LET ME TELL YOU IT WORKS SO GOOD! I was surprised by how good I worked! Everything was free and no in app purchases!
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4 years ago, unknown086528
The bad reviews are right
So i needed to remove a small thing in my picture, SMALL thing... and it ruined my picture. The small thing i tried to remove was just blurry and it didnt do what it was supposed to do. The video that the app has in the app store it so editing. It does not work that wall at all. So pay attention to the bad reviews, bc they all say the same thing, and their correct.
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2 years ago, sjhcnh
Whelp, I've had this app now for a few days now and have tried it every day since then. Right after the first ad when you think it's finally gonna work, it crashes again and again and again. I wish I could have at least had a chance just for once to be able to try it. Deleted!!!
Show more
5 months ago, notgnjlew
Great app
I just love the way they are doing so much better than they were before and they have been working on it for years! I’m loving this
Show more
9 months ago, SkyPrincesa
Need to indicate how much it costs
I am tired of downloading apps only to find out that there is a fee just to try them! And NO I’m not giving a credit card number to TRY something! You have the technology to disable an app after a trial period, but you are banking on a person forgetting to cancel. I just delete the app and then post about it on my platform for others to see.
Show more
4 years ago, TheDancingLlama240374
Works pretty well but there are just too many ads!
So I used this on one of my pictures and it worked perfectly! (great job) but every time you erase something it makes you watch an ad. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about this app.
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2 years ago, Here-now
Not easy to see where to cancel the free trial
I wanted to try this app for videos and it’s only for photos. It’s my fault for missing that point so I wanted to cancel my free trial before getting charged. They say no commitment and that you can cancel anytime but where is the button for that? Do I really have to email the company to cancel my free trial?
Show more
5 months ago, ÂŇØŇŶMØŲŞ
As soon as you make an account you don’t get to use the app at all, you are immediately brought to a screen asking you to buy their subscription. 7 days free. But, it’s stupid. Literally. Like it doesn’t even do a good job at erasing, makes big white things turn into smoke kinda, but in a bad way. Do not get!
Show more
2 years ago, 5th grader NML
I can’t even erase on this thing! Isn’t that what it’s for? I tried to do something cool! I also was going through a lot of the “magical eraser” apps and can’t really find any good because most of them make you pay, then you have an app like yours that is a bit... whatever! I just want an app that can do a good erasing job! So maybe you could try and make it better! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST TELL ME HOW TO USE THE APP AND JUST PLEASE DO A BIT OF CHANGING ON THE APP!!!!!!!
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