Photo Flipper - selfie mirror

Photo & Video
4.7 (1.8K)
8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Joylord Systems Ltd
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Flipper - selfie mirror

4.72 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, i dream of jjeannie
My pictures
I have been putting my pictures on all kinds of my projects and have had to take my pics somewhere to get them flipped now thanks to this app I can do them on my phone an send them to the printer and away I go I don’t have to spend the extra money or waist time getting them done l just love this app
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6 years ago, DanteCarter
Don't bother purchasing
Decent app, does what it says, but it's ruined by the constant adds. I purchased it to remove the adds... They're still there and it a few months later it's even worse. It worked initially, but once I started it up a few weeks later the adds we're back and even worse. I thought I maybe I didn't purchase it after all, but sure enough when I checked my apple receipts- there it was. Wasted 2$. Definitely get it if you need to flip your photos, but beware of the add spam, and don't waste your money to get rid of them because it doesn't. Otherwise it would've been an easy four to five stars.
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4 years ago, Cheerio101n
Limited functionality
Bought this app to rotate images less than 90 degrees within a grid. Most full spectrum editors have a basic ‘flip’ or 90 degree ‘orientation’ feature already included. As a stand alone “Photo flip” tool, this one works - but that’s about it... Had to replace it right away to perform the fractional axis adjustments desired (to correct for ‘off of vertical’). When you use the two fingers, the frame ‘rotates’ along with the image! Not a true ‘rotate’ in space image adjuster (which keeps the frame still whilst rotating the primary image against a grid!).
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7 years ago, Quėėn Nicki
Exceeds Standards
Photo Flipper, it does just as it says. When I take a picture on my iPhone it flips it and my angles go out of wack. But when I use Photo Flipper everything is all well. You can flip it left, right, up, and down. There are other features that come along with the app of course, but why don’t you download them to find out?
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6 years ago, Lawniee
Very satisfied!
I’m so glad I found this app ! I’ve always liked the quality on my phone camera, but I hated that it would flip my photos which made me look weird. Now that I’ve found this app I can easily flip them back and the best part is that it doesn’t end up with a watermark! Overall it’s a great app !
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6 years ago, EehIKnowISuck
It does what it says. I love that I bought this because my phone camera makes me look weird, so I flip my picture and the photo actually looks like me. However I would just take the photo with your phone camera then use be app afterwards because the filters and etc. Aren’t as great.
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2 months ago, Juno, Juno
A lot of fun!
this app allowing me to flip my Photos throws people off when I show it to them. They remember things being slightly different but they look at the photo and it seems to be proof. Can be a lot of fun at parties or just one on one. Easy to use!
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6 years ago, Napalm is Fiiiyah
Photo Flipper gotchoo
Super smooth app that does exactly what it says with no gimmicks or bs. It also features some free filters. This app is real easy to use hasn’t crashed yet SO UKNO I love dat dankness and em’goodies mhm. There are ads sometimes, but no countdown to close it. That’s a make or break for me on many apps. I’ll be holding on to this one though. Thanks babes
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7 years ago, Jaddrgbxdhkpphc
I love love love this app. It does exactly what it's title says and more. And you guys don't spam with ads like other photo editors and demand money to get rid of them. That might be my favorite thing about this app. You don't show ads until the user is done editing their photo. Keep up the awesome work.
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6 years ago,
This is app is great
I love this app so much! It’s so helpful. I used to hate it how the photo app would twist the photo around and then I got this app and it’s saved my pictures!! I would normally take my pictures on Instagram story because it wouldn’t twist it and I now I don’t have to do that!! I love this app!☀️🌻🌵🌸
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6 years ago, abeerrrr
Life changer!
I absolutely hate the way I look in photos and this completely changed that! I love using this on pretty much every photo and it works wonders every time. It’s definitely one of those apps that I might pay for if they aren’t free in the future.
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6 years ago, Darth Vader's Raiders
Love it
Tired of cameras showing me the flipped photo and then flipping it the right way for the actual photo 🙄🙄 love this app, fixes that problem w/out having to pay stupid fees or putting the apps name on the photo. The ads aren’t bombarding at all which is surprising for a free app. 10/5
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7 years ago, AmyLambes
I love it
Works great!! Do you ever think that you don’t look right when you take a selfie but it’s because you’re backwards so use this flip at program and you can flip your photo around and you look just like you think you should look!!
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7 years ago, freakshowfix
Amazing app!
This is a must have for anyone who takes pictures of their clothing or outfits. So many times I've had pictures that needed flipped so graphics and words in clothing can be read and this did the trick! Amazing and easy to use!!!
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6 years ago, Hellcat1977
Love this app!
I have been frustrated for so long... well, not anymore. I can view my photos exactly how they were taken. The app is incredibly easy to use and it has worked flawlessly. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Jess flowers
Love it!
I love using my iPhone camera, but always hated that the pictures came out “mirrored”. This app solves that problem! the picture quality doesn’t change and it looks just like a Snapchat selfie! So happy with this app :)
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5 years ago, CAAM57
This app doesn’t work at all!
Terrible app don’t buy it, I uploaded the picture to flip, it didn’t work so I tried it again they charged me another $.99 and I got nothing for it yet the app does not work at all I want to refund and I want it right away for both of my $.99 deductions!!!!! PS I have to give it a rating so I only giving it one star it doesn’t deserve any stars! Give me back my money I’ll race my complaint! Or better yet make an app that works!!!
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6 years ago, Wetepa
Photo flips
I’m very happy with this App. User friendly for a 76 year old artist. I work from photos making composite pictures and often need to flip one or more photos
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6 years ago, Jason Rafferty
Very useful app!
I’m an artist and will sometimes use the photo flip feature in photoshop for compositions. This app allows you to do it on your phone and is very useful, simply designed.
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6 years ago, DarkRabbitKid
Great app
Dose the job well little to no problems or complaints from me the only thing is ads but the apps quality makes up for the app
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5 years ago, Cool due 102
Does exactly as it says it does. Very easy to used and doesn’t leave a water mark when you save the edited picture.
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5 years ago, Andrea PERIODT
It does what it says it says. There’s no watermark. I don’t like that my iPhone flips my selfies and I can use this app to flip them back to what it’s supposed to look like. I really like it. The only bad thing is the ads but I really don’t mind it.
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6 years ago, Miguel351
Works flawlessly
I hate how Apple doesn’t give u the opinion to inflip ur photos but I’m happy that theres a app that does it perfectly just that this app has a lot of adds
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6 years ago, ManOfSuper310
Mission Accomplished
All I wanted was a way to flip my photos. And that's exactly why I got. No complaints here. Flipped photos so my logos weren't always backwards. Now I can move on with my life.
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6 years ago, kk kool j
Nice app
I didn’t think I’d need it when my daughter installed it but I’ve used it several times to print old vintage book copy for iron on transfers.
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5 years ago, sandimascharvel
Worked but beware
I needed to flip a photo. Was quite easy enough but then when I clicked the circle with the check mark that it was done, I got my ears completely blown away by an ad with audio. I was listening to my music at a normal volume with earbuds prior to opening the app and the advert with sound came on beyond full blast which was horrible.
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6 years ago, WalterGirl90
As a person who def has a good side for pictures this app is very helpful. Also the lack of a watermark is awesome! Highly recommend. Photos save fast and flipping is very easy
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6 years ago, Yes love this app
Love flip
Love this app! I was taken pictures and had no idea why they were not coming out right! I’m so glad I found this app.
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7 years ago, Ervinjr
Fixes the dumbest iPhone camera feature perfectly
Flip your selfies back in the correct direction.
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6 years ago, Izabella--__*
It’s great for taking pictures that you don’t want to get flipped to non-mirrored images Like On the iPhone every time you take a picture on the iPhone it flips it and it’s very annoying
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6 years ago, Samirh.H
Overall great app
Very easy to use , always does the job perfectly without any complications.
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6 years ago, Brownie;o
This app is pretty good and does what it says but it doesn’t allow you to focus on something specific. Sometimes it is really sunny and I want this app to focus on my face but it just remains sunny. Oopss. Great app but I wish it would have a focus option. :(
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7 years ago, Cchbooc
I never leave reviews, but this does exactly what it says it will do without any weird water marks. Selfie on without getting any weird lopsided face photos!!!
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10 months ago, Ron Aaron
I am loving the Photo Flipper, which lets me take selfies and flip them so they are as they should be! Plus, it is so easy to do.
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7 years ago, Kncass
Good for flipping
Haven't used it much more than for flipping. But if that's all you need, super great app! Filters are pleasant. Easy to use with just one swipe.
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5 years ago, wolfpeas
Does what it says
I mean it’s a pretty simple to use app. It flips your picture, it takes little to no time at all.
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6 years ago, Mattdillon1983
Makes Creating Content so easy
Too simple to use and easy for beginner / download it now
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6 years ago, Lexusrose
Great app
I love how this app allows me to flip photos with ease. I wish there was a way I could save the photos to an album but still great.
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7 years ago, bhauenst
Perfect right at the start!!
I wanted to flip a drawing I’d done and tried this and WOW!! It was super easy! You just swipe and wham - flipped and ready to go!! Thank you to the developer! ❤️😍
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6 years ago, randapanda357
Luv it
Love it, i hate the way my face looks flipped the wrong way. It actually makes me look really different cuz I’m not perfectly symmetrical
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6 years ago, bbarnett !
Good , but to many adds after every photo you decide to edit .
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4 years ago, maddiee00x
i just downloaded this app today because this photos on my camera made my face look rly weird and unsymmetrical, and this app completely fixed it !! the quality is just the same as it is on my iphone camera ! (i could do this on snapchat, but the quality isn't the same) great app 👍🏻
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6 years ago, Bella564
Does exactly what it’s supposed to!! Great for mirror pics where you want the words on your shirt to actually look readable!!
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6 years ago, BearDog1300
Really useful
I always take photos of my drawings the wrong way and this app really saves me some time. :-)
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6 years ago, Peg712
flipping photos made easy
If I can use this everyone can!
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6 years ago, Leah.96
Very useful!!!
Helps my photos look the direction I took then I’m in since my iPhone mirrors the picture differently. Great app!
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6 years ago, nobody 441
Makes you picture look exactly how you take them
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6 years ago, Utah man am I
Should be in Photos
Great app, but I don’t know why these features aren’t in Photos already.
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6 years ago, TheSerbianPhoenixFlower
Good app!
I like how it makes flipping photos with words I take using the front facing camera easy :)
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6 years ago, EgyptianPrince91
Simple and Bug free
Best photo flipping app by far. Never have had any issues and it’s easy to use
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