Photo Mosaica

Photo & Video
3.6 (112)
49.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
ZeMind Game Studio Ltd
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Mosaica

3.63 out of 5
112 Ratings
1 year ago, NOLA_Diva
Great Tool
Very easy to use, but I took off a start because there isn't an explanation of the options in the tool and you can only choose from a shared album insead of a folder on your desktop. Otherwise I absolutely love this application.
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6 years ago, Bonita Brit
A little nervous, but fun
I downloaded this app to get something meaningful for my boyfriend. I had intentions to print it myself, but when it had an option to purchase a canvas print I was sold. The only thing that makes me nervous is that I have yet to receive a confirmation email about my order and even a tracking number would be nice to know an ETA. Basically I’m just sitting here hoping it’s delivered sooner than never 🤞 Edit: I received my canvas print yesterday. I never received a confirmation email directly after purchase, but a day or so later I received a shipment email with a tracking number. I am so satisfied with the canvas print! It’s beautiful!
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5 years ago, AlanLaBudde
Great program but photo selection is done backwards
My advice to users would be to create an album in photos and then with the deluxe version it’s not as hard to do choose that even though all albums are selected and you have to go in and unselect them all...I wish I could just go to all photos and choose the ones I want rather than the deselecting my vest output of photos… But once again it’s a great program better than that other one which takes forever and I think it wants you to subscriber something.... So note to programmer programmer not Paul grandma: Give me a file size when I choose more complex and also work on the ability to just select photographs rather than deselect. I haven’t had any issues using an iPad Pro older version and also an iPhone 7+
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5 years ago, Robert Sterbal
Twenty years of making mosaics and this is my favorite app
I’ve been fascinated with mosaics for decades and this app delivers. I have an album of about 3000 flower photos and the app allows me to share excellent mosaics with people in a matter of just a minute or two. I share some of my flower mosaics on a Facebook group: Photos - Sterbal’s Sundry Studies.
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10 years ago, M3rc
Awesome app. Works great, very intuitive
I was looking for an app to make a photo mosaic for my girlfriend of photos of us. This app allowed me to select a main image, select an album to use for the tiles, and then it automatically generated a high-resolution mosaic that turned out beautifully.
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4 years ago, Dalex1953
Nearly perfect
You can make som spectacular images with this app. It helps that I have about 13,000 photos in my iPad Pro. The only drawback is that it only runs in portrait mode. Not everyone does this stuff on some crummy phone. Maybe there should be a pro version?
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9 years ago, Cascadia Grill
Pretty cool!
I really like it but I wish you could say you don't want certain photos in the picture. Overall great though!
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10 years ago, P00T1E TANG
It gets better with time
As your camera roll size increases, so does the quality of your mosaic. The paid version can produce far better results if you know how to tweak it.
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10 years ago, Tazangel36
App works as advertised, pretty nifty, in fact. The fact that certain features were advertised but only avail thru in-app purchase is a little deceptive. My biggest gripe is that choosing to exclude some photos from a particular mosaic tells the app that it's ok to completely remove them from your camera roll! NOT COOL. Cannot give better rating until this is addressed.
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11 years ago, BostonYankeesFan
Excellent App
I don't write reviews very often but I really love this app everything about it is fun to use very accurate comes out really beautiful I really recommend that anyone purchase or download
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10 years ago, Cpwood07
Mosaic poster
Has anyone actually ordered a poster from this app? I want to but I am wondering about the quality and if it is worth it
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7 years ago, BjornBayudan
IOS 11 compatibility
Please update you app! I paid for it! Edit: thanks for updating
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4 years ago, LittleMustardSeed
Does not work for me
I’ve chosen hundreds of photos and it won’t create a mosaic for me. Paid for the upgrade. There are no directions to help guide. It says something to the effect of ‘cannot use image. Choose another image.’ I’ve added images with more colors in the to try abs close the gap in colors that may be missing. I don’t understand what the problem is, and there are no directions to tell me what is not working and why. Disappointed. I was hoping to create a special image as a gift.
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10 years ago, Dano6547
Pure crap don't buy. I have tried countless times to get this to work right, I have plenty of photos and purchased delux version but it is pointless!!!! It won't save photo and app crashes constantly plus tiny photos come out blurry. Of course they won't post this review !!!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Dan5ito
Simple and effective
Great app that does what it suppose to do. I recommend to pay for the upgrade it is worthy.
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7 years ago, Slor83
Update anytime soon?
Hello, I can’t use the app unless it’s been update to iOS 11. Please update so I can use it.
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4 years ago, c-o-llaborator
Shared album
How do I have the app access the shared albums on my iPhone? Not being able to do that is a big problem!
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11 years ago, Menuvmost
iPhone 5s
Works great! Gotta buy app to unlock key features.. May give in and buy it though.. Likes to repeat stupid images that are solid colored.
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6 years ago, Noladawn
Can’t use it to see if it works well
Keeps shutting down and won’t find my recent photo albums. iPhone X and iOS 11.3
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7 years ago, Paloma Renee
Wonderful App
So easy to use and such a great keepsake. Absolutely love the concept and turns out great!
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11 years ago, Cmonsonwhy
Not what I thought needs improvements
Ok app would be better if you could make the boxs bigger
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13 years ago, SisterMargaret
Fast fun photography!
The more photos - the more variation. Takes a few minutes to learn which photos to choose are better to mosaic but it is worth the time. I played with hi - lo pics and colors. You can buy a more complex and precise full mosaic program but this one is free. And you can learn quite a bit before investing Serious money. Well worth including including on your iPod/iPhone just for fun and you can mail/print quickly. Wish it had more features to adjust the way it mosaics and a tutorial would be nice. But I enjoy playing, so for me it was a fun experience and family liked seeing their photos on a new way. Also it might help quilters and scrapbookers create mosaic quilts/collages. It will help with layout and color schemes.
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5 years ago, Darkwu33
Deluxe app with errors
Every time that I try to remove photos that I don’t want my app crash over and over in the same point. Horrible way to spend my money on something that doesn’t work
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7 years ago, G_Von
Just bad all around
Its basically a demo of the paid version and a bad one at that. Don't waste your time. From the looks of the demo the paid version would be awful... it also hasn't been updated.
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11 years ago, Miles527374363738473839
Really awesome
This is a really cool app and its really easy to use im giving it 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Angie CCH
The effect is so bad
I’ve done it at moscially and then tried this, and it’s disappointing. Quality is terrible
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9 years ago, Freeseframe80
Awful doesn't complete the photo
Uses some photos but does not fill out the entire photo, even purchased the full version. Very disappointed!
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8 years ago, gumbini
Doest work when try to order
Tried along time ago it was working fine But now when i try to order a poster it freezes
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10 years ago, Nigel Wang
Good looking, but has a fault
App will not let me save finished pics to my phone
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10 years ago, Geolomit2
Masai Magic
I'm an Artist... I love this App. It's spot on... & very user friendly. Nice work.
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9 years ago, WebbyJayRay
Ios8 fail (empty spots)
Used to love this app, yet since ios8, image creation is appalling....even when I have all needed colors it leaves gaping holes over my image rendering the app useless. Please fix and don't buy until they do!
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6 years ago, 130Boy
Should be able to select which pictures you want to use FIRST... Everytime I try to pic the pictures I want the app crashes 😒😒
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9 years ago, Tony0072p99
Won't go to print
Just freezes on print screen. No customer service contact option to resolve.
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10 years ago, Qwertzxcvlkjhgf
App needs update with new IOS8. Leaves spaces all over with no pics in them. Update please. And why not post these when they are true. Just fix it or I dump it.
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10 years ago, Bawlsdeap
Had plans to use this as a birthday gift but it will not let you pay for your order.
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7 years ago, Ken.n.Jax
Worked once on my 7plus
Disappointed worked once then crashed ever time
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10 years ago, Barry Horowitz
Great app!!
Easy to use, fast, fun
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10 years ago, Brett0729373984
Don't Waste Your Time
This app is worthless. Don't waste your time on it. All it's good for is crashing. Period.
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9 years ago, Alireza Zieglari
High resolution is a necessary subject for this app
This app is good but update for high resolution is a necessary subject for a mosaic photo that is produced with this app according to advanced devices such as ipad pro☺️
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10 years ago, Quanzite
Please fix
This app immediately keeps shutting down on me. Please fix!
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7 years ago, Nessamarquez
Need update
For iOS 11
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9 years ago, Zdaker
Should be reported for cheating customers
So bad, empty cells, no upgrade since 2013. And selling it for a high price...
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9 years ago, Lucaskiki
Used to be great!
What happeed? It does not work now. Full of unfilled spots?
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11 years ago, Mswessman
I absolutely love this app!
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7 years ago, blueandhack
Please update the app for iOS 11
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9 years ago, Nia Merp
that's all you need to know it's plain awful
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9 years ago, Faliciathagoat
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13 years ago, Frzy
Choose Pics
I think this app is amazing and really shows off the power of the iPhone 4 and the creators brain. The only downfall is it doesn't let u choose what photos are gonna be in the pic. Because of this it limits the sharing component of the app because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who has pics in the library that they don't want people seeing in a pic. So if they could change that it would make this app a 5 star app. If that gets done or could be in the next upgrade I can see this app being a number 1 app.
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12 years ago, trusty getto
When it isn't frozen, it makes excellent mosaics
The mosaics are quite nice, but the app is buggy and freezes a lot. It freezes during mosaic creation. Sometimes it quits during mosaic creation. It freezes during saving. It hangs most of the time wheni use the crop feature. Overall, It freezes about 30% of the time for me. Which wouldn't be so bad, but it does not retain a memory of the photo library. So, each time you start up, you have to wait for it to process your library, which takes several minutes. Some of the mosaics take several minutes. A lot of time gets wasted when it hangs. So, if you have time to spare, good app. If you are impatient or get frustrated easily, this probably isn't for you.
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13 years ago, Ndfire
Don't write too many reviews - think this is the 1st bad one I've written - BUT this made me mad! Claimed to be free app, downloaded, opened & processed pic - so far so good - but they do not tell u that u cannot save to your ipone unless u buy upgrade (in app - also deceptive - states u can save in low res but when u do u are forced to run thru facebook & it will post on your wall but still not save to iPhone. I think the pic quality is good, neat concept, but I do not like being lied to. The description in the app store states u can save & even make a poster or t-shirt from image but they make no mention of in-app purchase, which I find to be very deceptive. If it had been stated in description I may have considered buying - but not after being lied to.
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