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User Reviews for Photo Prints Now: CVS Photo

4.85 out of 5
244.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Yvonne Michelle Autry
My Review
This is my very first time ever using this particular app, service etc!I AM REALLY QUITE HOPEFUL THAT I WILL BE HAPPY WITH THE QUALITY OF PRODUCT AND DELIVERY! I am a novice photographer! I love taking pictures! I literally have 1000’s of pics in my phone! I am ALWAYS SEEKING THE MOST AFFORDABLE MEANS TO MAKE PRINTS & BOOKS! I normally use GOOGLE PHOTOS! I was NOT AT ALL HAPPY OR SATISFIED WITH THE LOW QUALITY OF PRINT! The photos were quite affordable! THAT WAS A DEFINITE PLUS! That is REALLY VERY GOOD! I ordered SO MANY SOFT & HARD COVER BOOKS filled photos of family, Oceanside, Desert Hot Springs, Las Vegas excursions and travels! etc! My head was CUT OFF on many of the photos! A few of the photo parcels & packages never even arrived at all! Someone STOLE MY PHOTOS! I NOW HAVE TO TRACK THESE LOST, STOLEN OR MISSING PHOTO PARCELS & PACKAGES! The quality of some of the google photos was REALLY VERY POOR! I am hoping that the QUALITY OF CVS IS MUCH BETTER! WE GET WHAT WE PAY FOR! THAT IS THE TRUTH! I REMAIN MOST HOPEFUL!
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2 years ago, lilith nightriver
Not a smart interface and not very user friendly
There’s no way to cancel orders and it doesn’t ask you to pay ahead. I went to use a coupon to get a few photos free and for some reason it didn’t take, order was placed but not correctly as I thought it would total at payment which it skipped. So I put the order threw correctly (got the promo to apply this time) and now there’s two almost duplicate orders pending pickup. If they are just ready and I go in pay and leave with them there’s nothing really to stop someone from sending in mass amounts of photos to get printed tying up the printers and running them out of ink only for no one to pick them up and pay. I’d you have to show up pay and then there printed then it kind of defeats the purpose ordering ahead specially if you have a larger order. Also I’d you not carful swiping up to view other photos you could accidentally delete multiple photos and not realize it. And I’d you add any new photos to your phone the app doesn’t see them unless you favorite them for some reason.
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4 years ago, lisamarie232
CVS Prints
I take so many pictures with my iPhone and some of them are just incredible in fact most of them are of my family my children and my grandchildren and I’m always sending away for prints. I have canvas ,wood ,glass ,pictures that are framed ,all kinds of different textures and shapes and formats. CVS is right down the street from me ...within walking distance but I only walk if I need exercise lol , nevertheless it’s 24 hours and they have a print service it is so efficient and way cool! I print out a picture about every other day ever since I stumbled using this app it is so cool to put your family up on the wall and have pictures of events,parties birthdays,graduations, just all kinds of stuff. It’s convenient it’s easy and they’re ready when you get there.
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4 years ago, SexyKels83
I was kind of skeptical because I saw a bad review however I said I’m going to download it and if I have any issue I’ll just delete it. It also access all your picture location from your phone, social media, google pics etc. I want these pics urgently and COVID stopped the world so ppl have less access to libraries and photo printing places. Thanks very much for this app. I love it and it is easy to do. No issue. Everything was smooth. The only downside to it is that I have a CVS less than a block away from my home however that location isn’t a pickup point which is a downside but nonetheless I’m grateful I was able to get these printed.
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2 years ago, tvirtue
TERRIBLE app & won’t load
I gave this app more chances than a normal person ever would & now i’m no longer wasting my time! Every time I download it and try to get the app to open, it completely FREEZES! i shut down the frozen app & try re-opening it, but guess what happens? it freezes again & is utterly useless. i thought it may be best to completely UNINSTALL it, reboot my phone and then download the app again & reinstall it…. yet THE SAME ISSUES persist! the app locks-up, freezes & doesn’t permit me to move forward. this has been happening for over a year! they say “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” well it’s embarrassing just how many times i’ve been fooled into thinking this app works because it simply NEVER HAS! if anyone has advice or knows a trick to make this unstable app actually open & allow me to upload photos…. please post your solution here. i genuinely appreciate it!
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1 year ago, rocknrollmamacita
Thanks T-Mobile Tuesdays!
One of my cats recently passed away. I needed a photo for the urn. Luckily one of the five always this week was 14 free prints at CVS photo. I am a photo bug, especially when it comes to my cats. I have 45,000 plus on my phone, but never bothered to find a way to make prints. This app was incredibly easy to use! At .40 for a 4x6 print, I will definitely use this app down the line. There are several size options and the ability to put your fave photo on an ornament and other goodies! Fingers crossed that these turn out in print as awesome as they look on my phone!
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3 years ago, A_B57
Very easy / convenient! Odd sizes available!
I had been a long-time user of the Walgreens photo app due to the proximity of the store to my home. However, when Walgreen’s photo app started acting up I downloaded CVS photo app on whim to see if they had the “upload from your phone, print at store feature, and they did! I had access to all my photos, and they automatically suggested 5x5”, an uncommon size. The also have wallet size available. I will be using CVS for my quick photo printing needs from now on.
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5 years ago, WBlonde B
Over charged, misleading
My 2 orders of 10 pics each were supposed to come out free as I followed T-Mobile Tuesday promotion, downloaded the app for me and my husband and as I placed orders they were showing the total 0 , but then I got and email that one of them came out not free, so I have tried to use my promotional coupon again since it didn’t go through the first time but it did the same thing showed that it’s free while placing order and then I got email that I will be charged. Please take a look into it , it is very upsetting that I spent so much time trying to download the app and add features to my phone like payment method and spent time picking pictures but now I’m getting charged for both orders which were supposed to be free . I m not going to try and place order again as it is so confusing.
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1 year ago, Pics w glitch lld
Excitingly disappointed
Over all the app is very user friendly. The only issue I ran into is cropping photo technique that has its own set parameters. I had a 4x6 selected picture. Which automatically centered itself when loading. However my attempt to use the cropping tool was to decrease the size of the actual photo which was a digital photo into the allowed space. Unfortunately, the app did not have the capacity for me to pinch decrease image. It automatically zoomed and keep setting the placement of photo which cut people out of the image if I went to print. Please could someone do .some updates to the current issue
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3 years ago, Dstor12
Easiest photo ordering App ever!
Y’all. This is the easiest app to use if looking to order photos! For my situation, I selected the store i wanted to print at, uploaded my photos, made any adjustments to size, then submitted my order. That’s it. There were no additional hoops to jump through, no signing in to different accounts, nothing. Just simple, straight forward photo ordering! Looking forward to the other options this app has in the future!
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3 years ago, h2o babi
Hangs up repeatedly
I excitedly downloaded app to use a T mobile Tuesday promotion. Likely will not get through before promo expires. I have printed photos at CVS before not using this interface and looks like it needs some more refinement to handle the traffic and complete the upload and transfer of pictures. Bummer, I was looking forward to sending pictures to my Mom for first visit post COVID After 6+attempts it finally went through. The process shows a percentage that goes up only to go down again. Feels like a roller coaster and ends up being more like watching paint dry. It took about an hour plus to complete
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4 years ago, Faith329
So simple it’s unbelievable
I recently was in CVS using the old fashion method with the USB cord to print my pictures for some reason, no matter how many times I retried all of my pictures didn’t display. So I sought out to find an app that would allow me to print ALL of my pics.... and long and behold. It was so easy. Didn’t even take me all of 5 minutes to select my pictures, the finish, as well as the sizes. Now all I’m waiting for is an email letting me know when I can go pick them up.
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3 years ago, Salsapete
The best and only way to print real photos
For years I have trying to do my best in printing photos from home. But the end results would 99% of the time be dissatisfying to most including myself. Which does not include the wasted hours trying to get the photos plus the wasted money on photo paper and super expensive ink. I just stumbled into this app so I have yet to see the actual photos but have a great feeling of trust for my neighborhood CVS Store quality when it comes to printing photography. I just uncomfortable walking into the store with my phone or flash drive to process photo printing. OMG this set up process was so fast and easy I have a feeling I will be making orders for gifts and photos on a weekly to daily basis.
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4 years ago, Jrgdjv
Type-o with address for CVS location
The app was very user friendly which is the most important feature the app should have, but the address for my CVS location was not the correct address which caused a lot of confusion for me about whether or not I was sending my prints to the location I planned to pick them up at. I had to search for my location online to double check the address and that’s when I figured out the app had a type-o. I would have rated the app a higher score if it hadn’t had that error. Your tech department needs better proof readers.
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5 years ago, DahvissAngel
Works for others
Well, it’s a good idea but of course it doesn’t work for me. Tried several times to get my pictures prepared and uploaded but nope. It says be patient the order is preparing then I had to wait an unacceptable amount of time. Almost an hour for 34 photos then it said error and cancelled it out. Several times. I had to go to the store and just do it myself. Why does something that sounds like a good idea turn out bad like this? And no it isn’t my WiFi. It works for my relatives who live in other cities, but for me, nope. Of course not. This app was more of a headache than anything but it had potential.
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7 years ago, Very nice :)
App does not send pics to CVS!
Downloaded and used this app b/c of T-Mobile Tues (free 10 4x6 prints). Received email confirmation that said my order is ready for pick up but when I went today, CVS couldn’t find my order thru name search and order # search. The CVS manager then said they had problems with the promotion that was associated with T-Mobile Tues. Wasted my time! If your app isn’t ready to launch to support promotion, please don’t bother!!
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2 years ago, dinarakhairova
Don’t waste your money with it
Dot ‘the waste your money with this service… the quality of print is awful, NOT awesome. The color reproduction is completely different from the originals, and if your photo has blue in it when printed blue will be everywhere, even where it should not be ... I am so disappointed that this is done with the support of Kodak. The funny thing is that photos were printed from Kodak film, and the beautiful film colors were mangled. The details in photos are also suffered, as if it was printed from an old smartphone with a 3mp camera. Just threw up 40 bucks for nothing… never again with this service…
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5 years ago, Canton3
Poor service
After spending an hour and a half in store editing and selecting 230 pictures only 30 pictures printed out in store. The store suggested I go home and use the app which I did but it wanted to charge me $95 for the pictures through the app. So I went back up to the store and spent another 45 minutes waiting while customers were waited on at the register and I was fit in between. Finally we just submitted the photos and an adjustment is supposed to be made on the price. The manager was rude and not accomodating. Instead of offering a price adjustment I had to request it. Still don’t have my pictures 3 1/2 hours later.
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1 year ago, Smoky8lack
Great Offer!
This came at the right moment. My boyfriend lost his mom when he was five years old. He sent me this picture after I was able to describe her to him without ever knowing her. This will be a great way to start off our brand new life together once we finally move in together. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity 💯
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8 months ago, rlwivell
No order confirmation
The UI is a bit clumsy but you can generally do everything you need - photo selection, simple edits, etc. My main frustration is that you don’t receive any kind of order confirmation (either in app or via email). So I thought something went wrong and the order didn’t go through since it just kicks you back to the main screen. I ended up placing the same order multiple times as a result.
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1 year ago, Jes878
Didn’t work for me
I installed the app because I needed it to complete a T-Mobile promotion. Free 4x6 Photo Magnet. Pickup at CVS. First, App would only work if I allowed it to access all my photos. It would not work in “selected photos only” mode. Second, I followed the T-Mobile instructions, which opened this photo App. The App acknowledged that I was eligible for the promotion, but it would not apply the coupon. The App wanted me to pay for the photo and magnet instead of providing it for free. Third, App doesn’t support facial recognition, Fourth, App has you login but has no logout feature. ?? This App needs lots of work.
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4 years ago, Dazikiss
Not CVS brand app
I downloaded this app to print photos at CVS. I went to pick up the photos at the appropriate time & they were not at the specified location. I showed an employee the app I used & she did not recognize it. She recommended I download the CVS app & complete my order through the store’s website, which worked seamlessly. Subsequent to downloading this app, I began to receive a compounding amount of junk mail. It’s been less than a month & I now have hundreds of unnecessary, some of which are inappropriate, junk mail messages where I did not have any beforehand. Please DO NOT download this app! There is no benefit of doing so. The CVS app works best.
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5 years ago, Izha 70
Poor app and service
This app would be ok if it worked. I printed a few photos the other day and it worked ok. It messed up one of my photos by cropping it differently than I asked for so I tried to do it again. I added one extra photo and then sent it to two different CVSs three or four times. Neither one seems to be getting the photos. The app tells you that they will print them in about an hour but the employees never seem to know that there are any photos until you show up. Call ahead or wait for them to print. That will also save you time when their equipment/network isn't working.
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7 years ago, Lrive22
Easy to use but cannot crop pics
This app was very easy to install and use. I was given an option to download pics from my library, Dropbox, Facebook and other means but once I had them selected I couldn't crop them within the app. This was disappointing. I had to keep deleting the pictures and cropping in my phones library just to attempt to get the image I wanted within the 4x6 frame of the picture the the app. Some of the pictures unfortunately still cut off tops off heads or other parts of the pictures I would have preferred to be included. This app would benefit from a cropping tool.
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4 years ago, 🌊mkeidel🌞
super fast and easy!
I ordered some prints that i will hang in my room and they were super cheap! i just went on pinterest, found the photos i wanted, saved them to my camera roll, and selected the ones i wanted to print in the cvs app! they were very cheap, about 40 cents per picture. they said they will send me an email once the prints are ready and i will go pick them up!
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6 years ago, JazzyGirl2525
Great way to print quick
We had an assignment for my son to tell all about him and make a collage...well we didn’t have a printer that would allow me to print pictures for this assignment. I printed 25 pictures and in an hour we had our pictures and in 2 hours the assignment was done! Thanks to this app, because 2 others failed me in the clutch moment.
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3 years ago, Prose1954
Best quality
I used to have pictures printed at Walgreens. I haven’t had many done for awhile then along came our 4th grandchild. I ordered prints of her several times and the quality was terrible. I kept getting emails saying I had an order ther but I didn’t. No oriblems like that with CVSs. Great quality and easy ordering from the app.
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4 years ago, t7sky
Love the app
I love the app and have used it three times in the past two weeks. I have had issues when trying to print a large amount though. It doesn’t download the prints I have chosen and edited and have to start all over so I have been trying to do a few small groups instead of one large and seems to work better.
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5 months ago, Silha11
The app is very user friendly, easy to select photos and see what you’re selecting without eye squinting, I like you’re able to link social media accounts to print those selected pictures off. The only thing, I tried 3 different times yesterday to print off my photos from my iPhone and IG. All 3 times the app froze, I went out of it and back in, with no progress saved even with creating a profile/login. Very frustrating and I lost half my afternoon. Why does it freeze and why doesn’t it save your progress?
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5 years ago, m hurt
Problems with old appt
I’ve had the Cvs photo appt for several years. I was disappointed when I tried yesterday to send pictures and I couldn’t get it to work. Today I called 2 stores that I use and no one could help. I decided to try loading a different cvs photo appt and it worked. It would have been helpful if your store people were knowledgeable.
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6 years ago, Burnsamanda
Super Convenient And Easy!!
I have only experienced using an online printing app once and it was a bad experience. I swore I wouldn’t do it again until I gave The CVS Photo Printing App a try and I’m happy I did! It is super easy to navigate and I like that I can access all of my pictures including ones that are on Facebook or instagram ect. It’s a very easy process!! I recommend it to all!!
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4 years ago, Angel from Philadelphia
Using pic app and sending photos to print
I’m so glad and happy to report that this app is super easy to use and picking 50 pictures literally took no time at all. I encourage for the elderly clientele to use this app for printing your own pictures old school style as this way you ALWAYS PRINT PICTURES YOU CHOSEN and in which you look fantastic! Happy printing! God bless you friends! - Ania S from Philadelphia
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5 years ago, autumnbriz
Terrible store experience lesson learned
Just spent 45 minutes in the store. The equipment needs to be upgraded! I came home downloaded the Kodak kiosk app and had it done in 2 minutes! The store had me download Kodak moments app & sign into their WiFi so when it didn’t work I couldn’t get WiFi back to download the correct app! I know now to do it at home & then go pick it up!
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3 years ago, JeanineP.
Photo Printing made easy
This app is quick and easy to use and I’m satisfied with the quality of the photos. I appreciate being able to pick the photos I want and have them printed directly in the store. They’re usually ready in less than an hour!
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5 years ago, LinZ3.3
Don’t know when my order will be done
I thought I’d be able to see when my order would anticipate being complete, but that option wasn’t available. I’m not sure I would have selected to continue with order placement if I’d seen when the order would be ready. I also haven’t received a confirmation email with any details of the order to confirm that it was received or when it will be complete. I’m left wondering if I am to just hope that it will be done when I need it to be.
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5 years ago, LS393939
Easy and quick
First time using the app to print photos. Very easy to use to select photos, crop if needed, and choose from all the size options. Would have been nice to zoom into crop photos or to be able to put different photos onto the 4 2x3 size option - that’s the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars. But for quick printing of photos - was really perfect.
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3 months ago, togut2btru
Super easy
CVS Photo Prints delivers on its promise of convenience with a seamless downloading process and user-friendly interface. I appreciate the option to directly connect with my iPhone photos, making the entire experience even smoother. Printing memories has never been easier!
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4 years ago, Jack Phillips ii
Don't use this with iPhone
I started at ten in the morning at the local cvs and now, 14 hours later, i tried again and it finally went through. I tried so many times and it kept on dumping me out of the app. Maybe 40 times. So i went to a friend's house, and at 2am it finally worked. The internet is so much faster at that hour that the app didnt have time to fail. There is no one to call if you have a problem. I had 435 pictures. And because apps are free, there is no money for support. Anyway, i guess the best way is just to buy your own printer.
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5 years ago, marshwoman
It would be a 5, but....
I love printing photos to CVS directly from my phone, but I’m frustrated by the coupon situation! I’ve found that the photo app won’t take the coupon codes that I find on line or have used for years on the CVS website. I took the issue to a CVS staff member ( with printouts of the coupon) and he made it right, but that is stressful and time-consuming. Maybe work on that issue, please? Thank you-
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1 month ago, Donna Dev
Very confusing!
This is the first time I tried to use this app. I could not find a way to select the number of prints that I wanted for each of three pictures that I wanted to print. Only one of the three pictures would come up with an option to choose the number of copies. As soon as a entered my name, email and phone number it said that my order was already being processed before I could finish putting in the order.
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12 months ago, Cy257q
I’ll never use this app again!
I ordered for delivery on Sunday and I was under the impression I’d receive them within the same day or next business day. I still haven’t received the pictures. After looking further about this app I see with the app for delivery it can take 7-10 business days! I need them before that. It never said would take that long before they took my money. I sent an email requesting to cancel my order since I never even received an email confirmation and I want a refund!
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3 years ago, SDSD7
Good, could use some minor fixes
Great app so far, just don’t like that when I view a photo that’s been selected and then push “done” instead of leaving off on the last photo viewed the list of pictures scrolls all the way to the top and you have to scroll back down and find where you were last at.
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5 years ago, Kheiron7
Very limited
App doesn’t allow you to actually crop a photo yourself; like a true crop feature should. It only crops automatically when a print size is chosen, thereby cutting off a good part of your picture. It also is limited in options as far as after selecting your photos, and wanting to create something like a collage or print on a mug or calendar, etc. The options simply aren’t available. I gave it two stars for the ease of accessing photos from various locations like Instagram & Facebook.
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2 years ago, MDSaenz
Great app User Interface
The app worked seamlessly, I was able to select and order 22 photos in just a few minutes. The app worked without any glitches, had great functionality on the iPhone- I could press and hold a photo to get a closer look like in the stock photos app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, catmvv
Easy and legit
I placed an order a few days ago and hadn’t heard anything back so I started freaking out thinking I had been scammed, but I called the CVS and the photos are there and have been there since the day I ordered! Knowing that I’ll most likely continue using this app for prints for my wall :)
Show more
4 years ago, Geno1113
Quick and Easy!
Downloaded the app, and within minutes my first order was order already submitted. The app is user friendly, and a simple upload has picture(s) at your nearest store at the click of a button. Highly recommend for people who want simplicity!
Show more
2 years ago, rk684
Don’t Waste Your Time
This app isn’t worth the time It takes it download. It’s terrible - extremely slow and no way to edit your pictures. It took forever to upload 10 photos and then got stuck placing my order. The only reason I used it was because of the 10 free prints offered by T-mobile through the app. Never again. Not even worth the hassle to get 10 free prints. Save yourself the trouble and use the desktop version from CVS; much better! Would give 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, kolyobombataistaken
Free Photo selection
I am not exactly completely sure what to do to download something I can’t see, and don’t know where to look. Ordering photos was so easy, thst so ordered an extra twenty photos. The company made out very well, because I spent more the. I expected. Good experience. Will tell my friends, and I will do it again.
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2 years ago, picfinally
Easy and fast
I went to the store and could not pull up all my photos I wanted to print using the kiosk. I tried for over an hour or more to get it to work. So I downloaded the app and did it all in 10-15 min. This was so much easier and faster.
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6 years ago, Coffeegirl82
This is a third party app and didn’t work
I spent an inordinate amount of time scrolling through hundreds of photos to print for my daughter’s project at school. Every time I went to order the prints I received an error message. There was no explanation to the error and no discernible way to remedy it. I tried removing prints. I opened and closed the app. I called cvs and realized it was a third party app and there was no way to transfer my photos to the cvs app to have them printed on time. Plus the prints on this app cost almost double what they do on the cvs app. Total disappointment.
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