Photo Retouch-Object Removal

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Shenzhen Tushi Technology Co.,Ltd
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3 weeks ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Retouch-Object Removal

4.48 out of 5
93.7K Ratings
4 years ago, CC6 soccer
Not the best
When I downloaded this app I expected a cool and fun way to edit photos put this app just makes photos look blurry it makes the photos look worse when I first saw the app’s photo I saw a body cut in have and it looked like it was that way to begin with but when I tried to do that it looked like a big smudge a blob of color in the dead center. If you were to post a picture of before and after the before photo would be 10 times as better than the after result. I am saying this the app is NOT THE BEST .Hope you take my feed back to concentrate and approve that your app is NOT THE BEST.
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1 year ago, skyofsnowice
The app is ok 😞
I was so excited to get this app because I had a lot of pics with random people in the background and I thought when you go to the eraser thing and you can erase all you want to but when I did, it made the photo look even worse than before the pic ended being blurry and it just looked like I removed it even tho when you erase things it supposed to look like you did not edit the pic at all but you can tell I did something with the photo. I totally don’t think this app is worth it definitely nothing to get your high hopes up for. Sorry if this is long, and some of it might not make sense because, I’m young writing this review. Have a nice day to whoever reads this, god bless you.
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1 year ago, ChChBee
I love this app! No paying needed
Hello developers and reviewers! Today I thought to myself: “there is some things that I may wanna remove in my photos.” So I asked my mom to get the app but she didn’t want apps with paying. She got the app and I started. ONLY ONE PREMIUM POP UP! The rest of the app is free, no paying needed which is optional. I would like to say thank you to the developers for making this app, and goodbye to stupid apps that cost money and hello to this app! Great job! I will give this a 5 star for the effort, and for the confort. Thank you again for making this easy. Best wishes, Chloe Brisebois
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4 months ago, coIIins77788
the best retouching app
i have been using this since 2022.. probably longer. i’ve always tried to gatekeep this app because IT IS SO GOOD. & i don’t want anyone else using it. but other than that, this is literally the best app if you want to retouch your photos IT IS SO GOOD. i cannot even express how much i love this app. i’ve never gotten or bought anything with the premium, because literally it’s good without it. i’m probably not even writing a very good review but just trust me download it and see for yourself it is a truly amazing app. people should definitely download it. for sure.
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6 years ago, Peruuuu
Great App
I can’t lie I was a bit skeptical when downloading this app. I had downloaded 3 apps prior to this one and not one worked. I love this app, its SUPER easy to edit my pictures while on the go [ Im a photographer]. It’s pretty easy to learn how to work with the tools. The only downside is when doing blemish fixes and saving the edited image on my phone it seems to lower the quality of my photo a bit. So that’s something you’d have to see if you’re okay with. Overall great app and worth the try. If the quality problem got fixed Id give this app a 5 star no questions asked !
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9 months ago, Really82
The Beauty Camera is a hidden gem.
I think this app would get much more appreciation if it promoted its Beauty Camera feature more. This features allows you to apply a lot of good, customizable beauty filters while taking videos. This is great for influencers or anyone who wants to look their best instantly in phone video. It’s the best tool of its kind that I’ve found. I hope Photo Retouch will consider rebranding and centering this feature more, as the Remove Object feature it’s known for is, by comparison, not great.
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4 years ago, C G P. trend rules
This app is cool and fun
I love this app it works fun and easy to use I took this great photo of birds but a swing set was in the way so I used the highlight to erase tool and the copy and paste tool and it worked perfectly totally 5 star and if for instance you went to the park for family pictures but you git donuts on the way and the messy eater of the family had donuts every were but in their mouth and you can tell mosquitoes had an all you can eat buffet you can just edit it out and make it beautiful quick and easy I LOVE THIS APP!!
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2 years ago, stealthoasho
awesome except one thing
this app is great, i got it mainly for the heal tool which (mostly) works pretty good. the only problem i’ve noticed is it will occasionally get stuck on a permanent loading screen and i have to exit the app which results in me having to restart my project. i was working on one for a while, removing whiskers from an animal, and right as i got up to the last few parts that happened to me. it’s just an inconvenience since i had been working on it for about 10 minutes trying to get everything to look nice and clean :/ one more thing is that when i try to zoom it draws a dot and i lose the ability to alter the last stroke which is kind of bothersome but i honestly don’t care too much about it.
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3 years ago, hehogurl
small complaint
⚠️‼️TW!: EATING DISORDERS, ANXIETY‼️⚠️ hi, i noticed while using your app, that on the screen that displays all of the options for things you can do to your photos/videos, that one of them says “beautify body”. i see what you meant to say, but the execution was not great. the term “beautify” implies that the person using that filter’s (or whatever you’d call it, idk) body is not already beautiful enough. maybe i’m overthinking this, but this is just what i thought. implying things like these can be very harming to ones self image, and can cause overthinking, anxiety, eating disorders etc. that’s all, thank you.
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11 months ago, gdneh egg eorgeiegeje
This app is horrible I’m sorry but it is when I downloaded this app I was going to do something funny pictures to send me my friend so I try to download the pictures to my phone it says I have to get premium so I try to take screen shots and it won’t EVEN LET ME TAKE SCREEN SHOTS !!! It says it’s worth a screen shot and that made me mad so I try a screen recording and it dose the same things so I’m not trying to get people not to download this app but I hope you take my review and fix something’s to make it a more great photo shop app please take this review and take upon y’all’s ability cause this could be a great app 😃
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2 weeks ago, YoungRicoSuave
Gets the job done. No paying needed.
This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have a couple of pictures where I wanted to remove some background people and almost every app that I downloaded required payment for me to download my edited picture. With this app I was able to remove background people from my images, I wasn’t asked to pay, and the quality looks great. Definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, qwerddfhvfhhfv
My favorite editing app ever
This app is just amazing!!! You can edit people out easily and if you don’t like the after result you can easily just fix it. And then you can also edit your face, making it look like it was actually like that to begin with. And edit you weight, which is a really big plus. It just looks so incredibly real. I’m so happy I found this app, definitely recommend getting it!
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3 years ago, Mrs_LauraLopez
5 star if It didn't freeze up, have to keep refreshing
App is amazing for whitening teeth and brightening eyes. Only big issue I have, and it's making me not use this app much at all anymore... * in the acne eliminator, when you touch a spot and it blends it in, after a few spots, it just freezes and won't move. Ive tried 5-6 pics and it does the same thing every time after I do a couple of acne spot cleanups. It is a great app, but I absolutely hate having to close and reboot the app over and over to get one picture done.
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4 years ago, Love from Nyi
Quality App
I have tried Pixel , Adobe , viva , motion Ninja , VN , kinemaster , PowerDirector, all advance tech and good to use and I would say great in their way for ( Non credit card holder majority from Asia) we enjoy free limited edition and loving the small boxes but Photo Retouch App have showed me simple way to edit any videos in one minute and lift my editing level to all the way up . Perfection meet creativity. Thanks for open video editing design and appreciate your valued efforts! Pls keep up with the great work!
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3 years ago, Suprisedcustomer
Bye bye photoshop
Went to use photoshop and saw my subscription was expired. Thought to myself, wonder if there is an app that. An remove what I don’t want from a photo. Found this one and was able to remove the zookeeper from my family’s vacation photos. I didn’t even see an ad in the process and now I’m questioning if I really need photoshop anymore. First review I’ve ever done and it is because I’m honestly impressed.
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2 years ago, Raleigh Yogi
Blurry & Expensive
I practiced on a few photos and the erase function just blurs out the part of the photo you are trying to give rid of. Plus it’s awkward to erase with your finger around fine lines. I was trying to erase s as TV behind my mom’s shoulder in a family photo but kept erasing part of her hair. It was frustrating. After around 30 minutes of trying to get it just right I realize that the free trial is THREE days and after that 4.99 per week. That’s expensive for the casual user. I think I’ll pass.
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1 year ago, rainboomizzy
Look so I got this game sooo, please awnser to my problem, I was changing the stuff to me and my siblings, until and very scary face popped up. It scared to f123 out of me, I WAS ALONE IN THE BATHROOM WITH THE FREAKING DOOR SHUT AND LOCKED! I’m not mad I’m scared… 😅😰 at least I feel safe to hear my family’s happy 😃 voices. It was scary, it person’$ head looked fat… I don’t want to talk about this anymore… but don’t worry I might download it again! Ima play an relaxing game to calm me from making me scared… like five nights at Freddie’s 😩😏 sorry I like to goof around. But Fnaf would actually help…
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3 months ago, Hannah141111444
Hi, I have been looking for an eraser for a long time. And, I finally got one. Most erasers I have seen are either REALLY bad or after 3 or so uses, you have to pay to ever use it again. This app was different. It has real quality, and no pay. (I recommend using effect 2 or default most of the time.) I haven’t tried the other stuff bc the eraser is all I needed. Thanks for reading, bye! 😃
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10 months ago, ndhdhdha safe gehns
When I firstgot this app I was kinda oh I can edit my photos with it and when I didn't get to take a picture by myself I can crop people out right... WRONG ❌..... First it us so hard to edit second you have to pay for almost everything like for makeup you get one option for each category and third when you try to erase people it erases them but leaves the shape of there body and duplicates half of you to place in the picture which was so annoying.
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4 years ago, Samantha Layla-Skyler McGogh
Not the best but not bad
I rated this app a 3/5 stars because If you want to be edit someone out that was supposed to be in the picture then it will be SUPER blurry but if you edit out some background people the app is fine. But if you download this app to edit someone who was originally supposed to be in the picture it will be super blurry and I suggest finding another app. But if you want to edit out someone who was not supposed to be in the picture someone or something in the background I HIGHLY recommend this app.
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3 years ago, kkkkcatt
It’s okay, but...
I use this app to remove watermarks, logos, objects & other things in photos. The tools are easy to use but aren’t THAT great. I normally use the remove object tool. There’s a lot of reviews saying it works perfectly but it’s not over-the-top GOOD. The remove object tool doesn’t work well on some photos. I was trying to remove a cat’s tail (to test the tool) & it just made it black. I use the alter tool but it just makes me even more disappointed. It just randomizes effects & doesn’t make the result any better. In certain photos, it removes the certain object but also makes it blurry. It works certainly but doesn’t work that GREAT. The video examples look good but when you use the app it doesn’t. It works okay, but... not THAT okay.
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2 years ago, remojkk
So when i got this app i was expecting a perfect cut from a picture. When i used the cutting tool, it successfully cut it but it left a big color blob where i did. It was a picture of three people and an extra person in the back, when i cut it i used a filter and the extras face started popping up?? overall this app is pretty good other than what i stated. OH! Don’t buy the premium.
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7 months ago, babbybearrat
You can pay for a subscription, but you don’t have to. This app is really good and it is very helpful. I do recommend this app because it looks really convincing. You can also add filters, words, etc. Overall, I think that this is a good app to use if you’re trying to remove something from your picture.
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1 year ago, Jakeindc
One of the better tools
I tried several of the apps for object removal and this is one of the better ones. Most all of them fail at being able to replace it with the correct background. This one does better than many of others but it will still need to have some manual cleanup for try and correct the background fill
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3 years ago, toriraya
I like it
I use the free version and other apps I’ve tried are pretty annoying and don’t get rid of things properly but this is great. I wouldn’t try removing a person from a picture or anything because the only way to really do that is with real photoshop but this is an excellent app for removing a tree branch or something similar :))
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2 years ago, Vito Barbari
Pretty good
Was expecting it to be a lot worse. Has many free features, even does a decent job removing obejcts from the background. Although the stamp tool allows you to do a better job removing objects. Automatically removes background or you can also do it manually and even replace the background. I did all that for free.
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4 years ago, Bella Brook
Good but...
I love this app so much! But one day I took a picture with my friends then I realized there was marker on my hand but I was already home but I thought it was no bid deal I could just erase it. I went to erase it and I pressed go and it loaded forever and never fixed the marker on my forearm. The marker on my arm was very noticeable but it was small and black. So I think it erases big objects really easily but not smaller ones.
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3 years ago, Stacy_3
This app somehow is charging me 4 dollars a week without me ever buying the VIP premium version. For the last 2 months it has unknowingly been charging me. When I get in the app to end my subscription ( that I never bought to begin with) it won’t let me because it says I’m not subscribed. So there is no way for me to stop them from charging me. Believe me I will get my money back somehow. Some of you may think I bought the VIP pack but forgot. Do not be mistaken I don’t waste money on stupid stuff. Do not get this stupid app because you will lose money.
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4 months ago, hello123itsme
object eraser is free!!!
My photos did not become blurry after saving!! I must have tried 10+ object eraser apps and every single one wanted me to pay to use it on my one photo. This one does have paid features as most do, but the main feature it advertises is free!! Thank you thank you
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2 years ago, aet111
Constantly glitches and disappears
I loved the app enough to purchase it just for the ability to remove objects in photos but now it constantly glitches and goes back to my Home Screen when I try to load a photo to edit it. Beyond annoying!
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7 years ago, Me6184
I think I have found what I have been looking for. I like how easy it is to remove blemishes with this app. It is also pretty cool to be able to smooth and lighten my selfies while giving my photo a nice fresh look! Thanks for this app. I think a built in tutorial for how to use additional features on this app would be useful.
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7 years ago, pdl1lbq
Great app
Very nice app and filters but removing some objects from the photos depending on the background it will look very obvious . I suggest to add : 1- selection tool because it will work better in some photos than normal brush. 2- copy and paste tool where the user can copy a piece off the photo and paste it on the desired place which could be on the undesired object.
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3 years ago, 😫😡😡🥵🥶
Meh app
When I got this, I had high hopes. I was making a roblox meme and had to get rid of some of the things in the photo, so I used the app and was so happy! But when I used it another time to get rid of the speakers a character was sitting on, it just became all buggy and where the speakers where were like clones of the arms of the character or something. Definitely needs a bit of improvement, but good for roblox!
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4 years ago, Anna 🙄🙄
Ok so this is just my opinion. But first off if you want to get rid of something in the background you obviously click the retouch button then you highlight what you want to go away then you press go. When I tried that all it did was smear the colors that’s all it did and for me it’s confusing because it didn’t give me a tutorial I’ve looked in settings and it doesn’t give you the option to get a tutorial. I hope you can fix this! So so so sorry if this was really rude!
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1 year ago, 🧁🍩🧁
The results had me crying laughing
This is one of the only free apps that you could use an eraser on, and now i know why it’s free, the eraser did a horrible job when i wanted to erase a pole in one of my photos (the easiest thing to erase) it looked like a blob on my photo. if you want your photos to look horrible get this app. if you want your photos to look good delete this app. it’s really just a tool that makes the thing you wanted to erased blurry. when i tried to erase a person it was literally the funniest thing i’ve ever seen 😂😂
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4 years ago, Pastel_Playz
just....maybe i suggest another app.
yep. two stars. for a start, can you fix all the freezing that is going on with the app? i keep trying to fix up a screen shot i took, but the app keeps freezing. when the app freezes, i have to start all over again because it didn’t save which takes up my time and space. second of all, i like how it tells you when you don’t have space and it still lets you continue, but why didn’t anybody add where it says “insignificant storage, continue? your progress might not save.” it’s not hard giving warnings ya know. the removal....let’s just say i have to go to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER APP, TO FIX UP WHAT I REMOVED. crazy, RIGHT? yeah. that’s where i leave it with two stars. and it’s funny because i just downloaded it and i’m writing a whole review about it. update your app.
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4 years ago, westridgeelamentary
I could do better
This app is just down right BAD! Whenever i try to erase the simplest things it just makes jt look wacky! Its a off brand REAL retouch! I downloaded this just to see if it workdd and it didnt. And ghe alter button does NOTHING AT ALL!! It just makes it 10x worse! It goes from looking wack then goes to wackier! If i were to download a drwwing app and edit my photos myself, and they would be better! I have hope for this game they just need a major update!
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2 years ago, _Spearhead
Easy and Simple!
I rarely leave app reviews, but I felt like this one deserved it. I was looking for a way to get ugly orange construction tape out of the background of my photos. I was able to use the “object removal” tool, and my photos were fixed in a matter of seconds! Thank you for making it quick, easy, and accessible.
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1 year ago, SavannahBeardog1234
Amazing app just one problem
This app is great you can edit your photos and do a lot of other cool stuff, but when you erase things it turns blurry which I understand because the computer does not know what is behind the object. But besides that I think the app is amazing.
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4 years ago, ethanpopescu0
Very good and free!
This thing works miracles!! I had a photo with my siblings in a pool, and these people were in the background and I hated it. :( So I found the app and used it and highlighted them and then they disappeared and it blended in the natural background of the pool and it looked like they never were there. tysm for creating this app and it’s definitely worth a shot!!
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1 year ago, destiny colie
the best object remover!
I bought this one a month ago and deleted it thinking I wouldn’t need it, I was looking for the exact app and couldn’t find it so I ended up downloading a different app and I just had to find the this app again! It works wonders!!! Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, Shellb66
Love this app!
I love the free version and I’m considering the pro. I have a few paid apps already, so for now I’m good with the free version. It’s great for faded photos, cut outs, taking photo bombers out, changing backgrounds, cloning or use the healing brush or object removal to fix imperfections. It let you save as a jpg or png
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4 years ago, Sophiathefirst12
Too much payment
I did not like it because of how much they charge in payment. I am not paying for that to deleite people or things for videos or pictures. It seems like a wast of money. I won’t say that anyone can’t try it, it’s just that I don’t want to pay for most of that stuff, and I’m afraid that someone is going to take a picture and erase their clothes. It’s not the BEST APP EVER, but if you like spending money on deleting things, this app you can consider using and liking.
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1 year ago, mtimirau12
5 star
I had been working on a photo for about 4 hours with other apps. Decided to give this one a try as it was going to be my last try. It worked within minutes and I removed an object FOR FREE!
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7 years ago, JeffnKS
Extremely Quick & Easy
I was actually expecting the process of removing skin blemishes to be more of a challenge, but it was so easy and quick. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to do a quick edit on an image and doesn’t have time to learn a set of new software tools.
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4 years ago, vevsbsbs
It actually works
I thought it wouldn’t work but it actually works pretty good to get it completely gone you might have to do it a few times until it’s completely gone but I would definitely recommend this app
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2 weeks ago, notwkkwkwk
Amazing app
This app is great you do not have to pay for removing any objects it is easy to use you can do whatever you need the paying stuff you will never actually use amazing app I wish I could give it twenty stars
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5 years ago, TERIBLKE JK
Not the best
When I downloaded the app I thought it would be great to remove watermarks from my gacha life videos I make, but when I removed it, that part of the video was all blurry and it stayed like that, I haven’t tried andything else in the app other than removing and I don’t plan to, if you want good quality then either find something else or pay for a good editing app.
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2 years ago, Childrengamecentral
Really not that good
Ok so I just got this app and I tried editing something out on a video, it just blurred the thing out!! It didn’t even get rid of the whole thing! This was the whole reason why I even got the app!! To edit something out!! Not helpful. I’m sorry if I’m being mean but just y’all are really going to have to fix this.
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1 year ago, AdvilK
Can use without paywall
Downloaded a few apps, did my edits and when I went to save, I was hit with a paywall! This one is great and doesn’t force you to pay to be able to save your edits! 5 stars for that alone
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