Photo Scan App by Photomyne

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4.7 (60.6K)
156.1 MB
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Photomyne LTD
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Scan App by Photomyne

4.72 out of 5
60.6K Ratings
5 months ago, Todd Waddington
Perfect archive app for Boomer generation
Photomyne is an amazing app that allows you to scan multiple photos per scan saving valuable time. Place 4 or 5 photos together, the scan will recognize, crop and save them for you…oh…and it also includes ai to IMPROVE the quality of your photos! Get out that box of your grandparents turn of the century images and have at it! There are lots of extra goodies included too. An ai feature that allows you to take a portrait and bring it to life. I tried it with a baby picture. It looks like a short vintage video but spooky real. But bottom line, if you have boxes or trunks full of photos that are collecting dust, don’t have friends or family clamoring to inherit them, you can save them digitally while you are downsizing and purging. OH, and another thing. If you are really getting your geek on, there is a NEGATIVES setting. Got old negatives from God knows where? This feature (with a light board and careful framing with your phone) will capture the image and recover something you thought you would have to spend more $$ on at a photo processing store. Can’t wait to see what features they add. There is more, but these are the things I use the most.. Thanks, Photomyne for helping me organize my overwhelming pile of memories.
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2 years ago, Diskifish
Great app for importing and managing photos
I purchased this app because I’m old and have hundreds of old photos I would like to preserve electronically. Pricey, but the more I use the app, the more features I’ve discovered and now feel it’s worth the cost. I also bought a photo tent and camera stabilizing arm, which has greatly improved scanned photos. A towel over the top of the box is necessary to avoid “phone” shadows from overhead light. Features I especially like are multiple albums, ability to transfer photos between albums, to rearrange photos, to produce slide shows with music and share collages, and the excellent sharpening of fuzzy faces. One negative is the company’s data collection, and I may not renew if there isn’t better assurance of privacy protection. Another feature I would like, which may be available but I haven’t figured out, is how to send a collage of pictures with captions for a printable soft-bound paper book of a special event (wedding, memorial, graduation, etc.) that could be provided to guests/friends/relatives.
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10 months ago, Barbara Louise R
Absolutely wonderful APP!
I can’t say enough about how wonderful this app is! I’ve had a photo project that I started two years ago - to make a family photo book for my siblings. I stumbled upon Photomyne and I am absolutely in love with this app! I had been scanning old photos on my printer to my computer to print out and make these books. It was time consuming and I sort of gave up halfway through. After discovering this app I scanned them all in one day! I bought the clicker that goes with it as well as the stand to mount your phone. I could not believe how fast it went! Slide a photo over, click, and slide the next over. It was so exciting! The best part is that it clarifies the images so they are sharper and clearer than the original, especially if it’s an older black and white or fuzzy picture. I truly couldn’t believe it. It also gives the option to turn black and white into color! What could be better. If I could rate it 100 stars, I would! You will not be disappointed if you buy this app.
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4 years ago, LOOOOOONG Mike
Incredible Photo Scanning App
Photomyne is a super useful solution to scan old photos. We had over 200 family photos dating back to 1938. Some were damaged, faded, curled. Photomyne was able to scan them in, auto-detect the photo portion of the image and save them into an album. I used the convenient voice “Go” command to initiate scans as I held the iPad/iPhone squarely over the image sizing it to maximum for best resolution. The app can actually scan multiple photos at once and separate them all into individual captured photos but I chose one at a time for best results. For some of the black and white photos I used the app’s one-step Colorization feature and the results were truly amazing. Incredible detail shows up in the scanned photos since the app also enhances the image it scans. I used the image titling option to add notes from the back of some of the original photos. I exported all to the iOS Photos app and saved them as JPEG files for backup. App is a little pricy but worth it. Wish there was an option to not include the Photomyne logo on photos I added titles to.
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2 years ago, Tracey Taylor
Best app EVER!!
I had a mother that hoarded photographs! I have pictures that date back to the 1800s that I didn’t know what to do with and every time I tried to scan them they looked like crap. This app has been amazing, and then I can easily share them with my family! A feature that I wish this app had was for me to allow contributors. I wish I could allow my nieces or my cousins to be able to make changes, like adding dates to the pictures that I didn’t know and other information. It would also be nice if you could add a feature that would allow families to get together and contribute to one album. My nieces also have old pictures of my grandparents and it would be nice if we could have them all in one place. I just can’t say enough good things about this app though! It sharpens your pictures as it downloads them it can color eyes or black and whites, although sometimes not perfectly, but overall it is just an amazing app and worth every penny they’re asking for!
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2 months ago, been-there99
Learning curve, support lag
Honestly, I did not want to rate the app right now until I have had some chance to use it extensively. But the dialogue box kept popping up so I’ve decided to put up a review even though it’s likely premature. There is a learning curve on Photomyne if you want to create a slideshow. It is not straightforward. I ran into many obstacles. It is not possible to create a slide show on a desktop Mac as far as I can tell. You’ll need to use either an iPhone, or an iPad, which is less convenient in my opinion. Support is available via texting, but the answers, likely due to time change, is not back-and-forth. There’s a several hour lag in responses. The scanning of albums is very straightforward and is really great and the beauty of this app. I decided to sign up for the Life Time unlimited, which, in reality is 10 years not lifetime. They're pricing plans seem to change frequently. Overall, I’m happy but it’s been quite a learning curve. There are multiple steps involved if you want to create a slideshow from photos that have already been uploaded into albums.
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3 years ago, desert hobo aka obi wan
I have no Words
All these other reviews may seem like they really are just vouching for this app, trying to make it sound great. But I’ll tell you straight up, this is the best thing since sliced bread. I had an old picture on my wall, it happened to be of my grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, and great great great grandfather. So I scanned it (the picture was in B&W of course) and that was cool enough, to see the picture on my wall transform to digital form perfectly cropped, then it said I could colorize the photo. Initially I expected a cheesy idly colored disaster, ruining the beautiful picture as it was. But as I hit the colorize feature, the picture changed, and much for the better. I saw the colors come to life. All original, whether they were the real colors, well, I can’t tell. And that is just how good this app really is. If you have a prized possession of a picture, where there is only 1 print. Please get this, this was really epic. I also want to thank Photomyne for this. I really appreciate it.
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10 months ago, Scottshirley
Great app.
My 71-yr-old hands are a bit shaky, so I bought an adjustable phone holder for stability and clarity. Worked wonders. Since our internet speed is a little slow out here in rural Idaho, give your app time to work and don’t expect instant uploading. I do a batch of about 50 photos, then make sure my phone is plugged in while uploading, then go outside to enjoy country living. After uploads are complete, I sort the uploaded photos on my desktop and share the link with family members. Take the time to make a brief description of the photo. You may know what it is, but after you’re gone no one else may be around to fill in the blanks. I then make family videos out of downloaded images using Camtasia. As for this app, it really beats trying to scan photos on my printer scanner. Not having much luck scanning slides. Need a backlight of some kind. Still, I love all the features. I highly recommend this app.
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6 months ago, Zanpris
love it so far
I’m 74 looking to have a knee replacement in January and needed a good none physical activity to keep me occupied . I decided to organize my photos. I just found this app and so far I am impressed. Especially the ability to down load pics from my phone directly to my iPad. Very user friendly. I spent about 30 minutes scanning photos from my childhood album. Within an hour I was able to email a video of 100 photos to all of family. Pretty impressive. The app automatically improves the images and you can still decide on features like sharpening a persons face. My photos are old so they can use all the help they can get. You can name or add a story to a picture. I haven’t figured out how to share or print the added pic stories. But I’m sure it’s there. , My only complaint is the small area the app gives to type in the words. I wish I could expand it to be able to see it better. I work on my IPad Pro. So far I think for the price it’s pretty darn easy and worth the $$
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4 years ago, Photo_Craze
1.5 stars
During the trial phase, this app worked like a wonder. Even in dim yellow light, it cropped, sharpened the images, and autocorrected the lighting. I paid for it, and things went downhill 90 degrees. I tried putting the photos in light, dark, and neon colored backgrounds, and still, the pics were getting cut all funky, on top of having the backgrounds taking up a chunk of the photos’ spaces. Nothing was auto adjusted anymore, the images come out blurry. If I would have known, I definitely wouldn’t have paid for this. I used white light, natural light, yellow light, positioned the pictures in all sorts of ways, and nope, they still came out bad. I hate writing negative reviews, but well, I have to because I’m so angry. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have thousands of old photos, I’d use this FREE app that takes longer, but works far better. I followed the Instructions by the developer(s) to the T and nope, doesn’t work well still. I read the negative reviews and when it came to people talking about quality, the developer denies any issues with the app. Nothing is perfect, and we are just giving you honest reviews to help you improve. Have some humility seriously.
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1 year ago, Robert LaGrange Park
Amazing technology!
I had thousands of printed photos to convert to digital. Originally, I purchased an automated scanner that fed printed photos into a high speed scanner. That worked great right up to the point that I got to my older photos which were glued to the album and impossible to remove or scan. Then I found this app which scanned an entire page of photos, automatically separated each image, knew which side was up, enhanced the photos, optionally colorized them, and put them right into Google Photos. Easy to download the images if you want to import them into Apple Photos, although that took several steps (but it was simple to do). This app made it possible to digitize entire albums in minutes! Amazing quality even when originals were faded yellow and copying them through the plastic album insert. You just have to position them so there was no glare from the overhead light. Absolutely amazing!
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2 years ago, Mr.Happydesi
All about best photo scanning
This is a best photo scanning app It scans very quick more than that scanned photo colorization in one click nearly perfect color colorization off black and white photo App allows to organize photo in desirable albums There is a cloud storage also many options to share photo Very reliable no crashing app It is worth it to have in your phone Photomyne is the best photo scanning app I found in apps store after trying quite a few Scanning results is picture perfect no color loss Developer also introduced new app which is also very good app to scanning color negative..results is impressive but after few update will become like Photomyne There are also few important tool in Photomyne app like photo print In short I recommend all if you see interest in the app simply just buy will be happy once you learned how to run using all tools Don’t wait buy it👍
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4 years ago, MrsHappyJW
Photomyne is the BEST APP EVER!!!!
It’s exactly what I needed for years. I usually lay photos flat on my dinosaur scanner, go through the whole process of getting it to scan... wait for it wait for it.... oh good, it’s done. THEN get the scan onto Photoshop, & do the cutting, cropping & straightening & then saving each photo as a new JPEG file. 🤦‍♀️ So time consuming! The first time I tried Photomyne, I was floored at how fast it was. Then I stared in amazement as it went through each of the 9 small, 40 year old photos of baby pictures, & aligned each one, photo retouched it & made it its own file. All within seconds! The photo editing isn’t perfect, but it’s still impressive. This app will save me hours of boring work & let me move onto to the fun part of organizing & Photoshopping. I couldn’t be more more happy with it. Thank you Photomyne!!! (We’re also getting the slide app for my father-in-law who has a gazillion slides.🥰)
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5 years ago, R.Taba
Photomyne’s little iPhone app is the best!!!
I was unable to see the “Save Photos” download button on Photomyne’s website. After spending $60 on this app, adding 47 albums and 2500 photos to this app, this was very distressing to me. I loved the promise for saving my albums and photos for 10 years, and the excellent editing options, but was frustrated by not being able to download it. Over the next 5 days, through the weekend, and at off-hours, Lara would email me questions, and try her best to problem solve. Found out that my browser (Chrome) was not compatible with the Photomyne website, and by switching to Safari (on my Mac), I was able to see the button. But more importantly, the iPhone app was more robust in all ways, than the Photomyne website. All good learning, thanks to Lara and Photomyne!!! I am so appreciative for this wonderful app and now I can share my daughter’s childhood as she prepares for her wedding!
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3 years ago, dseale55
Works best of any archival photo program
I am very impressed. I have a HUGE number of family photos to scan. It has been a very slow process using a flat bed scanner and I have not been able to add any notes. Using Photomyne, I can scan multiple photos at once, add comments and it all saves to the cloud. I can download photos from the album there into my phone so I can move them to an iCloud album. I will eventually download them to my PC so I can burn them to multiple DVDs for family members. I have a tripod that will hold the phone so I can capture the photos at the correct angle. Photomyne is the ideal software for not only scanning a lot of photos, but just the occasional scan. Like you might be working on family tree stuff. It doesn’t have to be a photo, just anything scannable. UPDATE: August 1,2021 Still the best. Have not had any glitches. Using iPhone 6S+
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2 years ago, scifimom42
These are my photos
Photomyne scans the photos really well. Mine ran a little darker than the original, but that’s fixable and probably due to bad lighting on my end. So the service is amazing until you try to back up your photos. I’m on a quest to get ALL of my photos on one hard drive. From there, I’ll share via USB to family. Photomyne has a SHARE button. This is very easy to use. Select your album or your individual photos and BAM! Sent via email(that’s all I’ve used) very easily. The photos download so that you open them in Photomyne. I don’t want to open them in Photomyne. I want MY pictures downloaded without having to report to the mother ship. So you have to tap on each picture, click on Save Image As and download ONE BY ONE. Photomyne, these photos are mine.I need you to help me get photos from albums and negatives to a digital form. I thank you for your help, but now you have to let go—of MY photos—and let them go easier and faster than one. photo. at a time. 🤦‍♀️
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5 years ago, BLDL1234567890
Helped a lot when scanning pages of photos
I had put together photo albums from our families photos about 20 years ago. I put multiple photos on one page and had glued them down and placed them within a plastic sleeve. Ugh! To scan all those photos would have been a nightmare. I just pulled each page of photos up out of the plastic and used this app to photograph the entire page. It takes each picture and alters the color and save it as each image rather than the whole page. Super time consuming so far I’ve done the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, on to the 90’s next. I love having them on my phone too. So after using Photomyne to scan and save to my phone, I open my Google photos and back them up. It’s fantastic! Plus, so old photos I had had the orange and purple tinge to them and this app removes the awkward coloring! Thank you Photomyne!!
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9 months ago, San1427
Buyer Beware
Tried to sign up for the 7 day free trial for this app and immediately started running into problems. First, the app application came up and said it was only a three day free trial. Red flag, minor bait and switch. When I tried to access the app, after I gave my billing info, it told me to log in. Problem number 2. The app did not take me through a process to set up a log in. When I tried to get a login for my account it gave me the message account not found. Fortunately, I kept all my email replies and was able to “cancel” my subscription. No refund on the “processing fee” however. Problem number three. When I tried to get through to customer service my only option was conversing with an AI bot that could not understand what the problem was. When I tried to get thru to a human being, or some facsimile thereof, but a got a message that CSR is not available outside of 9AM to 6AM UTC. Transposed to American that means they are only available between 11:00AM and 2:00PM EST. In other words three hours a day, if you can even get through. So, buyer beware
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2 years ago, mdbergs
This was just what I needed
I was visiting my family and had boxes of loose photos to go through and wanted to be sure that I could digitize some for my own use.I tried taking a photo of them with my iPhone but that didn’t turn out great, and then I looked into Google drives scanner app and that didn’t work out either. PhotomyneWas at the top of my Google search when I was looking for a better option and it had great reviews so I thought I would give it a try! I’m so glad that I did. I was able to digitize over 500 photos and the app made some of them look even better than the quality of the photo itself!I love the way you can take a photo of an entire page of loose photos and the app is able to identify each individual picture and optimize it as its own photo. Great app 👍
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9 months ago, Alert-cbrown
Very well thought-out app!
Photomyne developers have really knocked it out of the park with the user-selected sharpening levels and accurate colorizing features. I’ve been using the app since about when it came out. It was good then - even better than Google’s version (which takes forever to use and isn’t as good as Photomyne in other ways) but since then they have improved it to a level that even the staunchest photo nerd will like. I scanned a tiny wallet photo I recently found of my father. The paper was old and it had creases across it from being folded - even though it was only 2.5 inches by 1.75 inches. It was taken when my Dad was about twelve years old - 1937. I can now expand the digital Photomyne version and see amazingly clear and sharp details of my Dad’s young face!! Five stars!!!
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11 months ago, mj2trip
Digitize old photos/improve images/ Share
I ’ve gone from film to digital photography. Our physical Family photo albums can get lost or destroyed. My favorite feature is that with Photomyne I can open an album and photograph a whole page. Photomyne automatically separates the photos and enhances them. Then, there’s a place for comments and, each face can be identified. This allows me to search in all the photos in my scanned collection for those of a particular individual. Since the photos are now digital, you can take them with you on your devices (mine is an iPhone). Where ever you are having to sit, like medical offices or land, sea, or air transportation, it’s easy to view and edit, share or delete photos. It’s not a free app but, in my opinion, well worth the price. I love it!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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9 months ago, ***** DM
Game Changer
I downloaded the app and tried the trial version first. From the different options available, I manipulated several photos plus some old negatives. I have no reservation to say that I am so impressed. I have been looking for so long until I finally found this app. The scanning is fast, easy and accurate. Ease of use and photo editing capabilities are excellent. I will definitely recommend Photomyne to whoever is looking for a professional and complete photo software application. In addition when I contacted their customer service to inquire about accessories and their occasional promotions I found their customer service so caring and helpful. They answered all questions with patience and in professional manner. What more could you ask for in an app like this. Really a great tool.
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1 year ago, Kookie Music
Much better photos than my print scanner creates
I have personally recommended this app to so many people working on genealogy. It is so easy to use, and the quality of the scans is much better than those I get from my printer/scanner. I have found two challenges using the app. The first is not the fault of the app, it’s that taking photos in ambient light requires finding a place where you can hold your phone over the photos without casting a shadow on them while scanning. Second, while I love that you can scan writing on the back of the photo and attach it to the image, I find it inconvenient to have to always leave the scanning part of the app, find the image in its album, and then scan the back of the image at the same time. I assume it is because the front and back scans are saved to different kinds of file types. I have learned to scan a number of images first, then go to the album and scan all the backs afterwards. You just have to be very careful to scan the back to the correct photo. It would be easier if I had the option to scan the back immediately after the front If you work with scanning photos for family history I really recommend Photomyne!
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6 years ago, ffattbboyy
Nice app, too expensive.
Functional, nice, well thought out app but it is not clear how much it is going to cost until you are well along in use. At the time of this review the app costs $60 to “own” without subscription. I purchased for a month at $5 but now I need to remember to cancel my subscription to avoid the recurring charge. The developer may say these facts are discoverable, I’m sure they are. However navigating the cost is in no way as intuitive as the app. I hope this review helps set expectations for future potential purchasers. I may have made the same choice if the developer had been more up front. I would definitely have been more happy about it though. As it is, I spent some time being irritated and trying to find out purchase prices and what they included. I also felt like I was being sold a club membership, I just want a nice clean app, not a photo scanning lifestyle.
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2 years ago, Sk472
Beat App I Have Ever Purchased
I have downloaded so many free apps and purchased many as well. I was hesitant to pay for this app but my father-in-law is finishing a book on his life and needed some old pictures scanned for the publisher. Not only is it easy to scan a page of pictures with an old photo album, but the actual quality of the scan is better than the picture in many cases. We only needed 10 pictures but scanned over 100 in a short amount of time. You can scan the back and front and add text to explain who and what is happening in the pictures. It’s an incredible gift later for the grandkids (and there are many) because the photos can also be shared. The whole family was impressed with this app. Amazing job!!
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2 years ago, Robert434
My new scanning service
I have been scanning photos for decades and also used other services where I mail my photos in bulk to them and they scan and send them back. I thought that was the way to go but just decided to try Photomyne because friends have been raving about them. While skeptical of having to scan myself, I was wrong. I purchased the Photomyne tent, iPhone holder/arm accessory and paid the subscription service fee. Wow is this amazing. So easy, incredibly good quality (actually better than the scanning companies work I was mailing my photos too), and I can scan fast and have my photos digitized immediately. I love the ease of use and everything else. I’m also saving hundreds of dollars. Well done Photomyne. You are my new preferred scanning method.
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6 months ago, lar
Works great for photo albums except
Takes a a page of photos from an album, separates and enchanted beautifully. Saves tremendous amounts of time. My only issue having used it for days is using the pictures afterwards. All photos are placed into albums online then downloaded if desired onto your computer (for example). This process numbers the photos in each album starting at 1. Therefore the photo numbers are duplicated over and over. Deciding to move a photo to another album after downloading results in the inability to copy. On a Mac you don’t get the option to keep a dup photo number with a suffix. You have to rename the photos before copying. This is extremely time consuming. There are no options for file naming or numbering sequences. Online interface needs improvement
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1 year ago, treehugger0013
Old photos look amazing!
I am the holder of our family photos, but holding the only copy, I wanted to make it more accessible to my family and myself. The auto crop feature works better than any other app I’ve tried using, auto removing the orange fade on photos from the 70’s and 80’s helps me see things I’ve never seen before! I’m tagging our pets, and I wish they auto captured them, as they are part of our family too, but I can manually do it. I only wish I could get it into google photos with details, like I can on my device. And I also wish I could only share certain albums with certain people. Because my family doesn’t need my husband’s family and Vice versa. But it’s totally worth the monthly fee, in my opinion!
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2 years ago, Dusapointed Air Force Mom
Waste of my time
Do not download this app. I spent over two hours pulling photos and scanning them. Tried to save them to send to my son and the app requires an upgrade. You have to pay to save your photos that you paid to develop. I could have just taken a picture with my phone and been very happy. I downloaded the app because I thought it would save time scanning two at a time. Response- the description says to try the app out then decide if you want to upgrade. The information about having to buy a premium upgrade is 3/4 off the way through the description. So someone try the app, decides to save what they have scanned so far into a current album and is immediately blocked by the app with the requirement to purchase a premium upgrade. THEN. . . the app puts a watermark over my photo so I can’t view it or remove the watermark without buying a premium upgrade. YOU CAN DO BETTER. “Premium upgrade purchase required to use the app” should be the first thing consumers see.
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6 years ago, =)Leesee
This App is amazing!
I was searching for an app that would make scanning and restoring my old family photos easy. I was using my printer scanning 1 photo at a time, then using a photo editing program that took up to several minutes to use. I have over 1000 old family photos and I knew it would take me months to do them all. I am simply amazed with PHOTOMYNE! I can scan several photos at once and it auto restores each picture and saves them separately as an individual scan. The only bad thing I can say is that I wish there were more free features, however to be honest this is one of those rare times I really don’t mind paying for the premium version! Everyone needs this app especially if you have old photos that are at risk of fading and being lost forever!
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9 months ago, CarolCarMom
Disappointed with Storage System
So far I have digitized photos, negatives and written materials. When you see the scans, they look great and have the things written on the back of them easily accessible. HOWEVER, if you try yo download them to anything other than google (say, your computer), the photos download in an inoperable zip file. If you download an individual photo (the app puts even 2 photos in a zip file), it will open, but no longer connects to the back of the photo. In other words, Photomyne is trying to trap you into using and paying for the app forever, which will undoubtedly collapse at some point in the future, leavening you with no access to your photos after expending a fair amount of time and energy on the project. Personally, I would be willing to pay a bit more for true and permanent access to my photos.
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5 months ago, socalseybolds
Gets the job done
I was able to scan in multiple vintage photos while visiting my in-laws over the holidays. They aren’t perfect, since I was in a hurry, but are close enough. The ability to attach the info that’s often written on the back of a photo is very helpful. My only issue was the reflection of my phone. Under better lighting it would have worked great but I was in a hurry to scan as many as I could. In the past I’ve used flatbed scanners to scan hundreds of photos in a day or so. Usually before a funeral or anniversary. This method is so much easier. As a plus for me, no sore shoulder from the repetitive movevent. I also like that it doesn’t take up room on my hard drive during the process.
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3 years ago, aaopv
Easy peasy
I never ever rate an App because, at least in my opinion once I download the App, it did not do what they claimed it could, but this one is different. App does exactly what it claims it can do; it’s pretty easy to use and directions are in layman terms. The first time you play around with this App, it will create an album (which you could always re-name and date). Love that you can line up a bunch of pictures and after it scans, it crops, clears and separates each as a new photo. Also while playing around with App, I found it can work as a camera too and does the same functions as it would with scanned pictures. The ONLY THING TO REMEMBER while you are playing around and testing this App, make sure you tap on the album you want pix to go into FIRST before scanning new pictures, otherwise you’ll have a bunch of new albums for each pix you take/scan & I have not found how to move pix from one album into another but I’m sure I will figure it out eventually. That’s it, very easy and App delivers as promised. If down the line, something changes in a negative way, I will change my recommendation, but for now it’s all good!!
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2 years ago, Margo 0000
I was looking for a platform to easily take pictures of hundreds of physical photos. But I didn’t wanna pay a ton, nor did I want to make it a headache. I just uploaded hundreds of photos over the last two hours, made them into slideshows very easily. Shared them to my Google Drive to use as a super simple slideshow. I work in disputing bad reviews, legitimately my job. I don’t review things unless they are phenomenal. This is it! Highly highly recommended. It was free to an extent but then it was a $10 fee to finalize what I was looking for. If and when I have another project like this I will do it again in a heartbeat, personally not going to pay the yearly fee. But anybody trying to do something on the regular, it’s worth it!
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2 years ago, thelizmercer
Time consuming, NOT a free app
The app appears free, but in order to save many photos to your device, you must upgrade to a subscription. The initial price point is just to download the app. To save more than a couple photos to your device, you must subscribe to the app. It’s a time consuming process to scan your photos due to the abundant amount of pop ups any time you complete a single option. Each time you save a photo and attempt to view or edit it, you must wait through multiple pop ups of “photo successfully saved” and “your album is complete.” You cannot skip these pop ups, and there is no “ok” button to make them go away. You have to wait for each pop up to disappear on its own. Although only a fraction of a second long, the waiting time for the pop ups to disappear will add 10-15 minutes to the process if you’re scanning lots of photos. Photo quality is better than a few other apps I have tried, but still subpar without very steady hands. If you take a shaky photo, good luck wading through the 5 different panels in order to get to the delete option. Would not recommend for anyone who struggles with hand tremors. Altogether the app provides a misleading price point as well as a time consuming process. For a quicker, more easily navigated app: try Google Scan.
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4 years ago, Mrs.Haverland
Gets slower with use
I was so excited when I first downloaded Photomyne that I went right for a 5 year membership. The “samples” I started with turned out wonderful! A few weeks later I put it to the test with over 400 photos. The first few were fast to crop and the voice feature worked slick. As I added photos, the cropping took longer and the voice feature occasionally worked. The most I added to an album was 150 pictures and it turned into a slow process. The quality was nice, but I ended up buying a light box so I didn’t have to rely on the natural lighting to avoid glares. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the stack and I’m frustrated with how slow it is to crop and the voice feature doesn’t work very often. I found it was faster to hold the button for 3 seconds than say “go” 5 times in a row. I am using and iPhone XR running iOS 14.
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4 years ago, Maryjolly
I’ve had this app for less than a week and I’ve scanned in nearly 2,000 pictures, just scanning while I watch TV in the evening. It’s intuitive and EASY! I’m scanning all kinds of pictures, from the 1920’s to current and it handles them all well. It’s amazing how some of the pictures are better AFTER I scan them. I upgraded to the family plan and the siblings are enjoying seeing all the old family photos. I also am VERY pleased with the support. I’ve had a couple questions along the way and they are responsive and helpful. Wish I had done this years ago. I freed up a lot of closet space! There are a couple things I wish it did easier or settings I wish I could adjust, but for the price I have no complaints at all.
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5 years ago, Pat Mihlfeld
Photomyne is the best photo scanning tool I’ve ever used.
This app is great! It is effortless. Place the pictures in a grid in any orientation and scan. The app does the rest. It took me just minutes to get familiar with how it works. It’s so easy! I was going to bite the bullet and pay a service to scan these hundreds of pictures and it was going to be expensive! Not only will I be able to scan my own pictures but I can add information for each picture right with it! I know about 90% of the people in these pictures have a pretty good idea of their time taken but I’m the last person who knows this information. If something happened to me or these pictures before I got this done all of this important family information would be lost!!!!
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2 years ago, Roli T
Very easy to scan photos in bulk
It easily scans many photos concurrently from a single page in album. It restores /revives colors to faded colored photos. It can colorize b&w photos too, though several times it didn’t colorize to color I remember for clothes in photograph. It can improve on sharing - specially for sharing whole album- it still asks to select each photo instead of ‘select all ‘ option if we want to share whole album. At times, it scans and breaks/crops photos based on lines /angular forms of objects in photos . For eg if a door frame is in photo, it will split photo into 2, one with human figure and another on other side of door frame. Logic to crop a picture into 2 needs to be refined.
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3 years ago, Powell lover
Connie G
I’ve really enjoyed using this app. My Mom passed away last August and have been going through her photos. Thousands of photos!! I’m saving them here a little a time and sharing them with family - many of whom have never seen the pictures. In fact my cousin had never seen her since divorced parents in a friendly photo before and when I shared it from this app to Facebook she messaged me that she cried when she saw it! I’m also finding family pictures from the Colorado River days and a mutual friend looking at the pictures I posted said he’s so happy to relive those days that brought so much joy in his younger years. So thank you for this wonderful way so save and share photos from the “old days!”
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2 years ago, Flute Twins
Best App for photo capture
I just took pics of my wedding album from 1983… almost 40 years ago!! The photos are absolutely AMAZING!!!! This will allow me to share our precious memories with friends and family!! And I just did a collage on Snapfish for a 20 x 24 size canvas print… I look forward to to seeing the canvas in a few weeks!! I also have lots of albums since the birth of my twins who are 30 years old now!! I am on book #3 and it will take a long time to complete, but I love the results of the quality of the 4x6 pics!! The glare is an issue sometimes, but I will continue to work around that (depends on time of day that I am using the app)!! UPDATE: the 20 x 24 canvas was FABULOUS… THANK YOU PHOTOMYNE!!
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2 years ago, StevenRyanK.
Needs 1 improvement!
PLEASE do away with the 3 second pop up that verifies an action just taken in the app. For example, after deleting a scan an oval shaped bubble that says “deleted” will remain on the screen, with ZERO way to dismiss it. The same exact thing occurs every time I finish scanning a photograph. The oval bubble pops up saying “Added to album” and stays there for 3 long seconds. The entire phone screen is incapacitated during those 3 seconds and although it may not seem like a long time, it DEFINITELY adds up quickly when scanning a large number of photographs. It is absolutely maddening to have to constantly wait for the pop up to go away after every single photo is scanned or other action is taken.
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3 years ago, AnjanT
Not there yet
I appreciate the effort but it is not there yet. AI engine needs more training. It gets confused if I scatter the photos randomly on a table - it cannot detect the edges of the photos; and gives a wrong mix, some photos are combined into one, and other photos are split into two photos. Even if I line up the photos carefully with distinct gaps separating photos it sometimes fails to detect edges correctly. At other times it works fine. The app is pricey too. I do not like the subscription model. With one time payment options I can purchase only upto 2 years. Recurring price of $10/mo adds up very quickly, and I am wondering if it would be lot cheaper to take shoebox full of prints to a local photo scanning service and have them digitize all for a one time fixed cost? Or even buy a photo scanner for a fixed one time cost? The freemium version is useless since it saves in low quality.
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3 years ago, Faithe's Daddy
Absolutely Incredible.
I downloaded this app the day after my grandfather died, only 6 weeks after the passing of my grandmother. I had one objective: to preserve every picture I found in the home they shared for 73 years so that we would have them. Over and over, we were blown away as pictures were restored ti a clarity that made faces newly recognizable that had been lost to time. The best moment was when I scanned their wedding photo, taken in 1947. We saw the youth in every detail, and then I chose colorize the photo, which instantly brought tears to everyone’s eyes, including mine. I’m sure I’m emotional right now, but I can’t remember any app ever doing more for me than this one did.
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3 years ago, Trekker196
My second choice, should have been first
I was put off by the subscription format of this app and decided to buy some thing that was a one time purchase. I don’t regret the previous purchase, because I got to experience what a less interactive program would do. I have been able to scan hundreds of photos, and have been impressed throughout with the ease that this app gives me. There have been a few times that the “correction“ of the coloring has actually not been as good as what the original was, but that has been rare. Yes, it is pricey, but the money is well worth it if you want to preserve your old photos.
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5 years ago, rikki51
Photomyne Review
I love this app! I am using it to create a photo album and website for my 50th class reunion. I was able to easily import pictures from my black-and-white photo album from 50 years ago. The app quickly recognizes and separate multiple photos on the same page and craps them. This is a huge timesaver. What really blew me away was the ability you colorized these black-and-white photos. Not all of them turned out great: my class picture still look black and white with a bluish tent in the background. But many other photos really came to life, so overall the feature was a very impressive addition. Where I believe the application needs more development is to expand the ability to import photos from dropbox, Google Drive and other websites.
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6 years ago, Dkjordan
Charging for a scan program ridiculous
It’s absolutely amazing that you charge for this service. I was excited to use the app, then, after loading it I see it is pay service to scan photos. It’s really sad because there are many free apps out there that do this, they may not be as good as yours, but charging for this is incredible. You should offer a basic scan service for free and have a pro subscription that offers more, a value to those that like your app, and want to add more features, but for those that just want to scan and go it should be free. For gods sake, Google offers a scan app that does the same thing for free...I was comparing yours to it to see which I liked better, I think I have my answer now. Sure, I’m just one little voice, but it’s amazing to me that you would charge even 1 penny for this service. The amount to me is irrelevant, it’s just the fact that charging for this is just ridiculous!
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2 years ago, BethsFamProject
NOT a free app. Require subscription to view your photos
With hundreds of family photos to scan, this app seemed ideal. I downloaded what I thought was a free app, and set to work scanning photos. The description says ‘free with in app purchases’. Photomyne does NOT state up front that after a week, they will force you to purchase their service, which is not inexpensive. If you do not, you can not view ANY of the photos you scanned. I wasted hours and hate that it feels I’m now being blackmailed into purchasing their monthly service. If they’d been upfront with the cost? Might have purchased. The companies response is not sufficient. ‘In-app purchases’ suggest you can use the app for free, and purchase ‘extras’. Not having access to anything you scanned? That just amounts to a huge waste of time, unless you buy a subscription. It is absolutely dishonest. I know of no other apps that play such a deceptive game
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5 years ago, lp7817
Save Money Digitizing Photos
I never write reviews but this app saved me hundreds of dollars digitizing my parents photos. I was going to use a company like Legacy Box because I figured it would take forever for me to do it myself. Then, I found this app and started using it with the free trial. It took me just minutes to scan a hundred photos. I set six photos down, take a picture, and it finds and crops each photo. Occasional errors that you can easily fix by manually cropping. I was impressed by the quality. It even makes some older photos look better. I ended up spending the money on it for a month and may cancel when I’m done with all the digitizing. Great app and very happy I found it!
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2 weeks ago, Ventura Lori
My family is getting ready for our first family reunion in decades. I volunteered to do the family tree video pictures started pouring in from all my family members old pictures of great great grandma great grandma and grandma. Most of them were black-and-white and not very clear. I used this app to edit the pictures and they turned out great you can see the faces. I colorized them. Oh my God they are great. I so much appreciate this amazing app. This video will be passed down for generations so I wanted it to be perfect thank you photo for helping me make the perfect videofor my family I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to restore old pictures
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