Photo Scanner Plus

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4.8 (20.3K)
155.1 MB
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Current version
Photomyne LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Scanner Plus

4.79 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Melissa05089
Feature request
This app has changed my life! I’ve inherited photos from three different generations of family members and was wondering how on earth I was going to afford to send them off to be scanned. Then I discovered Photomyne and decided to try and digitize my entire families’ photos from the 1880s to the 2000’s. Since the beginning of March I’ve scanned 6000 images including negatives in FilmBox and I’m blown away by the quality, especially of the black-and-white negatives. However now that I have 6000 images I need to cull them and choose my favorites. In other photo library apps you can copy photos and put them in multiple albums. I could really use a feature like that now when I need to select my favorites out of certain albums and add them to a“Best of the best“ album. That would make organization so much easier than having to save them to the hard drive of the device and then re-upload it into a new album just share to a best of the best album. Thanks for an amazing app you guys!
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5 years ago, p3arnold
Greatest App!
Now over 11,000 old photos scanned since 2016! It started as a way to store all my parents old slides and photos so I didn’t have to store all of their albums. It escalated from there into my personal family photos as well as my husbands. This would never have been accomplished using my flatbed scanner. The ability to share all these images with out-of-town family members using the web feature is wonderful. And there is the option to identify each photo with pertinent info, if you so choose. The list of features goes on. Can’t say enough good things about this App. I would like to see features added. The option to alphabetize albums by TITLE would be a great help rather that just by date. When dealing with so many albums the ability to have different collections or groups , or albums within albums would be nice to separate families. Just the ability to custom arrange albums would be a helpful feature in keeping different family albums separated.
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6 years ago, grandmabish
First experiences with phitomyne
I have thousands and thousands of photos from our six children growing up. I spent most of the day yesterday looking through one batch of photographs when our children were young. I sent out photos to all of the kids, who are now grown with families of their own. If there were several of them in a photo I sent to all of them at once so I saw their responses and their conversations about the photos coming back to my phone as well. It was such a fun day, reading all of their memories and seeing how they laughed and joked about things. What wonderful family connections were made because of this app! In my estimation if you hold the phone very still, and you are in good light, the scanner does nearly as brilliant a job as My full-size expensive scanner. I have not tried printing them, so I have no opinion on print, but for sharing on social media or sending pictures to others, it’s just wonderful and fun thing. Karren in Sandy Utah
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6 years ago, Briejean65
Amazing App!
I recently lost my uncle to cancer. We were faced with the task of transferring a couple hundred photos of him during his lifetime to display on poster boards for his wake and funeral. Many of these photos were glued into old albums and would have been ruined if we attempted to remove them. Your app was the amazingly simple solution! In less than one day, we were able to capture all these photos, unharmed, and upload to a website to be printed into huge collages for display. In addition, we wanted to display a large 11x14 photo of just my uncle, but one didn’t exist. With this app, I was able to snap a small 3x5 picture of him and then print a huge 11x14. I didn’t think it would look anywhere near as good as it did...we framed it and it looked great! Photomyne was the perfect, quick solution to a task that could have taken days to do!
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6 years ago, Jataviel
Looks good on devices only
I have close to 500 old photos that I've been meaning to scan and put in a photo album for my mom for this Christmas. My husband suggested I try one of those apps that will scan and enhance my photos so I stumbled upon this app, I even bought it because the video looked so awesome. On my phone the picture scanning deal became a breeze and I was amazed how great they look after automatically been fixed. It wasn't until upload the images to a photo book creating website and started creating the album when I noticed all the photos are very grainy and blurry. I work with photoshop and realized that this apps corrects the scanned photos by aggressively sharpening the image which resulted in grainy and in some cases pixelated images. They do not look good at all, in the real photos you can see detail, in the scanned version you lose detail and get that awkward grainy/blurry look. I guess that's what happens when I tried a shortcut. Thai app is only good if you want to save your old photos to upload to social media or your computer. Print quality is very low.
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4 years ago, Dart17
Great app
I have used this app during Covid 19 while I was sorting and purging 40 years of photos. It is easy to use and the photos look good. I sent several of the photos via text to my son-in-law. He was a creating photo book online to present to my daughter for her 40th birthday. The pictures looked awesome in the book. It sure was easier than scanning them into my computer. I am 66 years old and I find it to be senior friendly. I like that I can save them to different albums! My only complaint is I get the reflection of my phone on the glossy prints. I do the scanning in all different locations through my house at different times of the day to find the right lighting that keeps it to a minimum. I don’t think it’s the app, it’s the glossy prints. Keep that in mind when you use this app.
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7 years ago, PC1957
Easy to capture, edit and review
I have so many pictures from my ancestors in albums and many are loose in shoeboxes. This application allowed me, with minimum effort, to capture entire pages of albums, then edit and document (comment) those pics that I desired and share with the rest of my family. It has an outstanding photo capture mode that all you need to do is to shoot a whole page of photos with your cell phone and it separates every picture individually. I recommend it to anyone that wants to save hundreds of decaying pictures for posterity and enjoyment of the extended family. I am interested in cresting e-scrap books but I do not think this app provides that capability. Still, it is worth the little investment since it saves hundreds of dollars if you were to do it through a photo copy service.
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3 years ago, smilesfromsusan
One of my most favorite apps
I’ve been using Photomyne for several years now, and now have over 25,000 scanned photos. Not only have I scanned my own, I also scanned photos from both sides of my family. Thousands of photos. My friend also asked me to scan all of her photos so I scanned hers too! I’m very happy with the app, I only wish I had this app when I first started digitizing all my old photos - I did those on a conventional flat bed scanner and still need to crop them apart in a photo editor on my desktop. Thanks for continuing to make this app better all the time. I’ll keep recommending Photomyne to all my family and friends. Sometimes years goes by and a friend or family member will ask me to remind them of the app I always rave about.
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3 years ago, CasinoOwl
Great app
Once I figured out a way to take photos without glare, I found this app makes excellent scans of my photos. I got a frosted plastic storage box and cut a small hole in the bottom to take the scan through. I covered the bottom of the box with black tape and cut out the hole in that as well. Then I turned over the box and scanned my photos through the hole. The black tape makes no reflection, and the clear sides of the box let in light to get a good scan. I’m glad I found this app and would gladly give it five stars except for the incessant pop ups asking me to subscribe. I would gladly pay a one time fee for the app considering the limited use I need it for, but I don’t want a monthly or yearly subscription. The developer deserves to make money, but with that as the only option, I couldn’t pay them. My punishment is lots of annoying pop ups.
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5 years ago, Chicapingping
Great App for old photos. Over the top expensive!
I’m rewriting this review after using the app a bit more and getting to appreciate a little better what it does. I’ve used it off and on for a while but didn’t want to pay what I thought was too much for an app with somewhat limited editing (compared to others like Snapseed, Artstudio, and others. This app does however do “its thing” so well, it deserved another look and higher rating. It makes capturing and restoring old images relatively easy as long as the images a somewhat decent to start with. I use Photoshop a lot to do serious restoration work. It’s tough to beat this app though if the images are in relatively good condition to start with. The automatic colorization feature will blow your mind! Yikes! Not sure how it’s done (it takes me hours in photoshop). The results from this app are pretty astounding for a press of a button.
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3 years ago, 166hot
Good and easy
I used this app a lot more some years ago because I was taking pictures and downloading pages from old picture albums where taking the pictures out of them plastic pages was impossible. While the quality taking them through the plastic wasn’t great it really did a great job and separated out each picture individually so I could crop, enhance, and move them. I also like the feature where you can add info about each picture. So helpful. I am so glad I did so many of my albums and saved them to this app. I was getting near the end..only a few more to go and our home and everything in it burned to the ground in the fire that destroyed our town of Paradise in 2018.
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3 years ago, Taylaaaaaaa
So awesome!!
We have tens of thousands of photos and 3/4 of them are pre digital. Last year we spent a lot of time sorting and selecting 3000 photos to mail off and be scanned. About a month later, we got them back with 2 CDs of the scanned photos. (1500) on each CD. My lap top computer does not have a CD reader. So I can only access them on my old computer or a borrowed one. Yesterday I scanned an entire album of 400 photos from college in half an hour. Then enjoyed scrolling through the album of that scan session on line with my daughter and husband. Too easy, so accessible and I can't wait to get through all of my photos and have access to them from any of my devices! This is so awesome!
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2 months ago, IrishDi@$
Phenomenal App
I had not used this app in a while but tonight pulled out old picture prints from before digital cameras that I want to put on Facebook and send to my friends as well. However I needed to get them onto my phone as well as my computer. This app allows me to do so. It’s so easy to do and what is great is if a particular picture is really old and is not as crisp and clear it actually enhances the photo when you scan it. The scanned photo looks better than the original print. Lets say you want to put the picture in a frame you can use the scanned picture instead of the original print. It’s just a great app, easy to use and I highly recommend it.
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1 year ago, vadger
The best apps for saving photos!
I am a big time photo person and for some reason I can not get rid of any photos that I have taken and Photomyne has been the best scanner I have tried. Scan, adjust, colorize, edit, photo the back side that has important information or inscriptions written by loved ones and when I am done I can send to the people I know will enjoy them. Description is on the front with a listing of any person in the photo and place taken, date and much more. One of my favorite features is the ability to type in someone’s name and it will pull up the photo of the person you are looking for. Name, place, date just search. Love this app.
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5 years ago, Kkiss81
Scrapbooking reversed!
I have been working to extract photos scrapbooked years ago back into digital format. They were cut up and creatively arranged and I didn't see how I was going to do it until Photomyne. Photomyne scans full pages even through page protectors, corrects the color and determines how to define each photo separately. I still have to go into each page and redefine edges because mine are a jumble of overlapped images, but once I do that and save, I have all of my photos to save to my PC. It's really quite amazing and a true timesaver. Highly recommend. My only wish list items are to arrange them in the order Id like before downloading and to be able to define the naming scheme.
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2 years ago, Solar Engineer
Auto cropping and photo fixing is AWESOME
All good BUT… The popup upgrade page when you use the $3.99 paid app every time, is VERY ANNOYING. TURN THAT FEATURE OFF PLEASE. If I want your subscription I can add it but don’t remind me every time I use the otherwise great app. Would prefer that the initial scan just give me the entire scan and then let me edit afterwards. I’m scanning side-by-side stereo pairs on glass slides and the app scans and crops each picture separately. I just want the app to scan the entire image with the enhancement feature. I can get to the original scan but the app makes me crop it manually so it takes way too long to process.
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3 years ago, RogueAngelis
Love this app! It has made scanning family photos, which there are a few of thousand, so much easier. It really works well with their FilmBox and SlideScan apps too. I love that I can place pictures into various albums. The only thing I don’t like is if you describe the picture in one folder (ie, who is in the photo, location and year), the description does not carry over to another folder if you’re moving or copying the picture, which creates a lot more work. But scanning photos, slides and negatives using all three apps has been wonderful and wouldn’t use any other app unless the description carried over to another folder.
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2 years ago, Irishmist1
Outstanding App!
I rarely download an app I have to pay for and usually find what I need available for free. This is one of the few apps I own that is a paid app, and it is well worth it! It does exactly what it says it will do, and makes it so easy to scan and digitize old photos. You can easily touch up and restore a photo from an old photo album, without having to take the photo out of the book, and with filters you can restore it to better than the original. You can blow it up, crop it, and make it a better shot. And it looks fantastic. Great job guys! I love your app and highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, KatHLay
Great Option
So glad I found this easy to use efficient app. So much better than scanning pictures on a scanner bed. After scanning the pictures, I can discard the originals. It’s so easy to share them on the internet or put them on a thumb drive. I’ve scanned hundreds of pictures, even ones from before 1900, and all are of good quality. My only frustration has been to ensure that I don’t have shadows from my phone or extra light or glare when I’m using my phone camera. I love that I can scan up to four pictures at a time and if I’m not completely happy; rescanning is quick and easy. I’ve recommended this app to friends and family.
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4 months ago, Chickenbag
There’s a lot of nifty features here. I copied over 500 old photos, some of which were damaged. The enhancement features can’t match what you can accomplish with an expensive photo editing suite, but it does a lot of things really well and….did I mention I copied over 500 photos in one sitting? They looked tons better than the originals and you can even colorize b/w portraits. It does a remarkable job of identifying parts of the body that are disconnected by clothing, furniture, etc. You will have to dig around a bit to discover how to do a few things like merging folders and saving to your phone or tablet, but it’s not too daunting if you’re determined. I should also mention you can copy several photos at once and it will detect their edges and treat them as individual and save them. You can copy from negatives, slides, photo albums (without removing the photos from the page) and documents. I recommend this app. The price is more than fair and you certainly get your moneys worth.
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3 years ago, loving summer with Sirius app
Photomyne apps
It’s a good thing I am 70 years old and retired as a professional photographer. The reason ? The Photomyne apps are amazing ! My son also bought the apps and as a surprise to me, got my baby pictures album, all in black & white, and used Photomyne to take a digital picture of my print pictures, crop them, colorize & gave them to me as a gift for my 79 th BD! At one time I would use photoshop to attempt to paint colors to convert black & white photos to color. What an arduous task and results weren’t always acceptable. So buy the app, dig out those old photo albums and digitize them and have fun colorizing the black & white pictures you want!
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5 years ago, Racharlie
Love this App!
I have been using this app for a couple of years now and I have been able to toss out old boxes of pictures and old worn out albums that were taking up so much storage and shelf space without losing the pictures. Now they are all in one place and organized. It was so quick and easy! I can crop and edit with a touch of a finger. I got the premium and love the backup and storage features. I was even able to copy old cards and certificates and old schoolwork by the kids. Best of all, it comes with a convenient website of my own I can send a link to my grown kids so they have access to the pictures too. Love it.
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3 years ago, Spparker63
Love this app!
Great app. My old photos are in the glue-back albums and taking them out to place in a scanner is not an option. Not only does this app scan the pictures on an album page, but crops them also. Of course if you want to crop them in a different way, that option is available too. Would love to see some built in borders and photo accessories, but you can still download the pictures to your device and use another app for that. I really enjoy having these pictures turned into digital media. I would recommend this app!
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6 years ago, JoeCT521
Terrible Photo Quality
The pages of my aunt's 1940s era photo album were too large to be scanned, and the photos had been glued to the pages. Rather than rip the album apart, I used this app to scan the pages, hoping to use the Photomyne share function to make her cherished old snapshots accessible to my large extended family. Unfortunately, the scan quality was awful. While the auto-crop feature worked well, the auto-restoration process left every picture so grainy and blurry the subjects were barely recognizable. Not one was even remotely suitable for producing a decent quality reprint, making them worthless for sharing with family and friends. Ultimately I had to deconstruct my aunt's album after all, and scan the pictures on a flatbed scanner. I give the app an A for concept and effort, but an F for execution.
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3 years ago, UKalum87
Memory Saver!
Excellent app, have scanned several family albums dating back 50+ years, reviving photographs to new vivid beautiful digital images. Recently sharing a childhood image taken in 1943 and sent to a son in South Pacific WW2, found in a keepsake box these many years later. A son of a subject in the picture indicated it was the first time he ever saw his Dad that young. Easy to use, easy to share and save memories. Works on both scanning old photographs and importing previously scanned images. Even works well on photographs behind glass in frames and behind glossy scrap book covers. The enhancing and colorization function work really well and it’s so easy it makes it fun.
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6 years ago, Cornelia Maria
Saving Family History
This is an incredible app!! We have spent the last few days putting precious family photographs, some over 100 years old, on Photomyne. We’ll be able to share these photos with family, and best of all, digital versions will assure that these be treasures will be preserved. I love the editing and cropping features, as well as the ability to add descriptions. The app is so easy to use. I have found that taking the pictures in daylight (even fairly low light), with no artificial lighting, produces the best results. Thank you for your awesomeness, Photmyne!
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7 years ago, HalloweenGrandpa
Disappointed with support
Purchased app used it to scan 30+ pics using iPad but then ran in a problem moving that album to my laptop. Wanted to move pics to iPhoto to utilize in iMovie on my laptop. After purchase received an email stating welcome and if I had any problems told to contact an individual. Emailed for help, no response for hours. Attempted to use phone support, told appointment had to be made, first available 4 days from then. Finally, had email reply but was a generic page of suggested answers to various problems. Used the closest offering and the page didn't match what my screen was showing. Over 5 hours passed before I could figure out how to resolve issue. Cancelled app on the spot, service is poor. Will try to find an other app that is supported.
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6 years ago, Julietred
Better than not scanning
I agree than this app is not as good as a flatbed scanner meant for photo scanning. The scans with this app don’t have the details that the originals have. But I still recommend it. I was able to scan all our family photo albums in less than two hours. That’s more than a hundred images. The app is incredibly fast and easy to use. Now I have a digital copy of everything. It’s done. If I get time I will do really good scans on my flatbed. But that project will take months or years to finish. It’s also a perfect app for keeping a copy of all the artwork/school work my son brings home from school. I quick snap a photo then toss the originals.
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9 months ago, Bflo62
Great asset for saving family photos
Sorted through 35 years of photos a couple of weekends ago. This app has been great for saving them just in case. I still need to make some use of the best photos since you don’t get 100% quality in the scans. Not sure how well they’d print out. But still, being able to bring up the memories of when my kids were young is priceless. Love being able to send links to my kids since the photos are organized with one folder for each of my 8 kids. ❤️
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4 years ago, alexiskim_8
Great resource for old photos
This has been an awesome resource for collecting my grandparent old photos. It has editing setting that can enhance the image, or you can leave it the original. It’ll predict the corners of the image so you can scan in more than one at a time. And if it guesses wrong you can go in and fix it. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality. I have used it with an iphone8, and iPhoneX, and the pictures come back with a level of quality that I can include them in a photo video and they are nice to look at on a ~50” tv screen.
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7 years ago, Family History Addict
So simple to use.
Using this app to create a digital family photo album is so easy and fast. I have a large quantity of family photos, I want them but don’t have space to store them. This app has allowed me to quickly scan in photos, store them, and also download the files to a backup drive. I then have been able to distribute the hard copies to other family members, which has been a great blessing to some who have lost large quantities of family photos. I have and will continue to recommend this app to others.
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11 months ago, PixMemories
I have 25 large dusty albums sitting on a shelf and nobody looks at them. With this app I can turn them into digital albums for my family to share. The hard copy albums exist but now my kids will have a thumbnail index to those albums should they want to reproduce a quality print. As I create each new album I send the pix out to friends and family and start a wonderful conversation. I don’t care that the quality is not great for printing ... that is not what I want it for. It makes memories come alive!
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4 years ago, Silverfox08880
By far the best photo app + document your albums!
I’ve been using this app for years! This is by far the best out there for documenting your albums! Saves a ton of time and gives you the opportunity to easily make adjustments on the fly! When your finished, the best part is sending it to your computer where you can email yourself a link and download them all at once! Very fast and easy process! You can’t go wrong with this app! I’ve Never seen any bugs! A+++++ love the colorization filter! Turn black and whites into color photos!
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3 years ago, JenLorra
Great for scanning and making albums
It took me awhile to feel comfortable with the app. The scanning is easy and is a great feature. My only complaint is that I wish there were more functions available online; wish it was easier to get questions answered and would like to be able to rearrange albums (the order the albums show up on list). If anyone knows how, I would love to be able to do it. Bottom line - I enjoy the app. It is great for organizing and sharing photos. I would definitely recommend it. I hope they add more features and develop the capability to do more online.
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6 years ago, tinacstl
Great app!
I just scanned 480 photos from old albums in a very short amount of time 1.25 hours, with an 89% rate of the apps ability to successfully crop, enhance and edit. Did the 11% reedits within the app. Resolution is 72 dpi on all photos. Printed ok, but screen view is better. Will try a shooting distance testing to increase resolution and clarity. Some were blurry (hold for 3 seconds) and I moved. So set up a selfie stick secured the camera so it did not move between books and two sided Velcro. Then just moved the album under the viewfinder and shot the photos that way. I could control removing reflection better and did not shake causing blurt. Wish for two things: an option to shoot a whole page, without auto cropping, to capture all handwritten notes and photo group as a reference image. Maybe thats there already and I have not figured it out. Also wish there was a back option of 144 dpi and 300 dpi, when I want a great output to print. Thanks! Love this app!!!
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2 weeks ago, DarVader55
This takes any good picture and makes it great! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have one program that excels at improving old photographs that have sat around for years. In addition, it should be on your main screen for your phone so that you can keep track of, all of those receipts you have throughout the year get lost if you were not using this app on a weekly basis and finding value and you were using it wrong.
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6 years ago, Missyinthepark
Great useful app
I bought this app and find it extremely useful. I have thousands of pics to upload for the last 40 years and have been going steadily at it. The better the original picture quality the better the result. Many of my old pics (30 year color) get a little grainy, but the pictures were originally grainy (cheap installation 35mm) I don’t mind. I’m storing my memories, not trying to change the images to something they weren’t. This really beats turning in all the negatives! That was expensive!
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5 years ago, growth4u
Such a terrific app!
I started using this app three days ago and every day I find something new to like about it. 1) The ability to add details to the picture—time, location, who is in the photo—and it remembers names and locations, so you don’t have to keep typing that information over and over. 2) The ability to share the album with friends or family. I’ve shared a few pictures on FB. Our family is all over North America, so being able to send a link to the photos is fantastic. 3) The ability to crop the pictures. Let’s face it, no one in my family were great photographers, so being able to crop out some of the extraneous background is great. 4) If you want, you can colorize the black and white photos. I’m ambivalent about the results when this is used, but the app saves both the B & W and the “colorized” version, so there is no harm in trying it.
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3 years ago, JStanleyR
An Incredible Tool
I was undaunted in my effort to digitize hundreds of family photos dating back over 100 years… But I was also very discouraged by the quality I was able to attain after experimenting with a number of different methods. Different sizes and finishes were such a challenge! This Photomyne app delivers amazing results with equally amazing ease and has cut down the time requirement for this huge project substantially. I cannot recommend this app highly enough!
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4 years ago, _zakray
Overall great
Great app. Love the auto cropping, and the quality is (in my testing) better than the competition from Google. I recommend using as much light as possible (preferably of an even color temperature) and using a neutral background, which encourages neither overexposure nor overexposure. That said, it is frustrating to get an ad for their subscription service EVERY TIME you open the app. Especially considering I paid money for it. Also why has the free version received more updates than the paid version? Update after developer response: yes I know it’s optional, that doesn’t make the constant ads not annoying.
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3 years ago, 4741 123
Outstanding photo scanner
This app does an outstanding job of scanning and immediately editing the scan. In many cases, the scanned photo is better than the original. I have a little shaking hand problem, but the scan ignores that with a fast shutter speed. You can also colorize old bw photos with pleasant and interesting results. I wish there was a simple camera stand that stabilizes and levels the camera when scanning.
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4 years ago, Ocaoivorew
First they nail you for a monthly or yearly , which I paid and was happy to do so. Then they send an offer ,”0h this is a better deal and if you buy it you can go into subscriptions and delete the monthly so you don’t get double charged “, sounds good, so I do it . Can’t delete the monthly and your “new” better plan you just paid 40$ for doesn’t even show up . It gets better, go to app support and they have no email or number and are a google company , which if I had known, would never have gotten here at all. So now I get to pay 40$ a year plus 10$ a month. Some deal phtotyme. I got a response telling me to do what I already tried! So apparently no one read it. I still can’t get rid of the first subscription.
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2 years ago, Tedzzz
Just getting going - great first impulse
Often we download an app and use it once them toss on the heap of worthless apps as too simple, too complex, false to advertised features. This has easily gotten past that. Each time we visit “ the grandfather” we are using it as photos are discovered on wall, in drawers, in albums. It makes quick work of it and organizing. Sometime to have to fight with glare, but that more a iPhone issue.
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4 years ago, Dogisgood
Learn how to cancel trials
I find it hard to believe the amount of people who are unaware that you have to cancel a trial. You can go into your ITunes account and cancel your subscription as soon as you sign up for the trial. It will NOT cancel before the trial period ends. If you do this at the time you took the trial you don’t have to remember to cancel when it ends. If you decide to keep it there is an option to re-start. Such is the case with this app. It’s a definite keeper. Good job developers!
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3 years ago, Tteasured Memories
Memories Kept
I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now scanning all the photo albums of children, family, and events. Sharing it with family in its website allows everyone the ability to pick and choose easily what they want to see. I am relieved that I can keep cherished photos digitally. Relive your memories by using this app! PS. I am 72 fairly familiar with using my iPhone - please know that this app is VERY easy to use.
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3 years ago, Pam Bcoast
Great way to scan old family photos
I found this app right after my mom passed away and we have lots of photos to scan to share with other family members. The scan quality of the pictures is excellent. It even could fix old photos that had originally developed with a red tinge because of it sitting around for years before getting it developed.... the app deciliter them so they are close to original coloring!
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5 years ago, Shannon137
Thank you so much!!!!
I have been using this app since 2015 and I absolutely love that all of my precious family memories are so organized and easily sharable with my brothers!!! I also have my “brag book” at my fingertips anytime someone asks me about my kids, nieces and nephews!! When it came time to create a slideshow for my Mom’s memorial service this app was a true blessing in such a hard time!! Thank you so much for making this so easy to use and share with others!!!
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1 year ago, photomyne lifer
Happy me
I’m so blown away with all the upgrades to this App. It it by far the best of the best. Keep getting surprises every time I see additional features added. I believe there no limit as to what will be added in the future, that will rival any competitor. The best bang for your bucks. Best of all, you always get prompt Q &A responses. I am a Photomyne lifer. Love all the enhancements. Remove glare, sharpen color adding editing to computer application.
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3 years ago, Bobby's G1RL
The solution to all my photo problems!
This app has been the answer to my enormous amount of unscanned photos. Now I have 30 years of family photos scanned and shared with my 4 children. I love the way you can label each picture. The best feature of all, however, is the enhancement that can be done to the photos. It is amazing to see the difference of before and after the enhancement. Thank you Photomyne for the best app ever!
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6 years ago, No Spongebob
Great app for saving family memories!
Loved this app so much after using the trial that I had to purchase! Have scanned in over 3000 photos so far and have been able to take a tablet to my family in nursing care an identify people in pictures. Typing in names is SO EASY! App saves the names so I am not having to always re-type all the time. It makes my visits so much fun that I lose track of time and my family members LOVE it!
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