Photo Stitcher

Photo & Video
2.1 (51)
21.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Haw-Yuan Yang
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo Stitcher

2.12 out of 5
51 Ratings
2 years ago, bonnie_onpaper
Not all that useful
Regular panorama is already an option on iPhone Photos. Was really looking for something to stitch images horizontally without requiring such exacting similarities in exposure or points in common on left/right edges. a “rough stitch” if you will. It doesn’t do that.
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2 years ago, dallascw
Lot of things to like
I was able to stitch quite few of old photos I took over the years and when it worked it was fas and smooth. Some photos that I thought would easily stitch it said points would not line up but I knew they did not sure why it not work. The photos had nice lap over and lined well. Also I don’t see any way to stitch vertically. After I have stitched some photos and loaded in to my Apple “photos “ app, when I go back and select the photos on this app, it does not change the way I have made mods to my to my Apple photo app, I wish there was a way to tell this app to refresh with the current Apple photo app
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5 years ago, Getr fixed!
Not bad
It’s far from great but it’s not bad. It’s nothing like AutoStitch used to be before Google bought them out and made them disappear but it has potential. It allows not just vertical or horizontal stitching but stitching in all directions. If you’re standing in a tight corner you can take multiple photos and stitch them together for the full view. Quality of the generated photo is lesser quality than the original photos. Stitching sometimes produces inconsistencies but maybe I just needed to take photos with tons of overlap (thought I overlapped plenty). When taking photos it wasn’t immediately evident that it was actually working. No audio or visual indication when pressing the capture button that you’re actually taking photos. AutoStitch used to actually display the photo you just took overlaid in the real-time camera view so you could see what image you just took and gauge where to take the next images. With some of these features developed into the app I would gladly pay for it.
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6 years ago, gobrgo0987
Does what it says and it’s free!
So far this app has been able to create panoramas from photos I have taken. It does what it says and it’s free! However, the UI is not very iOS like at all - it feels a bit like running a Windows application on the iPhone. Another feature that would be great is after the photo has been stitched, in edit mode there should be an auto-edge detection feature that crops out the black/excess parts of overlapping images. However, I am happy with the existing features so far considering it’s a free app.
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6 years ago, rjgjr1951
So far so good
I just purchased an iPad and wanted to install a panorama stitching app on it. I ended up putting it on my iPhone 8 also. Very easy to use because I have Microsoft Ice installed on my desktop and this is just a much simpler and quicker way to process and post panoramas to my friends and family. Like another reviewer said, an auto crop feature would be helpful, but it only takes seconds to do it yourself. A very nice app that gets the job done.
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2 years ago, Kayboog101
Bro wat
It won’t stitch my photos. At school we’re learning the recorder and I took it upon my self to try to play space oddity cuz why not it’s a great song. I’m not to good with figuring out the notes, so I wanted to stitch the recorder notes (photo one) and the sheet of the song ‘space oddity’ (photo two). It said it wouldn’t stitch it cuz it can’t find ‘corresponding points’. Sorry if I’m being rude, but I just needed them tp be beside each other on the same photo so I can practice but it wouldn’t work.
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6 years ago, geofan49
Often works but not always as expected
Takes patience to figure out how to use this app. Often works but sometimes fails even when overlapping photo shots are attempted for automated stitching for pics. Hope this app is improved over time. It’s got lots of POTENTIAL!
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4 years ago, RonR66
This actually worked
The reviews didn’t look that great but I’ve had two sets of photos that I’ve been wanting to stitch together for years. I paid $1.99 for an app that wouldn’t do squat for me. I figured this one is free so why not! It perfectly merged my pictures!!
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5 years ago, islandhostage
Stitches photos wonderfully.
I love this application. If there was a premium version I would buy it. The only failing is the camera function doesn’t seem to fit the notch in the iPhone XS screen. But I only use it for images I already have.
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6 years ago, Rahiminik
Could be Better ever
Between free App for stitching, this is amazingly and beautiful and also simple, but this App has some problems that some of the are not minor. If developer solve these bugs in the App , it could be unique between same applications 1- you couldn’t select multi picture at same time to stitch them and you must add your photo One By One that this is so slowly and boring! 2- if you add more than 4 photos for stitching, this app isn’t able to handle these and hang out. Unfortunately after hanging , the App is closed and you loose everything and you must start from first step!!
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6 months ago, AppleBananaCitrus
Works like a champ!
My girl made a big water color painting. I had to scan the left and right separately and stitched them together. The final work looks perfect!
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8 months ago, UPSY42q
Crashes when you try to use it
I pick two photos, both screenshots of the same screen only one is scrolled a little further down but they have a lot in common. A vertical panorama shot broken in two if you will. Select both photos. Click stitch. It starts processing and then.... I'm looking at my homescreen.
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3 days ago, Primate1
Works Very Well
Flawlessly stitched some very difficult pan shots with trees and brush. After the stitch I just cropped the final result with the photo app for outstanding panoramic shots.
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4 years ago, jrhoneybear
It does what it’s supposed to but still, I don’t like the results I get. This app has a lot of room for improvement.
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4 years ago, Raphael Matto
Too big on iPhone SE 1st gen screen
The maddening thing is: this seems to be the only photo stitching app that actually works, but I can’t click the Save to Library button because 1) it’s covered by an add & 2) even if it wasn’t, I think it’d be off-screen on my iPhone SE 1st gen’s smaller screen. Super jealous of those w/larger screens. Maybe the developer can fix this?
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5 years ago, KungFLU-2020
If you know me, I highly recommend this app. I am keeping an eye for future product from this developer.
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5 months ago, ScottoInFoHills
Couldn't Stitch a Split Pano Back Together
I divided a photo to post it to Instagram. I loved the filter I used on IG so I tried to stitch the two pics back together with the new filter... this app couldn't find corresponding points between two photos that used to be one photo. Didn't work at all.
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3 years ago, mrwarcriminal
Junk, crashes with only 2 pics
Cant physically manipulate photos, position pics etc. all “auto” & always get “low memory “ & crash, look elsewhere. Used to have an app that was awesome. Stitched pics great & allowed user to move stitch line. Where’d that app go?
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2 years ago, Joe Pix
Good but limiting
Seems to be limited to 4 images to stitch at a time. The interface is simple and could be better. There is no clear function. Cropping works well but add some basic rotation and maybe smart fill. I would buy (but not subscribe) to an improved app and with no ads. But the ads are not intrusive. Does anyone else miss Autostitch?
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5 years ago, Phoenix_Jett
Horribly buggy, doesn’t work
This app gives a notification saying “Too many photos, low memory” when trying to stitch together 2 photos and then crashes my phone, tried 4 times before uninstalling
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6 years ago, Mikezots
Add pics one by one?!
You can’t select multiple photos from your picture library at once; you must add them one by one. Slow and tedious - especially when this needs multiple photos to work.
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5 years ago, B-Rizz Jr
Crash Alert
App crashes after I load my photos and select to stitch it together. I would rather do it manually to make sure it’s accurate but it would rather crash. Deleted
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3 years ago, Sage Red
Actually not trash!
Nice over simplified photo stitcher that works!
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1 year ago, pastormon
Would not open photos from library on 13-Pro.
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6 years ago, Bullsfan
Crash and burn
This app takes the two pics and crashes when you try to stitch them together.
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11 months ago, eeeeeeeeeeree
Image quality pathetic
Unable to stitch many images. When successful the matching was awful.
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3 years ago, Bantif
Nice for one usage and then it just keeps crashing. Feels like a bad first date.
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2 years ago, bad app good manga
Just crashes
Every time I’ve tried to use it it crashes 0/10
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2 years ago, iduff
Google ads block buttons
And there’s no way to opt out of the ads
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4 years ago, KD1J KAGE
Couldn’t stitch 2 pictures together
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3 years ago, rsgeek
Does not work
Gives me a frozen screen on iPad Pro / iOS 15
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3 years ago, maxhalloween
Used to be good but now useless
App doesn’t work, non responsive
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5 years ago, breakdancer555
Garbage.. doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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2 years ago, everyoneshoutsatme
Utterly useless
It just gave me a black square.
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6 years ago, weskos21B
Crashes Every Time
No result
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4 years ago, My_White_BMW_Converitible
Absolutely worthless.
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3 years ago, Rhinebeck Bob
It stinks
Does not do the job
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