Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit

Photo & Video
4 (4.4K)
110.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
pixel force private limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit

4 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Mickster Duda
Great! But...
I got this app and I thought it was great! I mean, the quality isn't exactly perfect, but I think people are expecting too much of all these apps. However, all I would request to change is the having to pay for it. I mean, I can put up with some ads. Other than that, great app!
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4 years ago, Cjemstar
Warning ⚠️ please read before downloading!!!!😡
I would give this zero stars if I could The picture looks so ugly I download it today and I deleted it IMMEDIATELY!!!! The picture has all those glitches and it is TERRIBLE! I am so frustrated I want TO FIRE🔥IT!!!! please fix it it looks so ugly my grandmother and me HATED IT!!!! Please report and fix the app IMMEDIATELY!!!! You can’t even decorate it or ANYTHING!!!! Don’t mess with me right now because I’m angry😡Every time you want to see what you look like when you were in cartoon there’s an ad all the time I just HATE THOSE ADS you should’ve made this app better because this app is STUPID!!!! Well I have a trick that you don’t even notice you just have to close the app then open the app back up and then The ad will be gone. Even if I figured out the trick I still deleted it IMMEDIATELY!!!! Warning ⚠️ please don’t ever download this app BYE!!!!
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2 years ago, $7Haircut
Misleading Advertising, Mediocre at Best
I’m an artist and I use different apps all the time to try new techniques and methods to get my creative juices flowing. There are /so/ many great apps available for graphic artists, many of which are free. I don’t mind paying a lot more than I did for this app if it helps my workflow. This app is modestly priced, but it’s functionality seems geared toward a child and provides very little ability to dial in images after applying their filters. Icing on the cake: after buying into their paid subscription package, some of the app’s buttons direct me to a page demanding more money to access the feature. This was a waste of my time and money; I am deleting this app.
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4 years ago, oiipu
Ads ads ads
Though the app is advertised as free, if you don’t pay for the full version of the app every time you click on the app to open it, or try to edit almost anything in a photo, an ad you have to watch pops open. If you try to click on the x of the ad it opens another ad. There is no clear way to save a phot once edited, it’s just ads and click bait everywhere. Excessively so. Tons of options but only a few are available without paying. Full version is probably great, but not worth it if you are just downloading the free one.
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4 years ago, Ddenai
Terrible AD!!!! Thats all this App is
Do you have time to figure out what the hell you’re looking at once you open the app? I certainly don’t. Almost everything on the screen is an ad. You have to click on and close the ad when trying to use something. If you want to generate cartoons of photos with out watermarks, they charge you $1. I just wish I could find a great app I had in 2015 that was a simple photo to cartoon app. It was better to spend time looking for the old app than click on ads to be able to use this terrible app!!!!
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4 years ago, FantasyTimes34
When i got into the app, I thought it was gonna be amazing and that I could have a cartoon of myself as a background. But then, yes I see everybody is complaining about the numbers of Ads, and that’s okay! Get your FAKE money. These cartoons look horrible. And how are those grunge filters even grunge, that just looks disgusting. Looks absolutely terrible, and agonizing. This app is horrible. Do NOT believe any of the good reviews, they are FAKE. This app is disgusting and makes me feel like my face is ugly. I hope the apps get deleted.
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3 weeks ago, SaotomeRanchan
Not worth the money
This app misleads you by making you think it will turn your photos into cartoon-type art. It offers a variety of colorful cartoon styles, too. The end product, however, ends up being washed out, grainy, and not at all as sharp and colorful as the style selected. I attempted four different photos and the results were definitely subpar. Given that there is no free trial period, just skip this app. There are better out there.
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7 years ago, justright4me
Photos to cartoon
After reading thru d 4-5 stars reviews, I have no doubt it will work 4 me. I have found something that really suits me cause I have never been able to draw cartoon pics of myself. This app does everything with just a tap of d finger. Amazing n I m sure anyone using it will have a lot of fun with it.
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7 years ago, Cheesy Farts
Ok so when I first downloaded this app I was all excited until I took a picture and when I got to the options there were only five or six. So you basically have to rate them to get any of the good filters ( as Im doing this right now). It's a good app to me! If you have the time to rate them...👍
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3 years ago, S-CD
Money Thieves (scam)
Free version doesn’t work at all, it would constantly freeze and not let me do a thing. I subscribed only because at the bottom it said they won’t charge your card if you cancel within 24 hours. I figured this way I could try out the app, and if I liked it keep it. I cancelled immediately when I realized this app is a dud. Took my money anyway for something that doesn’t even work.
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3 years ago, changenowplease
I would give this app 0 stars if I could, when you look at the adds your like “oh this is perfect for what I need let me download it!” Then when you go to take a photo you look absolutely disgusting, the quality is horrible and even though in my apple settings I have it to “No Mirror” so when I take the photo it won’t flip and make me look weird. The app does THE EXACT OPPOSITE, Do not download this, it’s horrible. + on top of that you have SOOO many adds!
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6 years ago, BarryMiami
Great fun.
Thank you for the fun and enjoyment of being able to be artistic. I have never been an artistic person but this gives me an opportunity to improve and have fun with my photos. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Flailing Cat
Have to pay to get rid of watermark
So, when I got the game I was really excited because of the cartoon filter. But then when I got it, I went to the cartoon filter. At first I tried to import the picture, and it didn’t say it even worked. So then I took a picture and the quality was horrible. So unless you wanna pay for good photos, don’t get this app
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6 years ago, Lady-Lavender
Rate to unlock
I am not sure what to rate this yet so I am giving it a 3 star for now. The program is limited but bribes you to unlock more features if you give a rating. So... i am giving a rating so I can try the app. If I like it and/or find that I am using this app more then once, I will edit my rating/review.
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6 years ago, Little cuddle Bear
I think you’re effects are fantastic and thank you for making them free please make more apps that are for free in which you can cartoon your own pet thank you sincerely housewife from Indiana
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7 years ago, DSAEnterprises
Seems really cool, but....
You need to rate them to unlock all the features. I was not even on there long before I was asked to rate the app. So far, it seems like fun. I'd advise giving folks a little more time with your product before extorting a rating! Overall good app, my 3 stars is because if the very early solicitation.
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7 years ago, smcginnis07
Not sure if asking to write a review right after downloading the app and pushing the open app. I will gladly write a review after trying the features out a couple of times.
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2 years ago, iTouch 4Gen
Horrible Filters!!!
ZERO STARS! Looking for an app that would turn my photos to cartoon mode as this app advertises so beautifully. WRONG!!! All the filters do not match the samples! None are in color nor in cartoon mode. Horrible at its best! This app is by far the WROST APP I’ve ever downloaded. I deleted this app within minutes of trying it out. NOT worth it even if it were free.
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4 years ago, Skyholm
I could not get pass the ads
This app is chock full of ads. I just wanted to see how it would change a basic pic. Any time you tried to view a function you set a 5 sec ad. Ads on the main page to the point of distraction. I took the time to try the different filter but all I got was a pixelated mess. Deleted app within an hour.
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6 years ago, riaparker11
Give More Time To Experience
This app is good as far as I can tell. In order to unlock the other effects you need to rate which is better than paying.
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6 years ago, 1993Icecream
Love it..
I’m writing a children’s book and I have taken pictures of my cats, because I did not have a budget to purchase pictures. Great!
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6 years ago, TexasTwinMom
Not enough info yet
Just started trying to use the app and it required me to rate it in order to unlock all the features. I don’t have enough info yet to give a review since I am still trying to use it for the first time.
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7 years ago, Kraos_1
Simple, yet decent
Seems simple, but it appears to be what I was looking for. Kinda dumb you have to rate it to unlock all effects, though.
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7 years ago, BumpSetHammer
Works great. Edit current photos on phone
This app works great. I needed to edit a current photo already taken. This picture app did the trick
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3 years ago, TheArchatect
False Advertisement. Your pictures will never look like the advertised ones.
False Advertisement. Your pictures will never look like the advertised ones. I canceled my subscription immediately after seeing the lackluster filters that are claimed to turn your photos into cartoons.
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7 years ago, Music pomp
Right in Pop.
A straight shot from a Photo to Cartoon Instantly. Very nice App for all artists and anyone really it's pretty simple the way things should be! Enjoy this is a fun one!!
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6 years ago, andycomedy
I didn’t have time to try to figure out how to save the world I just wanted to turn a photo into a cartoon…works great.
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6 years ago, ThatOneTallWerido
Photo to cartoons
This is a very good app, it could be used to make pictures more lively then they were originally were!
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6 years ago, crDavis0715
Review of photo to cartoon
I have only begun to explore the possibilities of drawing a càrtoon but i can already tell you that this program will get a lot of use
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7 years ago, Grantzilla!
Need to review to unlock
Kind of a hassle but so far seems handy. I'll upgrade my stars if it gets better. The other thing is the 10 second commercial each time you choose a pic. Another inconvenience:(
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2 years ago, Uninvited411
Poorly designed, slow, and just bad
Slow. Wants you to pay and subscribe before you can do anything. Cancelled my trial and deleted the app within 10 minutes. Waste of time. Their only hope is that someone subscribes and forgets. I can’t imagine anyone paying for this. Haha
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6 years ago, Bbunke
Ad within 1 minute of use
Geesh. Wasn’t on more than 1 minute before an ad popped up and I had to wait til could exit out. I’m only rating because you have to in order to unlock the rest of the stuff.
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6 years ago, LeslieWM
It’s amazing
It made a bunch of my pics look flawless And this isn’t a fake review it’s real I’m 11 years old and it helps with A lot
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6 years ago, Profundidad lados
Really great app and easy to use
Really works and it's really easy to use. Just take a photo and it will turn it to a cartoon in an instant!
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7 years ago, Cheyenne_Sierra
Good App
It's a pretty decent app. It has cool effects and is easy to use. You have to rate the app to get other some of the other features 😉 Overall it's a good app.
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7 years ago, Imatexaninutah
After 1 min of trial
I absolutely hate it when apps ask you to rate their product and you have hardly had a chance to try it. This one forces you to rate it to unlock all features. I have no idea if it's good or not.
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7 years ago, Goodpix
You have to write a review to open the rest of the features... it is fun to play with. But the hostage part is just annoying ...
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6 years ago, Ncouncil
Your fault
I have given you this bad review because the app allowed me to access to its actual use until I did one. Thus, both because your forcing me to do so and on the questionable ethics supporting the tactic I am giving the lowest possible rating. You have therefore forced me to do that which is to your least possible benefit. Congratulations!
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7 years ago, Bigfoot99
Pretty good
Seems to do a few different things to photos, so far it looks promising. Writing a review unlocks all filters so that's a plus.
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6 years ago, tulpe13
Photo cartoon
After my previously used app changed its format I am happy to find this, even better, app. Thank you, I love it...
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6 years ago, Killerawsome2
Much better
Much better then all the other ones
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4 years ago, I'm sick and tired
Ok so when I saw the app photo I was like this can work so I downloaded it and I added one of my pictures to edit and I was completely dissapointed when I couldn't get rid of the waterworks because I have to pay and I really want a cartoon but most of them are not compatible with my iPad.
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6 years ago, CurlyBoo
I didn't have a problem writing a review to unlock "all" cartoon effects but I was unaware "all" meant unlocking 3/7 effects. You have to pay to unlock the rest. Since it's a free app, there's going to be ads; which is understandable, but the amount of ads this app has makes it difficult to work with and navigate.
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7 years ago, _XOnayy
Seems good but...
Since I downloaded the app, I haven't even gotten the chance to really use the app because of all the ads keep popping up and are very distracting! Now I have to rate them to be able to use the app fully?? I guess, seems like it'll get the job done.
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3 years ago, vsicbhx
This app is the first app that actually lets you cartoonize yourself with out paying. I would definitely suggest this app!
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7 years ago, Organic farms
Would like to see more
Great app would like to see frames for around pictures!
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4 years ago, EmojiMaster167
Kinda trash
This app in the beginning looked cool. I was excited and I was wrong. I mean unless you want to look like an animated horror movie then get this app, but the filters are terrible. Ads for everything you lay a finger on, it’s not worth even to buy it, it’s trash don’t get tricked by the ads from the app or 5 star bought reviews
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6 years ago, Mekkatron
Stop forcing reviews
You need to leave a review in order to use most features of the app. How are you supposed to judge something you can barely use. Consider the user experience when strong arming people to leave you reviews to boost your App Store rank
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6 years ago, Nydo_g
Keeps asking to be rated
This app so far works ok for what I needed. Only downside so far is that you’re forced to rate them in order to try different filters. I guess that’s better than paying for it so oh well.
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4 years ago, skeleryland
Lots of ads but doesn’t make you pay for 100 percent of the content which I can’t say the Same for others advertising the same thing.i mean the app is still crap and doesn’t look like it’s supposed to but a solid try
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