PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor

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4.5 (5.2K)
263.1 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor

4.46 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
4 months ago, Photos for work
Assumes males are female and adds female features
The AI is skewed for females. There should be choices for gender or non binary. They offer this for their paid headshots and other add on options. We tried basic paid ai cartoon, anime, etc. on someone who identifies as male and the AI gave them breasts, long eyelashes and pouty lips. Needs work in this area. Overall a very good app and very well done. Pleased with this app, just hoping to be able to use this feature soon. The rest is great. You will likely be very pleased with your purchase. It has already paid for itself. I have used the remove feature for photos I need for work and it is done very well. My employer was pleased with the results. Best remove app I have used.
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7 months ago, FoxSWIMMER1989
Awesome app for editing
I’ve been using photo director for a long time now, like a few months or so, and everything turns out good. Sometimes it takes me a long time to create a new photo, but everything I do is worth it! I’ve even upgraded to premium so I can save my work. The only thing I disagree with is even as a premium member, I cannot access the avatars or clothing changes. I really looked forward to being able to use all of the tools before I upgraded but it was disappointing that some tools were unavailable. I understand why the creators want users to buy the unavailable tools-for more money$- anyone would want that, but it would be helpful if you could buy every feature at once. It’s also free to downloaded but with in app purchases. Again, Photo Director is a highly professional editing app so i recommend downloading it to people looking for a good one!
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2 years ago, Brit8906
Rip off
Some friends told me to try this app. I am a single mom of 3 small kiddos and I thought it would be fun to try different thing with their photos. I tried the 3 free trail to see if it was worth it. I tried this one and one other one app just like for a day. I decided not to move forwards and went into my iPhone to canceled both subscriptions the next day. For the last two days this app has been trying to take money out of my account and they eventually did altogether equaling $50. I tried to look into as much as I could. I couldn’t understand why they took the money, when I canceled it after the first day. In order to try to get the funds back they would have to put a hold on my card to investigate and I just don’t have any other resources for payment besides my bank card, and I can’t afford that either. So I hope this is a warning to anyone trying this app. I would not recommend.
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1 year ago, MyTwoBitsWorth
Tried the program, but didn’t find what I needed.
This program has a lot of features , but it does not tell you in the write up that you can do custom backgrounds that you can upload. If it was there, it wasn’t obvious. The program authors have good customer support as they notified me that the feature exists, but I just did not find it and had already removed the app from my device. By the time they responded to my comment, I had already used the photo without dealing with the background that I was trying to modify. Good information, but just too late for me to benefit from it.
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3 years ago, Jackson0307
Best photo editor in the world
I’m now subscribing premium of this app, probably the best photo editing tool I’ve ever used in my life. I tried picsart, photo editor, vsco, none of them gave me such an experience like Photodirector did. Not only easy to learn, the photo effects are awesome and quite easy to use. I used this app to tune every picture I took, and even make the family photos with the frames it provided. You only need one tap to add stunning animate fx to your memory. It’s lots of fun. I love Photo Director and recommend it while you’re searching for a great photo editor. Try it and you won’t be regret.
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3 months ago, Jstyles760
Wonderful App
This is an awesome app the A.I. is the best but sometimes it bugs like when you asking for pose of a female or male when it’s generating the images you’ll get like extra arms, hands or even missing parts. But the thing that annoys me the most it sometimes you get some images that says sensitive images but you don’t actually see the images even if you click on it, it won’t open to see the images either get rid the sensitive images or have a feature where we can turn it on or off to see those sensitive images.
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7 months ago, Unsatisfied Customer0519
Why bother?
I downloaded the app to try out the removal and text to picture features and was happy until I got a result on the text to picture feature that says sensitive content hidden.. I’ve tried everything to remove it, I even paid for the subscription to see if that would make it to where I could see said sensitive content and nothing! It still brings up the sensitive content hidden, I’ve messed with all the settings, checked my phone settings to make sure it was off and it is, I even reached out to customer support and they were no help at all! I highly recommend not downloading this app much less paying for it. Also even if you pay for premium, you still have to purchase other things on the app separately. It’s a rip off if ya ask me.
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5 months ago, Kimmholl
Great app, cool features
I really enjoy this app - it has a lot of cool features.i wish you had The ability to clone an object instead of just removing an object - sometimes I would like to clone an area and stretch it especially when using stickers to cover my seems if things don't line up quite right. Trying to accomplish that using the remover tool tapas forever and leaves marks that I don't want It be nice to select an area you want cloned and when you use the remover it fills the area with where you want not a random spot on the picture_
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9 months ago, its a finger
Needs to use Core ML and needs to support HEIC
With all the new AI features PhotoDirector needs to be able to utilize the iPhones built in Neutal Engine for these features and more. I have encountered multiple issues due to bad connections. Additionally the app needs to support HEIC so that those images can be edited more efficiently.
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2 years ago, shanizona
What happened
I absolutely loved this editing app and is it literally is the only paid subscription I use, but the most recent update no longer allows me to use the ‘remove’ feature which is THE one major feature I use on virtually every edit. When I go to your website to request support, there is no version higher than 13 listed and I’m on version 16.9. Not really sure what is going on, but I’m requesting a refund for the renewal that took place on 7/6 because I haven’t been able to use the major feature I need from you. iPhone 13 pro
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1 year ago, 🤪!245
I have tried 6 photo editing apps before this and they all were horrible I would try to remove people and it would make the photo blurry and hard to see until I saw this app. I used this app to remove people from my photos and it was great the app would make it so the people were never even there. I didn’t buy the pack and I am glad I didn’t I could have gotten all of the same stuff for free. Amazing app 10/10.
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6 years ago, Avid Latina Pro
PhotoDirector is my genius!
When I was first looking for an application that I could use to help me with my photography as a avid , Would be photographer for my family’s memories, I asked my favorite photographer what application she recommended. She gave me a host of the usual selections, Snapseed, FaceTime etc., but as a result of looking at different applications I stumbled upon PhotoDirector. I am so glad I did this is a premium application, easy to use and really really does a great job of being my partner photographer. I must use!
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5 years ago, Jennifer / Baltimore
Best Photo Editor Ever
Photo Director is so easy to learn. The first app had many useful photo editing tools. No need to worry about mistakes or changes. Photo Director could do it with ease. I got a new I-phone and had to download the app onto it. Many of the tools in the first app were not available on iPhone, BUT I still could not live without it. I love Photo Director and consider it one of the basic apps to have on any type of mobile device. Get it. BTW I’m an independent, unpaid user of Photo Director’s app.
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5 years ago, Angelxake
I love this!
Ok. I love this. Personally this has worked JUST fine. I recently did a little class project picture with this and OMG! I could’ve NOT asked for better results. I don’t get bugs anymore which is really good. All my friends and I have this and we all love it So so so much! I do suggest that you get the premium version but the normal one works amazingly as well! I don’t see myself deleting this any time soon because it is such an AMAZING photo app!
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6 years ago, Golf never more fun
For free really!
This app is far better than the ones you pay through the nose for. It is a very powerful and flexible tool and for on the go folks like me, I can play with all my photos on my phone or iPad instead of having to get out the computer... Although it is so easy on the computer also. Instead of having to switch from one app to another to finish off a photo, this app does it all...
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6 years ago, machinegunhand
I've been using the free version which I appreciate the generosity of the folks who made this editing software. I shoot for fun and this free program can retouch any imperfections in the finished photograph and I can just imagine what the paid version can do. I just started shooting in 4 K and with the paid version it supports it and allows editing. When I get enough money saved up I'll be buying the program. Thank you.
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11 months ago, farewell yellow brick road
Great Functionality - Hard to close app or switch between
I think this app offers a lot in terms of different tools/functions. My only qualm is that it is very difficult on the iPhone to close the app or switch to another while you have this app open. You have to slide your finger up many times before it recognizes what you are doing.
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5 years ago, Mother of the babies
What’s going on??!!
When I first started out with the Photo Director, I was THRILLED on how well it was doing on my pics! But for some odd reason, the app no longer seems to want to keep the pics I have retouched/redone on them, ANY of them, no matter what I do! Is there a way to fix this so that it doesn’t take so long to download the pics that I recreated??!! I want to keep the pics on the app, just dk y it’s all of the sudden acting up??!! Help!
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1 year ago, kkd000
Not Free
Not free! Just wanted a free simple Collage maker. I was contacted by the app maker and you can use some aspects for free. Just close trial window. However, when I did this and made a collage to share, it looked like a screen was in front of every picture in the collage. So, in my experience it is not free bc you can’t use the pictures to males something or to share with out a screen appearance in front of them. It was easy to use however. Just not what I was looking for.
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7 years ago, Indigentdesign
The best photo editor ever
I love this app, I use an iPad Pro and it works great. it lets me change existing paperwork and delete handwritten text on a line and the line is still there, to hand write on again, so easy to use. Saved me hundreds of rewriting hours...i haven't even tried editing photos yet but I can't wait it will be fun I'm sure. I tried about 7 apps prior and none even come close to PhotoDirector!!!
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4 years ago, Brianna mommy
Recommended! Wonderful? Yes!
This is great I do WildCraft vids and wanted to have powers for a vid so As I use PowerDirector i checked out this and it’s PERFECT so beautiful but I have one thing to ask 🥺can u plsss make the fire animation free it would be soooo perfect pls if u do I will recommend all ur apps and five stars not just cuz I want da fire animation but also because u make wonderful video apps -thank you for listening
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4 years ago, Monica Lolo
My Go To App
#PhotoDirector is my go to App. I love it as it gives an outstanding photo. When I first started using Photo Director everyone wanted to know which app I was using. At first, I didn’t want to give my award winning photos secret away. But then,,, I thought theirs factors on a winning photo. Creativity, Focused, Color that’s just to name a few. So I share Photo Director with everyone!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Mom&kids8888
If I could rate them with no stars I would !! I used this app for years after upgrading and paying for the Premium Version Upgrade. Then they changed their Premium Version to having to pay a monthly or yearly fee instead of a in app purchase. Yet they won’t honor my previous upgrade purchase and are saying to use their premium features now have to pay monthly or yearly fee! So basically my previous purchase didn’t matter because all they what is money!! What kind of customer care is that?!? So know that if you get this app they aren’t interested in helping their customers!!
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9 months ago, Blingy Bling
iPhone 15Pro
I used this app on iPhone 13. One of the best features I liked was the “cut out” so I can arrange my pics freely. BUT I got a new phone iPhone 15Pro and it doesn’t work clearly. I think app may not be compatible to it. I thought maybe it was the app issue but when I use my old iPhone13 it works so obviously it’s the iPhone15 that’s not allowing it. So going to try a different app and canceling the subscription to this one. It’s a shame cuz before this issue I loved it.
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7 years ago, SMF2play
I never rate apps
I never rate apps; however, this is the first app that I love enough to write about. This helps me with editing so much. I used to flip a picture back and forth between editing programs because one had an effect or tool I wanted that another did not. This app really covers everything an amateur editor, or even an experienced editor, could want...and its free!
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2 weeks ago, Regihamm
Don’t pay any money for this
We tried it AI headshot enhance, and it charged us extra for it because it was supposedly complicated, and it gave us a bunch of trash unusable photos back. And only a couple of the regular editing tools look natural when just doing regular editing of pictures. And, there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove your pictures from the app once you’ve uploaded them or given access, without deleting them entirely from your phone. This app is trash. I wish I never would’ve downloaded it.
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7 months ago, This is avidly stupid
Anime AI doesn’t work on dark skin
My partner, who is a stunning African woman with a beautifully curvy figure, and I recently embarked on an intriguing experiment with the Anime AI photo conversion tool. Our anticipation turned to surprise when we discovered that the AI seemed to overlook the rich diversity of skin tones and body types. Instead of reflecting her gorgeous ebony complexion and voluptuous form, the AI consistently transformed her into a fair-skinned, petite character. While this unexpected outcome did tickle our funny bones, we're looking forward to future updates where the AI can appreciate and represent the full spectrum of human beauty in all its forms.
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3 weeks ago, LeelaFerro777
Everything you need to edit
I think this is one of the best photo apps. My only problem is for erasing backgrounds and cutting out images i wish it could zoom in into smaller spots in photos to erase. And for the erase/paint brush to get smaller. Either one of those would make this app the best one.
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4 years ago, Immaculate Kaoss
Subscription = Rip-off
The subscription trend more and more developers are using/switching to is a rip-off. Used to be a great app that I recommend to people all the time UNTIL converting to subscription and taking away premium access to myself and others who PURCHASED premium access prior to converting. I guess I’m no longer a profitable user unless I allow you to charge me every single month indefinitely and regardless of usage. Bad business!
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4 years ago, Cal finder
Get Rip
I first known PhotoDirector for their desktop version of photo editing and that’s where I learned about the app which comes free of you bought the software. But the free app is limited so I bought the full version then it was good for about a year or so and then they came up with the subscription, because well, you have to make money somehow so gone are the features that I wanted and they even stop supporting the app because they want you to get the new version. Would have been great.
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6 years ago, airwings7
Good app but limited
I use the PC version and it is a pretty good app, but this app is very limited in what you can do as you are allowed to choose from a limited number of templates or to make a collage. I was hoping for more flexibility, but this falls short. I need to be able to determine how I want the photos or slide show to appear. I would also like to be able to make a gif movie from photos. For me I have not used it because of the limitations.
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1 year ago, Tbilisidude
Too expensive, charged $2.50 per month for every little feature
A decent program but you can’t do anything without being forced to pay monthly $2.50 to fix a nose. Another $2.50 for another feature, and so on and on. I gave up after 15 minutes of trying to edit a simple picture of my daughter. I would rather pay a flat fee for a program then being nickel and dime for every category. I’m out……..
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4 years ago, LoveMermaid
Great app !
Sometimes I take really nice pictures, but I dislike the background. Just using a blur background is sometimes a decent fix, but other times I would like to use a background eraser for erasing background completely. This app give me both options and makes me so happy 😁
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5 months ago, Joel1082
One the best apps for photo editing
I’ve come across several apps that focused on AI photo editing technology and I’ve found Photodirector as the most comprehensive of them all. The sheer amount of features and tools and easy to use interface are also plus!
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11 months ago, User195482
Not too many ads and it has the basic editing tools, this app has been really useful for me for the last few months and i just like it a lot! On the premium version they should add Ai and better and improved automatic tools
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9 months ago, a7moud23
Does not work for detailed photos
I’m looking for any tutorials on people removal on very complex photos. App makes it look easy but it does not do the trick. I would like to challenge PhotoDirect to remove 3 people from my photo without screwing up the photo. Two people standing in front of columns. photodirect screws up the columns. Not sure why so many positive reviews when it doesn’t work and YES I’m using the premium version during trial period. Will never pay for something that doesn’t work at all.
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10 months ago, piggybjorn
Been using this editor for more than 10 years, and it always gave me cool experience. Thanks so much for helping me editing all of my pictures. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. I wish to able using this app forever.
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1 year ago, Disgruntled2023
Still being charged for Google PlayStore & can’t use on iPhone
I’ve been charged every year for 3 years for this app from Google Play despite not having access to any device that accepts Google Play apps. I can’t cancel it because I use an iPhone and can’t transfer to my iPhone. I have NO WAY to cancel the Google Play app for this. I love the app but I refuse to pay twice to only use on one platform. I want my money back for the 3 years I haven’t used on the other platform.
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5 years ago, the_nautilus
Lots of Features
I’ve tried a lot of photo editing apps and this one is my favorite by far. I use the blur tool ALL the time. And I appreciate how you can still use all the features for free if you wish with just a small limitation, but the price for the premium is super cheap too.
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5 years ago, 1246972158
This app is amazing for my edits!
I really enjoy this app it has no glitches for me or any bad things with it,it has every tool you could possibly need I love using this app and having fun and making photos of mine better I would definitely recommend this
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4 years ago, ilovethisappforeverandalways
Photo Director
I think you should give everyone the premium version for free like I get why you guys make people pay but I just want to have what I want without having to pay all my money for it. Other than that I really love the app!
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6 months ago, Frannie1109
No way to invert photo
I downloaded and paid for this app because there were very specific instructions online showing this app to allow for inverting photos. Once I paid and downloaded there were simply various backgrounds you could add to photos. No inversion, very little of the cool other things it advertised.**in response to the response to my review. To invert a photo does not be to turn it around. It means to basically turn it into a negative.
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5 years ago, LizP0812
This app has everything!! It’s probably the 6th photo editor I downloaded. I thought I was going to have to use a combination of apps on the same photo to get the end result I wanted but this app has it all! I never review apps but I was really surprised and impressed so here I am. Thanks PhotoDirector!!
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5 months ago, AZRlEL
Consistently Frustrating
This app has a lot of great features and would be 5 stars if it actually let you use it. All it does is crash and leaves you with nothing but time wasted. I’m constantly left shaking my head and saying “I hate this app” while hoping someone make one with the same capabilities that actually works. If you value your sanity, probably best to avoid this one.
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2 weeks ago, DomC702
New update is awful.
Prior to the most recent update, this app was amazing. Now it’s awful. There used to be 14 different cartoon effects that you could apply to a picture and create cool designs with. Now all of the AI generation makes the pictures look bad and unlike the people in the original picture. Being that I already paid full price for a year of service, I feel misled and taken advantage of. No longer need the app waste of time.
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4 years ago, AZMAP
I’m consistently happy happy with every photo I edit with this APP!!
I’ve been using this APP for 10+ years and have neverbeen disappointed. It’s easy to use, and provides enough effects, filters and other features to keep your edits trendy and interesting!
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1 year ago, Delirious owl
Not what I was expecting
I downloaded this app for the AI avatar generation on a recommendation. I paid $4.99 for 100 avatar variations, what I received did not resemble me in the slightest and appeared to be extremely low quality. It changed my ethnicity, eye color, facial structure, etc. Most of the avatars had warping and completely disfigured my face. I could’ve/have done better editing with photoshop on my own. Complete waste of money and time, I do not recommend if you want high quality AI avatars.
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3 months ago, Acerruba
Good but not perfect yet
The program used for a pc is very detailed and gives fantastic results. This is a slimmer version without all the bells and whistles. If you need more, use your pc. I wish there was a makeup artist in the program.
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3 years ago, Joyce Winslet
The best photo editor ever
This app is so cool and I have done whatever I wanted to do! It's a very good app. Everything I use is high quality. It's just so amazing and so easy to use. There's a lot of thing that I can do and make it's just incredible 5 stars without ever thinking.
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1 year ago, BarryM7
This app looks very cool, but also very confusing to use. I tried something out of the box and when I went back to use it again, I could not find it. I see the results in my photos, but I wanted to make another one with the funny face, and could not find it, so therefore I don’t want the app.
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