Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (120.4K)
476.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lightricks Ltd.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photoleap: AI Art Photo Editor

4.69 out of 5
120.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Giorgio Greggio
This app is broken. Please fix it.
Hello. You recently made an update where you moved the Vignette feature from "effects" to "adjust" but for some inexplicable reason you specifically removed the blur feature, which I'm pretty sure a lot of people including me really needed, and it can't be found ANYWHERE else, not even behind your paywall. What happened? And can you bring it back please? Ok.... your most recent update is completely broken. I make an edit to a photo, but as soon as I click the checkmark, I can't edit the image anymore. If I select it, it selects a blank rectangle in front of it, and the image is somehow stuck to the background now. If I save the project to my photo album, it saves a blank picture with nothing on it. If I discard the project and start a new one, that same image is fused intot he background and when I add any more images, they just appear as more blank rectangles. I used to love this app but it only took 2 updates for yall to completely break it. I hope everybody else has this issue so that you actually think about fixing it. If you can't figure out what the issue is then literally just revert back to the last update. This update added nothing useful - just utter destruction
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1 year ago, halobendr
Good features - when they work
Update: Been a huge fan of the company for a long time. Paid user of Videoleap and Photoleap. Photoleap making quick advancements into the AI realm has been great but recent updates have actually caused the AI features to be lackluster in comparison to when AI first appeared in the app. With that said the AI transformation layout is lackluster and rarely creates images and if it does they are usually terrible AI looking messes. Features I would like to see are proper cloning tools, generative fill, better AI for enhancing and colorizing images, and text effects and other text tools. Old: I hate to be the guy leaving a review because of issues but that’s going to have to be me this time. Been a fan of the app for a long time now. Also a paid lifetime sub of Videoleap. However I recently decided to go all in with a lifetime sub for Photoleap and am very disappointed in the app performance. Want to add an effect? Click to crash. Want to change an effect? Click to crash. Want to check out templates. Click to crash. Latest iOS iPhone 13 max plus.
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5 months ago, Uhhhmmmmm
Been using app since I believe 2019
Anyways I've sunk a couple thousand hours into this app. I definitely love having more features added. I am pretty darn impressed how far back the save data goes for undoing things. The more advanced stuff is great. Sometimes though, I really wish I had some super basic stuff like a paint bucket option. I try to make do with the targeting tool but I really am not looking to get that detailed on some things. I also still think it would be nice to have more than 10 layers, I'm not sure if that's changed but I wrote about it a while back. I think the buy it for life option is pretty stellar in this trendy subscription service time we live in, nice to see. I dont have anything bad to say really. Add some basic stuff though. I save so many pictures and now I need to go through an additional catalog for just getting the photo in my camera roll. I just want to click the save button and continue what I'm doing. I cut out a lot of images too and on my tiny phone it would be cool have a quick way of emphasizing stuff that got missed when erasing. Anyways, I'm happy with this app overall its done me good especially because I've paid more than I normally would for a service to use this.
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2 years ago, Showmekc
Light tricks iOS 15 Update broke an amazing app
This used to be one of my top five apps on my iPad Pro. I was hoping the update for iOS 15 would include some new features which I feel were missing from the app. Between amazing capabilities of the iPad Pro combined with iOS 15 there was a lot of opportunity missed to do some great updating on this app. Instead they did 3 things! Added sticker, made layers, other then the one being worked with transparent so you can no longer color match among many other edits that require comparison to multiple layers, and broke the snap to frame feature which was so amazing. In the past when importing from photos the import would be made to fit the canvas it was being put it into. Now every photo is imported smaller than the canvas it’s being put on. This makes the snap to frame feature even more important. Instead each layer imported must be manually sized to the canvas it’s been add too. It takes several tries to get the image manually sized to fit the crop area. And usually then it still doesn’t fit perfect. So I’m constantly having to check to make sure there’s no gaps on the edges. If you trying to match up layers precisely forget about it. After five years I’m downgrading my rating from five stars to two and now in search of a new photo editing app
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12 months ago, egogarty
Update: features fixed. Back to 5 ⭐️
Looks like it was a bug that the team fixed. All the filters look to be restored on the AI text/sketch to design. Back to loving it!!!! I decided to try the trial and ended up going ahead and buying the pro version, purchasing the year subscription.. then all of a sudden, the filters for the AI text or sketch feature dwindled from about 12 different ones to only 3…???? And they are terrible ones at that… Not at all what I had tried out when using the trial. I don’t know if it is a bug or if that “doesn’t come as part of the pro-version” I paid for… since I can’t find any information about the features provided once purchased.. I really liked this app- one I was willing to spend money on, which is NOT something I really ever do. And a big part of the reason was due to trying out the AI feature and being able to play around with the variety of filters they offered.. To say I am a bit disappointed and confused would be a bit of an understatement. I’d really like to know what happened
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3 years ago, Seanscythe
Almost perfect mobile photo editor
Let me start by saying I’ve been using this app for years. I love the tools it offers and ease of use. The eraser tool is like no other where you can have multiple layers active and erasing and go back and restore them at anytime in your project. No other app I’m aware of has this ability and it’s the reason I stick with it. The tools are great and constantly improving the ability to save your work and come back later without losing anything is so great. You can save edits forever and come back to them to make updates if you need to take a break or waiting to make changes later. A few things I would like to see added. More fonts, let me import my own fonts. Shadows on layers, I often cut out people and put them on other backgrounds but I don’t have a tool to add shadows. Or maybe I add a sticker or object and I want to add a shadow effect. More layers for better phones, I went from and iPhone 10 to 11pro and I was hoping for more layers. But it’s still limited to 12 layers. So I end up having to merge layers to be able to keep editing. I’ve had some photos that went beyond 20 layers. Giving more layers or giving and option to support more for phones with better specs would be great. I love the app and I plan to use it for a long time. Thank you
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2 years ago, MythingLynx
Waste of time!
So I needed a quick and easy iPad version of Photoshop Elements. This app looked promising, but it was Very, Very, user-UNfriendly. Not intuitive at all. I needed this app to do the most basic of photo editing out there. I needed to stitch 3 photos together. The only option that I could find was the Collage option. Unfortunately, like I previously stated it was very cumbersome and not user- friendly. Adding my photos to the app was the only simple step, everything after that was a mess. After about 15 minutes of playing around with the options, I finally discovered the complicated, hidden puzzle that allowed me to choose my 3 images for the collage and not use the stock images they kept forcing on me. But all of my images were completely resized and chopped off at the top and bottom, without any options to change it, making the Collage option totally and utterly useless. I found very few tutorials in this app, 3 to be precise and none of them were how to use the app for what I needed to do. I just wanted to stitch or combine 3 photos as is, next to each other. A photo editor should be able to do this seamlessly and intuitively, this app was a complete failure and I cancelled my free 7 day trial in under 30 minutes of use. I would not recommend it.
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5 years ago, Cyntrifical
Aggravated that I’m being forced to switch from Enlight OG
I’m sure Enlight Photofox is great and all, but I enjoyed the original Enlight and back then I could just use it after paying $4.99 and that was that. Now they will be dropping support and removing it from the appstore so if i have to reset my phone I lose an app I paid $4.99 for and now like most developers in this age of micro transactions its subscription only so how is that a fair trade? If I’m being strongarmed to eventually upgrade then as a previously paid customer either the pro features should be free or at the bare minimum the subscription HEAVILY reduced. I love Lighttricks apps, don’t get me wrong, but I’m feeling a bit screwed over and gonna get ripped off for $4.99 in the end. If this is the common business practice these days there’s always more reasonable apps to switch to with a one time paid price. I get the whole “subscriptions incentivize new features” thing but what was included with enlight version 1 should be made available to users like me and any extra features I could buy in app as a add on...
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6 years ago, homegrownhunting
Was great until asked to buy again
Loved the app. I’ve used it for a couple of years. People like me who bought it when it was getting on its feet are the backbone of the app. Now I’m being asked to subscribe in order to use new updates and some features that I have always used aren’t available unless I subscribe or pay a one time fee. I feel I was duped and tricked. How can you sell someone an app , the paid full version, and turn around a couple years later and ask them to pay more money (actually an absurd amount for what other apps are now offering for free). This is the first review I’ve ever wrote because I generally don’t rock the boat, but this is completely unfair. Shame on you for taking my money so the app could grow and then take away what I paid for to start with and ask for more money for the initial features and future features. I’m sure I’ll get a response of “we’re sorry you feel this way.” When the response should be “Thank you for buying our app and your account is now open for you to enjoy all our features because if it weren’t for people like you who backed us when we were small , we would have never gotten off the ground.”
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3 weeks ago, Treasuretheone
lots of issues
It takes a lot of work to get something to be what you want it to be. The filters are just an absolute no go because they change the face too much. It’s a completely different person instead of just putting your face on this funny background/body The ai to “transform” a picture keeps using weird fonts and words instead of what I actually want. I have to load options like 100 times before I even get to something passable. I’ll type “jacket” or “bed” or “wall” and literally get fonts/words/patterns. And yes this happens when I’m more specific like “blank white wall” HD function changes everyone’s eyes to blue and changes everyone’s teeth to match some generic smile model. You wouldn’t think that would make a huge difference but it really does. Some of the more complex edits or ai stuff is completely separate from the editing button which is honestly very annoying bc I have to save the image then go to the editing section. If they could add the HD ai thing and the background/transform thing to the normal editing section that’d be great. I’m giving this a still passing grade bc with lots of work on my part, it’s still produces things I can use. I usually end up using both HD options and editing them together to get what I want. I also wish the Facetune stuff wouldn’t take me to another app. I use this app almost daily for my Stan account so I can’t fail it since it works for what I need it. But seriously needs improvement
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2 years ago, Mauri From Mars
Buyer Beware - Storage Problem Force Crash!!!
As powerful and as fun as this app can be, it lacks a huge feature you should not overlook… Cloud Storage! Why you ask? Because if you’re like me and use this app a lot you’ll find that after a few months you’ll max out your phone or pad storage! And guess what?! There’s no way to offload your source files!!!! You either have to delete them forever or store them in your device backup for some future date when maybe you can reimport it back in??? Lame! How in this day and age can you miss something like this?! You want to compete with Photoshop but forget about file storage?! Buyer beware! I have had to backup my phone 4 times this year from a 256GB iPhone, then go back and delete the files to free up space. Oh and one last little nugget of fun… if you let your iPhone max out storage your phone will start buggin out and crash… last time this happened I lost my entire data! Luckily I had a cloud backup from the previous few days to restore at least most of my data. All because this app is not thought through. Boo!
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6 years ago, Abutting query
Almost Pro
It's a great app, I use it all the time for serious graphic design work on the go. But it's missing a few key features I'd really love to see. Guys, can you please give us the ability to turn snapping on and off?!? Can't tell you how much time I've spent wrestling against the snapping feature try to place a layer where I want it to go. Seems ridiculous it's still not an option. Have you tried your own app? Because I can't imagine using the app even once without experiencing the frustration I'm referring to. Also, it's missing some important blend modes like linear burn, add (although plus lighten comes close, misses sometimes), linear light, difference and exclusion. And although the heal tool works great most of the time, it won't work on any surface that's pure black. This aspect of the tool is more limiting than enabling, though I get why they did it this way. Maybe an additional stamp/clone tool to compensate would be in order? Also, the "urban" art feature is cool, except all the background images are in lo-res. C'mon guys, really ?? Very least it should be possible to import your own hi-res images to be used as the background. Lastly, you should be able to use a layer as a mask, or even import a photo that's converted to b&w and used as mask, the way "Union" by Pixite does it. Add these features and it's the perfect platform worthy of any price!!
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4 years ago, Juliuskempster
Good to Bad
I started using this app before it’s drastic update, and it’s pricing variant came about; I used it for everything under the sun. While it was free, I grew very comfortable with what was being offered to me, I knew the ins and the outs, and without a doubt I’d finish in 10 minutes or less by simple proficiency. Now that it’s been changed and revised for a ‘smarter’ use, and everything I once used for free became “you must pay to use”, I didn’t find much drive for it. If it was the same app and I had to pay from the start, maybe, sure I don’t see why not. The changes aren’t in favor for me, and honestly I use it far less frequently than Photoshop on mobile. I wish it was the same app, but it isn’t. I’d give 5 stars, but perhaps if you didn’t turn what was once free into a must pay to use what we gave to you once before freely kind of app, I’d have an incline to return. We all must make money, I understand that. But taking things given for free and then making us buy what was given to us isn’t the path to go. Many new users wouldn’t understand that, but I know.
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2 years ago, radbrent
Most Powerful Photo Editing App
This is hands-down the best photo editing app I’ve used on iOS. It’s powerful like photoshop on your computer. I’ve been using it for years and I absolutely love it. You can do practically anything you want and it comes with a great selection of presets and filters. It gives you the ability to customize practically any photo. A few things that I would change: 1.) the opacity of the eraser tool feels like it goes from “100%———80% —0” so it’s hard to find the right middle-range opacity. It feels exponential rather than tapered. 2.) Don’t change he too much. I’m still getting use to the updated UI. It has been taking me a long time to find the the “add element” button (is it still here?) I liked how the layers worked in the last UI and how easy it was to add one. . 3.) Add more fonts. (The selection is good so far but also I would love some more Asian fonts and stuff) 4.) Add “replace color” please! 5.) A way to lock the zoom. For example if I’m zoomed into a photo to edit small details I want to be able to lock it. Don’t simplify it to make it easy. It’s seriously the best most powerful app for photo editing! I love it so much and like the smart cutout features you added for face, clothes, etc. There is no better photo editing app.
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9 months ago, Whdisgpdh
Don’t do the free trial unless you want to commit
I downloaded the app just needing it to do one thing. It didn’t give me the option to just stick with the free version so I figured I would just do a free trial and cancel it. Upon signing up they said they would send me an email the day before my trial ended so I could cancel if I want. The app did not do what I needed it to do so I no longer needed the subscription. They made it very difficult to find where to cancel the subscription and since I didn’t receive an email saying the free trial was ending I thought I had already cancelled it and just forgot. Then at 3am on the day the trial was supposed to end, they charged me for a full year of a pro subscription. I tried emailing them that same day for a refund and thought they would work with me but refused and told me I needed to take it up with PayPal. I’m very disappointed in the customer service. As for the app, the effects wouldn’t work on the photos I was using and seemed to just be a glorified Instagram putting filters on the photos. Would not recommend the app to anyone.
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4 years ago, FrigidValley
So, I subscribe to their One-Time Purchase (since I'm a long live Enlight user before Photofox arrived), and for me this app is such a mess. Here's why: 1. With the updated version, I'm no longer be able to transform Elements (ex: transform circle into oval, etc, since there's only 2 options which is flipping and rotate). There's no corner points, just like to transform a photo. (Update: to transform the elements, you must convert the elements to be a photo, I think its not a pretty clean process 😅) 2. IT IS A SCAM!. When you use "One-Time Purchase" as a term, it means that I pay to use this app with unlimited access for lifetime. But your app tells me that all the access only available for 10 years. Is that means I should pay again after 10 years?. New Update: I'll give this app a 5 star, if they can resolve the second problem, to make sure that Its not a scam for everyone. Take a note that I've paid the full version of Videoleap, and there's no problem from its end. (Yeah I'm that Mobile Creator, sorry 😅).
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2 years ago, Fraser1125
Free trail was canceled and ended and still charged card!!!!
Update- I absolutely received a free trail. Im not sure why the developer responded back saying that it’s free. Whatever I signed up for the app gave me a 7 day trail. Anyway I did end the trail but was still charged. I reached out before I left this review via email. Someone messaged me back. And processed my refund for me without question. I still think it was weird how I was charged. My free trail ended yesterday. I made sure my subscription was canceled. I never was able to use this app for what I needed it for so of course I would make sure the free trail subscription did no carry over. I go to my subscriptions and canceled it. I go to the app and it listed I was not in any subscription. Why was my card charged yesterday afternoon??? I have been emailing f them. Talking with my bank smh. Plz do not download this app. I have not heard back from anyone. I would not be this upset even if I did use the app but I couldn’t even do that! There is no number to speak to someone only email smh I need my money back for a mistake on the company’s end!
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1 year ago, Lady_Amalthea
AI isn't even good, but costs additional to subscription
So, I've been paying for this yearly for a while, and so when AI was added, I was happy to try it. It wasn't good. All limbs, appendages of persons or animals have always come out distorted, missing, to many of them, misplaced parts, etc (ex. 3 arms, one leg, tail on a head, and forget ever trying to get a correct picture of a unicorn that doesn't look like a darn monster) but hey, it was just another function included with subscriptions in the beginning, and still fun to play with even though you could never actually use any of those monsters it created. Then AI took off on social media, and suddenly this really bad AI function is no longer included in paid subs, it's an additional cost. And it's crazy expensive when it doesn't make anything useable. I'm mad. And I'm looking for a new app. I take that back, I'm looking for replacements for every single app in the bundle I pay for and I'm ditching this company for taking advantage of it's loyal paid users. Shame on y'all.
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6 years ago, ThePoillon
THE photo editor for iPhone
I've owned several dozen apps for photography, but this is the one I always, *ALWAYS*, come back to. I wish I could put examples up on here of before and after images, but suffice it to say it can transform even the blandest image I've taken by mistake with the camera app open into an image worthy of wall space. I rarely review apps and even rarer still recommend apps, so I hope it speaks loudly enough to it's abilities when I say that I've got a bachelor of fine art with a concentration in photography, and I've had work displayed in two Smithsonian Museums as well as the SF Museum of Modern Art...and this is the app I'd give up all other 3rd party photo apps to keep. It really is nothing short of brilliant, and while most apps are limited by a users' imagination, I've found that this gem is powerful enough to greatly expand even that.
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3 years ago, Coreywebbmusic
it's a good app
dear lighttricks, i think you have a great app but there are two HUGE problems that have made it unusable for me. 1) you STILL can not duplicate a project. unless maybe i am missing something? i'd love to know your reasoning behind this. it seems ridiculous for a photo editing app. is it to encourage us creatively? lol. so basically it is impossible to have two alternates of the same project unless you literally build both projects from scratch. please help me understand why. 2) there is an ad/suggestion for videoleap in photoleap now. i have videoleap. i love videoleap. i would love to not have an ad/suggestion to import my photo that i'm working into videoleap. i can do that myself. honestly i wouldn't mind it that much if it was at the end of the list, or even halfway. but as the very first item in my list of tools... it's infuriating. if there's some way to get rid of it for people that already have and use videoleap, PLEASE DO. I miss using this app but my 1st issue makes it impossible to use it for real work on the go, and my 2nd issue just annoys the crud out of me, which is not how i like to feel when i'm editing. if anyone from lighttricks took the time to read this, thank you. i hope you can pass on my critique to someone who is willing to listen. you've created something great, and it's a bummer for tbe rest of your team that your dedicated users are needlessly frustrated.
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2 weeks ago, Mika Shiro
From hero to zero
Photoleap was one of the absolute best apps I have ever downloaded for photo editing. It was smooth, fun, and had a TON of free features, but they still had a ton more behind a subscription. It was a win-win, if you were okay with just having a little, you didn’t have to pay, if you wanted a lot, it wasn’t a bad price. Unfortunately, they’ve now lost my usage of the app. They’ve locked even more features behind a subscription, some features that I think you cannot live without for photo editing. Such as the cutout feature, which is completely unavailable without a subscription. I would understand if they just locked the ability for the AI to auto cutout, but no. All of it. Perhaps most people don’t find this to be nearly as big a deal as I do but that was my main tool for photo editing, and who knows what more they’ll take away? I used to use this app quite a bit, but now it looks like it could be never again. Thanks for the good times, two stars
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5 years ago, **Randa**
App Update Problems
So I use this app a lot with my Page I manage and it helps out a lot! It is one of my favorite apps out of all of them! But since the new update I am unable to Text and press the done buttons! When I go in to edit, it lets me type but it will not let me push the done button and go back to the picture to finish the project! I am extremely disappointed because this is the only editing app I use and I feel I am going to have to download a new one to use! I’m not a fan of the other ones because this one has more I can do with it and I also know this app better than the rest, which makes it easier and quicker for me to finish my project! Please help me figure out this problem and get it resolved so I don’t have to download and learn a whole new app! Other than that this app has been great and easy to use! If I could just figure out what is going on I will continue to use this one!
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2 years ago, Vile.Emperor
Stop Changing It!!!!!
Why do you always change the UI the interface the editing itself how setting work why there’s no point and everyone you change something you remove something else and make it so you have to pay for your subscription, Here’s a idea bring back all the stuff that I could use to edit 2 months ago and maybe I can actually use your app but in its current state you’ve taken away everything I had so now it’s a pile of unusable trash to edit with good job all your apps like VideoLeap and Photoleap are by the same developers and all of your editing apps do the same thing stop it I had to quit using VideoLeap even though I loved it because I can’t spit out $35 for your “Subscription” why do you guys ruin everything just stop it already all your apps used to be so good but you take everything and put it behind a pay wall and wonder why no ones using your app. 1 star trash company fix yourself. I do not recommend any of these Leap editing apps they aren’t worth anyone’s time and certainly not there money
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1 year ago, Kelsey_Violet
Avatars problem
So firstly, the D&D avatars work way better for men than for women. I’m getting the same face as people that look nothing like me (female) which I can find on socials AND the ads from the app itself. About 2/15 creations look like me. I tested with male pictures and about 6/15 have faces that are dead ringers (some faces are meant to have exaggerated features to be fair). The paid avatars are bull for two reasons 1. You pay for styles, which are random and you cannot select what comes out 2. I get generated photos of males when I select female and use images of a female that don’t even have the face of the person in the photo. 3. Same problems as the D&D but a bit higher on the ratio of faces that look accurate about 2.5/10 for each style. I did get some photos of men and some that generated photos of other races (that don’t have the face in the picture). The other features seem cool, but I give two stars for charging and not allowing you to select which styles of avatar you want.
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2 years ago, panoptic
Bloated and stop trying to make me create an account
I loved this app when it first hit. I enjoyed it so much I paid for lifetime access. I don’t do that much nor do I pay for apps much. But I used this a lot. Over time it just keeps getting more and more bloated and continues to try to get me to create an account and use other software made by the devs. So few things. 1. Don’t continue to advertise to people who spent that much on lifetime access to the app. It’s just gross commercialism. Or let me opt out of the continued advertising. 2. Stop trying to get me to create an account every time I open the account. I WILL NEVER MAKE AN UNNEEDED ACCOUNT. Ever. It makes me not want to use the app when I have to click out of a few pages to get to the art I have in progress and just want to jot an idea down in the image to work on later. Again let me opt out. And if you force account creation I’ll stop using the app. There is no need for me to have an account in a mobile photo editor. 3. Please put more time in to making the features in the app better and not just bloating the main screen and menus. Why do devs alway change things that were fine? The UI was fine. The older filters that were taken out were great. Don’t make it harder to find filters/options/etc. It’s a good app, but like many other companies, just going down the wrong path in their development model.
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1 year ago, Mr.bhorp
Not gonna waste time for u to read this, this app is amazing i love the impressive ai it really impresses me the speed and quality of it, i would give five stars but one thing that annoys me is the app gives u a limit on how many things u can make and although i do understand for you guys to make spme sort of money by introducing premium and have infinite i think you should keep the whole premium thing but instead of a limit; every time u use the ai to make images and stuff u must watch an ad, instead of having annoying limits a day, just a tip i think that would make u guys money and not lose users since it would annoy people they only can use the app with a limit everyday and force them to pay for premium which eventually makes them want to leave overall amazing app would reccomend and rate again if you do indeed remove the limit!
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6 years ago, T-Real33
Upset about the Update, can’t start from blank canvas
I use Photofox for more than just photo editing and I personally believe it is the best app on the market for editing. I don’t like the fact that in the update I can’t start a new project with a blank canvas instead I have to start with a picture and then go Darkroom settings and alter the Offset setting just to make a white or black canvas. That’s very annoying. It seems like you reverted that part to the basic Enlight app settings and I don’t appreciate it. I feel like your trying too hard be a photo editing app when you can just be an overall editing and graphic design app. Don’t try and please people by taking away parts of the app that make it unique. Please add back the feature where I could start a project with a blank canvas and choose the size of that canvas. SMH.
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9 months ago, DORADEIL
Good (enough)
When I downloaded Photoleap, the first thing I saw was “subscribe to pro”, and almost deleted the app. I want users like me to know the following four things: 1. IT’S GOOD EITHER WAY Whether you use pro or not, your photos will still look good. 2. YOU CAN’T SAVE ALL OF YOUR WORK If you don’t use pro, working really hard on some specific pro projects, you may not be able to save your work. Don’t go too far until you know you can. 3. FIXENS Anything with a white crown in the corner is a pro effect. You may do regular projects that have some unusable effects 4. PRO WON’T GIVE IT ALL TO YOU It’s just pictures. If you subscribe to pro, they must be important pictures. Sometimes it isn’t cheap! One side note: often the app closes automatically and doesn’t save your work, and has to reopen. Don’t work too hard on a pic since it doesn’t always work!
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12 months ago, agentanthony
AI features were awesome until recently
Okay, first let me say I love this app. I’ve had it and paid full price for it for years and it’s been awesome. When they rolled out their AI features, I started toying with the AI transform tool, using it to create a rendering of what my home would look like if it had a second story. The images it produced were flawless! I shared a few of them on my social media and people were floored with the quality of the AI images. When I tried again just a few short days later, idk what happened but when I would use the same AI transform tool to create new renderings for my home, the images came out awful and that specific tool has been awful ever since. My phone and the app are updated, so idk what happened. I’m hoping it’s just a bug that gets fixed because I really hyped up this app to everyone I know!
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5 years ago, ChiroBat
Exactly what I was looking for
All the other phone photo editors I could find before were very limited in what they could do. Just preset filters with stickers and minimal effects. When I found this app, I was skeptical to be sure, but hopeful. To my upmost delight, it has layers...and masks, even without paying a cent! There’s a decent amount of things you can do, but like all good programs, it’s better if you pay, and I definitely appreciate that there’s different plans to fit different budgets. However, there’s probably no need to pay if you’ll only be using it casually. There’s still plenty to do without it. I’ve only started to dabble in the possibilities, and I’m excited for what I can make. It’s no desktop photoshop, but it’s the best program I’ve been able to find for iPhone, and I plan on using it for years to come.
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6 years ago, MadManMark
Brilliant and yes, the Heal Tool works brilliantly as well!
I am a medical doctor and have no relationship with and have never met anyone associated with PhotoFox. PhotoFox is about as significant as Photoshop and easier to use. If new user follows the tutorials, they will become proficient in the use of PhotoFox very quickly! As a graphic hobbyist, I am as enthusiastic about PhotoFox as I was when I first learned to use it. I highly recommend PhotoFox Pro as it uses layers to alter photos and drawing to create beautiful photo projects. It is these layers that make PhotoFox-Pro an extremely powerful in the world of photo manipulation. I say this as an owner of every other photo manipulation software out there (Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Polarr, Pixelmator, DTF... you name it I have it.) Enlight PhotoFox and PhotoFox Pro are the ones that I use 98% of the time. You are missing out out if you haven’t used PhotoFox. I love it!
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6 years ago, Jessclay1983
Takes up a lot of memory if not Careful
Love this app! I use it just as a simple photo editor. I haven’t got into much of the combing photos together features, etc so this is really just for editing basics. I did notice my phone memory was very low and couldn’t figure out why. Comes to find out each project you open in Photofox is Saved in the app. I had 670 projects saved in the app- after I also saved each individual photo on my phone. Photofox doesn’t have a way to multi select projects and delete in bulk so I had to individually delete each of the 670 projects one at a time. It would be great if you could add a feature to multi select those projects and delete. After deleting each project I added 50% of memory back to my phone. So it does take up a ton of space if you don’t remember to delete the projects when you’re done. Other than that, I love it 😊
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6 years ago, Jazzepants
Love it but one problem
I love this app, it’s the best, best photo app I have ever used and have had but I want to use a lot of the stuff you can use but u have to get the pro or whatever it’s called to have all the editing buttons, so I was like ok I’m going to upgrade my app to have all the stuff and then I saw how much money it is!!!!!😵😵😵😵😵🤯🤯 for a photo editing app!!!!! I get it this app is so great but if u changed it to where u can get it all for 5 bucks, more people and I would definitely would upgrade this app, but if all u want is money 🤑 that much money then no thanks I will just keep my little bit of editing buttons but over all it’s great but I would definitely change the fact of how much money🤑🤑 u want from us to upgrade this app, that’s the only reason I gave it a 4 but if u change that one thing about money, it would definitely be a 5 or even higher
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4 years ago, wholetthishappen
Just Amazing
I’ll be writing this review as, well basically a review of all of Lightricks Apps. They’re really just amazing. The level of customization you can get even for unpaid versions of all of these apps are just amazing. For Photofox, it is the constraints of the unpaid version that give you even more power, as you need to work around them and innovate and be creative to make the adjustments you need. The ability to make PNG’s yourself by cutting out backgrounds with the erase tool is worth the price of admission itself. I would absolutely, positively purchase the full version for an indefinite period of time if I could, money is just kind of tight right now, as it is with a lot of people. To the developers, thank you so much for making this amazing series of apps available to the public. We all love you.
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4 years ago, tigereyes222
This was* my favorite app, I used it for everything. I paid $4.99 for it at the time of download and had access to everything. Then out of nowhere I get some notification that they’re changing it to this, Enlight Photofox, and that the original Enlight is being removed from the App Store. The new app is priced at $7.99 a month. I can’t even use the old app because it barely works anymore. I’m really disappointed because this isn’t what I signed up for. I would’ve really supported this company had i not felt a little ripped off. Good thing is that the free version includes MOST of the same features as the old version. You can use the other features in different apps that don’t charge monthly, it’s just disappointing to have to pay a subscription price after the $4.99 and using the app, suddenly for it to be revoked. Otherwise, Enlight was a great app and this one has most of the same features.
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5 years ago, Robot sheep
I bought the old enlight app and loved it, I was on it all the time so to see a perfectly good app get taken down made me curious so I got this one and everything seemed all well and good until i started trying to add multiple layers of pictures and text and I was very disappointed to find that the only way I could do this was to buy the pro version. Now me being a 16 year old kid doesn’t want to pay something like $70 dollars for the pro version when previously I had an app that I had no complaints about. It’s honestly sad to see companies get this money hungry, I have already payed for the first app and can’t use it not even knowing if I got a refund for it or not, now I have to put up this this app that will charge me every time I click a button. I think it’s pretty unfair that I was forced to switch apps and then pay an insane amount of money for something that I already bought in the first place. Although nobody will probably see this and I know this won’t make a difference I had to vent somehow so thank you,
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5 years ago, trish.hannah
OMG Help pleaseee
I was literally just looking at this app and then the app combo popped up which I thought meant u can just click once to download all 4 apps instead of clicking download 4 different times. So I click the “get” button so I can download and preview the apps to see if I like them and all of a sudden after they have downloaded, it says PURCHASED!! What???!! How did that happen? And that was not my intention. While I would love to have these apps and I’m sure they’re lovely, I don’t have the money at the moment for this. I’m not even going to open these apps bc I need help to resolve and fix this situation I’m in. It all happened so fast- and I don’t even know what happened or how this happened. Help me please! (I’m new to iPhone and this is my first apple product- I’m still trying to learn it) 😫😭😭🥺
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5 years ago, awesomekid88349
THANK YOU SO MUCH! This app is the best photo editing app I have ever used... No watermark (That’s a big thing for me cause it drives me NUTS when an app is cool but they have a huge watermark and you have to pay tons of money to get it removed), WONDERFUL blending and other options even without Pro, not saying you shouldn’t get Pro, it has MANY other amazing features!, and it’s just the best. I DEFINITELY give this app 5 stars! It’s so awesome- especially the competitions! THANKS YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Keep on making AWESOME apps just like this one! This is good that I am actually convinced I should get the Pro! If apps ask “Pay to remove watermark” and all other stuff... I just delete the app. I don’t want to waste my money. But this app... My money will be worth it! Thank you again, wonderful creator(s) of this app!
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4 years ago, Valsocal76
The Enlight team sells you an app, they then update the app making your previous purchase obsolete. You must purchase again to use an app you already paid for. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Enlight Teams response: Thanks for following up and for clarifying. We would like to explain. After the update for iOS 13 Enlight is no longer supported and this is likely what is causing the issue you are experiencing with the app. While it is possible to reinstall the app, coming changes to iOS will affect its functionality and there's not much we can do about this, unfortunately. We have included an in-app message explaining this over the past few months, apologies if it wasn't clear. If you’re looking for the same photo editing functionality you had in Enlight, we would recommend you check out Enlight Photofox. Photofox is the next generation of Enlight, it is free to download and comes with many of the Enlight tools, as well as tons of new tools and functionality. Photofox also includes Pro tools that require making a purchase, but this is completely optional and up to you. In addition, if you purchased Enlight and still have an iOS device, you can access Photofox Pro for 6 months, on us! If you need help redeeming this offer, please let us know. Our sincere apologies again. If you need any assistance on how to use Photofox or redeeming the offer, please reach out to us. We are here to help.
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3 years ago, Tipsy Tam
Could be better
The app has so much to offer and so much potential, but right now with just starting to use it I honestly don’t foresee myself continuing to pay a subscription fee for this. The limitations it has seem so um dumb (for lack of better word coming to my mind). For example I can cram the whole picture but not the individual pictures within with the current layout I’m using. The add text feature is by far the worst and seems so insanely archaic. The blending tool or option won’t let you blend with a brush it’s just a basic sliding bar. The cutout options are a lot and I mean a lot but yet you can’t change any other the shapes just their sizes, so if you need and oval you’re not going to get one but if you want a triangle with pentagon or star in it then yes that you’ll find 🤷‍♀️. I’m like yes this is kinda cool, but meh maybe not worth the money.
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6 years ago, Steve Boerner
Solid as it gets
Anyone who gave a bad review only complains about the price. They never complain about the app’s functionality, features, or anything other than the $4/month Pro version. Let me tell you this, those reviewers are poor saps who want everything for nothing. These reviewers are fools and tools. For what you can do, in terms of editing features, for such a small price, and short learning curve, this app is by far the best I’ve used. I also love the Facebook private community and outreach campaign the company stirs up via their social marketing. For $4 bucks a month I get the most out of it. If you’re looking to edit just a couple images for a lame IG account, then get something else. For real professionals, amateurs, and editing enthusiasts, this is the rockstar of apps.
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6 years ago, ursoc brew
So I looked up 1 time purchase for the best of the best being adobe (actually ranked 2; but can be used on multi platforms so that’s number 1 to me) which is $699 following the same model as lighttricks; a subscription to keep a low price which was aimed at students. After seeing this my previous thoughts of cash grab was altered; due to that I don’t have powerful computer just a iPad 2017 model; price seems fair cause I can produce great results. - 1 star support link goes to void and can’t animate a session but you can Enlight 1? And remember lady and gents companies pay other companies to inflate their ratings due to this and actual people don’t take the time to learn the product; you have to take the time and do research and come to your own conclusion.
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2 years ago, Dezboi
Use for AI generated art, but okay for image tool suite also
Because I use it for AI generated art, that is where my review focuses. Pros: The AI art is pretty good. So good in fact, that I’ve paid for a subscription to continue to use it. It’s got good response and relative good detail to images. The AI is good and the art styles are varied enough to give plenty of room for different images to prompts. Con: (only one con, but it’s a big one imo) However, of the AI art apps use, this has the lowest resolution at 900x900 with no room for bumping this up. Because it is an image manipulation tool, you are taken from the AI interface to the image editor for output which has options for higher resolution or quality…but that’s just not so. Regardless of bumping up the output, the image resolution and quality remains at 900x900 which is a bummer because there isn’t much you can do with the exported images. Compare to another of my AI art apps, where I was able to export and print a 20x30 poster with no discernible graininess. You just can’t do that with this kind of low res image. And that’s really unfortunate because the AI generated images are really fairly good. Also have used Dream AI (thumbs up), Wonder (thumbs up), DaVinci (thumbs down)
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5 days ago, troydoesstuff
Photo leap originally was a very good photo editor up until a few days ago when they made almost all key features that you would mainly need to make a good photo a subscription based thing where I now have to pay to cut a character or just the background out of the photo. Photo leap originally had it that the subscription was for more advanced stuff and to increase the amount of photos on a single creation but now you can’t even cut something out without needing a subscription. They became corporate and greedy. It’s very upsetting to because I thought that the stuff they had on the app made it different from all the rest and making it the best choice for photo editing but sadly not anymore. There is no point in using this app now when it’s literally the same as all the rest, the only thing they have going for it until they make this a subscription based thing too is the AI system.
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10 months ago, Lost in Tactics
Lifetime Membership - Worth it!
Good riddance to the Stagnation that was Affinity Photo Hello Photoleap, Some stuff I hope is being looked at or under consideration, then I’ll 5 star. Confusion with accessing A.i features. When you import a photo, You choose either edit mode or A.i tools, this equals confusion. We are here to *edit* why not shove the A.i. tools into edit mode? If we are in edit mode, and we want to use the A.i tools, we have to: 1. Save edit project to jpeg or png image on photo app 2. Import recently saved image 3. Choose A.i tools (to use A.I tools) now say we have to go back into edit mode? Repeat steps 1-3 again. This is bad from user experience design, this should be embedded in the edit mode —— Edit Mode Features Badly needed: 1. New pixel layer button 2. Selection tools: lasso, free hand, magnetic.. etc. 3. Import our own brushes 4. Full canvas rotation BUG: Opacity & Brush Size Slider on iPad using Apple Pencil: Opacity & Brush size *slider* starts moving on it’s own when using Apple Pencil. ISSUE: When I move the slider slowly with Apple Pencil, on iPad, to move slider to desired numerical value, it just slides all the way down on it’s own. Same for brush size. Very annoying.
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4 years ago, Z Becker
Hate it.
I have been using the original Enlight App for a long time and I love it. Then one day I get a message saying they are no longer going to support the product I paid for and that i need to switch to their much more expensive app. I finally decided to shell out the cash and after a couple days using the new App, I hate it. The UI on the older app was much more intuitive. It was easy to explore and simple to make quick changes yet powerful enough to perform complex edits when required. Granted the new app has more options but it is not nearly as easy to use. Also, the new app deletes the photo EXIF data. This is unacceptable and makes it completely useless for what I need. In speaking with customer service they advised they had to get rid of the original EXIF data due to issues with the new iPad OS. This is not true since i have other photo editors (Affinity for one) that retain the original EXIF data after an edit. Thank you Apple for giving my money back.
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1 year ago, Crack-o-licious
Changing my rating from 1 to 4 stars
OLD: Forced subscriptions with a free trial period aren’t the same as free. I don’t mind trying out an app to see if I want to purchase features, but don’t force a subscription on me. The developer responded, and they were right and I was wrong. But I was wrong because the way to get free use without a subscription isn’t intuitive. You are given some options for starting a free trial, after being promoted with a few questions. Rather than signing up for a subscription, you can hit the “X” in the top right corner to bypass a subscription. Not exactly new-user friendly, but once you figure it out, you have access without a subscription. Like the app! Minus one star for interface obscurity on trying it out for free. Fair?
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6 years ago, 1BustedFlush
Best creative app I’ve found.
Photofox is a great tool for enhancing photos, as good as any out there but where it really shines is when you want to do more. I work in photoshop professionally and wanted to find a app for IPhone that would allow me to work on photos and graphics in a similar way. After trying several others I downloaded Photofox’s free version. I couldn’t believe what ‘free version’ of Photofox could do but when I upgraded to the paid version I was amazed. From photo enhancing, to making memes, to creating works of art, Photofox far exceeded my expectations especially at the price. I don’t mean to say it is an equal to Photoshop’s but with multiple layers, an eraser tool , prebuilt effects, lots of presets, a title tool and a little creativity you can do a lot.
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1 year ago, Cherrybit10
Just got the app and I can’t even explore
I downloaded this app just minutes ago to see what the rave was and started playing with one of the AI filters. The second picture I tried to edit it wouldn’t allow me to see the filter I clicked on. Instead, a message popped up saying “Even AI artists have limits. I’m too busy for new commissions, so I’m giving priority to to Pro users” then gives me the option to either subscribe or not now…. Great way to advertise to new people. I can’t even explore and play with the app to see what it’s about without having to pay a ton of money just to test it out and see what the options are. Not to mention all the comments about how people have had this app for years and now all of a sudden they’re being asked for even more money than what they have paid and can’t use things they have used this entire time. Seems like a rip off to me. Deleting the app off my phone asap.
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1 year ago, CrumbDuhHumpster
Almost photoshop mix
Bummer this out competes with photoshop mix by adobe, this is a great app, and if you don’t know adobe products you will be super impressed, maybe even if you do, there are many similarities. Couple big drawbacks are: when you buy the full thing, you have to buy this and the video leap separate. They also only let you set canvas size in pixels, which is a bummer if you are working on something for print. The magic brush tool was also superior to their “auto cutout” tool, which means for fine work, you have to tool around a little. Not being able to save in more formats in the app is also a bummer. But overall, this is way easier and more strait forward than even photoshop on the computer, so for new users it’s a great application. Great UI and UX, simple and straight forward.
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