Photomator – Photo Editor

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4.5 (2.2K)
746.8 MB
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Pixelmator Team
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Photomator – Photo Editor

4.55 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Cybercrs
Best iOS photo editor for everyday use
This is by far the best iOS photo editor for everyday use. I’ve used it since its original iPad release and it has only gotten better over time. Some of the features that have made it great for a long time are iOS photos integration (no importing/exporting hassle), all basic editing features that work as expected (color, exposure, sharpness, etc.), custom setting options, batch editing capability, and RAW support. The recent-ish additions of super resolution, denoising, iPhone support, and a more fluid browsing/editing interface have pushed this app over the top as the best editor for casual users who like to make their everyday photos shine. There are, of course, still opportunities for improvement, such as more customizable batch processing, the ability to better customize the interface (for example, to hide the overall ML button but surface the denoise option, rearrange the tool order, etc.), masking capability, setting sync between iPad and iPhone, and so on… but these would all be quality of life improvements on what is already a superb app. Highly recommended over every other iOS photo editor (and I have used more than I care to admit).
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3 years ago, Kaplan student
Almost there
First of all I love this app. It’s my go to app for all of my editing while I’m traveling. But it’s not quite finished. There are some features that are missing that would enable this being my standalone editor. First off it’s got a ton of features that work fantastic. The ML feature gets it right more often than not. The program is intuitive for anyone who’s ever edited in that one program that shall not be named. It’s speedy enough to export hundreds of photos without any fuss (although my battery may disagree). What it’s missing though really is a bummer. We need masking. There is currently no masking abilities that I’m aware of and that is such a shame. The ability to add watermarks or layers would be awesome but I realize that’s not what this app was designed for specifically. This has lead to creating workflows that exist outside of Pixelmator. Please also consider adding some basic brushes in future updates. I’ve been able to create an alternative workflow here as well using snapseed but I’d love to have any excuse to get rid of that app. It’s clunky. Finally where is the noise reduction? I’ll tell you, not here. It doesn’t exist yet. That is a shame. Overall you won’t be upset with this for edits and corrections but it’s just not quite done in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Thisismikedee
Good Lord this is all you need…
I’m a Fujifilm fan boy, and I usually use the CamRemote to transfer JPEGs directly to my Apple Photos, from there I post to IG…but when the JPEGs just aren’t doing it for me, I start messing with the RAW .raf file. AND THATS WHERE EVERYTHING HAS FAILED ME UNTIL NOW. See, I wanted to keep things as streamlined as possible without having to do stupid stuff like copying into an editing program, and then exporting back to the camera roll for the apple photo stream sync via iCloud to take over…because thats gross, messy and unintuitive—not to mention a waste of storage and leaves duplicate photos everywhere etc. And this brings me to the best thing about this app, deep apple photos integration. Now, my workflow is as easy as plugging in my SD card, importing into my Apple Photos, rating, deleting as necessary, uploading the creamy X-Trans sensor beauties that my Fuji cams spit out in jpeg and editing the RAWs that need a little extra work…all non distructive without duplicates IN ICLOUD 🤑🤑. And because Apple Photos handles RAW+JPEG images exactly the same as your other photos everything says clean and sexy. Best app ever because of the integration bar none. They knocked it out of the park with this one.
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6 months ago, Rick-G.
Best raw processor!
I’m shooting with a Leica X Vario. I have been using Raw Power for a few years. It’s been a love hate relationship. Raw Power works well, but with way too much fiddling. Plus Raw Power frequently locks up, even on a powerful Mac Studio. Well I just loaded Photomator this morning and it’s a dream to work with! So much better than Raw Power. The machine learning in Photomator is great too — it gets it right, or close to right, most of the time. Then any further minor adjustments can be quickly made for additional refinements. WOW the images are gorgeous! And having HDR onboard can be useful too. I’m blown away by how powerful and easy to work with Photomator is. I now have Photomator loaded on my Mac, MacBook, and iPad. I can see that Photomator is the missing piece for getting the best results for my editing needs. I love my Leica, it’s an investment in quality photography; so it makes sense to be able to squeeze every bit of juice out of the raw images. Very satisfied!!!
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4 years ago, 7 billion people
Almost there...
These are my initial impressions after using the app for the first time. I was hoping it would be a Lightroom replacement, and it’s close. It would need selective edits, brushes, noise reduction, and masking on the sharpening tool. I can still use it in my workflow as a last stop to apply a filter. It would great for that because it has enough adjustment tools to fine tune the filter. I also like the idea of machine learning to supplement my creative process. It suggested a nice crop which made my model seem taller in the frame. I will be using that idea in the future! UI is great but would like to be able collapse an individual adjustment tool (on the right panel) so it’s out of the way when not in use. Currently collapsing an individual tool removes the adjustment. I would love for Pixelmator to replace Lightroom for me. I could be free of my Adobe subscription plan forever! Edit: Love to see that batch editing has been added. Thank you! I love companies that listen to their customers. I added a star just for that alone. I see file management has also improved. Great!
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4 years ago, turkishoval
A true gem
Pixelmator Photo is one of the handful of essential apps you can turn to when away from your desktop but still needing to get professional work done. The UI is a bit opaque upon first use and therefore at first I did not use this app as much as others, but over time I find, over and over, little things that it does that other apps simply can't, and implementations of other things that are just better and more elegant than other apps. Nowadays this is my go-to photo editing app on my iPad Pro and I'm consistently impressed with it. For example, tonight I had to crop a photo down to the exact pixel. Sounds simple, but give it a try with other iPad OS apps—you won't be able to zoom in to the pixel level while using the crop tool to make a 3000px crop, but here you can—that's not an accident, they had to go out of their way to make that work, and it just did, and it was great.
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4 years ago, Fototico
Very good app, could use some new tools
I really liked this app. It does a great job at manipulating exposure, contrast, and so on. I definitely want to play around with it to see what it can do. So far I think it's missing a dodge and burn tool to fine tune the image. One app I like a lot has the dodge and burn tool but it also has a similar tool for saturation/desaturation and another for sharpening/blurring. also has a similar dodge and burn tool, but it's for saturation. As good as this app is, such tools would me it even better. To me this ap has one critical problem that will prevent me from using it. It has a undo button but not a redo button. I often like to compare the before and after the last change I just did. I am not talking about the original version and the now, sometimes when I changed the contrast, for example, I like to toggle between the undo and redo button to see a comparison between the change I just did and before. Sometimes I go a few steps back and redo them again just for comparison to see if I am going in the right direction. The app missing a redo button is like trying to make a hamburger with just one hamburger bun. This is a deal breaker for me.
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2 years ago, IMIMIMIMI
Very good, almost excellent
This is a wonderful tool for photo editing. It’s such a huge improvement in workflow over Lightroom it’s just silly. That said, there are a few super critical things missing in the Pixelmator photo ecosystem: 1. Now that there are versions for both iPhone and iPad can I please sync my presets?! I know I can import them (which is pretty nicely done BTW) but seamless sync seems like a prerequisite for a multi-platform system. 2. Pixelmator Photo for Mac already! This is a professional-grade tool. It’s convenient to occasionally play with it on my phone but let’s take advantage of the big beautiful MacBook Pro screens (and built-in SD reader!). I know… I can use Pixelmator Pro as an extension to Apple Photos and that’s very cool but it’s not nearly as seamless as the Photos app, and the presets aren’t truly cross-compatible (and don’t sync). 3. A community tool to share and find presets would be amazing. I’d engage endlessly with that. I’d even pay a small monthly fee to be part of that community. 4. Please allow a simple drag and drop to a shared album. That would significantly improve workflow. If this exists It doesn’t seem to work for me. 5. Really nice to have feature: some sort of indication of where the last edit was done. A simple bar showing the last edited photo would be great, as it would indicate the work I definitely haven’t done in recent imports. That’s my top 5 list! Really looking forward to future improvements. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ZBohlman
It’s so close
I’ve played with this for about 30 minutes and I see two pain points right away. First, where are the borders? Why do nearly no apps include this basic feature? Only Darkroom does as far as I’m aware. It’s such a simple thing to include even if not everyone uses it. Second, it alters and saves changes to the original photo which is worrying if I want to edit the photo in a different app. Devs, please tell me what am I supposed to do if I make some edits but want to come back to it later WITHOUT overwriting the original file? Also how am I supposed to produce multiple edits of the same photo without using undo or reset? This is the only photo editing app I’ve used that works like this. This seems to be a DESTRUCTIVE editing app as opposed to basically every single alternative out there. I would love a dev response on these two points. Overall it seems decent but these two things have me scratching my head.
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3 years ago, EOKaplan
Easy to use, just what you want!
Pixelmator Photo is 100% worth the money as it delivers an experience integrated with the Apple Files app. If you are on the latest iPadOS update, you will be able to select photos from your photo library that the app can have access to, and then always add more later. Those photos go into your special Pixelmator Photo library. When you open up a photo, you can choose from other viewing options or select edit. In editing mode, everything is just how you want it. You can discover tools easily, and it works great for all skill levels. Overall, Pixelmator Photo is a great choice for your next iPad photo editing app.
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2 years ago, otterman
Another subscription
UPDATE: I subsequently read other reviews saying existing users are not affected by the subscription. Although I’m wary, I do appreciate that. I’ll just have to read the release notes for each release, which I do anyway for other apps to avoid stepping in a pile of subscription. ORIGINAL: The developers say, in response to other reviews, that they explained the switch to a subscription model in a blog post. Umm, I don’t read your blog posts and I suspect many other users don’t either. That’s a pretty shady way of introducing a new pricing structure. I’ve become very fond of this app, but not so fond that I won’t delete it when it starts to restrict features - nothing yet, but I stumbled on the “manage subscriptions” option when I used the ellipse menu to export a photo a few minutes ago. My hatred of subscriptions will override the strongest love of any app. I’ll start packing up my things now.
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2 years ago, Dj_Kru
Great App (with some performance issues)
I absolutely love using this app to edit my photos! The ML edit is like magic - it gets me (usually) ~90% of the way there in one tap. The editing tools, cropping, and workflow are all super easy and approachable while offering great flexibility. Unfortunately, though - the app crashes fairly often for me. I like to swap back and forth between various takes in my library, and if I do that too often, the app just crashes. During a 1 hour editing session, it crashes maybe 5-8 times, which is a real speed bump on an otherwise lovely workflow journey. I’m using an M1 iPad Pro with 8GB of RAM, and I’m unsure if the app has been updated to take advantage of the larger memory pool available or not, but I hope that the developers can address this crashing in a future update!
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2 years ago, SnakeFire3
Used to be a good alternative
Previously I recommended this app to lots of my friends for one important reason. It was a one time payment alternative to Lightroom. This app used to be a one time purchase of 7.99. Now they want something like 5 dollars a month for it, and if you want to purchase the app to own forever it’s now 60 dollars, which means they increased the price by 750% without adding anything new. The subscription plan is the same price as Lightroom premium now which is much more versatile and feature packed than pixelmator photo. So in other words, the advantage they had was not locking you into a subscription, and now that’s gone. Don’t buy this, just get Lightroom. I know the app is free still for people who bought it previously but that doesn’t make me any more disappointed that the only thing going for this app was not needing a subscription, and now it’s just another mediocre photo manipulation app that’s the same price as its much better competitors.
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10 months ago, wbaj
Overall great, with some bugs
I’ve been using this app for a while now and am happy with what it does and how it continues to improve. However, I keep running into a few issues. One, my photos are sometimes pixelated in Apple Photos after editing with Photomator. Two, once you have a few layers, things get extremely slow and clunky. Three, sometimes large areas of my edited photos appear as gray blobs. This is the only issue I’ve figured out how to fix; I can go change any adjustment and usually the problem goes away. I don’t have the pro version yet. I might go for it but right now with issue number one, I worry if I should be using the app at all. I know my original files are backed up but what’s the point of editing with this app if the result is pixelated?
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2 years ago, PI3141596
Not sure it’s worth a subscription
I bought Pixelmator Photo a couple of years ago, when it was $4.99. I use it only casually, and it is worth the one-time purchase. I mostly process and edit image files using desktop tools, but Pixelmator Photo can get you most of the way if you only need to do whole-image processing (e.g. white or color balance the whole image, adjust shadows or highlights, apply curves, cropping, etc).If you need to change color spaces, use masks or do local area adjustments like dodging or burning in, you’re out of luck. That said, I am going to wait and see before updating to to the subscription model version even though I’m grandfathered into unlimited use. I’ve seen other one-time purchase apps abandon the previous buyers and I want to see what improvements or new features get introduced.
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4 years ago, Majeztyk
Good photo editing, but...
Hope the Developers read this. This is a good photo editor. I’ve used many other editors, and so far I like using this one. It’s very simple with decent range of tools. However there are many improvement they can make in the coming months. Two things I would really love two see is #1 adding a ‘Left Handed Toggle’ to switch all the tools to the other side. The lack of this feature which many other have, makes this a bummer for lefties like me. #2 Add a Resizing tool(not crop) to be able to export images at different resolutions. Hopefully if this feature is added that the quality of the resizing is very well. Being to resize an image from 4000pixels to a smaller custom size would be a handy. There are a few others, but for now these two would be great.
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2 years ago, Vegas kid
Just missing one thing.
I love the app and think your team did an amazing job, but when I’m looking at my photos and want to edit one of them, I find it a bit cumbersome to have to leave that app then open another to edit, when their a solution the developers could implement to make this seamless. I think enabling app extension in the photos app would make this the ultimate photo editing application. Right now I have to use retouch (app extension) and Darkroom (which also has an app extension) both of these together equal pixelmator pro. I’d love to only have to use one. I hope you are listening as this shouldn’t be to hard to do.
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2 years ago, SirTimmyJimmy
Good Editing Menu, Bad Selection Screen
A little glitchy, often after clicking on a photo from the file selector and then going back, it'll put you all the way back at the top of the list, which gets annoying fast when you have hundreds of photos and just want to sift through them. You also cant swipe to the next photo in the list after clicking on one, hence having to click back and then getting sent to the top of the list again. Also sometimes it flickers the image after clicking on it until it disappears into a gray screen. In total I just wish the selection screen fought me less, I like the menu and I like the editing selection and what it offers, its just a bit of a hassle at the moment. Using an iPad Pro 11inch with all updates.
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4 years ago, tnt037
Solid editor for $5.00 but....
For the price you can’t beat this editor!! It’s a pretty powerful editor!! Just wished the presets worked a little differently! Here’s what I mean.... So if I have adjusted the colors and curves in my presets, I would like if when I add a preset It doesn't revert the other adjustments I've made before applying the preset. For example, if I edit the sliders in the light tab or correct the white balance before using a preset, I would like it not to set the sliders back to zero if there were no adjustments made to the white balance or in the light tab in the preset that I am using. Other then that it would be great if you could add a couple of things at some point like... selective editing, noise reduction, borders and white point in the light tap! But I totally get this is a $5.00 app lol
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1 year ago, A Mad Chemist
Well worth the cost
I very much dislike (hate is a better word) subscriptions for apps, and I avoid them like the plague. Instead, I opted to pay the full forever price for this app. While I thought is was pretty pricey, I’m very glad I bought it. I am not a twiddle and fiddle with all of the settings to get the photo just right kind of person: I want to quickly make as few adjustments as needed in order to improve my photo. This app allows me to do just that, and the results are simply superb. This app’s combination of power and ease of use is truly exceptional, and I give it my highest recommendation.
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1 month ago, Ventedabde
Good but could be better
This is an early review and i plan to update as i spend more time with the app, although i’m hopeful to make this my primary photo editor for photography since it has a buy once, cry once payment option (THANK GOD FOR THIS) The app seems like it does a great job, but i wish the exposure and color editing controls were front and center, ESPECIALLY for masking. The masking options feel like they’re tucked away too far out of sight, and i don’t like that i had to dig for it. I would prefer that to be more intuitive to access and manipulate. Will update with more usage. Bottom line for now, it gets the job done but UI doesn’t suit my tastes.
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3 years ago, lamotteskiddalyboomboom
Good once you locate the help page
Knocking off one star because finding the help page to get started is a PIA. It needs to be a separate icon on its own. Once I found that I was mostly happy with the app. It is almost the same as the old iPhoto editor on my iMac from back before Apple killed it. I’d say if you’re an experienced editor than this is a good cheap choice. I’m still confused about why the Pixelmator app for five bucks has feature not on this app. Sketching, painting and the ability to add text to a photo should be included on this app. Having to run it through Snapseed to add a signature is dumb. I’m sure after some practice I’ll find joy. Til then and the addition of those missing features this gets a three.
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3 years ago, ScottHounds
Great app!
This app is a steal for the price. I have been using it for a while now and no complaints. However (you knew this was coming) I would gladly pay more for an updated version that had an adjustment brush, at least a dodge and burn brush. This app has let me move 90% of my editing to my ipad, which makes my photography much more enjoyable. If the addition of even simple brushes happen i will no longer need to fire up my macbook. You will completely put a fork into lightroom, in my opinion. Thanks for a great app, and btw i am a happy user of Pixelmator Pro as well. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, Passepartout
Magic heal works well, otherwise needs work
The first thing I tried with Pixelmator Photo was the Magic heal tool. It’s pretty magical when it works. Just scribble over things you want to disappear and they, usually, disappear. Sometimes you get a nasty smudge, so undo and try it slightly differently. Good stuff. In terms of adjustment capabilities, it provides a solid set of capabilities, well-packaged and with lots of nice presets. It’s pretty easy to punch up a landscape or portrait in a matter of seconds. Now, the not so good. Strangely for a photo editing app, it doesn’t seem to be able to see my photos. It can link to file shares, like Dropbox and iCloud but where are my photos? Other apps do not have this problem. Next, if you so much as look at an image you get a giant sized file — e.g. I have a 5MB high quality 20MP jpeg exported from a raw editor. Just looking at it causes a new 45MB file to appear. Contrast this with a truly non-destructive editor that stores your adjustments in a side file and requires essentially no additional storage space. These basics are so annoying that I don’t really care to look deeper into the program until they are fixed.
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2 years ago, ghandipants
Pay Once = Perfect
Most important: it’s a good phot editing app, that integrates well with the best features of iOS. Also important: it isn’t annoying. I have used numerous photo editing apps with awesome features and innovative user-interfaces. Then a cool new feature is added… and every time you open the app you are bombarded with an add to pay 2.99 to unlock that feature. Or — even worse — asked to start *yet another* monthly subscription. I really respect the Pixelmator team for making products that work well and don’t “nickel-and-dime” customers.
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2 years ago, TGNY2012
If I could give 2 suggestions to make this a perfect photo app
1. Fix the cropping issue/bug. Please allow users to pinch photos to crop. And please fix the issue that once I crop a photo I can't drag the cropping box back even when it's not at the edge of a photo. 2. I really hate the saving process/experience! I don't like that when I swipe a photo down by accident during editing or when I hit the check/tick icon on the upper right corner, a pop up shows up and I am forced to choose to either give up all my editing or overwrite my existing photo. How about a cancel option that allows me to go back and continue editing?
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4 years ago, Decipiens
Essential features missing for some use cases.
The intuitiveness of the application is unparalleled in comparison to other apps, but still find some features that are essential to my workflow missing, such as Lightroom’s upright features which make easy work of my interior shots. Regarding the ML features, I find that they can be sometimes too aggressive, and find better results with Lightroom’s auto adjustments also. Lightroom’s filters also seem to be more subtle and nuanced, and seem to overall achieve better results. For my use case, which is mostly architectural/interior photography, I’m currently finding a better workflow and results with Lightroom, but am eager to make the switch when and if these features are implemented/optimized.
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2 years ago, WBMc36
Perfect if you are quickly shooting with iPhone and want not add just a bit more to your photos before you share them off. I am a beginner and love the machine learning features and ability to quickly see what the sliders are doing to my photos. This is full featured enough for folks far more experienced than I am, yet simple enough that I can throw pro raw photos in and have something that I like writhing minutes. I am using this across all apple products now, phone, ipad and mac. It is well worth the money.
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1 year ago, Stewf
Has the basic tools that the Photos app lacks.
I was seeking an app that fills in the missing functionality from iOS Photos, primarily the retouch tool for removing scratches, blemishes, and small objects. Photomator’s tool does the job in most cases where the background is fairly even or flat – though it does have trouble with complex images. I also need to update my last review bemoaning the lack of an editor extension so you can use Photomator within the Photos app. The alternative works nearly as well: share the image to Photomator, make your edits, and save. The image updates in Photos. 👌🏻
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2 years ago, KannazukiNoKo
Fast and Smooth Editing
I’d been eyeing this app for a while and finally bought it. I was immediately impressed with the smoothness of it and how easy it was to go from shooting to editing! The interface was quick to learn, too. A lot of reviews have talked about desired or missing features though, and I’d like to add some features of my own to that list! The ability to use Replace Color on more than one color at a time. Even my two decade old Nikon could handle three different colors! Because the changes are non-destructive, I have to export the photo and re-import it to tackle a second color. Slow and repetitive! Also, I don’t know how feasible this one is, but if you could save the crop size in Copy adjustments! I was hoping ML crop could speed through the process of cropping multiple photos to show the same area, but I’m constantly having to guide its hand… Those aside, it’s an excellent companion for any photographer on the go! Recommended!
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4 years ago, Adam Presley
Excellent tool
I purchased Pixelmator Photo for my iPad Air, and I am not disappointed. The ML image enhancement is subtle but powerful, making for a great first step in my photo processing workflow. From there it offers a nice set of tools for handling exposure, curves, saturation, sharpness, and more. My only “complaint” would be that some of the tools from their other product, “Pixelmator”, such as layers, magic selection and erasure, etc... are not present in this tool (as far as I can tell). If those were available this would be a killer app! Either way, for what it does, it gets my 5 stars!
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5 years ago, RDub76
Could become great...
This app has some nice features and pretty effective ML, but it falls short on some basics. Photo editor or File manager? I’m confused as to why the developer chose this clumsy interface to import photos. First of all, a photo app should not have the ability to delete files in your iCloud, this makes very little sense. Please eliminate this ability! There is no need to import photos and create a copy of each photo being edited. Why would a user want more data/storage used just to edit a photo? No other of the myriad photo apps do this and they still manage to preserve the original version of the edited photo. Please restructure the app so it defaults to your photo library for browsing/editing photos WITHOUT the need to create another copy. This app is missing some basics like vignette, text, and frames. Curves should have an option to toggle on 5 sliders for each level, this makes using curves much easier to adjust each level. Choosing your own points is nice, but it is more of a pain then a gain. Please add the ability to collapse the various editing tools without toggling them off.
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5 years ago, sammyj18
Easy integration with photo library
I am loving this app! It integrates perfectly with your photos library. All changes you make in this app are fed back to the original photo in your library and then if you have iCloud instantly backed up! One feature I love which is simply is the ability to pull up EXIF data on the picture so you can see focal length, aperture, other data. The machine learning works pretty well. The film simulations are nice....please add a slider to the film simulations so we can dial in how much effect we want. Overall it is a steal at $5!
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2 years ago, EddyGann
So Close…
For the most part, this app is fantastic, but it suffers from a couple problems. • When I crop a photo, and then use the heal/magic erase tool, it pulls in stuff along the edges that were cropped out. Why would I crop stuff out, and want the magic eraser tool to use those cropped out pixels to “erase” stuff I didn’t crop out? • The machine learning/auto edit option is horrible. Most of the time it makes people look washed out and sickly. The default photos app does a far better job. • No blurring tool. (Would love some sort of portrait mode/automatic background blur as well)
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4 years ago, POWERAMP USER
The app worthy to replace Lightroom.
Finally. This is the app capable of editing raw photos just like Lightroom! This app can fully utilize raw files from my Canon Eos R and capture both highlights and shadow! Finally I can cancel my subscription...! Thank you Pixelmator! Hopes: Hello developers perhaps is there any plans to add a frame feature where I can put white bars around my photos? It would be really awesome to add a frames to photo without leaving the app! Thank you for this fantastic app!! I seriously appreciate it!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! my subscription hell ends....I no longer suffer...!
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5 years ago, snapper-Z
So much to love about this app
This app is a terrific value. Feature set is small compared to Lightroom and Photoshop. But the most important tools are hear now. Beautifully implemented. Rock solid and controls respond instantaneously. And integrates beautifully with iOS photos app. I hate the idea of software subscriptions. I prefer to own and simply refuse to “rent.” That said, this app is underpriced. And assuming the plan is to gradually add features like those in photoshop, I’d pay significantly more for full featured version. A carefully engineered and very well designed program.
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8 months ago, samtfischer
Really good but missing
Curves: -Need to tap on image and drag that specific range (too broad right now)- just like the target adjustment tool in LR -Need to add a point to the curve without adjusting the curve -Need to be bigger EDR is buggy-shows a very darkened version of the image everywhere except when opened in the photomator editor. (saw on a 6DMii RAW) Need Luminance Range selection (ideally HSL) It’s very difficult to manually select a replacement color hue using the iOS picker in the Color Replacement tool A history log like in Lr Classic would be amazing Images stop working after a certain number of layers Histogram seemed to stop working (saw on a RAW image) Would be nice: Object AI selection Person-specific selections (skin, hair, etc) Brush tool auto-mask More grain tools like in Resolve’s built in Film Grain tool What color space does the software work in? If I want to apply a LUT I need to know what kind of imagery the LUT will be fed and then output.
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2 years ago, jman98
Love it, but!!!
Great app I love the new upgrade to pixelmator photo. Love the machine learning even if it’s not so great yet I’m assuming it we’ll be significantly better at adjustments the more I use it? The super resolution machine learning adjustment and the auto crop and other workflows are awesome I appreciate them. The addition of exporting and working with LUTs is amazing. One more feature request that compliments this new feature being added is supporting video/photo color checker cards used for color correction and creating LUTs. Maybe even a good idea to use ML for that adjustment too.
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5 years ago, mjdescy
Photo Editing
This app is my favorite photo editor. It adds features that are missing from the native Photos app, and integrates with the Photos workflow very well. I love that you can use the share extension in the Photos app to edit a photo in Pixelmator Photo, and then replace the original photo (losslessly) in Photos with the edited version from Pixelmator Photo. I think the app is clean and easy to use, too. It follows Apple’s design guidelines for iPad to a T, which makes it feel right at home alongside Apple’s own apps. I really like using it.
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11 months ago, 8bubbles8joe
Tight iPhone, iPad, MacOS Application Integration
I am a prosumer family photo addict, having taken my family’s pictures for two decades now. Over the years I’ve tried dozens of applications to clean up my photos. PHOTOMATOR is by far the best tool I have ever used! In addition to it’s advanced support for layers, masks, AI, and non-destructive edits, I especially value the synchronization and tight integration between Photomator and Pixelmator across it’s many platforms. Thanks Photomator & Pixelmator for an absolutely amazing tool!
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7 months ago, wraithequestrain
Rent Seeking
This is an inferior product to Lightroom. It’s missing a huge list of features in comparison, there’s hardly any support for RAW assets, and the other features are already available in the Photos app. The only major reason to use it was lack of a subscription, which is now gone. If I have to pay, I might as well pay for Lightroom, and not an inferior clone. The current “generous” offer of getting all features for free for existing paid users is a bait-and-switch. Six months from now, maybe a year, when subscription pricing has actually turned more people away than generated revenue, it’ll be stopped and then everyone has to pay. It’s happened before. Time to move on.
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7 months ago, ORHobbes
Just one huge missing feature
This app is great. But there is one huge feature missing… the layers panel does not allow you to add a second photo. This is baffling, as nearly every high end photo editing app has an option in layers to add another photo. This is essential for many uses. For example, if you wanted to use the app to create Zoom backgrounds, you often use two different photos, one for the background image, and a second in for a logo and text overlay. It’s also useful for adding special effects, such as selecting the sky in a background image, then adding a second photo to lay over the top and reduce the transparency too give it a unique effect. But you can’t do either of these in Photomator for some reason. This is even more baffling when you consider that their other Pixelmator apps do have this feature in the layers panel.
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8 months ago, RX-001
Very good but masking is a bit lacking
I use it on my iPad to edit my Sony full frame RAW (ARW) files and I like it so much. Masking is a bit weak and I hope the developers can improve it. For instance there’s no edge detection and I noticed more fringing at the edges when using Photomator masks compared to other apps masking tools. Very often the masking tool gets confused between subject and background. I wish that they also address the current limits in the highlights and shadows sliders. Sometimes they fall short when there’s a need for more.
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6 months ago, Brobroh.
Great app. Two feature requests.
Huge fan of Pixelmator pro on Mac for several years. No need for Photoshop at all. So I believe Photomator won’t disappoint. These are my requests. 1. Currently file info requires three actions, reach all the way up, tap and tap. Please change this to just one step, just swipe up, just like the default Photos app does. And I can’t find the file size in the file info, I would like to know fast how big the image file is. 2. You can customize the width and height, when exporting, but not the percentage. For example, I’d like to scale down the image to 70% and export. Currently I don’t think that’s possible. My 15 Pro Max pushes out huge image files so easily, and I would like no other than Photomator to handle all the inconveniences coming from the phone’s power.
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4 years ago, john4890
Love the app but wish for a few more features....
I love this app and I use this app for all of my professional photo editing. It is extremely easy to use and i love the look of the platform. I really wish they can include a radial/graduated filter to have more control over the edits... if I could be more greedy, I would love the lighting control “whites” and a “clarity” control. Thank you so much for creating this amazing app! Sorry for the super greedy response, I’m loving your guys work!
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3 years ago, DesertGuy II
Don’t Like Machine Learning in App at All.
I was going to buy Pixelmator app originally because it is a great app on iPads. Then I decided to try this photo version of it. I have used many simple apps like Pixelmator Photo for years. I do not like the over emphasis on ML menus in the program at all. Machine learning gets it wrong too often and it just clutters the app! I’m going to buy the regular Pixelmator app for photo edit simplicity and more paint features. I wish I could get a refund although too late. This app may be better for Apple Raw format although many of us will still use JPEG formats. So chose carefully if you want these codecs & machine learning that may not be worth anything to you as a common user.
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1 year ago, Bebe19921992
⭐️ ⭐️ ✨ 🌟 star’s
Photograph is a great place to wonder off into to lose focus on the things which destroys you in your future blessing so let’s start with a new plan forward with your own new ideas and for colors dark to light either way you like pick a color which gives you the ability to believe in a thought which creates a destination of destiny into life it’s self?
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1 year ago, Brian McDonnell
I must be missing something.....
I love editing in this app on my iPad with a single image, but a folder of images is just horrible. open image > edit image > click > export > file format > choose export location > find the correct folder location > export > click done > return to a random place in the file folder to search for the next image to edit > open image. We’re suppose to do this for each image? Obviously I’m missing something. The editor itself is great.
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7 months ago, ErnestYa
Need help love the app
The app keeps auto enhancing a photo when I open a photo. I can’t find an option to turn this off. Would also love to see the zoom percentage in a different spot as my hand is covering the number most of the time. The quality of the photos seems to reduce even when the option for 100% quality is selected. Who can I contact to show my screen recording? The auto coloring is getting in the way of my epic editing. Thanks 🦋
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4 months ago, Nate.Holmes
Massive issue with HDR Photos
I really love this app but recently there seems to be a bug between native iOS iPhone HDR photos and them loading properly in Photomator. After making edits in the Photomator app, the photo will appear drastically brighter in the native iOS Photos app. Seems like a coding issue that can hopefully be fixed by a software update. Once this is resolved I would definitely give the app 4 stars. The iOS app is still limited compared to the Mac version unfortunately. 5 stars is coming soon. Keep up the great work guys.
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