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User Reviews for PhotoScape X - Photo Editor

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7 years ago, Bethbug96
All I Use
This product is absolutely amazing. I love how much you can do and so easily. I didn’t have to but the full thing, although I will because I love the product and the amount of extra features you have just doubles. This application is easy to learn how to do without researching or looking it up. Just playing around to figure it out, is all I have done and the possibilities are endless. It is my favorite and my absolute go-to app for photo editing, graphic creating/altering, collage making and tons more. I made my engagement announcements through this basically graphics from google images and my photographs and basically did a simple collage. Like I said, I am not a pro, but the Save the Date Announcement looks amazing and so professional. It doesn’t look like anything I would have done myself. I’m so thrilled with this app, I just had to share how wonderful it is and the layout is so simple. I highly reccomend this app to anybody who does any kind of editing of any sort. It is AWESOME!
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6 years ago, Just_Me_Too56657
The best free photo editor in the App Store.. Period
UPDATE Jun 17, 2018: I want to say a BIG thank you, to the developers for listening, and adding the "Compare" Spacebar shortcut - THANK YOU for listening, this makes our workflow convenient, much better and faster! ---------------------------------------------- Been using it for at least a year. since then, I added a couple more editors, from the App Store, and PhotoScape X, is still my favorite editor. To give you an idea, I'm doing 90% of all edits, with it, then sometimes use features from the others, for final touches. I start most of edits with it, rarely with others. The free version, has many features that cover 99% of features needed, to edit, correct, and customize, to get really beautiful photos. You'll hardly need any another app, for these purposes. Feature that's really missing, and quite annoying, that many other apps have, is a keyboard shortcut for the "Compare" option. It's actually very surprising, that it doesn't have it already and no option is available to add it, considering it's probably the most pushed button in the app for comparing before and after edits. It's really, VERY counterproductive, to use the mouse, to look for that small button, every time you need to compare your edits. It is so essential, I would easily asign the SPACEBAR for it, that way, we won't need to take our eyes off the screen, to search for it on the keyboard. I Hope the developers, read this, and add it!
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5 years ago, Just an Art Teacher
So user friendly and helpful
I’m an art teacher and I am also in charge of yearbook. I’m one of those people that technology just hates so I never got into graphic design or anything and Photoshop just goes over my head. I like to work with my hands and I dread anything that has to do with technology (art wise). I needed something free but user friendly for photo editing. Something I could navigate easily and teach my students how to use to clean up their images for the yearbook. This has been the perfect tool and allows exactly what we need. The students often figure out how to do more than I ever did. I truly appreciate something so uncomplicated that lets me get my work done quickly and efficiently. I’ve even started using it for my art images to help change color or enhance images so I can draw them or for my students to draw.
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6 years ago, FooandHarley
Great App. Instructions? Not so much
First I want to say that I find this app to be pretty amazing especially when you consider the cost. What it packs inside such a small program is quite nice. However, and let me preface this by saying I’ve used a number of photo edting apps, the tutorial/help/userguide leave ALOT to be desired. I don’t know if this is a small company and they simply don’t have the time but this is disappointing. If I have a question about sometihng I go to the Help menu which takes me to their HELP | Screencast page. These videos may be helpful in exploring some aspects of the app but half the time they go way too fast. If I need help on something it doesn’t help if the person giving the explanation goes knows this program inside and out and doesn’t consider that some of us don't. I don’t understand how in 2018 how a software developer can’t have a pdf guide to help the uninitiated. Please reconsider.
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7 years ago, FlyingNachoz
Amazing Photo Editor!
I really needed a good photo editor so I decided to download the free version of Photoscape X. I was so impressed by all the features that it offered and how easy it was to use. After using it for a few days I decided to buy the PRO version of the application and when I did it added so many more useful features that are blocked from the free version. My favorite PRO tool is the clone stamp and that tool has made so many of my images look even better becuase of its ability to remove unwanted things or duplicate them! A nice addition is if you dont know how to do something then they have videos for you to watch like tutorials! I highly reccomend this app to anyone that needs to edit photos it free and all the features you get are phenomenal.
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3 years ago, Gabi Art 777
Great but keeps freezing after undoing...
So this is really great!! I absolutely love it! I use it mainly to draw. However there is one thing, but idk if it's just me. So I often use the undo button when I mess up on a line, especially if I'm very far in my image. Today I had to force quit the application more than 3 times, all when I was almost done with my image after I push undo to redraw a line. The blue bar says 100% for undoing the line but it won't go away and my mouse just becomes a loading circle and I can't interact with *any* option on the app. Luckily for me, the image I'm drawing is "small" and easy to redo, but its just getting annoying now. If i can somehow fix this on my end, that would be amazing- but i have a sinking feeling i can't do that. This would be 5 stars if it wasn't for this small problem.
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6 years ago, Peggy56wilkins
Great app for improving 100 years of varying types of film stock….
I had a huge backlog of photos to scan, edit, tag, and this app was the best I tried, I upgraded to the paid version within a day. I had family photos as far back as 1863 that were faded, creased, you name it. The app did a great job improving these oldies, probably looked just as good as the original one at the time. The other huge plus was color correction for Kodak Instamatic film emulsion from the 1970’s which had turned green over time. Even the current iphone photos I take look better after a run through the app. I don’t bother editing on the phone any longer.
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3 years ago, The Wud
Not Ready For Big Sur?
I really do like Photoscape and have purchased other versions in the past. I'd estimate my working with this program goes way back and in some cases, even when I owned that "PS" program, I would get the results I needed from Photoscape. That was when I worked exclusively in Windows environments. WIth the newest version just downloaded, I find PhotoScape X quite functional with workarounds. In particular, I cannot for the life of me access my Photo Library from Photoscape X. Also, when I "Save" images after using the Photo app to dump the image in PhotoScape, the program does not offer any options. Instead PhotoScape overwrites the original image and shuts down. My workaround is to move all the photos from the Photo app library to my backup hard drive and then add that folder to PhotoScape. That is sort of a pain, especially when it comes to workflow. It makes editing images loaded from my iPhone 12 more of a process than it should be. Also, I am noting that PhotoScape didn't see fit to add privacy information which is going to lead me to dig deeper immediately. This has been a great program on my Windows computer not withstanding any privacy issues I man discover in retrospect.
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4 years ago, Oomabear
So far so good! I really like it!
I’ve only been using this a couple weeks but I needed an affordable app because I can’t afford Photoshop on my MacBook. This app has been great! I just needed a basic editor for photos, to crop, adjust, etc. and this has been the one for me. I tried about 4 or 5 apps but this one has been my go-to for sure, and it’s free. It’s fairly easy to learn and offers more than I thought it would. I’m enjoying it so much that eventually (when I can) I might purchase the PRO version. Thank you for a great app… BTW, I don’t usually take time to review, but I thought these devs deserved it.
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4 years ago, Joel_Joe_13
I know the last photo editing software I bought was ten years ago, but what the free version of this one does is amazing. It does things to my photos that I never would have dreamed could be done, from shapening up hundred year old scanned in photos to restoring photos and making old color photos that didn't take in thier natural colors and shades transform into their natural colors and shades. There's always room for improvement, but these guys have put together one heck of a program that for my simple needs I would never go out and purchase a big name software again.
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5 years ago, RuthiePie69
My New Favorite Photo App!
This photography application is very unique and easy to use. I enjoy this application because it is fun and the possibilities are incredible! I did not have to spend a great deal of time learning how to use this app and my photos are simply amazing with interesting features. I have been looking for a photo app just like this one and simply I lose track of time playing with the images. I undoubtedly recommend this app for anyone who enjoys being creative with photographs! Thank you for making photo editing easy and fun. Kudos!!
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5 years ago, BsunnyD
Finally an editing app thats not a pain in the aperture
Easy and fun, YES!, fun! I had almost given up on finding a photo editing program that didn’t make me want to curl up in a ball in a corner after just one photo, instead, I am INSPIRED to let my creative side take a walk on the wild side. Kidding aside, this is the easiest and bar none best i’ve used and the price is extremely fair. Everything in one app, no more edit, save, send to self, save, reopen in different app, etc, etc. Creative features and ways to enhance images.
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2 years ago, scottd72
Can't edit metadata or even rate HEIC images
If you're thinking about using this software to manage photos taken from your iPhone, you should probably look elsewhere. iPhones have been generating HEIC files rather than JPGs for years now, but this software still has no way to edit their metadata or even rate them so you can filter a view to just your favorite photos. This software seems pretty great otherwise, but this one omission is a complete show-stopper for me. (I sent email to the Photoscape team over a year ago asking about this issue, and was completely ignored. The update released a couple of weeks ago still doesn't touch the issue.)
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6 years ago, tab_ket_
Does it’s job
This application does the job! I really appreciate the accurate colors portrayed from screen to print. It is very comparable to other photo editing software with better features and ease of use. I went through a short You Tube tutorial and was on my way to editing photos. It also doesn’t seem to be quite the resource hog like other applications. This makes running other programs side by side easier on my processor. Thanks for a great product with so many great features!
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6 years ago, The Handyman Can
This is my firt review EVER !.
I downloaded the free version of this app because I wanted to edit some photos on my iMac versus doing it on my iPhone, and I realized there really wasn't any other way to edit photos other than downloading a program from the App Store…. This by far is the best app I've used in years… I would never pay $50 for a picture editing app because I'm not a photographer and I could honestly care less but because there's so many things you can do in this app it's worth $50 all day long….
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6 years ago, Ph!ll!p
As someone who is a new mac user, and doesn’t have the fund to go out and buy photoshop or full version of programs. This one is pretty awesome!! I needed a program like photoshop without the price tag and limited features to be forced to buy the full verion. Everytime I use it I fall so much more in love with this program and makes me just want to buy the full program! I’m not 100% sure if the full version works with layers like the way photoshops does! If this does then I’d more willing to purchase the full version.
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3 years ago, &Coffee&Coffee
Get this app
I never rate anything but you know what - today I am. If you're looking for a wide range of options for photo manipulation or if you're looking to edit cool thumbnails for videos or create a piece of art from scratch, this app can do it all. After like a year of using it I finally went for the paid version and never looked back. It can do about 90% of the stuff I need for static images and photo editing as a content creator. Thanks!
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1 year ago, LKNDS
Great photo app
I love how easy this app makes it to edit and add effects to my photos. I especially like how it is integrated with my macbook photos. I am just starting to use it but i have found it intuitive to use, unlike some other photo apps that can be kind of clunky. I would love it if there were more freebies in it, but overall I'm happy with what they offer for free. I'll look into some of the pro features before upgrading.
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7 years ago, Bassplayinlass
Fun Timewa$ter
They DO give you quite a few free options—however, they get old quick and, naturally you'll want the so-called “pro” (IE. stuff that costs money) editing tools and options. Same old, same old— what app doesn’t do that? I guess they have to make their money some how. Anyway, I have a feeling I’ll probably either never use it or use it more than I thought—it IS really easy to use. My 13 year old who, is really into photography, has a lot of fun messing around on it. Something about it irks me though…I don’t know, like, a lack of originality? :|
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4 years ago, Mjack68442
Way more than a photo editor
For a free application this program has some pretty powerful and cool features. I really enjoy the collage tab. The editor it self is amazing too. It has some really cool effects that will have you editing your photos with ease. You really do have the ability to correct just about everything and you can use layers to add even more effects and text to your composition. I think I will be upgrading to the Pro version of very soon.
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5 years ago, iced_donut
Not just a photo editor
I don’t use this program for editing many pictures…well not my own anyway. I use this program to make short comis book stories. I use pictures I find online and cut pieces out and combine them to make scenes and characters. The features of this program are awesome for doing artistic stuff and you can get very creative with it. I bought the full version after using the free one for about a year and I recommend it to anybody
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6 years ago, RubberBanana
Pretty Nifty App!
Really nice app, lots of cool handy features. The ability to create a collage and add stickers or text are really awesome. The picture browser is really fast loading the pictures in the thumbnail view and you can view alot of pictures pretty fast when you are looking for something. All in all a pretty nifty app! I may pay for the upgrade because they have so many additonal features,but you dont need them to use the app. its not broken in any way.
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2 years ago, DCKetchum
My FAVORITE Photo-Editor App!
I've downloaded dozens of Photo-Editing Apps over the years looking for the one that could "do it all" so I could stream-line my App Collection and delete all the rest. It wasn't until I finally found PhotoScape X that I was finally able to do that and I'm happy to say I have now been able to get rid of at least 10 basically useless Apps in exchange for what I consider the BEST Photo-Editing App available... and it's FREE!
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5 years ago, Epitstop
Easy to use for easy applications
I don’t want to spent hours learning how to do simple features and this app is easy enough . When I get more time and a little more serious I will take the time to learn more of the features. It’s easy to learn the basic stuff and that’s all I need for the time being . I don’t want to spend hours learning features to only use once or twice then in 6 months forget the process . I’m only a casual user .
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6 years ago, kerstensb
I have my own photography business. I perfer not to photo shop any of my clients photos but some times they will ask me to do something specific. This app is wonderfull and it does everything plus more that I need/want. I have downloaded so many apps to try and find one i can easily work but all of them are pretty complicated. But, not this one. This app is very easy to use and understand. i would 10/10 recommend.
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5 years ago, 1 Most Marvelous
Works great for me
I love this program it works perfect I use it along with other programs it helps me complete other task needed to complete things I'm working on for all of my video and picture editing needs this is the full package I would recommend this software to anyone looking for a great Picture editor the free version is what I've been using if they lower the price I will buy the full version soon unfortunately it's a little expensive right now but this program is great I recommended highly.
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6 years ago, CRB6542
Pretty Cool
Just playing around in it and the PhotoScapeX seems pretty cool. Only using the free version but it runs fast, has accurate color selections when trying to select fine detail. The best feature I noticed so far is that the window to open images is very user friendly. I didnt have to import or change file types with my pictures. I remember that being a huge hassle when learning other apps like this. If this app continues to be this good I am definitly going to get the pro version.
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1 year ago, Notreadyyet
Great features
Actually paid for the premium version but even the free one has plenty of options. Really great to make collages for sales listings etc. Love the option to add arrows and other shapes to point out problems in a listing. Also can add text to add more info to a listing photo. UI is a little clunky but definitely usable. Too many silly options like filters and collage arrangements that seem pretty pointless but that's just me. I'd love to see a better photo EDITING feature when making a collage. It's fine when you're in the Edit screen but if you're doing collage pics then the edit options are very limited to brighten, darken, and a few others. If they could bring over ALL editing features into the Collage screen, that would make it the ultimate app.
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6 years ago, SayCheesePleez
Crazy Good Software for Viewing and Editing Photos
I have had this app for about a year now and it's simply wonderful for view and editing photos. So many features to uniquely enhance your photos. The only thing I wish the app could do would be to copy the setting from previoudly edited photo using this app and paste it into another as you would if you were using Lightroom. Other than that, a wonderful app it is.
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6 years ago, TessaMayK
Simple and easy to use
It has tons of options for whatever you want to do to your photos and it’s really intuitive and easy to use. The some of features are pretty basic unless you upgrade to the pro options, which while not unexpected, is a little disappointing for something that’s hyped so much as free. However, there’s still so much you can do with the free options, and it’s much easier to use than other free and opensource photo editing software that I’ve tried.
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6 years ago, WineNBrie
Great free photo editing tool
I downloaded PhotoScape X about a year ago and now I use it for all my professional photo editing, collage, and resizing. It’s really intuitive and easy to use, and so many features are available for free, I haven’t had to pay for any upgrades even though I use it for work on a weekly basis, creating images for a consumer-facing website. Very happy with my purchase. Never crashes. Always does what I need it to.
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5 years ago, Aldes37
I absolutely love this program!
I've been using the paid version of Photoscape X for quite some time now and have been so impressed with it. Lately however I have been experiencing some issues when trying to save as a project... I keep getting a "failed to save" error message. Can someone please assist with a fix or work around? I'll be happy to provide any additional info that may be required.
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6 years ago, bulenka
The best investement for “dummies"
I am everything, but not the artist or photographer. I have recently started my business and photos are essential part of it. I needed the app which would super “user-friendly.” Even if you do something wrong, it is so easy to reverse. The quality, features and capability impress. All I want to say, haven’t seen something better or easier. Definitely worth purchasing the Pro version.
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5 years ago, KidFromKrypton
Need to double click buttons
I know this may not be everyone’s experience, but on my 2011 Macbook Pro, whenever I click Save or Open or Rotate and some other buttons they do not respond. It makes me double click some buttons and single click others. It’s an odd problem that effects my productivity when using it. And my version of photoscape is updated. I emailed photoscape about the issue months ago and didn’t receive a response. I’m leaving a one star review due to lack of response from them about the problem. Maybe they’ll respond to this review. In which case I will change it. Otherwise it’s a very useful tool.
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2 years ago, Vince6267
Excellent app!
This application solved a lot of issues for me as I am a writer who uses a lot of memes and just needed a fast way to create them. I have used photoshop for years but frankly I was sick of the cost and little jobs taking forever to finish. This program has cut hours of work out my schedule after only a week because it is that simple to learn and use. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Kjswag
I am so happy to download this app
I usually don't leave reviews. But I would be remiss to not mention how much I love this app. I was having trouble getting it since switching to my MackBook from my Windows computer. But now that I have it I know for sure I can get the editing quaility I want, without using sendanywhere app lol. But all in all I would 100% recomend this to a someone wanting a quailty , easy to use video editor.
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6 years ago, Archemistx
Good enough for the non professional users
It’s good for organizing photos/videos—sorting and moving among folders. Compaing to many paid photo managing and editing software, the functions of this are more than enough for most users. It runs smoothly and comparing to ACDSee, works much better dealing with external or shared folders on the servers. However, I can’t find a way to access iPhone Photos directly. Anyone knows how?
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6 years ago, Rosylicious305
I used to use this app when it was only available for Windows and I was so sad when I switched to iOS that I couldn’t use it. Now that they’ve made one for us, I couldn’t be happier. Everything is as amazing as I remember it, actually, it’s even better. I’m using the free version now but I will support the pro version because I want to support this incredible app. What are you waiting for? Download it NOW!
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5 years ago, KatSouza
Fantastic, and very user friendly.
I genuinely love this photo editor. I’ve used Adobe for years, so there was a slight learning curve, but it’s very intuitive and user friendly. I can do everything from edit family photos to creating graphics from scratch. The free version is worth it for anyone wanting a decent quality editor and for $40, the Pro is worth it. Definitely suggest!
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6 years ago, Papa Stein
Photoscape X
I’ve used this for over a year for creating slides for our church. This program makes life a lot easier because it allows you to do a lot of things to create awesome photo's and advertisement slides quickly and professionally. The interface is logical and easy to learn and use. Pic creations come out looking and feeling very professional. The export options are many and varied. Thanks for an awesome tool.
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1 year ago, WestCreekArabians
Love this app!
I use this for multiple business, for both photos and ads and absoutley love the features that come with the free version. Very user friendly with easy learning curve. Only wishes is that it had a background remover and that you could go back and change edits when opened in the app. Will be upgrading to Pro version.
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4 years ago, Elli Niia
User Friendly
This app is absolutely very easy to use compare to other product in the market, all you need is just a click away. Even the price is way to cheap for all the things that you could do with it. Cons, hope they can also manage to have a video editor in one for this app. but all in all, this app is absolutely amazing product.
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2 years ago, Amature wild life photographer
Perfect for my purposes
The free version allows me to very quickly step through the day's hundreds of wildlife photos, zoom in to check image quality, then crop, adjust, and save the keepers to a seperate file of my choosing. Whoever designed this is a serious photographer. I will probably buy the Pro verison just to support these guys. Well done guys.
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2 years ago, xgh
Not well thought out
Its cheap. It works. The UI is poor. If you're thinking this would be a good culling tool, its not. To delete an image: right click: nope, delete key: nope, menu item: nope, bring up the browser panel, its the little triangle on the left, select the image there and right click there: that works. But don't get too happy. Even if you click multiple images, only the first in the series will be trashed. So, if you have a lot of images to cull, its a laborious process that you'll abandon quickly.
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5 years ago, BubbleBelly542
Really Great
I haven't bought the full version yet (though I plan to), but even the free version is very powerful and easy to use. The only thing I would like to se added is the ability to rename all rejected or accepted files with a given prefix or postfix to easily identify them to be moved to another directory or deleted. But other than that, it's pretty great. Can't wait to get the full version.
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6 years ago, KeystoneState
Incredible App - Can’t believe how many features are free
I absolutely love this app, as a new “Youtuber” it’s been so helpful editing photos, resizing images, and combining them all so they work in different formats. I will more than likely be buying to pro app.. at this point, I feel as though I’ve gotten enough use out of it to garner the 40 dollar fee. Download the free version, and see for yourself!
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6 years ago, RileyMG
Best photo editor on the app store
This is perfect. I’m not a professional photo editor so this is perfect for a beginner or for someone who doesn’t need all the fancy features in photoshop. For a free app, it has the most features of the other apps I’ve tried, and is very easy to use and export edits once you get the hang of the format. It’s the only app I use and I couldn’t ask for anything better!
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2 years ago, beccat420
Crashed like right away
liked it for about 5 minutes. I was using it on my new macbook and everything was fine at first, I was just testing out a random photo to edit and liked the features but then it started being laggy and then once it went back to normal, the very next effect i clicked it got stuck on and literally wont let me do anything. Cant close it so I went and deleted it and now its just sitting in my dock and wont go away. So irritating and do not reccomend. Dissapointed. None of the other apps I have downloaded act this way.
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7 years ago, TonybinAz
Great for the amatuer too!
I just wanted something simple to use that I could make Meme’s and edit some landscape pictures I’ve been taking. This program is super-duper easy for the novice (like me) and has tools in there I will never use, but they are very cool! Lots of fonts and options for resizing, shading, hues, layers, etc. The free version is more than I will ever need. Thank you so much for a great product.
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1 year ago, noonnopii
Simple yet Powerful
All the features I need are free to use. So no need to buy other features unless you want more. Well, I want more bubble and one of features though. Good Lightroom alternative if you don't want more basic features that Lightroom. I love how simple and power this app's features and other customization flexibility
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